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tv   Canceled in the USA  FOX News  July 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ones that say, oh. we're defending democracy, too much. tammy, great to see you, thank you all of you for joining us, see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. dan: good evening, i am dan bongino welcome to canceled in the usa, based on my 5 part series based right now on "fox nation," you have seep headlines of cancer culture take downs of high profiled targets, people like me in the arena, we know we're being watched. we know the flack is come, we not only ones to get canceled, most tragic stories about regular folks whoen to live in the spotlight -- don't live in
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the spotlight, people's whose lives are shattered by enemies they don't know they had. we start with one such story, entrepreneur sam johnson worked his way up to become ceo of a medical company in franklin tennessee. that particular even, my son and his girlfriend were available, i invitedded them to dinner around 5:00. dan: at that moment, two teenagers, were getting dressed for dalton's prom. >> a senior at franklin, i am in college, i met him when i had just started college, he just started senior year. he met on-line. >> i was going through tiktok, a guy with the same dress was on it he was doing some tiktok dance, and how good he looked, i knew, i like that dress, i think i would look good in it.
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i put it on, i knew that is what i had to wear. dan: jacob, dalton and their friends went to take preprom photos at the hotel where sam was sitting down to eat. >> a group of teens walked in dressed for prom. >> in our group there was 15, but 50 individual groups that were there. >> we were there to enjoy ourselves and have a peaceful dinner, then this invaded our peace and quiet. dan: he said the boys were loud and obnoxious. >> i am sure we were loud no one was cussing. dan: some got up to use the bathroom. >> i remember, when i came back, i mentioned to chaperone, do you think you might be able to get the group to tame it down a bit,
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she replied they are just kids having fun. dan: at that point. >> a couple of students, one in a bright red dress made a comment to effect of, why are you looking at me like that i asked a request in return, why are you wearing a red dress. dan: the boys insist johnson approached them. >> he asked me, what are you wearing, i thought it was a joke, i said what i want to i'm wearing a dress, he said why did you choose to wear, that i said is there a problem, he said yes, you have hair on your chest. dan: johnson denies saying that. at-this-point, he pulled out his phone. >> he smacked my phone out of my hand, it hit the concrete.
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>> that is false. there was a lot of chaos, they were emotional. if he dropped his phone, it fell. i don't have any knowledge of that. >> everyone was looking at us, i was screaming and telling this man to stop harassing me. >> i went to pick up my phone and record. >> that is the moment in time the mood shot through the roof. dan: you know what happened then. >> do you think he looks gross? >> what you see on video is me trying to stay calm, me being mad with comments that i was not thinking. verbage i would not have said. and thing trying to bait or encourage to that language, and move myself to restaurant door where we were seated. >> johnson smiled uncomfortably
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and said what he thought. >> you look like -- >> like what? >> i could have said things better, but i don't regret saying it. >> he called my a bitch, i knew the conversation was over, those types of words don't have effect on me. dan: johnson didn't just walk away. >> i made a mistake. >> you look like an idiot. dan: you heard that right. >> never crossed my mind something so mild would impact my career. dan: too late to take it back. the prom growers could not believe johnson could say such a thing, chaos erupted, hotel staff intervened. and to calm things down they asked sam johnson to leave. >> i went to a different restaurant up the street and had dinner there. dan: the teenagers headed to
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social media. >> i posted it to tiktok. not thinking it would go this far. after prom, about 3,000 views. we were like okay. that was fun. we'll see where it goes. >> someone i was with at restaurant, i came back to the table, he said dad you realize that is going viral, i chuckled it you of that -- did not think much, it did not sink in until following day. dan: his picture was all over the internet and his name. >> i text made family, i said, just so you are aware, may see things to local media, i made a comment to a student about a rid dress. i damage think anything of it -- i didn't think anything of it, i thought it would blow over the next day. dan: comedian kathy griffin noticed that video and retweeted it about it really took off.
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>> worth noting cancellers have come after griffin in 2017, after she posed with a faux severed head of donald trump. >> i apologize, i am just now seeing react. dan: she lost a lot of work and unapologized. >> by the way, i take the apology back. dan: the experience did not stop griffin from taking up the torch against the unknown ceo from franklin, tennessee, he brought sam's employer and his wife into it. tweeting: dan: famous he became. griffin was not only celebrity who drew attention to it star of hit show pose, billy porter got
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in. and patricia arquette comments, shame on him. >> having that celebrity helped get to point where hopefully he is having realization because of the consequences he might not have learned anything but i think that is when it took off when the celebrities. dealt with it understood it. dan: dalton tweeted. that is johnson's -- messaged him. hope love all the fame, the video kept wracking up views. >> i saw a text from my family saying, dad, have you seen the activity on twitter. started doing searches on the local media. my name was everywhere. i went to church like i normally do, thought, it would blow over,
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still, i thought, they don't have the real story, this is just a teenager that was going to prom. and did something outlandish. dan: stan's pastor had his own brush with cancel culture. >> we get to the root. it and i'm going to accuse you and condemn you, i'm never going to allow you to be forgiven, redeemed or saved from mistakes you made. >> he advised johnson to stay home. as the attacks poured in. >> messages were bigot, homophobe, you wait gay people, and death threats and physical arm. dan: cathy griffin's army of cancellers moved up the ladder to johnson's board of directors. that afternoon, sunday april 25,
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just one day after his encounter the phone rang. >> from the chairman of the board, said we need to talk to but something. they had been targeted on their social accounts linked in, by messages people were posting video. and commenting, hateful things to them. i felt supported, i felt they thought it was the ridiculous there was concern about the volume of messages and types of messages they were getting. dan: board backed their ceo but cancel army kept attacking. they started going after the company's major client. >> i got word from my coo one of the large of customers we had was waiting actively for an answer on what they were going to do about this they were an active target by celebrities to
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post my video and my story to their public accounts, it was not until maybe 4:00 on monday afternoon, they did place an official call to me. and apologize profusely, they had to do this. but it was a move they had to make. for reasons of customer pressure. that was the ultimate pressure point they could not solve any other way. >> cancel culture took down another victim. >> i lost my job, and my know ir an unvalid reason. >> to the boys it was deserved. >> i am not mad he got fired, i think he got what he deserves. dan: experience weighs on sam. >> it feels very unfair, like a
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monsoon of unwanted and unnecessary attention you can't escape, you feel swallowed by it, it feels very hateful, and very much threatening to your future. i take great care to be loving, caring, respectful. human being, and never crossed my mind this could happen to me, it was so bizarre. >> times are changing, people are changing, get with it or shut up. >> two days after calling a young man in a dress an idiot, sam johnson, ceo, christian, father of 4, soon to be grand father was canceled. >> next, cancel culture comes to a part of america that was fun could hollywood and entertainment industry.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. dan: welcome back to "fox nation" resents, canceled in the usa. in good times or bad times, entertainment industry used to be a place where people could escape from politics, no longer. it is hard to find a place where cancel culture has had a greater
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foothold, in hollywood, woke means no one saying they are sorry. >> long time bachelor host, chris harrison, possibly taking another hit from cancel culture. >> i am chris harrison. dan: after 19 years of hosting the hit series, chris harrison came under fire, one of the show contestant attended a out old antebellum party in 2018, not that uncommon, they just wanted to wear southern belle dresses, not promote slavery, they did nothing wrong by attending the party still harrison was asked about the photos. >> we need to have grace and understanding and compassion, my guess, they got dressed up and went to a party had a great time, they were 18 years old, does it make it okay, i don't know? a simple appeal, for woke moms
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from is no room for, that, he had to apologize to extends grace to someone deemed a racist, he posted on instragram, i realize that i have done has caused harm by wrongly speaking in a manner that perpetuates racism for that i am sorry, the interview, harrison daring to explain how he felt was unacceptable. >> he had the audacity to question me. during that he talked over me and at me. >> is it not a good look. >> he was interviewed by michael strahan. >> i am i'mer fec -- imperfect. i'm saddened and shocked at how incentive i was, i stabbed again all forms of racism, i am sorry
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to the black community. >> saddened and shocked for sending grace to a girl who wore a hoop dress at a party when she was 18, give me a break. apology not accepted. bachelor partied ways with its long time host. -- parted ways with its long time host. chris harrison was canceled for allegedly being soft on racism. >> if you are not woke, you are on the wrong side of things, people are associate being woke with being right. and righteous. >> apologies could be over the top, elie had to apologize for something she did when she was 19. >> disposable cameras are fun, it seems wasteful. >> actress known for playing quirky aaron on the office,
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before getting her own show. >> did i just watch you do drugs with a junkyard elmo. dan: everyone loved her, but then photos appeared of elie in a 1999 beauty pageant, started more than a century earlier by veterans of the confederacy. the cancel brigade went on the attack, she said she didn't know anything about history of pageant but stated: dan: all over her wanting to look pretty when she was a teenager. >> popular comedian kevin hart got in trouble, initially
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prefused to say he was sorry -- refused to say he was sorry. >> he was bowing out after controversial tweets of gay people resurfaced, the academy gave him an option to car, apolr step down. >> he said apologize from tweets of old, or move on. my tweet was 2009. i those to pass. dan: pressure mounted. hart caved in issuing his apology, tweeting, i am sorry i hurt people, i am evolving and want to continue to do so. >> i want you to host the oscars. dan: ellen had kevin on her show, stepped his apology and said she wanted him to apologize. >> you are apologizing again, you have done it, don't let
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those people win, host. dan: for that. ellen herself faced backlash. having gone through the ringer and experience insanity of cancer culture, hart seems to view things differently saying in a interview, he had it with cancel culture, cancellers came after a cartoon character. >> get out and come again. dan: indian-american comedian, made a whole documentary about his frustrations with apu as stereotype, the man who voiced apu hank azaria re. >> that role but he continues to play dr. nic. >> and the slack jawed.
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>> cartoon addressed controversy. >> something that started decades ago was applauded is now politically incorrect, what can you do. >> with that, apu was canceled. >> even talking about cancel culture. adam carolla was on host an, vent with a noted conservative on left strangle hold on free speech, i funny thing happened at california state university. >> we had a date at csun it was cap sold last minute, we were there to talk about cancel culture. dan: it proved adam carolla -- >> it always makes me laugh. when are your thesis is validate in the process of trying to
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validate your thesis, if anyone had an employee and they go, i go to let you go, because your attitude is bad. they go screw you, [bleep], you go. yes, this is what i'm talking about. dan: what show could never be made today? find out in my 5 part series on fox nation. after the break. a tweet about breakfast got her marked a racist by lunch, canceled before dinner, you won't believe this only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪
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those * welcome to fox news live. i'm marianne rafferty. many parents are choosing to home cool their kids as the nation faces another covid surge. the rate of households home schooling their children rose to 11% last september. hope schooling rates rose from 3% in the spring of 2020 to 16% last fall. most covid numbers are being reported in parts of australia bringing hope to the end of lockdowns. but officials are worried after
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thousands of people joined an anti-lockdown protest that those numbers may soon rise. australia has kept its coronavirus numbers low. i'm marianne rafferty. usa withn bongino. dan: how does to feel to get canceled out of the blue? let's go to maryland suburbs, an aspiring novelist natasha tynes is about to find out. >> i was working on marketing, i was e-mailing, bloggers, and i got ready for work, made my kids lunch for school. then drove to dc metro. dan: there was a delay. >> my pet peeve, always an issue with dc metro, they keep increasing fares, that is part
10:31 pm
of the dc culture, everyone comments about it and criticizes them it part of the discussion that happened in dc. dan: she never thought he it following to detonate an explosion. she was annoyed to see a train worker breaking metro rule. >> another dc metro employee in uniform, came barging in the car with a big little bit of food -- little bit plate of food, i said wait, a few years ago, i was eating a banana on the platform, i was yelled at by a dc metro employee, she made me throw the banana in the trash. dan: natasha tynes called out the worker. >> i said you are eating on the train, we're not supposed to, everyone knows that, her
10:32 pm
reaction was like. mind your own business. worry about yourself, i was upset how she talked to me. >> 9:10, natasha tynes dashed off a angry tweet. >> i said, dc metro you are not following your own rules, i took her picture, i wanted evidence i was not lying. their response was thank you, they thanked me and acknowledged that their employee was violating the rules. please tell us when it happened. dan: the moment of vindication was give way to tweeters remorse. >> it happened -- >> the minute i sent it out, i said wait, did i jeopardize that woman's job. >> natasha tynes rushed to the office with an army of twitter trolls amassed against her.
10:33 pm
>> had a meeting at 10:00 a.m., the phone kept buzzing. what is going on. >> mob came after natasha tynes because the metro employee was black. natasha tynes, an immigrant from jordan. >> things turned into a race issue. a race issue, wait, what is go on, who brought race in here? dan: her breakfast tweet went viral before lunch. >> all of these big influence in african-american community started telling me about black women, i was like what? how did this student into this. the idea of -- highway did thisn into this. the idea of me pointing her out because she was african-american abserred. absurd. dan: they found out about her upcoming novel. >> they were at publisher.
10:34 pm
it exploded. dan: her publisher sent her an e-mail, subject, apology. >> we should acknowledge how hurtful antiblackness if any form. natasha tynes focused on. >> we have your back. we love you, you are great. we'll handle it. don't worry about it. dan: 16 minutes later, natasha tynes apologized and tweeted her post, but cancellers are not easily appeased, natasha tynes was learning they did not accept her apology. as nasty tweets kept coming, pressure ramped up on her publisher. >> they had to show the audience they don't want to associate themselves with this racists author. like i am infecting on everyone.
10:35 pm
>> what happened next too inevitable. publisher put out a statement canceling natasha tynes' book contract and calling her tweet, quote. truly horrible. >> i started hyper ventilating, i have to hide. i really come from a very humme- humble background, i came to the country with nothing, no job, no car, with nothing, i fell i made it. i just collapsed and i started crying. i told my husband, please take me on the er, i'm having a nervous break down. i didn't feel there is much hope left. >> is there any hope for a nation that embraces cancel culture? how did it get this way? we report to where it started, college campus, next on "fox nation" presents, canceled in nation" presents, canceled in the
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dan: imagine a lab experimenting with a dangerous virus, if it escaped it could affect a popular, it not wuhan it is wokeness, the lab and the american college campus. >> i have been considered a provocative thinker and write sneer carol swain became a political science professor at vanderbilt, a new years back she was horrified when muslim terrorist opened fire on a french satire call newspaper. carol swain wrote an op-ed. >> i just sat down.
10:41 pm
i wrote it from my heart, i was emotional, when i wrote it, i wrote it as a warning for americans, until that time, i saw them as people of the boong, the book.we had so much in comm. dan: she realized islam is not like other religion in u.s. >> it struck me, islam was different. if we didn't do something different in america it posed a threat to us, i knew the day after the article was published based on the reaction this was different, not like anything else that i had written. i was unprepared for what i experienced. >> it swept across vanderbilt, she seems to have victimized the entire campus. >> a protest, i protest against
10:42 pm
my bigotry and hatred. that was stunning. i experienced a lots of harassment. the next day, the students were saying, we're afraid of professor swain's followers, and e-mail to students if they were experiencing any stress, if they could -- there was op-ed pieces written, that i had filled campus with terror. i was a fundamentalist person, and i hated muslims and i hated gays and lesbians and i was a threat to their safety, it was so false, everyone knew it was false. dan: truth is no defense when cancellers lock on to you. >> it was a petition to have me first fired. then students figured out i could not be fired, i had tenure, then suspended, we can't
10:43 pm
have her suspend, then to undergo mandatory sensitivity training, i posted something like only an idiot would think a 62-year-old black woman would benefit from sensitivity training, i found myself in depression, in bed, in fetal position, sobbing. i discovered i was not so tough. >> after 20 years carol swain retired from her position at vanderbilt. i had done well in academia, i came so far from poverty, only thing i knew how to do was be a university professor, i fill universities were no longer marketplaces of ideas but more of indoctrination factories to me that is a loss to our
10:44 pm
society. dan: coming up, the france the r debate, what the cancellers won't let you know.
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what you are allowed to say or hear, next store about a book on transgender people that cancelers don't want you to read. >> you -- what convinced me to write a book when i first encountered individual whose transitions then what is detransitioned. >> brian anderson author of when harry met sally. >> the stories were tragic. dan: his book got off to a promising start. >> comes out in february of 2018, we're happy with the sales it gets good reviews in conservative press. dan: new york times and "washington post" did not like it, but they didn't try to cancel it. when harry became sally became a bestseller, paper back edition
10:50 pm
in 2018, 3 days later, he received a perplexing call. >> someone reached out saying, am trying to buy your book, i can't find it on amazon, i thought it was a technical glitch, i pulled out the amazon app, the hard cover is gone, the used copies are no longer there they disappeared the book, after 3 years of selling it. >> tragic trans tales could no longer be told, seems only stories that affirm the trans experience are allowed. >> all of a sudden it now violates their contend policy, they didn't notify us about it until we reached out the them. dan: why would amazon ban anderson's book and continued to sell hitler's book? republican senators fired off a let demanding answers from
10:51 pm
amazon. >> they repeated over again, amazon made a decision to not sell brooks that bring lgbtq identities as mental illness. dan: his book does not do that he took pains to not issue it that way. >> i refused to use that in the book. it is fascinating amazon accused me of doing something that i intentionally did not do, they use that as a way to justify not selling the book. dan: there is much more in my 5 part series now streaming on fox nation. canceled in the usa. canceled in the usa. when we come bark, when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life, including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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dan: so scary about the woke mob, how often you don't see them coming. final story about a football
10:56 pm
coach. blind sided by cancelers. >> i grew up in a football family. my dad was in nfl for 40-something years, i knew nothing another than football. that is what we grew up as, wanting to be football players. dan: he was living his dream as offensive coordinator for illinois state university red bird, he said players started joining black lives matter movement. >> they saw what was going on, they jumped on board, they wanted to be part of a protest for black lives matter, theirony on-- their only way to stand up for it was to boycott practice. >> the players at that time were in control, they had the coaches. on the run, saying, if you don't do this, we'll quit. >> a package arrived at team
10:57 pm
office. >> a stack of black lives matter posters in the secretary's front desk. they had images of some red birds, illinois state players, i looked, i said what is this doing here, someone put one on my door. i thought it was a joke, i took it down. put it behind my desk. dan: he put up a message of his own. >> i got the poster off the floor. and wrote, all the lives matter to our lord and savior jesus christ, i put it on my door. dan: it got him in trouble. >> next morning, i came in. one of the coaches came in. he said, coach, can i talk with you. very next morning the coach said, we'll make a change. i don't like the direction of
10:58 pm
the offense. and i was taken off guard, he said you need to pack up your office, good luck you can go back to your family. dan: kurt insists the real reason he was reassigned. demoted is because players were angry over the sign. >> i reached on ut, i said this has nothing to do with ofeng upe me. the staff except for one person did not defend what we did as a group as a football team it was because of my christian beliefs. and/or my not backing of black lives matter organization. i got a lot of hate mail, it was awful, trollers i guess, they are called i don't know, it hurt
10:59 pm
me they were attacking my family and wife, you can come after me all day long, but it scared me for my wife and kids. dan: kurt packed his things and returned to nashville for his work from home reassign am. reassignment. >> it was to give me a reason to keep being paid until the end of the contract. >> he knew who was next. >> i get termination letter, saying that contract ends. i knew it was going to happen. >> he believes all happened over a sign that read, all lives matter to our lord and savior jesus christ. dan: americans are good people, tolerant. generous. that is helped cancel culture take hold, because americans don't want to ofengd. offend.
11:00 pm
they want to accommodate and include, if you say your feelings are hurt, they will take you at your word, americans are not stupid, they know when they are being had, patience has limits they will fight for their freedom. thank you for watching. i hope you will check out my series on "fox nation." canceled in the i'm martha mccallum, in for chris wallace. washington in gridlock over infrastructure, police reform, and the january 6th commission. six months since inauguration day. ♪ >> the rise of violent crime in cities across the country sparks a rethink of police reform as bipartisan talks on the hill hit a roadblock. >> the justice system that we have right now, it is not functioning the way that it should. >> south carolina senator tim scott, the lead negligence other yateser for republicans, about the outstanding issues holding up the


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