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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 26, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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proven guilty. katherine lhamon says innocence is a possibility. what a ridiculous thing to say. >> martha: thanks. we'll be following this closely, congress woman foxx. that's "the story" of monday, july 26. the story goes on. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" starts right now. >> sandra: inflation? what inflation. with prices spiking for everything from gasoline and used cars to fruits and vegetables, even oreo cookies. democrats are reportedly pushing the message they're more than $4 trillion in proposed spending is a way to help families. a 5.5% speak in inflation is just temporary. but is it? welcome, every one. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." coming up we'll speak to tom tillis about that. first, to david spunt reporting
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live from washington. he has the very latest. hi, david. >> hi, sandra. big story. democrats are looking at the temporary burden of millions of americans as temporary. they believe this is a marathon, not a print and ultimately the higher spending will help more americans than hurt them. citing a private white house poll, democratic lawmakers are encouraged to focus on how the president's $3 trillion infrastructure plan helps working families by lowering costs and getting people back to work or maybe helping the economy. the consumer price index measures what people pay for goods increased 5% from a year ago. the president is counting on a bipartisan infrastructure plan to help the economy. continues are continue to see inflation and the issue is the democrats in congress is reckless and ultimately increased spending will hurt where it counts at the grocery stores and at the gas pumps.
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inflation is at the highest in the past 13 years. economists are concerned it won't just disappear in the next few weeks or months. the ultimate message from democrats, stay the course, stay calm. the spending more overall will cost less on the working families and sandra, as you know, the click is ticking. democrats and republicans set to leave for the august recess and both sides hoping to get something done. >> sandra: thanks, david. will massive government lower costs for americans as the white house is suggesting or will inflation ultimately win out? with us now, steve moore and larry -- laura finks. steve, can we continue this spending in the face of this rising inflation? >> well, look, you tonight have to have a ph.d. in economics to understand if you print more
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money, $4 trillion worth that president biden wants on top of the $2 trillion already this year and on top of the $4 trillion budget that we have, that this is going to cause much higher prices. in fact, i have to tell you, sandra, when i watched joe biden in that town hall meeting, when he said this is going to lower inflation, i almost dropped off my chair. americans know this is not complicated. you put more money out there -- none of these programs have any kind of work requirement -- you'll have higher inflation, not lower inflation. >> sandra: it's a great point. as the unemployment checks continue to go out, the work requirement is a big question. we have seen in many states where they continued the extended unemployment benefits that a lot of folks still are not going to apply for those job openings. so the white house says inflation spike we're seeing right now is temporary. is it? >> absolutely. the cbo agrees, the fed agrees.
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jerome powell is a republican. he agrees. republicans are out with political pom poms cheering like it's 1979. politically they want inflation because they want to have a reagan like victory. that is not happening. none of didn't caters are there. look at the bond markets -- >> sandra: are they cheering or acknowledging the numbers on the screen in clearly price spikes happening -- >> lites talk about that. the price of lumber is down 60%. the used car index is down. indicators all over the place this is temporary. we absolutely need an investment in infrastructure over the long-term that will create ten -- millions of jobs and careers and construction and broad band access and the green economy. just because you have, you know, the price of groceries goes up doesn't mean that you don't fix your leaky roof. in america, our house has a leaky roof. we need the infrastructure bill and the help with elder came. women need the child care help. we've seep the impact.
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child care tax credits are going out to millions of working families helping a leavate the short term pain. that's real policy with long-term thinking. >> the question is how much longer does it take the fed to step in here? even larry summers from a democratic administration, he stepped in way early on, right, steve? he said it's time to take away the punch bowl. we can't continue at these rates. while you're dismissing the higher prices, that is a reality for many american families. whether it's at the grocery store or fuelling your gas tank. >> yeah, here's the problem. if you have -- inflation is too many dollars. it's that simple. if you print $4 trillion more and drop it out of helicopters, that's what will lead to higher prices. there's winners and losers. the people getting the money are the winners. the senior citizens on lower pensions, may not have children
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and may not get the benefits, those people are hurt by this. the problem the fed has right now is what options does the fed have? we continue to put out this debt spending. the only way that we'll be able to pay for it is by getting the printing presses to print more dollars -- there's no other option. we don't have the growth to cover the spending. by the way, only about 20% of the money in that infrastructure bill is roads and highways. it's green energy projects, money for electric vehicles -- >> sandra: that's a fair point. i'll bring that up with tom tillis. but the main point is the fed may end up responding too late and too aggressively to this high inflation. you're obviously acknowledging that prices have gone up. we've shown the prices. that is happening. you're making the case that it's temporary. so what happens for it tend? does the fed step in and when? >> there's no indication that
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the fed is going to step in. in fact, jerome powell said the opposite. let's keep in mind that larry summers said that women were inferior and couldn't do science like men. he's not right about early thing. so there's a high degree of uncertainty in terms of his own claims. so i'd say this. we have to make long-term investments in america. the infrastructure bill does that. the relief package does that. we have to keep our eye on inflation. you're right. we have to protect seniors and working families -- >> let me have one quick point. larry summers -- it's not a big fan of larry summers. he was the chief economist for bill clinton, and economist for barack obama -- >> he's not right about everything. >> he has high credentials. this is typical liberals -- >> and he also said women
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couldn't be scientists. >> sandra: to your point, there's bipartisan support for the infrastructure. it's where the money is spent. it's the timing that is what we're talking about debates at this moment. sky high prices of things. the stock market is at record highs. you still have unfulfilled jobs, millions of job openings in this country and questions whether your grocery bill will come down or your gas bill. great to have both of you. the debate continues. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: all of this debate over the spending bill continues to heat up on capitol hill. here to discuss that, north carolina republican senator tom tillis. senator, i'm sure you listened to that debate. you care to weigh-in on your thoughts whether all of these sky highs prices are here to stay or just temporary? >> i'm afraid a lot of them are here to stay. we have to keep in mind the spending spree started in january when the they passed the $1.9 trillion package without
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republican votes. the reason i'm part of trying to get if infrastructure bill, it's really infrastructure. roads, bridges, internet, broad band. these are things that we can justify. not a $3 trillion or $4 trillion price tag which i believe -- we'll forget the word transitory and dealing with inflation for some time to come. >> martha: senator, where is your support for further spending? how would you like to see that money spent? knowing it's a big risk in this hot economy to put more dollars on the table. what are you supporting right now? >> what we are negotiating now and making great progress over the weekend is the $579 billion package which is a fraction of the $4.5 trillion that bernie sanders and pelosi would like to spend on roads, bridges, expanding our infrastructure. there's no question in my mind that covid has really forced a
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more of a digitization of this economy, how people get their information. we need to help unserved areas for broad band. $65 billion. the majority of the resources that i'm most focused on are roads and bridges, which we desperately need to expand congestion, to address safety. it will create good paying jobs. we'll have a economic return. the infrastructure bill they're -- they're being dishonest. there's very little in the way of infrastructure in the $3 plus trillion package. it would create entitlements and an upward pressure on inflation and people like me growing up living paycheck to paycheck, the ones that will suffer the most. >> sandra: interesting perspective there. you heard one of our guests talking about spending. eventually it will counter act inflation.
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you've heard that from the white house and your democratic colleagues. is that the case? >> sandra: absolutely not. i spoke -- i serve on the banking committee. i've spoken with a lot of people in financial services sectors, the largest banks in the country. they are bullish on the economic prospects absent this $3 trillion package. all of them have said an financial experts more experienced than me say if we flood the zone with this $3 trillion in spending, it's not going to end well. it's going to affect the long-term cost of products and could have an upward if the fed does react, could have an up wart impact on interest rates. we could be at a situation where we could spend a trillion a year serving our national debt right now. that is a financial disaster waiting to happen, which is why we hoped that on a bipartisan basis, getting this infrastructure package in we can set it aside and then the
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president and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi can sell this additional spending spree and the reckless taxes with it. we have to remember, it's corporate taxes, capital gains, family farmers will get hit hard. no one will be protected from the tax increase, which is another just way of undermining what was a great story to be told about raising wages before covid hit our shores. >> sandra: senator, five seconds or so. are you optimistic will will be compromise? >> on the infrastructure bill i'm optimistic. >> sandra: thanks, senator. thanks nor your time. >> thank you. >> sandra: a quick look at wall and broad. another record day for your money. take a look at, this the dow and nasdaq and s&p closing at all time hires.
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alphabet and apple reporting tomorrow and we will be watching. their kids are told to mask up. now a group of california parents are lowering up. one of them is here. defund for thee but not for me? lydia who on top of hypocrisy over the top. hi, lydia. >> hi, sandra. many democratic mayors are cutting the police budget. a new report shows the same mayors are spending millions on private security. got the details coming up. someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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>> sandra: crime is surging and we warn you this video you're about to see is disturbing. in new york city, a 68-year-old man is attacked in broad daylight. the brutal beating and robberies captured on video. in chicago, 73 people shot over the weekend. 11 dead as a result. all of this as a report finds mayors of some of the same cities pushing to defund the place are shelling out big bucks on their own security. fox business's lydia who is in new york with the latest. hi, lydia. >> hi, sandra. there's 20 cities that have
1:18 pm
moved to defund the police or plans to slash the police budget as they continue to spend taxpayer dollars on private security for mayors and other elected officials. this follows an investigation from the organization open the books. this comes as crime is spiking. chicago cut 400 police positions last year and spent $3.4 million on private security for unnamed city officials. shootings are up 10% over a year ago in san francisco. officials plan to divest 120 million from the police over two years while they spend 2.6 million last year on the mayor's security detail. in baltimore, the city eliminated 22 million from its police budget as the city spent $3.6 million on private security. now democratic congressman corey bush is being criticized for her
1:19 pm
spending to fortify her personal security and also calling to defund the police. >> i understand full well why member of congress spend money on their personal safety. i don't understand why some members of congress don't feel the same way about your safety. if their safety is the highest priority, shouldn't yours safety be too? >> now, sandra, we reached out to the cities that i just mentioned for comment. we didn't get a response back. from to learn more about municipal spending from open the books is ongoing. a number of the cities that they reached out to did not disclose the information. that includes the city of los angeles. >> lydia hu live in new york city. let's get to it with joe cardonelli for his take on this. let's get this straight. officials pushing for defund the
1:20 pm
police, they get protection, but the american taxpayer doesn't, joe? >> absolutely. because they're cowards. these politicians are cowards. they surround themselves with the security that they denied their constituents. look at chicago. the stats are incredible. they're ridiculous. should never be. so keep defunding the police and keep putting the money in areas that these politicians think is benefitting everybody. doesn't benefit anybody but themselves. this is the exact reverse of what the policing should be all about. when you have police commissioners that go -- coincide with the thoughts of the mayors because they're al their whims to do whatever they want. thank god for open books. it's great. >> sandra: look at the video of the beating in brooklyn, it's brutal to watch.
1:21 pm
these attacks are happening in broad daylight. it's this. it's also retail stores on the west coast where people are walking in, walking out with merchandise. they get nothing but a misdemeanor if anybody goes after them. you look at this attack in brooklyn and you wonder what is happen something where is law and order and where is the white house on pushing it? >> they're nowhere to be found. the sad pause is it's a round-robin effect. when you don't have the d.a.'s office backing the cops on on the arrests they do make if they make han arrest because the stores won't call police because the district attorneys have raised the criteria for petty larceny crimes so the criminal goes in with a ccalculator. they go out unchallenged. everybody blames the police. the police cannot get involved
1:22 pm
if store security doesn't get involved. increasing store security isn't going to do anything. they just stand there and they watch them go out. some of the retailers are closing stores. who pays the price? think about it. the local consumer is going to pay the price for everything stolen. the price will go higher. the criminal may go out and commit an assault on somebody or more serious crime and they could have been stopped to begin with. most of them, the majority are career criminals. >> sandra: i have about 20 seconds left. you go back to the shooting at the national's game. the americans running for their lives, the players searching for their families. what is this country if we're walking down the street or going to a ball game and we're scared? if you're asked what do we do about this, sum it up, what is the answer? >> we have to get back to good old police enforcement. get back to quality of life crimes. you have to get out there and
1:23 pm
let the police -- let them do the job that they're trained to do, that they're paid to do. not what -- so they're not afraid of losing their lively hoods or their families and possibly go to jail. we have to back the police department up and let them do the jobs in a matter that everybody is happy with. >> sandra: we he need to feel safe. thanks, joe. great talking to you. >> any time, sandra. >> sandra: to mass confusion now with new mandates kicking in. will it be harder to convince the vaccine holdouts? going to the courtroom over masked in the classroom. meet the parent leading that change in california next. emu.. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken?
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>> we're seeing a surge with the delta variant. in some places it's as high as 90%. it's quite understandable, why local authorities are saying good you're vaccinated. but in a situation where you have people indoors, particularly crowded, you should wear a mask. >> sandra: that was white house chief medical adviser dr. anthony fauci telling neil that there's still circumstances in which vaccinated individuals should be wearing masks. this as the white house today is facing questions over the current masking policy. peter doocy was in the briefing room. he had a question to ask of jen psaki himself. he has the latest with that. hi, peter. >> sandra, good afternoon. president biden says all professionals working at the veterans affairs department will have to get vaccinated.
1:29 pm
this revelation comes after dr. fauci said yesterday there are active discussions underway with the cdc about a possible return to mask mandates for everybody. >> it would be actually surprising and odd if our health and medical experts weren't having an active discussion about how to best to protect the american people. of course there's an active discussion about a range of steps that can be taken. >> california is requiring proof of vaccine for all state employees in new york. mayor bill de blasio is requiring masks for city employees that are not vaccinated and calling for stiff penalties for people that don't comply. medical experts say the greatest danger is for those that have not been vaccinated. experts are wondering if further restrictions are fair to those that have chosen to get the
1:30 pm
shot. >> right now they have chosen not to get vaccinated at their own individual risk. asking every american to change their lifestyle for their benefit is not something that i think there's political will in some parts of the country. >> the tail end of a rose garden event earlier today, somebody shouted to the president and asked him if he's confident he can get unvaccinated americans vaccinated. he shouted backed "we have to." sandra? >> sandra: thanks, peter. all of this as two california parent groups are suing california's gavin newsome over a mask mandate in the schools there. one of the parents joins us now. let them breathe founder sharon mcewen. we have contacted the governor's office and have not heard back from them. sharon, should they require kids in the fall to wear masks in the classroom there?
1:31 pm
>> as parents, we're seeing our kids suffer behind those masks. they're at low risk for covid and those at higher risk have had the opportunity to be vaccinated. so at this point, we wish they could help withmental health. we've been advocating everywhere i can. i've spoken at the school board meetings, board of supervisor meetings asking for mask choice. the only way to move forward is to sue to let them breathe and to be able to see our children's smiles again. >> sandra: what are your expectations going in this filing this lawsuit against the governor there? >> it is shocking and crazy to me as a parent we're taking this on. we're hopeful. i was part of the school reopening lawsuit that was successful in reopening our schools. we're working with the same legal team and we're asking for an emergency temporary
1:32 pm
restraining order. we know if that was granted to us, that would immediately keep the state from enforcing their mask mandates, which if a child wants to or needs to wear a mask, they still could. it would allow those that they need to unmask, they can unmask and do that for school in the fall. we're waiting to hear when our hearing date is and hope it's soon. >> sandra: that's very important. you're not saying you're against masks. you're saying that it should be the choice of the students when they return in the fall knowing some have had the opportunity to be vaccinated including teachers, of course. we did reach out to the california department of public health for a statement. they provided this to us.
1:33 pm
>> sandra: sharon, there's some parents that we hear from that say whatever it is to get them back in the classroom. masks, no masks. whatever it is, we want them in class, we want them in person, full learning. takes whoever comes their way including masks. to them you say what? >> well, we're partnering with reopen california schools to bring forward this lawsuit. that is what they have been all about. i was part of the reopen schools movement. but in that reopening schools lawsuit, the judge ruled that the kids have not only a right to a education according to the california state constitution but an effective quality education. so what we're asserting and what we're hearing from teachers and students is they're not able to engage in an effective education when they can't see each other's
1:34 pm
faces, they can't have that communication. also, this lawsuit is addressing the asymptomatic testing and the close contact quarantines keeping our kids out of school. they're keeping our kids away from the in-person education that the cdph has acknowledged is a priority. also, you know, the cdph is not aligning with the cdc. so all of these government agencies, they shouldn't be parenting or doing the school board's jobs. they can't agree with each other on what is best. >> sandra: it's the constant moving of the goal posts that is hard for parents. we want our kids that have lost out on so much learning in some areas of this country. masks are -- looks like it's going to be part of it. great to have you here. thank you. one of the parents speaking out for the kids to a similar story in new jersey. seven high schoolers are among several suing the governor there. alex hogan is in west orange,
1:35 pm
new jersey reporting on that, hi, alex. >> hi. all of this is different from some of the cases that we've seen around freedom of religion. this one is arguing freedom of speech and freedom of expression. 20 people involved in the case including seven students here in new jersey. students that say they're taking this matter into their own hands. their lawyer says mask requirements violate their rights. the schools are announcing that they will require face coverings in class this fall. in new jersey, governor murphy says he will leave that decision up to individual districts. the class action lawsuit names governor murphy, the state commissioner of the department of health, families involved say they fear long-term social development effects on their kid. children head back to the third school year that will have been impacted by the pandemic now.
1:36 pm
>> how is this that everybody around now doesn't have to wear a mask including kids in sports now, but kids still have to wear masks? the only ones city paying the price and the only ones that suffer from it the least. >> we have reached out to everyone named in the suit. they said they won't comment pending litigation. they have already raised about $48,000 to support this file against the school and the governor. sandra? >> alex hogan reporting live from west orange new jersey for us. thank you. coming up. company don't add flexible work policies, do they risk losing employees? one wall street firm is banking on it. and first to the texas southern border. they say the administration refuses to help. what is it? a texas sheriff will tell us. . -i'm down. -yes, please.
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>> sandra: looking live at the southwest border where things are not slowing down. so local law enforcement is stepping with up. texas officials have begun arresting migrants on trespassing charges. authorities say ten have been made so far. will this help stem the flow of drugs and human smuggling? jackson county sheriff a.g. lauderback joins us. how will this stem the problem? >> when you have a administration that has rendered the law meaningless, you can follow law but don't enforce it, you have the same issue here. we're hoping that at least governor abbott has stepped up more than any governor in the united states has ever done on trying to put some kind of process and stabilize the border to some degree. so you know, we applaud that. the infancy of the program right
1:42 pm
now, we're -- the numbers are still low. there will be some migrant movement i'm sure to try to thwart the measures that the governor has put in place. it's the effort that counts here. that's what we're most proud of here as texas law enforcement. our governor fighting for us and for our citizens here with the federal administration that could careless. >> sandra: sheriff, what about the demographics of the arrests? sounds like all have been single adult men? >> that's correct. you have to understand that yesterday there was a group of 400 mass at the del rio gates. those were not just single males. those were haitians and venezuelans. 400 people in donna right now that is not enough.
1:43 pm
there's more and more people coming, this administration has created the largest catastrophic issues on our southern border that has ever happened before in the united states. look at the massive resettlement of the united states. >> sandra: sheriff, the short time i have left here. as far as resources, do you have the resources you need to continue to make arrests? >> certainly no texas sheriff has the resources for the en -- invasion right now. the state of texas is stepping up. our hats off. the legislators in this state and the leadership led by governor abbott. >> sandra: thanks, sheriff. hour best to you as this crisis continues at the southern border. appreciate your time. >> thank you, a appreciate it. >> sandra: we'll follow back up with him. employees are facing a labor
1:44 pm
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>> sandra: want to work for home? work for us. ubs is using their flexible return to work policy as a recruiting tactic to poach brokers from morgan stanley. morgan stanley calling for most workers to return full time to the office. charlie gasparino has the scoop. he's joined by fox news contributor, liz people. i feel like it's something that everyone is talking act. charlie, how long have you been back to work? what is ubs doing here? >> i can't wait to get back to work. i love telling stories through anecdotes. i was told to do that at the "wall street journal." this is interesting. it's much more typical. ubs is seeking to grow. they want to poach high producing brokers, people that handle rich people's money.
1:49 pm
another recruiting tool is guess what, guys? if you come to work for us, if you leave morgan stanley, the gold standard in the brokerage business, we'll let you work from home or do whatever you want. it's up to you. if you're a broke -- >> sandra: that's because morgan stanley doubled down on wanting employees back to work. james gorman said the way you develop your careers, by being mentors, experiencing the professional schools of those that came before us. he's huge on getting people back to the workplace. but is what ubs doing that evidence that these firms should be more flexible? >> that's right, this is an argument raging on wall street. wall street is on fire. they're trying to compete for workers right now. >> sandra: so this is one thing that ubs can do. i'd know, sandra, ubs is now as
1:50 pm
highly regarded an j.p. morgan or goldman, all of which have taken a harder line of getting people back to the office. they can probably do that and keep most of their people. the other firms allowing more flexibility are appealing to the new generation on wall street. there's a new generation and they're talking about lifestyle. part of that has to do with flexibility and working from home. the thing is we've seen over the past year that people can be very productive doing that. they have a pretty good case to make. >> sandra: there's a question how long that can happen. so many folks learned in the office on the job with mentors. i want to get to inflation. switching gears. price spikes. everybody is talking about this. a new gallup poll showing president biden's job approval rating dropping to 50% last month. liz, you have a new column that is making the case that president biden is not taking inflation seriously.
1:51 pm
so are these new poll numbers dropping because prices are spiking? >> well, i think consumers and voters the same are recognizing and connecting the dots between these enormous spending programs. biden wants to spend another $4 trillion and he's arguing that that will bring prices down. sandra, i don't know anybody that thinks that that is actually realistic. so yes, i think people are beginning to worry about the cost of everyday goods going up. by the way, the white house has changed their messaging. they're no longer talking transitory. because it's not transitory. >> sandra: charlie, you weigh-in. >> i'd say this. we had really good growth here in the trump years. we didn't have the massive increases in prices that we're having now. david from green light capital just came out with his annual report to investors. he basically laid out why this
1:52 pm
is not transitory. it's affecting everybody and you have 0% interest rates. zero. >> sandra: the surprise spikes a real. it's true. see what the fed does next. great to have both of you. all right. >> thank you. >> sandra: as employers struggle to find workers, one group is leaving millions of jobs open. we have more on where the workers are next. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location." .
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♪? restaurants, hotels, amusement parks all reporting labor shortages and while these type of job openings are a big draw for teenagers looking for summer work. a new report by a global outplacement work shows that number -- the number of teen jobs added in june was at its lowest since 2015. so what's keeping teens from more of these jobs? internet radio host mike gundleman and fox news contributor kat timpf joins us now. okay, i will go first. guns is joining us. why are teenagers not applying for these jobs? why are they not filling these positions? >> well, it's kind of funny i was actually at the jersey shore this past weekend and a lot of the locals were saying it's hard to find lifeguards or people to work the boardwalks or games this summer. i have a different opinion than kat and others. i don't think that this is because teenagers are lazy. it's not like they are getting stimulus checks that adults are
1:57 pm
that just don't want to go to work hey they are making money at home. this is more so the local governments and board of eds have scared and frightened kids. you think all year long they couldn't play sports. they couldn't go to outside graduations. they couldn't have their prom in may and now a couple weeks later they're all of a sudden supposed to go out and work as if everything is fine. i think this is a buy product of this fear factor going on from the government or board of ed. >> shannon: kat, the government letting them off too easy. apparently the outplacement firm that did this survey says that the delta variant is to blame it's making it hard for some people in some areas of the country where there is a spike in cases that is keeping teens out of these mostly in person positions. is that what you see from your view? >> i don't think teens are all lazy, if anything, i would never say that because i'm pretty scared of teens. i feel like they are going to make fun of me always on skate boards and look cool.
1:58 pm
>> we have scared of teens. i really think, honestly, that is probably part of it. really. if you -- you know, people are still concerned about this the delta variant and maybe some of these teens aren't vaccinated i know 16 and up that is available to you. if you are still a teenager living at home that's going to be decision you are going to make with your parents. maybe you are still concerned about that. it does seem like mixed messaging okay, no proms, no school. you haven't been in school for over a year but go out and work. i'm really not sure because it's not like there is really much to do. i mean there is restaurants open. some areas more open than others travel is still questionable. >> shannon: we depend on that group of teenagers in the workforce because many of them do fill some of those minimum wage paying jobs small restaurants or businesses and they make up a good chunk of our economy. if they are not working can this economy fully recover especially when we sees lines like this all over the country? >> well, i mean, this is what we
1:59 pm
are going to have to deal with. that maybe restaurants are dealing with this. the fact is that, listen, teenagers want money. teenagers i don't think have a problem working. not like they are working 24 hours a week, 20, 25 hours. they want all the money they can get. >> this is the situation that we are in. because this is what the government or this is just what's happened to us that we're kind of hesitant to fully go back to working 100 percent especially the younger you go with no vaccine for 15-year-olds. >> shannon: seems they are attributing this to the difficulties navigating virtual schools. the covid precautions that we talked, about distancing from friends. potentially missing major milestones a lot of making up to do. right, kat? there was a lot of lost living. kat, i believe i will see you on gutfeld tonight. >> absolutely. can't wait. we are going to have the best time. >> shannon: excellent. we will indeed. see you then. gun great to see you as well. >> shannon: it is always fun to join you thanks to neil to allow
2:00 pm
ome to fill. in i will be back here tomorrow with republican senator pat toomey sounding the alarm over the fed and inflation and as always you can catch me and john roberts on america reports weekdays live from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. eastern time we would love to have you. tune in, we will see you there tomorrow and see you on gutfeld tonight. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: that's why i got out of jail. i'm greg gutfeld along with richard fowler. back from extended rehab dana perino. "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: a new poll says americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction, optimism about where we are headed as a nation over the next year dropping nearly 20 points since may with 55% saying they felt pessimistic about the future. but can you blame them? try walking down the street in


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