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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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amazing conversation, hope you had fun. that doesn't for us, we will see you back tomorrow at 5:00 for the big sunday shelf. jon: the increase of violent crime align the - - alarming across the nation and critics are blaming lawmakers for enabling and prosecutors not keeping suspects behind bars are getting some of the blame. i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". there is a shooting on a busy street in washington dc had diners ducking for cover and others running for their lives.
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the dc police chief says you cannot cobble violent one - - coddle violent criminals. plus representative jackson how it impacts congress in the next year's midterms but we begin with christina on the st. louis circuit attorney now under fire after three murder cases were recently dismissed because prosecutors were unprepared or unresponsive. reporter: st. louis district attorney was reelected by a landslide last year. now there are calls for her to resign over how her office has mismanaged these murder cases. missouri lawmakers are not holding back their frustration. >> this prosecutor and so many others across the country whether san francisco, washington dc, they care more about woke liberal defunding the fully strategies and they do about making sure murderers are locked up
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permanently. reporter: the governor ways in to say "the distinction of the st. louis circuit attorney's office and willing to take violent crime seriously has cost st. louis families justice and st. louis police say the way she handles cases could lead to repeat offender. >> it shows there is no accountability for criminals. they can do whatever they want. they will be back out on the street the next day. reporter: a grieving parent is calling her incompetent. prosecutor struck a plea deal of a man beating her son to death without her knowledge. >> the prosecutor was himself not prepared to handle my son's case. he seemed absolutely unaware flipping through pages.
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reporter: and in a different case this matter on - - murder suspect was arrested by us marshals last night and was able to walk free after a st. louis prosecutor failed to show up to three scheduled court hearings. she was reportedly on maternity leave and has since resigned they have questioned how she got into this situation the first place. >> did you not know the attorney assigned to that was on maternity leave? don't you know where your employees are at? for god sake, you need to be in charge of your office. if you can't do that, then you should not be in the office. reporter: garner's office released a statement to say they will take corrective measures to prevent any repeat occurrence but there are still calls for her to resign. jon: thank you.
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washington dc police chief sounding the alarm about the rise in violent crime saying he is "mad as hell as shooting wanted to people on thursday. one of several terrifying and blood he recent inch - - incidents we continue our team coverage from washington. >> the dc police chief fired up talking to reporters in a trendy upscale neighborhood where gunfire corrupted sending people scrambling for cover. she wants to put criminals away and not see them away for a long time. >> why is the guy who murdered somebody is in the community after being arrested two or three months prior with a firearm? what we think he's going to do? that recidivism rate is the highest we have seen anywhere. 87 percent. >> just last month the mayor said she wants to cut funding for police now she wants the
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department use any overtime necessary to stop the surging crime. the federal government bears some responsibility because they run the courts which are not operating at full capacity "as of june 2021, 10199 criminal cases pending what does that lag mean? more people arrested and then immediately release. dc police post this video showing two suspects in the getaway car and witnesses call it a war zone. it is complain that violent criminals are not staying locked up. >> this breaks my heart spent the surging crime not limited to the nation's capital there have been more than 4000 murders and 73 cities this year up more than 15 percent from this time one year ago as
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if the job wasn't tough enough he said there's 200 police officers sure and expects the number to grow. jon: sobering statistics. thank you. masks are making a comeback even for vaccinated americans. st. louis is the latest to mandate masks indoors regardless of vaccination status going against cdc guidance as southern governors band together in a push to get residents vaccinated. the cdc says vaccinations are up 37 percent from last week although the hospitalization numbers are the lowest overall since last august. we are live in atlanta with more. reporter: it's all a little confusing. for those mask wearing indoors for those who run vaccinated but a lot of local officials are telling people to put the
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mask back on regardless of vaccination status. doctor fauci says he understands why these decisions are being made contrary to cdc guidance. >> individual situations with the level of infection is so high and a level in the community of vaccination may be low is quite understandable why local authorities are now saying it's good that you are vaccinated but in a situation with people indoors if it is crowded you should wear a mask. >> the resurgence of mask mandates popping up all over as a delta variant tightens its grips now they are mandating everybody over the age of five wear a mask regardless of status and counties in california, georgia nevada and the wheezing in a are taking similar measures at least six state say they will require students and staff to mask up when kids go back to the
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classroom regardless of vaccination status. atlanta, chicago and washington dc say they will require all students and staff to recruit - - wear masks arizona and arkansas and texas all have laws or executive orders in place to be in schools from forcing masks to be worn and in the south were the vaccination rates are among the lowest some governors have a renewed push to get more people vaccinated particularly in the wheezing and aware hospitalizations are up with new covid infections to be reported since monday. >> what if you choose not to be vaccinated? i can assure you the numbers that we just went through you run an unreasonable risk of becoming infected, getting sick and going into the hospital and dying.
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>> it could be an uphill battle for states to get vaccinated according to a new poll most americans who have not been vaccinated yet are not planning to do so. jon: charles watson from atlanta. thank you. they made headlines after boarding a private jet without a mask and half a dozen apparently contracted covid-19. now texas democrat state legislators that defected to dc to block the passage of a voting law are expressing some frustration with president biden although they have met with high-ranking democrats including vice president harrison they have yet to speak with the big guy himself about their concerns and state senator reportedly told the congressman he won't meet with us on zoom like this i'm trying to be tactful but i don't know how else to say it i am just test off he doesn't give us the respect the way
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you have. and with the house armed services foreign affairs committee the texas state legislators were trying to make a point trying to block the republican blocked - - back voting change what you think of their methodology and the results of their trip quick. >> it didn't turn out the way they wanted it to they were pitching themselves as martyrs and he rose coming up period to make changes and in the process completely pushing off their duty to the constituents and texas. personally they have embarrassed themselves anything president biden and the white house sees it as an embarrassment so this hasn't turned out the way they wanted it to. jon: beta or board gave them $600,000 toward their
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venture. >> yes. he continues to raise money for them and their vacation in dc and just spending time quarantined in hotel rooms it is a real embarrassment in a colossal waste of money they need to be doing the people's work in texas there work is not in dc but in austin but they need to take care of business the texas taxpayers and constituents that they represent have put them in office to do that and they need to do that. jon: it might want to stay quarantined because dc has been violent lately there was the shooting on the packed thoroughfare we had video that earlier so what's going on in washington and the whole country right now? >> it is the same thing is all over the country. it is a result of what the democrats started off acutely there still doing it to be
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honest with the cycle coming into 2020. i think they lost seats and they came close to losing some seats because of their defined the police rhetoric that's what we have. attacking police officers and police departments for months and months we have prosecutors in the blue states and cities that will prosecute crimes and this is the result. if you let crime run rampant criminals get involved it found its way into dc just like other large cities around the country i'm encouraged by the new dc chief of police this man might make a difference is not afraid to speak his mind he seems to be genuinely concerned about the safety of people in washington dc so we'll see what happens. jon: he needs 200 more officers and when you defined the police it is hard to hire numbers like that that people are noticing when asked in the
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latest fox news polar compared to one year ago is there more or less crime in the country? 73 percent said yes but then in your local area 54 percent said yes crime is up. is all of that on defined the police? or is it sometimes a wave of crime hits because former juvenile delinquents are getting older? >> it's not that it's 100 percent related to the democrats and their approach they completely ignore misdemeanor crimes you cannot even write on the metro in the dc area without seeing hordes of young people jumping the turnstile nobody tries to stop them legibly stand there nobody tries to stop them there are carjackings, car theft, none of this is
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prosecuted or pursued. one thing leads to another. and they are emboldened is directly related to that. jon: it might not be popular to spend money on police these days but nancy pelosi does want to get an infrastructure bill passed here's what she had to say on waiting for the senate to pass its bill first. >> it is important for us to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill i repeat that we are eager for it to pass we will not take it up until it passes the reconciliation. >> we she wants the senate to pass their bills first and apparently she wants the bipartisan relatively small bill, a couple of trillion dollars that involves
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repairing roads and bridges but then the senate she wants them to use the budget reconciliation laws to pass free childcare and a bunch of other things without wishlist bill that it's much larger than the infrastructure bill that the republicans are supporting. >> she is holding the senate hostage or trying to but the senate has done the right thing they put the infrastructure stuff that represents true infrastructure like roads and bridges and airports broadband, things that we can all agree on that represents true infrastructure on both sides of the aisle that we need to address they have broken that out. it has a high probability of passing because it will have bipartisan support. that she will not lead us bring it and tell they go back and pass a three.5 trillion-dollar
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reconciliation bill in the senate that's full of nothing but a liberal wishlist. universal child care and the green new deal and the wasteful projects the far left has made it their effort to push through. basically she says unless the senate pushes through their wishlist of the far left they will not let the american people vote on infrastructure and that's what's going on. jon: congressman jackson from texas, thank you. the justice department says it will not investigate whether new york governor cuomo covid-19 policy violated the civil rights of nursing home residents in march 2020 he advised nursing homes to admit patients who had covid-19. the doj believe that might have led to the deaths of thousands of elderly residents they also decided not to open
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similar cases in michigan or pennsylvania separate federal probe of the administration's handling of the death still reportedly is underway. the crisis at the southern border could get worse as migrants continue to try to enter the us. next the trump era rule that president biden is trying to end. another massive group of migrant show up at the border here in del rio texas and for the first time looking at where the feds are dropping off the migrants after they are done processing them this story coming up in a few minutes. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ]
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thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. jon: some democrats and immigration advocates are calling on the biden administration to when title 42. the trump administration policy allowing border officials to turn away migrants to protect public health the provision was put in place near the start of the covid pandemic and critics a lifting that would worsen the surge at the southern border we are alive in the audio texas.
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>> all week long we have been showing video every single day of migrants being apprehended at the border. once they are done being processed where they going? down 8:00 a.m. down to the rio grande valley where we witness border patrol dropping off migrants by the busload. they drop them off after they are processed in releasing them from custody with the notice to appear at the catholic charity they will stay there from one night get a shower in food that is right next to the bus station then they get bus tickets or plane tickets to go wherever they want across the country. that bus terminal is so overwhelmed they cannot keep up with business. the four companies have added six new daily route routes but
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they cannot keep up because it's full of migrants and also citizens and residents have to wait two days they want bus ticket because there so many migrants. look at this video we shot this morning another massive group. 170 migrants from all over the world not just the northern triangle. most was from haiti we have seen africa, ghana, senegal all over. we have seen this every single day border patrol walks them through, taken into custody and now we have the video to show you from the mexican side before they cross the river it is the riverbanks right across from del rio passports all over the world and id card littering the ground migrants have to discard the paperwork before they cross the river
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and this is from the mexican perspective this is where they come across they walk through the rio grande at the lowest typically the family units not trying to get away and then they give themselves up to border control the local sheriff says nothing is improving things are getting worse and this title 42 goes away you can expect it to get worse. >> the numbers keep coming there are more boots on the ground. more apprehensions are taking place i have been discussing that with partners and there will be an increase once title 42 ends. reporter: every border agent we have talked to says once 42 goes away which is imminent
3:25 pm
you can expect surge on top of the surge it will get worse. also want i.c.e. official confirmed 30 percent of detainees have refused the vaccine while in federal custody that is juxtaposed with the other news we broke this week in the rio grande valley covid-19 cases among migrants have surged 900 percent. >> staggering numbers. thank you. jon: former president trump getting ready to speak at a rally in arizona any minute the first appearances election. and we are their life. reporter: as you know the state of arizona holds a special place in the former presidents political hard. and then to regain the
3:26 pm
delegation so waiting for the former president to speak for in victory 2022 but the term fake republicans making an appearance for those they do not feel like they have supported mr. trump enough. >> do you know what we should do for those back stabbers at home? we shared here how loud we are right now it. >> in 2016 republicans refusing to go to the rnc come i was proud not only to attend but to speak in support of donald trump's nomination. reporter: us arizona senate
3:27 pm
seats are held by democrats on the most prominent republicans in the primary race incumbent kelly and the attorney general who was codified on - - criticize when he certified the winner biden. but secretary of state and on the democratic side beat out republicans in 2018 for the current seat. he will face a long list of hopefuls including former local news anchor. but outgoing governor. that in november despite critics and pressure from his own party he announced the razor close election was secure later certifying the win. trump has not let that go unnoticed hammering him who last month announced he will not run for the u.s. senate. here's a quick look
3:28 pm
republicans are at 35 percent followed by democrats at around 32 percent. we will be streaming the former presidents speech live on "fox nation". jon: thank you. former president trumps rally will be streaming live on "fox nation". it will also be available on demand. the current president held a town hall in ohio that was only asked once about the rising crime in this country. the ohio attorney general says that biden those who to blame for the spike and joins us next.
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jon: president all but one —-dash biden visiting virginia to drum up support for the former governor now the democratic nominee to reclaim the office currently in a
3:33 pm
tight contest with his republican opponent and the gop candidate is banking on the controversy over critical race theory to propel him to the governor's seat. we are live in delaware where the president is spending the weekend. reporter: good evening. president biden believes with a swing states like virginia headed to the polls to pick their next governor in a matter of months last night he said campaign out in arlington virginia outside washington dc in the former governor is running against republican businessman who has received trumps endorsement and biden appears eager to remind voters about that. >> we have a lot in common. i ran against donald trump and so has terry. [laughter]
3:34 pm
[applause] i went hand in virginia and so will terry. [cheers and applause] >> this year's election is a bit different in 2020 because one of the most talked about issues is tied to education campaigning hard against critical race theory in it that should be allowed into the curriculum and those are among those speaking out. >> we have seen the administration tried to tell her children what you think and the schools are supposed to teach our children how to think. reporter: the president may think about his own political future and standing after a new survey released his favorability is slipping dallas has a met 50 percent down six.from one month prior and disapproval of 45 percent
3:35 pm
and 5 percent with no opinion. biden's approval rating is showing the first signs of meaningful decline if the lower ratings persisted could indicate the honeymoon period is over. six months and white house has been focused on the pad pandemic the domestic agenda is in the hands of congress with the infrastructure spending in the decision to spend three.$5 trillion expanding social programs. that will be up to congress and would have an impact on the presidents ratings as well to keep the majority in the midterm election. jon: two people injured in a shooting in washington dc in a restaurant packed with patrons. the dc police chief criticize the justice system while meeting with residents yesterday at the side of the
3:36 pm
shooting. >> you cannot coddle criminals. you cannot. you cannot treat violent criminals who are out here making the community unsafe for you and your loved ones and me and my loved ones. and look at the entire system look at the system. what was that accountability look like and is that okay with you? jon: violent crimes urges the next guest says calls to define police departments are part of the reason. attorney general t15 joins us now. you heard the chiefs assessment in dc what do you think? >> he is right. we have to talk about accountability. let's improve the things we need to improve the let's not
3:37 pm
abandon the police tactics leading to a 40 year decline in the crime rate around the country. jon: defined the police movement was fairly popular on the left with many candidates they are largely silent. a three word to slogan you don't hear much about anymore. how come? >> the voters don't like it and it doesn't work. make no mistake they haven't stopped talking about it they just off using the words. minneapolis will have a charter amendment to vote on where the question is should the police department be abolished with the department of public safety to use tactics for public health? when the bullets are flying i don't want someone to rollup
3:38 pm
to control the situation. jon: the leftist policies to demonize polices that a factor in violent crime? cincinnati mayor try to blame on the early closing of bars during the pandemic although though they are careful before shooting anyone those in law enforcement say it has more to do with leftist policies to demonize cops and limit proactive targeted policing. what is proactive policing? >> you look for the hotspots.
3:39 pm
and those tactics that is whatever going on big or small you have a police presence. jon: the homicide rate is at 50 percent this year. >> in columbus ohio we had a record year last year we are on pace to have a higher record. and it is a direct result to handcuff the police the basis of society is the rule of law but that requires law enforcement and sometimes the bad guys don't want to be de-escalate it. sometimes law enforcement means there has to be a little force. jon: attorney general t15 let's hope the country can wrap their arms around the problem and bring the numbers down. thank you for your time.
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jon: president biden getting mixed reviews for his take on the economy and some major issues facing this country during a town hall on cnn earlier this week. a media and politics, and staff the hell and fox news contributor. the president seems to think inflation is not worry. how does that fly in middle america? >> i did take econ one oh one and basic economic say if you put trillions of additional spending into the economy that devalues the dollars so the president argued at the townhall that were actually lower inflation he should talk to the former treasury secretary this is all this
3:46 pm
spending will likely spur hires and sustained inflation in cap economic recovery to its knees. it seems not to be playing well because they can listen to the president are try to buy milk or lumber or a used car. the cost of everything is up its tax on everybody people feels it should be disconcerting for those going into 2022. jon: you had the op-ed in the hell earlier this week you call it the absolute farce with the biden london townhall because the president to be challenged on a myriad of problems like raising inflation the spending bills to reduce inflation to skyrocket violent crime, a border that is not secure, and
3:47 pm
an opioid crisis with a record number of americans with a 30 percent jump drug overdoses in 2020 from 2019. those are the things the president doesn't spend a lot of time talking about. >> he knows they are losing issues for him. it is something every night we see not just in the bad places but in washington just blocks from the white house brazen shootings happening at a ritzy restaurant or a nationals game or we see in atlanta new york and chicago mentioning portland earlier these are very real problems and the president isn't talking about the true reason around that so
3:48 pm
the fact they are retiring in record number. and during the summer of love with the mostly peaceful protest the president did not address it until the end of the summer when the polling started to come back the american public doesn't have a lot of confidence the president is tackling this particular issue that's what they are feeling just like inflation it should have been the top story at the townhall and instead it was silence of the lambs. jon: the president did not meet the vaccination goals but we also don't know how many people at the white house have come down with covid listen to this exchange. >> . >> this administration with
3:49 pm
the transparent history somewhat it is release the number of covid cases you have? are you trying to hide something. >> but why do you need to have that information? >> for transparency for the public for a better understanding your thoughts? >> how pious was that baghdad bonnie what is the white house trying to hide because of the texas democrats started the spreader of it then that aid in a staffer this is after they met with those texas democrats the vice president even with walter reed on a sunday they know this trip it is the biggest pr disaster
3:50 pm
disaster and there is no good answers. >> and the president blamed facebook for killing people. thank you. jon: we will be right back
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jon: other headlines around the globe demonstrators voice their anger as covid restrictions and mandatory restrictions for workers and in australia taking to the streets for lockdown restrictions amid another surge in cases. china is preparing and they approach the east coast near shanghai near historic flooding killing 56 people causing widespread damage. in afghanistan that have abandoned says there will not be peace and so there is a new negotiate a government and the nations president is remove that talent band take over territory as nato forces have left afghanistan. and the us delegation has left the nation after reports of gunshots outside the funeral the assassinated president expressing turmoil and violence sense the president
3:55 pm
was killed on july 7th and that's a look at stories from around the globe we will be right back. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jon: a sticky situation leads to making friends or hospital window. the five -year-old cancer
3:59 pm
patient and missouri began putting post-it note art in his window in may to lift your spirits. woman working in the building across the street noticed and she and her coworkers responded with their own sticky note window art that led to an exchange of some elaborate designs eventually they all met in person and we are happy to say he is now recovering at home. where is the park ranger? the tiktok video going viral after a man discovers a bear in his car. the brave men letting a black bear out of his car he was camping with friends when they heard the car home the bear was trapped in the unlocked car then that they are scampered off into the woods
4:00 pm
tune in tomorrow martha mcallen and for chris wallace with an exclusive view of what is holding up police reform also to sit down with mark warner to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure build right here on fox news. that is how fox reports this saturday. >> hello america i am mark levin this is life liberty in the event here we are in the original studio how are you? >> thank you for having me. >> it is my honor ladies and gentlemen pete and i agree this country


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