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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to a live special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark steyn in the for tucker who is taking a quiet fishing weekend, but he will be dropping by momentarily. china is a number one global power. what happened to america? sometimes you get dealt some tough geopolitical cards as britain, france, spain, portugal
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could surely all tell us but sometimes, you just do it to yourself. this is one of those stories that would've been rather dull satire a decade ago but now it is standard operating procedure. from a group called dallas justice now, an open letter to wealthy white liberals. "to our white allies, talk is not enough, commit yourself towards taking action and making sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice, open up spaces for black and latin communities by refusing to send your kids to ivy league and "u.s. news & world report" top 50 schools and encourage friends, neighbors, and family members to do the same. imagine if those hundreds of thousands of spots of these institutions were occupied only by look marginalized communities. imagine the opportunities. we can achieve true equity within our lifetimes but only if white folks are willing to
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sacrifice their privileges." yes, indeed it's not enough for you nice white allies just to listen to npr and giggle at how stupid all the white male differences are in commercials nowadays and admire how that splendid u.s. ladies soccer team is so committed to getting the taking the new stuff just like that they've given up all scoring. these are mere gestures. they cost you nothing. but are used efficiently all into ticket it to the next level of child sacrifice? at least as far as education is concerned. here's how the pledge goes. as a white person with privilege, both from my whiteness and my neighborhood, i realize the idea of making sacrifices to correct hundreds of years of murder, slavery, discrimination, and lack of educational and economic opportunities perpetrated among people of color. i understand that access to top schools is a key component in economic and social advancement,
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therefore i commend let my children will not apply to or attend any ivy league school or >> deposition is available for people of color to help the mac don't be a racist hypocrite. sign the pledge said just in case your thinking on the pile with the supermarket and the publishers clearinghouse you ma have already run postcardet dollars just as now as it is wanting quote please note dollars will be publicly announcing the names of those who have and have not signed th pledge. so if you brought eliza just thinking to tax-deductible donation to the el paso festiva of aspiring rappers, that won't cut it anymore. the mark family from texas try it to the point where they cute little middle school a beto never missed an opportunity to wexcoriate himself.
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>> a white man who had privileges others cannot depend on our take for granted i clearly had advantages over the course of my the truth of the criticism i have a drumha right blood ledge absolutely. undeniable. >> you are right. there are things i have been privileged to do in my life tha others it cannot. >> genius anything out a lot will have to do with the fact that i am a white man. >> so did you give up your plac at columbia university currentl third in the nation? and let the family pulled boykon instead? at no. beto went he majored in skateboarding with a minor and agate. evaluation of self-flagellation and strategy. >> you might eventually suspect
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that they infractions of his privilege simply an easy way fo him to maintain that. in the 19th century white guys that made the big bucks by bein black based minstrels in the 20th century white guys it made the big bucks by being safe cover versions of black music. and then the 21st century in this case a white guy whose is wider any white guy you've seen since leavitt to beaver these white guys and make the big bucks by telling all the other white guides to be less white of the wretched penn state university host and and utterly worthless class less ignorant rate with party and great with white solidarity. do you think about that just more or less recognizing the
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advantages you have in mind whatever that may be. he thinking yourself superior because of that. to. >> what white people with for evidence of? >> to conservatives i guess it. >> what is, what is the point it's trying to say? >> canceled i try to be careful what i say. >> who you guys are pressed they ? >> have and are suppressed anyone today. >> 'sst are you sure of that. you're grieving have you left your house today? be back yes. you may have a oppressed somebody. >> you have may have oppressed somebody vibrating went up in country americas at the only place on earth where whites could be, multi- good zillion errors it by declaring all othe whites are bleak holes. >> i will never forget asking a group but okay what if he could just give a feedback on our
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inevitable and often unaware racist assumptions and obehavi and i'll never forget the black men raising his hand and saying it would be revolutionary.nd and just take that are just one all the white people to take it and t revolutionary that we wou receive the feedback with grace reflect and seek the change behavior. that's how difficult we are. that's how big of an a we are. >> yeah. a white liberals don't forget t preorder robyn d'angelo's forthcoming why you are patheti racist believable and are in this book want change it. so dallas just as now as correctly fit very belatedly grasping the white liberals at tds a pantomime of faith a civilizational disavowal in pseudo- self cell that loathing isn't getting g anywhere. in there demanding their wall family wall full square columbi
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universityem and the fellow tex liberal student likewise are absolutely right. this is it when when at the kid will use learn just as much i except for the basket weaving and puppetry which is harder than it looks. but dollars justice now is not going far enough. they should be publicly calling on columbia and harvard and princeton to give away their bloodsoaked to historically black colleges and below where meanwhile back in the real-worl courtesy of the official government statistics most recent year year available 2019 last year kids pay 50 grand a year for the occasional zoom call so who knows how the twentytwenty and status will shake out. it just for the record, the percentage of 18--24 -year-olds
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enrolled in college by razor, whitesell 41 percent, blacks an 47 percent. that would be margin of error territory if we were discomfiting discussing whether mitt romney or that janie was overhead and the carcass bowl agents come top 62 percent but unless you are a white fifth-grader getting his butt kicked in the county map plates competition, you can imagine that in second place at 47 percent a person's of two or more races so these liberal progressive result were just a sights to call for the reintroduction of what's that word that democrats state? do such laws. and in third place at 43 percen we all knew wherever you turn all the guys running everything the ceos university presidents studio heads are also mowing moment and plowman.
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a social justice warriors instead of complaining about micro aggressions it should complaining about micronesian aggressions. i set back in the real work, an the real real world at the say the rest of the plan education is isn't supposed to be about racing or excessively high leve of self-esteem to nuclear strength, but about boring stuf like arithmetic, literature, physics or stage are we doing there? according to the oecd and math china's number one. china number one. america still view slovenia yes slovakia can you scroll it down a bit, here we are number 37. united states ahead of basket case at belarus. maybe on the esco mother liberals in dallas should agree to send their kids to schools and belarus same results but a lot cheaper even with the cost of the plane tickets.os to go back to the government statistics, at 43 percent 41 percent of whites at 37
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percent of blacks are in college. those numbers are all away to hide because most of those quot unquote students are not learning anything worth knowing. staying in school to a great 28 or 37 is a waste of life. each of china graduates getting close to ten times that more stem students than america does because stem is difficult and doing class except winston or you no longer need to know that an org or english at gill we ca no longer need to know shakespeare it isn't difficult our all. methods important american educators at think math is racist. it's not hard to see where the ends. we are always at to have canvas islands who stepped canvas on our airways. and she joins us and now. what do you make of this move i to sacrifice children's education
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>> gets increasingly more bizarre. self-flagellation that goes on the disease communities and pretty much summed up work who seems to be a political math against they could identify as bigotry of low expectations tha they say that black americans aren't smart enough to. by their own narratives that coming on. who's was more think it's it's bigotry of no expectations and reality becausee we already hav a primitive action. we haven't got with action through already more likely to give a spot and school to a black american was a grades at lower than a white american. in those segments not even enough. we need to just remove what fro the school. of course they never think ther any other policies are long-ter because it makes no sense.f what you're saying is make sure white people cannot go into any ivy league school. they won't be ivy league school anymore if you're saying now that you just want to make sure everybody there has a bronze skin and fully well that marriage asian americans are
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rising at the top of their classes and has not white americans and what you really te saying is that you're just gonn reverse and change it around make the schools lower have the smarter kids and the kids place like harvard or columbia there aren't going to have the brightest kids at those new men make sense long-term. it's such a foolishness in your white perhaps-t as we are focus on those welcome learning the countries are looking to take u over in the east are advancing the not focus on this type academic learning or not connec academic learning as well as just say. >> absolutely. how long. i'm not sure there's a delicate way to put this. but there is a contradiction. because we are told incessantly america is at the most racist place on earth historically racist races for centuries it will require this hatha millennium together get the racism the and whenever you see any new stories from the
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southern border, there are garnering ends that there are gambian's that there are key there are people from majority black countries all trying to break into the most racist nation on earth. was to deal with that? i will give them credit america with it liberals and progressives in becoming an increasingly more systematicall rests country they're asking fo that's exactly what that there are demanding more systemic racism what people to focus and cover they went every action of this country to be up for medical googleve scan you hewag right ps and clicks at me that' racist. you are saying you can assure black girls you don't understan i am better than you and the society. it's a very definition of racism . that's exactly what it is. it is not even a close cousin t racism it is a a different name.
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>> that's a very well put. and that you are right, the element of rasul condescension they say. it think you as always. you know than emotional, tucker costed tonight. it's tonight so where's terkel calls ands? out tell you where right here i just a few moments. that's up next.
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welcome back to a live special edition of doctor colson tonight . former us senator barbara baltzer wasn't robbed in daylight earlier today in oakland, california. she was in the neighborhood called jack london square named after the famous offer it's on the city's waterfront. when her attacker pushed her in the back stole her coat telephone and escaped in ak, waiting car. thankfully the former senator was not seriously injured. i was in a rather curious freeway crush with her strong firm and that the last quilting impeachment trial. it is worth it noting that just a few weeks ago, the city of local and voted two d from the police and strip more than
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$17 million in the police budget . crime is up because of it. that's going to affect a lot of people in oakland, up too and includingn united states and gos . douglas murray is in him for a public intellectual one of the smartest people we know he's on of the bravestua people that i know in ain't none of my long time and he was also the first ever to guest to appear on tucker carlson today received s much good feedback in female about the interviewuc at terkel recently sat down with him again . a brief episode listen. >> what i saw was something i think a lot of people seem before butch's i like the civilization i came from i wanted it to continue. i had all thoughts of wonder fo
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nurturing they want to other people have access to as well. i did not want to turn it on my site at which it's keep it up. and that is the conservative instinct. i realize i hadn't it even as a lot of my contemporaries many who buy from far more privilege backgrounds of myself and thought thought that they shoul turn on the society and graduat cube to the realization that this wasn't unusual unusual position i hope but it was correct. >> you get it set points in you lifefe and great influence from the mine lateness group described to me that his well his well eyes game at perez at 268 when he saw the middle clas heathens try to break w class
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policeman. >> and realizing he wanted it perez like lending to continue. i had a similar lesser dramatic study or or liberalization to the civil instinct and i had lessons suppose. i thought it could be improved but had continue either the degree of the radical left if i make it. i didn't like it basically this instinct that things are. i did not like the idea of everyone being the same. i thought it was a boring view of society. i didn't want us to live the same house as i have the same gardens you might diversity be for being diverse. you make i did not want to send views have to be same books i thought that difference was a
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wonderful thing. that doesn't mean unfairness when they exist or should be celebrated but i didn't like th offer i was thought left this morning out to me. i have very instinctive level. feedback i axe valley became a e conservative. >> at the usual clarity. the as they happen is obviously the first step to improving things and you a balanced life in the middle of the maelstrom . >> spit up you have to balance our lives. the only people who've gone mad. people quite some in the movie because involves perspective. laws perspective on what matters . we lost perspective on how to view things in the correct perspective to look at life. >> we lost a lot and have to regain i'll think things once lost impossible to regain.
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we live in asus error will be imagine that we can know anything because we can google it. we've lost wisdom. we lost knowledge and experienc it. perspective. we have the find a way to get back to that. >> back at the one-way back is to admire it. and to seek to get it back. >> to admire people who know things we don't know. that's, isn't that? >> everything one thinks they know everything. mike and lecture everyone else because of it. >> are you surprised by the egg mets on display mark. >> american endurance and is american ignorance is heroic a. >> i spent all my life as an admirer of america. great fencer a. moment for a scheme to country the teenager, i loved and admired it. but my god, it's gone wrong.
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now we are at a stage like countries like my own country actually having to cut off some mud off americans. that's how bad americans have become. the french are when they cut themselves off so them. the president advances saying w cannot have at these american imports as ideas that they america the french academy fridge academics saying we can' allow these americans imports and was the importance,? stupidity. it's angelical. stupidity. goodbye am lapping at so. but it's true. it. >> i hope that you review as understand i'm saying as a friend. an admirer. i don't say because the america i say it because i love america island and away she could i
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could fear this a conference an this lack of desire to get perspective on things and humility intellectual humidity. all i hear is the awful product the american academy rating everyone also about things. knowing so little. is worrying. american culture is currently ripping through the rest of the world. i don't think it works in america. it certainly doesn't work elsewhere. >> i don't know. hoity-toity foreigners telling you what's wrong with your country, what's up with that? i'm kidding, douglas. that conversation for about an hour more and you can see it on the brand-new episode of tucker carlson today at fox we told you all about hundred brightens out on friday show an now we are learning how exactly
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that our is being sold and who hunted divided as quote working with. next as the slide of special edition of tucker colson tonigh continues
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gone jesus christ
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welcome back to a live a specia edition of tucker colson tonight . until a couple of weeks ago, wh divided never sold a painting.
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and he's outselling because of the day garwin wire but who is helping? they care about your crackheads to sell his work. boxes at mac then is on the kids . what's up matt? >> the art dealer representing divided and long-standing ties to china and it could was a problem for the president's son who is eventually into the art world. buyers with connection to the claim needs could attempt to bu influence by the biden administration by purchasing th bidens art. george burgess is currently representing her door and burgesses talked about his business did things with china and the past in this interview told the resident back missing my plan is to be the lead guyto train. the leak collector and articulate art dealer discovere nurturing talent from that region. i plan to find and discover bring to the rest of the world those i consider china's next-generation of martin artis a representative from burgess told fox news is ourselves and
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has a solid group of about 25 overseas collectors. burgess said he believes china' economy is transforming the global economy at everything is changing because of a tying up. representatives that did not return fox news' request for comments. the white house and i give a, two fox news. be back so doors at dealer is a dealer in china. that is a surprise. they give for that. it wasn't long ago that the brave at pilgrims and the doll is a democratic party abandoned thursday fled to washington dc. compare herb airplanes at hamburg anything with them just a few cases of miller light and if cases of coronavirus. it now these brave pilgrims are requesting care packages from
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texas back home the doll is a democratic revolutionary road this on twitter someday. are dems in dc said they appreciate care packages from home. before 5:00 p.m. tuesday for collecting dr pepper, cells her candy hairspray traveled militaries and sympathizers sewing kits first aid and all money to pay shipping. because apparently they don't have it dr pepper and toilet paper and then national capital. i can believe that. clay travis was the traversing show on hundreds of stations around the country. he joins us now clay have you prepared your care package n fo these democrats? >> market, i think it would be fantastic if a footprint that they sent unlike your packages and may be included at that the constitution of the united states as an ex parte gift.
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i would to college in washington , dc. best i remember it's easy to ty walk outside. a cvs in every corner. the idea that these taxpayer fo the politicians it would be als requesting for for taxpayers to provide them is meant
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morning morning in del rio texa a large outline of simple littl men mostly haitians are walked to the border fence by border patrol and taking into custody. the part of a massive group of more than 350 that showed up. one of the biggest groups we have ever seen. the migrants are coming from al around the world. mostly haitians some cubans and brazilians even some from africa .
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exclusive video to fox news it shows the roots of migrants as they g cross the rio grande ear this morning from mexico. the migrants await ours to be picked up by an overwhelmed and overstressed border patrol. all of them eventually go to th border patrol buses and advance and taken with two processing inescenters. these are federal agents of thi is repeated over and over every day with no end in sight. velma illusion there victor davis hanson is the senior fellow at the hoover institutio vector open borders and a demo kawai is that the government doing this it to the people? you mark i don't know, mark. it seems like it's bizarre. so must like if it were providing shuttle service it from the airport or something. shoveling at their convenience when they're breaking the first thing that did was break the law . the second thing by entering reciting breaking our law. and it's it beyond that the
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politics of demography in the democratic effortg to achieve t american southwest demography. it's is so nihilistic it's so chaos d it sheer madness becaus as you say they are telling people we will go door-to-door to ensure their vaccinated at a practicing you have to be about have to have a mask indoors and welcoming 2 million people who are apparently will axe at thei vaccinated or they been tested a we document refuges but months of economic refuges in not political. yet we have political refugees right at 90 miles away where victims of political persecution .ic we are told that nobody from cuba could come in if you dare come, we will turn you away. we have another border we don't do this but why this? is as make any sense. as a top-down phenomenon this i
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a mix doing this in the medium politics and the minority community elite people are in sync please open the border. and we know that there will never beth subject to the consequences of their own ideology. these people would be disbursed to these across the united states but they won't go to malibu or nancy pelosi's nap area they won't use a vacant dorm room they could may at stanford or regular harvard ove the summer. now the upper west side. finally though prison of the united states takes an f oath. to fit for to get the laws of the united states as it as president we've been teaching him for a phone call. and under that low the new loba we took an oath to faithfully execute. that's make any sense. it's madness. be back that is an absolutely
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excellent point. about the impeachment possibilities which i wouldn't be in favor of it except that i think when you dissolve this on the board in that seven the als dissolve american citizenship and national sovereignty perhap we should think about it. as always a plains to think about the give for joining us there are new indications from the men around joe biden millions of americans it could soon lose their right to eat at a t restaurant aboard an airpla. next on tucker carlson tonight.
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..... welcome back to a live special edition of tucker carlson tonight. the biden administration announced federal vaccine mandates starting with all employees of the departments of veteran affairs.
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gavin newsom quickly followed suit with mandate for his state employees. what's interesting is just a few months ago joe biden said there would never be any vaccine mandates. joe biden covid vaccination in u.s. will not be mandatory read one december headline on the bbc. now that's all changed. there are more than 2.5 million workers in california who could be affected by this mandate and well over two million federal government employees nationally, all of them could soon be forced to take a vaccine that's only been approved for emergency use. it's not hard to see where this is going. france's national assembly just approved a law today mandating that everyone will need a special vaccine health pass or else they can't go to restaurants or use public transit or even go up the eiffel tower. meanwhile, italy's government has just announced a so-called
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green pass with the same restrictions. in australia, where very few people have been vaccinated, the government has nevertheless announced that vaccine passports will be instituted october. most people are not happy about this. nearly 200,000 people marched against these vaccine passports in france, italy, and australia over recent days. but the people in charge don't care. covid has made a lot of elite government officials very powerful and it's clear after a year and a half that they are in no hurry to give up that power. there are numerous reports that china is building more facilities similar to the wuhan institute of virology where the covid-19 almost certainly
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originated. stephen mosher is the author of politically incorrect pandemics. it will be coming out in march. and you will need that because we'll never be out of these pandemics. what's up with this? the wuhan institute did such a cracking job that the chinese would like to have more of them now to reach the two or three countries that they didn't manage to afflict with the wuhan thing. >> yes, i'm actually more worried about the building of the labs in china than i am, say, about china's nuclear weapons because obviously this is a bioweapon like the one that was released on the world. it has plausible deny ability. we know they have been lying. they told these silly stories about it coming from a wet market, from a bat, from something called a raccoon dog and then they are telling the story now, mark, that it came from the u.s. army's bioweapons
10:58 pm
laboratories, actually biolaboratories at fort detrick, maryland. how did it get to china? they say u.s. army athletes -- soldiers came over during the world military games in 2019 and secretly spread it throughout the chinese population. they call it in china now the american virus. you know from studying leftist propaganda techniques over the years, that the leftist always accuse you of doing precisely what they are doing. now, we've got a lot of substantial evidence. we've had it from the beginning about the lab, you know. we've got some smoking guns now. >> yes, that's interesting. we're not allowed to call it the china virus but they are allowed to call it the american virus. what a fantastic world we live in. are you entirely convinced these highly convenient variants that crop up now every couple of
10:59 pm
weeks, the old delta variant, the epsilon variant coming soon, i expect, are you entirely convinced that the chinese don't have a hand in some of these mutations? >> no, i think smoking guns are abundant now. we have a smoke gun in the original coronavirus. we know that there was an unusual insertion of what's called a double cgg co-don which codes for the r-gene. it enhances the lethality, the dangerousness of a coronavirus. it's found in the virus that was released from china. it's not found in any coronaviruses in nature. there is a smoking gun. then we've got a 2015 book from china where the chinese military scientists talk about the new era of bioweapons. and they talk specifically about taking a coronavirus and engineering it to make it lethal to human beings, weaponizing it and then releasing it on the world. does all of that sound familiar?
11:00 pm
it certainly sounds familiar to me. >> it certainly does, steven. thanks for bringing us up to speed on that. if you like the wuhan institute of virology, they are building another three of them. that's about it for us tonight. don't miss the brand-new episode of tucker carlson today right now on with douglas murray, the man himself. tucker will be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern. have great evening. you're in the best of hands, sean hannity right now. >> sean: mark, thank you, and welcome to hannity. more baseless lies from democrats who continue to insist that voter i.d. laws in georgia and texas are racist but somehow they are not racist in biden's home state with restrictive laws of delaware. plus more shocking footage from new york as crimes spiral even more out of control. new video showing a violence mob attacking an off-duty


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