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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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me. >> it certainly does, steven. thanks for bringing us up to speed on that. if you like the wuhan institute of virology, they are building another three of them. that's about it for us tonight. don't miss the brand-new episode of tucker carlson today right now on with douglas murray, the man himself. tucker will be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern. have great evening. you're in the best of hands, sean hannity right now. >> sean: mark, thank you, and welcome to hannity. more baseless lies from democrats who continue to insist that voter i.d. laws in georgia and texas are racist but somehow they are not racist in biden's home state with restrictive laws of delaware. plus more shocking footage from new york as crimes spiral even more out of control. new video showing a violence mob attacking an off-duty firefighter and former senator
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barbara boxer of california, well, she was just mugged in northern california. also tonight, breaking new report detailing the longstanding ties between zero experienced hunter biden's art dealer and the country of china. big shock. and coming up, boxing legend george foreman, he'll weigh in on the anthem and the pledge of allegiance and what's going on in the olympics. we start tonight in city after city, the draconian restrictions are coming back. vaccine mandates are creeping into public policy including new requirements for new york city workers and v.a. employees and now mask mandates in l.a., st. louis, savannah, georgia, many of the liberal cities are now bringing these mandates back and that's not all. two months ago it was joe biden who proudly declared a policy of vax or mask. now the cdc is considering a
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revised new-new-new policy of vax and mask. now, how many more mixed messages will the american people be given? no mask, one mask. two masks. no mask. some masks. masks indoors, masks outdoors, maybe masks in perpetuity and now it's oh, never mind what we said before. remember, according to democrats the media mob and the great flip-flop dr. anthony fauci, life was supposed to return to normal for vaccinated americans. that's what they told us, you might remember. take a look. >> if we can get the whelming proportion of the population vaccinated by, let's say, the end of the second or the beginning of the third quarter, by the time we get into mid-fall of 2021, we can be approaching some level of normality. >> what does 70% mean? it means that we can now return
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to life as we know it. >> they can take away, getting vaccinated is our tint back to normal. >> we need to continue the effort to inoculate the rest of the country but suffice it to say we're well on our way to bringing the country out of chaos, out of crisis, and back to normal. >> vaccines are about saving your life. and also the lives of the people around you. but they are also about helping to get back closer to living. more normal living. >> sean: that was just a few weeks ago. now we're supposed to accept another new normal. the 100th new normal with masks and socio-distancing and lockdowns. even if you're vaccinated indefinitely? again, even if you're fully vaccinated. how is this following the science that they lectured us every day that we were supposed to follow. are we supposed to ignore the science, for example, from the cleveland clinic?
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very well respected medical institution that if you had covid you don't need any vaccine. oh, spoiler alert. the mask obsessed leftist america is not following the science and they are trying to blame conservatives for vaccine hesitancy when it's they, themselves, that are causing a lot of it. they are panicking. they are flailing, flipping and flopping daily. now this might be a surprise for anyone in the media mob who is tuning in for the first time, but i've been saying for months and months and months, over and over and over again, yes, you better take this virus seriously. yes, it's deadly. we can read the numbers. and it can kill you. i do believe in science. i believe in the science of vaccination but i'm not your doctor. i'm not going to give you or anybody medical advice, and frankly, like many americans, i'm fed up with the every changing policies and advice. it's like the gang that can't shoot straight.
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so yes, take this seriously. do your own extensive research. talk to actual medical professionals you trust. talk to your own doctor or doctors. look at the data. factor in your unique medical history. your current medical condition. make your own decision in consultation with your doctor, but if democrats, if the media mob continue to panic, downplay the efficacy of vaccines with mask mandates and lockdowns, well, trust will be eroded even further and perhaps shattered forever. by the way, if democrats are truly concerned about the dangers of covid-19 maybe they should be addressing that ongoing crisis at the southern border because for the past six months we have a record number of migrants, the biggest number it looks like in 25 years, from all over the world, they have been pouring into this country illegally. almost all of them are completely unvaccinated. most if not all of them, hardly
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any, are tested for covid-19 there. has been a high rate of covid positivity when tested and yet as we speak the biden administration they are actually dispersing them into towns and cities and counties all over the country. so to recap according to democrats, in order to be a good citizen, you must listen to them, even though their opinion changes by the hour. you've got to mask up, socially distance, take many precautionary measures but when it comes to the southern border, oh, covid-19, it's not a priority down there and those that are even being offered vaccines, fox had a report, if you're entering the country illegally, about 1/3 of them turn it down. but they still let them in. how does that make any sense at all? >> here with more, we have live from la hoya, texas, fox news contributor sarah carter. i seems quite contradictory. >> it is, sean.
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it is quite contradictory. here in the rio grande valley sector, which encompasses this area of la hoya and mccallan, they have seen over 20,000 people just this past week entering through the border. many of which have never been vaccinated for covid. come into contact with our border patrol agent and then are released. we see those numbers rise. among 46 states. the numbers of covid patients on the rise, number of hospitalizations but listen to chris. he's the vice president of the national border patrol council and they have been fighting both the dhs as well as the boards patrol for the actual facts on the number of people that have actually entered the united states with covid and they are not getting those numbers. >> what's exacerbating this crisis? >> right now what we're seeing is the policies that were put into place by the new administration has just made it an open door into the united states, so everybody that can get here is coming here. we're seeing, it's not just the
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central american or south american countries. we're seeing them from asia. we're seeing them from europe. we're seeing them from africa. from all over. >> they are making a treacherous journey and many of the people, and i know this from being out in the field with you, are sick. i mean, they come into the country and they are either dehydrated or they are infected with an illness, some of them with covid. what are the exposures that your border patrol agents are seeing and have you seen an increase in covid agents among border patrol agents here at the border? >> any time you have people moving, especially with the climate we have down here and through mexico, it's very, very hot. very humid climate. so we have a lot of heat casualties. we're seeing a lot more people coming over with covid. we've had some agents just recently test positive and we've had quite a few of the people coming across test positive as well. and unfortunately they just get released into the united states. the only way to solve this is mandatory detention, mandatory
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removal, secure the border, get everything secured. from east to west, and once we get that secured, they can go forward from there, but you have to stop everything before you can start trying to fix anything. >> sean, one of the most important factors, border patrol agents say along with chris, is they need the biden administration to pay attention to what's actually happening on the ground. they have made numerous instrations asking vice president kamala harris to come and see it for herself. it's a humanitarian crisis and one of the most important facts they want to get across to the american people, without anybody here to resolve this crisis it's only going to get worse and they are expecting more than a hundred thousand people to enter this border this coming month. sean, back to you. >> sean: just like every month, a long track for a 25 year record after the board had been secure and we had some of the lowest numbers with the trump policies.
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sarah carter, thank you. tonight with major crisis, bolden numbers are beginning to tank. optimism about the country's direction, that's down nearly 20 points since may. a massive drop. bide isn't under water on the economy, on the border, on violence crime and americans are also increasingly concerned about the president's, well, very alarming behavior. he's a cognitive mess. he barely holds one public event per day and struggles to complete even simple thoughts. he had bouts of erie --irability i want to thank you all for being here. soaked, by the way, where is
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mom? mom, is she here? >> oh, she's watching. okay. i thought -- i thought mom was ask there, i thought she was ask there but mom you can't stand fun you're at home. >> you're such a pain in the neck i am i'm answering your question because it has -- it has nothing to do with the wreck. >> no. >> now, biden enjoys the least active schedule of any president in the modern era. and yet every week he seems to get worse and worse and worse. it's no longer a laughing matter. i can't make fun of it anymore. it's that serious. biden's behavior is beyond concerning, and we, you, the american people, deserve answers. here with reaction, fox news contributor dr. nicole -- former white house physician for two presidents, president obama, president trump, now congressman ronny jackson. you said, number one, you wanted joe biden to take the same
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cognitive test that donald trump took and got all 30 answers correct. have they gotten back to you, and you don't think he's going to be able to finish the four-year term of his. explain. >> sean, joe bide isn't not a fine wine. this is not going to get better with time. this is only going to get worse w. i've been saying that from the beginning. i was talking about this when he was candidate biden and i said something is not right and it's going to get worse and it is. it's getting worse with time. i don't think anyone will get back to me on that cognitive test any time soon. i don't expect to hear from him because he won't do well and we all know that at this point. we dont's need a screening cognitive test right now with all the stuff he's putting out and the crazy things he's saying to tell us that he's not fit to be our president right now. this is just going to continue to get worse, sean. eventually, the democrats are going to have to address this issue and it won't be me talking about it a year from now. it will be the democrats talking about it and they are going to try to figure out how they can remove him from offers because
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the democrats, the far left, and the mainstream media, will not be able to cover this up for very much longer. >> sean: it does raise questions about what people knew as he was running hiding in his basement bunker in 2020. dr. nicole, we've shown many examples on this program. joe biden in 2012. joe biden in 2016 and we show on a regular basis joe biden today. i'm not a medical professional, i won't play one on tv but it's an obvious clear dramatic cognitive decline. do you see it? >> well, sean, 2/3 of americans on average will have some form of cognitive decline by the age of 70. so -- a 78-year-old president is he demented, cognitive decline, i don't know, i'm not a neurologist, i'm not a neuropsychologist but as someone who has watched him speak most recently at the cnn town hall, he's coming across as
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inarticulate. bumbling at times. absolutely. oftentimes he's so incoherent i'm not understanding what he's saying and i just am sharing my head. it's very frustrating. i think it does need to be addressed. >> sean: but, for example, i can look at bernie sanders, i don't see bernie sanders, same age, sharp as a tact with the same energy that he had in 2012 and 2016. you see the energy of donald trump, you know. you may not like what he says but he's on the ball and he's clearly aware. stammer, stumble, mumble, bumble. to me, and when 57% of the american people dont's even think he's in charge anymore in the white house, that's a frightening number, including independents and republicans and about 33% of the democrats. johnny jackson. >> yes, sean, i agree with you and i agree with the doctor.
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i agree with her. i said this before, we all know people that are a hundred years old or closer to a hundred that are just as sharp as a tack and we all know people in their early to mid-60s that already starting to have difficulty. everyone ages differently. unfortunately, president bide isn't on the earlier end of that spectrum, in my estimation, and he's not aging gracefully at this particular point from a cognitive standpoint. so it will continue to get worse. there will continue to be more bad days and fewer good days. they will struggle to find days to roll him out and get him in front of the cameras. as time goes on he'll be more and more reclusive because his team won't be able to put him in front of the american people without really telegraphing that something is going on that we need to address. >> sean: dr. sapphire, wouldn't it be true, if it's cognitive it's not something that gets better, over a period of time it's a degeneral -- degenerative
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condition, that him having the hardest job in the world, that that could -- >> if you're talking about degenerative cognitive decline, right, it doesn't get better. there are others that can but not when it comes to age-base and degenerative. if it comes forward that there is some sort of cognitive decline, that needs to be addressed. i've never spoken to him directly, so i don't know but i can say i've been able to interview forme trump twice and he is, as you say, sharp as a tack. that man can answer any question just like that and sometimes he has me coming up with more challenging questions because he knows his stuff. >> sean: is there any medication, dr. jackson that might be available that could slow the process, assist the
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president in the interim, or, am i right that the pressures of this job and the condition often being degenerative, not getting better, would it be a situation where there is nothing that's going to stop decline once it starts? >> there is nothing that's really going to stop it, sean. there are certain things that can make it better. there are medication that is they use out there for alzheimer's patients, medications that they use as stimulus to make people more awake and alert for short periods of time but it doesn't stop the process from happening. it just covers it up and as time goes on those medications will become less effective. so yes, it will be a real problem for him in the long run and they are not going to be able to cover this up for much longer. there will come a point, we'll be faced with a choice. uknow a -- >> sean: there will be some
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really important questions about who knew what, when, because he spent an awful lot of time in his basement, if his bunker, and rarely campaigned and would disappear for long periods of time prior to any big moment or event during the campaign. that will be examined thoroughly. thank you, dr. saphier. >> we appreciate it. break late last week, terrible but predictable news from the washington swamp, the biden doj decided not to investigate andrew cuomo's covid-19 nursing home scandal. keep in mind the nursing home outbreak in new york was so devastating that cuomo according to his own aides attempted to cover it up for months by hiding the true death toll. today according to andrew cuomo, he says he always tells the truth. here's what he said. >> as i sit here, i have told you the facts on covid from day one. whether they were easy, whether they were hard, i told the
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truth. while a lot of people were talking politics and a lot of people were talking theory, and a lot of people were trying to deny because they didn't want to deliver bad news, i told you the truth. you know why? because i believe in you. >> sean: join us now, fox news senior meteorologist janice steen, she lost both of her in-laws in new york nursing home during the height of this pandemic and despite last week's terrible news she believes andrew cuomo will be held accountable in the end. janice, it's not just him, we've got murphy and wolf and whitmer in michigan. i guess my question to you is, to me, it seems like a dual justice system because according to his own whistleblower that was working for him, they hid the numbers to prevent the department of justice from getting the numbers.
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isn't that what they said? >> right. and i'm grateful for the doj under the trump administration for beginning that investigation because if it wasn't for that investigation, we wouldn't have the several investigations by the f.b.i. and the department of justice here in new york, which is investigating him for the nursing homes as well as his $5.1 million book deal that he might have used state resources for. of course, the sexual harassment issues but i'll tell you, i feel bad for the residents of michigan and also pennsylvania and new jersey. where is their accountability? where are their investigations in the state? >> sean: great point. what is your reaction, and you've been very outspoken, probably if not, one of the most powerful voices against this happening in new york. it was so unnecessary, because donned trump had built out the
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hospital beds, sent in a navy hospital, manned them, provided all the ppe and did everything and they stayed 80% everything. when he said i always told the truth what's your answer to the governor? >> i think it's like that seinfeld episode where seinfeld says i guess if you keep telling the lie you starts to believe it yourself. that's what's happening here. i mean, i can't believe, i watch him on television today, sean, and it's hard for me to remain lady like because he says the same things over and over again. he blames everybody, god, mother nature, "the new york post," donald trump, he blames everyone except the guy who signed the mandate for 46 days to put covid positive patients in nursing homes. i want to know why that mandate was put into place and that's what the doj investigation was for to find the origins of that order.
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>> well said, all right, janice, our prayers are with your family and so many others. >> sean: the olympics now in full swing in japan. many american athletes apparently dont's seem too happy to be wearing the red, white and blue. former olympians and patriots and boxing legend george foreman and herschel walker will react. that's coming up next as we continues. 12k3w4r5
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down a whopping 35% since 2016. ask yourself, could it be an attack on patriotism? national pride. are they giving americans another reason not to watch? here's how it was summed up earlier today. >> i don't know who would be tuning out because of those protests but i would have to say there must be a certain percentage of it. i had so many people coming up to me -- i'm sorry, i can't watch the olympics after that. its appears politics and sports and all the division that follows is not going to slow down any time soon. the nfl is now saying they will play the black national anthem at league games through 2021. american boxer and patriot, he gon the gold medal in the heavyweight division in 1968, the great george foreman. i have 16 of his grills in my house and i can testify they are
11:28 pm
awesome. you said i'm never going to turn my back on american. you see this happening in the limit picks. you've watched it on the football field. you see ratings decline by 30%, 40% in all of these sports s. there a connection? >> yes. your regular joe american citizen, we built all of these things. it was us who put up the money for the stadiums, gigantic stadiums all around the country. we're going to be in sports. it's our sport and we can't let any kind of misbehavior turn us away from going out there. and america, this is the home of the glass slipper, if you know what i mean. some of us had nothing. never were anything. and now it's like a cinderella story. it will continue if we americans just stick together. there will be some demonstrations but they are like kids, not heard, just seen.
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but america is going to be here. it will be strong. it's the right country to be in and it's a great athlete who comes and represents america. we have just got to showcase them a little bit more. that's all. >> sean: but when you add the political component to sports, i don't care if you're at an nba game, a baseball game, i don't care, hockey game, whatever sport you like, as soon as you add politics to it, to me, you know, you have a crowd, diverse background, all races, creeds, colors, religions, and there is a shared passion, a national unity. they love their sport. they love their team. you high five with strangers. now you bring politics into it and i don't see any good coming out of it, george foreman, do you? >> no good has ever come out of it. i remember john carlos and tommy smith. i don't know how dedicated they were, but they put on a demonstration that's still
11:30 pm
talked about. it was so great that the world saw it, and they went down to germany and killed those kids representing israel. that's what demonstration will get you. it shouldn't be in sports. take it out. let us go over there and have a good time and stay out of politics because it's a dangerous thing. >> you know. >> sean: the thing is, in the end, if the ratings keep plummeting the way they are, and people don't want to go to the game, even a baseball game, bit time you get the tickets and beer and popcorn and a couple of hot dogs, you're spending a few hundred bucks for your family i'm guessing americans aren't going to be willing to do it anymore. isn't that going to hurt the athletes, george? >> we're going to do it. we're going to continue to watch them because just think of the amount of athletes who are going to the olympics even this year. and the percentage of those would will be demonstrating. it's not that high. we can tolerate.
11:31 pm
sometimes with prosperity comes this little naughtiness, we've got to be able to shake it away. sometimes, listen to what they say, let them know that we hear them but at the same time, let them know you're not going to destroy this because it was the average mom and these suburbans who took them to the soccer fields and the basketball practice, and who signed those little permission that is we could play these games. they are not going to drop us and we're not going to drop them. we just need to have a better demonstration and information about patriotism. >> sean: are all of those cards behind you -- are all those cars yours behind you? >> i told you, it's a glass slipper story. it's a cinderella story. i just woke up one day and the next day, you know -- it's a tesla or whatever. it's a great country. you can start from the bottom and work your way up.
11:32 pm
not just athletes but agents, and the people who build the chairs to put in those stadiums. dome stadiums. >> sean: george foreman, you're a great american. good friend of the show. great to have you back. here with more reaction, he also was an olympian and a heisman trophy winner. our friend herschel walker is back. your thoughts on the sports aspects and i've got a question about politics i need 20 ask you. >> well, you know, in the sports aspect of it, you know, it's sad, and i think it will continue to go down unless we can remove the political side out of sports. i think what we've got to do, because we're the great country in the world and we do have the right to protest but i think it's the wrong place and the wrong time. what we have to do as a people is we have to decide, we have to elect the right people into office because if you get the right people into office and hold people accountable we wouldn't have these problems because if you read the
11:33 pm
constitution it talks about everything we want to fight about today. and i think right now we have leaders in washington at this time that won't hold people accountable so i think that's the problem we're having but this is the wrong place, wrong time to do it, because you're representing the united states of america at the olympics and to go to another country, in the olympics, and put down one of the greatest countries in the world where you cannot make the money that you're making here in america, you see it in football, basketball, baseball, and even in the act world, you cannot make the money that you're making in this country that you can make somewhere else. >> sean: what do you think of the nfl adopting social justice messaging and the black national anthem? is that good or bad idea? >> i think that's a bad idea. i think it's a bad idea because, you know, i think you open up a can of worms. and the reason i say that is this is the united states of
11:34 pm
america. and i said it one time and people may get upset with me, i said, guys, we've got to represent the united states of america and if you don't like this country, this country is so great that you don't have to stay here. this country is so great you don't have to stay but the thing is this is the united states of america. are we going to start now having everyone else's national anthem come in and uphold that national anthem as well and forget about the united states of america, our national anthem? that's what i say. we've got to get people that are going to become leaders that won't stand for it and there is no doubt did you've got to treat people fair. you want to listen to them but at the same time you've got to let people know this is the united states of america, and guys, we want to do the right thing. when you talk about john carlos and the people in the olympics you've got to remember this. at that time, there was a separate bathroom. at that time, a lot of african-americans couldn't go into the restaurant and eat. well, they did protest and at this point here, where we have an opportunity to be treated
11:35 pm
fairly, but they are not upholding that by holding people responsible for what they are doing. >> sean: all right. let me ask you the important question. so i read people starting to attack you a little bit and i chuckle to myself, because i've known you for such a long time, and it seems to me that there is a great fear that herschel walker is going to get in that senate race in the state of georgia, where you're one of the most loved figures. where are you on that decision? >> well, you know, as i told everyone, i'm going to do it on my time table. one thing about that they don't know about herschel walker, stuff like that doesn't bother me because if i'm going to run for office i'm fighting for something much bigger than herschel walker. so little articles like that ain't going to scare me. i'm fighting for the people of georgia. i'm fighting for the united states of america, and i'm fighting for this constitution.
11:36 pm
i'm fighting for law and or. i want my mom, i want any white mom, any asian mom to be able to go to the grocery store and feel safe and right now, i don't think they can do that. >> sean: it's a scary times when you think about it. i have a lot of friends in georgia. they are waiting for that moment. i understand you're back in georgia now, and, i don't know, it seems to me like you have georgia on your mind. >> you know, georgia has always been on my mind. that's what people don't realize. if they go back and look at anything i have ever said, i'm a product of the state of georgia. anything that happens in georgia, you will see herschel walker has showed up and now something is going on if georgia right now, i don't know what it is, and if i'm the right man for the job, you'll see me step up and say i'm running and that's what i say i'm going to do now but it will be on my timetable, no one else's. >> sean: all right, herschel walker, always good to have you
11:37 pm
with us. out of new york, crime is even worse than ever out of control. senator lindsey graham reacts later and senator ron johnson will join us. a new report regarding hunter biden's art dealer. the anonymous art selling. yes. guess what country it is. we'll tell you, straight ahead. ? we will tell straight
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>> sean: tonight more disturbing violence caught on tape in america's democratic run cities and states. over the weekend, in new york city, rights here, an off-duty firefighter was attacked by a violent mob in queens while just out walking their dog. apparently one of the teens saying, "fight night," the firefighter was then hit over the head with a glass bottle.
11:42 pm
that's not all. keep looking at the screen. see a robber punched and stomped on. he does this to a guy in broad daylight in brooklyn, new york, delivering multiple blows including to the man's skull. police are still trying to identify that suspect, and in chicago, you have chaos and carnage. that continues to plague the city streets under the leadership of failed far left mayor lori lightweight. 12 people were killed and at least 70 plus shot in chicago just this weekend alone. as the "chicago sun times" notes, nearly a year into lightfoot's anti-violence man many of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods are getting worse and despite efforts to defund the police and re-imagine the police and dismantle the police, these democratic led cities spent millions on private security, for mayors and places like san francisco, baltimore, and chicago and new york, and get this, we're also learning
11:43 pm
tonight that former california democratic senator barbara boxer, she was attacked. here with reaction, south carolina senator lindsey graham. when the states are hell bent on defunding the police, dismantling the police, re-imagining the police, eliminating bail laws and then almost 300 riots last summer, saying, even though we have incontrovertible evidence of you throwing bricks and rocks and bottles and molotov cocktails at cops we're not going to do a thing. 3,000 cops injured, is there anything you guys in washington can do? >> well, we need to support the police more. but no, i can't run san francisco. it's not my job. i tell you this. if you do this crap in south carolina, you'll be lucky if you go to jail. you'll be lucky if somebody doesn't shoot you. so i say that because we've lost deterrence. these big democratic cities and states have lost deterrence.
11:44 pm
people no longer feel afraid to assault someone in the streets. nobody feels afraid to go into wal-mart and clean out the place because nobody in the prosecution level is going to do a damn thing and the democratic party is the party of catch and release when it comes to criminals and illegal immigrants, and we've lost deterrence at the border. we've lost deterrence in our major cities in this country and the only way you're going to regain it is to -- for these people to suffer at the ballot box. >> sean: when you talk about defund, dismantle, re-imagine, and no bail in the cities, and, oh, we're not going to our even though we have you on videotape rioting and hurting police officers or burning down and looting, as long as you don't lose more than a thousand dollars we'll just let you walk out of the store and nothing will happen, you're emboldening these criminals. >> that's now happen in city
11:45 pm
after city. >> sean: this is not an isolated incident, senator? >> what can the american people do about this? we're going to have an election in 2022. if you think law and order has been lost in this country vote for candidates who support the cops. if you think the border is completely out of control and we're being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants, who growing to spread covid and everything else, then you have a chance to vote for the candidate who promise so secure the board. i hope herschel walker runs. herschel walker is talking like the average georgian. he wants his mom to be able to go to the store without being hurt. what's happening in these cities is that we've turned our back on the cops, we're no longer prosecuting people when they commit petty crime. washington, d.c. is in complete decline. you have homeless people all over the town. families can't go out in the streets anymore because the policies of the left when it comes to crime are not working.
11:46 pm
>> sean: it's obvious, and i support you with herschel walker. i think hershel walk we're be a phenomenal senator from georgia. i also think if he gets in i've known hershel walker long enough to know, if he gets in, he's going to be in to win. and i think his policies will resonate with the people of georgia and around the country. are the republicans recruiting the good candidates that you want to see running? >> so far, so good. i think herschel walker fits georgia like a glove. he's a conservative in every sense of the word. here's a hero in georgia and he understands law and order. he'll have the cops back and he won't waste money. he's a fiscal conservative but we've got a lot of opportunity on the map in the senate. we're going to take back the house, sean, unless we completely screw this up. i think there is a tidal wave brewing. this is going to be 1994 all
11:47 pm
over again. when you look at nation, out of control crime and the lack of competency, that the republican party will have a great comeback if we recruit the right people and in my opinion, herschel walker is the right guy for georgia. >> sean: 1994, 2010, 2016, yes, i have got the sail feeling you do. senator graham, thank you. straight ahead, you are not going to believe, we're learning even more information about hunter biden, the great art -- portraits of a crack addict. glad you're with us. weighing on these new developments as
11:48 pm
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ]
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>> sean: right now hunter biden's art is raising even more concerns about possible influence pedaling on top of all we do know as hunter's dealer, art dealer, that is, said back in 2015, he wanted to be the "lead guy in china," adding, "i plan to find and discover and bring to the rest of the world those i consider china's next generation of modern artists." remember, all of these buyers, they will remain anonymous. they say that's ethical. will any of the buyers be connected to the chinese government or military? and i'll ask again, what exactly is the market for these paintings? $500,000? we did reach out to hunter biden's lawyer and the art dealer, his name is george berges, we didn't get to hear anything. senator ron johnson, sounds suspicious to me, especially in light of what you and senator grassley have already told us
11:53 pm
about. >> it's highly suspicious, sean. his travel records from the secret service, where hunter biden had secret service protection for about 5 1/2 years. during that time period he made 70 trips overseas. think about that. that's about a tripper month. my question is, what was he seg? most international business people have a product or real service that they are selling. other than the biden family name, pedaling influence, what was hunter biden doing? this is before he became the 21st century picasso. this stinks to high heaven, and the only reason it's not getting more scrutiny in the mainstream press is because the mainstream media is part and parcel of the democratic party. they are the communication arm of the democratic party. they are not going to even look at this much less be concerned about it. >> sean: but this is the thing. if you are firing americans from high paying keystone xl pipeline
11:54 pm
jobs, with the stroke of a pen but you're giving a waiver to putin and you're giving a meeting to putin and they are involved in cyberattacks and the chinese are talking about reunification with taiwan, and we know the money that huntser biden made in china and made in russia and made in kazakhstan and made in ukraine, why is this all sound corrupt and what do you think about the anonymous side of this? >> well, it is corrupt. and, you know, what's even more concerning is just the unequal administration of justice. because he's hunter biden, he doesn't pay taxes -- the irs and the department of justice look the other way. however, if, for example, you're affiliated with the last administration you get a pre-dawn raid by a swat team or you get arrested and prosecuted for being a foreign agent and you haven't registered. i wonder if hunter biden ever
11:55 pm
registers as a foreign agent. how about his background check the secret service personnel tried to get those background check information with his girlfriend, his sister-in-law, when he threw his gun away in the dumpster. it stinks to high heaven. the american people understand this. the only people that don't understand it is the justice department and the muse media. >> sean: we need you to stay on top of this because i think over time, the laws will come crashing down on the biden family syndicate and imagine if it was trump. unbelievable. pro democracy supporters gathering at the cuban embassy today. though had some harsh words for joe biden. we've got that straight state as we continues.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left. we hope you'll save the episode
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