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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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republican enjoys nose from speaker pelosi. >> bret: nice way to end. we will follow that committee hearing starts tomorrow for the january 6th committee. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by tammy bruce starts right now. hey, tammy. >> tammy: hey, bret. thank you very much, sir and good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and tonight we put the biden agenda on trial and indict it for its far left failures, it's never ending stream of inkey heernt unintelligible rambling and disconnect from reality. as it turns out when a dumpster is on fire for six months and burns brighter than ever and smells pretty bad, too. in other words, it can't be ignored. the american people are taking notice more than ever before. because, with no center of gravity in the white house, no strong leadership and frankly mounting questions about the
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stamina and mental acuity of joe biden, competence in the future is plummeting as a new abc ipso poll has found optimism in the countries that cratered nearly 20 points since may among democrats and republicans and a stunning 26% among independents. and that's not all. biden is now under water with independents on crime, gun violence and immigration. add to that the spike in total disapproval on handling covid and the economy compared just to march. so, ask yourself why are democrats and their unquestioning left wing allies still obsessed with all things donald trump? well, what else do they have to talk about? they don't want to talk about rising inflation with the cost of food going up. the cost of lumber going up. the cost of used cars going up. the cost of energy going up. they don't want to talk about the violent crime plaguing america's communities. we'll have more coverage this week of more shocking violence
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caught on tape in this country and they don't want to talk about the ever worsening immigration crisis created by joe biden. we have exclusive new video, if you thought it was bad before, wait until you see this. and, south dakota governor kristi noem joins us exclusively tonight from the border, you guys. talking about this biden made catastrophe and much more. you don't want to miss that now, in all fairness, look, joe biden and the democrats are offering you a lot. their exprotesters bringing you job-killing, race-baiting, economy killing, covid fear-mongering, far left democrat destruction. seemingly every second of every hour of every day. including from the failed dr. fauci who is signaling another mask mandate is coming. we will discuss the actions being taken to stop the fear-mongering by tiny tyrants and chef andrew grewell and i have a few things to say as you might imagine about the government's effort to keep punching us in the face. while continuing to give the
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chinese communist party a pass. because what we have seen from the biden administration so far is heavy on sanctimonious condescending and coercive slaps in the face. at a certain point you have to ask whose side is joe biden and his administration on? clearing the way for a russian pipeline for putin while destroying a pipeline here at home. fueling racial division in our schools under the guise of artificial equity. a colluding with big tech oligarchs to eliminate anyone who dares challenge the government proclamation. taking aim at the second amendment and the ability of law-abiding citizen to defend themselves undermining sovereignty and relentless attacks on american patriotism all while wanting to make everyone hate each other as much as these leftists all hate you. and, frankly, hate themselves bhind and kabul of democratic operatives are more concerned with signaling and cheap talk instead of actual performance because solutions mean things
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will get better. and that of course, undermines the narrative fueling the griffith. grift doescontinue. get rich quick scheme helped along by daddy, self-confidence, work pride the left wants you to believe it's all one big bad thing, failure, resentment, victimhood, hatred for the country, that's what's fueling the left and penetrating nearly every corner of society. so, ask yourself, could this shift in attitude and a shift away from national pride be present in team u.s.a. stumbling start at the olympic games. for example the u.s. women's national soccer team shut out in opener with sweden. team u.s.a. men's basketball headed up by a american rabid bashing left popovich gotten beaten by france first time in 16 years they lost opener and
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first time since 127 that the u.s. did not medal on the first day of the olympics. and each the star u.s.a. gymnastic team finished second in qualifies in over a decade. one of the few bright spots men's swimming grabbed six medals in best start. fencing star made history with her gold medal in the individual foil. some have noted individual athletes seem more interested in scoring woke points than actual ones. i contend for some this is the conscious and subshut result it grievance over pride and optimism translating into an embarrassment, perhaps to even be an american and to represent our nation. the olympics and sports are about bringing people together beyond are the issues of the day. there is no unity, obviously, when team members are judged as good or evil based on skin color. just as there is no unity here at home in the nation itself if
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this malignant scheme prevails. and that's exactly how the left wants it. it's time to reject their premise. we must refuse to behave as though these far left con artist have anything to say that is even worth a second of your time. they advocate destroying the founding principles of the country. no one wants that no one. yet, with the support of legacy media, corner snake oil sales men being portrayed as new american titans, who cares if that's a lie? well, we do, certainly. and for goodness sake we must not cede control of our lice too completely bloated corrupt and nightmare made up a bunch of mediocre tax eaters we common sense americans who want safety and security, who want people and property protected. who want peace and prosperity who want economic mobility and who love this great country, we are the majority, the super majority and it's time to start acting on it joining me now for reaction james golden, known popularly as bo snedekerly of
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the rush limbaugh show radio host 77 wabc here in new york and of course hear him nationally with the magic of that invention called the internet james, welcome aboard, nice to see you again, sir. >> tammy, thank you for having me on. great to be with you and wow, what a six minutes you have covered the state of america in a way that i think needs tremendous attention. tammy tammy you know, i have to say, you know, sports, what's really important about sports, all of us understand this, is the nature that it shows us that you know, you can lose a battle and win the war, right? that is a key life lesson about sports. that there is going to be ups and downs. and so i would fully hope and expect that team u.s.a. comes back. but what do you think of my premise that this is like a microcosm of the attitude that is permeating everywhere here? we see it in sports. we see it with the olympics but it effects our homelife it affect business. we saw it with the poll it effects optimism for the future.
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where you do you think this is headed and what request can we do about it. >> tammy, normally i would say to you okay. i'm not buying it because athletes are so competitive. and they are worried about their own competitive state and their own achievement that they wouldn't let these kind of things hurt them. but then again, look at what they're being competitive with now. the competition isn't about being the very best can you be of the athletic field. the competition seems to be about being the best you can for the media. being the best you can so you can have your face on the media proving out woke you are. remember when the olympics are fun. we used to marvel at their performances. marvel at their individual achievements. today, the news stories aren't about their achievements. the news stories are about everything but their achievement. i could see one bright spot in all of this though, something i do support.
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and this is the number of women in the olympics that finally are saying hey, we have had enough being objects for you guys to look at with the little bikinis with our butts hanging out. we want to play sports and we want to do so in a manner that we think is dignified. and i support that wholeheartedly. >> tammy: you know, that's a great point. the german team has also changed its uniform entirely. that speaks to the individual's desire to be more powerful in the implementation of their sport. either through the team or as an individual. but when you have got coaches that have like popovich who has been speaking very openly about hating the country effectively. how can you mo forward in anything you do if misery and resentment cloud your mind, when competing can be about pride for a company. pride for the country, and if you think america is really this bad, why would you be compelled to do better? and then, james, the difference between, perhaps, teammates who
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might not feel the way you do and the danger these days about not agreeing on a political issue. >> right, the resentment that comes inside a team. now you are wondering what your teammates think of you if you are pro-american. imagine that. and so here's what we're left with. and you know, this if you are a performer, if you are getting ready to do your show or any show and someone comes up to you before the show with some drama, any kind of drama, it's going to affect the way that you do your show. you can't help it. these are the most highly tuned athletes. look what is put before them before they are on the world stage. it's a shame. do you know what else is a shame it's a shame when the women's soccer team lost there were many in america who said good. they deserved to lose. >> tammy: this is what it is difficult and yet it has become instead of bringing us together, we see it of course at home with
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sports teams, it becomes this fight. and, you know, we can -- already the ratings have indicated americans, you know, we have lost this and so i really thank you so much for your perspective, james. great stuff as always. thank you, sir, great to see you. now,. >> thank you, tammy. >> tammy: it's hotter than made december along the southern border. that hasn't stopped migrants from illegally crossing into america by the tens of thousands every single week. they have got a message for joe biden. thanks for the opportunity. we talk exclusively to governor kristi noem. wait until you find out what she is doing to help secure our southern border. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ s tions
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♪ >> tammy: normally the summer heat slows down migrant surges at our southern border but not now. last week alone, over 20,000
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illegal immigrants were apprehended in the rio grande valley sector. just weeks after we hit the million migrant milestone last month. this weekend one woman crossing the border stopped to talk to reporters saying, quote: thanks to biden for the opportunity to come here now. when there is an open southern border, the entire country is put at risk which is why south dakota governor kristi noem sent national guard troops to help deal do what the biden administration won't which is help secure our country. she joins me now for exclusive interview from the southern border in mcallen, texas: last time i saw you it was cpac in the hallway. everything was so fast moving along. but i talked to you at that point because i was in speaking with participants at cpac, people were asking who is your dream team for 2024. and, of course, president trump we know is a favorite of all of us. your name also came up. and i don't -- i have been a big
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admirer of yours and yet, i was surprised to hear that but you have been in the news. you are now at the border. can you tell us what your -- what you think your own impact governor of south dakota certainly now with your national guard troops on the border and does this signal a national message that you want to s people? >> well, for us, when governor abbott and governor ducey asked for help securing the border, we recognized that immediately as a national security issue. something the federal government should be doing but was neglecting to. and, for us, in south dakota, that impacts us, also the drugs that come across this border and end up in south dakota, filter a lot through my indian reservations and end up throughout the midwest. and then we also have a huge human trafficking issue in this country that this open border is facilitating. so, for us, we have many reasons to respond to governor abbottens request for help, and the reason i sent my national guard is because this is exactly what they do with excellence.
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that's one of the great things that was good to hear on the ground here today from border patrol was how grateful they were that i sent national guard. they perform missions like this. it's clearly defined. they know their training level when they get here. they can work as a team and a unit as they complete the task and then when it's completed south dakota is known for doing it with excellence. so our folks are in observation posts. they are watching and identifying those that are crossing and then notifying border patrol to come and pick them up. but, you said it, tammy. 20,000 last week just in this zone area which is unbelievable. behind me we have children right now crossing the border with family units which will just be, you know, located with an ngo and then dispersed and dislocated all over the country. >> tammy: governor, it's a human catastrophe. and the things that make it worse, you know, we see horrible things, what we don't see is what is a tragic, the children
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who didn't make it. the women who are destroyed in the process and then used through sex trafficking. these things, the drugs that we don't see moving across the border as you have noted affect every state of this union, you came under fire, have you come under fire by both the left and the right which means perhaps you are doing something right. the left was upset that you sent the national guard. i don't know why they wouldn't want more security at the border. and, of course, the right considers you not strong enough on certain issues. what do you view your role as governor in this case and is this something that you worry about and what do you think governors can do as you are doing when it comes to having an impact at the national level? >> well, i mean, we just need to do our job. i think what we saw in 2020 was a lot of governors trying to be political and not do their job. that's what i'm focused on. this issue down here is a national security issue. it's impacting my people in south dakota.
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i have the excellent group of individuals that can respond in a way that can define the mission and complete it with excellence. that's exactly what we did. and they are here an important part of the team, in fact, texas has indicated that they want more resources, more commitment. the need is here and expected to become even greater. and right here all of these coyotes that are moving these individuals across the border right now. they are making money off these people. they are making money off these children. they know if they have a child, 6 and under they will not be detained and turned over to ngo and then released into the rest of the country. they are making money off of people and law doesn't mean anything in the biden administration. but that's why south dakota is responding and we will do what we can. >> tammy: the disruption is horrible. you wouldn't say no if someone wanted your expertise in washington in some role? >> i think i'm very happy in south dakota. you know, i'm doing my job. >> tammy: all right. >> i ran for governor to be in
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south dakota. so that's my focus. >> tammy: it's a beautiful state. you are doing a great job. >> it is. >> tammy: all right, governor noem, thank you very much. i think there might be more time to ask that question again in the future. thank you, ma'am. coming up a new report says joe biden's private emails talking about with hunter while he was still with vice president. that and more next on prime. ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> tammy: it really is the laptop from hell. new reporting on hunter biden's computer shows pappa joe kept several private email accounts as vice president. according to the "new york post" emails from that laptop show that joe biden used the email pseudonym robert ware, robert l. peters and j.r.b. which are his own initials while he was vice president. on several occasions those addresses were reportedly used to email hunter like at the time a staffer copied robert l.
4:28 pm
peters and hunter on the vice president's daily schedule. on the docket that day, an 8:45 a.m. prep meeting before a 9:00 a.m. call with the president of ukraine. at the time, hunter was making $83,000 a month to sit on the board of ukrainian energy company. "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor and one of your very favorites miranda devine has been exposing all of this and she joins me now. amir da maybe they got lazy about. it is this from the same laptop that we have always been hearing from. tell us what you have been reporting. >> well, this is just the latest of several stories that we have been doing lately in leading up to the book. and, it's, you know, it's a small thing but it could be a big thing. because, remember, hillary clinton got into a lot of trouble for having a private he a mail server in this case a
4:29 pm
couple private emails couple pseudonyms used by joe biden, also hunter biden curious situation where joe biden had -- office the vice president's office mail his schedule to one of these private emails into its schedule. there was a period when hunter was getting this schedule every single day and and this also seemed to coincide with the time when joe biden was having phone calls with the then president of ukraine poroshenko considering that there has been so much controversy over hunter biden being on the board of that corrupt energy company in ukraine burisma which was owned by a man called krzyzewski a ukrainian oligarch and you know,
4:30 pm
quite unsavory association. >> the allegation on the surface. >> why would he needt the american government was doing in terms of these very high conversations that were going on between joe biden who then was president obama's point man in ukraine and the president there. burisma the energy company was doing deals with ukraine. >> tammy: miranda. >> energy deals with the chinese company cx ghamplet hunter was also. >> tammy: i do want to intervictoria's secret here it? >> just looks bad. >> tammy: one of the like money that is paid to influence the vice president this has always been the argument. money that went to the allegation. big money that goes to hunter biden went to him becauseo the . yeah, i guess i think it's
4:31 pm
pretty clear, miranda has got an audio problem. but i think great reporting there. it's all at the "new york post" with miranda devine and i know she is like she wasn't being rude. but that's one of the concerns there. so, also joining me though, let's bring him in tonight is ohio congressman and author of the upcoming book "do what you said you would do." now that's a nice phrase. congressman jim jordan. congressman, we just spoke and heard from miranda devine about the nature of what appears to be influence peddling, money going in and out, private email accounts being used by then vice president joe biden. no wonder hillary felt, i'm sure, comfortable doing whatever she wanted to do. we once again, sir, are looking at a series of things that are that the american government is corrupt, that it lies to the people. that it does the opposite of what it says it is going to do. it doesn't care about the -- even the optics anymore. it just keeps doing it now we
4:32 pm
have these paintings by hunter biden that are going to be sold anonymously arranged by the white house. you have seen it all. you are part of this government. tell me your assessment about where we are at now with the biden administration in this what i'm calling an indictment tonight of their behavior. >> yeah, yeah. i think there is kind of four key points here. one there is just the fact that they would use private email. we know that's a no, no for executive branch officials. we saw that for the whole hillary clinton issue. then there is the fact that hunter biden was taking money from people in china and russia and ukraine. we find out while that's going on the vice president of the united states, now president of the united states joe biden is prepping him for a meeting with a visit with the ukrainian president. that's then of course there is the media. there is the fact that last fall the mainstream press knew w knew we had documented emails and laptop and knew hunter biden was under investigation by the fbi and failed to tell about and it actually worked with big tech to make sure the american people
4:33 pm
didn't know that information. finally the fourth point is what you just brought up. on top of all of that we have the art deals he has a meeting not to talk about price but to talk about all the style of art, whatever he is doing. the american people are like look at this and just laugh, if this was any trump, anyone in the trump family, can you imagine what cnn would be crazy when you think about the obviousness of this. the white house is involved in the arrangement. the white house is -- even cnn thinks it's like a scheme. and so they have lost that crowd. at least in this particular moment. but, you know, one critic described wants hunter biden's paintings like you would see a cafe parent do only a member of the family would buy the painting as issue of charity. half a million dollars. how is this not influence peddling? how is it not? >> i think the american people see it for what it is. they have common sense and you are right. it sure seems that's what -- i think one of our staff told me that you can get a picasso today
4:34 pm
online you can bid and get it for $200,000. but hunter biden this esteemed artist is going to manage and get a managed price of half a million dollars for these things? like, come on, no one buys it. we all see what it is. i just wish more than the conservative balanced approach like you guys, i wish more press would call this out. >> tammy: congressman, obviously, colluding, government colluding with big tech with corporations open corruption is a sign of a totalitarian slide. and i hope that your book addresses some of. this we do. we do. >> tell me the title again. do what you are supposed to do. >> "do what you said you would do" we mac this job too complicated. do what you told the voters you would do when you were elected. do that. >> tammy: appreciate hearing you from. >> next on "fox news primetime" california is kicking it up a notch. >> at the end of the day, we have got to be a little bit more
4:35 pm
assertive to help people get this disease behind and help society. ♪ >> tammy: well, thank you, daddy. and the federal government might not be far behind. mask and vaccine mandates could be coming to your city or state very soon whether you like it or not, daddy. that and more after the break. ♪ ♪ usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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. >> tammy: vaccine mandate movement has begun. it was announced today that healthcare workers at the v.a., city employees in new york city and state employees in california will all be required to get vaccinated by september or face repercussions. california governor gavin newsom calling out the unvaccinated this afternoon. >> 25% of people are choosing to live with this vice. you can't choose to drive drunk. you put your life at risk. you put other lives at risk. at the end of the day, we have got to be a little bit more assertive to help people get this disease behind us and help society ultimately end this pandemic. >> tammy: wow, how much more assertive can gavin newsom get. californians have had some of the toughest restrictions in the
4:41 pm
country. even if you have gotten the shot. you might still have to mask up in public. just this weekend assistant st. louis county reinstated indoor mask mandate forcing everyone, vaccinated or not to wear face covering. so will the centers for disease control change its mask guidance? dr. fauci says it's on the table. >> this is under active consideration if you are asking am i part of the discussion? yes, i am. part of the discussion, but i think what you are seeing, even though as of our conversation at this moment, the cdc still says and recommends that if you are vaccinated fully that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. >> tammy: are missouri's attorney general fighting back against the mask mandate. he joins me now. we are hearing this unelected bureaucrat, dr. fauci, be the face of the administration. i think it's because politicians know that americans are done. we have done everything, covid is serious. many of us, including myself
4:42 pm
have chosen to be vaccinated. we also respect those who choose not to this is a free country. what exactly are you doing with st. louis county? this could be a very good example of a template for other states. >> well,only the second place in the country now, los angeles county did it. but, look, people are tired of being lied to by the elites in the ruling class on this issue. we were told that if you are vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask. in st. louis now, you have got to wear a mask. we know that kids aren't at real risk here. now kids have to wear a mask all day long even though we know the emotional and psychological toll that can play. we were told the republicans were blah-to-blame for skepticism even though vice president harris said she wouldn't get the vaccine because it was under president trump's leadership. we were told that rural missouri essentially was the reason for it when we know the vaccination rates are particularly low in the cities. we were told that, you know, this was the greatest public health crisis and safety issue meanwhile in st. louis right now they have 50 year high in
4:43 pm
murders last year. you have a mayor talking about tee funding the police and local prosecutor who won't show up to court and putting people's lives in danger. now you also have them talking about, you know, this being about transparency in the public knowing and now that they have declared a state of emergency allows the mayor now to spend millions and millions of federal dollars without the checks and balances board of alderman. it's been a lifetime achievement we are fighting back on behalf of the people who have had enough. in st. louis county, for example, previously had the most restrictive regime in the whole state. >> tammy: are you suing -- you are suing to eliminate the mask mandate to have it not be reimplemented. >> that's correct. >> tammy: and we are finding that a lot of decisions that were made are being reversed because these are either unconstitutional or illegal. governors stripped of their power like gretchen whitmer. so, the lawsuit seems to be the way through the judicial system to change this. because you are right. it also seems to be an
4:44 pm
interesting distraction from these murder rates and crime, homicides increasing. violence, riots, so that this is great news, thank you, sir, for come, i appreciate it but that is a great way i think the only way to deal with this is to sue whether you a city or a town or a county or state. thank you for joining me tonight, sir. also here tonight. chef andrew gruel, a restaurant owner in california. you know him well. he appears often clearly a man running a business he got radicalized. suddenly he is on television. it happens to people.uthern cal. you have been through it all. you have raised money for other restaurant owners. and now there is this rhetoric that you might be coming back around to getting punched in the face. what's your reaction to this. >> i always joke about the love of getting punched in the face but not this way. and i also have to say, too. i hope that one of these times we get together we will be talking about pineapple pizza.
4:45 pm
this time it's all about the mask. really you know this is emotional performance art if you will. and when it comes to restaurant owners, this is tough because we know that these restrictions as always are going to come down on our shoulders and going to be incumbent on us to divide people to constantly act as the police officers put our hardworking restaurant owners potentially in harm's way when we have citizens fighting about masks which after 18 month i can't believe we are still talking about masks. >> tammy: you know, chef, there have been some law enforcement officials in the country who said we are not going to enforce this you might have a mask mandate. we don't care. is there any discussion about working with local law enforcement to -- whatever city you are in, because there is a point where you -- it's like we are setting ourselves on fire. some of these, you know, lobbing molotov cocktail at each other. we have a responsibility to take care of our lives, take things seriously as we all do.
4:46 pm
that doesn't mean that this is a suicide packet. >> no, you are correct. i think working with law enforcement, of course, is important i think we should always have a relationship with those men in blue. i think this is really changing the calculus we make the decisions in our everyday lives. we gave to to the government for 18 month to figure this out. these are people just like you and i. maybe it's time for us independent business owners and discontinue citizens to make. you don't want to go to restaurant a because everybody isn't wearing a mask. you don't go there. maybe as a restaurant owner you enforce people to go to mask because that's your constituent base. that's what you do. it's incumbent upon all of us to think about ourselves and our neighbors. >> tammy: and you have acted on that. don't just talk the talk. you walk the walk. when it comes to supporting restaurants, so many small businesses and restaurants obviously are gone and they are never coming back. this is another wave, this is an extraordinary thing, also. i don't know if you have been vaccinated i mentioned that i am
4:47 pm
because i think it's an important thing to do. but i respect people who haven't done it and at the same time, you have got this additional wave people say you have got to get vaccinated. why would somebody who has decided already not to do it be moved by seeing that there is no change in our lives if you do get it? if you continue to have to wear a mask, if you still can't go places. how is that persuading anyone to get the vaccine? >> of course. and then furthermore, the ways in which these people are being vilified as if they are drunk drivers. that's one heck of a met for to make. >> tammy: outrageous. >> newsom isn't great with the art behind his metaphors or art behind his truth for that matter. that one is a little bit of a slap in the face. >> tammy: it is. the recall is going well, we believe. californians have generally had enough. but that is the insulting dynamic. these are serious considerations and decisions that american individuals have made. you make them every single day for you and your family. i make them in my life and for
4:48 pm
those i love. and to suggest that that careless kind of horrible thing because something was important to you, the most private element of our lives persuading is important but the fact of the matter is not everyone is going to want to do this and they deserve some respect. chef imriewl, thank you for being here. there is obviously more we are going to be dealing with. coming up, a cop is accused of planting evidence after a video of a traffic stop goes viral. but wait until you see the body cam footage. turns out not everything is as it seems. and the fight for cuban independence comes to joe biden's front lawn. why advocates say his silence is deafening. congresswoman maria salazar is next. ♪ ♪. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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turns out you can't believe everything you see on the internet. trace gallagher joins us life with the full story. trey? >> hey, tammy, the traffic stop happened in the village of caledonia, wisconsin where the vehicle was doing 63 in 45 mile-per-hour zone. inside the car was the driver and three passengers. driver and backseat passengers got out of the car. the front passenger was recording video on his cell phone and later posted it to social media with a caption that read, quoting: cop caught in 4 k planting evidence. the video shows the evidence tossed part of a plastic bag into the backseat which led to this exchange, watch. hey bro, what's that. >> what. >> that you just threw in here. >> i got you on camera, bro. >> i got on camera. we are all good. >> hey, buddy, you just threw that in here. >> that video went viral getting 233,000 likes. 63,000 re-tweets and 8,000
4:55 pm
comments. buff the video also left out critical context that we only learned about when the village of caledonia police department released the officer body cam footage it clearly shows the officer searching the driver and pulling out the plastic baggy from his pocket. there were no drugs in the baggy. but they are commonly united stated to carry drugs. now listen to the rest of the conversation between the officer and the passenger that you did not hear on the viral video. watch. >> hey, you just threw that in here. >> yeah, because it was in his pocket and i don't want to hold on to it it's on their body cam that they took it off of them. >> i got you on camera, man. >> i'm telling you where it came. >> from i got you on camera, bro recommendation it's an empty baggy at the moment too. >> okay. >> it changes the story dramatically. and keep in mind the out of context clip that was posted on social media was extremely negative toward police, even threatening some of the comments. the driver by the way was cited
4:56 pm
for speeding but not arrested. tammy. >> tammy: there you go context is everything. isn't it. >> everything. free cuba rallying cry of free cubans outside of the white house and cuban embassy today as they demand the biden administration take action amid the growing unrest in the communist nation. one of the protesters spoke to fox news and shared their message for the president. [chanting] >> tammy: our next guest shows the evil of that communist regime firsthand as the daughter of two cuban exiles and spent her afternoon rallying support for cuba and urging president biden to step up. congresswoman maria salazar. i saw some of the footage, it was fantastic group of people. there is an understandable passion. we have first generation cubans, families again who have been displaced such a beautiful
4:57 pm
country. what is the message today in front of the white house and do you think the biden administration has any intention of taking any of it seriously? >> well, we certainly hope that he does. and the message is very clear. we need two things right now. urgently. we need leadership and connectivity. leadership, we would like president biden to be the leader in the world and rally the international support and as for those people that trade with cuba, canada, mexico, the europeans and the rest of latin america, to join forces with him and denounce the cuban regime. that's the number one. that's easy. that doesn't cost any money. it's just political willingness and the second one is internet. we need internet. and i want to explain to you why. while you are showing those images, while we were at the white house in cuba thousands of people went out on the street again because they saw us on the other side of the island rallying for them. and do you know what happened? the regime caught off internet.
4:58 pm
>> tammy: we know that's what tyrants do and get the internet in places they don't want it seen it with iran and changing of satellites. it's easy to do. it's interesting that the biden administration is not lifting a fixer. as a matter of fact, dhs secretary mayorkas said the time is never right to attempt migration by sea. to those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth taking. allow me to be clear, if you take but to the sea, you will not come to the united states. congresswoman, interesting difference, isn't it? there is no complaints or warnings about crossing the rio grande valley in the summertime but there is this specific dynamic about the sea. it seems like they don't like cubans or in this case also haitians specifically. what would you say and what have you said to secretary mayorkas about this double standard? >> that is not what we are talking about. we are talking about connectivity. we are not talking about the
4:59 pm
sea. we are talking about them lifting a finger and giving the green light so either the private sector or public sector like you said this has been proven in iran and proven in puerto rico. the technology is out there for the cubans to have that connectivity. and that's all we want because this cry for freedom started because of a facebook live. today as i said they went back into the streets. and i assure you once the cubans see each other. >> tammy: we have to go. congresswoman. >> be able to yeah they will be able to go out into the street and rally and then. >> tammy: congresswoman. >> they will not be able to stand that pressure. >> tammy: we understand that there is also recognition that for safety with the kind of violence that's being enacted because we are not seeing because the internet is down. it is remarkable abandonment of the cuban people and of cuba specifically. so, thank you very much foreign getting us up to speed on this. now, thank you all for joining
5:00 pm
us tonight and watching "fox news primetime." this week i'm tammy bruce, can you find out more about thee on the new social media platform tammy bruce dot i will see you again tomorrow night and all week 7:00 p.m. tucker is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to a live special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark steyn in the for tucker who is taking a quiet fishing weekend, but he will be dropping by momentarily. china is a number one global power. what happened to america? sometimes you get dealt some tough geopolitical cards as britain, france, spain, portugal


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