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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 26, 2021 10:00am-11:47am PDT

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the united states of america. you can't do that in unison, but i'm not going to watch it. >> what was your sport? >> i mean place kicking. not kicking football is a universal thing everybody loves of course. >> jason chaffetz on "outnumbered outnumbered." sadie's, wonderful to see you. thanks everybody, "america reports" now. >> a scathing report revealing how mayors and city officials have pushed to defund the police last year and spent millions on private security to themselves. it comes as the country marks another violent weekend in democrat lead cities and more on that straight ahead. >> and whether the biden administration will revive mask mandates for fully vaccinated americans? we will also hear from jonathan turley, three time olympian lolo
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jones and police chief and michigan gubernatorial candidate james craig on this busy monday afternoon. >> looking forward to all of that but first a highly contagious delta variant is bringing back fears of tightened covert restrictions along with concerns of the cdc will recommend a vaccinated americans to put on the masks yet again. i'm john roberts on washington. sandra, great to see you. >> sandra: great to be back together again, i'm sandra smith in new york. president biden's chief medical advisor dr. fauci said it's likely that new federal guidance could encourage everyone to wear masks in public again. places like los angeles county and st. louis have already taken that step. >> john: in the following weeks of following vaccination rates the there was actually an uptick in shots over the weekend as the u.s. grapples with what the cdc is calling it a pandemic the unvaccinated. we start off this monday
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afternoon at the white house with mark meredith where the biden administration debates what to do about masks. where dirt doesn't look like they are going? >> it looks like they will follow the cdc guidance when it comes to when and where people should wear a mask but officials say that guidance could of course change depending on how the u.s. handles the variant of the virus that continues to spread over the next couple of weeks. as of right now the cdc is said those people about the age of two and unvaccinated should be wearing masks in public places but mask won't be needed in most outdoor settings. americans with certain health conditions even if they are vaccinated may still need to wear a mask depending on the condition and we all know that masks are still being required for everybody on planes, trains or buses, any sort of public transportation. but those are federal guidelines and we are singh cities and counties choose their own path. st. louis re-imposing their guidelines today and los angeles county did the same thing today. the white house is facing a lot of questions though about what
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comes next if cases keep going up and if the variant still spread. dr. anthony fauci says new mask guidelines are still a possibility. >> this is only active consideration but i think what you are seeing even though as of our conversation at this moment the cdc still says in recommends that if you are vaccinated fully that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. >> so where do we stand with a virus? 163 million people in the country are fully vaccinated and up close the total population but we are still seeing 47,000 new cases per day according to the cdc and obviously those numbers are of great concern. we are also hearing from a number of lawmakers including the governor of florida who said he has no interest in re-imposing the mask mandates especially in k-12 school saying that could be harmful for those kids is a ready to get back into the classroom. >> john: it sounds like you are hearing from some folks across the street as well.
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as the protest still going on? >> i've been blown away at the number of people all day long. i've even seen an increase in the number of uniform secret service agents, they've been chanting "where is biden" out there. >> john: mark, thanks so much. over the weekend i notice a lot more people are wearing masks indoors than just a couple of weeks ago. >> sandra: i think we've all observed that, the problem is the mixed messaging, and it's tough for everybody who's gone through so much the past couple of years with us to see that changing guidance, we all just wanted to be based on the science as the original requests were and so we will see what happens next and what the messaging from the white house is on this. meanwhile democrat led cities sing another violent weekend with america's crime crisis to lead president biden's doorstep in washington. d.c. police that a triple shooting left people dead and police here in new york city releasing some very tough to watch a video showing a suspect beating up a 68-year-old man in broad daylight in brooklyn.
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police say the victim has a broken wrist and nose as a result. the nypd set of suspect attacked an off-duty firefighter who was walking his dog on friday night. chicago 70 were shot over the weekend and at least 12 were killed including a teenage boy. and in just moments police chief james craig will join us to react. mike tobin is reporting live for us. >> chicago leaders keep saying the violence is unacceptable but every monday morning we are here with the new shocking total of weekend bloodshed. nothing seems to slow it down. mayor lightfoot had implemented her plan called "our city, our safety, with $16 million for trouble spots. the sun-times analyzed data and determine violence is up in the targeted areas and did not a little. the shootings are up by 566%.
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west lawndale, that was the location of two mass shootings this week and minutes apart. two teenagers were killed and several injured when the gunman opened fire on crowds. the superintendent of police has taken to pleading with the gunmen and gangsters. >> forgive you conflicts. let that young man you are planning to kill tonight, let him live. >> also in north lawndale residents took to the streets for a march for peace. it gunmen and gangsters didn't get the message. this church very active on the south side is kicking off a gun buyback, $200 for handgun and $500 for a rifle, lived on that in the past, and the bloodshed only increases. one person was shot in the leg, and that individuals shot and a gun was recovered from the scene. >> another brutal weekend there
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in chicago and so many other american cities. thank you. >> joining us now is a former detroit police chief james craig and the chief announced he's running for governor of michigan. i keep getting campaign emails, i keep getting campaign emails from you in my inbox noting that while some american cities were in flames detroit did not burn because officials in detroit leaned into the violence as opposed to backing off. they deal with the growing violence across the nation, and if you where the governor of michigan, what would you do? >> first of all this defined movement has got to stop. the rhetoric has got to stop and some of the democratic leaders in the cities need to stand up and support the men and women who do this difficult job. it's no secret. it's called bleeding from the front and obviously these mirrors are not leading. you know the big story, you
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heard about, that's the on security staff of the representative st. louis, she's got a security team of police officers and what she needs to do is focus on the broken prosecutor's office of st. louis. but you know the story of people being let out after committing murder is because of broken system. something keeps getting talked about and what are we doing about the courts that are letting violent suspects out? nothing. i tell you nothing and nobody is talking about it. i applaud the d.c. chief who is out in front and said look, we need some help, the system is broken. but his own mayor was part of this defined movement. it just doesn't work. >> john: it brought up a couple of issues i was going to attack with you, maybe there are emails that you are sending me,
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actually reading the rest of my email. i will deal with cori bush in just a second but first let's get to chief robert conti of the d.c. police. he talked about what you talked about last friday, he's very frustrated with what's happening particularly with that shooting on logan circle. he said the criminal justice system needs to actually take up these cases and put people in jail instead of putting them back out on the streets. then when asked about either defunding the police was helpful, here's what he said. >> achieve, or calls for defunding the police helping? >> i don't think that's helping. >> john: that put them at odds with the comic mayor of the city council in washington, d.c., were going last month, they were looking at taking away money from the police. there were between 20400 officers of the force was lacking and then taking that money and putting it into a public health oriented system of policing. does any of that make any sense to you?
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>> it absolutely does not make sense. now keep in mind, do i think those other issues are important? but you don't take that kind of work that you can do to supplement or augment what police officers are doing. how about these mayors who want to defund, including the mayor in d.c. i have to tell you a short story, the detroit police was defunded when i took over eight years ago. and that didn't report to a mayor or city council. the first thing i did it the mayor had 26 detroit police officer is on his security detail so i gave him a gift. i took those detroit police officers back and left him with six. he and his wife were infuriated with me.
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you want to defund your police so i'm going to take away your security and, you mentioned cori bush is spending tens of thousands of dollars on personal security, but she's not the only one. let's take a look at this. city of chicago, they have 400 officers there and they spent $17.3 million on saturday for local officials between 2015 and 2020. san francisco they want to reallocate 120 million from police but new york city, they want a million dollars from the police budget, they spent $358,000 on bill de blasio's police detail last year. baltimore wants to cut 22 million from the police budget and they spent 3.6 money to protect the mayor and other city officials and in san diego they proposed 3.4 million in cuts to the police budget and $2.6 million to protect me are locked on mike todd gloria kump the city council and city buildings.
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so it's like they are taking away from you and me but they are giving themselves. >> is comedy. it's hypocrisy and i have to tell you, do i believe that security is important for public officials? yes. i ran a security detail for the mayor and the police chief and the city attorney out in los angeles when i was out there at one point but l.a. has stripped 15 million from the budget. it didn't reduce the size of the mayor security team in los angeles, and since she's a defund reimagining, how about you do this? put a social worker on your detail, just do that. these are the same progressives that would also take guns from law-abiding americans. i heard you mention something earlier in the program about these gun buybacks and that's a comedy show. violent criminals are still going to get the gun. we are going to defund the
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police and hurt vulnerable communities and then take guns away from law-abiding citizens. that's a recipe for failure. >> john: chief james craig, great to catch up with you. so you hear what he said there, one official had a security detail, and that's a huge story. a frightening scene in utah, federal crashes and at least 20 people were killed and several others were injured or hurt. and knocking out power to more than a hundred thousand homes. >> more than 80 fires are burning across a dozen states.
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how bad is the situation going to get. >> plus covid to force the world to wait an extra year for the olympics but the 2020 games are underway in the ratings, they are way down to historical lows. what is behind the slump? three time olympian lolo jones will be joining us coming up. >> john: a plus a discussion around mask has become reminiscent of 2020. the cdc says guidance is unchanged about mask mandates have returned in some areas of the country. brian kilmeade will join us for more on this and all the confusion that the delta variant is causing around masks. maybe this time he will have something to say. >> what you are going to see our places that like to go to an advisory mandate, with the mandate they politicize a mask and they tend to be in areas of high population immunity already.
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it's been fully vaccinated people need to wear masks again? but first crews are battling wildfires and at least 13 states out west. the dixie fire is only 22% contained in the starting more than 10,000 buildings. meanwhile, southern organs bootleg fire is still raging after three weeks. that one is now 53% contained and at least 88 large wildfires have burned at least 1.4 millio far. it's getting wild out there. >> sandra: the delta variant is making the cdc rethink its mask book guidance. right now the cdc says vaccinated americans do not need to wear masks in public but dr. anthony fauci says that could change and some local officials have already reimposed
10:20 am
mask mandates. should there be more focus on vaccines and less on the mask mandates? brian kilmeade joins us now. this has been a debate on whether there should be more focus on vaccine efficacy and improving the efficacy of these vaccines, getting more people vaccinated or should we be looking at masking already vaccinated americans? >> it's a joke because they told us -- and in fact he cut the tape, the psa or whatever you call it in the white house. he said it you get the shot and you lose the mask. simple as that, you could not go back on that promise and he will stop in his tracks any momentum that he had over the weekend to get people vaccinated. number two, i was stunned to see that 30% of medical workers have gotten the vaccine. they are the most knowledgeable, most of them have the highest education so you are going to continue to diminish their worries about getting the vaccine. are they being lazy or are they taking something into account perhaps that anthony fauci never does? natural immunity that you get from having had the virus
10:21 am
already. >> sandra: whatever happens we need to know that the science is being applied and the decisions aren't made on a whim because it affects everything including the economy. jen psaki was asking peter doocy to clarify dr. fauci's comments on living in the wrong direction. >> dr. fauci says we are going in the wrong direction, whose fault is that? >> i would say first what he was referring to was the fact that because there are still large populations of people in this country that are on vaccinated and we have the most transmissible variant that we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic, that more people are getting sick with covid and at those numbers are not living in the right direction. i think that's accurate and you can see it by data. >> sandra: and so it was joe biden's goal to have the 70% of the adult population vaccinated by july 4th at but that didn't happen. so the question is where are we
10:22 am
with covid? >> we are at 60% so we are getting there. people have the right to exercise their free will and i thought this focus group the chris christie referred to for us on prime time last week and on sunday was true. if you sit down and explain to people, what's going on, you don't yell at them and you don't berate them and you don't tell the politicians to get vaccinated, they don't know anything about medicine. so if you want to win people over, a doctor you trust, your doctor or whoever that might be, that would be one way to do it. the other thing in the back of my mind is the other major story that we cover and no one else does. there was 188,000 people across our border illegally and there will be over 200,000 this month. at most of these people have not been tested for countries without a vaccine so why are you so concerned about americans getting a vaccine and blaming them and berating them for doing it, and you don't even know
10:23 am
where they are from but yet you have a problem with americans who might question it. if people get vaccinated they should not be wearing a mask because as every doctor says when they tell you to get vaccinated that if you come down with the scum of the symptoms are going to be so mild that you will beat it in one or two days and we say not. 97% of the people that have to be hospitalized with the variance are not vaccinated so why are you vaccinating or why are you masking people that aren't? >> sandra: i want to finish off at this "abc news" poll that stood out to me over the weekend, it asked people to direction the country is going right now and the number of people who responded that they are pessimistic about the way things are going has jumped. to now 55%. over a short period of time. so why do you believe that there are more americans not happy about the way things are going?
10:24 am
>> because fundamentally we are being attacked, and these states are trying to stop minorities from voting. number two, you see what's happening on the southern border, there's no sense of control. one is denial unwanted outreach. number three is education, education, voting and security and all three of them are going in the wrong direction. at the very least he could be the ultimate leftist or the ultimate conservative, and then when you see that infrastructure bill about to be jammed down our throats right after the one that's been negotiated, that's going to include everything from school lunches to preschool to college to elder care, everybody knows in this country we can't afford all that. that is not the way our economy works so they see all these attacks on the fundamentals of the country as we go to stand back up, we wonder if everyone is on the same page and so far the answer is no and that's what you see in the polls.
10:25 am
>> sandra: that stood out. the other question that was asked is do you approve or disapprove the way joe biden was handling in response to the coronavirus and that number did jump quite substantially. >> it down. >> sandra: the number that this approved. eight points. those that disapprove to your point, drop nine points. anyway, we are watching it. brian kilmeade, thanks for being here. >> if biden cared about nonvaccinated he would say reluctant ones, it was your administration that came up with it and we just did a better job giving the shots out. that would alleviate anyone who feels this partisanship to not getting the vaccine but he won't do that because that would be a perceived pot on the back to donald trump. >> sandra: brian kilmeade, good to have you here. john, i should add to the some news that we are getting right now that the three house g.o.p. members are now expected to file
10:26 am
a lawsuit against speaker pelosi. that's expected tomorrow over house for mask. this is brett greene, they are going to file this lawsuit for the mass violations and the fines that they receive for not wearing masks on the house floor. we will see where that goes as well. >> john: there's a lot of talk going in so many different directions and i agree with brian, about why people in this country are pessimistic. but i think violence has a lot to do with that as well. you see american cities come apart and they say what kind of world are we living in? >> i should have added that john. >> john: is good to see you tonight brian come in tonight on "the five?" >> i will be playing myself. >> john: good to see you brian. the white house and iraq reaching an agreement on u.s. troops. and what it means for combat officers. >> sandra: plus democrats keeping their sights set on what critics say is a massive power grab. will anyone in the party stand in their way?
10:27 am
>> if we have to do a small carve out on filibuster for voting rights, that's the only area that i would allow that. ♪ ♪
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>> john: some of the top stories we are watching it at that hurt after an hour yesterday afternoon. the two current county deputies were responding to a call at home when the gunman opened fire this list but also shot >> sandra: chinese telecom giant wall way is apparently hiring tony podesta, brother of obama aid john podesta. >> john: and longtime trump associate tom barack pleading not guilty during his arraignment in federal court, he was indicted last week on charges of illegal foreign lobbying entities out on bail ending his trial. >> sandra: are democrats
10:32 am
dropping a push to remove the filibuster as the battle over election reform heats up on capitol hill? our political panel will send off on that and just moments. but first, iraq's prime minister heading to the white house where he and president biden are and about to announce the official end to the combat mission in iraq by year end but until then, it will keep several u.s. troops on the ground shifting from a training to advisory mission. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon on that. >> the announcement is coming at the urging of the iraqi prime minister who is facing important elections in october. and a tremendous pressure from iranian sympathetic members of his own parliament. but context is important, there are about 2500 u.s. troops are currently in iraq and they basically halted all combat operations in april. since biden has taken office, the u.s. military has only carried out to air strikes and the only military action hears
10:33 am
the state department announcement back in april. to one focus on training and advisory task. iraq's prime minister had this to say last friday. >> so they would need only the support end of the moment of our capability and we do not need any farm comment forces on iraq i rocky soil. at the same time iraq has a set of american weapons that need maintenance and training. >> all of this very reminiscent that and the obama administration. >> three years later the u.s.
10:34 am
military had to return to fight isis which was closing in on baghdad. u.s. officials tell us none of the current 2500 u.s. troops in iraq are being sent back home. >> sandra: jennifer griffin of the pentagon. >> john: democratic virginia senator mark want to sing on fox news sunday that he regrets that his party paved the way to changing the filibuster. at the same time seem to stay open to the idea. >> i would wish we hadn't even started this a decade ago. when the democratic leader actually change the rules, that protects the right to the minority of the senate and that will cut out the rights of minorities and young people all across the country. >> john: let's bring in our panel, leslie marshall and lisa boothe.
10:35 am
my senator from the state of virginia >> back when harry reid was in the senate in this decision was done and made by my party, i kind of cringed a bit because just like a pendulum we see that politics, you have different parties and power and it's like a roller coaster ride. when you are them a majority, and you have a power grab, it really stinks you when you come back around. that's one of the reasons why i'm hesitant eliminating the filibuster because the democrats at some point in the future, whenever that is or will be in the minority again. interestingly enough, when you look at the constituency and the people of the house on the senate it's really interesting because some people don't
10:36 am
understand the filibuster, one. two, they want it for certain filibuster. >> at least congressman james clymer saying very much the same thing as warner is, and listen to how he put it. >> i asked for a modification of the filibuster to be put in place. i can't think of anything more fundamental than the constitutional rights. i don't believe we have filibuster is for constitutional rights. >> john: he's talking about carve out and it's about voting rights which are constitutional, but democrats don't seem to be very upset about voting laws and delaware which is far more restricted than anything that's been proposed in florida, alabama, texas or arizona.
10:37 am
>> yes, because they are lying and mike warner doesn't care about his party erosion of the filibuster, if he wants to keep eroding it that would defy logic and with the five common sense. voting rights are based off of a fallacy, and that has nothing to do with voting rights. it's all about concentrating power in washington, d.c., and as we saw that the supreme court did, and to your point, there are more early voting days in states like new jersey and new york, things like the pandemic, this is all based on a
10:38 am
bunch of lies and penetrated under a desire to concentrate more power on their end and nationalize and federalize these elections. it's ridiculous. >> john: the big complaint about the state of georgia is there won't be as many drop boxes was a war and the height of the pandemic. let's split it up 30-30. what's wrong with voter i.d.? the democratic party isn't against voter i.d. yet they seem to be. >> here in california, at first they said you do need an i.d. or this or that but when you talk to some of the voters, this is an elderly population that don't have an i.d. or don't have an i.d. there are lots of people impoverished in our country who don't have the idea and believe it or not a lot of the vets who have served our nation feel left behind by having to show an identification in order to vote. >> john: of the argument is,
10:39 am
if you have to show i.d. to get on an airplane or by a beer, then why wouldn't you to vote? >> i think democrats have shown themselves to be racist and belittling to minorities because the voter i.d. laws that joe biden did to the jim crow era suppression, it's possible that minorities are bright enough aren't able to go and get an i.d., despite the fact that 85% of americans support voter i.d. laws. so it underscores what little democrats think of minority voters because republicans fully believe in their ability to go out and get an i.d. just like anyone else. >> great discussion today. thanks for kicking us off. >> chicago marat lori lightfoot under fire as crime surges in
10:40 am
her city. we speak to one of the critics within her own party. >> john: a plus the old all the picks opening ceremony not exactly getting gold in their ratings. all of you and lolo jones weighs in on that and weighs in on the in on that and weighs in on the big games coming up next. ♪ ♪ and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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10:45 am
studio for cgi work, brady's production company shadowland. as incredible as it might seem. >> i bought it, and that's the inflatable swimming pool. >> i was bummed to hear that. >> this year's olympics, the opening ceremony was the lowest in 33 years. on friday's broadcast was 33.7 to be is and that was percent. it and the author of the new book "over it," how to face life's hurdles with the grid, hustle and grace. i followed your career and you and i ran at the same time at lsu under the great coach pat henry. i know the blood, sweat and
10:46 am
tears that goes into that sport and now bobsledding, you're a second olympic which is awesome. but first, why do you think people are not turning in for the olympics, what is your thought on that? >> if there are a few different reasons, one obviously is the time zone difference is incredible. we are dealing with 13 or 14 hours so most of the events are finished by the time we wake up in america. i'm also there are no fans, the opening ceremony is totally about the fans all around the world, cheering on those athletes as they walk in the stadium and that's when it gets really emotional. then as we keep on with the olympics, i don't know if you realize but michael phelps and hussein both have both retired, those are big household names all around the world. they are out so now every relies on simone biles and katie led jackie and others to bring in those ratings. >> simone biles, she said she
10:47 am
feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. no doubt i'm sure she's feeling down. there's obviously some discussion about covid and the impact it's having on ratings, there are no fans. it completely sucks a lot of the energy out of the room when you don't hear or see fans cheering and screaming for these athletes and i wonder what that does to the spirit of these athletes who have poured their lives into getting ready for this moment? >> i think it will be tough. i'm with covid protocol they don't have their family and friends there, whether they go and when the metal or celebrate with her family, and they have never dealt with this before. they have dealt with empty stadiums and most olympians have practiced or how to competitions with fans before but family and having that support structure is really tough, not having it in
10:48 am
here. >> so there is covid it and people wonder whether or not there are tuning this out because of the photos politicization. turning their back to the american flag while on the podium and "the star-spangled banner" is singing, what do you think when you see these things happening and that sort of dominating the headlines? >> i don't know the percentage of people that would be tuning out because those protests but i would say there has to be a percentage of people that are doing that. i had so many people coming up to me after the glen barry protests and saying i'm sorry i can't watch the olympics after that. it's not just that. sometimes people want to tune in to watch sports just to watch sports and they are not for the political side of it. these are the biggest platform that i've ever had and i want to speak my causes but there is like this delicate balance for its ratings and social justice
10:49 am
and i'm glad i'm not in charge of it. >> i want to put up on your screen, over it. that's a candid look into your life, sharing with your readers and you are a surefire game overcoming obstacles. you've had so many but you've had so many tribes. triumphs. while you were sprinting out of on the long distant side of this and field team, this is a photo of our whole team out on the track down there in baton rouge and it was an amazing experience down there but you've been through so much. what's your a lesson this book? what are you telling athletes that are coming up behind you now? >> i think most people know me from hitting the iconic hurdle in the beijing olympics, but i want to tell you one, failure doesn't break you, it doesn't destroy you. i've been to three olympic games and come close to the metal three times on a boxlike broken history along the way so
10:50 am
failures have obviously giving me my biggest motivation. i want to fire someone up who so frustrated that they've come close to the dream but haven't achieved it. it's a book packed with inspiration. >> sandra: it's an amazing message, i think i will go out for a big run after the show today. i'm so excited for you, go tigers. >> john: it that was a big team at lsu. the housing boom not just hitting the burbs. fox business' grady trimble has that story coming up next. ny, a. i got you. for the love of people.
10:51 am
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>> john: well, it's not just the suburbs that people are moving to, smaller and more rural towns are some of the most popular places to live right now. it was that a "yes," grady or no grady? we had grady trimble there in indiana but grady went away. but it's true, elkhart, indiana, where grady trimble is, that is an area that has seen an explosion in the price of homes going up. there is also franklin, tennessee, that town has skyrocketed and in court elaine idaho, that's one of the small towns it's typically not on
10:55 am
anybody's radar screen. home prices have gone up to the point where a lot of teachers now are having a difficult time finding places to live. >> sandra: without an exodus of major cities, people don't feel safe in these cities and they are branching out and going into the suburbs and more rural areas but also economically speaking you are just looking for a zero environment, and they saved money. the stock market has an all-time high so they're sort of this perfect world and spike in prices. >> the perfect world but unfortunately grady trumbull couldn't be part of. skipping out on the state legislatures, the special session may have spread to covid it. wait until you find out what it is that they are now asking for.
10:56 am
senior editor mollie hemingway is here and she will react. all that and a whole lot more coming up in the brand-new hour of "america reports." veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial security every veteran deserves. verizon launched the first 5g network and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g,
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>> sandra: we begin the second hour with news that appears to be going backwards. if there is talk of shaking up the mess guidelines for all of us. good afternoon and welcome back. a great to see you john. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington, old habits die hard i guess. effective today folks in st. louis are required to wear face masks in public spaces indoors regardless of the vaccination status and that comes after officials in philadelphia new lines of recommended people wear masks. and in los angeles officials are mandating mass for everyone. the discussion of masking up
11:01 am
again comes as the nation as well into its recovery but also at the delta variance and the coronavirus quickly spreads across country. >> sandra: and now is america tries to enjoy what's left of summer, some infectious disease experts are warning that people don't really have a grasp on what the delta variant really means for all of us. we will talk to the dean of brown university's department of public health before we are really in the clear. but we begin with keith harrigan who is live from atlanta, home of the cdc. >> some areas going further with restrictions, the mayor of new york just announcing that there would be vaccination mandates for all city workers beginning in september. they can't prove full vaccination, they would have to get tested for covid on a weekly basis. this comes as the number of new cases across the u.s. now tops 50,000 per day and that is four times the amount of new cases
11:02 am
from just one month ago. health officials say it is the delta variant that is driving the spike new cases. >> it's kind of like we have two kinds of america, we have the vulnerable unvaccinated part and we have the relatively protected vaccinated parts. you are in a very difficult category than someone who is not vaccinated. >> vaccinations are up, and 97% of them are not fully vaccinated and there is a surge in at least five states across the u.s. there is also a surge in vaccination rates in many cases as well. the number of vaccinations given was tripled and people they are seeing what's going on around him and trying to and take steps
11:03 am
and protect themselves. >> steve harrigan, thank you. >> some high school students and their parents are fighting to keep new jersey from forcing masks on kids when school starts and they are suing the governor who left open the option of putting the mast mandate in place. alex hogan live in new jersey. >> as you mentioned, governor phil murphy announced that this is not a mandate statewide. he will leave the decision up to local school districts but some parents and family say that that is not enough. 20 people including seven students and plan to pursue legal action to prevent them from wearing masks in school. now these are kids coming from 12 different school districts across the garden state. this district has raised more than $47,000 for legal costs. freedom of speech and expression claiming that face covering a social distancing in french on
11:04 am
the basic rights of children during their development for years. the parents say they have already seen the toll on the kids, especially those who are afraid to take off their masks after wearing them for so long. >> a lot of them didn't even realize how difficult of a time they were having psychologically. they think they are going to kill somebody but we still haven't seen that data show that kids are causing deaths. and the delta variant and covid doesn't seem to be a childhood disease. >> new jersey governor phil murphy and out of state department of the department of health, all of whom have declined to comment pending litigation. governor phil murphy again did say that he will have at least a statewide mandate. >> thanks so much. >> let's bring in the dean of
11:05 am
brown university school of public health. thank you for joining us. first i want to play out anthony found she is the words on masks and get your reaction to where things stand. >> at this moment the cdc still says and recommends that if you are vaccinated fully that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. the cdc agrees with that ability and discretion capability to say, you know we are in a situation where we have a lot of dynamics of infection so even if you are vaccinated you should wear a mask. that's a local decision that is not incompatible with the cdc's overall recommendation. it's been a >> sandra: so if the premise to dropping our masks while being vaccinated and that was backed by science then why would the science suddenly
11:06 am
change indicating that vaccinated americans have to mask backup? >> it's a great question and to thank you for having me back. the science hasn't changed. if you are fully vaccinated you don't have to mask up. but here's the key part. if you are in an area where there are lots of infections you would probably subject yourselves to a breakthrough. breakthrough infections are not great, they are going to kill your elaine duke in the hospital but the idea of wearing a mask for vaccinated people is if you are trying to prevent that infection, that's a good reason to mask up. i don't think it needs to be a nationwide mandate. >> that's a really interesting way that you put it, very easy to understand, but you are suggesting it should be more of a choice. knowing if you are vaccinated you would receive mild victim comics symptoms if you got that breakthrough infection and most likely would not land in the hospital.
11:07 am
why would the cdc even contemplate mandating masks? >> is a challenge. we have two-thirds of american adults that have got the vaccine shot 2/3 that have not. if your retailer or grocery store the problem is you have no idea who is which person and you have no idea how to distinguish between the two groups. so the reason that some places are putting in mask mandates, it's better to put a blanket policy in. >> we all kind of wonder, would there be any end in sight? i know you are warning of darker days ahead. >> i'm not opposed to mask mandates if we want to put them in for a short period of time but let's be clear. mask mandates are going to potentially help in the short run, only one long-term solution
11:08 am
which is to get many more people vaccinated. once we do that we can but the pandemic behind us and move on with our lives while we still have a lot of unvaccinated people. >> it's tough because this is the hill, we need to mask up again, continuous social distancing and hand washing and mask wearing must be revisited to stabilize or reduce suffering. we need the science to come to a consensus on this issue so there's not a debate. >> absolutely. if 90% of americans get vaccinated the pandemic can be dealt with and we can all move on. >> sandra: doctor, great to have you on the program. very clear explanation from the doctor there and his take is we have some potential dark months ahead as far as a delta variant is concerned. but he does not clearly support
11:09 am
the mandated mask policy. i think his explanation as to why some in high infection zones -- high infection zones and low vaccination rates. it's interesting to that since the push for vaccines and has ramped up a bit that more and more people are getting the shot in a the arm, i think many that are vaccinated are still wearing masks. >> especially on public transportation. if you've taken a plane or a training close proximity. >> a chicago reporting another violent weekend, at lori lightfoot is speaking out saying the root cause of the crime is covid. that has the critics lashing out as you can imagine and she has a response for them as well coming up. >> sandra: but first texas democrats, remember those who
11:10 am
fled the state for d.c.? they are asking for help now from back home. the issue is they are running short on supplies like much-needed candy and hair spray. mollie hemingway reacts, coming up. your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sandra: calls for president biden to help the people of cuba landing at the presidents doorstep. that is help in all my company on sunday will the biden administration has imposed new sanctions on the communist country and protesters are demanding more action. at some are suggesting military intervention. thousands of cuban-americans came to washington on buses and many of them born in cuba.
11:16 am
tonight condemned the mass arrest of protesters in cuba and called for the internet to be fully restored after the government blocked access. sp1 and as we saw mark meadows' report, this protest continued across the white house. those texas democrats and after going two weeks without salt and hair spray. those are among the items that people are requesting that people send them in care packages from back home. throwing a wrench in the legislatures or rules. let's bring in mollie hemingway, and the tweet from the dallas county democratic party before 5:00 p.m. tuesday,
11:17 am
collecting dr pepper, salsa, hard candy, hair spray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid and/or dollars to pay shipping, thank you. these are care boxes addressed to freedom fighters at washington, d.c. i note to doubts democrats, those items are readily available at the walmart just around the corner from capitol hill. >> any other people who take vacations to d.c. know those things are available. apparently the democrats have been spending about $10,000 per day on their trip to d.c. they are hoping to raise money off of it but it's an issue and i think when the battle first erupted a few months ago, democrats really thought that they had the upper hand in terms of messaging and making this out to be a very big deal, if you in any way try to have integrity in your elections.
11:18 am
but as time has gone on people are looking at what is being imposed such as having identification when you vote. and it's routinely done they aren't going as well for them as he thought it would be. >> and, they are trying to get a dump meeting with joe biden, prompting this he won't meet with us on the zoom like this and i'm trying to be tactful, and you get these democrats to go all the way to washington on
11:19 am
tour that became more famous for spreading covid in their own personal perceived misery than it is getting anything done with voting rights. president biden himself hasn't had extreme rhetoric around the issue. he has alleged that it is voter suppression to make sure that people are who they say they are when they vote he has had voter suppression in the past and to call voter i.d. voter suppression is really extreme and untrue. i think that hasn't gone so well even though he's tried to do it a few times of prominent speeches and also just a very muddled messaging because democrats are obstructing the legislature in texas by fleeing to washington, d.c., at the same time that they are trying to get rid of the filibuster in d.c. in order to push through all of these things would weaken integrity and elections at a time when people don't have
11:20 am
massive and quick moves to mail and balloting without approve scrutiny of the balance. >> john: beto o'rourke said he's not doing let's required given the threat we face in texas. he's looking for a little more of a return on investment than we've gotten so far. >> democrats are putting a lot into this basket and there seems to be a correlation between weakening and election integrity and their ability to win elections. so many americans think by and large you should be able to vote where you want to vote but you should not be able to cheat too easily so any measures that are being put in place to make it difficult to cheat when you vote or detect fraud when that
11:21 am
happens, those are the things that democrats are fighting but also that americans whether they are republican or democrat see as common sense measures. make sure that when people vote they are who they say they are because it disenfranchises lawful voters when illegal votes are counted. this campaign has not gone well because the more people think about it the more they know that they want to have elections they can trust and believe in. >> well if you expect to see a truck pull up stomach full of care packages rolling up any day. have a great week. so is this the hardship tour or the what was us tour? i mean we are doing our laundry in our hotel room which everybody does. eating salads which everybody does. >> and were we drinking miller lite or bud light? i can't remember on the plane. i think it's a question of what
11:22 am
is getting done, what's actually being accomplished? >> john: not much so far. >> sandra: that's a story that keeps on giving. meanwhile months after fox reported from the epicenter, crews are back in the rio grande valley but after all the outcry the surge of migrants is as busy as ever and it continues today. now texas is no longer waiting for help from the white house and taking matters into his own hands. rich edson is live from la jolla. >> officials say they are intercepting here in the rio grande valley, the busiest sector in the united states, the head of the sector for border patrol which just tweeted a little bit ago. the searing hot summer claims another life, a migrants journey fatally ended on a vast ranch
11:23 am
and a failure to yield causes property damage for a south texas landowner. all while rio grande valley and u.s. border patrol agents this week alone. the texas plan is to catch and to jail. we had to open up a former prison that has a thousand jail beds that are starting to fill up and we are arresting people every single day. >> so the federal government -- the state of texas has declared a disaster on the border and his arresting and jailing migrants on trespassing charges. they need cooperation from local landowners and law enforcement here in this area when we are close to mcallen, texas, some
11:24 am
local officials argue against the governors planet proceeds that aren't set up or handled to enforce immigration law. you have a little bit of friction here between the state and government and local officials if the state of texas is still now trying to tackle this problem in a very different way. >> sandra: those numbers continue to spike. rich edson in la jolla. >> john: a new report finding some politicians calling for cutting funding to police are actually okay spending millions on protection of crime for themselves. a mother and her baby trapped under that car. how policemen just to get them out, that's next.
11:25 am
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11:30 am
that some of the same leaders feel very differently when it comes to keeping themselves safe. a nonprofit uncovering the hypocrisy from several democratic mayors who have called for cutting police budgets for their towns while quietly shelling out millions on security for themselves. fox business reporter lydia who is live in new york city. a lot of people might be surprised by this, lydia, but somehow it seems like we shouldn't be. >> john, this report shows that 20 cities that have either defunded the police or had plans to do so how are also spending taxpayer dollars on private security for mirrors or other elected officials in their cities. if you take chicago or san francisco for example, the spending of taxpayer dollars for security reaches into the millions of dollars. the nonprofit is called open the book and they track government
11:31 am
spending. watch this. >> got a lot of explaining to do. why is protection for the citizens in the neighborhoods, why does that matter less then their own personal police detail. and that's a question i probably don't want to answer. >> here are some examples, they also spent $3.4 million on private security for "unnamed city officials. investor is invested $24 million from police over the years and they spent 2.6 million last year and we have reached out to each of these cities. >> when you look at that, where
11:32 am
the mayors of the cities and city councils are saying you have to count police, our security detail is going to say and trac intact. >> mayors aren't necessarily supporting the defunding the police movement, but there is a rhetoric that is leading to in some cases a record low morale where officers are quitting or retiring. at more horrifying statistics over the weekend out of that city reflecting, those aren't just numbers to the dozens of families that will never be the same, reclaiming their city from criminals. and while chicago mayor lori lightfoot speaking of which is making headlines today and at "the new york times"
11:33 am
profile, and if she's pushing back against her many critics saying, it's a tough time to premiere. thanks for being here this afternoon. so what is the city saying about your mayors today? >> many people believe what the mayor has said, it's hope it is the driving factor, and they take responsibility for the fact and people would go to get help, and we are seeing reports where the mirror issued a 100 page document called our city, our safety, targeting 15 neighborhoods to make them safer. instead of being safer it's actually gotten worse since the document was produced because the mayor has had little follow-through from her efforts.
11:34 am
>> sandra: she said all roads lead to co-pay to come is that accurate? >> no. covid is not the end-all for violence in the city of chicago. >> sandra: we appreciate you joining us, i'm sorry to cut you short but we got some breaking news to get to at our white house. and the end of the u.s. combat mission in iraq, let's listen into the oval office. >> president biden: iraq has been a vital part of the united states for some time, and i work with iraq and the
11:35 am
sacrifices that so many have made it there u.s. and iraq partnership is real and consequential and it's about commitments that expand our corporations on issues like health care, climate, energy. as a matter of fact, i want to tell you that half a million, 500,000 doses of covid vaccine were sent in and they will be here in a couple of weeks. and they will be here quickly.
11:36 am
we are also committed to our crisis, and it's critical for a stability of the region and our counterterrorism operation even as we shift to these new phases that we are talking about. we have a lot to talk about, he's been a good friend and i'm anxious to get going. >> on the floor is yours. >> thank you. it's good to be here today with all of our american friends. we have part of that partnership, and how to prove the relation between our two countries. america, they help iraq. and i'd like to thank, and i
11:37 am
think you. all the american, and today our relation is stronger and more. we look at our two centers, and -- thank you. >> thank you. speak to hang on a second. if you want to talk about iraq, asked me a question about that.
11:38 am
>> how -- this most recent dialogue, we will be talking a lot. our cabinet members have been talking and we are looking forward to seeing you on election in october and we are working hard with their iraqi government to make sure that the u.n. and dcc has oversight. and anyway, i think things are going well. iraq will be dealing with and to
11:39 am
deal with isis as it arrives. >> you are such a pain in the neck but i will answer your question. it has nothing to do with iraq. i will answer your question, yes. veteran affairs is going to in fact require. >> we have that situation at the white house, calling a reporter a pain in the neck for, asking something off topic.
11:40 am
never saw that during the last administration. >> john: i never saw the president call out a reporter, and it happens from time to time among all presidents. but the question we have to ask, is this going to go any better the last time we took all the troops out of iraq in 2011? for the answer to that another questions, let's go to jennifer griffin. other conditions on the ground there jennifer is substantially different than they were in 2011? >> they are significantly different. remember in 2011, let's talk about 2014 when the u.s. had to go back in three years after president biden, the situation in iraq is much better in terms of isis. isis was pretty well defeated in 2017 but what we are seeing is an increasing number of suicide bombing attacks targeting
11:41 am
baghdad. what we are seeing is president biden and the prime minister of iraq walk a tight rope to basically appease the critics of the iraqi prime minister ahead of the october elections, and there are groups and his parliament who are iranian backdoor armenian sympathizers who do not want to see u.s. troops. the u.s. carried out over a year ago, you are seeing a situation where they are trying to walk the tightrope and they will be in a combat role for some time. there have only been to u.s. air strikes carried out this year under the biden administration and right now and
11:42 am
that will not be in a combat role next year. note we haven't discussed and what we haven't heard about is what we will do about the iranian back shiite militias with u.s. troops at the bases, and that's how they are going to stop that. >> those are relations between those two countries as we learn more, and we just saw them face each other and president biden thing is going to be sending over vaccines to iraq quickly. he went on to state that the administration is committed to strengthening the partnership
11:43 am
with iraq. >> i think what you are seeing right now is a situation where president biden wants to bolster the prime minister of iraq as he faces a lot of difficulties in the home. you have coronavirus on one hand and the rise of the shiite and iranian backed militias. iran is on the rise and its influences on the rise. the u.s. does not want to leave iraq and leave a vacuum, and the u.s. has to protect that and it's very important that the u.s. does not withdraw completely from iraq because iran will fill that vacuum. so this is a tightrope walk but they are doing right now and president biden is trying to help his allies, the prime minister of iraq, by giving things like the vaccine and other deliverables so that he can go home and ahead of
11:44 am
those october elections push back against the iranian influence in his own country. >> john: it remains a problematic region. thank you for the analysis, good to see you. we have seen pushback over the government's restrictions in this country but nothing like this. i will tell you with the french government is forcing on people and it's sparking a furious backlash. ♪ ♪
11:45 am
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