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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 26, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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morning. a lot of good insights there my friend. jillian: good to see you this morning, griff. griff: take sean's advice and go surf on have a great day. jillian: thanks for joining us from washington, d.c. this morning. "fox & friends" live from new york city starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> a violent weekend alarming americans as crime is spiking. >> safety is priority number one for members of congress. what about you? do you feel safe? >> infrastructure bill could finally be ready today. >> but republicans are slamming this. >> huge new spending increase at a time when we have unprecedented levels of debt. >> dr. anthony fauci setting off another fire storage. >> do you think masks should be brought back. >> this is under active consideration. >> texas now arresting illegal immigrants caught trespassing. >> the biden administration plan is to catch and release. the texas plan is to catch and
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to jail. >> buses of cuban americans on the road headed to washington to get attention from the white house. >> the biden administration really needs to take action from this. this is huge. >> more critics piling on to slam hunter biden's art sales. >> obviously, this is a problem. >> this is a huge problem. >> even deutsch gore da vinci -- art. >> are ain't no strong us now ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ brian: i have a checklist and why i don't look at the checklist, if you are on that ferris wheel please wave to us because i would love to see you.
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steve: national harbor prince county in maryland in washington, d.c. it's actually moving. we talked about that a couple months ago. i thought they started at 9:00. rachel: that's a live shot and the father ritz wheel is moving. brian: i have a theory they never shut it off. i think they left it sunday. steve: okay. move. brian: the johnson theme is still on there rachel is in for ainsley, steve. rachel: i am. brian: you didn't work enough this weekend? rachel: i did. got to do more. steve: so is america regarding crime. take a lack. in the city of detroit. 7 people shot over the weekend. and this on the heels of the fact there is a brand new "u.s.a. today" poll out that shows so many people are more worried about crime than defunding police. in fact, 9 to 1 they want more cops on the street and 3 to 1
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they reject the defund the police slogan. in detroit, according to the residents who responded, look at that 90% want more cops on the street. in detroit. the biggest problem is education and then crime and, according to this poll. police reform or defunding the police rated dead last. rachel: the numbers are astounding. it didn't just show that they're out of touch with americans. this shows that this whole movement is out of touch with their own black voters who are the most loyal democrat voters. says here that 70% of black democrats want more cops in new york city. and so, you know, these numbers, 70% of americans, by the way. want more -- the police budgets increased, not decreased. the numbers just show overwhelmingly that this is unpopular. unbelievable that they are still hanging on to it. brian: amazing how things has changed. a year ago people saying cops
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are the problem. now that they have left the job, pit down the badge moved down to other things cut back and ridiculed and the academies have been unable to fill up. now people are looking at life without cops. and now you are getting a look at and it they are say what happened? what were we thinking in look at what the mayoral candidate eric adams who quickly pivoted his campaign, you know, he was talking about lower taxes and all the sudden he realized that people he was talking to were concerned about safety in the streets. and i give you an example. i don't know if you have seen the 17-second video of a 68-year-old man got punched off a bike and got robbed in broad daylight 9:05 in the morning on sunday. all is he doing is just walking around and the other guy is on a city bike gets beat up and robbed. so this is happening. we see this video. and the cops and the nypd is not running from this they say that's what happened. totally disempowered us and got rid of the anticrime unit have no idea what's coming and been
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vilified. this guy was hit 10 times. he apparently broke his wrist. broke his nose, the guy police it him over, pulls him by the belt and takes his wallet. the police union here in new york city says this is exhibit a. it floofs new laws have given criminals free rein reign on the streets. a fighter was out walking his dog. what happened? there are a bunch of kids. making a lot of noise. and then three teenagers jump the guy he is swarmed by 100 kids in queens, apparently in the, let's say the juniper valley park. one of the kids said yeah, hey, buddy it's fight night. and then they hit him in the back of the head with a bottle and he was only saved when an ambulance pulled up. it just goes to show you. and we have 50 more examples we could give you. there is just such lawlessness
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on the streets. and that's why people feel helpless. it's like what happened to america? rachel: basic function of government. somebody who knows that very well is troy gowdy. is he a former congressman and prosecutor. is he pretty steamed about the fact that a lot of people who are calling for defund the police are now funding their own security with federal dollars. so take a look at trey gowdy. >> trey: do you feel safe? could your neighborhood benefit from greater police presence? is your place of work armed with metal detectors and guard dogs or the streets you ride down and lined down lined with police cars? do you have personal security when travel? i understand full well why members of congress spend money on their personal safety. i just don't understand why some members of congress don't feel the same way about your safety. if their safety is the highest
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priority, shouldn't your safety be, too? brian: i found it unbelievable, too. i think it was friday when president biden was finally asked a follow-up question. he said i never said defund the police. you can split hairs he says re-purposing. people in his party have. he never gets asked this question. finally a reporter says people in your party have said defund the police. they say i suck the blood of children do. they say that? just another bizarre statement from him when is he unscripted. the reporter said, no. i don't even -- sooner or later, someone is going to have to do the responsible thing and say your party has been doing this at least rebuke the left of your party. rachel: he can't. he want do that. he can't do that. steve: no. absolutely not. the very vocal progressive left wants to defund the police. and that's why they talk about it but, as you see in this poll out of detroit, people tonight care about that. they want to be safe.
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when you look at what happened in the most popular areas of washington, d.c. on thursday night. my daughter just walked through that neighborhood. it was in 14th and rigs in logan circle area where a couple guys hop out of a car, jump out of a black honda civic, and then next thing you know two dozen shots are fired. people are ducking under the tables. running for their lives. you know, a man was killed three weeks ago during a walk with his wife. a little 6-year-old girl was killed while sitting in her car sheet seat. the chief of police said on friday there is a connection. this is important. rachel: i agree. steve: there is a connection between what is going on on america's streets and how easy it is to buy pot, to sell pot, and to get killed. here's the chief of police in d.c. >> mindset that marijuana is not really a big issue in our city. i can tell you that marijuana
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undoubtedly is connected to violent crimes that we are seeing in our community. when you have something where people get reward making a lot of money by sell illegal marijuana and the risk is low. the risk for accountability is very low, that creates a very, very, very bad situation. because those individuals get robbed. those individuals get shot at. those individuals get involved in disputes all across our city i'm seeing it happen more and more. rachel: so glad he is talking about the nexus between violent crime and marijuana. because anybody who, you know, says, you know, i don't believe in legalizing marijuana. it just gets painted as a fuddy duddy. with you are not with the times. and marijuana has really been normalized for outcome people. steve: 100 percent. rachel: talk to young people. they don't understand why it was ever illegal in the first place. there is a connection. it's not just the buying and selling that goes on and the violent second in. that there is increase in
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psychosis, in schizophrenia. we interviewed some people this past weekend an expert on marijuana. we talked about this. it just doesn't get enough attention. brian: right. too many people are cashing in on it to actually push back on it from a lot of celebrities on down. you see a lot of seth rogan, mike tyson and others. push back to legalize it so supreme could quash in on it i always thought it was gateway drug. this is my unofficial survey. everybody i know that gets high regularly, they lose their ambition proportionately. and you always thought. you saw it in 18-year-olds and 22-year-olds and you see it today. steve: according to the chief of police in d.c. it is a gateway drug to violence ultimately. brian: i agree. rachel: they say the marijuana is much stronger now than it used to be. steve: one other thing, there is going to be a new union in new york. it's cannabis workers. not kidding. it's in the "new york post" this
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morning. that's going to be the latest. look for the union label on your pot. 6:10 here in new york city. coming up a texas democrat who flew back to the lone star state on wednesday took so much heat they returned to d.c. as the party requests care packages for those poor runaways hold up in the luxury hotels. brian: fantastic. a attempt to walk on water ashore. how is not stopping him from the daring adventure. ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need.
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show me the olympics. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: welcome back a fox news
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alert. a deputy killed and one other injured during hours long standoff in california. sheriff's deputy a marine veteran was shot while trying to frees who tanels a gunman was holding inside a home. the suspect shot by officers. two other people found inside the home. no word on extent of injuries. firefighter battling complex fire has been found safe that person went missing yesterday morning after leading a ground and air search. meanwhile california's dixie fire emerged with a smaller fire and destroyed multiple homes. the golden state's largest wildfire 21% contained. okay. the white house tweeting vaccinations are picking up about 7 0,000 in the past 24 hours. that's according to the cdc. the biden administration says it might be the biggest 24-hour period since early july. this as some republican governors are encouraging vaccinations over restrictions. dr. fauci says vaccinations are
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key to ending the pandemic as almost all hospitalized cases are for the unvaccinated. a man is trying to run across the atlantic florida to bermuda in inflatable one. florida weren't amazed when drifted ashore touring a recent attempt. the ultra marathon runner says is he doing this to raise money for the homeless and first responders. in 2014 he was apparently rescued by the coast guard while trying to reach bermuda in a homemade pod. that is your headlines. steve: hello. no more blue mondays. rachel: that last story is so interesting. raising money for first responders but he has to get rescued while on the water. steve: he needs the first
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responders. brian: i thought your stories were interesting too. only commented on the one. i liked the last story. the last story was interesting but the other stories were like a dial tone. steve: thank you very much. we have been telling you about the plight of those poor fugitive democrats from the state of texas. they didn't want to vote on a couple bills they were going to lose. so they high tail it on private jets wearing no masks to washington, d.c. in the last week, two of the democrats wound up going home. one of them, a fellow by the name of philip cortez, said on wednesday, i'm going to go back and i'm going to negotiate with the republicans in austin to try to get something done. and then the other democrats in d.c. are going, wait a minute, he is not negotiating for us. is he not our emissary. who the heck you know, deputized him and said he could to. he took so much heat is he back in washington, d.c. i'm going to be working on it
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now back in d.c. so he went from austin to d.c. be back to austin. is he back in d.c. now. do you know what? he is hungry. he needs help, he needs a handout along with everybody else. rachel: this is amazing tweet by the democrats in texas. democracy in d.c. says they would appreciate care packages from home before 5:00 p.m. tuesday. collecting them this list is hilarious. dr. pepper, salsa, heart candy. hair spray, hand sanitizer. suing kits, first aid and/or money to pay for shipping. thank you. can't you get sowing kits from the front desk. brian: they are so upset, too. that the president will not meet with them. okay. so we are positive with covid-19. i will do a zoom call. is he not interested in meeting with them. no one is really sure why. maybe it's another example of
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poor coordination between them. what they left for is ridiculous. 24 hour voting doesn't exist in almost any state. they have drive-thru voting that was only because of the pandemic. the pandemic drive-thru voting you could get influenced by people in your car, obviously. don't you want to take private vote, take your own ballot and put it in? my goodness, unless you have a personal handicap. there is no reason you can't get out of a and vote in november. please let me know what that means. two weeks of early voting, plenty of time. and it's possible to get shift workers for overnight. what they've say is these are the reasons jim crow 2.0. they say this is just terrible. we have no choice. are you kidding? you have a choice no treason do it and now you find yourself in hyperspace no way to get out of it governor greg abbott joined maria yesterday and talked about it. this is the same president who called me a neanderthal. now he is invoking jim crow 2.0. anybody who says this is a jim
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crow law they dent know jim crow laws or know what's going on in the state of texas. in fact, texas passed a voter i.d. law a few years ago they said this the same thing voter suppression deny people of color to vote. easier today than ever be been for people of color and all texans to be able to cast a vote. the aspersions being cast by the president of the united states are completely reprehensible and shows the american people that the president of the united states is willing to lie about what's going on to try to get his way. steve: it's all about politics. rachel: i watched the original clip he said when they passed the voter i.d. law and some other reforms that the democrats saying going to be voter suppression for minorities that voting actually increased in those demographics. that's not true. it they are lying about this bill. and he says. brian: he you know why they are doing it, rachel, get momentum when they jam down our throats to pass the reconciliation bill. our throats, desperate times.
3:22 am
even watched senator warner yesterday say i'm not get rid of the filibuster. voting rights. get rid of the filibuster for just voting rights. what they're trying to do is make you believe that there is no choice if this continues, no minorities will be allowed to vote. and if you look at these individual bills in these states, they don't pass that test. you look what is the problem? they keep bringing up the story about the georgia water thing. it's about not bribing people online. you have got stay just a mile away. my goodness, how exhausted are you, you can bring your own bottle of water with you. that is not a reason to nationalize elections. steve: well, the texas democrats in washington, d.c. don't need bottles of water. apparently they need bottles of dr. pepper. help them out i love doctor pepper by the way. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the president's son, hunter biden. he apparently is gifted in the art department because it is suggested that some of his art
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works, which cover a number of shan are as, could fetch up to half a million dollars. it's hard to believe you look at this stuff. he has no formal artistic training. and, yet, when you hear the numbers being bandied about. the georgia's burgess gallery in -- rather in l.a. and in new york city, they are putting his stuff on sale. and he is actually going to meet with the potential buyers. we had heard from jen psaki at the podium that the buyers would reanonymous. apparently is he going to neat with them. the worry is, you know, would people spend a half a million dollars for that piece of art. rachel: no way. steve: entree to meet the president or influence peddling it doesn't mel right. rachel: no, it's rife with potential for corruption, obviously. there was an interesting segment that raimondo arroyo did pictures of the painting and showed them to people.
3:24 am
what do you think of this painting? how much would you pay for it they all thought that children had painted them. and. steve: child of the president. rachel: he is an adult child they said i wouldn't pay anything for it i wouldn't pay for it what i think is interesting is that the american people can see this. the media is covering for it you know, some people on cnn said they have a problem with it as you can see the panel is basically laughing their way through it. they are not going to if stand for it take a look at this clip. >> i find it hard to believe there is anything as a blind sale when you are purchasing art from the president's son. obviously this is a problem. and ethical problem. one of optics but also just from a practical perspective. >> democrats are in conundrum trying to defend what hunter biden is doing when they have spent the past few years very much criticizing former president trump. >> this is a huge optics and ethics problem making it more challenging is that it is art
3:25 am
and the value is assigned. that's why have you critics saying different things. obviously the white house is trying to get some sort of wrap around this come up with an arrangement to make it look a little bit better. they are worried about it. brian: a couple things comes to mind. president obama's administration was upset that joe biden was in charge of ukraine and hunter biden was on. burisma board. they were concerned about ethics. joe biden didn't care. now all of a sudden he has hunter go on a book tour in your face with all of these dicey relationships. goes on and didn't even have an answer as to whether it's his laptop or not and gets rookie of the year award for best artist ever. now he is going to go throughout and basically troll america with this ridiculous artwork where people are going to give money to him and he is going to get to meet them. everything the administration said was not going to happen. and then jen psaki has got to defend it what is president biden doing? what is this guy doing?
3:26 am
why would he want to be in the public eye amp everything he has been through and knowing that an fbi investigation on his financing is taking place. almost everyone he is doing with is in jail. now, i want to add something else to this. did i not for this. senator ron johnson and grassley pursuing a story that he evidently told the secret service don't follow me when i'm in china. really? don't follow me around when i'm in china? that's interesting. you want them everywhere but not in china. we don't know exactly what you are doing. then you tell the secret service leave me alone. steve: speaking of the obama administration. the ethics director during that administration walter shaub tweeted imagine you are the white house official who came up with the idea to outsource government ethics management to an art dealer and you suddenly realize russian oligarchs like art, too. joe concha likes art. he does not like this deal. >> this is something that the
3:27 am
white house has lost control over and when you have liberal networks calling them out, that is going to get their attention, certainly. they could try spin this situation like they did in those situations as much as possible hunter biden as much as it likes. the left, right, everyone in between. knows that a first time artist. even da vinci would never fetch half for their art. steve: even da vinci. brian: book came out. somebody who does investigations hunter's book came out. no one bought it he said look for international sales. will if international sales goes big on his book. everything looks po board. if i buy 200,000 of hunter's books maybe his dad is happy about that. i don't know, wasn't there four chinese officials who had an investigation lifted on them for being spies over the weekend? i don't know if that has anything to do with anything. but it makes every move this administration takes as relates to china and others it eyebrow
3:28 am
raising. rachel: it absolutely does and makes people lose faith in government. they are seeing two systems of justin. there is one for the brinds and clintons and one for trump and his supporters of. this would have never ever gone this far had this been the son of, you know, donald trump. steve: i wonder if we will be told which pieces are sold and for how much and who bought them shah? that would be curious. it's a private business doing it and that's what happened with the collision of a private business and public figure. brian: also a theory out there he didn't paint them. you know, he blows into the straw for the cameras. who wouldn't. someone else painted them. so we will see. meanwhile, 28 minutes after the hour. coming up, texas authorities are jailing migrants in hopes to slow the surge at the border. lieutenant colonel allen west wants to be governor of texas. he will join us. he says this governor is not doing enough. could be doing more. steve: veteran and business owner calling on president biden
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highway. police say 20 cars were involved in the crash after a sandstorm limited visibility. several people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. this video from another car showing just how dangerous conditions were during the storm. that is like whiteout conditions there my goodness. okay, caitlyn jenner defends running for governor while are quarantining in australia. i'm not actually a politician i actually honor my contract. trip was planned month ago and pandemic proved can you get things done working remotely. in addition to her own campaign, jenner has been criticized for traveling as the recall effort of governor gavin newsom enters the homestretch. the lion king gets emotional singing the iconic circle of life together on the first day of rehearsal. watch. ♪
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♪ >> the production is preparing welcome audiences since shuttering its doors in 2020. the musical returns to the stage thursday. >> that's a look at your headlines. brian, send it to you. brian: thanks, jillian. response surge southern border continuing despite the summer. beginning to arrest migrants on trespassing charges and it 10 migrants captured so far and more expected to come with detainees being held at empty state prison. here with his plan to solve the crisis, texas gubernatorial candidate lieutenant colonel allen west. you say you like this move too little too late you would do something different. what would you do different? good to be with you, brian. i was with del rio. kenny county. when you talk to the people down there and i saw department of public safety officer that was just watching some migrants who have been detained at the
3:35 am
border. he did not arrest them picked up by border patrol van and taken to wherever. it they are already violating the law. our rule of law. our constitution by coming into this country illegally. furthermore going to put an additional burden on texas taxpayers because now have to pay for the court fees and court actions and then they are going to have to pay for these individuals to be sitting in jail on a third degree misdemeanor if i'm correct which means 3 to 6 months and then be released. catching 10 migration and car garaging them with trespassing when you have had millions who have come across the border into texas and then also, 400, maybe 450,000 that are the get aways, we have a constitutional crisis here. who would have ever thought we would see a federal government, a biden administration that would undermine the sovereignty of the state of texas? so i think it's very important that we have those authorities here which the constitution grants article 1 section 10
3:36 am
clause 3 that we can detain and arrest and deport these people that are coming to texas illegally. prescribe brian what you are saying is as a state. if the federal government doesn't do their job, which they're not, you can turn these people around right away? it is the governor's option? >> yeah. absolutely right. are constitution as he said article 1 section 10 clause 3 and article 4 section 4, the constitution very clearly lays out what the duties and responsibilities are of the federal government and if that is not the case, if there is an eminent danger for a state, they can act without any admit of delay for an invasion. that's the words of the founding fathers in our constitution. i think when you are the number one state for human and sex trafficking in america that's eminent danger. brian: you say the governor is not doing enough and doing it too slow probably why you are running. other thing bring you to there is a senate report. g.o.p. of course put it out. you are not going to believe
3:37 am
this. the inner findings show the biden administration's effort to stop the border wall construction constitutes waste of taxpayer resources. as of the drafting of the report. the administration has paid border wall contractors 2 billion and counting to not build the wall. then they have to pay to store or destroy. this has been vindictiveness. >> complete vindictiveness and reversing policies that were working. for more unconstitutional action by the biden administration. they have implemented an open borders policy by executive order. on top of that the border wall was appropriated by law to be constructed. and now you see the biden administration once again unconstitutionally just going by executive action stopping the construction of this border which had been appropriated by law. brian: so we have 300,000 got-aways, 1.3 million already through. the wall funnels, if not stops, and, yet, they won't build it and yet, he in 2006, voted for the fencing act.
3:38 am
he is on the record as a senator saying he supported it. and now just because donald trump was for it, he is allowing us to pay not to build it incredible. he wants to be the next governor of texas, he says this governor is not doing enough, and by the way i hope arizona is listening. because of they should be doing the same thing. thanks, colonel. >> my pleasure. take care, brian. brian: coming up. the fight for freedom in cuba brought to president biden's front door. our next guest was just a boy when his family fled the communist regime. his message to the president. that's next. plus, pump the breaks, the new fee people could pay if they drive around san francisco wait until you hear the shocking way officials are coming up with the price. pool floaties are like whooping cough.
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♪ are. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." cuban americans are rallying outside the white house to demand the administration take action to help the people of cuba fighting for freedom against the communist regime. our next guest fled cuba with his family when he was just 8 years old. he joins us now with his message live from outside of the white house. welcome louise. you are there at the white house. you arrived at 1:00 in the morning. you are already there with a group of people behind you. what's your message to president biden? listen, we are here to send a loud and clear message. we need help. we need an intervenezuela. we are here to let him know we are fighting for our freedom. as you know we have had a dictatorship for 62 years. a totalitarian regime that has stripped everything from the cuban people, including the r. their humility and decency.
3:44 am
today they have no water. they have no electricity. they have no food. but, do you know what they have, heather -- i'm sorry, rachel, do you know what they have? they have hope. the events that transresponded on july 11th, 2021 will go down in history in every cuban's heart and mind after a new independence day because that is the day that the entire country went out as a people and said we want our freedom. rachel: it's definitely an amazing moment. i have never seen before. this is a critical moment for people and their liberation. it wouldn't be very hard for the biden administration to provide internet access, cell phone coverage for them to organize and also to put out pictures and images of the repression of the protests. the president hasn't done that and he is slow walking it, why do you think is he doing that? i love you brought up that point
3:45 am
i will say this the internet has given cuban people a voice. this administration way to slow as acting as easy as expanding the wifi out of the embassy. get internet out to the people. why i think that is? i would rather give the benefit of the doubt i will say their silence speaks volumes, it is deafening. it says a lot about what about what their true ideology is. it is it that aligned to cuba's? can you not take decisive action. rachel: embassy could become hot spot and private companies have stepped forward say we will provide it we need the license from the federal government. really quick, you escaped cuba when you were 8 years old you won the lottery to come to the best country in the world. marco rubio says that he was on on television. socialism wants to keep people poor. easier to control.
3:46 am
you can use food and medicine, et cetera to control them. you live there. tell us what that is like and if that's true? it is very true. being born there there was a lot of love but there was a lack of everything else. it is really do you wanting to think that to this day, 62 years later, i left about 23 years ago, and to think that things have just gotten worse to now they can't feed them or clothe them or give them water or electricity. which is why they are out on the street and they say we need our freedom. no longer do we want the crumbs. we want liberty. we want it all. we want the pursuit of happiness. rachel: yeah, well the biden administration says they want covid vaccines and other things but you are saying they want liberty. >> that's misinformation. it's misinformation and disinformation. rachel: thank you for joining us. we wish you and the other people behind you all the best.
3:47 am
[speaking spanish] >> thank you. [speaking spanish] rachel: we're going to check in now with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather center. janice? janice: good morning, rachel and good morning to our friends from texas and north carolina. wave to everybody. yea. take a look at the maps. it is a little bit warm and sticky in the northeast. we have some thunderstorms move through earlier on today. a lot of humidity in the atmosphere. so the past 4 hours can you see those showers and thunderstorms. you know, we are also looking for potential developing system off the coast of carolinas we are going to watch over the next couple of days. four corners region as well as parts of the upper midwest. you could get thunderstorms later on this afternoon. some of which could turn severe we will watch that have flood advisories out four corners in towards california. we have heavy rain in the forecast there. there the rest of your forecast. hot, hazy humid for the central u.s. and look at the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the west of the u.s. all right. wave, everybody.
3:48 am
wave to "fox & friends." wave to rachel. hey, everybody. yea. rawmp rach thanks, janice. janice: you got it. rachel: army veteran is calling on president biden to revive the made in america event at the white house. hear why he says american owned businesses are vital to rebuilding our economy. stay with us. ♪ ♪ 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ steve: on this monday morning, let's talk about this. inflation costs are taking a toll on number of american business owners including our next guest who is asking the biden administration to bring back a trump tradition that honored made -- american made products at the white house. remember that? out on the south lawn made in america week. collin wade writes president biden with the current economic state i believe it's more important now than ever to showcase america's own to forego the recent tradition of made in america week which honors american made businesses would be alarming. and, yet, that is apparently what they are doing.
3:53 am
joining us now is business owner and veteran colin wayne. good morning to you, collin. >> good morning, thanks for having me again. steve: when president trump started the made in america week on the south lawn, it was great because we got to see all these cool things made in america not outsourced because it's cheaper to make it some place else. made in america. it was very patriotic. why do you think the biden administration is not continuing the program? >> you know, i hope that they continue the program this past month, you know, a couple weeks ago, it passed and i was expecting to see it again. for me, it's important as a business owner, as a veteran to go to go and see that type of honor that's taking place where companies are wanting to build the infrastructure in america instead of outsourcing. and so, it is a very, very important tradition to me that that continues. steve: sure, so, you know, they haven't made an announcement yeah we are pulling the plug on it they just haven't said we are
3:54 am
doing it, either. that's the pickle we are in right now why you would like to see it. how -- colin. how impactful was your company's appearance at the event at the white house? >> i think that it played an absolute significant role. you know, i have been on "fox & friends" and fox business primarily because of this. so it's been incredible outreach to be honored by hand selected by the trump administration to represent the great state of alabama not only is it a huge accomplishment as a 31-year-old father, husband, veteran, owner, but just to represent what america really is and that's just building infrastructure, employing the local community and really just trying to be a backbone for america and building amazing things. creating awesome products just like this. steve: that's cool. >> that's on our website. instead of outsourcing to china and other places where it's a
3:55 am
lot cheaper to resell like we see large retailers like amazon, walmart. all these other large retailers, it's important now than ever to support these small businesses. steve: sure. and, you know, in particular. support small businesses right now. because, with inflation, i'm reading that the cost of domestic steel, your stuff is made out of steel, has risen 265% per pound and you are losing $150,000, i believe, a month or some crazy number like that. so, it would be great if you were on the south lawn so you could just tell president biden who probably doesn't get to meet a lot of business owners like you what's going on in your business? >> yes. there is no end in sight. when you look at the cr. national index. it has went up drastically from 38 cents per pound to over a dollar per pound which has never taken place. i know well over 150,000 at least this month. what's to say three to four
3:56 am
month from now it's not 200,000, 300,000 as a loss. at what point can i say, you know, i have got to transition into something else? is that worth -- i don't want to cut people's jobs. i have to pivot to another product line. steve: and, clip, before you go, let us help you. what's your website? >> thank you so much. redline if you want to support us. actually, if you use the code fox 25, we want to put penal over profit. you can save 25% off. and we offer beautiful, customizable products just like this. this is my daughter brenly. steve: that's beautiful. congratulations. thanks for joining us. let's see if the white house invites you back. >> thank you so much. steve: colin wayne from redline steel. he is the ceo. >> why is america suddenly mess mystic about the future? we're going to tell you that coming up next. ♪
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4:00 am
texas authorities jailing migrants surge at the border. >> we are not playing games anymore. >> imminent danger they can act without any admit of delay invasion. that's the words of the founding father. >> cuban americans rallying outside the white house to demand the administration take action. >> we need an intervention. we are here to let him know that we are fighting for our freedom. >> dr. anthony fauci he admits mask mandates are under active consideration. we are out there practically
4:01 am
pleading with the unvaccinated people to go out and get vaccinated not explaining just saying get vaccinated. these folks do not respond to being ordered. >> san francisco is debating a congestion tax. >> kicker is income so only apply to those making $100,000 or more. >> a navy widow spending 100th birthday touring a ship honoring her husband. black getting a sky high look at the delbert d. black. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: good morning. that is a live look at baton rouge, louisiana. i'm so happy to be here on the couch with you, steve and brian. brian: right. because this weekend was very hot when you were there. rachel: i like hot.
4:02 am
brian: humid. rachel: i will take hot. steve: brian, it's going to be 90 here today. we are pretty much in the same book boat as baton rouge. brian: i remember i was doing the standing ups for the drew jackson special in louisiana. i had to change my shirt to wait. i'm not a big sweater by nature. and i just could not believe how hot it was. rachel: good for your skin and keeps it young. brian: that's good. steve: this has been interesting segue to our first story. we heard from joe biden back in march where he was trying to explain everybody was alarmed at the gigantic number of people coming across our southern border after he was elected president and took office in january and december. and march. and he said, joe biden said in march, this surge is normal. it happens every year in the winter months of january, february, and march to explain the gigantic numbers.
4:03 am
now fast forward into the hottest part of the year and the numbers are actually higher. so what he said earlier doesn't look like the truth. rachel: yeah. border patrol was saying all along. steve: it's different this time. rachel: border patrol saying all along these numbers were not seasonal. that the numbers back in february and march were higher than usual and they were scared about what was going to happen in the summer months because the summer is so dangerous. i'm from arizona. people die in the dessert. children die in the dessert crossing over. sure enough, we are seeing the numbers skyrocketing right now in the most dangerous part of the year. here's a tweet from the sector chief brian hasting. he said it's the hottest part of the summer and apprehensions are skyrocketing. border patrol apprehensions surpassed the 1 million milestone in june now this week alone rgv has apprehended 20,000 illegal migrants. >> so many not apprehended
4:04 am
so-called get aways. 10,000 get aways know they are missed looking not to get captured. not that they are grabbing and running. they turn themself in and processed on a side note don't tell american people go get vac snanted we are going to knock on your door. how dare you at the same time you are letting 188,000 people oprobably going to surpass that in july come to our country illegally many of which aren't tested. ones that they are are in the rgv sector up 900 percent. you want to worry about what's happening in red and blue states? what about other nations? governor greg abbott has had it. he says he is going to make effort to secure the border himself. he is emptying out some prisons and put some people if there. listen what texas is doing we're not playing games anymore. i deployed the national guard as well as the texas department of public safety we have a new program in place the biden administration plan is to catch
4:05 am
and release. the texas plan is to catch and to jail, so we are arresting and jailing. we are arresting people every single day and we're arresting for trespass, when you come across the river, you are typically coming into private property or county property or state property, you are trespassing. >> rather than catch and release catch and jail. why isn't it catch and return. steve: used to be. rachel: this is not a compassionate policy. we see these very evil human traffickers, if a woman or child becomes a burden on their journey or gets sick or whatever, they just leave them there to die in the dessert. there have been more deaths, border patrol collecting bodies out of the dessert because people are being hurt by these policies. brian: rachel, just to build on that. lieutenant colonel allen west texas g.o.p. chair to running for governor because he believes
4:06 am
governor abbott is not doing close to enough. really? we are going to go jail trespassers? you are talking about tens of thousands of people in jail have to feed, clothe, process and be out in a very short period of time? it's only a misdemeanor? he has a different idea and he says under the constitution, when the federal government fails, states should step up. governor kemp, take out your note pad and take notes on this, too. take a listen. >> that is kind of perplexing because they're already violating the law. our rule of law, our constitution by coming to this country illegally. furthermore, you are going to put an additional burden on texas taxpayers. now have to pay for the court fees and court actions, and then they are going to have to pay for these individuals to be sitting in jail on a third degree misdemeanor if i'm correct which means three to six months and then be released. catching 10 migrants and charging them with trespassing when you have had millions that are some come across the border into texas and then also, 400, maybe 450,000 that are the get
4:07 am
aways. we have a constitutional crisis here. brian: he wants you to turn around right there. right away you come across you go right back. states can do it if federal government fails. steve: when you look at the number. the first number we heard and big number is so far this year a million people have come across our southern border. and so, you know, we have been reporting this because we have never seen anything like this. so, when you combine -- you know, the american people are smart. and they see a million people just essentially yeah, come on, in we will figure out what to do with you, just come on, in we will ship you off to missouri or something like that. the american people are smart. they see the lawlessness on america's streets with gun violence. they see what's going on on our southern border. and that is one of the reasons, according to abc news why the president is tanking when it comes to the direction of the country. there is a brand new poll that just came out that says certainly, we are now six months into the joe biden administration. take a look at that first
4:08 am
column. in late april, and the first of may, 64% of the country was optimistic. 90 days later. less than 90 days later the number has fallen by 20. that is jaw dropping. you have got figure off that is setting off alarm bells in the it white house. what that says according to abc, only 30 something% approve of the handling of border and immigration. and that means the balance of the country doesn't like it. and when it comes to the gun violence, the crime in the streets. we report every day the lawlessness out there. the fact that our southern border is not respected by the planet. and they are starting to blame joe biden because suddenly we thought he was going to be different. now we are pessimistic about the future. rachel: i think people feel really helpless and see what's hang at the border. steve: exactly. rachel: not just people coming through. we have seen people sneaking through our border.
4:09 am
have you been reporting on this 10 years or more. brian: not like this. rachel: not like this. but, also, since when has our government, paying to fly them to do the last leg of work for the human traffickers. using our tax dollars to send them by the way probably to swing states that are going to benefit them. they are seeing americans are seeing inflation going up. they are seeing our american work ethic decline because our government is paying people to stay home. i mean, the strength of our country was our work ethic. the strength of our country are our children. they also feel helpless in the face of this, you know, government education complex that is hell bent on indoctrinating our kids to hate our own country. all of this makes people really depressed because they don't know what they can do about it they feel helpless. britain brian a couple things on that, rachel. number one, the administration is ignoring this persistent problem. they are pretending there no problem at the border. at that town hall last week do you know what he said? we are doing a good job emptying
4:10 am
out fittings and getting these kids out in a short amount of time. no follow up on, mr. president, 1. be 3 million people got in this country illegally. where are they? how much are we spending on their welfare and hotels and spending on putting them in military bases when we understand we can't get to them or see them. weave understand some of these kids are going drew mental break down because they see no end in sight. then we wonder who is getting on these buses, where are they going? rachel: airplanes. brian: why don't we follow the with uses to find out what's happening on top of that is mexico is doing nothing. yet, we have rules with mexico and canada that they can't come back and forth. formal rules between our nation because of the pandemic. they are doing nothing on their southern border. we have haitians, we have cubans, venezuela's, brazilians, their country is falling apart and they are flooding ours and we are letting them in giving the message to others keep coming. totally avoidable crisis.
4:11 am
steve: just too bad. you would like to think better days are ahead. according to the latest poll, given everything that's going on we don't feel that wait a minute meanwhile on this date in history, july 26th, 1953, that fidel castro led his first attack against the battista government. it was the beginning of the end in cuba. and eventually, obviously castro took power. it's a national holiday down there. and it is because of today's date thousands of people gathered at the white house starting at midnight last night and in the square across. rachel: look at that. steve: as our white house was lit up in red, white, and blue for the olympic team. and they are there to try to get joe biden to do more. some people in that crowd want the united states to intervene militarily, in cuba others want
4:12 am
humanitarian intervention enter cuba with supplies and equipment that can be be directly delivered to the people and not the government although i don't see that really working. rachel: most basic thing they can do is provide internet access there are private companies. steve: get the word out. rachel: private companies said they will do it. the state of florida wants to help do it. all they need is the federal government to allow them to do it. you have to wonder why is joe biden slow-walking this? i believe he wants to see the protest get sketched because we already know, i mean, the cuban government, their secret police. they are notoriously repressive. they are trying to squash this protest all over the country. already disappeared so many of the leaders. people are still out there still trying to do it. they can't organize without the internet and they can't show the images of the repression if they don't have access to the internet to beam them out to other countries.
4:13 am
i spoke with luis. they won the lottery and that's quite a lottery to become united states citizen when he was 8 years old. here's what he had to say. >> being born there i will say that there was a lot of love but that's about everything. there was a lack of everything else. the cuban people need help. we need an intervention. we are here to let him know that we're fighting for our freedom. this administration has went way too slow in acting. i would rather give the benefit of the doubt. i will say this. their silence speaks volume. it is deafening. because it says a lot about maybe what their true ideology is. is it that aligned to cuba's? you cannot denounce what is happening and take decisive action are. brian: they respond to the polls. they respond to the polls, did the biden administration when it came to crime and made these statements and sent his attorney general out to pretend it's all about guns.
4:14 am
they responded to that now they responded last week to the fact that people were saying, why aren't you speaking up for this communist regime in cuba? especially in southern florida if you ever plan on getting a congressional seat there, you better speak up. put out aggressive statements about the doom of communism. that's fine. but the two people leading the charge, for your cuban policy are both authors of the policy of engagement with president obama. it is this why juan gonzalez. they are the ones who want to engage the sitting government. they are in charge of the current cuban policy. so don't expect much support because they don't want to get involved. guess who does? china is going to make sure that they continue to use that for their communist ways. russia is going to support them any way possible. and think about the havoc they have created in venezuela. with their secret police there. they missed their own unrest because they are so involved in other countries in the area. so, if you could do something with this government, you could actually help the rest of south
4:15 am
america. are. >> again, this is unprecedented moment. many americans don't understand just how crucial this moment is. we have seen protests happening in havana before. never seen them simultaneously erupt across the country. brian: without fidel castro to step in or crazy brother. this is the moment if ever a moment. some people have suggested military intervention. you don't have to go that far or have bay of pigs. turn on the internet. why won't you do it? i think he is going to pay a huge political price in south florida it is not just republicans. by the way the president won't -- he has refused to meet with politicians from south florida, cuban measures. it's not just the republican statement. this is a bipartisan issue in florida. i think that joe biden in trying to appease aoc and many of those who are appeasers of the castro regime of the dictatorship and of this policy. brian: they want to blame us. they blame our blockade for the problem that cuba has had.
4:16 am
rachel: they are going to pay a political price if they don't. this is going to get squashed. steve: what they want ultimately is freedom from communism. and reason the united states has sanctions against cuba, which, you know, to your point, they are blaming us with the blockade. the reason we have the sanctions is because the cuban government will not allow the cuban people to select their own form of government. and this is why the sanctions are on. and the sanctions do not impact food or medicine. and you got a bunch of other countries providing that island with everything they need. but that's just a talking point. yes, that darn united states. they just aren't doing enough. rachel: so glad you brought up what they are doing in all over latin america. if you cut the head off, in cuba, you actually might have liberty movement running also latin america, venezuela will be empowered. bolivia. and maybe that's what they are afraid of. maybe that's what the left wing foreign policy folks in the
4:17 am
biden administration really the obama as you know is pretty much the obama's third term, maybe that is why they're afraid of cuba being liberated because it might actually spawn a liberation movement all through latin america. steve: it was the beginning of the end on this date in 195. let's see what happens. it 17 minutes exactly after the top of the hour on this monday. and jillian joins us with more news. able. jillian: another weekend of violence. another violent weekend of shootings. including one that shot out windows at a hospital. police say at least 6 people have been shot since friday. 10 people were killed including 17-year-old boy shot dead in his backyard. a texas man is arrested for allegedly leaving a dog on the side of the road. lewis was charged with animal cruelty. footage taken why a witness shows a young man's removing the
4:18 am
collar and leash with an old man driving away. another arrest is expected. meanwhile the dog was adopted why a new family. a happy ending sad story for the dog. today, president biden will meet with iraq's prime minister at the white house with it will discuss pulling troops out after the prime minister told the associated press, quote. there was no need for any combat forces on iraqi soil. meanwhile in afghanistan, leaders imposed a month long curfew in an effort to stop the taliban from invading cities. okay. did you see this? if not, you have to watch. tom brady showing off throwing accuracy in a video some may believe, some may not. tell me what you think, i'm curious, seven time super bowl champ managing to perfectly fit three footballs back into a passing machine. internet in uproar about whether or not the product is some sort of impressive editing but brady tagged the director who reposted the clip with the caption quote
4:19 am
haters will say fake. brian: he has so much fun. jillian: is he my favorite person on the internet. brian: what's going on? he is entertaining. steve: how many times he had to throw the ball to get three in a row. jillian: that i don't know. steve: i'm thinking more than three. rachel: why wouldn't he' be happy? he is gorgeous, his wife is gorgeous. i don't know how many super bowl rings. jillian: seven. but who is counting? prototype brian he was never like this when he was with the patriots. jillian: i know. rachel: pressure is off. living his best life ever. coming up dr. anthony fauci is set to get another award for his leadership during the pandemic. brian: are you kidding? rachel: we will tell you more coming up. brian: the plan to charge drivers in san francisco that may soon get the green light. is this the best way to serve californiaingens? we will talk to a candidate ready to unseat governor gavin
4:20 am
newsom next. ♪ ♪
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team usa is ready for the olympic games... ...and so are mike and eddie! show me the olympics. they easily catch every single event with the award-winning xfinity voice remote. show me bmx racing! show me swimming. track and field. shot put. skateboarding. water polo. climbing! discus. surfing.
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dressage. dressage? it's horse dancing. magnificent. with the best of the olympics, and everything else you love, it's a way better way to watch! cheer on team usa with xfinity x1. say "show me the olympics in 4k" so you can watch in stunning 4k ultra hd. steve: san francisco is looking drive people away from con gesd streets by considering traps sit fees for drivers to ho enter busy areas during rush hour proposal includes base fee for people who make more than 100,000 bucks a year while lower income drivers may be eligible for a discount. may be eligible. here with reaction is california gubernatorial candidate is he a republican major williams, major, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you so much for having me on.
4:25 am
steve: you know, they have been considering this congestion pricing here in new york city for a very long time. sounds like they could actually be closer to it. buff the problem is there are a lot of people who drive into cities who can't afford this it's going to make it too expensive for people to drive i agree. i will take it a step further there will be unintended consequences when it comes to this. imposing this kind of a tax. i call it a tax. they try to spice it up by calling a fee. imposing this is going to business local restaurants and shops already burden derd tend for an entire year. you have to question why is this and why those areas that are mostly desirable that people would like to travel to are. steve: you are right it is a tax squarely aimed at people who make more than $100,000 a year. i'm sure they are just thinking, you know what? people who are rich can afford it but $100,000 a year in san francisco, you are not rich.
4:26 am
you are getting by but you are not rich. >> no, absolutely. i mean, if you look at the medium there, san francisco is one of the most specific places to live. and also work. and so it's not even considered middle class if you are making $100,000. the fact that they are doing this taxing it on to left and uber drivers as well as i was looking at the story. it makes no sense. because people make multiple trips and stops in those particular areas. so, you have to beg and ask the question like -- at the same time, you have to look at fairness, we are dealing with enough right now in california the epitome of what is wrong with a lot of democrat and liberal policies. steve: what are they? what do they need the money for that they are going to spend it on in san francisco? i mean, right now, san francisco is very famous for cable cars and homelessness. >> it looks like that they're trying to more homelessness. if you go throughout san
4:27 am
francisco, that's essentially what you are going to see. so, instead of trying to figure out ways to tax the citizens more. i believe they should use the money they already have in place to actually fix up san francisco in a more meaningful way in fixing their homeless crisis as well. steve: yeah, do you know what, major, maybe this is just their way of trying -- you know, they are going to jack up the price. you want to thrive your car, you will have to pay the additional fee. maybe they are just trying to convince people here in california. people should not drive cars. well, they are always using these narratives in regards to why they are doing something. why they have to tax you more. so now it's about congestion, air quality and also traffic. but really it just comes down to it being about money. because, even with the money, they are not defining where that money is going to go or what it is for. steve: well, let's see what happens. major williams, running for governor out in the golden state. sir, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you for having me on.
4:28 am
steve: you bet. all right. coming up. some fourth graders being told by their teacher who hide a question on equity. don't tell your parent or one young student now speaking out and joins us life after the break. >> ask my teacher if mom could explain teachers. my teacher told them he was not allowed to ask his mom and questions. are will
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
july jill good morning, back with your headlines, texas firefighter celebrating anniversary found dead. arlington firefighter elijah snow suffocated and died after getting trapped in a bathroom window at a different resort where the one he was playing. the family believe he was kidnapped and murdered. photos from the crime scene reportedly show his body badly beaten. the investigation is ongoing. indiana university is honoring dr. anthony fauci with distinguished leadership award. the school giving the country's top infectious disease dock tort accolade for his work on hiv prevention as well as at his
4:33 am
leadership throughout the pandemic. the school says fauci will also deliver a fire side chat as part of the virtual award ceremony scheduled for early december. a navy widow spending her 100th birthday touring a ship honoring her husband. ima black getting a sky high look after telling sailors it was her birthday wish to fly in a helicopter. her husband was survivor and navy first master petty officer. the two were married for 50 years before his death in 2,000. aren't those photos amazing to see, rachel? rachel: yeah, they really are. thank you, jillian. beautiful. all right. well, a minnesota fourth grader is expressing concerns to her school board after she says she was given an equity survey in class and told not to repeat the questions to her parents. take a look.
4:34 am
rachel: that student and her mom join us now. all right. so, i'm going to start with you, haley. so, tell me exactly what happened when you were given this survey? and didn't understand the question. >> so, when i was in the survey, i was taking a few questions and on the gender identification question. i got very confused. and kind of nervous after a boy asked his mom, after the teacher explained it. that we cannot tell our parents
4:35 am
anything that this made me very nervous and uncomfortable. rachel: did your mom ever told you never to -- you know when anyone an adult especially says don't tell mom, that that's probably not a good thick? >> um-huh. rachel: yeah. i bet you she did tell you that kelsey, tell me what happened when you heard that the school was actually giving this survey and instructing children not to tell their parents about it. the if you pleasey thing is we were informed that equity audit was taking place but the survey itself they didn't inform of the date it was taking place or weren't really sure a lot of details behind it due to the lack of transparency from the school district and from equity alliance of minnesota, third party, that the school district has brought in to perform this audit, we were not informed of the questions on this survey. and when my daughter came forth
4:36 am
and told me that cannot skip any questions when you don't understand them. when are students were asking questions and asking if they could ask their parents about it. i was upset told not to repeat any of the questions to me or any other adult in her life you i do belief it wasn't a single case of her teach made this decision. we have been informed that this came down from administration and equity alliance of minnesota instructed them to make sure the children did not share this information with their parents and that should great concern in any parents' eyes. rachel: called the equity alliance in minnesota. doing audit on your school apparently for advancing racial justice. when you see what they are doing, let's get back down to
4:37 am
the brass tacks here of what this organization wants to do. these organizations come into schools because they claim they want to bring about more racial harmony do you think they are accomplishing that or bringing more division. >> it is 100 percent causing division amongst races in schools and amongst children. children do not see color. they are taught to see color. and when you bring things like equities at this time alliance of minnesota into our school district. equity is the math that critical race theory hides behind. we are not okay with that type of those type of ideologies being taught to our children at school. politics do not belong in our school they are there to be educated. rachel: absolutely. they are there to learn to read to write, learn science and not be incongress doctrine nateed.
4:38 am
kelsey, you are a very good girl. when anyone tells you not to say something to their parents you are absolutely right to tell your mom, i mean haley, you were right to do it. and, kelsey, thank you for bringing this to our attention, i know a lot of other parents are facing this across the country. so, haley and kelsey, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> yes. thank you for having us. >> thank you. rachel: all right. goodbye. all right. we reach out to the superintendent and equity alliance of minnesota for statements but we vice president heard back yet. hmmm. still ahead. is the defund the police movement back firing on democrats? former congressional candidate kimberly klacik sounds the alarm as baltimore calls for more officers to fight the spike in violent crime. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪
4:39 am
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before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? . >> asking for federal agents to come help us. but i think what the bigger picture is federal agents through the streets of baltimore not specifically patrolling but on the streets helping, work side by side with police officers to help fight violent crime. steve: that was baltimore's police commissioner requesting federal agents to help it severely under staffed department. rachel: this is in response to violent crimes surging in baltimore. the city reported over 188 homicides and 379 shooting incidents just this year. brian: help is not on the way yet. kimberly klacik ran for congress. she wanted to help out in the baltimore area. heavily democratic district. you did quite well. kimberly, it's not like you didn't talk about this. but why has it gotten worse?
4:44 am
>> yeah. thank you guys so much for having me this morning. unfortunately, as rachel mentioned earlier before the commercial break, defunding the police is probably the worst idea we have ever had in this country. we defunded the police back in 2020. by 22 million. we had to refund the police this year by 28 million. but unfortunately it was a little too late. i have to be clear, this isn't unique to baltimore. many inner cities with these progressive leaders have defunded the police and put citizens in harm's way. i'm glad to see that the baltimore city police commissioner has reached out and asking for federal resources but this is exactly what was on my platform when i ran for congress this past year. you know, we can ask for federal reviewers. rachel: these policies aren't popular with black people. went through poll numbers. new york city 70% of black democrats want more cops in new york city. 90% of detroit residents want more cops. this idea if you remember, kimberly was started way back
4:45 am
when aoc was saying defund ice and then after george floyd it took steam with just defund the police in general. brian: reimagining police which was yusm for defunding police. now they are saying it out loud defund the police. now this is happening. 500 officer vacancies within the baltimore police department. because people are demoralizing who would want to be a cop, right? >> absolutely. why are we vilifying people that put their lives on the line for people that they have never even met. i don't understand. but i just to put it in perspective. just 10 years ago we had about 20 to 22 police officers on patrol at a time every shift. now we are down between 12 and 14 officers per shift. and as you see, the violent crimes have gone up carjackings, i believe were up i think it's 17% right now. just in armed carjackings alone. it's really sad to see. you know what? our congressman my former opponent. i hope he gets on the ball. we also have a progressive
4:46 am
states attorney marilyn mosby who decided not going to prosecute certain crimes. she decided that on her own. she is not a legislator she shouldn't be doing that we should be asking for prosecutors on the federal level and other resources as well. it's unfortunate. but i'm hoping this will now finally get baltimore to realize that new leadership is definitely needed. steve: sure, i'm glad you touched on the fact that so many people who break the law are not being prosecuted. you know, the police stop them they can go ahead and book them. unless the d.a. or the prosecutors say, do you know what? we are going to go ahead and follow through with it, you do you know what? get rid of it. that's just a small crime. we don't have to worry about that. small crimes lead to big crimes. kimberly. >> absolutely. and what you talk about is what we have. we have nothing but violent repeat offenders on our streets. we call a walk through. go central booking with police. right back out on the streets to harm people again. it's very unfortunate.
4:47 am
brian: kimberly klacik maybe they will be smart and elect you next time. don't give up. republicans should really mount an inner city effort the door is open for competency right now. thanks so much. >> thank you. rachel: thanks, kimberly. >> thank you all. brian: despite the objections from rachel and steve. i want to check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for a fox weather center. janice: i don't believe you. rachel: is he lying. brian: i'm trying to create some tension. janice: not successful. brian: okay, sorry. janice: try again next time. brian: all right. janice: you know i love you all. take that look at the forecast across the northeast. a little hot and humid. that's what happens at the end of july when we get into august. temperatures in the 70s, but, it feels like with humidity higher than that we have that heat returning to the central u.s. we have heat advisories from the northwest to the plain states across the mississippi river valley and the potential for showers and thunderstorms for the four corners region again.
4:48 am
this is monsoonal moisture. the time of we're where they get that shift in the winds. and some of that port moves in from the pacific. flash flooding is going to be a concern for palm springs right now up towards portions of nevada and the four corners. again, beneficial rain fall. evident next couple of days for areas across the dessert southwest. continue to monitor that extreme to exceptional they need all the help they can get. okay. brian, still love you. i do love you also rachel and steve. steve: thank you very much. janice dean outside where today is going to feel like summer. all right. coming up on this monday. an nfl player is teaming one a former congresswoman to help fight america's drug crisis. their plan to help those struggling living a clean life straight ahead on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ here comes the sun ♪ and i say ♪ it's all right ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
brian: some staggering stats here, shows the nation's drug crisis spiraling during the
4:53 am
pandemic has overtook death to surge nearly 30%ment one of my next guests experienced and overcame the dangers of america 's drug epidemic firsthand. >> i had it made, living my dream playing professional football and then my life hit rock bottom. i had an accidental opioid overdose. brian: wow, so nfl star darren waller, 107 receptions last year , former congresswoman mary bono are teaming up to shine a light on the tragedy and they both join us. thanks so much for being here guys. first off, darren to you, what was, there's i believe we as a country have lost the stigma of being afraid to announce or talk about addiction, do you agree? >> i agree. i agree that shedding that stigma is something that's going to help a lot of lives and definitely helped transform mine and gave me a sense of freedom to own who i am and to move
4:54 am
forward from my past with a positive perspective. brian: i think when people see the success you've had having how you have come out the other side, that shows the best example. mary, you're still involved in this. you were doing this when you were in congress. you're still involved now. what's the challenge today? >> well, look. covid-19 only made the numbers worse, as you just said, brian they are staggering. it is completely unacceptable that we've lost over 93,000 people just this past year alone to this preventable disease. that's why darren and i were teaming up trying to raise the awareness about the tools that you can access to help reverse an overdose, and as you mentioned, the stigma, unfortunately, is something we do continue to battle. people are afraid to talk about this issue and we're trying to encourage them to talk about it and talking about this disease helps solve it, it goes a long way towards that, but also, we're trying to get the tools out there like access to lockdown, education getting people into quality treatment as well. brian: yeah, darren how did you do it?
4:55 am
how did you take action? >> the first thing for me was to go see an addiction specialist, to get diagnosed with not only my addiction but also some mental health issues that were underlying and from there put a plan together for me to go to rehab and to get involved in conversations with one on one with counselors and therapists, and group therapy and things that would get me in the mode where i'd talk about the things that really made me uncomfortable and me having a spiritual awakening because that's what allowed me to continue to move forward and build on the new foundation i had once i got clean. brian: it seems important because not only is darren successful, he's, you would think he wouldn't be susceptible to this but it shows anyone could be. what do you want people to know if they're in that spiral right now? >> well, first of all, seek help and don't be ashamed. look at darren's story and look at him. he's such a strong, amazing
4:56 am
human being and he's talking openly about his struggles, so i would say to anybody, again, reverse the silence, come out and talk about it. there is no reason to feel that you cannot seek help for this disease. be proud of it. i'm proud of anybody whose in recovery, and i want to support them and i want to support the hard work they do each and every day and that's look at darren. i'm so proud of him and again, i'm celebrating him, and his voice will go a long way towards helping others too. brian: mary bono helping out and darren waller, stopped here first on route to another season hopefully as successful as the last one. thanks guys appreciate it. i'll hope we got to somebody in talking about it today. >> thank you, brian. >> thanks for having us. brian: meanwhile, big show ahead including senator john kennedy, dan bongino, michael goodwin. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years.
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it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. >> in major cities crime is skyrocketing. >> marijuana disconnected the violent crimes we're seeing in our community. >> safety is priority number one for members of congress but what about you? do you feel safe? >> lawmakers are back in washington after failing to negotiate changes to a voting rights bill. >> what is being cast are completely reprehensible. more today than its ever been. >> minnesota is expressing concerns after she says she was given an equity survey in class >> this made me very nervous
5:01 am
and uncomfortable. >> politics do not belong in our schools. >> more critics piling on to slam hunter biden's sales. >> obviously this is a problem. >> this is a huge ethics problem. >> asking president biden to actually bring back the "made in america" showcase to the white house. >> for me it's important to go and see that type of honor that's taken place. >> ♪ steve: according to the website, which you're looking at there, and the national harbor outside washington, sore 180 feet above the pot om cabbies river, and
5:02 am
experience waiter views of d.c., maryland and virginia heated in comfortable climate controlled g ondollas, and brian suggested that somebody left it turned on. brian: right. steve: it doesn't start official ly until 10:00. rachel: but now it stopped and somebody heard brian. brian: does anyone know who was the last one to work the ferris wheel shift? steve: that be da vinci's dad. brian: [laughter] we no one thing, sadly, when you think of maryland you think of baltimore and when you think of baltimore you think of crime and we've been discussing that last hour but it's about almost every major inner city, and guess whose paying the price for the most part, african americans and hispanic americans have been the victims as well as those who seem to be the ones who are most often associated with these crimes, and you have to wonder, when is it going to stop and i'm getting the sense that even the
5:03 am
administrations seen the polls that reveal that the american people want safety back. steve: well you know and brian, exactly 40 miles from baltimore is washington d.c., and washington d.c. on thursday night, at a very popular night spot had two guys shooting a couple dozen bullets at just willy-nilly a couple of people were hit and people were running for their lives as was the case at the nationals game, the little girl, the six-month old, rather the six-year-old who was shot while strapped in her car seat and then this week in chicago, they had 52, think about this , over the weekend, they had 52 shooting incidents. 70 shooting victims, and 12 people were murdered in cold blood in chicago, and because it happens with such frequency in chicago and elsewhere, nobody is batting an eye. rachel: no one is reporting on it really. steve: it's gang related don't worry about it.
5:04 am
well, 12 people died over the weekend in chicago. rachel: that's right. brian: look at what's happening in new york. you have this video that the nypd released saying listen we're not running from this because at 9:05 in the morning you have a 68- year-old man just get punched out, this isn't actually it, but this is -- rachel: there it is. brian: you see the 68-year-old. that's it, just gets punched out because he was walking along and then he knock him unconscious and guy knocks him unconscious and just robs him, so this is happening at 9:00 in the morning rachel: right. brian: in brooklyn. steve: remember a couple months ago the actor rick moranis was walking on the upper west side and somebody cold cocked him. there's such randomness on this violence and usa today did a poll and it's scary by a margin of 10:1, in detroit, residents are more worried about crime than they are about de
5:05 am
funding the police. rachel: that's right. steve: they want more cops on the streets and then you got a quote from somebody whose a life long resident by the name of cha rlita bell who spoke to usa today and she said it's scary sitting in the house, and when you go outside to the gas station or the score, it's possible somebody will be shooting right next to you, and that's what we're seeing. that guy was just walking along, the guy jumps off the bike, and beats the crap out of him and steals his wallet. you got these people hit randomly, a marine here in time square. and a family leaving a toy store , hit by random gunfire in the heart of new york city. rachel: right. i used to actually my hotel was right near there, and i actually now had to move where i'm staying and it's not just that you're going to for safety reasons, of course by the way just the quality of life in new york city has declined. i've been coming here the last seven years back and forth and i could see the decline. right now you walk out of the studio, i'm sorry, the whole place smells like pot and urine.
5:06 am
it just does. it's just gross, and by the way these policies are not popular with the democrats, with americans, plus not popular with the black residents as you mentioned before. 90% i'm sorry 70% of black democrats in new york city want more cops. 90% of detroit residents want more cops, this whole thing started with aoc with her defund i.c.e. when she was running for office that was her big thing and now it has gone into defund the cops, and yeah, you're right. it's not popular, but the democrats are trying to walk away from it but i don't think it's possible, because they have been sending this message out and villifying cops and creating a culture that's anti-law enforcement for the last year, its been on overdrive. brian: right now new york city saw an increase of 73% to year-to-date. there are 17 mass shootings last week that's four more, and there's 1,400 people were shot last week in america, so this is
5:07 am
pretty prevalent across the country, and here is the problem democrats have. so they ran the george floyd death and then the conviction of chauvin, we got it, we understand how horrendous it was , that's what caused the riots in the streets and now we saw the pullback of cops and defunding of cops happened in minneapolis, los angeles, new york city happened in every major city, now we're seeing crime run rampant and now the democrats go okay, now people want law and order what do i do? blame the gun. blame the gun dealer. that's as far as they will go. send the attorney general out and blame the gun. well no that is not addressing the problem. rachel: they also tried to blame republicans and tried to say oh, you guys don't want to fund cops because they didn't like a bill that there was some funding for states in there. brian: thankfully that didn't get in. rachel: they tried. it doesn't work. steve: that was the coronavirus rescue package. rachel: exactly. steve: republicans voted against and they said today the
5:08 am
republicans voted against funding the police. rachel: trey gowdy who is a former prosecutor and a former congressman is also calling "the hypocrisy on this saying a lot of people who were calling for defund the police and the loudest voices people like corey bush want their own security. take a look. >> do you feel safe? could your neighborhood benefit from greater police presence? is your place of work armed with metal detectors and guard dogs? are the streets you walk and ride down lined with police cars do you have personal security when you travel? i understand full well why members of congress spend money on their personal safety. i just don't understand why some members of congress don't feel the same way about your safety. if their safety is the highest priority, shouldn't your safety be too? steve: absolutely and that's one of the reasons why a brand new
5:09 am
abc news poll shows that people are sick and tired of the crime of what's going on in the southern border and other things and that's why a majority of americans are pessimistic about the future, and then rachel, when you were describing when you walk out on the streets from new york city, you said it smells like? rachel: urine and pot. [laughter] not a great morning show image but it's true. steve: but the pot part is particularly important, because after the shooting in washington d.c. on thursday night, on friday, the chief cop in washington d.c. made a connection that too few leaders in democratic-run towns are doing and that is he finds a direct connection between the violence and pot usage. here is robert conte. >> we have taken on a mindset that marijuana is not really, it's not really a big issue in our city. i can tell you that marijuana undoubtedly is connected to
5:10 am
violent crimes that we're seeing in our community. when you have something where people get high rewards, they can make a lot of money by selling illegal marijuana and the risk is low, the risk for accountability is very low, that creates a very very bad situation because those individuals get robbed. those individuals get shot at. those individuals get involved in disputes, all across our city i'm seeing it happen more and more. steve: and hes not alone. in other cities they're doing it as well but what are they going to do? it's hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube. they've legalized pot in a bunch of places and now they've seen violent crime spike, and they are going to say do you know what we made a mistake. they should, because obviously the chiefs numbers support what he said. rachel: i'm really glad the chief brought this up because it's a very touchy topic , because pot has just been so normalized in our culture, but he brings up the point that there is a nexus between pot and violent crime and it's not just the buying and selling, you know
5:11 am
, it has mental health effects. you have a higher chance of schizophrenia, of having psychosis, there's actual data behind that. people ignore that, and the pot lobby is very powerful. it is very powerful and they're normalizing it with our children if you come out against it you're just an old fuddy duddy. steve: what the chief said, he said look there are people being robbed to buy, to get the money, to buy more pot. brian: right. senator schumer is going to try to make it become legalize it nationally instead of regionally and then that'll make everything -- rachel: it'll be over then. brian: so many people are cash ing in on it now. 11 minutes after the top of the hour the other big story that's out there right now is what's happening, hopefully it's something to do with his talking point see if it can help us. steve: is it from somebody in washington d.c.? brian: so what's happening is these texas democrats picked up and left and didn't really think
5:12 am
out what they were doing and they go to washington and being hailed as heros, at least six had the covid-19 virus and the president of the united states has not met with any of them and this texas richard pena ray and says i'm really just po'd and we even offered to do a zoom call he doesn't want to do it. now why did they leave? because they don't want to give a quorum to the republicans on new voting laws an the pandemic. they don't want to have 24 hour voting. there's almost no 24 hour voting anywhere. they don't want tv drive-thru voting. they don't want pressure from people in a car affecting how you vote unless you're severely handicapped. there's different provisions for that. they don't want unsolicited ballots mailed to people's homes , that was only because of the pandemic. everything else extending the hours, extending the pre- voting all that stuff is there. this thing is without any substance, and now, we see what two democrats flew back last week, one just decided to come back to d.c. the one i spoke to on friday
5:13 am
said that he's talking to republicans. he thinks they can bridge the gap. since that time, radio silence all weekend. steve: yeah, well, one of the two phillip cortez he's the guy who on wednesday said i'm back in texas, i'm negotiat ing with republicans and the democrats in d.c. are going he's not negotiating on our behalf. what democrats did he clear that with and so he took so much heat he has gone back to our nation's capitol but this public relations photo op of there's with the private jets and everything else it has completely backfired between the covid exposure, so many people getting it, exposing the vice president, exposing the speaker of the house, and now, there's so much in-fighting and then i don't know what genius at dallas democrats tweet ed this out, but they said are dems in d.c. said they'd appreciate care packages.
5:14 am
brian: [laughter] steve: before 5:00 tuesday, we're collecting dr. pepper, salsa, hard candy, hair spray. brian: great diet by the way. steve: hand sanitizer, sewing kits, first aid and/or money to pay shipping, thank you. rachel: this is the most tone deaf tweet i've ever seen. steve: absolutely. brian: [laughter] rachel: such a weird tweet, i mean sewing kits? steve: rachel! there's a dr. pepper shortage in washington? go to the machine in your luxury hotel put a dollar in it you'll get a dr. pepper if you leave home for up to a month you should have planned ahead that's the problem. they did not plan ahead. brian: he's fundraising. rachel: why can't they send the salsa. brian: i know they can't get salsa. rachel: what it really tells you is they have nothing to do in d.c. they are sitting around in their hotel and they need chips and
5:15 am
salsa and dr. pepper and by the way, here is the worst part of it. they are all getting an over $200 per diem on top of this , so they are asking for donations for dr. pepper, sewing kits, and salsa, but they are also getting per diem. brian: and hard candy? can't you get that in the bathroom attendant? it's little hard candies there. it's an incentive. steve: all right, fine. so, in response to that particular tweet, somebody who observed that said this. they can all have their basic needs met when they go back to texas and get sent to jail. the audacity of these people to ask for handouts when there are americans struggling is audaciou s. rachel: no salsa in jail though. brian: i did not know that. rachel: [laughter] i can confirm. brian: definitely, um -- steve: we needed a youtube moment for today. here is the governor talking about how, what they are trying to do there is being miss
5:16 am
categorized. >> this is the same president who called me a neanderthal. now he is invoking jim crow. anybody who says this is a jim crow law there are no jim crow laws or they don't know what's going on in the state of texas. in fact, texas passed a voter id law a few years ago and they said the same thing, voter supreme court president suppression, and it's easier today than its ever been for people of color and all texans to be able to cast a vote and so what is being cast by the president of the united states are completely reprehensible and it shows the american people that the president of the united states is willing to lie about what's going on to try to get his way. rachel: that's right they are lying about that bill and in fact when they pass that voter i d law in texas, voting among minorities actually increased, so this is a complete lie, and the president is saying that it's jim crow, and we know that it is not racist to ask people to have an id or to
5:17 am
takeaway some of these provision s that were put in place because of covid, and they want to nationalize them. brian: they want to nationalize the election and if they can create a situation where they have no choice and you heard senator warner yesterday. he's like well, i'm a moderate, i'm a businessman, the filibuster, senator schumer never should have blown it up a couple years ago it was democrat s fault but this voting thing, i am for provision where we are going to simple 51 votes, pass that for the people act. really? you have to do it desperately? because if 24 hour voting and drive-thru voting and what they did in georgia, i mean, that's ridiculous, but they want to create an urgency. steve: and they got an ambitious agenda, unfortunately for the democrats a lot of that stuff isn't going to pass and they know it and that's they're getting to the desperate stage. all right, 17 minutes after the top of the hour on this very busy monday, and jillian joins us once again. jillian: that's right good morning let's begin with a fox news alert because a deputy is killed and at least one other
5:18 am
injured during an hours-long standoff in california. kern county sheriff's deputy phillip campus a marine veteran was shot while trying to free hostages a gunman was holding inside a home. two injured people were found inside the home. no word on the extent of their injuries. >> let's take you to a live look at the white house where hundreds of cuban americans are rallying to demand action against the country's communist government. >> cuban people need help. we need an intervention. we are here to let him know we're fighting for our freedom. this administration has went way too low and their silence speaks volumes. jillian: speakers are scheduled to take the stage at 12:30 senator marco rubio, congressman dan crenshaw and maria salazar are among gop lawmakers set to deliver remarks. >> first it was extreme heat. now the tokyo olympics are bracing for an incoming typhoon. torrential rain and winds reaching as high as 56 miles per
5:19 am
hour are expected tomorrow. archery, rowing and sailing already adjusted their schedules and no other changes are expected. meantime, team usa bringing home america's first two top medals in fencing, but the men's basketball team falling to france in their olympic opener it's the team's first olympic loss since 2004. katie ladecky battling her way to the silver in the 400-meter freestyle and the mens team taking gold in the freestyle relay this as the u.s. softball team stays undefeated with another walk-off win and team usa trailing china in total medals so far. brian: by just one right and then japan is third we'll see what happens. no fans, the japanese don't want it happening, toyota doesn't want to sponsor but the games are going on. steve: haven't seen one second of it. rachel: i don't think a lot of people have seen it. jillian: the lowest ratings in 33 years. brian: i have a question.
5:20 am
synchronized diving are they looking at each other or just doing their own thing? jillian: you should try it and then tell us. brian: they look at each other. i know i can't do it. steve: it involves peripheral vision. brian: if you'll keep spinning i'll keep spinning. rachel: you know this from experience, also that ratings number, that ratings number, the lowest in 33 years was from opening ceremony. steve: that's right but here is the thing. jillian: for usa. steve: we've got like 50 million more americans i think the low number is based on the fact there were fewer americans. jillian: less viewership. steve: nobody is watching. brian: meanwhile joe biden's inaugural message was loud and clear. >> the way of unity, for without unity, there is no peace and unity is the path forward.
5:21 am
unity. unity. brian: but did a broken record become a broken promise? our next guest says the president has not practiced what he preached. michael goodwin coming up really soon. >> ♪
5:22 am
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5:26 am
fear, of unity, not division, of light, not darkness. unity is the path forward. unity. unity. steve: you get the idea president biden vowed unity in his inaugural address just about six months ago. there, on the front face of the capitol, has he kept his word? new york post columnist michael goodwin argues biden's hopeful message has been left behind, he joins us right now. hey, michael what happened to that guy who was talking about unity and healing and it sounded so optimistic and now fast forward to now, and there's a new poll that's just come out. a majority of americans are pessimistic about the direction of the country given crime and what's going on on our southern border and gun violence. we don't like what we're seeing. >> good morning to you. you know the inaugural address is unique in the sense that the
5:27 am
president gets to pick what it is he wants to devote his presidency to and how he wants to define his presidency before the desk gets cluttered with everything all the bucks stopping there, and so i thought it was a good time six months into the administration to go back and review that speech and see how it holds up in terms of what has happened since, and there's not a single instance that i can see where joe biden has made a real attempt to heal this nation. he's the one who said it needed healing and needed unity and he would do it but i can't find a single instance where he did that. in fact, his policies, his agenda, everything he has said, everything he has done, is quite partisan, extremely so in many cases. it's racialized and it's radical ized, and so i don't know if there was any sincerity in that initial idea. i think it wasn't a great teach
5:28 am
but not a bad idea for a president to begin trying after the divisions after the heated election, after the january 6 riot. it's not a bad thing to try, but he never tried. he preached it but he didn't practice it. steve: you know and michael, he ran as a moderate, and you know, he was being presented by people on television as look, he's not as far out to the left as bernie and some of the others, so he's our best hope. okay, so he's elected. he's not a moderate to your point. so in majority it of his policies and the things he is pursuing, they are so far out to the left, mainstream america can't get behind it. >> well and that's the point of the headline, really, isn't it? that all these things were left behind. that he gave up everything to the left, and so you have these trillion dollar packages, one after another, multi trillion dollar packages. you have this , the whole of
5:29 am
government approach in trying to racialize the country from the department of justice suing georgia over its voting law, you have the military trying to indoctrinate soldiers in the black lives matter theories. you have the department of agriculture trying to help only black farmers. you have critical race theory being supported by the department of education and then you have anthony blinken, the secretary of state, inviting the united nations to come and judge america on race and human rights issues. i mean, these are extraordinary things that are, by definition, deadvice ever so i'm not sure what joe biden is thinking, perhaps the goal here is simply to defeat the filibuster and to try to enrage so many americans that you can get support for defeating the filibuster and then you could ram everything through with the 50/50 senate but otherwise it doesn't make any sense about what he's up to. steve: yeah, no kidding.
5:30 am
read all about it, in the pages of the new york post online, new michael thank you very much for joining us on this monday. >> my pleasure, thank you, steve. steve: thank you, sir. coming up the surprising conclusion the left wing media reaches as hunter biden apparently is going to try to sell art to anonymous buyers. dan bongino joins us next as calls grow for transparency from the bidens. >> ♪ so, you have diabetes, here are some easy rules. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes.
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jillian: welcome back we have a fox news alert a missing montana firefighter battling the granite pass complex fire has been found safe. that person went missing yesterday morning activating a ground and air search. meanwhile california's dixie fire merged with a smaller fire and destroyed multiple homes. the golden state's largest wildfire is 21% contained. >> overnight israel says it struck a hamas military base in response to arson balloon launch es just hours prior. it comes two months after an 11- day war between israel and hamas. the islamic group reportedly lashing out over delays and negotiations over financial aid and their blockade of gaza but
5:35 am
the idf not backing down tweet ing, "we will continue to respond to any terror attempt from gaza." >> president biden gets a push to highlight american products at the white house, an army vet and business owner wrote a letter to the president xiing him to bring back trump's made in america showcase. listen. >> for me it's important, you know, as a business owner, as a veteran, to go and see that type of honor that's taken place, where companies are wanting to build the infrastructure in america instead of outsourcing. jillian: waynes business, red line steel represented alabama at the showcase in 2019. finally meghan markle and prince harry's daughter is finally added to the royal line of succession. she is now eighth in line for the throne. her spot was filled by prince andrew up until this weekend and this comes amid high tension between the duke and dutchess of sussex and the palace.
5:36 am
brian: a live look at the white house where cuban americans are rallying to demand action from the biden administration against the communist regime. dan bongino is the host of "un filtered" and canceled in the usa on fox nation right now. dan? are you surprised this opening for the president of the united states that he's choosing not to run through it? a chance for the first time in 50 years to get a communist regime out of cuba. >> brian, this is the biggest bunt in american political history. it's a bunt. not the cake like my big fat greek wedding, a bunt, like a baseball bunt. the cuban government kills and tortures people, has impoverished this great nation of people down there, just 90 miles from key west, right? and tortured them, beaten them, politically imprisoned them for decades. you finally have again some semblance of a freedom movement, people speak out and what do you hear from the white house? it took them what, five days to
5:37 am
say hey, you know, political torture, beatings, communism, death and destruction, maybe that's a bad idea. five days? it took you five days? and then the democrats, brian, outside of the white house. you've had other democrats who lie for the cuban regime. oh, it's due to the embargo, they are protesting the embargo. they are? because i speak a little spanish it's not great but a little spanish and they are saying i'm reasonably, i got my podcast, that's liberty, right? yeah, he speaks spanish. that means liberty. they are right here. he can translate. they aren't saying, you know, we need more food. we need medicine all although they do. they are saying liberty, but the reason aoc and others aren't speaking out here and lying about what they are saying liberty, is because they are socialists. they love socialism. it's as simple as that. don't overcome placate indicated
5:38 am
brian: remember the obama policy was reassure approachment and they wanted to engage and the people in charge of that policy are in the policy department leading the charge, cuba and the biden administration, this guy juan gonzalez emily mandrella, but listen to this , dan. imagine if cuba had a representative government and think about what they are doing in venezuela. think about what they are doing in bolivia and look at the acts and the fact that it is a outlet for china, and for russia. all that be gone. that's an opportunity you'd think he'd run through but let's pivot. let's pivot to hunter biden. turns out even cnn has a problem with this rookie artist and meeting with potential buyers, that could be paying him up to $500,000. listen. >> i find it hard to believe that there is any such thing as a blind sale when you're purchasing art from the
5:39 am
president's son. >> democrats are in this conundrum of trying to say defend what hunter biden is doing when they've spent the past few years very much criticizing former president trump. >> this is a huge ethics problem and optics. brian: they see a problem. the obama administration saw a problem when he was with barisma is he trolling us? is hunter trolling us or his dad? >> they have to laughing at us. they have to be sitting in the movie theatre in the white house going you know, guys? there's drifting and then look at these idiots like look how we suckered these american people. i got to tell you i didn't really think about it that way, brian before the segment. i think you're on to something. i think they are trolling us. they have to be openly mocking us seriously if there was a major league baseball of this , this guy is the mvp of the league. i mean talk about it and you wonder to yourself, do they think this thing through? like if i'm china right now, i
5:40 am
get some ccp associated wets it businessman to overpay for a painting. i then leak it to the american media, and cause like a geo political incident. but of course, because the biden family is too stupid to figure that out or they are trolling us, you maybe right. they just don't seem to care. they are either too dumb or laughing at us. brian: absolutely, dan and it's i think it's really important to understand this is just the beginning and by the way wendy sherman the number two diplomat just got be rated in china overnight and she's representing our country so that's really going well. dan we're going to listen to your radio show from 12-3:00 today and not only that we're going to watch it on fox nation, so we can do both that'll be great. >> right after your show, thanks buddy. brian: right absolutely dan bongino, thanks so much. meanwhile straight ahead a new senate report revealing biden's botched border budget as he blows $2 billion, to halt construction on the wall. senator john kennedy on deck as
5:41 am
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. brian: take a look at this. footage captured by fox news shows bus loads of migrants getting dropped off at bus stations in mcallen, texas. rachel: this amid reports authorities are struggling to keep up with a backlog of migrants entering the u.s.. steve: well, our correspondent rich edson is live in la joya texas with a closer look at what's going on behind him. rich? reporter: hey, good morning, steve, rachel and brian. we've got the busiest sector in the southwest border right here. this is the rio grande valley, customs and border protection says they apprehended about 60,000 migrants alone in this sector, and it's on pace to be an even busier month this month in july. this is a tweet from the chief
5:46 am
border patrol agent here. he says, "it's the hottest part of the summer and apprehensions are skyrocketing." u.s. border patrol apprehension surpassed the 1 million milestone in june. this week alone, rio grande valley apprehended more than 20,000 illegally present migrants and texas state officials are stepping in arresting migrants themselves. >> the biden administration plan is to catch and release. the texas plan is to catch and to jail. we had to open up a former prison that has now 1,000 jail beds that we're starting to fill up. we arresting people every single day. reporter: now, many of those arrests are about 300 miles up the rio grande river from here because state and local officials have the authority to arrest people for trespassing, so they need cooperation from local land owners and law enforcement. some officials in this area argue they don't have the authority to arrest migrants
5:47 am
because that is the federal government' responsibility. overall though here last month, you've got customs and border protection saying they apprehended about 18 8,000 people. that be the busiest month in about 21 years. back to you. steve: all right rich, we thank you very much for joining us now from the border. let's bring in louisiana senator john kennedy. he's joining us from louisiana on this monday. senator good morning. >> good morning. steve: well you look at what's going on on our southern border. back in march, joe biden when he was trying to explain why so many people were surging in january and february and march, he said you know, that's just what happens during winter months when it's cooler. we have so many people coming through, and now we're in the summer months and we've got much bigger numbers of people coming through, so obviously, the president's logic on cooler weather, hotter weather, not completely accurate. >> well i think that's true,
5:48 am
and i don't think the biden administration has ever told the truth about the border. i read the article about president biden, biden's decision to pay the contractors $2 billion not to build a wall, not to finish the wall, and here is my conclusion about that. what do you call a genius in president biden's homeland security department? a visitor. brian: [laughter] >> what he's doing is a crime against nature and intelligence, for two reasons. number one, it's an obscene waste of taxpayer money. senate republicans are scrambl ing right now to pass an infrastructure bill that's paid for. we could use this $2 billion that he is wasting, that would
5:49 am
overlay about 1,600 miles of four-lane highways. number two, border walls in terms of border security are a fat guy layup. there's a reason that saudi arabia has a 500-mile border wall with iraq. there's a reason that israel has a 400-mile border wall in its country. there's a reason that there's a border wall between north and south korea. there's a reason that france has a border wall and bulgaria. border walls work and we've had a border wall for 30 years in america. every president since then has supported it including president obama and president clinton, except president biden. i think the conclusion is almost inescapable, folks, that president biden believes in open
5:50 am
borders. brian: yeah, he voted for it when in 2006, there's no doubt about it would help so now we paid this money, now we're going to pay $2 billion to store or destroy a wall that we need. its all been because he doesn't like president trump and i think it's the anti-leadership everything you don't want in a president. >> well i think it's also an indication that let's be honest, president biden didn't tell the american people the truth when he was running. he believes in open borders and he believes the border is a nuisance that vetting people at the border is racist, he thinks anybody ought to be able to come into america. since president biden has been in office, 1 million people have come into america from the southern border and don't have the slightest idea who they are. steve: we know who you are senator kennedy thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you.
5:51 am
steve: all right coming up on this monday, battling woke story time, how a new publishing company aims to keep social justice from creeping into the kids books. >> ♪ i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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steve: two words she's back. dana: we have a different setup and here is the breaking news. my feet can reach the floor now. so we're going to have a great week. bill: victory. dana: we'll see you at the top of the hour. rachel: well, my feet is touching the ground too i'm just as short as dana. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> janice: hi, rachel and high to my friends in texas, wave my friends in texas as we go to the maps, here in new york city, temperatures in the 70s but it's pretty hot and humid out here so feels a little i don't know where my maps went there they are, 77 here in new york, 76 kansas city we do have shower s and thunderstorms across the southeast, and then across the four corne as well where flash flooding is going to be a concern not only today but throughout the work week. this is monsoon season for them, also, showers, thunderstorms, maybe some of those turning severe across the upper midwest
5:56 am
including minneapolis, and the great lakes. that's going to move in tomorrow heat advisory for the central u.s. because it's summertime so it's going to feel like 90, 100 degrees across portions of the plain states into the mississippi river valley. all right, my friend rachel, back to you. rachel: thank you, janice. all right well, a new publishing company wants to keep social justice out of story time. brave books launches this week with a book highlighting the ongoing debate around gender identity. the author, ashley st. clair, joins me, along with brave books ceo trent talbot. trent, ashley welcome. first of all i love this idea of conservatives not complaining and just creating their own cultural echosystem. ash i'll start with you what's been the reaction to your book from parents and kids? >> its been mostly wonderful and obviously there's a few people who are like why do we need this? and the answer is obviously we
5:57 am
are trying to combat things like the gay-bc's, anti racist baby, the obama is creating a new children's series on netflix so i thought it was time conservatives did something to fight back in terms of the culture war. rachel: yeah, trent it's interesting you start brave publishing this new publishing company, trent, and i was at the bookstore not long ago, it was during june, it was during pride month a whole kiosk devoted to gay books, the gay-bc's other things that i saw on the shelf. so you can publish ashley's book but then how do you get that kind of distribution and even that attention inside the bookstores, because we know those are really important for pushing and promoting the books like where the placement is, for example, of the book. >> yeah. well, hi, rachel thank you so much for having us. rachel: of course. >> unfortunately the bookstores and amazon they maybe lost, and which we anticipate that there's
5:58 am
a risk that we maybe canceled at some point which is why we're doing it all on our own website and doing our own fulfillment, so yeah. i don't think we have a great shot of getting in the bookstore s, but they can definitely come to our website, bravebooks.u.s.. rachel: let me read you an an excerpt, culture who is a vulcan curriculum in the story, it's whatever you feel. it's only your feelings that show what is real. now is the time that your bird life commenced. it's the only thing that seems to make sense. here is what you need. a beak and some wings. take them, a bird needs these things. and so then later on in the book , then he says i was right from the first tricky culture was funny. i'm no more bird than he is a bunny, my life is not just about how i feel. i can sing as an elephant now that's what is real. what's the message you want to send to children with this book?
5:59 am
>> the message we want to send to kids is just because you may feel a certain way, you may like to do things that are more tom boyish or whatever but that doesn't mean that you need to go through gender transitioning surgery or what have you, hormone replacement therapy. these extreme measures that someone on the left want kids to take that are in in irreversible rachel: trent as a parent i'm really concerned so many of these topics are just not even what kids, it's being pushed on them or not even what kids want things that are so age inappropriate. i'm glad the book is out there but sad we have to talk about it and we can't just focus on abc's and fun sort of stories that are whimsical. >> yes, i mean, rachel, you as a mother of nine, know more than anybody that our kids are exposed to -- rachel: ray way too much. we're closing up we just ran out
6:00 am
of time but brave books and ashley's book as well, elephants are not birds. thank you both for joining us. steve: and we can confirm that elephants are not birds. rachel: they are not. brian: steve you see what happens i leave for a second i get all rachel's stuff on my seat. it's totally wrong. how dare you. steve: look out she's back tomorrow. brian: oh, no. oh, no.


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