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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  July 24, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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being born last year. he use as wheelchair and wanted to do the things we all associate with having a baby. seven high school students created this amazing device so he could push his toddler. it's awesome. >> jesse: that is awesome. so is the weekend. have a good one, everybody. see you back here onnnnnn ♪ ♪ [national anthem] [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ ♪ pete: welcome to "fox & friends." no better way to start off your weekend with us than with our nation's anthem. rachel: i agree. pete: welcome to the show will
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contain and roomp. rachel campos-duffy. will: glad to see you both on this saturday, july 24th, 2022, well, as you know at this point, there is a rising crime rate across this country. focused largely in the big urban areas. in washington, d.c., the police chief has had it, he is mad as hell in his own words about crime rising in washington, d.c. what's gotten everyone's attention is the shooting in washington, d.c. close to the washington nationals ballpark and close to some fancy restaurants. i'm a little bit were to on this. i think we should always be talking about rising crime. seems to be of special attention when it happens in our fancier areas. in quite honestly white neighborhoods. while we in fox have been talking about rising crime in neighborhoods places like chicago, now finally, everyone notices because it's happened in some place close to lawmakers attention and homes.
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rachel: also, it's a tourist area. i think in the summertime is a time when a lot of people like to go to the capitol and see our nation's capitol. you are right. there seems to be on the other networks a renewed attention and renewed interest in crime because, you know, their fancy restaurants are affected by this latest shooting. robert can'ty metropolitan chief of police in d.c. here is him saying i'm mad as hell. >> i'm mad as hell about this and i hope y'all are, too. i really do. enough is enough. i have been a police officer in this city for over 30 years. i have been born and raised right here in this city. started my patrol career right here in this district. you cannot coddle violent criminals. you cannot. they might not want a job they might not. they might not need services. what they may require is to be off of our streets because they are making it unsafe for us. why is it that a guy who murders
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somebody is out in community after having been arrested two or three months prior with a firearm? what did we think he was going to do recidivism rate for violent offenders is the highest we have seen anywhere. 87 i think in that year. look at the system. how are we holding people accountability? what does that accountability look like and is it okay with you. rachel: pete, is this a campaign speech he might be giving mayor bowser. he might be challenging her. this looks like somebody who could challenge the mayor who has clearly failed. pete: she has. if he keeps his job. we have seen other police chiefs brooklyn center, minnesota, other places something happens. they speak out honestly and earnestly giving voice to the way their actual departments feel and you can't say those types of things. robert conti is being honest.
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riot from last summer saw it supporting the metropolitan police department. the people responsible for the rioting and burning still hasn't been held accountable. they haven't had a hearing date. many of the charges has been dropped. what do you expect, he says, when we are fighting the same people who face no consequences time and time again and he has a department that hasn't been able to hire a single officer. rachel: not one. pete: not one in the last year and down 200 because of retirements. smaller force, rise in crime and emboldened criminals. great to see. he goes on for seven minutes if you want to watch the whole thing he held court and said what do you expect? maybe is he a future leader for that city. that would be great to see. the leadership there is fund mentally unserious. rachel: that's what trey gowdy was saying last night as well. he was talking about how police are being demonized and how this is no way to run a government. take a look. >> tragically predictable thing in the world. when you demonize cops and
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threaten to make them personally liable for split second decisions when you hire these so-called progressive prosecutors who are soft on crime but hard on the cops, this is what you get. so, i hate it for the victims. crime is the toughest tax of all on poor people. they can least protect themselves. they can't go hire their own police force. but sometimes people do what they promise they will do when they're running for office. and that's what you have in these major cities. that's what struck out number of officers hired in d.c. one other stat that robert conti gave there. 87% recidivism rate. 80% of the people you are letting out declining to prosecute are going on to commit further crimes. you know, you have heard me say this. we are breeding this culture of crime. we have demonized police. we have let criminals government what do you get when you incentivize crime? you get more of it. it seems the only type of law enforcement over the past year that democratic politicians have
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been interested in is investigating president trump and/or enforcing some kind of mask mandate. pete: and capitol hill. will: and capitol hill police. here is another example of investigations, law enforcement, department of justice declining to pursue potential criminality. that is the investigation into blue state nursing home policies. you know what we are talking about here. states like new york where there needs to be an investigation of why so many covid-positive patients were returned to nursing homes. look, remember the stats? this is covid care, long-term deaths up to january 19th. actual deaths 12743. governor andrew cuomo reported only, what, 8500. pete: it wasn't just the policy it was the way they were trying to cover it up. will: absolutely. pete: now it appears the new news this morning is that the department of justice will not be pursuing charges or at least an investigation into new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, and michigan, all of which which
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pursued similar policies you pointed out. will: all blue states. pete: joe biden's justice department we are not looking into it declined to investigate. rachel: to be fair, a look into the numbers that were being, you know, hidden or whatever, that is still going to be pursued. will: at the state level. rachel: at the federal level, civil rights of the patients who died as a result of this very bizarre policy, which, by the way, went completely against cdc policy. cdc policy, which you know, is practically like scripture. not followed here. they said do not, you know, allow people in with covid into nursing homes. they did it anyway. they forced nursing homes to do that and people died. take a look at what some of the victims have had to say about this. >> if this had is not obstruction of justice, i don't know what is. he and his top aides, including der roseosa go to such great les
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to make sure people would not find out the total of deaths. >> talking about lives. 15,000 plus lives that died that he hid and we have to prove he hid it. >> new yorkers are sick and tired of cuomo's dishonesty, his incompetence, corruption and abuse of power. people clearly want accountability. >> this is governor's cuomo gate. people died and we need a full fair investigation with subpoena power. this is what our family and all our families demand. code knows no political party. pete: it does in this case because joe biden's white house is not going to investigate their own party and their own conduct in this moment. especially you talked about this long week, will. what a week of whiplash as far as potential covid vaccine mandates, masks returning is the cdc going to potentially drop some new bombshell in the next couple of days that says we are
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all vaccinated unvaccinated and wearing masks again in public spaces? the whole debate is intertwined and left always wants to say we don't want to look backwards on covid. we want to look forward. sometimes you don't know how to move forward until you look at what's happened. rachel: then you have to it connect what happened. pete: where the vice came from from china and why policies were reckless and not pursued. rachel: elise stefanik believes the biden administration because of this decision is now complicit in criminal corruption and cover-up of the thousands of these deaths. i want to say one thing which is a society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, the disabled children, the elderly. i think what's so interesting about this pandemic is it revealed that we're doing a very bad job of doing that because the people most hurt during this pandemic, the people least protected. the people used as pawns by politicians to enhance their power for whatever reason have
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been the elderly, have been children, and been the disabled. it is a real shame and i think -- i hope that that's the great reset that we get from this what comes of all of this. we need to correct these kinds of policies but we also need to look at just as a society who are we and how do we protect when we are in a terrible situation like a pandemic. will: well, you saw janice dean in that clip. of course, her family has been affected by the nursing home policy in, no. she is going to joins later 7:3. pete talked about the big week that was last week it does feel like the come week could be bigger as we ratchet up rhetoric around covid restrictions, the olympics kicking off. who knows what kind of news cycles. pete: if anyone watches. will: text, ou joining the sec that's major, major news. [laughter] will: i'm not joking. rachel: we are having janice dean. one thing i love janice dean example of how one person can
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still make a difference. she is the person who cracked this story open. will: now we turn to a few additional headlines for you, including this the search for bodies at the florida condo collapse site has come to an end. firefighters in miami-dade county wrapping up recovery mission and reuniting with their families. after 29 painstaking days of searching around the clock. firefighters went through 14,00t debris has now been moved off site to a warehouse. 97 people are confirmed dead. one person is still missing. and the cause of the collapse remains under investigation. and the run away texas democrats will stay in washington, d.c. putting their colleagues at a stand still back home. the lawmakers say the they will remain in washington for the last two weeks of the special session to ensure g.o.p. backed voting legislation does not pass. governor abbott called for the special session and demanded the lawmakers come back. democrats say trying to blackmail them
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instead of allowed to protect their constituents. the tomorrow brady shows gans how super bowl ring stacks up against the others. posted instagram picture wearing all seven super bowl rings. the bucs is on the right hand on ring finger. showed photos rings from the early days with the patriots as well. how it started versus how it's going. which one looks the best? that bucs' ring kind of stands out. those are your headlines. i really wasn't joking, texas, ou joining the sec are. pete: is the big 12 just gone. will: not looking good. it's going to shake up college football. those texas democrats, this is going to have to be discussed in the texas legislature i would imagine a little bit. time to get on back. pete: that might be what gets them back. rachel: i heard they don't want them back. texans don't want them back is that true? pete: do you think they can just keep them. will: i haven't seen the official numbers on that yet.
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my instincts says you are right. pete: we will talk more about football later too. come up, border officials say they are being set up to file as buses leaving a texas border town are crammed with illegals. we will talk to a sheriff seeing the chaos firsthand. and the nfl is forcing teams to take a big penalty as unvaccinated players cause a covid-19 outbreak. how the new rules are dividing players and coaches ♪ we got the beat yeah ♪ they got the beat ♪ ♪
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only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning. ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: the crisis at the southern border becoming so dire that four main bus companies in mcallen, texas, are reportedly overwhelmed by the number of migrants using the bus lines to leave town after being released
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by cdp. one city manager telling the "new york post," quote: if someone wants to buy a bus fare to head north they have to wait two days. the sheriff witnessed the crisis firsthand when his community experienced a massive influx of migrants following the election. he joins me now. welcome. >> thank you. i appreciate you having me on. rachel: sheriff, tell me, you said this happened right after the election then in january we saw the reversal of the remain in mexico policy. is this a direct result of that? >> yeah. showing these buses full of folks is nonnews to us. i have been trying to sound the alarm for seven months since this administration took over that this is a major problem not only for my community and the state of arizona but this is a major problem for this country. they're busing people all over to communities everywhere and with that human trafficking piece you also have drugs come in. the methamphetamines, the
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fentanyl. this is major problem, which is why we are standing together as sheriffs because, apparently, the federal government is not going to stand to do it. so we have got protect america now and hopefully your viewers will go check out protect america now. these are sheriffs from across the country standing up against this nonsense. rachel: right. i want to show you some footage we just received here at fox news of a car chase. take a look at this. it okay. so the car is pulled over and as the sheriff comes close to the car look what happens here. the car pulls away, goes off road. and then all of a sudden the doors fling open and, boom, everyone is out running over the fences, none of those people were caught, they tried to much cat driver. i'm not sure if they actually did or not in the end. i mean, you are seeing this stuff all the time. yeah, two days ago we had one just like this where it was seven people. they ran from us at peed at over
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100 miles per hour. they ended up crashing into a traffic light. four illegal aliens, three american citizens, one was arrested. the other one was -- one was a 15-year-old juvenile. just last night we had another one. we had four more illegals that ran from us, bailed out of the vehicle. this is something we are dealing with every -- almost every day in our community. and we're kind of tired of it. >> yeah, you are raising the alarm on it fox news is covering it up. your local stations are covering it we had bill melugin was on tucker carlson last night. he said there are no national reporters no, one is telling the story. although i'm sure people are starting to feel it as they get bust out or flown out to other parts of the country but no one is feeling it like your community. >> yeah, we are feel it we always felt it. it never goes away for us. but there are times when it is -- goes through the roof. and that happened under obama, we saw huge, a huge reduction in illegal immigration, human
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trafficking, drug trafficking under the president trump administration. and now since january, we have seen it, it's worse now than what it was under obama. this is a major problem. rachel: yeah, 170, 180,000 a month that we know of. creating. >> those are the got-aways. those are the ones that got away. rachel: sheriff, it feels like we are doing the last leg of work for the human traffickers by shipping them out it's really quite remarkable. hard to believe they're getting away with it thanks for bringing a spotlight to it. it's a very important topic. >> thank you, appreciate it. rachel: sheriff lamb will be speaking at the turning point action rally tonight along with former president trump. it will stream live on fox nation at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight. it parents in indiana demand answers as school district staff are being offered racial equity training. the backlash over that plan to
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racism next. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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to. pete: back with headlines, rachel says she loves prince harry headlines. rachel: you called meghan markle our aoc. pete: it's coming. prince harry could be getting a royal payday book deal. the deal starts at 25 million bucks and include four books. a spokes map for the prince denied the report saying there will only be one book and it will be released next year. one for 25 million, probably. and mark hamill is most known for play luke skywalker.
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>> not true. that's impossible. you know it to be true. pete: it is. hamill revealing he voiced multiple cameos in every "star wars" released since 20156789 he most recently played a droid in the mandalorian he is there whether you know it or not. rachel: causing uproar over school systems voluntary racial equity training offered to staff. the southeastern school district is implement ago two day training program called interrupting racism for children and according to the website, some key teachings include relationship between poverty and racism. understanding the lasting impact of historical policies and laws, awareness of how racism adversely affects everyone, et
3:27 am
cetera et cetera. will: executive director for the center of urban renewal and political consultant marc little joins us now. marc, good to see you this morning. voluntary program for teachers. fascinating for me interrupting racism for children. we are going to teach teachers how to teach children and that title interrupting racism to me as i read it presumes, marc, that children are already racist or have learned racist habits so interrupt them. >> you hit the nail right on the head. that's the thing that stood out for me. children don't have the same problem that we adults have. they don't have racism. racism is a matter of the heart. and it is taught this program is a disguise just like critical race theory it's a disguise to create retribution in the hearts of those staff members and ultimately in the hearts of those children. and those parents have it just right. they have got to root it out and i know it's happening this week
3:28 am
and hopefully it won't happen next year because they are on to something and i encourage them to keep fighting to make sure their students are not taught critical race theory and hatred. not only for white -- hetero sis gendered men but more america. >> the school district will didn't it's critical race theory just call it something else. here is what the school said in a statement: as a district we believe that professional development training can help our teachers and staff prepare all students, all of our students for a levee of academic success. we also believe that each student deserves a school where educators teach inclusivity and dismantle barriers that keep students from being their authenticselves. we look forward to continuing to offer this training for the benefit of all h se school students. does that statement surprise you at marc. there is a lot of code in there and seem to not be backing down even if parents are standing up.
3:29 am
>> it doesn't surprise me and same wrapping that ethnic studies has. dealing with this now across the country and thankfully parents are standing up in school districts all across the country. these consultants are in a react and on a react because there has been funding for it they have learned how to wrap it in a nice paper wrapping, not so opaque, pretty transparent, actually, that goes through these schools and makes it sound like we are going to teach about fairness. well, it's anything but fei fair, it's anything but inclusive. rachel: right. >> in fact, we know exactly whether a it is because just like this parent did she pulled back the covers and saw exactly what it was. it is hatred. it's reverse racism, in fact, it's against white men. this is just unacceptable in our school systems around america and, by the way, it's not limited to public schools. it's actually creeped -- crept itself into private schools as
3:30 am
well. as a country, we have to stand against it and say we want to teach america history. we want to teach how to love one another, the golden rule, but we're not going to allow hatred and racism to be taught in our schools. rachel: marc, the school district says they want to in the statement academic success these kinds much programs are taking the place of other things that could be taught. if you want to help minorities you might want to teach math and reading and all the skill sets they need to succeed in life rather than these kind of silly, as you said react programs. >> well, i tell you use the term equity all the time. and that suggests that there is an achievement gap. rachel: that's right. >> science, technology, english and math. that's the way to bridge the achievement gap in our school system. rachel: thank you, marc, we really appreciate it. will: thank you, marc, this morning. >> thank you, guys. will: forced to forfeit the nfl
3:31 am
is cracking down on unvaccinated players. jack brewer is going to jump in here. he will join us next ♪ i like that old time rock and roll ♪ i like that old time rock and roll ♪ that kind of music just sooths the soul ♪ i reminisce
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. will: the nfl says it will not
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mandate vaccinations for players coaches and staff. but placing severe restrictions on anyone who is not vaccinate you had. the league now warning teams they will be forced to forfeit games amid a covid-19 outbreak by unvaccinated player. in this case players on both teams will not be paid for the game and the team responsible for the canceled game must cover all the costs. it comes amid talks that a minnesota vikings assistant coach has been ousted for refusing the covid vaccine. here now former nfl player and ceo of the bureau group jack brewer. private businesses can make decisions about the conditions of their employment. here's the nfl basically saying these are the conditions of our employment. we really want you to be vaccinated and so here are the repercussions. here's the question, jack, is it necessary is it logical? does it reflect a relates that young healthy football players should all be pressured to get this vaccine? >> of course not. it's not right. it's not pure.
3:36 am
they are not coming from a pure place. think about it you have have had zero hospitalizations for professional athletes. you have zero deaths for professional athletes. so, to come in and enforce a policy like this on players, you know, literally -- you are basically telling them that they need to get vaccinated. it's just not right. if you really cared you would be talking about what is your immune status? what are your risk factors? am i putting new a position to where your health and safety is really at risk? and the answer to all those questions is no. if they really cared, they would say let me know your immune status? what's the likelihood of you getting really sick from the coronavirus? take immune upon tore. go take a score like i did. none of that is happening and unfortunate reality, especially when it seems like every other month we are talking about something put you out there to play with a concussion. they will put you out there to play with the flu or any other type of illness.
3:37 am
they give players shots like they gave me shots to go back on the field and play. all of the sudden they are being virtuous. no, i think they are aligning themselves with the leftist media. they're aligning themselves with all the democratic rhetoric that's out there trying to force vaccines on people without necessarily going into their immune systems and understanding their bodies. will: yeah. i think the disstipulation here is whether or not the vaccine is right for every single individual and the public rhetoric has answered that question it is a resounding yes. it is not lessened the individuals to look into their own health and risk analysis. here is a player reflecting that same type of attitude. realistically try to figure out if this started with vaccinated or unvaccinated player. i don't know how they will sort any type of outbreak like that out. >> real quick, will. i just had a dear friend play basketball. he just got out of hospital. hospitalized after taking the
3:38 am
vaccine in may. healthy man, and we are praying to get him out of the hospital. it's ridiculous to go out and push this on people when you can still get the virus after you have already taken it. will: just don't know everybody's individual health why do you have a one size fits all answer for search in i want to get this before we lose time here. that is the cleveland indians renaming their team to the cleveland guardians. i wanted to get your thought on the baseball team. following the steps of the washington football team washington redskins in renaming their mascot their nickname. >> it makes no sense when you start looking deeply into these things. you are trying to not to offend anyone. well, when you look at it, i'm called a black man in america. well, if you look at me my skin is not black. it's brown. when is that going to be considered racist? it's like all of these labels that we have on people that we want to assume as racist. again, it's virtue signaling. and it needs to stop happening.
3:39 am
i will tell you what, in america, if we really want to get rid of this. start calling everybody americans and stop putting their skin color and everything else on top of it. i think it's gone too far. i think the rhetoric is now seep national guard children. you can't even watch sports now. now every kid that has been an indians fan has to change their hats literally. they are going to have to change their hats. really gone too far. it's almost comical, man. will: on our screen talking showing images of chief wahoo. that's a separate debate whether that's honorary or derogatory emblem. here is the fascinating thing, jack. i will leave it with this. the assumption is always it's derogatory and insulting. why is not honoring as well. if you look -- by the way of any polling football team indian reservations it was the washington redskins. odd team for some in new mexico
3:40 am
to pick it's such derogatory nickname to them. jack brewer, always inciteful before i go. rachel told me several times please tell jack hi. rachel: hi jack. pete: you too, jack. will: he did not say to tell you hi. now he is jump, in just to be clear. >> football season we are going to start talking vikings soon. will: i like it. not much to talk about with the vikings. pete: oh, come on. will: good see you, jack. over to rachel. rachel: everyone loves jack brewer. demonstrators taking to miami streets in support of cubans as they fight for freedom against the communist regime. on the coast activist formed a freedom flotilla and took off towards international waters. they are trying to get as close to cuba as possible. they plan to stop 15 nautical miles from havana to show their support despite dhs warning them against the trip because travel
3:41 am
is illegal without a permit. the federal aviation administration grounding jeff bezos' hope of being recognized as an astronaut. the agency changed criteria for the astronaut program the same data bezos went to space. while the billionaire reached the necessary altitude to qualify. he didn't pilot the autonomous spacecraft or contribute to public safety which are requirements under the new guidelines. surprised couldn't pay to have that changed, right? your money can only go so far. an off duty officer in california russians into flames saving a woman from a burning car. the officer says he was driving to a gas station when he saw two collide one of them burst into flames. he immediately ran over to help. >> i didn't even feel the heat. the only thing i could think of is that these people are going to burn if i don't help them. >> officer is being called a hero or she is.
3:42 am
stockton police department saying officers have never off duty as for the victims two. people were taken to the hospital and their conditions are unknown. and those are your headlines. >> i want to be the guy at the bar that says well, actually, richie rich, you are thought an astronaut. [laughter] rachel: yeah. now he can't brag to his girlfriend about it either. will: someone can put jeff bezos in check. there is something a little sweet about that. rachel: there is. will: turn to rick reichmuth for weather forecast. rick: things better across the northeast. drying out a bit. temperatures across the central part of the country incredibly hot and humid. 79 in morning in kansas city. 80 in glass. you get the idea. 80 in dallas this time of morning is a hot morning. showers cut across florida. few scattered showers later on today. a little relief across parts of
3:43 am
the northern plains as this front drops a little bit farther towards the south. maybe a little bit of severe weather with that as well. take a look at incredible moisture this week across part of the four corners, especially arizona, a little bit too much getting some flooding in there monsoon season if you live in the southwest is thrilling and they are getting an amazing one across parts of arizona this year. all right. guys, back to you. rachel: thank you, rick. well d.c.'s police chief issues a passionate rebiewng of the city's policies after a week of violence. his message as their city cuts their police budget. stay with us. >> you cannot coddle hardened criminals. you cannot. they might not want a job. i'm mad as hell about this nots the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:47 am
criminals. you cannot. they might not want a job. they might not. they might not need services. i'm mad as held about this. i hope you are too. will: that's d.c. police chief robert conti. he was fired slashed the police budget and pushed so-called alternative justice programs. pete: always reimagining police. here to react is former u.s. secret service agent and ceo of sentinel security solutions charles thanks for being here. understand hold court and speak truth. you think this could lead to any change? while anyone who is in charge of these catch and release programs actually help out the police chief. >> yeah. i think we are starting to the see more and more chiefs of police around the country are being more vocal about this. let's face it the democratic leadership in the major cities that have supported defunding
3:48 am
and have basically immobilized dismantled their law enforcement here have caused big problems for the american public. we don't really care about what it's doing to the democratic party. right? they have their own issues around this issue. you have the president saying he is the democratic party. never supported defunding police. and, yet, everybody else in the democratic party is calling for that. but what is happening here is that the american public in places where they live and work every day. the nationals ballgame, right? 14th street d.c. the streets in the city new york. starting to impact every day americans and they don't like what they're seeing. so they are going to support the beliefs of the chiefs, and the chiefs of their local communities. rachel: little 6-year-old girl killed a few weeks ago as well, you mentioned this, they call it alternative justice the police chief was angry what he called
3:49 am
violence interruption should be doing which is taking care of stuff. the d.c. police budget cuts $15 million, but the office of neighborhood safety and engagement 2017 was $2.1 million. they are now proposing it go up to $28 million. what happened if they just put that money towards good old law enforcement? >> that's right. law enforcement departments here have great community policing programs. so i don't understand what that -- what the problem is from that perspective. it's very important for law enforcement in the communities to know the business owners, the citizens, and most departments across the united states as we know have very positive interactions with the public and their communities. so what we have seen here is basically law enforcement has been sidelined. we know that their responsibilities have been limited. they have been told how to do their jobs by nonsubject matter
3:50 am
experts. ie the politicians in their communities then that goes into bail reform. saying guns are the problem. guns in general. we know where the guns are coming from. we know these are illegally obtained weapons. they are stolen. being further trade with, amongst criminals. and they are being used to commit crimes. we know that these are not lawful gun owners that are going out and doing it so you know who is causing the problem. you know where the guns are coming from. now allow your law enforcement departments to go out and solve the problem. pete: charles marino thank you so much for that insight. pete: how about the lady assaultwith a cooking pot in nek city. should we ban cooking pots? that's the logic. after ben and jerry's froze sales in the so-called west bank judea and sumaria. one israeli nonprofit is making
3:51 am
their own ice cream in protest. a look at the pro-israel product coming up next. ♪ ♪ it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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3:54 am
♪ pete: sips ben and jerry's put sales on ice cream in the so-called west bank and other dispiewd areas, one israeli nonprofit they are going to create a copy since they lost their license there a mock-up looks just like the original except it includes a picture of the modern. the frozen chosen people. and they're willing to take their case to court if need be. arguing ben and jerry's forfeited their trademark rights when they boycotted the
3:55 am
territory. next guest author of finding my place, making my parents' american dreams come true. elizabeth joins me now. thank you so much for being here. ben and jerry's effectively said we are going to boycott israel. the bds movement now going to ice cream. this company is stepping in saying hey, it's not legal to do that in israel so we are going to create our own product. >> no, i'm super excited to see this. i think it's really important to realize that israelis and zionists worldwide will no longer take these actions lying down. we are not going to sit back, sit idly by let people treat israel like this but crazy decisions. point out how absolutely ridiculous this is whoever wrote a pr statement thought it sounded goodment in moment in all reality let's be honest this is not going to punish the israeli government. it's going to punish innocent israeli and palestinian people who enjoy a little cherry garcia
3:56 am
on the weekend they don't deserve that. pete: jew day and a some mayor s finest. not going to sell in jerusalem. this is an attempt to politicize where products are sold to try to delegitimize the state of israel. but, this isn't anything new, right? this is social media pressure from leftists, companies that the bow toward it and ultimately doesn't really affect the lives of those in israel. until the jobs go away. this is fighting that right? >> right. and i think the president of the group doing this said it best. if you want to take these people to court. we want ben and jerry's to answer to what they are doing. we want them to answer to why they claim they're opposed to doing work and business in these occupied territories that only happens to include israel and don't happen to include i think she mentioned crimea and south sudan. there are a lot of questions to be answered. i look forward to seeing ben and jerry's answer to what they are doing. pete: only disputed areas in
3:57 am
israel that they're unwilling to put the products in, not elsewhere. interesting. elizabeth pipko thank you for highlighting these issues. >> thank you for having me. pete: big show still ahead. dan bongino, morgan ortagus katie pavlich and lawrence jones all on deck. don't go anywhere. es and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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♪ ♪ be ♪ ♪ rachel: summer jam by jake owen it's 7:00 a.m. eastern time. that song actually remind me -- welcome you guys. welcome all of you. welcome to you two, pete and will. good morning. i'm really sad about summer ending when i hear that summer jam. i know we are in the middle of it. it makes me think that it's going to end.
4:01 am
[laughter] i'm already thinking about it. pete: don't do that just live in it. enjoy it. rachel: that's right. pete: part of us relishing the summer is that shot we saw when we come in. the olympics are happening. we're not sure who is going to watch that but, we do know that you are going to have to stick around to watch our own "fox & friends" olympics. where all three of us are going to compete on these absurd looking okay stack kel which we are being told by members of our production crew are actually very difficult. will: hop from ball to ball right there. here's the question. over under. will you make it to the third ball. pete: all depend on strategy. do you go for the jump or try to run run run. rachel: i bet i will do it enter than you guys. pete: tossing some shade. rachel: are you saying i can go. pete: just go first speaking of
4:02 am
hopping over we are going to move to illegal immigration here we are catching more and more incredible footage of what is happening at the border. footage by the way that the mainstream media refuses to cover. fox news is covering it. some of the local and freelance journalists are covering it but not the national press. and it's really terrifying stuff. sheriff mark lamb from pin nell county, arizona was on with me earlier this morning. and he says this crisis is a major problem. take a look. >> this was a major problem not only for my community and the state of arizona, but this is a major problem for this country. they are busing people all over. communities everywhere and with that human trafficking piece you also have the drugs coming in. the fentanyl. this is a major problem standing together as sheriffs this is
4:03 am
something we are deal with almost every day in our community. and we are kind of tired of it. pete: rachel, you mentioned it some of that the footage we are seeing, the sheriff is entirely right. his job -- here is the video right here this is in texas. a pursuit of a car on -- inside our country. but, of a known suggest gling route. a car pulls over in this pursuit. and as it pulls over, doors open, 1, 2, -- rachel: ton of them. >> 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. will: clown car. pete: 10, 11. and i think we have one more. he fell out. 12, 13. 13 people crammed into a little -- not a big suv. this is what they confront on a daily and regular basis. and it's often not -- sometimes it's men like this particular vehicle was. but it could be kids crammed in. they are trying to evade. this is not just showing up at
4:04 am
the border and saying i'm a migrant in threat of my country. this is i want to get away and i will do anything possible. will: a few months ago i went down to the border in arizona i was with sheriff mark lamb but in counties further south. i did a ride along and talked how easy it is to identify what they call, i believe, these are load out cars. what happens is after you cross the border you have somebody pick you up on the american side of the border and shuttle you off to then a point you head off to different parts of the country. picking you up from your hike across the border and taking you on to your next station. easy to identify those cars. usually because they are using the same kind of vehicle pretty beat down but one that can make some speed. in this one, you would be looking at a car in the back about that fire off the tire. weighted down heavily because that many pima little car. rachel: as bad as that is and that footage is terrible and the sheriff said they are seeing this stuff all the time. what's really outrageous is that we are paying to take people
4:05 am
across the country. we are paying for buses. talk about buses being overloaded. you can't even get a bus ticket in some of these places because our government has taken up all the seats for these people to basically shuttle them across the country. we are buying plane tickets for people here illegally. i'm sure they don't have the identification that would be required of you or i if we were to travel by air. you know how onerous that is these days. and our tax dollars are paying for it i don't think that people are as aware. people who watch our channel get it they know it. people who live on the border. they are living it. but the other networks aren't there. bill melugin was on tucker carlson last night saying i don't see any other reporters here. pete: not a story they want to cover or a story they think benefits the party they like more. yet, we have these agents on the ground how demoralizing it must be to do that job while knowing the umbrella policies there effectively keep the border wide open. another issue we are talking about feels like on a daily basis and we should because it involves the education of our
4:06 am
kids is critical race theory and what's in the curriculum. the place that's been the main flash point at many levels has been loudoun county and certain places in virginia where parents have stood up school board meetings you are teaching my kids they are oppressed or oppressors. we want it out of the classroom. there is a governor's race there coming up and it's an off term election, virginia does theirs on the odd years. '21. terry mcauliffe once the virginia gubernatorial nominee is running again. he has been asked in the past about critical race theory. because virginia hasn't center of it. the republican running there is running against the idea that schools would be full of this type of garbage. he said we are going to get to what he is saying recently or what he is doing recently. here's a reminder of how terry mcauliffe, just like barack obama and others have said, you know that crt thing? this is from june. it's a right wing conspiracy. listen. >> i was just wondering like all the republicans are talking like critical race theory and they're making this huge deal about it
4:07 am
and it's all of the conversation in the news virginia, like what are you going to say to all those people making about that. >> it's another right wing conspiracy. this is totally made up by donald trump and glenn youngkin. this is who they are conspiracy theory. will: totally made up. crt conspiracy theory. whatever is being taught to your children are simply living a lie. you are living a conspiracy. by the way terry mcauliffe has received these kind of donations from the teachers union. $400,000 from the nea. and $250,000 from american federation of teachers. in the last couple of weeks we have done these stories. pete: that's a lot of money. will: a lot of money. both of those organization was have pushed to say they will defend teachers that teach crt. rach the teachers union said we are going to do it. pete: nea came out and said we are supportive of critical race theory. aft saying none noe we are not. they created a fund defend
4:08 am
teachers under siege if they teach it anyway. >> tear mcauliffe conspiracy theory. talking about crime or crt. litmus test for how these elections, how voters will indict the current policies, whether or not they will endorse the current policies of the democratic party. this will be the early indicator of whether or not the policies like crt and -- i don't want to use word prevention. crime approach policy will play with voters. rich anderson is the virginia g.o.p. chairman he said the following. terry mcauliffe bringing corrupt politics back from round 2. not only days full of lies and flip flops filled with cozying up to political special interest that he will owe favors to if he is elected. rachel: that's absolutely true. i think the worst part about all of this is the lies. i mean, if you feel like you believe in crt and you want to take money from organizations that support crt, then just tell us. i'm for crt or i'm for defunding the police.
4:09 am
not sure hour the public feels, they literally say that's not hang. pete: poor a mistake. you saw the report department of education put out and one of the links was to an openly racist crt link, no, no, that was a mistake. that was a typo. we didn't mean to put that in there. rachel: who put that in there. so crazy. you are crazy. you are imagining it. mcauliffe previously was a right-to-work guy apparently. apparently he was on the other side of the issue of teachers unions. now that's the way to go, take $650,000. rachel: we will see how that race goes, you are right. it's a bellwether. will: yesterday the news broke the cleveland indians major league baseball will be renaming their name to the cleveland guardians: but as offensive as you can possibly imagine. stones. pete: there is a bridge there.
4:10 am
will: transportation honorary. i don't know. somehow indians has become considered an offensive and derogatory term. one that should be done away with. and if you start with indians and start with redkin's and move to indians it wonder where you go. atlanta city chiefs and braves next on the chopping block. might not end there joe concha fox news contributor said here are some other suggestions. >> the braves next, florida state next. the seminoles or the kansas city chiefs or maybe just a symbol of pride and tradition. celebrating indian culture. you know what's next by the way the new york jets are toast because jets release make emissions and that causes major pollution. what kind of example would it be, tammy, keeping that name? >> i'm from the southwest. grew up seeing a lot of indian art and honoring of that southwest culture. did you, too.
4:11 am
i'm sure a lot of art you see in the southwest. i'm really shocked that people think that it's racist to do it. i think it's honoring them. i really do. some of these statues are gorgeous. like the one they took down of teddy roosevelt in front of the natural history museum. the indian that's on the side of teddy roosevelt which apparently they took it down because they didn't like the indian was lower than the president. okay. >> indian -- it's just gorgeous. this image, the statue is beautiful. i can't imagine why people would be offended by it. will: what more and i mentioned it earlier in interview with jack brewer i haven't seen polling on major league baseball. there has been several different polls taken that american indians by and large did not find washington redskins nickname offer. of course always some people offended. on the whole, on average, the majority did not. in fact, the washington redskins were the most popular team on indian reservations across the country. pete: rachel, to your point the fans are not offended. the players are not offended.
4:12 am
there is loud voices on twitter. there is hosts on espn. there is voices out there that politically correct wokesters who are running around making this their sole cause. we have talked about a lot of people cover sports secretly hate them a little bit. will, have you talked about that. in this case got to be something to go after. why not, eventually why not the minnesota vikings. pillaged. cowboys are not all good. rachel: and very white. pete: and very white that can't be good. will: joe concha is not being hyperbolic. tampa bay buccaneers because pirates rape wanted and pill landed same argument made for vikings. argument texas rangers because the actual authorities, law enforcement texas rangers did some bad things in their history. pete: once you cave, it's over. and the redskins held out for a long time. they caved. enough to they don't even have a name of the now you got the guardians single dumbest name i have ever heard. talk about dropping fans.
4:13 am
go online and buy all the cleveland indians gear you can buy now. do you know how quickly the redskins stuff? i had to pay a lot of money to get redskins gear. i still have it i went and bought a helmet. will: your not a fan. pete: i'm a fasten the things they try to cancel just because they try to cancel it that's insane. rachel: that's why donald trump weighed in on it as well they are trying to erase our culture. will: they are. pete: turning to additional headlines. the man arrested for brazen kidnapping attempt is indicted by a grand jury. james mcgongle charged with attempted kidnapping and endangering the welfare of a child. he pled not guilty. man seen in video trying to snatch a 45-year-old boy walking with his mother in new york city. the boy was thrown into a car. his mother saved him by pulling him out of the passenger window. he will probably get released. rachel: she was awesome. super mom.
4:14 am
pete: senate panel votes to require women to register for the draft. like men, women would have to sign up upon turning 8. the requirement is still far from reality because the bill would have to pass the house, senate and be signed by joe biden. women have served at all levels of the military since 201. senator josh hawley tweeting in part it's one thing to allow american women to choose this service but quite another to force it upon our daughters, sisters and wives. i agree. a customer tells a pizza hut delivery driver to take a slice instead of a tip because they ran out of money. here's the reaction? are you kidding me? pete: he took it hey, doorbell camera footage shows the disgun tell driver taking a bite at the slice at the doorstep. many slam the customer for not coughing up a little extra dough to give to the driver. rachel: i agree.
4:15 am
pete: okay, fine. rachel: he did. he took it up next, st. louis brings back mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. is this the start of the return of universal masking? dr. marty makary reacts next.
4:16 am
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4:19 am
recommending them outside as well regardless of vaccination status. is this necessary? let's ask fox news medical contributor dr. marty in carry. i will start with that question, is this necessary? >> good morning. well, outdoors is extremely ridiculous. and if we want kids to wear masks indoors, i would love to see the data. we don't have any data on it despite spending $41 billion a year on medical research. somehow we don't have any data. there is zero data on kids. some kids really struggle with masks. i think we forget that right? some kids get determine logic reactions, row sharon shah, worsening acne, kids with glasses can't see sometimes because they don't get a good seal. we have to consider all of those things. will: between the delta variant and the work of vehicle seens, what we have seen is while infections might continue to go up. hospitalizations and deaths are not following suit. so, when we set out to battle this pandemic, it has always
4:20 am
been the curve, keep hospitals from getting overwhelmed and keep people from dying. it seems like something has changed here. we are masking and pushing the rack seen in order to i guess now the goal is stamp out covid? is that what is pushing public policy? >> there is this growing sentiment out there that we have to somehow eliminate covid. you hear it in the language of a lot of public health officials. and, look, we are never going to do it. covid will become one of the seasonal coronavirus. there is four other seasonal coronavirus. they have weird long medical names. and sirlt every year season to season become the common cold this will be the fifth one. as we have immunity as you see it is downgraded to the common cold. our battalion has never been against the sniffles, it's been against death and disability in overrun hospitals. i think we forget that will. will: we have forgotten that to the extent we may be having the
4:21 am
debate current situation indicator every year to your point. we will be having mavericks and lockdowns and vaccination pushes every year to something that now has reduced itself to much much less than originally set out. dr. marty mccarey, thank you so much. >> thanks, will. will: a top national security adviser says easy access to guns is driving domestic terrorism. next guest says targeting the second amendment won't stop violent crime. ♪
4:22 am
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♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪
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next, $20,000 san francisco testing out new trash cans to roll out across the city. but each design being considered would cost taxpayers about $20,000 per can. a can. city officials the tamper resistant and would cut down ono the street. finally $10,000. that's how much this high school senior won in scholarship money for winning duckett brand tape scholarship contest. she says the dress took her three months to take and inspired by her mexican heritage. pete: made out of duct tape. impressive. i want to get the $20,000 garbage can business. government pays works for me. all right. the national security council is sounding the alarm on domestic terrorism and the deputy homeland security adviser says access to guns is driving the
4:26 am
problem. in an interview with politico joshua yeter says easy access to firearms. especially certain types of firearms can make acts of domestic terrorism more feasible to undertake and more lethal once they happen. joining me now is antonio okafor, the director of outreach for gun owners of america. antonio, thank you so much for being here. he went on to say not just that but firearms feed into so does polarization fueled by disinformation. so it's our free speech and our right to bear arms that are the problem apparently. >> absolutely. that he was exactly what was going on was that, you know, we have a constitution and these rights that we have are too much for the administration. look, the biden administration has been very, very clear. crystal clear that who they really deem dangerous is really gun openers, gun owners of america. not just our organization but, of course, of the over
4:27 am
100 million gun owners that we have in this country. and over 400 million, that's the last data that we have, of guns in this country, and so, with that, in our culture, gun culture that has actually protected us in many different wars, and prepared us in many different ways, we are to be proud of our culture, our gun that protect ourselves and protect our rights as well. pete: scarier part this is part of the national strategy countering domestic terrorism. our government is saying that easy access to law abiding gun owners is the problem with domestic terrorism? what do they miss in that equation? >> right. and that's the thing, too. easy access. vegas term. >> easy access. you know, we hear the disinformation that they are talking about here of people thinking that it's easier to get a firearm than to vote. or easier, whatever what have
4:28 am
you. fill in the blanks in order to get something other than a firearm. but, it's very arduous on the federal level but even on the state level. and even on the municipal level. it comes down to people who are pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with the real facts here. and the facts are that they have one job. and one job only. and that's to protect our god-given right that we're not given to us even by the founding fathers or the second amendment or the constitution. they were given to us by god. and that's what they are supposed to be protecting. pete: enshrined by people who are supposed to understand what happened when government had all the power. i have got to get your take real quick on exchange over the second amendment on another network. watch this. >> the biggest gun ownership on the right is among -- of african-americans. in large part, when they're questioned, they are talking about white supremacy, they are talking about the pandemic. and they are talking about police violence. >> i will always vote for any person and any party that continues to defend the second
4:29 am
amendment no matter what happens. >> can you help me with that, i mean good on meghan mccain for saying that that previous statement, what is she saying? >> right. well, sunny, for being one of the people of the demographic that is the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in america, she even alluded to that about 58% of african-americans increase in just the last year alone. is proving her point that people are going particularly our african-americans are empowered by the second amendment. in fact it doesn't have a racist past. it has a past gun control has a past that is more racist than the second amendment. if anything, it's to protect people, particularly those who are most oppressed from an overarching oppressive government. that's what it was made for. so our history as african-americans shows that gun rights have been very beneficial to making sure that we have same
4:30 am
equal rights as any other person in this country and in this world even. so, that's what sunny should have been talking about. unfortunately she had misinformation. i would suggest that she read books like let them fight or negroes with guns by robert f. williams. or negro and the gun with nicholas johnson who was a black law professor university who advocates for the second amendment and the history and tradition of arms it. pete: absolutely. doesn't matter your skin color you have the right to defend yourself in this country. to say it's covid is yet another reason why it's amazing they have no bounds to the argument they will make. take away anyone's right to legally own a firearm in this country. thank you so much for joining us this morning. really appreciate your time this morning, antonia thank you. >> thank you. pete: outrage mounts over the doj saying it will drop nursing home investigations in all states, including new york. and other blue states.
4:31 am
janice dean, you know her. you love her, lost both of her in-laws to covid-19 inside a new york nursing home. she is here to respond next. ♪ one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need!
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
it's time to rock the boat, america. i. pete: in a shocking decision the department of justice will drop all of its nursing home investigations including into new york state. rachel: our own janice dean has
4:35 am
been outspoken critic an losing her in-laws to covid-19 following genomic's controversial nursing home orders. will: she joins us now to react. good morning, janice, glad to have you with us, janice. janice: good morning. will: we were talking about this earlier, janice, the state can maintain their individual investigations. new york state may just do that into governor cuomo. how does your family feel to hear the department of justice is dropping these investigations. janice: it was soul crushing yesterday. and not only for, you know, the residents of new york state, but those other states as well. pennsylvania, new jersey, michigan. why did they have that controversial order in the first place? to put covid positive patients into nursing homes. our most vulnerable population. they will never know the answers to that. i feel like we lost them all over again yesterday. rachel: yeah. you are so right. that's what we need to get to the bottom of why did that happen when we understand why that happened, it might help it
4:36 am
to not happen again in the future. you speak to so many of the victims, so many of them see you as their voice. what are they tell you? do they feel like this is a political cover-up? janice: well, listen, i think that if these were governors that had a republican name next to them, i think there would probably be more justice. unfortunately, listen, i'm not a political person. but i'm not a dummy either. and do you know what? this investigation was put into effect by president trump. and i was very grateful at the time to william barr because that investigation, the doj investigation is what prompted the investigations here in new york into our corrupt governor. there are several of them. so, if it wasn't for the doj investigation into the nursing homes, we wouldn't have the governor on the hot seat and in big trouble. pete: janice, where do you go next for justice or full
4:37 am
investigation? it feels like we are always saying on the show maybe the next investigation. do you feel like what's happening in this state and in others could actually bear fruit as far as getting to the bottom of it? janice: from what i hear, the attorney general's report in new york city is going to be released in the next few weeks. and there are going to be several things in there that are impeachable offenses. but, i tonight have a lot of faith in our own lawmakers here in new york state. they are covering for him. and the media continues to cover up for genomic. but i have to believe we are on the side of the angels here in new york. there are a lot of things against this governor. he has made a lot of enemies over the last, you know, three terms. but, you know, i guess if we -- he continues and he tries to prevail, we can vote him out next year in november. will: that's true. the voters can have or enforce ultimate accountability. by the way rachel brought up the policy did you as well, janice. there is the cover-up after the policy where we can show this to
4:38 am
viewers on our screen the actual deaths were actually 12743 cuomo reported 8500. so, you know, janice, and i don't want to ask the same question pete asked. that's what's fascinating now. will the states pick up where the doj has now dropped the ball? if that's the case, can you trust the states and as you point out not just new york to be the enforcers of justice? i don't know. we did see bipartisan support. you saw that ron kim, the democrat here in new york. a lot of people. pete: a few of them. rachel: ron kim also came out and sort of, you know, justified this decision by the doj. he said i don't blame the biden administration. and he wants to focus on cuomo. i think, janice, what do you think about that? janice: well, i understand ron kim is, you know, he is an assemblyman in new york state. what about all those other states? michigan? pennsylvania? new jersey? the lawmakers have to step up
4:39 am
here. they have an opportunity to raise their voices and say, do you know what? we're going to conduct our own investigations because it's important because, what if this was 15,000 children? would we care then? pete: that's a great point. i mean i know every day you and your husband think of mickey and dee. it's personal. and it should be personal for everybody and it is not unfortunately. rachel: yanice. pete: thank you so much. rachel: janice, talked about that earlier how we treat our elderly says a lot about who we are as americans. thank you so much. you have been such a hero. pete: thank you, janice. rachel: turning now to your headlines, skelton remains of missing woman found in los angeles. she disappeared in december. her remains found at reserve near her home. she was last seen in her car driving home with you she vanished along the way. her car was later found outside a grocery store with a flat tire. her death is under investigation. the pistol that shot and killed
4:40 am
billie the kid is hitting the auction block. estimates for the gun are roughly $2 million. it goes up for auction next month. garrett fired the deadly shot at the outlaw in 1881. in 2008, billiey's gun sold for $64,000. will: there is a gun though i want it. $2 million. i love billy the kid stuff. pete: cool. you should have been there in 2008. rachel: a lot cheaper then. will: you are right. rachel: inflation. we want to wish a very, very happy happy birthday to a long time "fox & friends" fan from wisconsin related to relatives of mine her name is virginia. she turns 101 years old today. she is described by loved ones as a hard worker before retiring she was a tea party. she ran her own business at the same time. virginia, are happy birthday to you. will: happy birthday. rachel: 101. her 88-year-old sister is the one who said we need to celebrate my sister who is
4:41 am
turning 101. will: awesome. rachel: isn't that awesome? she is so beautiful. thank you for putting that up producers. happy birthday. pete: turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. we will be celebrating him when he is 101, too. rick: coming around the corner. happy birthday, virginia. got to get my wishes in there as well. we talked about the drought so much already this summer. no rain we are getting, obviously. all the fires. this the is latest in the drought monday tomplet across parts of the four corners this is updated every tuesday. i think we are going to see pretty big improvement because of a lot of moisture we had this week. some spots three to four inches of rain across parts of the southwest is a lot of rain. because of that we have all kinds of flood watches and warnings in effect. we too still do have a lot of fires improving across parts of the southwest. fires across the northern tier, especially across parts of idaho and in towards washington bringing a lot of smoke we have dealt with over the last couple of weeks across parts of even
4:42 am
the eastern seaboard. we have a really great day today across parts of the northeast after storm moved on through. we are going to start to see some of that smoke filter back on in throughout the day tomorrow. so if you have any respiratory issues are we are not done yet unfortunately from all the smoke from the fires out across parts of the west. device out to you. rachel: thank you, rick. pete: the d.c. police chief suggests violent crime is directly linked to marijuana. we will take a closer look at that connection. and bottoms up, we are celebrating national tequila day on fox square. it looks modest. big day. don't go anywhere. rachel: i love a margarita ♪ ♪ leave all your sorrow out here on the boating dock ♪ when that sun lays down ♪ we'll be on our way ♪ one more
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olympics goes to communist china. chen yeng winning the women's air rifle competition 10 hours after the opening ceremony. 2 is-year-old setting olympic record as she outshot athletes from russia and switzerland. and the board of regents said texas a&m set at the meet monday and reports texas and oklahoma are attemptings to win the sec. will is fired up across the plaza. will: what? pete: they will discuss possible action iments conference over the potential ad. but it's unclear what the steps the school could take if any at this point, to move and remain the lone texas university in the conference. we will see. rachel? >> thank you, pete. rachel: well, with violent crime on the rise in 2000. police chief robert contee said one drug is undoubtedly linked
4:47 am
to the increase, listen. >> we have taken on a mindset that marijuana is not really -- it's not really a big issue in our city. i can tell you that marijuana undoubtedly is connected to violent crime we are seeing in our community. rachel: good for him. author of "smoke screen notice what the marijuana industry doesn't want you to know. doc doctor joins us now. glad you are here. important topic for many of us who have children who are getting lots of different information about marijuana than when i learned when i was a kid. for everybody who is saying that marijuana is just this chill out drug. what do you say? >> thanks for having me on this morning, i appreciate it. rachel: of course. >> this is under estimated issue we don't talk about enough in the country. today's marijuana is not the marijuana that we grew up with. it is 10 to 50 times stronger. the thc potency preab bred into the plant to be much higher than
4:48 am
it used to be and being delivered in ways we couldn't dream of before on a hot needle dabbed waxes the edible gummy bears. these are very highly potent products. so we have seen actually in the scientific literature this connection for some time. this isn't new for researches looking into this. norman miller. lauren's research. all in peer reviewed very respectable journals findings a link between today's highly potent marijuana and violence. usually mechanism we are talking about things like paranoia which marijuana increases and psychosis. when marijuana is highly associated with things like paranoia and psychosis it's not surprising that we actually have seen and are seeing violent outcomes. rachel: right. we see this nexus, this link between marijuana and violent crime and, yet, we are seeing this issue '. i know there is a very powerful lobby now pushing it and people say well, the answer to, you know, crime is actually to, you
4:49 am
know, de -- to legalize marijuana. to destigmatize marijuana. i want to put up a full screen here of all the states right now that are going to or have -- what do you say to people who say legalization is actually the answer? >> well, the push for legalization is just about money. it's about a small number of big corporations making a lot of money. that's what it is. and it's not about social socia. black and brown people are victimized by this industry. targeted by this they are more affected by addiction because of socioeconomic status. this is all a farce for money. and it's really big tobacco philip morris. big corporations. corporations that stand to benefit like miracle grow. they're all getting on the bandwagon so they can make some money. i'm grateful that president biden has been against the legalization of marijuana. i'm grateful that they don't have the votes in the senate for this. i think a lot of people want to
4:50 am
say oh, this is just going to happen easily, no, this has been a movement for 40 to 50 years now. yes, it's gained momentum, but i think we can turn the train around. we need to talk about the science and the harms. every major scientific group in the world, and especially in america like the ama, the psychiatric association, they oppose legalization of marijuana. they know the problems with it. so, i'm hoping we can really just like we learned about tobacco, it took us a long time to learn about the harms of smoking. we need to do the same with marijuana. rachel: doctor, i appreciate your voice on this. i'm grateful to the chief of police talking about this connection between violence and marijuana. i know it's not popular out there. makes you seem like a fuddy duddy. but it's true. thank you so much dr. kevin sabet. >> thanks for having me. rachel: up next, tequila time on fox square. celebrating our favorite tequila on fox square. ♪ tequila talking
4:51 am
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♪ ♪ tequila ♪ a little salt and a lime or two rachel: oh, that was country music star jon pardi yesterday. sorry, listening to the song. good song. all right. he's here on "fox & friends" ahead of national tequila day. today we are mixes up tequila cocktails on fox square. will: big time possibly my favorite segment that we have ever had. national tequila day. we will mix up the right way to do a margarita. pete: this is your drink of
4:55 am
choice. will: my favorite alcoholic beverage i would drink it neat on a rock and nice tequila sip it tastes really good. rachel: i don't know that about you. will: i'm going to turn into a tequila drinking. rachel: i like a margarita. pete: less hangover? will: natural. chili lime on glass. nice ice cube. cocktail ice cube. i love that chili lime salt take petronn silver here. tequila, next step,. pete: lime? will: i made a mistake. in the mixing squeeze a lime. nice, there is nothing coming out.
4:56 am
pete: do the other way. will: let me sell you on this one. squeeze two limes into this. rachel: two limes or two halfs. will: clean, no sweet -- no mixers no extra sugar. it's clean. rachel likes it sweet. rachel: i like it a little sweeter. take raw gave i have a drizzle that in there. will: more than enough. pete: natural. will: it is natural. less hangover to your point. mix it up this is the one i made. it's a little heavier, rachel, you have that one. rachel: all right. will: professional made. ice cube. like it. not worry about that. and there is your clean. rachel: hold on, wait. let me add. pete: dress it up a little? it is how it looks. will: natural at the quilla day.
4:57 am
natural, sweet tequila and lime and there you go. rachel: i margarita so much my daughter is margarita. ♪ pete: more "fox & friends." we have two more hours. let's see how they go ♪ ♪ favorite song ♪ whiskey on the bottle not thinking about tomorrow ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ tequila ♪ ♪ ♪ will: guy dan particular picture of sean hannity and tucker carlson 4th street here next to fox square we are hanging out on "fox & friends." rachel campos-duffy national tequila day a little tequila mixology. i said tequila is my drink she said that's hard core. i like bourbon and irish
5:01 am
whiskey. here is the thing. we are going to do this together. if you buy a nice tequila i'm not talking about 2:00 a.m. pete: you bought me a nice. will: if you drink that with nothing else. rachel: on the rocks. will: you won't think it's hard core it tastes like tequila. rachel: tequila make mice clothes fall off. but i do like. pete: that's an endorsement. [laughter] rachel: but i do like a great margarita and you did a great marge rita. i'm going to start calling you will the mixologist. it might have been. pete: i didn't know it was that simple. just a couple of limes and a good tequila. will: there you go. pete: maybe a little sugar if you want. rachel: awesome. good job, will. pete: i love it. will: i don't want to say real news compared to that because that's real news. masks look like they could be coming back regardless of
5:02 am
vaccination status. pete: st. louis will require people to wear masks indoors starting monday. and this one get me. the kid will have to mask up at d.c. public schools this fall. arab arab lucas tomlinson joins us live from washington with dr. fauci's reaction to the new mandates. lucas? >> good morning, guys. america's doctor anthony fauci joined neil cavuto says masks stashed away under the following conditions. >> the general cdc guidelines still hold that you do not need to wear a mask indoors if, in fact, you have been vaccinated. >> on monday st. louis will become the latest big city to require masks for everybody over the age of 5 even outdoors regarding vaccinated status joining l.a. critics say the situation was so dire, guys, why wait until monday. the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases 99.5% are
5:03 am
covid deaths are unvaccinated patients. bill de blasio says it's time for more mandates requiring employers to require the covid-19 vaccine. saying it would distract from the city's vaccinating efforts. mandates coming amid a spike in the delta variant across the country. >> i think we are seeing and will see more and more of that because we certainly are seeing a surge in cases with the delta variant, which is now dominating in this country. >> and, guys, speaking of d.c.'s police chief, one other comment he made, i asked him yesterday on 1st street if calls to defund the police were helping, he said they were not. will, rachel, pete? will: thank you, lucas. rachel: thank you, lucas. just saying the delta variant is less deadly than the original covid-19 and, yet. pete: we are going backwards? rachel: going backwards. by the way, pete, i'm sorry, you
5:04 am
have a blissitt salt on your lips. will: national tequila day there it was. i knew it was going to distract me get it out of the way. pete: thank you very much. appreciate that you couldn't see that if i was wearing a mask and it turns out here we are. on july 24th, 2011 after 15 days to slow the spread. we took the masks off and now because of a variant that is less deadly, 2021. did i say 2020? i meant to say 2021. 2011? it's the tequila talking. 2021, we are putting the masks bask on not just in government facilities like they're talking about in st. louis but on our kids in washington, d.c. will: here the thing the delta variant a, it is causing yes, higher infections but lower hospitalizations and deaths. and, b, it is also infecting those among the vaccinated. we are calling those break through cases. and you are seeing it sports. you are seeing it everywhere. you are seeing it even inside
5:05 am
the biden administration. press secretary jen psaki was asked about this. how big is the break out of break through cases within the biden administration? how many people are vaccinated? how many people are getting sick? it was odd when she was asked about this. jen psaki, white house press secretary didn't want to answer. listen. >> this administration has transparent history. if that's the case why won't you release the number of break through cases that you had unvaccinated staffers? >> i think, first, we are in a very different place than we were six to seven months ago as it relates to the virus. and as many medical experts have said inside and outside of the government, those who are vaccinated are protected from serious illness. >> why not just provide a number? are you trying to hide something? >> no. but why do you need to have that information? cases transparency. give a better understanding of how break through cases work here in the white house. will: why do you need. rachel: why would you need
5:06 am
transparency? will: if kayleigh mcenany had said that why do you need that information? i mean, we would be having a full-on red alert five alarm fire. pete: um-huh. rachel: mavericks seem so silly anyway i flew out here wisconsin to new york. in the plane ware the mask allowed not to wear it if you are eating or drinking. none of it makes sense. again, i agree with you, patty, the really sad part our children some of them. pete: a lot of parents went along initially beginning of the school year last year in the middle of covid-19. it drug on and on and on. vaccine levels drove. teachers could get the vaccine and school year ending i personally wrote to my principal hey it's time to take the mask off. let's just finish school year. result 34589ly what are we going to do? rachel: same thing.
5:07 am
pete: summer. first email i'm not sending my kids back to school if they are in masks. and i do think there is a real flash point for parents more so than last year. it was get along. this year if your school districts looks at you and says your 5-year-old, 10-year-old will be wearing a mask in the fall, how do we not see a mass exodus or revolt of parents saying my kid is not vulnerable to this. all the teachers are vaccinated. rachel: exactly. >> what's the issue? i have a choice. all the options are available to everyone. the default is the one size fits all as we talked about already. will: let us never forget that one year ago the conversation on public policy when it came to covid was to bend the curve. was to keep our hospitals from getting overwhelmed from sick and dying patients. here now with 50% of our population vaccinated and the current hysteria over the delta variant which has a much lower rate of hospitalizations and of death, we're talking about now
5:08 am
is moving the bar from bending the curve to making sure no one ever gets sick. and dr. marty makary, fox news medical contributor said that's impossible. covid is going to be a seasonal issue. how we respond with public policy, listen. >> outdoors is extremely ridiculous, and if we want kids to wear masks indoors, i would love to see the data. we don't have any data on it despite spending $41 billion a year on medical research. somehow we don't have any data. there is zero data on kids. some kids really struggle with masks. i think we forget to that, right? some kids really get bad dermatological reaction. he row saudi arabia shah kids with glass can't see sometimes because they don't get a good seal. we have to consider all those things he went on to say if covid isn't something that puts you in the hospital going forward. if covid is not something that has a serious risk of death, how are we going to be maintaining these public policies like masking and lockdown
5:09 am
potentiality and mo beyond vaccines booster shots, no one ever ever encounters covid. which by the way is an impossibility. rachel: which by the way is 99% recoverable. dr. marty in carry has been really a truth teller in all of this. he has been vindicated time and time again i think dr. fauci has lost so much credibility. been all over the map and politicized this entire pandemic. he seems to have a lot of questions to answer about his own actions at the nih and the funding and origins of the virus. marty makary and other brave doctors like him are actually the ones we should be looking to because they have been right all along. pete: many doctors censored from the very beginning. rachel: vilified. pete: you can see it in that fauci clip. waiting for the next moment
5:10 am
where things are going to change. i was wrong yesterday but i'm right today. you are supposed to believe that i'm right all the time it doesn't really work that way. one more story we want to bring you, anti-semitism whether here at home or across the globe continues to be on the rise it happens not just in direct attacks which we have seen in new york city. but in the bds movement. the boycott divestment sanctions. the idea that the state of israel is not legitimate. therefore you shouldn't send your products there and invest there and do nothing to support the state of israel. ben and jerry's a very famously left wing ice cream company has attempted to bring bds to israel. saying we won't sell our ice cream in areas that are disputed. some parts of jerusalem, some part of palestinian authority control. others under control of israeli government. they are trying to pick and choose all in an attempt to make the state of israel not look legitimate in deciding where they will sell their ice cream even though they will send ice cream to disputed areas elsewhere on the globe. rachel: ice cream is
5:11 am
politicalling you. pete: thank you. ice cream is political and can be anti-semitic. a company fighting back in israel saying you lost your license we are creating our own judea and samaria's finest ben and jerry's frozen chosen people. israeli law does not allow for discrimination. so you lose your trademark there is a new company challenging ben and jerry's saying take us to court. the law center take us to court for us creating this new ice cream because it's not allowed here in israel. elizabeth pipko author of the book "finding my place." she knows all things israel. here is what he had to say about it? >> israelis and zionists worldwide will no longer take these actions lying down. i also want to point out how absolutely ridiculous this is. i think whoever wrote up this p.r. statement thought it sounded really good in the moment. in all reality, let's be honest, this is not going to punish the israeli government. it's going to punish innocent
5:12 am
israeli and palestinian people who just enjoy a little cherry garcia on the weekends and they definitely do not deserve that we want ben and jerry's to answer to what they are doing. we want them to answer as to why they claim they're opposed to doing work or doing business in these occupied territories that only happen to include israel and don't happen to include i think she mentioned crimea and south sudan. will: i don't think i have gasy. rachel: i have. i hate to say it but it's actually very good. why won't they get in trouble. will: they may they say wring it on. pete: bring it on. israeli law does not allow for who this bds movement to happen inside israel. companies say sell one place not sell over here not legal in israel by israeli law. they are not playing by the rules. will be a challenge. at least challenge highlights the issue here. which is companies trying to play politics using anti-semitism to do it.
5:13 am
rachel: sports, ice cream. is tequila next? will: absolutely everything. rachel: it was. do you remember they said that when kendall jenner had a tequila company that she had -- she wore some of her outfits that was cultural appropriation. will: turning now to a few headlines. d.c. police showing fury after a wave of shootings. >> i'm mad as hell about this. and i hope y'all are, too. you cannot coddle hardened criminals. you cannot. why is it that a guy who murders somebody is out in community after he is arrested with a firearm. what did we think he was going to do? will: d.c. has had multiple shootings in the last week including one that killed a 6-year-old girl and comes a year after the city cut its police budget by $15 million. and the run away texas democrats will stay in d.c. putting their colleagues at a stand still back home. the lawmakers say they will
5:14 am
remain in washington for the last two weeks of the special session to ensure g.o.p. backed voting legislation does not pass. texas governor greg abbott called for the special session and demanded the lawmakers come back for it democrats say abbott is trying to blake blackmail them instead of allowing them protect their constituents. and new jersey devil center jack hughes goes crazy when he finds out he will be playing alongside his brother. you see jack jumping for joy when the devils take his brother luke fourth overall. the devils drafted jack in 2019. hockey clearly runs in the hughes family. jack and his brother quinn plays for the vancouver canucks. that's your headlines. rachel: that's a lot of hugs. i love it. pete: congratulations to them. new jersey devil that sounds like a bad game. probably cancel that one, too. saints have to go.
5:15 am
pete: border agents intercepting nearly 200 immigrants at the arizona border. and nearly three quarters of them were children. a former general in the arizona national guard says this is just more proof of the chaos caused by the white house. he joins us next. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i hated sticking my fingers, then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone, and there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts. 100% online car buying. car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget,
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♪ ♪ pete: border agents intercepting nearly hundred migrants illegals on the arizona border webs. 147 of them kids. this just days after fox captured this footage of nearly 300 migrants, illegallies trying to push their way past border patrol in texas. former arizona national guard general and arizona senate candidate michael maguire joins us now to react.
5:19 am
michael, thank you so much for being here. we see these images. we see these numbers. you're running for office to do something about it what needs to be done now to deal with this situation? >> good morning, pete. >> pete: good morning. >> thanks for having me. what needs to be done right now is we need to secure the border. we need to build the wall. provide money to surgeon the guard to the border. biden is derelict in his duty, not doing that and you can see 147 of 200 are nearly three to one this is organized by the cartels. it's what we have been saying for the last four months. it's human trafficking and drugs at the southwest border. our communities are less safe. border security is much more than national security, it's human security. pete: the federal government we have seen is not not building the wall. they are taking it down or stopping the construction of it what more should states be doing? >> well, what we did here just prior to my retirement as the
5:20 am
commanding general of the guard we added our guardsmen to local sheriffs to allow them to increase public safety in southern arizona in our poorer counties. the problem is, pete. they can't do immigration enforcement that's been ruled on federal responsibility and biden is not doing it. pete: biden is not doing it the national guard can assist but not apprehend and ultimately, when you see this flood, we know the numbers of people apprehended. how much larger is the total number of people crossing in your estimation? we see these massive increases in apprehensions but the got-aways. what do you know about that? >> well, what can i tell you is the number of -- just in the last cycle, 188,000 in one month to give you some comparison, pete, in 2014, during the main surge under obama when did he fund the guard, was 68,000. so nearly a three fold increase and i suspect there is a lot that aren't being apprehended and our communities are clearly less safe.
5:21 am
we're creating a crisis, an emergency down there. if he revokes title 42 under the public health, that's quite a dichotomy while they are increasing public health restrictions in california, same time. pete: quite a contrast if you are getting rid of that protocol on the border and putting kids in d.c. schools back in masks. by the way note to all of our it michael's speech. you are going to be in a rally tonight with president trump at turning point action rally. it's going to stream live tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern. you will see both general michael maguire and others on stage with turning point action as well as donald trump lyon that stage only at fox nation. thank you very much, general. appreciate your time. >> yes, thanks, pete, and go to elect is our site. we will be there tonight lots of energy with president trump first event in arizona. thank you. pete: love it thank you very much, sir. appreciate it governor gavin newsom, well, orders a mask mandate for california schools this year.
5:22 am
two parents outraged and against it join us next. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. the covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. and while walgreens has safely administered over 25 million free covid-19 vaccines, we can't stop there. because this is still our shot. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪
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♪ ♪ will: california parents want to return to normalcy for their children. they are suing gavin newsom and state health officials over the latest school mask mandate that says the following: k through 1 students required to mask indoors. adults in k through 12 settings are required to mask when sharing indoor spaces with students. now, my next guest say masks should be a choice for families not a requirement. california parents, including jonathan zacerson and sharon who join me now. both of you, thank you for being with us. so, jonathan, do you think this lawsuit, tell me first of all,
5:26 am
on what basis will you attempt to stop gavin newsom's order and do you think it will be successful? >> good morning. yes, our governor has time and time again overstepped his authority this past march he lost in state court over the state guidelines back then which is keeping, you know, many of our schools closed. so we are suing now over certain provisions for next year's guidelines some of the close contact quarantines for healthy kids. some tom is a particular testing. the biggest one here is the mask mandate. yeah, we do believe that we will be successful you know, because of his past failures at keeping our schools closed, these arbitrary guidelines and losing in court over these things. will: arbitrary is a big word there that's what i want to hone in on is it divorce from science. sharon, i will turn to you on that. covid-19, the delta variant, the risk to children. am some point sit here and go what does the science lead us toward? does it lead us towards mask mandates?
5:27 am
keeping kids in school with their face covered? >> well, we are concerned, obviously, about covid, but we know that our kids are at low risk from it. however, they are at severe risk from what's happening to their mental health from masking. and it's crazy to me that i would have to sue the governor of our state just to be able to see my children's smiles again. i was part of that lawsuit to reopen the schools. we are working with that same legal team. and, you know, we know that the government is not supposed to be parenting our children. health decisions are supposed to be up to each individual family. they are not good at parenting. parenting is all about consistency and meeting our children's needs. and they obviously don't know what's in the best interest of our children. and they are not even able to be consistent across these different government agencies in putting forth the health guidance. will: right it doesn't follow cdc guidance. to the point of follow the science, sharon. i imagine that's got to be a big part of your argument.
5:28 am
asking vaccinated, requiring vaccinated children to wear a mask, even the cdc doesn't think that's that's right. state of california. >> exactly. it doesn't make any sense. you know, if the vaccines are effective those at high risk and adult have been able to be vaccinated. we note kids are at low risk. we have parents in our group that got their kids vaccinated just so they wouldn't have to mask anymore and still being told they have to mask. other parent just want to see some more studies on these vaccines before they are ready to get their kids vaccinated. eitherway, kids should be able to have that choice. the science is just not showing that they need to stay masked and it is showing that they are really being harmed by these masking policies. will: jonathan, i imagine you are going to be encountering the argument well we want unvaccinated kids wearing masks and don't want kids being segregated some masked some not. let's all put our masks on. what do you say to that. >> going back to the science, the state has failed to consider
5:29 am
the harms in that these mask mandates in the quarantine and some of this testing does on kids' education. but not presented any data to show that mask mandates in schools universally do anything to slow the spread. and second, it doesn't even consider, you know, the situations on the ground, right? even if some of these mitigation practices were put in place, you know, we still have to look at what's going on with covid and so that's something the state needs to consider. will: with all that science and data we know the answer is clearly let them all not be masked. let them all take their masks off. jonathan, sharon, thank you so much for your time this morning, good luck. >> thank you. will: a wave of shootings in chicago as a city creates a plan to create a civilian oversight panel. is this the right approach? we'll discuss next. ♪ is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis... stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved
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5:34 am
chicago alderman anthony knapp and fox news fox news analyst gianna caldwell. let me extend deepest condolences. heart is breaking for you. tell us what happened to your father. >> so, it was a wednesday afternoon. weighs on his way to pick up his prescriptions in our neighborhood. and from there he was going to come to see me. we had somer troondz run that day. and from my understanding, as he was walking back to his car, two young men approached him. he this took his keys. and then they attempted to try to get in his car. for whatever reason they couldn't figure out how to get in. so one struck him in the head. one in the chest. and that caused his heart to stop and he had a heart attack and they couldn't revive him. rachel: it's just heart breaking. gianno -- i'm so sorry, gianno, you are from chicago. i have a daughter who attends
5:35 am
university there. i know i'm worried about her going back in the fall. i kept her here all summer with me because i didn't want her to go back to chicago. there was a student university of chicago that was killed this summer in public transit as well. what is going to happen here? how much more can the citizens of chicago take and what will it take to get the mayor and some of these alder men to pay attention, to do something? >> first and foremost, they cannot, cannot accept any more. i think it's so important for our viewing audience to realize, especially me being born and raised in chicago to understand, chicago has been a segregated city for decades. black folks typically would live on the south and west side of chicago. white folks downtown north side. now, the difference is in our community, black folks would normally say hey, things would change if white people were shot in the city of chicago. that was the idea. well, i got news for folks back home. the city has been engulfed with
5:36 am
violence. what does that mean? in places like lincoln park just over -- recently 8 people shot, you talk about old town, another area where white people live? another 8 people shot. no one is safe in the city of chicago and what is really horrific for me is there is this daily piercing fear, trauma that exists within a number of the citizens of chicago just wondering will the next bullet that comes out be one with their name on it? is it possible that them who may be legally -- legally abiding citizens in the city of chicago who go to work every day, take care of their kids, and ensure that they are doing everything within their power, ensure that they are doing everything within their power, that they may be next? this is problematic on every level. and, at this point, you can only consider the city to be in a war zone status.
5:37 am
the national guard needs to come in and the city planning and i'm so thankful we have alderman right now. that need to be the conversation. because, even the alderman is on the screen is not safe from the violence ethics cysts from my hometown of chicago. rachel: alderman colleagues calling for oversight of the police. working on this committee for four years. police in chicago haven't had a contract in four years. so, what is going to happen is gianno right? should the national guard be called in? is this war zone enough for alderman to do something? >> yeah, absolutely. my heart goes out to both of them. my prayers to them as well. yeah, is he absolutely right. the last four years we have missed the mark. they put time and effort into creating another committee of oversight on the police. we have about 12 already. and that four years we have had over 15,000 people shot in the city of chicago. over 3,000 carjacking, yet, they put their time and effort into more police oversight. the problem is i created an ordnance that actually brings
5:38 am
more oversight on criminals. chicago criminal accountment ordnance. these same alter men are trying to crush that ordnance because they want punishment on the police and not on the criminals. and these two individuals on the show right now are the absolute effect of this. my heart goes out to them. rachel: i want to talk to you really quick here. we don't have a lot of time left. when the mayor was asked about the crime in the city and how bad it's gotten. she says racism, sexism, that her predecessors weren't press thud hard. but the situation is worse under her leadership. what would you want to say to her right now given what's happened to your family? >> i would just want to say to her to look at, you know, the justice system and how these offenders are sentenced because there is no way that two young men that attacked my father should have been out on the street looking at their criminal record. and looking at their background. there is no way that they should have been they should have been
5:39 am
on their previous crime. maybe, just maybe if they were, they wouldn't have been out there that day. but then who is to say it wouldn't be someone else. i think the justice system needs a very good look at to see how are we, you know, holding these offenders accountable for their actions? rachel: gianno, i only have 20 seconds left. what would you tell the alderman specifically and the mayor to do in this subway situation in chicago? >> they need to consider impeaching the cook county prosecutor and this is the county board they should consider impeaching this individual allow 25,000 felony cases to be dismissed. some of them including murder. to the other guests point? absolutely, that's a part of the issue as well. it's not that people have a daily fear of dying at the hands of the police, that's with some people, sure. it may be your neighbor that takes you out next and shoes you in the head.
5:40 am
it's graphic and disturbing and this is a morning show, i get it absolutely but people have to understand it's not safe in that city. and it absolutely needs to change immediately. there is no choice or any of us could be next. rachel: gianno, anthony, toe mic carrasco again, our hearts go out to you god bless you. >> thanks. >> thank you. rachel: a new bipartisan push hopes to crack down on china buying up american farmland. former state department spokeswoman more gallego began ortegas. we love her, joins us to react next.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
you are waking up this morning across the central part of the country. it's incredibly warm already. we have temps 78 in kansas city. temperatures today going to be around 10 to 15 degrees above average for some and overall trend keeps some really warm across parts of the northeast. out across -- excuse me across the northern plains. across the northeast mid-atlantic is looking great. showers across south florida. better north florida. storms coming across the upper midwest throughout the overnight hours tonight. that front will dive down a little bit later on bringing storms across the chicago area and then big rain across parts of the four corners. good news we desperately want to get moisture one of the rainy seasons we get across parts of the four corners. little bit of rain this coming week overall that pattern continues with us. all right. guys back to you. rachel: thank you, rick. will: it is beautiful out here right now. thank you. bipartisan pressure is building to crack down on china from buying up american farmland.
5:45 am
rachel: according to the department of agriculture report china owns nearly $2 billion worth of acreage and real estate. pete: why is it important to soil china's buying power they might ask? let's ask former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus. thank you so much for being here. >> good morning, guys. rachel: happy to have you. >> good to be here in person. congratulations, rachel no. one deserves this more than you. rachel: so sweet. congratulations on beautiful baby. first time i have seen you since the baby. >> i'm getting the baby weight off. it's getting there. pete: why is china buying up so much farmland and what can we do about it. >> so china has -- we have two things that china doesn't. energy security and food security. they have a lot of people to feed. so, in july, the beginning of july it was 100 year anniversary of the chinese communist party. and so they were buying a lookout of reportedly a lot of soybeans from the united states. which are historically things that they buy from us.
5:46 am
but, when you look at china's ambitions around the world. they have a lot of people, a very big country. so they're always looking for, especially in the developing world, even more than in the united states, africa, latin america, they are looking for where can we meet our energy demands and where can we meet our food security demands for all these people and because they buy so much pork and other agricultural goods in the united states, they are looking here as well. pete: i ask out of pure curiosity, china is a massive country can huge geographical footprint. they have a lot of land. why do they need american farms? >> well, that's a very good question. they also have a lot of mouths to feed as well. most of the people in china are in the very, very large urban cities that dwarf new york city. some of the mid tier cities do. remember from the perspective of the chinese as well. they have been very smart about buying up things that are strategic to their national security and our national security. so think about semiconductors we
5:47 am
all know it's very hard to go buy an automobile right now because of the semiconductor issue. rare earth, rare minerals. all of these things are the chinese have been strategic about purchasing. that's why we have something not to be so wonky the committee on foreign envistament while. what congress may need to do and what some of our federal agents might need to do is look at some of these farm purchases in the united states. maybe national security issue. if the chinese have the ability to turn off our food supply, then that now becomes a national security issue and should be before. will: that's the question i'm getting at as much as their own food supply which they seem to have the ability to produce for themselves. is it ultimately not about helping them but puttering us? >> i think it's a combination of both. i think you hit the nail on the head. rachel: has this been on the radar for a while now? and also, farmers do the farmers
5:48 am
who are selling their land, do they know they're sell it to the chinese or is there some, you know, umbrella, some other name that they think they are selling it to somebody else but it's actually the chinese? because i know there are a lot of farming patriots. >> yeah, totally. i think, rach checialtion you are asking a really important question, how do we marry the national security apparatus in the country that understands some of these bigger long-term threats from china with the private sector? i think people are waking up, certainly thanks to president trump over the past five years people have woken up to the chinese communist party and the threat to they face to the international order. i don't know that the entire private sector has. you have nike with their ceo very blatant about being in china. and many american companies which did not, you know, speak out against genocide or the forced labor. when i was at the state department under mike pompeo we decided to really speak out against this forced labor.
5:49 am
you don't get to speak out about the things you don't agree with in the united states and then have slaves making your shoes or making your cars or making whatever product that you sell in china. it doesn't work that way. that issue is starting to change. people, whether you are a farmer, whether you are a banker down the street here. people have to start thinking more strategically about what is in the best interest of american national security when it documents doing business with china. i'm not saying don't do business there. plenty of big american companies trade. pete: one of those moments where you to decide hot home team is? it. >> i tend to agree with you. i think that is. -- listen, i know loot of small business people that actually do trade as well. if you can diversify outside of china i have written an article. look at investment in china look at diversity, equity and inclusion in the united states. yeah, if you can diversify. you can sell to taiwan china
5:50 am
change the supply chain such as president trump tried to do. >> that's right. rachel: morgan, you are awesome. thanks for joining us. will: coming up. we will need some food to help us celebrate national can he quilla day. chef george duran has the perfect pairing next. ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. i've pricked my finger
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streaming box for free. impressive! that's 'cuz you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? ♪ ♪ will: we are celebrating all things tequila all morning long in order of honoring national tequila day. rachel: so, what food goes best with this classic drink? pete: great question ask
5:54 am
celebrity chef george duran. happy to see you here today. >> good to be here. are marinade lime cook your chicken breast. we are going to pull face that's the base of following dishes. look at inhe had considerable thing i found cheese wrap found all throughout the united states. essentially a slice or cheese wrap of cheese. that's all it is. this is just chad darr. instead of tortilla you use the cheese. come out making wraps, for example. wrap up your sandwiches and now you are not eating carbs, of course. the best part can you also cook it if you rap that up chicken mixture. give that wrap. there you go. wrap it up. you pop it into the oven and you make these enchiladas that have no carbs whatsoever and top it with some of this fresh salsa. so simple. and you serve that up right
5:55 am
away. and here's the magic of these cheese folios. i will serve that up for you. nice and gooey and just melts in your mouth. pete: so delicious. rachel: keto friendly. >> absolutely. keto friendly. gluten free. when you pop these folios into the microwave for about a minute. look what comes out, guys. a crispy cheese and now turn these into taco shells or better yet little boats or little bit of tortilla chips where can you actually put the chicken right on it serve it as an hors d'oeuvres. it's made 100 percent of cheese. i'm telling you the flavors are incredible. cheddar. you are just hungry this morning. the best part, it has that tequila and lime flavor that marion united states so beautifully with chicken. try it tequila and lime. rachel: that was delicious. >> mixture of chicken i made with cream cheese.
5:56 am
little bit of green peppers. taco seasoning mix. we have it on the fox news website the exact recipe and serve it up like this or inside the enchiladas. pete: check it all out. will: need something on that stomach, soak it up. thank you, chef, we appreciate it. pete: check out the recipes. will: big hour still ahead. katie pavlich, joey jones and aishah hasnie all coming up. ♪ ♪ so, you have diabetes, here are some easy rules. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no.
5:57 am
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lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive to dairy. so anyone who says lactaid isn't real milk is also saying mabel here isn't a real cow. and she really hates that.
6:00 am
>> we shift a lot of gears this morning, national tequila day. you use tequila to make great chicken and it is national fast food day. >> did you make that up? >> you didn't make that up. >> going to have some. this is all preparation for what is behind us him of the "fox and friends" olympics. the ratings for our olympics might be higher than the real thing. will and i and rachel attempt to navigate courses that do not look easy. >> my goal is not to win this one but to survive that one without a turned ankle. that screams ankle brace.
6:01 am
>> you love the pics, don't you? >> i do. i swam and played water polo. it is the ultimate achievement of the sports that i played. if you don't like america -- the things i learned about you. >> kneeling and stuff like that, complications for me when athletes do that, if you don't love your country why do i love you. >> we love the country so you root for america. >> even -- >> if they don't root for america -- >> you told me before you came in, make sure your mind everybody you root for china in the olympics, didn't you say that? >> know. >> i did not hear that. i heard something about best moves. >> did you have a comment on that? is there he is, dan ongino on fox nation, secret service agent, were you surprised?
6:02 am
>> i am stunned. i never heard that either. really shocked but let me say is this. i get his point. you are a sports guy, i was into the kneeling started. it is tough to get behind a group of athletes that don't represent anything you represent. here's my take on it. this isn't the topic but let's roll with this for a second. i don't care i'm apathetic. if they win, great, if they lose i can't tell you i will be emotionally invested in it. >> i'm with you but not all the olympians believe that way or act that way. it is certain members of the women's national soccer team. >> i had this conversation with my wife last night, got a break and went out for dinner for 2 seconds, you have three us
6:03 am
women's soccer athletes who stood up into their hands over their hearts and thank you for doing that but then you have the rest of them really don't like this country, support blm which is a marxist terror group and then they are going to win the gold medal, big sponsorship contract, if you win again, and and have no interest in it. >> the gymnasts and everyone else. will: whether they love the country or not it was a default before, they were proud to wear the usa. amen. pete: they are defining it. in the us olympic a they won't enforce it. pete: defining who our olympians are.
6:04 am
will: the feelings today -- ainsley: a lot of feelings going on. >> to your point, i was a kid, watching terry land on one leg, the greatest thing i had ever seen on tv. i want the same feeling but it feels blunted and muted. >> 1980s us a hockey team, mary lou written, carla was winning 700 gold medals in every event known to humankind, everybody was like this is really great and now we have a bunch of people kneeling during the national anthem, you're playing for america. you are not playing for the cleveland guardians or whatever they call themselves now. it is america, teen usa. all of us. all of us. collective identity. the 1-time collectivism actually matters, collective identity.
6:05 am
ainsley: we work for fox which is teen usa, we are all teen usa here. >> the metropolitan police chief of washington dc, this is what he said about the rising crime in the city. >> i am mad as hell about this and i hope you are too. i really do. enough is enough. i've been a police officer in the city for 30 years. born and raised right here in this city. you cannot coddle violent criminals. they might not want a job. they might not. they might not need services. what they may require is there making it unsafe, why is a guy who murders somebody is out in the community after having been arrested two or three months prior with a firearm? what did you think he was going to do?
6:06 am
the recidivism rate for violent offenders is the highest we've seen anywhere. 87% in that area. how are we holding people accountable? what does accountability look like and it is okay with you? will: what is your reaction? >> how does this guy still have a job? i don't mean that as an insult. i mean that as a compliment. what he just said is factually correct. if we let bad guys out on the street they will do that stuff and they should be in jail, but the liberal line is go to sports with them, give them back roads and all of a sudden they will be okay. how does he still have a job. i have four headlines telling the story of dc police, dc council cuts $15 million per cops, juvenile carjackings,
6:07 am
three shootings and the dc mayor directs them to use any overtime necessary in response to gun violence, those four headlines tell me the entire story because there's only two options. number one, some of the dumbest people known to humankind who don't have axons and dendrites that connect in their brain figured out attacking the cops wouldn't lead to higher crime, making them the dopey us to missiles in the country or option 2 which is the real one is these aren't stupid people, they knew these headlines would happen, they knew cutting the police budget would lead to carjacking and murders, and did it anyways. what does that say about who these political leaders are. there is no option see, no
6:08 am
third option, i am sorry. either really stupid which they are not or they knew this would happen. the bodybag that up and they did it and these are sick people. will: what about the fact that jim acosta was live on the are saying it a restaurant, the diplomat, you might know it, can you believe it is almost as if the media won't pay attention unless it is affecting them, the rich people, the elite, they are under stage -- under siege, the elites are affected so we should care when this is going on, only stations like ours covered it? >> i met jim acosta in the cnn green room. talk about a media -- mediocrity, that is jim acosta. you know those body bags in the morgue, they don't exist because i didn't see them, wasn't in my neighborhood, cnn
6:09 am
as a bureau in dc around the corner from fox, you go down and make a right and left and it is over there. what do they suggest, that there is no crime in that area, crime isn't happening? that is not even a logic trap. it is completely illogical. it is out of the mouth of a liberal buffoon who says they live in their own bubbles and pretend the body bags aren't in front of their house than the bodybag don't exist. >> these are the same people who had burning buildings behind them and people looting and fire, looks like beirut and say said this is a mostly peaceful protest. it has gotten to the level of orwellian, propaganda. >> it is but this will change. i am only 46 but i remember new york in the david dicken 0. it was a hellhole. they had thousands of homicides every couple years, the crack wars are broken out and what
6:10 am
happened, eventually eventually the media through public pressure was forced to admit after covering for david dicken's for years they were forced to admit begrudgingly that this guy was really terrible. they didn't kiss giuliani's but, they attacked him, call him a racist, same thing they do now but had to be begrudgingly admit years later the body bags were real, those victims of crime on tv are not making the stories of, people who were kidnapped, raped, eventually they have to come around because the people will have enough of it. you've seen in san francisco you can't even park your car at the wharf in san francisco. it will be broken into in 10 seconds and nobody does anything. they walk out of stores when they shoplift, they don't even run. why expend the calories? i pulled a hamstring, just walk out, nothing is going to happen. >> dan has a new special call canceled in the usa on fox
6:11 am
nation and airing tomorrow night on the fox news channel at 10:00 pm eastern time. what can we expect? >> canceled in the usa, they are jaw-dropping. some of the stuff people did so innocuous and got canceled and attacked by hollywood celebrities, a bunch of stories, all jaw-dropping in tonight on unfiltered i have a great lineup. one of my favorite guests ever, rachel duffy and the great sean duffy, they know each other a little bit and they comment, i hit them with a surprise at the end like i hit hicks of last week and i will cain when he comes on my show too if he agrees, there will be a surprise video. i think i caught you good. i'm sure i got you good. will: it will be an awesome show. >> i agree. ainsley: 10:00 pm eastern, one of the best shows we have so
6:12 am
great job. turning now to your headlines. a man is arrested in a string of violent attacks at a manhattan park. he is accused of attacking 3 women in one hour at inwood hill park. police say he also robbed them and threatened to sexually assault them. he was linked to attacks after being arrested on a separate charge of public lewdness. demonstrators taking to miami streets and supportive cubans as a fight for freedom against the communist regime. on the coast activists for the freedom flotilla and took off towards international waters, trying to get close to cuba as possible. they plan to stop 15 miles from havana display dhs warning against the trip because travel to cuba is illegal without a permit. rachel's territory prince harry could be getting a royal payday
6:13 am
with his new book, the daily mail reports the deal starts at $25 million and will include four books but a spokesman for the print said no, it will be one book and that book will be released next year. rachel: the ugly part of this whole thing is if it wasn't ugly enough, the fourth book in his contract can only come out after his grandmother the queen is dead. how ugly is that? would you sign a contract that says i'm going to write four books for $25 million, i think that is horrible. i just think the couple is gross, they are gross. i can't stand them. they are the most unlikable people ever and keep the stories coming. if you have nothing nice to say, sit next to me. i hate them but i love hearing about them.
6:14 am
will: you are like everybody else, you can't look away. a train wreck, you can't look away. on the fertility is 50 not a mild different from 50 land miles? i should know that but i don't know that. does that mean the miles are different on the water? a different distance? pete: i feel confident that is correct. rachel: they are trying to get close enough so people on the island are cut from internet and cell phones can see that they are not allowed. >> is a mild different on the water than a mile on land? yes? i was right. we will figure that out after the break. if you swim a mile you run a mile i don't get it. people walking into stores and walking out with whatever they want in san francisco. one small business owner calling for action joins us next. >> i think they need to be more
6:15 am
police. >> i am more people. >> the police are wonderful. their hands are tied. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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or eye pain occur. for real protection, ask your doctor about breztri.
6:18 am
>> i would wish we could have some more security on hand. >> there needs to be more police. >> need to hire more people. >> the police are wonderful but their hands are tied. >> san francisco locals demanding more police to stop brazen crime amid a rising shoplifting and break ins. small business owners making those calls is bonito to make that call. i used to live in san francisco 20 years ago, a beautiful place to live. i used to hang out where your business is. telling what is happening for those who haven't been to the
6:19 am
city in a long time. >> there's been a number of smash and grabs going on on a daily basis. we see cars being broken into daily, tourists getting their luggage, passports, electronics stolen. doesn't seem to stop. i've seen 5 to 10 different car break ins on a daily basis and it continues to happen with no end insight. >> how is it affecting your business? >> it is affecting my business because a lot of the tourists have a great time in the city, they see the site and they come back to their cars and see all this stuff is gone. it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and i don't think a lot of will be returned to the city. 11 your witnessing these crimes and i imagine after they happen you call the police and what happens? >> we call the police a number of times, we provide vehicle information, license plate numbers, descriptions. i follow up with them a few days later and nothing seems to
6:20 am
happen. very frustrating. rachel: what are you doing to solve this problem? >> increased police presence in these heavy tourist areas would be a start that would deter criminals from committing these crimes. also they need to prosecute these criminals which once they catch them they can't just let them off with a slap on the rest of the them go out and do it again. they need to prosecute them and told them accountable for their actions. also another thing that would be great would be going after the criminal groups that are reselling this merchandise with her on the black market for the internet or wherever they need to prosecute and go after these people. >> seems a pretty basic stuff the city should be doing for their citizens and it is not happening at it makes no sense so hopefully someone will step up and hopefully the city of san francisco. voting in these liberal people with these crazy ideas about defunding the police and letting criminals ago, we appreciate you joining
6:21 am
us and hope something happens for you. thank you. still ahead, what a way to celebrate was a world war ii veteran is treated the ultimate birthday, that hero will join us live. orce veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ ♪ know this about the jungle, everything that you see wants to kill you and can. ♪ ♪
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6:24 am
rachel: some quick headlines. unemployment is high in three major us cities, data from the us labor bureau shows 13% of unemployed americans in new york city, los angeles and chicago despite only making up
6:25 am
4.6% of the total us population. some say hi minimum wage and jobless benefits are to blame but others argue cities have restaurant and hospitality jobs which is an industry many americans haven't returned to during the pandemic and domino's blame staff shortages for longer delivery times, the chain's ceos as they plan to raise wages to get staffing levels where we need them to be. pete: world war ii veteran got the ultimate surprise for his 90 third birthday when an entire platoon of young marines paraded by his florida home. the young marines of palm beach is program back in the 90s and today's members showered him gratitude. supercool. here with us now are peter and his daughter joanne along with floyd, the marines of palm
6:26 am
beach's unit commander and frederick, young marine staff sergeant who was a part of it. thank you for being here. what an awesome story. peter, thank you for your service in world war ii, we cherish what you've done for our nation and on your 90 third birthday did you expect anything like this? >> never. >> what is going through your men when you see these young men and women saluting you for what you have done? >> reporter: it was an honor and it left me in shock because i couldn't speak. pete: they felt the honors that day, no doubt. joann, i read that you were looking to do something a little different, a walk through but the marines had something bigger in mind. >> they did. my original plan was to do a drive-by parade for my dad, patriotic, i only wanted to do it if i could get some of the marines to get into the car and
6:27 am
wave flags to be patriotic. when i pulled up, sidney townsend of the marines of west palm beach said no, we are doing a full on parade for your dad. she took control and it was wonderful. absolutely amazing day for the whole family and our community. pete: our viewers are seeing how special that day was. you get the call as a commander to do something like this, got to believe it is something different and special. >> we were amazed at the opportunity and grateful to deploy to his community and honor him both for his service in world war ii as a marine, as a fellow marine, that would have been enough but he also
6:28 am
started our unit in 1995. it was an amazing opportunity for our kids who were part of the longest continuously operating young marine detachment in florida to get an eagle eye view on sacrifice, courage and commitment. a great day to honor a hero. pete: young marines are a special organization, get your kids involved, frederick, you're one of those that was at the event. what did it mean, not enough world war ii veterans out there to still honor. what did it mean to be part of that group? >> being part of the number of people able to honor lost generation that are just like us but gave that ultimate sacrifice and able to be there for an amazing event. it was something i can't even explain. pete: peter, last word to you. why did you serve this country and why do you love this country?
6:29 am
>> i was very young when i listed. i wanted to join everybody else who wanted to go into the service, the lines were miles long and that is why i joined. >> simple service reflected in the gratitude people show back to you. thank you so much for taking that moment to motivate the rest of us. remember how special that world war ii generation is in for the marines for what you do every day, thank you so much. god bless. up next, we have an all-star lineup. lawrence jones, katie pavlik, joey jones, aishah hasnie, the big saturday show, will join us live. the "fox and friends" olympics. at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan.
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>> today is national drive-through day, with the vested items onset. pancakes are fantastic. we have chick-fil-a, taco bell, mcdonald's, beautiful lineup. will: why not? it might take an hour if there is no one watching.
6:34 am
rachel: get your own food. >> participating -- pete: what is that person wearing? ainsley: 11 you put on your shorts too early. pete: before the olympics, put on a skirt. of me. i know how you feel. it was a really tight turnaround. >> looking good, looking good. while will reupholster some so. enough to the officer in california rushes into flame saving a woman from a burning car, the officer says he was driving to a gas station when two cars collided one person flees, immediately ran over to help. >> didn't feel the heat. the only thing i could think of these people are going to burn if i don't help them.
6:35 am
pete: the officer is of course a hero. would you do that? i know law enforcement officers with every single time. the police department is officers are never off the job when duty calls. victims to be taken to the hospital, their condition is unknown but they are alive thanks to that man. country music star response to a man's impromptu performance at a louisiana gas station left one customer stuck. ♪♪ one summer has come and gone ♪♪ you don't know why it is this way ♪♪ pete: he's going viral for his rendition of till summer comes around, bursting into song in front of unsuspecting customers and even -- was that keith urban himself? i don't know who it is. rachel: he tweeted about it.
6:36 am
rachel: a star is born is what this is about. pete: the rock on emoji. rachel: no one can stop looking at this. put this back over. >> for a year or so didn't wear path -- pants and now might be wearing, we don't know. change i am not looking forward to going back to pants i'm just going to say. checking the tropics we are in tropical storm season was a
6:37 am
little disturbance of the coast of florida, 50% chance of development in the next couple days some models bring it closer to the was coastline, want to point that out, something we need to watch and we are getting to the active part of the season which had a little bit of a break but get ready a lot more action coming up in the next couple weeks. back to you. >> fairfax county elementary school inking radical abolitionist teaching, they are backtracking claiming it was posted in error and has since been removed from the -- the same link was included official school guidance, the biden administration -- what to our next guests think of these so-called errors? here is fox news correspondent aishah hasnie, lawrence jones, katie pavlik, fox news contributor joey jones. one story, what do you think, was this made an error?
6:38 am
>> reporter: jen psaki came out and read a statement that seem to come from department of education similar to the statement we received on wednesday when we are this report angie said a couple things we fact checked, one thing she said was this was one link thousands of sources and citations that were cited in this handbook but that is factually wrong. it doesn't take much time to go to the handbook and count and we counted because that is what we do and found there is only 182 links in this body of text, not thousands. we heard from former secretary of education betsy devos who said what has book like this goes out there are many many many people that look over each page to make sure everything is accurate so this argument they are making i don't know that many people are buying that it was a simple error and if it was then tell us what happened to the person who made the error. that is the question i have.
6:39 am
what happened to that person? what to do you do about it? how do you fix it so this doesn't happen again because this is not the time to make mistakes like that. >> it is not an isolated event. it fits with the kind of teaching we've been seeing across the country. change many of this is improvement, first they said none of this was happening so it was a complete denial, now it is it was an accident links are embedded within their official documents. i would note you talked about the links, this was done specifically under race and the reopening guidance. i've been getting tips from teachers all this week ever since we broke this story this stuff has been out there, some of these teachers are posting things are sending me things that were before this guidance even happened so this tells you it is deeply embedded in the culture which goes to my
6:40 am
original point that parents have to fight this at home because this has been happening for years. the one teacher that is the leader of this group love, has been infiltrating the system for 18 years. just imagine the amount of curriculum that has gone out to teachers and students. pete: what do you think of the strategy by terry mcauliffe saying crt is a conspiracy. your just an error and others saying it's not actually being taught, what do you make of this strategy of running away from what they are clearly pushing on children? >> just like antifa doesn't exist. of course this is happening literally in black and white, the department of education sending out to thousands of schools and a number of school districts, they got caught, didn't think it would get caught, the type of curriculum
6:41 am
into these tools for teachers to plant in the brains of children which if you look at the details of what they are trying to teach they are ostracizing white children into making it seem like they are bad members of society based on their skin color and it is true that parents in loudoun county, leading the charge with a group of parents to fight back against the school board and implement this toxic ideology and children in classrooms and they've been successful in some ways to push back in this greater movement of tying education funding to individual children rather than entire systems because of things like this and one last thing, whether they had concerns that this was a mistake it was sent to so many schools all over the country and now we are seeing
6:42 am
it has been sent out. it is being implemented at the white house is trying to push it off as something that is not an issue. clearly it is being taught in the schools. >> that pushback is putting the fear of got into many politicians pushing these policies. >> i don't know politicians fear much of anything other than losing the opportunity for the next vote. i'm not going to pile on top of it but i will say i'm going to do a charity spelling be in a couple weeks and i'm scared to death of it because i didn't learn to spell very well in elementary school and even in high school, our german teacher had to take a semester off and they didn't have a plan for where we would go. in my opinion schools have a hard enough job even among the most intelligent kids, it's not their fault all the time. there are a lot of gaps where kids fall through and continue to repeat grades because they didn't learn a certain type of
6:43 am
math. there is a tough job for teachers and schools, how about we focus on that or make people proficient in things they need to know that parents teach what kind of people to be. will: the big saturday show hosts are going to talk about the cleveland indians changing their name and all that kind of thing coming up. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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6:46 am
>> cleveland indians announcing they will be called the guardian's. go first, what do you make of the cleveland indians letting go of their nickname? >> if that is what they need to do just don't come to my team. if they want to become the
6:47 am
guardians with their statues on the bridge, if that is their identity let them have it but don't come to the atlanta braves, that is our team. we don't have process like they do so maybe this is just more local problems for them and the rest of us are getting to make fun of. pete: they will come for the kansas city chiefs and it won't stop there. >> i will quit buying tickets. pete: arguments over anyone's opinion don't end anywhere. they will come to the fighting irish. right? >> the fighting irish -- don't think the irish will put up with that the gate was a little rough. they were tweeting how they changed their name to the guardians from the cleveland indians twitter account. they could've clean that up a bit but this idea that we're going to change everybody's name for the sake of a you being offended you can find something wrong with the next thing, the washington football team, some people would argue washington is a controversial name given his history is the first president of the united states, this could go on and on infinitely until everybody eats everybody alive.
6:48 am
pete: their articles about the buccaneers, the rangers, you name the team and basically almost every team has something to offend someone. >> our texas teams, they won't mess with it. i don't think the rangers, they may -- they tried but texans don't play that type of thing. i think we're safe but shouldn't they be more concerned about winning? when is the last time he won a world series? that should be where their interest should be right now. pete: last words you in the cleveland indians becoming a commitment guardians. >> change your team's name to something like the hoosiers, nobody has any idea what hoosiers means. we love it but change your name to something like that.
6:49 am
will: what is a hoosier? >> you are right. someone from indiana. the big saturday show. i will google in a moment. i will run a hurdle course, and olympic course but thank you. you like that? get that promo off, that body shot. we will be watching you guys tonight. up next the olympics begin and we have our own competition on fox. ♪♪ we will we will rock you ♪♪ we will we will rock you ♪♪ ♪♪
6:50 am
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6:53 am
pete: wait until the interview is done. why not have our own through the wrecking ball competition. thanks for having this for us. this obstacle, the fastest -- >> without falling into the water. pete: it is better to run? >> i've seen both strategies running. pete: running as a little faster. >> it is going to start to deflate. pete: go to betty's
6:54 am
it is not a race for who is going to get there. >> it is not easy. will: the first ball. one ball further. are we all right? i tried, i tried. pete: here we go. >> this is impossible. pete: where is my guy? shall we go the inflation root? really impressive.
6:55 am
go for it. going slow -- will: that is not happening. don't we get one more. one more try. the winner. go go go. right here. d. oh um, doug can we talk about something
6:56 am
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>> i'm here with leon. tell me what we are about to do. >> the object of the game is to stand on the pedestal for the longest amount of time while the others are trying to knock you off. the longer you stay on the harder it is to stand up. will: i saw pete try it without the ball. >> dodging the ball. it doesn't work. ♪♪ that was a cheap shot. will: know he's not!
7:00 am
pete: oh my goodness! it is a work out! how much time to we have? 20 seconds. well. betty's bounces. fun stuff. have a good saturday and "fox and friends," see you tomorrow. neil: those guys are brave. two surges that will not quit. the virus and inflation. with inflation it doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not, you're still getting hit and hit hard. look at whirlpool appliances or oreo cookies. unilever among many companies, the latest to signal that pr


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