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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  July 25, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪♪ >> hi, everybody, i'm aishah hasnie along with joey joneses, katie pavlich and lawrence jones, and welcome to the big sunday show. here is what's on tap tonight. joey? >> so hundreds of thousands of people protest coronavirus restrictions in their country. can this play out in america too? dr. anthony fauci sends the signal that a mask mandate could be coming sooner no matter your vaccination status. >> we're going to get to that in a second. katie. >> well, nearly 2 million
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workers have turned down jobs to stay on unemployment. we discuss the decline of hard work with the rise of free government handouts. >> and lawrence. >> big losses at the olympics for team usa as americans break streaks that they probably didn't want to break, and viewers are tuning out. so what is happening to the competition this. >> we're going to try to answer that. but first, to the crisis at our southern border. a new report out from a group of republican senators finding that 2 billion of your tax dollars are going to the biden administration's efforts to stop construction of the border wall. $2 billion. that's $3 million spent every single day to prevent the wall from being completed. meanwhile, the biden administration also spending money to bus migrants to their chosen destination in the u.s. >> all joe biden had to do was nothing, and he could have just sat back, and it would have been finished, it would have been completed. but you have these small
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sections of wall where you have the supplies laid down on the ground. all they've got to do is stand them up. instead we are paying, as you just said, $2 billion to have somebody come and guard those materials. the taxpayers are paying for this and, guys, that's not even going to talk about what we're paying to bus and fly the illegal immigrants after they cross the southern border to any city, usa. >> and texas now arresting illegal immigrants because the biden administration will not. texas governor greg abbott says if migrants are caught trespassing, they could go to jail for a year. >> the biden administration plan is to catch and release. the texas plan so to catch and to jail. we are arresting people every single day, and we're arresting for trespass. when you come across the river, you're typically coming into private property or county property or state property. you are dress a passing. and because i -- trespassing. and because i declared it an
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emergency, the punishment for the crime has been doubled. >> i have seen the equipment out there, been down to the border twice now to see it up close, you know, with my own eyes, and i've seen equipment there. i've seen workers, you know, in their trucks come and go really not doing anything but taking a look at their equipment and the site. $2 billion is a lot of money. what could that money have gone to? >> yeah. you talk about the equipment that's just sitting in a lot. i've visited a lot the arizona border wall which is ready to go just sitting in a lot in arizona. already it's been paid for and yet the biden administration is paying not to put it up. and i think it says a lot about how democrats and the biden administration feels about your hard-earned taxpayer dollars and also the money could be spent on securing the border. i think it's really interesting to look back at the 2020 campaign trail when president biden adamantly argued that he is not an open border prime
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minister, it's very -- president, it's very clear that he is an open border president. there's complete breakdown of any kind of rule of law at the border or any kind of process from keeping illegal immigrants from flowing over the border and going wherever they want. they're thanking president biden for giving them the opportunity to come here. we keep talk talking about, heag about mask mandates, but we're also hearing that covid cases are up 900% with these illegal immigrants coming over the border. i think it's a real disrespect to americans. the federal government seems not to care about private property rights or the safety of those landowners. and so it's a complete breakdown and the opposite of what president biden said that he would do on the campaign trail. >> yeah. i talked to one of those ranchers down there in
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mcallen, texas, and he told me sometimes he has to lock his doors because they wind up in his garage. they're cutting new his property to get wherever they need to go, and he just doesn't know what's going the happen. lawrence, last week we saw wild images of hundreds of migrants in del rio, texas. they were one of the areas where the border wall was, and you could just see how overwhelmed the agents were. some migrants were trying to push through those agents and get across onto u.s. soil, and if that wall hadn't been there, it's hard to imagine how border patrol agents would have been able to handle that situation. and it's not just folks coming from central america. we have seen more and more haitians coming over, people from cuba, ending ya -- india, romania. talk about how it's not just people seek ising a were the economic goal, economic life, but some people might be taking advantage of this open back door. >> 100%. and it's a criminal enterprise
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that allows this to happen. when i was at the border reporting three years ago, we interacted with three chinese nationals that made their way to the southern border. this has always been the spot that illegals want to go through because it's easier to make the journey. what has changed is that if you have an administration that is open to it, the fact that that is that we're plague a semantics -- playing a she significantics game. joe biden -- semantics game. because trump called it a wall, he changed his position on it from senator biden to president biden. and i think so often when we talk about this, we forget the components. if you go there and tour and talk to the folks there, it's not just the walk. all the technology -- the wall. all the technology that was supposed to be in place after the wall was built is also sitting there as well. this technology is ruined. you've got things that are just rusting there. and so it's a part of the entire system. border patrol has been understaffed for years now because we haven't got them the
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proper funding. ask so now when you -- and so now when you see this influx, they just can't take it. these people are going shift after shift, many times when they try to stop folks from coming across the border, they're backed up. it's like 3 miles away, it's not a safe thing to happen because of that criminal enterprise. and, again, you know, the american people are compassion people. they want to have -- compassionate people. but you can't have the conversation without a secure border first. and when you look at the polling right now for the biden administration, this is one of those moments where americans have said, look, we're tired of this, and they don't seem to be moving on the issue. again, i think you're going to see consequences for this on those local border states that have been democrat for years. we've already seen some of those areas flip to the republican side. so when is enough going to be enough for the biden administration? i don't know. >> that's a good question with. you know, we just mentioned the
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migrants that are coming from all over the world at the southern border. we also mentioned those pictures from del rio. our own bill melugin was there last week. he spotted hundreds today in del rio, texas, coming across. bill, what have you seen? >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon to you. look, the administration can claim all they want that they're making, quote-unquote, extreme progress down here on the border, but that's not reflected by what we're seeing on the ground here or by border patrol numbers, and the summer heat certainly is not slowing anything down. we saw one of the biggest groups we've ever witnessed this morning. take a look. this is exclusive video we got from the mexican side of the rio grande, the mexican city directly across from where we are here in del rio. this is where we watched those migrants starting to cross very early this morning. they just walk right across the rio grande when the river is lower. sometimes they'll throw down their id cards or passports
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before they make the journey. as they approached where we're standing here, this was a massive group of at least 350 migrants who came up to the gate here. and this is like the fourth time we've seen this this week, a group of well over 250. massive search happening here in del rio. take a look at this piece of video. as you guys were talking about, these migrants are coming from all over the world with. mostly from haiti, cuba, venezuela, some from brazil, there was a couple from ghana, more from africa, seven gold. and what -- senegal. and what ends up happening, take a look at this, border patrol lets every single person through, they put them on vans and buses, they take them away. one final point to wrap up, the border patrol sector chief just put out on twitter that this week alone, in one week, they apprehended more than 20,000 migrants in one week just in that sector. that's enough to fill the entire capacity of staples center. >> wow. incredible reporting, bill me
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lieu gin, live in del rio, texas. joey, we've seen more than a million crossings from ill migrants coming -- eu8 legal migrants coming across the border, and there is a lot of concern on the ground and among congressmen and women about title 42, the pandemic-related restriction that is bound to be lifted at some point. one today the pandemic is going to be -- one day the pandemic is going to be over and all of a sudden, you know, there's going to be even less of a restriction for these migrants and for these cartels that are smuggling these people in. what are your fears, your concerns about when that day comes? >> well, i don't know if democrats believe the pandemic will be over. maybe that that's the one single incentive for it to be over, so they can bring more illegals into the country. there's a term called waste, fraud and abuse, and that's ooh exactly what they're doing here. they're defrauding taxpayers of the investment they've already
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made, and they're abusing our policy-making system for partisan politics. if you're a democrat, ten years ago you should have decided to fund the wall and call the republicans' bluff, because republicans have said secure the border, we'll look at amnesty, daca, all the policy things that democrats want. so few yo take them -- if you take them at their face value on what they want policy wise, then they should have funded the border wall and said, look, that's done, let's do these policy making decisions. that's exactly what president trump put on the table, and nancy pelosi rejected it. so if your only thing is to say that it doesn't work, build it and prove it. quit talking about it. the truth is it's a way to garner votes, donations, and that's what this is all about. >> yeah, if not the border wall, then what? what is the solution? all right. great discussion. thanks, guys. coming up on "the big sunday show," big losses for team usa
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in tokyo. yeah, not good. what does this say about our country's position on the world stage now? we're going to talk about it coming up next. ♪♪ [ echoing ] some of us were born for this. to protect people. to help them save. with a home and auto bundle from progressive. ahh. i was born for this. and now it's prime time. cut. jamie, what are you doing? you're not even in this one. hasnie along with joey jones, -it is. -i thought -- i thought it was last thursday. >> female tech: i am safelite. -it is. -i thought -- >> male tech: i am safelite. and you can be too. >> female tech: we're hiring. >> male tech: apply now to start your future. >> female tech: there's room to grow. >> male tech: trust me, it's a great career. apply now at >> female tech: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [laughter]
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♪ you had a bad day -- >> beautiful denver there. welcome back to "the big sunday show." u.s. olympians better hope there aren't more bad days in the future, because it has not been a pretty start. the men's basketball team had their 25-game olympian winning streak smashed with a loss to france in their opening game. and even the mighty women's gymnastics team sits second behind russia after day one of team competition. and for the first time since 1972, the u.s. failed to bring home a single medal on the opening today of the summer olympics. but trailing only china in the overall count, 11 is-10. both china and japan have collected more gold medals than team u.s. that have secure ised 4 so far. joey with, i'm a competitor. i'm also team usa to the day i die. no matter what they do, i just gotta do it.
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so what do you think is driving this? >> i think a lack of drive is probably it. and i don't mean individual is, i mean team. listen, you go to the olympics as a country to compete on a national stage, to do a test of might and strength and will power and sway other than war, right? that's what the olympics are, it's a national pride exercise, and we don't have a lot of that these days. you don't have to look any further than professional athletes like in the nba to see where that resides. i think the university of georgia has more medals than most countries right now, so good job to the bulldogs, and we'll keep cheering them on at least. >> got that get georgia in. [laughter] >> katie, i was having this conversation in the makeup room, and one of the most nonpolitical people i know, she said that they need to be humbled. so what is your thoughts on that? has there been too much
2:18 pm
celebrity around them and not enough team unity? and this is a humbling moment for them. katie? >> sorry, i thought you were going somewhere wells. yeah, i to think it's a humbling moment. athletics can be really difficult. you can practice really well and show up and not a have a good day. i thought the interim music was perfect. in terms of the viewership here, viewership is down by 33%. i do think that's a direct result of this lack of unity, this idea that many of the athletes -- definitely not all of them, but a few of them are there representing the country not proud that they're representing the united states of america. and if you want to tune in for an event where you're competing against others on the world stage, it's very difficult to support athletes who aren't proud to be there in the first place. but i've got to say, i watched the skateboarding last night, and i am fascinated that skateboarding is now an olympic sport. and a lot of to olympians, even
2:19 pm
if they are from japan or all these different countries, they actually live in southern california, and that's where they practice their skateboarding, and they don't wear helmets which i find very dangerous. they know how to fall and not whack their head on the concrete. >> they know what they're doing. >> but, yeah, they know what they're doing. so new sports make it more interesting. >> so i gotta go to you, aisha. did they not train hard enough during the break? it looked like the other countries were training, and we're getting our tails kicked. >> they absolutely train more than i've trained in my entire life, and i played soccer in high school. don't ever ask me to touch a soccer ball again. maybe on the viewership, i want to watch to olympics, but i feel this is like a zoom birthday party that nobody wants to attend. there are no fans, there's really nothing compelling that's happened yet, and to be honest with you, i've sat on my couch and watched tv for the last
2:20 pm
year. like, part of my couch is flat now because i've been sitting in that spot, so i don't want to watch tv anymore. i want to go out and socialize. give me something compelling to watch, make it compelling. and i feel terrible for everybody involved, especially japan. i'm sure it's not fun hosting an olympics when there's no fans involved. i mean, "sports illustrated" got it right when they say what's the fun of hosting an event when nobody can go. why would you want to watch? >> it's so true. but, you know, i've still got to put some blame on our athletes. i was watching the basketball game, and i was going in and out. where is the grit, where is the passion. like, you're representing us -- >> well, we're never going to have that dream team ever again. >> yeahs, that's true. >> that was a once in a life moment. >> yeah. they can never be replicated. >> i agree with you, lawrencement you've got to be in it to win with it. you've got to want to win, represent the country, and i think the fact that we lost to france playing basketball -- [laughter]
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i mean, come on. >> i mean, that's -- [inaudible conversations] >> waving the white flag. >> right, right. they're supposed to dominate us on love and not on the basketball court. anyway, we've got to wrap. people are upset that their countries are putting new coronavirus rules in place. could this scene play out here? dr. fauci just signaled more rules could be coming soon. that's next. ♪ we can work it out, we can work it out ♪♪ for as little as $5, now anyone can own companies in the s&p 500, even if their shares cost more. at $5 a slice, you could own ten companies for $50 instead of paying thousands. all commission free online. schwab stock slices: an easy way to start investing or to give the gift of stock ownership. schwab. own your tomorrow. when you earn a degree
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2:26 pm
to a lockdown that only permitted residents to leave their homes with, quote, reasonable excuse. [background sounds] >> in athens more than 4,000 voiced opposition to mandatory vaccines for some workers. [background sounds] >> and in france, more than 150,000 protested a bill that would require vaccine passports and mandate vaccines for all health care workers. so could things like this play out here in america? [laughter] no. i highly doubt it. you know, i think, lawrence, dr. fauci is now suggesting that a mask mandate may again be recommendedded by the cdc. this is crazy to me. here's what he said a few hours ago. >> do you think masks should be brought back for vaccinated americans? >> this is under active
2:27 pm
consideration. if you're asking am i part of the discussion, yes, i am part of the discussion. the cdc agrees with that ability and discretion capability to say, you know, you're in a situation where we're having a lot of dynamics of infection. is so even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask. that's a local decision. >> you know, lawrence, we've got people in europe literally taking to the streets. how do you think americans would respond to a mask mandate coming from the cdc? >> they would probably say no. [laughter] i mean, can come on. this is it, you know? i took it the first time. after going on air and warning people that government was going to overreach, as they always do, i was told to calm down, to not fear monger. but this is exactly what the state did. they abused their power, they shut down, they were arresting moms on playgrounds when kids were outside, okay? so, you know, if this is happening across the pond and it's happening in other countries, i would expect
2:28 pm
americans to stand up this time. you know, there's a lot of damage done, and there's still damage being done based on these masks and these lockdowns. we know more now, we slowed the spread. it cannot be get rid of covid, because it's going to take a long time to get rid of covid. we're expecting wave after wave after wave. the conversation has to migrate to how do we live with this and how do we protect the vulnerable. if they start doing this lockdown stuff again, i think americans are going to rise up. rightfully so. i'll be in line first. [laughter] >> i'll be in line second. especially at the second level. katie, the missouri attorney general plans to sue st. louis over mask man kates. listen to him earlier on "fox & friends" weekend. >> well, it's completely ridiculous they're going to have this mask mandate essentially for everyone over the age of 5 in public places and that includes kids and those who are vaccinated. we're going to try to stop them cold with a lawsuit because it's completely arbitrary and capricious. by the way, that's not even what
2:29 pm
the cdc recommends. this is nothing more than a power grabby local leaders who are hell bent on control. >> you know, katie, he's running -- i think it's important to point out he's running for senate, so there's some partisan politics at play, but does this set the precedent for maybe a state like texas do who should get to set these policies? i think we probably all agree not the federal government, but is this a state or local municipality policy that should be set? >> i think the government around the country whether it's local government or the federal government needs to take a step back and stop abusing their so-called emergency powers. we just saw in michigan governor whitmer there has been stripped of her emergency powers after being very harsh on these covid restrictions. you saw gavin newsom in california just lost a big court case for trying to shut down private schools. so the government side of this has been completely overreaching. it's not based in science. it's not based in common sense.
2:30 pm
at the end of the day you have to ask the question about why. so they're asking vaccinated individuals to wear masks. so my follow-up question is, okay, so we've been told that the vaccines work, so do they no longer work? [laughter] why are you telling vaccinated people to wear masks? and so maybe they need to to clarify some is things on the science. but as far as i'm concerned, they've been telling everybody if they have natural immunity, if they have a vaccine that they are protected. if they're going to go back to this idea that people need to wear masks for the sake of making people feel comfortable as pete butte general judge has said finish buttigieg has said about the need to continue wearing masks on planes and public transportation, that is not biased, and the government has no right to tell people what to put on their face, what kind of medical devices they should be using. i'm glad to see people in europe standing up to their governments and saying, absolutely not, no. and, you know, if you look at the policies that have worked in places like florida and texas
2:31 pm
where they repealed mask mandates earlier this year, everybody in d.c. including dr. fauci and president biden claimed people would die in droves as a result of that. their case load actually went down, so i think looking at the data that we have instead of giving in to this fear mongering is a really important thing moving forward. >> and just to be clear, joey, the government made the mask political. >> yeah, that's right. >> correct. >> that's right. [inaudible conversations] >> they lied and said -- >> yes. >> -- that they did not work. no one made it political but the united states government; i'm just saying. >> no, you're absolutely right. >> yes, absolutely. >> but what we see here in the united states is that our state and local municipalities can push back. we have legal avenues. we have political pressure to push back against mandates we don't believe in. but what we're seeing in europe, and i would imagine you've been there more than me, my two trips were to the war and on the way back, so i don't know much about
2:32 pm
the culture, but maybe they feel like their only avenue is to take to the streets, and maybe we should look at that and say, man, it's the good thing we have the avenues we have. >> yeah. the french are protesting, you're watching pick crurs from -- pictures from australia, and i'm going to take a wild guess and say they're not all country music fans, right? [laughter] look, we've got to talk about this rhetoric a little bit because it's absolutely crazy, it's unnecessary. we've got somebody in australia, an official calling protesters there morons. the name calling has to stop, blaming this on certain segments of the population doesn't help anyone. you know, as a population we have such high expectations of each other, and yet we do absolutely nothing to resolve what we call problems. so if you have loved ones or family and friends that are not getting vaccinated and you have, then why don't you do something about it, talk to them, introduce them to a medical expert, a doctor, help them
2:33 pm
understand why this is important and safe for them and a good option for them. but katie hit the nail on the held. we've been talking about this -- head. we've been talking about this for months now. if you're going to try to convince the american public that a vaccine is the right choice for them and tell them all about the benefits and the efficacy and how their world is only going to get better, then you can't do a 180 and turn around all of a sudden tell them, no, we've got to go back to 2020 now. >> yeah. at the end of the day -- >> can i just follow up? >> yeah, go ahead. >> i just want to follow up on on this idea of new lockdowns as well, because dr. fauci has not considered the enormous cost of lockdowns whether it's suicide rates, people not going to the doctor for cancer screenings or getting surgeries that they need. and this idea that he is completely ignoring the detrimental development of children being out of school when they can't see people talking and their emotions, i mean, there is an enormous cost to this that the media generally
2:34 pm
is completely ignoring. >> absolutely. well, hopefully we'll get this figured out, and i'm not wearing a mask. not everywhere. still ahead, millions of workers turn down jobs to stay on unemployment and ohio senate candidate j.d. vance calls out the childless left for the decline of the american family. does he have a point in is our country losing conservative values? that's next. ♪ bad, bad leroy brown, baddest man in the whole damn town. ♪ badder than old king kong and meaning they -- meaner than a junkyard dog. ♪ ...and even her grandpa's dog tags back. get a quote.
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2:39 pm
could collect unemployment. of the nearly 30% of the people who rejected job offers during the pandemic, about half said the reason was to get those enhanced unemployment benefits. 24 states are done away with the unemployment benefits x that's getting people back to work. >> states like south carolina where we decided to do away with the enhanced unemployment benefits, and what happened to our unemployment rolls? they went down. they dropped precipitously. >> so, joey, this story makes me think of my great grandmother, and i can't imagine as a woman who surveyed the great depression and who used to rewash and reuse saran wrap, i can't imagine that she would ever allow herself to just simply take unemployment benefits if she was capable of working. >> you know, one of the hall a marks of this country is that we work hard. we work long hours, we work a lot of days, and we take pride in the work we do.
2:40 pm
american made used to mean something exceptional. my personal anecdote to this is my best friend and my uncle both make more money on unemployment than they did at work, but they got bored. they wanted to do something that meant something, and there are obviously layers to this. to highlight the fact that so many jobs overseas undercut the jobs we have here, and we should look at that. that'd be a full spectrum policy debate. but at the end of the day, the democrats are taking advantage of this crisis and using this to wave more money in front of people in hopes of getting their support for the policies that, i think, would ruin this country. and it's only things like the american way of life that can combat that, and i hope that it just stays alive. >> yeah. dignity and receiving, the pride of receiving a paycheck because you earned it is certainly something that's worth, i think, more than government benefits. lawrence, i want to get your take on this. j.d. vance is i saying, he's running for senate in ohio x he is arguing that the left and
2:41 pm
their attack on the family is why we're seeing this normalization of this kind of behavior. he says why is this a normal fact of life for the leaders of our country to be people who don't have a personal and direct stake in it via their offspring. basically arguing the childless left is the reason why we're seeing this idea that, you know, america doesn't have to be the way it was or values can be thrown out the window. i know he tried to get you married off yesterday on the show -- [laughter] but what are your thoughts about the american family and the lack of skin in the game, so to speaks for people who don't maybe have children? >> i think it's a fair point, i think it's a little deeper than just family. i think there's this push for just the individual that you don't need anybody else, no need pleasing anyone else, making something bigger than yourself, having a family, fatherhood, motherhood. i think all those institutions are starting to be kind of frowned upon because of, you know, your own personal gain.
2:42 pm
so i do think that's problem mas something that wasn'tment once taught in our society. something bigger than yourself was something like the american dream. it was something that you aimed to have, a family, and grow up and nurture them. i think that's kind of shunned in society today. interesting note about that polling that you were talking about the folks that won't go back to work, in that polling if you dive deeper, and a lot of those folks said they didn't go back to work because they wanted to pursue something different, a different career change. some of them said they didn't go back because, you know, their family. some said they were, didn't go back because they weren't making that much more. the only reason why they were able to make that choice is because they had the protection of government providing for them. so i don't want to say that i shun people taking a different career choice, but the government shouldn't have to subsidize that option for you.
2:43 pm
>> yeah. and as we're seeing in economies across the country, the republican governors who have rejected those benefits, their economies are actually doing better than the governors who have accepted them and continue to see people not going back to work especially for small businesses. but, aisha, in terms of the direction of this country, there's a new poll that shows the majority of americans, 55% of them, are pessimistic about the direction of the country. >> yeah, not surprising. i mean, i know people, you know, from new york city who left of during the pandemic, left the country and went to mexico to go find a job there. they were in the restaurant business, couldn't find work here and decided, you know, i'm going to go where tourism is peaking, and the more and more they see what's happening in this country, they don't want to come back. you know, i was talking to a friend the other day, and he was just back and forth on should i come back, and now that, you know, the restaurants are opening and the business is
2:44 pm
opening again, should i come back, and he just wasn't convince ised of it yet. so it's not surprising. and i'm with lawrence. i think that people are just getting very picky and choosy about what they want to do, you know? we're seeing people who, you know, see careers being launched on social media now as opposed to back in the day, you know, you worked with can your hands and your feet. that's how i grew up, that's all i know. i watch my dad to this day, he could have retired five years ago, and he still works overtime every single week. and i'm like, dad, what are you doing? i think he would go crazy if he sat at home, and so he's going to work until, you know, my mom tells him to stop. [laughter] >> yeah. it's interesting to see that the more government involvement there is, the more pessimistic people become about the future of the country. maybe that's actually weirdly a good sign. all right, next up on "the big sunday show," we're talking trash. san francisco may spend thousands of dollars for garbage cans? is that really what that city
2:45 pm
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♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." glad you're with us. okay, so san francisco is considering testing out these new public trash cans that would cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. i don't know if they're made of gold or what, but here they are. san francisco public works tweeting this, hey, sf, keep an eye out for these three new public trash can prototype designs later this year. the trash cans will cost $20,000 apiece? yeah, i didn't make it up, and the city would test about 15 of them, but once they decide which one to buy, the cost per trash can would obviously be lower a because the city needs about 3,000 of them. a lot of trash there. i was just there in may in san francisco, and i thought new york city was bad. it's a completely different world out there. lawrence, i want to come to you first because you've done so much reporting on the homeless crisis, the homelessness crisis in so many different cities
2:50 pm
across the country. i mean, what's your take on, you know, the city spending thousands of dollars on trash cans yet not addressing -- or at least, you know, not that we can see in a meaningful way, addressing the homelessness crisis? >> you know, the first -- before i even saw the headline of who was doing it, i said, this is california. let's make the trash cans look pretty. [laughter] instead of actually picking up the trash. i mean, this is so so them. and it is so sad what's happening to the city not only san francisco, but l.a. is trying to do something similar to this as well. they have a huge homeless population, they've got -- right around silicon valley, you see people literally doing drugs wide open, there's trash everywhere. and i don't think changing the model of the trash is going to improve the problem. it's going to take real work. there's also this thing, this form of lawlessness that is just accepted in the city. so, you know, forget people littering. people just walk in stores and grab whatever they want.
2:51 pm
and they totally accept them. they keep changing the laws to fit the criminals. and it's just really shocking that they continue to allow this to 40 to happen. i just wonder when the residents are going to have enough. a lot of the folks in san francisco, they are about feelings and to help the people. but it's starting to intrude on their personal lives and their kids' lives as well. i just think this is just another example of them taking the imagery instead of fixing the real issue. >> yeah. i'm going to piggyback on that for you, joey, because i'm just trying to understand, like, is this like military grade metal or something? [laughter] it's, like, what lawrence said, is this just like a pr move gone wrong? >> yeah. it's funny you bring up the military. so if you read what's happening here, the reason why it costs so much on the front end is you pay for all the research and development with the first prototype unit. then that price gets lower.
2:52 pm
all that being said, i really expect these things to be looking like toilet, because isn't that the trash they have the biggest problem with? i flew in the city and immediately trove away from it this year -- drove away from it, but they've got problems beyond mcdonald's wrappers. they've got feces and needles. these trash cans, the thing about their design is you can't break into them. they're protected from vandalism. this place is so screwed up they have to protect the trash. but that's the problem -- [laughter] you're more worried about protecting the trash than the people, it sounds to me like upside down world over there. i do not understand it as a georgia began. it's hard for me -- georgian. it's hard to comprehend why you need reinforced trash cans in a city where people use the bathroom on the sidewalk. >> i thought they were, like, robotic trash cans and they'd come up to you and ask for your trash. this new generation of trash.
2:53 pm
>> like a roomba. >> yeah. katie, obviously, gavin newsom has a lot of problems in california post-pandemic. i know this is a san francisco thing, but this is happening in the state. is this just going to hurt him, you know, come with the recall election? >> i don't think any -- i mean, the way san francisco is -- [laughter] i don't know if anything that gavin newsom has done is going to get him punished in san francisco. the rest of the state, maybe. i thought the same thing, look, maybe these trash cans are like robots that go around and actually pick up the trash themself. i mean, that's what they could spend money on, $20,000 robots that go around and pick up the trash and throw it away rather than just sitting there. i guess if you steal one of these bad boys for $20,000, you're not going to get prosecuted in san francisco. it's ridiculous. i mean, look, there is this massive homelessness problem because there's a mental health crisis on the streets of san francisco and other cities
2:54 pm
across the country, and maybe if they took the $20,000 they're spending on all these trash cans and put it towards those mental health programs or maybe some institutions that could help get these people off the streets, then they wouldn't have that problem. but instead, they're spending it on these fancy trash cans that don't even go around the city picking up trash. so -- >> you know what's going to happen? the criminals are going to figure out a way to get ahold of these trash cans, and they're going to scrap the metal. >> yeah, exactly. absolutely going to happen. >> -- homelessness actually shot up about 6.8% there, so homelessness is on the rise in that part of the country. okay, guys, we've got to go. next, a cute video, a dog wonders how is my mom sticking inside the doorbell. we're going to have that next. ♪ oops, i did it again. ♪ i played with your heart, got lost in the game. ♪ liberty mutual!
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to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. ♪ hey, i just met you and this is crazy -- ♪ but here's my number, so call me maybe ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." 9 so two adorable videos of dogs, this pup's confused when he hears his owner through the doorbell cam. >> jason? hi, bud. how are you? [laughter] hi, bud. hi.
2:59 pm
hi, bud. >> and they check out dog aftere ran away for a little while when fireworks went off, she returned home and rang the door bell. [laughter] >> so cute. >> all right, what do you think? >> why can't people be more like dogs? they're just honestly the best. i want to show you, that's jacques, that's my best friend's dog. i don't have a dog in the city because i feel like my 500-square-foot apartment is not big enough. the best dog, and that's berthi berthie, that's our family dog. we named him after a pakistani dessert. i just love dogs. they're just the best. >> and we know katie loves dogs because hers is an instagram celebrity. >> i do love dogs. we do love dogs, and we're not just talking about the georgia dogs, joey --
3:00 pm
[laughter] he gets to hang out on his pillow. he likes to to sleep a lot, he also likes to visit me when i'm working, and he likes to -- >> joey? >> yeah. i've got two dogs that are awesome. i have again chis that are way more cute than they are cool. >> all right, thanks, guys. it's been a pleasure. jon scott with "the fox report" next. jon: a violent weekend alarming americans including new video of a 68-year-old man being beaten in the morning in new york city. warn you, it might be harold to watch. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: cops in new york city releasing graphic video of that incident as crime is spiking here and in other major cities. david spunt kicks off our coverage tonight with more on the finger pointing between lawmakers and police in washington. david.


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