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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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weekdays 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. eastern time. don't forget to follow us "unfiltered" on our social media account on facebook and instagram at "unfiltered" on fox and we would really appreciate it. that does it for us tonight. appreciate your support. supporting with me dan bongino. see you back here next saturday night. 10:00 p.m. ♪♪ on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. shady -- swalwell. meet congressman eric swalwell. the guy on the house intel committee that got worked by a chain seals spy and worked with a group that denaits to terrorists. instead of writing legislation
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he's swallowing expensive cianti. politicians wants the finer things in life but never on their own dime. swalwell prides himself on coming from the humblest of parents. his dad was a police chief, and his mom was an administrative assistant. but he group in dublin, california. which was ranked the best place to live in 1994 by money mag. he thinks you should get free stuff. but he's the one getting fry stuff. he likes to live high on the hog. thousands of dollars spent on fine limos and luxury hotels.
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not a single dollar came from his pocket. it all came from donors and corporate lobbyists. and he goes on tv and screams big money needs to get out of politics. >> we need a voting rights act that would get rid of dirty money and dirty maps. it's gerrymandered. just because donald trump is gone, it doesn't mean corruption within racism and bigotry are gone. next time they may not be so patient to wait tore an investigation. >> back to it. in the last three months his campaign spent over 20 grand on
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hotels. and of course you have got to wake up and overlook the pacific. since april he spent $10,000 on limousine rides and luxury car services. ever heard of uber? why does he need a limo? he doesn't need the leg room. he's not a tall guy. he spent $500 from alcohol service grisly. and capital wine and spirits and $4,200 from two california wineries in one day. he spent $1,000 on flowers. how romantic. swalwell is starving apparently. he spent $7,000 at steakhouses
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and luxury restaurants. he must have gotten the $90 he he -- emperor rolls. medium rare, obviously. he spent thousands at charlie palmers. you can get a $130 steak. that doesn't include sides. he spent $100 in one night in d.c., he must have learned the experience that includes the duck and yoki. we have seen the menu. man of the people. keep in mind this is the guy who let a chinese spy fan fang
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infiltrate his office. now he's having meetings have terrorist ties. they are tide to the plus -- they are tied to the muslim brotherhood. he met with qatar foundation issues to talk about his district. san francisco values were on that meeting. a luxury junket to qatar. he claims to be a champion of women's rights. did he ask the muslim leaders. this picture was posted on
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instagram. did the pro worker democrat confront the amir over his slave laborer used to build the soccer stadium? does he feel conflicted? probably rude to raise these issues to raise these issues. better to get back stateside where you can pretend to care. was he the subject of blackmail again? what kind of promises were made? money corrupts, congressman. those are your words, and you seem to be swimming in it. swalwell is a walking security risk. an easy mark for seductive chinese spies. nothing some napa valley sauv
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won't wash away. joining me to react. glenn greenwald, journalist and author of "securing democracy." glennn, you covered washington politicians for a long time. when you see these reports come out, does this strike you as unusual or is this par for the course? >> it's absolutely par for the course. one of the more interesting aspects of trump's successful 2016 campaign in the primary season as well as the general election. when he talked about draining the swamp he was talking about both parties. both function on the legalized corruption and sleaze you just
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detailed at length that congressman swalwell uses. and the close connection between the washington elite on the one hand on arab despots like qatar and the united arab emritz and saudi arabia. then they come back to the united states and claim to care about human rights and call for regime change. one of the reasons people don't trust the government is they see activity like this. he raised every insinuation about any meeting with russia he could possibly think of. but he has all these connections to the middle east using the standard to raise the same questions and cast the same
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innuendo. jesse: you expect politicians to go to washington. some of them get small apartments. and others work really hard writing legislation. others, the only reason they go into politics is for the free meals and live a lifestyle they would never be able to live anywhere else because they don't have the talent or the work ethic to pull it off. you get to stay at ritz carltons and eat sushi rolls. and everything is paid for by lobbyists. and everything that's not, is paid for -- by us, the taxpayer. if he held himself to the same standard as he held trump to, there would be investigators looking into these trips.
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there are questions about the fbi's involvement in the blot to kidnap gretchen whitmer. "buzzfeed" has this article out. 12 confidential fbi informant assisted into this investigation to this extremist group, acting under the direction of the fbi. they took leading roles in the scheme. an iraq war veteran became second in command there. and this long time government informant from wisconsin paid for the hotel rooms and for dinners just to get people to join this alleged blot. this undercover fbi agent known as red advised this militia group where to place the explosives which they said were fake. then the lead fbi special agent,
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richard task figure. he was the public face of this whitmer case. he was just arrested after being accused of jumping on his wife in bed and smashing her head against the wall. and this was in a dispute over a swingers party. the people accused of this kidnap plot are claiming they were entrapped. anybody would claim that in a situation like this. but "buzzfeed" is reporting there are twice as many fbi agents involved in this plot man there were plotters. does this raise suspicion with you? >> it raises a lot. i regard what the biden administration is currently doing as the second war on terror. this one is focused domestically on american citizens instead of
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foreign organizations. but the tactics being used are similar to the ones being used in the first war on terror. i reported on a dozen cases where the fbi would boast in this flamboyant way necessity had broken up a dangerous plot. and every time you look, every time, it turned out that the people who designed the plot, who came up with the idea of where to attack and funded the operation were fbi agents embedded in the plots. not just that they learned about them and infiltrated them, but necessiti' orchestrated them. it's not just the threat of the muslim terrorism. why does the fbi have to create its own plots?
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that's the same question i have here. if it's true they are saying anti-government right-wing groups or domestic extremist groups are the greatest threat to national security, greater than isis or china or russia. why do they need to put in people's heads, let's go kidnap governor whitmer? that leads to the question people on your network have asked. the horror of the liberal sector of the corporate media, what did the fbi know about the planning of the january 6 attack. how embedded were they in these groups. when these kinds of attacks happen, the fbi and the security state seize on them to say do you see, there are grave dangers, we need more money,
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more power, more surveillance authorities in order to keep you safe. if they are the ones driving it, at least for the questions of what those motives are. jesse: real quick i want to play you the confrontation between senator rand paul and dr. anthony fauci or the funding for the wuhan lab. >> dr. fauci knowing it's a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract your statement to congress where you claimed the u.s. never contribute to gain of function research in wuhan. >> i never lied to congress and i do not retract this statement. this paper was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function. let me finish. >> you take an even mall virus
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and increase it's' insurance feksness to humans. that's not gain of function? >> senator paul, you don't know what you are talking about frankly. jesse: he does. let's just take the politics out of it. the only reason we are talking about this is because you have to find out what started this pandemic to prestrength future and dem -- to prevent future pandemics. >> the problem is people like fauci and the authorities prohibiting that question from being asked. you got kicked off social media if you wondered if covid escaped from a lab and may have been created. jesse: fauci has thrown up a ton
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of roadblocks, and that does not inspire confidence. glenn greenwald, thank you very much. go check out his book. biden's border crisis getting worse by the day. drugs pouring in. the border patrol saw more action than they have seen in 21 years last month. they have seen migrants crossing from all over the world. >> i will tell you what, it's been nonstop down here. we have another group of haitians that just arrived at the del rio border. this morning we had a group of 250. monday we mad a group between 300 and 400. these are not just the northern triangle countries vice
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president harris says she wants to focus on. there have been haitians, ghana, and india. they are coming from all over the place on top of cubans, venezuelans. the word is out that now is the time to come to the border. we have hundreds showing up every day. this is just one spot in del rio. this isn't even the busiest part of the border. it's not slowing down from the summer heat like some thought it would. some said maybe it's seasonal migration. vice president harris said during her tour to the border that extreme progress is being made. but the border patrol's numbers don't reflect that. it's unclear what the administration is talking about when they say progress is being made.
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>> from the way they just took on gang leaders out of the hoot, you know what i'm saying? it changed everything. you have to be ready. i don't know how to reiterate that. there ain't no second chance. you see the shorties on top of the cops. you can't come speeding up to our block shooting. jesse: chicago is the deadliest city in america with more than 400 murders this year. it's more deadly than afghanistan. violence is spreading there and in big cities across the country. watch.
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[gunshots] in just the last six months alone there are almost 2,000 shootings. carjackings, all up. police officers are being outnumbered by gang numbers almost 10 to 1. the departments seat most retirements in history. what do you expect. a former gang member from the worst project before they were demolished. he still has a bullet lodged in his head. he leads an organization that helps people turn their lives around. peter, the gang activity in chicago exploded in the 80s. was that all about drugs in that
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decade? >> in the -- in the 80s, there was so much going on. the fathers are gone out of the house after the drugs. the mother has to go out and get a job. where are the kids? the kids drift off to the streets and the false sense of love between the two. a bunch of crack or heroin and i say now you can go get the things you need. now you have an allowance. now my false sense of love kicks in but i don't tell you you will have run from the police. i won't come visit you while you youare -- -- while you are lockd up. jesse: they flood the streets with drugs. get the fathers hooked. the kids have no parents, only
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the mothers around. no father figure. they get preyed on by the gang. you told our producers there used to being a gang code but there is no gang code any more. >> they had operation snake head when they took the various gang leaders and locked them up under the rico act. by being associated, you have a case now. when they took the gangs which were the leaders of the gangs, and the bodies started falling. when the cat is away the kids play. now when the structure is gone. what happens? the gang members now become
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strictly renegades. jesse: so there is no discipline. >> no structure, no discipline. we used to have a go-to guy. if your mom got her purse snatched you could go to somebody and say my mom got her purse snatched. within an hour you get the purse back. the money may not be there. but you get the purse back. jesse: you hear from thed ministration, you have -- you hear from the administration that you have to get the guns out. >> the guns are mostly brought here on freight trains that come from new york. the kids hit the train yards. it's ironic how the ones with the guns tonight don't have locks on it. a lot of these kids are getting the guns off the train.
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and a semiautomatic you would never see in the hood. and since there is no structure. now it's block against block. so it has to be funded by something. our goal is to catch the kids to redirect their minds before they get into the gangs or once you are in the gang, to get the kids out of the gang. jesse: you have got to get to the kids early. once they get preyed on there is almosting in you can do to save them. so is your son's nerf gun racist? maybe mr. potato head is racist. a whistleblower is explaining how critical race theory is coming for your toys.
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this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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putting down the protests with violence. i'm jon scott. jesse: toy companies are getting in on the action to indoctrinate our country. hasbro is accused of pushing
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critical race theory on customers. they make mr. potato head, nerf guns, monopoly. a whistleblower inside hasbro claims the company forced employees to go to training seminars who declared babies as young as 3 months old can be racist. >> at age 2 they are already racist. at 3 to 6 months babies are already starting to notice and express preference by race. by age 3 they may begin to use racist words. research shows that negative or deficient depictions of
2:34 am
blackness in media creates subversive attitudes forward black people. jesse: you saw david johnson. did you understand what they meant when they said a baby could be racist? >> i think it's absurd. a child isn't going to be racist unless they are taught or coached into it by the adults around them. children that young are trying to figure out how the world works. jesse: it's preposterous but they are mainstreaming these into these seminars. do you have a gut instincts? if i believed this garbage i would be making these toys, a
2:35 am
nerf gun, mr. potato head. have you picked up any of this at the company? >> i haven't. i wasn't at hasbro very long when i was pulled into that critical race theory meeting. when i saw it on my schedule. i don't think at the moment it's widespread within hasbro. mass bro has worked with the company conscious kids before to produce small play sets. it seems like it's in ininfancy as they push it through their products and marketing. jesse: nerf guns, that's militaristic, you have to be careful. and monopoly, didn't they make it woke? >> they made it miss monopoly to
2:36 am
address the gender wage gap argument. so hasbro has some woke ideology into their products already. this isn't something completely new. critical race theory, they are trying to push it through their products and marketing and i didn't want any part of it. jesse: you are brave to be a whistleblower. thank you for speaking out and coming on "watters' world." we appreciate. >> thank you for having me. jesse: prostitution running rampant in new york city. a former prostitute joins "watters' world."
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2:42 am
district attorneys made it clear the last three years they are going to step back and prosecuting prostitution cases. the d.a. has vacated hundreds of warrants. essentially legalizing prostitution. joining me, former prostitute, ashley clark. how did you get in the game initially. >> i voluntary ski my first ever experience was about 12. then they gave me more contra ban when i was 14. immediately right after my rape when i was 14. i was trying to seek validation through other people and i wasn't getting that validation at home. jesse: did you have a pimp who was running you? >> i did not. jesse: it looks like in brooklyn
2:43 am
all of these women are being overseen by their pimps just a couple feet away. we are seeing legalization because they are not going to enforce it in new york city and across the country. do you think legalizing prostitution would help the women or not. >> i do not. i think it would be more harm than good. jesse: why is that? some argue, it's capital i am, you are not locking up the women. it would give them more credibility. you disagree with that why? >> i disagree because 9 types out of 10 they are forced into prostitution. we have girls raped on a day-to-day basis. they are even dying because being forced into this
2:44 am
lifestyle. this was legalized, the criminal activity of the killings would increase. jesse: you probably would believe that -- and i would agree once you remove law enforcement from the situation, the pimps will be more emboldened. they will run it more effectively and probably use more and more intimidation and violence because the profits will go up. how much profit do you see pimps taking from each score? >> from my day 100%. they would take every last dime, then they would give them a lace to stay, some food on the table, clothes on their back. but they would take 100% of their earnings. jesse: it's like slavery and most of these women are not
2:45 am
doing this of their own volition. is that your opinion? >> correct. yes. jesse: the people who think if they just legalize it or not enforce it and not lock anybody up, you think that's extremely harmful to women? a lot of these politicians claim to be on the side of women, but they are actually not on their side, is that right? >> absolutely. jesse: any advice for anybody in the business right now? >> try to find a new pathway to life. this isn't a life for anybody. jesse: i think you are right. it's extremely dangerous and caters to criminality. and girls end up more than just injured, missing. and that's a total tragedy. ashley, thank you for coming on "watters' world," and we are glad you are doing better.
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jesse: time for triple play. the white house in damage control mode, trying to clean up a mess they created after the department of education recommended public schools work with a hate group, the abolitionist teaching network is a so-called non-profit that pushes critical race theory in schools. here is a taste of who they are. >> you don't realize white supremacy is in everything we do. >> trying to help other white teachers internalize their white supremacy and anti-blackness. >> education cannot save us, we must save education. >> i want us to be feared. jesse: it worked, i'm scared. joining us, pete hegseth.
2:51 am
they said this is an accident, they didn't mean to put that in there. but they got caught cold. pete: of course they did. this is racism laid bare in the classroom. you are an activist or agitator if you go to their website. the only thing they lead with is what do you look like on the outside and who do you sleep with. that's what defines the categories. i wasn't asking you db, although you are free to offer up whatever you want. jesse: they say if you are a white person you are a white supremacist. they basically called joe biden a white supremacist. pete: look at his record. jesse: joe biden did a town hall
2:52 am
and no one watched, and no one showed. you. he was trying to answer a question about young children being vaccinated. here is what he was trying to say. run it. >> the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you -- umm -- why can't the, the experts say we know that this virus is in fact -- uh -- it's going to be -- we know why all the drugs are not temporarily approved but permanently approved. jesse: am i being mean playing that? this is probably the worst i have ever heard him. pete: the guy who supposedly got 82 million votes couldn't fill up an auditorium. not even close. jesse: no one cares.
2:53 am
pete: you don't even know what he's saying inside a sentence. i give the white house a little bit of credit for actually putting him on the stage. jesse: they put him on with don lemon. pete: this guy doesn't know what day of the week it is. jesse: it's scary. there is a new tiktok challenge. it's called the ugly baby challenge. people share pictures -- we found one -- there is the ugliest baby in the country. it kind of looks like you, pete. in all seriousness mothers are posting pictures of their ugly babies. why are they all of pete? pete: he looks the same, just looks like a baby.
2:54 am
i watched a lot of these videos. and they are ugly babies. it's nice to be open and out about it. you have had that feeling. you meet somebody's baby and you say that's mortifying. but you have top lie. at least it shows parents are self-aware. what was your reaction when you saw jesse, jr.? jesse: what a handsome guy. up next, my biggest fear. (customer) movie night. (burke) should have been watching the stove instead. (customer) tell me something i don't know. (burke) with your farmers policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost,
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jesse: if you know anything about me from watching this show, you know how i feel about birds. >> don't move. jesse: do you say happy holidays or merry christmas? so here is my biggest fear come true. this poor 13-year-old girl smacked in the face by a seagulln on a wild ride in new jersey. the teen wasn't injured and the seagull appeared to be uninjured. just flapped away. i will bet a few people at fox want me to experience something like that. i won't name them, but they know who they are. how i saved the world is flying off the shelves. amazon has been out of stock all week.
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