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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 24, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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"hannity." unfortunately this is all the time we have left. i'm hosting all week long. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thank you for joining us. i want to thank sean and your team for allowing me to do this. sean is back on monday. "the ingraham angle" is up next. this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from new york city. we begin with olympic failure. the focus of tonight's angle. most of you were probably only vaguely aware the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics happened this morning interview. we had a covert will for healthy young athletes leading up to this.
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a ban on most spectators into the road of olympians who think we somehow care about their political views. they will be great performances but how boring the leader. what a contrast to our wonderful collective memories olympics past, our rivalry with the former soviet union that made beating the key team the true miracle on ice, the mind blowing next 6 performances of dominic dogs and who could forget the mesmerizing gliding to the pool of michael phelps. and whether it was president reagan opening the 1984 olympics or bill clinton at the 1996 games in atlanta we rallied because we loved the country and we left our athletes and for a few weeks we all put our differences aside about pretty much everything else, but today things are different. now there are millions of
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americans disgusted by the us woman soccer team not because they lost to sweden but because they use the international stage to insult our nation. this isn't what the olympics is all about. the international olympic committee once band protests at the games but no longer meaning we are going to get a lot more of what we don't want to see. we will see olympics climate change protests, the wealth inequality protests and the gender identity protests. absurdity is bursting out all over. today it was announced german olympic gymnasts will be wearing unitard to combat sexualization in gymnastics. it is one more experience ruined by self-promoting woke, some of them are more worried about virtue signaling on the world
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stage, social media brand building when what we want is there great competition. the magnet has had athletes even with disabilities. rebecca myers who is deaf and blind and won three gold medals in the twentieth 16 paralympics in swimming and qualified for the tokyo games a few days ago was forced to withdraw. the us olympic and paralympic committee denied her request to bring her mom to serve as a personal care assistant. >> heartbroken, can't even put into words, i haven't and sleeping well, haven't been eating. it has torn me apart. for someone to train for 5 years for this moment especially in next year with the pandemic, makes it seem like it was for nothing. laura: the most devastating and illogical thing that happened in women's sports the inclusion of biological mails on teams
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including at the olympics. the us ioc now allows trans women who reduce their testosterone levels, allow them to compete against biological women. new zealand's laurel hubbard will lift in the super weight category shamelessly taking a spot from a female competitor. ditto for the usa's chelsea wolf riding freestyle and canada's stephanie barrett in archery. the entire thing is just a fraud. liberals don't care but wokeism is killing women sports. everyone knows it but many are too afraid to say it. years ago i wrote a book called shut up, i hate that cover, warning that the entertainment industry was destroying its appeal for a huge swath of
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america by politicizing everything. along with the dixie chicks's rich harmonies fans were forced to endure the fingers rants against george w. bush, no thanks. today, it is a hard call as to which is more monolithically, militantly left-wing, is it academia or the entertainment industry? now sadly the same thing has happened to the world of sports and in the end no one ends up getting a metal and that is the angle. yesterday the nfl sent out a memo describing the ramifications for teams that had covert outbreaks during the 2021 seasons saying a forfeit will be declared for a postponed boehm that can't be rescheduled and is caused by not break among unvaccinated players of one team. in addition of a forfeit occurs, both players on both teams would lose their game checks. doctor fauci thinks this is the right move. >> the nfl is sending a strong
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signal that it is very important to get vaccinated. they are saying if unvaccinated people get infected there are going to be consequences. >> the actual players, however, do not see it the same way, one of the top wide receivers in the league road in a now deleted tweet never thought i would say this but being in a position to hurt 19 because i don't want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the nfl. after deleting his initial tweet he tweeted freedom? tampa bay buccaneers running back wrote vaccine, i can to do it. related deleted that tweet. joining me is clay travis, host
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of the clay travis show. is the nfl going about this the wrong way, what is happening? >> yes, thanks for having a. hope everybody has a good weekend. the nfl is going about it the wrong way. these are young healthy players. if they want to get vaccinated they should but if they choose not to do so we don't need to keep testing all of these players, they aren't in danger from covid. some people get mad about this but it is an important message in the world of sports, we need high schoolers to play, we need leaders to play, we need pro sports and college athletics as well and we don't need to be concerned any longer, we have the data. if you are young and healthy and playing a sport you are not in danger from covid. if you feel like you are in danger you can get vaccinated but i do we need all these policies, it just happened that earlier today the minnesota vikings fired one of their assistant coaches because he doesn't want to get the covid vaccine. i don't think sports needs to
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make this decision. i don't think this is a battle the nfl needs to be fighting. neil: some people were making fun of us when we said why are we doing all this testing on young people when so many over the age of 60 have the vaccine? for what reason? or they already got exposed to covid? >> i think people should make rational decisions. i told my parents, they are over 75, you need to get the vaccine as soon as you can but the idea that a 22-year-old playing the nfl in supreme physical shape needs to be concerned about covid and we are not still saying they can't get covid after vaccination and also we are not giving a strong discussion about people like me who already had covert and have the antibodies which i do, that is a big part of herd immunity.
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we need to consider natural immunity and vaccine immunity and the nfl needs a more sophisticated policy than the one they're rolling out which will alienate a lot of players and coaches and create unnecessary issues for the league going forward. neil: laura: cnn thought they had a sympathetic ear with this former nfl player on this issue of forcing the vaccine but cnn was wrong. >> what is your reaction to this memo from the commissioner? >> i think it is flat-out crazy, borderline unconstitutional and i'm flabbergasted. i'm vaccinated. it was hard for me to get vaccinated. i have to do some more research. i'm not against vaccination but i'm against people forcing vaccination on others. will: sounds like what tucker and i have been saying. some might argue this policy primarily targets black players who have a legitimate reason for their historical hesitancy to
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get this vaccine. >> don't think there's any doubt there are tons of players, white, black, asian, hispanic across the nfl and all of the olympics, 100 unvaccinated united states olympians and people should have the right to consider and make their own choices that make the most sense of them and i would reiterate we played last year when covid was running rampant in the nfl and no place had significant health consequences. the data reflects that if you are young and your healthy you will be fine if you get covid. doesn't mean there can't be negative consequences but these guys know how to play the odds, they understand how to analyze data, that is a big part of being an nfl player on a day-to-day basis and i don't think it makes sense for them to be treating covid in 2021 like it is still march of 2020 and we don't know what the overall impact is going to be. neil: i need your thoughts on this.
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the cleveland indians announced the name change. i went to dartmouth, we used to be the dartmouth indians, that was the big green and the woods or something but anyway they announced this change was a rather cheesy little video narrated by none other than tom hanks. >> we move forward with change, there has always been cleveland, that's the best part of our name and now it is time to unite as one family, one community to build the next era for this team and together we are the cleveland guardians. >> was he talking like this? celtic a bad movie trailer. >> tom hanks is an incredible actor. they kept the d i a n s and
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replace the iron on the name and added gu ar, i misspelling be expanded want to screw that because we go viral if i did. is the truth. it never ends. i wish you and me and other reasonable people can sit across the table and say let's decide the mascot controversy forever but now that the indians of change the name you know where this is heading, chicago blackhawks, atlanta braves, kansas city chiefs, this is not crazy but that is where we are at it, the notre dame fighting irish, the mascot, they're going to try to take it away. >> i will predict this, notre dame is not getting rid of the fighting irish. >> i hope the end it at some point but i don't know how we stop it, the woke activism train always has to keep moving. that is what they do. >> the biggest and people come after next is the patriots. who's to say what patriots mean
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today. >> how about the vikings? they have a little bit of pillaging in the past, i have no idea how this is going to end. laura: anthony fauci still doesn't seem to get what senator grandpa was getting at during the confrontation at a senate hearing choosing instead to lash out. >> he was completely out of line, totally distorted reality and made some inflammatory and i think slanderous remarks about lying under oath which is completely nonsense. some of the things he says are so distorted and out of tune with reality i had to call him on that. i didn't enjoy it. >> as josh rogan pointed out, what everyone can now see clearly is the nih was collaborating on risky research with the chinese lab it has 0
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transparency and 0 accountability. no one in position of power addressed that. fauci is arguing the system works. it didn't. kentucky senator rand paul, you really got under his skin and my theory is he has become a global celebrity, global influenza run covid but now we know the truth about that lab and the fact that we funded and they did all the data function research there. doctor fauci seems like he was normally aware of it but didn't seem like a disapproved of it. >> in that is what his response is now, his response is it was unfair but he never really responds to the actual facts of the case. number one the nih did without question fund this research.
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bat scientist doctor xi acknowledges a, we have the nih number from the grant, the only thing in dispute is whether it was gain of function. but they took viruses that don't normally infect humans, animal viruses, combined it with other viruses and discovered they can infect humans, that is the very definition of gain of function research and it is an important thing because it is such a bad judgment. he was asked in 2012 what if the pandemic should occur? what the scientist gets infected by a virus and releases it to the public and there's a pandemic and he said even if that happened, the scientific research would be worth it. that is the explaining he has, he has to explain to 4 million people who died, to their families that the research was worth it, this escape from a lab, was where the knowledge gained, that's a very debatable point and a lot of people are saying it wasn't worth it and it is not worth it in the future and we really should have limitations on this type of research. laura: it is a global scandal, is it not especially when you watch this clip from fauci in 2013. >> you have to have some
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restrictions in the sense of you don't do work that could actually heard people, if you have a laboratory accident. once you start being too restrictive you then impede creativity for so many of the good things that could come out of the same type of work. >> all the good things that came out of the on lab, lots of them. >> he was asked recently to you still trust the chinese and when you give them more money and his answer was yes. this shows such a colossal lack of judgment that he doesn't need to be in a position where he can promulgate this thing. he also pays no attention to the science, 100 million people have had covenant have immunity but completely discounted. why they trying to inoculate people in the nfl that a really low risk for hospitalization or death, trying to isolate them
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because doctor fauci doesn't accept the fact that many of them have already had it naturally so he just doesn't count there immunity and says we got to push on and push on but it is him not engage in remembering or presenting the science as it should be and long past time we sent him to another location far away from the seats of power. laura: in tennessee there's a piece today and they reported 1000 breakthrough cases with people who have been fully vaccinated of covid and the doctor reporting on it said 25% of those thousand cases where asymptomatic which i thought that is interesting, only 25% are asymptomatic. that is from tennessee. the vaccine has effectiveness especially toward older people but there is something else happening with some of these small number of breakthrough cases.
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>> the delta variant is real and it is taking over but the good news is it is much less deadly. the tenth is deadly the virus was last year. we are going to have large numbers, people who are vaccinated, even people who had the disease get it again but the thing is, is it really disease if you don't get any symptoms? the thing we should watch for our hospitalizations and deaths. 's and sent deaths are going up among vaccinated or previously infected people we may have to be concerned but doesn't look like that. so far looks like we are getting a lot of positive cases and very few symptoms. they seem to be honest with people, we need to not scare people to death and don't need to have everybody running out to be tested it doesn't have symptoms. what kind of diseases it but has no symptoms that we are going to get hysterical because people have a disease that has no symptoms. laura: it is completely insane. your confrontation with this
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week was so important thank you for doing it. a wild we can politics. president biden's townhall got a lot of attention but we will tell you why he may have some democrats more. ari fleischer next.
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is on president biden because of his townhall but nancy pelosi made the most significant news. you saw her continuing to evolve of the progressives in her party and outmaneuvering republicans like mitt romney. on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> it is important for us to have them pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill while we are eager for it to pass. we will not be taking it up into the senate passes a reconciliation bill. >> if that doesn't shake the cooperating gop senators on how they are being played by her i don't know what is going on. the other power-play was when two gop members were vetoed from the generous 6 committee that she knew she knew they would reveal a complicated truth of that day.
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>> find your common ground, strive for bipartisanship. on the other hand the two people i excluded made statements and took actions the just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth. >> here's white house press secretary ari fleischer and kurt schlichting, senior columnist of townhall, author of the new book the split. which move lab greater implications, the infrastructure switch on the order of the bills for january 6th? >> in terms of getting anything done it will be the infrastructure bill when you take a legislative hostage like that and say nothing else is done it was my hostage makes it then nothing gets done and that is a shame because we do have bipartisan infrastructure needs which will be doomed as a result of the hostagetaking, this commission about the january 6th right is there are going to do anything of value anyway. is a political posturing committee and was always set up
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for that but you cannot have republicans choose which democrats serve on congressional committees nor democrats choose which republicans get to serve. that will never work. that will break congress's back and that is why what she did is so wrong. jillian: the townhall performance was terrific but the president's behavior seems to be getting bizarre, more bizarre by the day. he was president biden late last night. >> hi there people in the democratic party -- >> people in the republican party sucking the blood out of kids? >> i'm not sure. laura: is this a normal reaction to a legitimate question? >> the emperor has no clothes
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and the mainstream media needs to point out he is naked. this guy is in decline and i'm trying to be nice. i don't want to be mean but the simple fact is this guy is becoming senile in front of us. what scares the hell out of me is our enemies see it. this is our country, this is our soldiers, this is important and somebody has to stand up and say president biden is not all there and we've got to take action. the only thing saving them is jill biden's love of being the first lady and america's tara the thought of president harris. >> senator coombs made a big declaration about the january 6th commission. >> congressman consider would be a great addition to this committee along with congresswoman cheney. they would round out a bipartisan effort to get to the bottom of january 6th. >> two more democrats on the
12:28 am
committee basically, on this issue. perfect. >> it is irrelevant to the democrats think should be on the committee. it has historically been the party that picks its own members. you cannot start to have the opposite party make the selections. it destroys the integrity of the committee. how can they see jim jordan, congressman from ohio is not qualified to serve on the january 6th commission but is qualified to be the lead republican on the judiciary committee, democrats get to see you can't serve on one committee they should see you can't serve on any. break congress's back entirely, destroy the whole institution if you go down that road. kevin mccarthy picks the members, not nancy pelosi and kevin did the right thing by calling all the members because he gets to pick them or there should be no republicans on the committee. it is a farce. jillian: politico is reporting democratic lobbyist tony podesta is back, huawei hired him as a consultant where he will aim to
12:29 am
help the controversial chinese giant's warm relations with the biden administration. i don't think they need podesta's help. i think relations are just fine. >> if this was jeopardy my response would be what is the swampiest you ever heard? china is our enemy and huawei as a tool of the enemy, they want to infiltrate our information and data and telephone systems and this guy is helping them. this is not just bad, not just ugly, it is a betrayal and i am tired of people collaborating with our enemies. this is terrible and we in a bipartisan manner stand up and say no, we don't take your calls, tony podesta, we don't take calls from anybody who supports our enemies and tries to lobby for them. >> that is and always about the
12:30 am
money, billions of dollars being made on wall street investment portfolios, big mende action in china. a big piece in bloomberg, china continues to build up wealth courtesy of us ambassadors, us wall street giants. how does that play out as time goes on? >> the difference, it is been indicted by the american government for helping governments like iran to spy on its dissident citizens. 's entire ethical issue that tony podesta -- it is arguably should whether any american corporations could portion do business with china. i hope most of them ratchet it down. i would much prefer a world in which no americans do business with china. i think that is unrealistic but i would love to see the wound down. it is fundamentally not in america's long-term interest but i'm not willing to condemn everybody who does anything with china. jillian: have a wonderful weekend. the biden administration turns to sesame street to push for
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more refugees, and harry and william's battle over memoirs. friday follies is next.
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>> it is friday and that means time for friday follies. for that we turn to raymond lawyer. the biden administration is taking its outrage to an entirely different level. >> if you are going to reshape young minds about refugees how do you get to sesame street. secretary of state anthony blinken made its way that discussed refugee program with his counterpart, grover. >> 70 many people have to leave their homes and countries because it isn't safe for them. they are called refugees. many refugees are children and they need opportunities to learn and play just like you and your friends on sesame street. >> we had to leave our home
12:37 am
because it's not safe for us. >> why do 2 or 3-year-olds need to know about refugees, they don't even understand the concept of countries or borders yet. what about human trafficking discussion with our score or food does it expose with big bird, what is next? >> it is inequality. who gets to talk about that? salad took my cookies and i didn't give it to her and the excuse me -- >> not just adding and subtracting. >> doctor jill biden made her way to sesame street to tell the show's new racial literacy targeted toward military families. >> i'm so proud that i have a puppy who served in the military. i'm so proud that i am a mexican american. >> if we think someone is being treated unfairly we should stand
12:38 am
up for them. >> was that supposed to be an accent? a hispanic accent? what was that? that was adorable green but. >> hard to tell which one is the perfect. >> i have to say jill and anthony should take their voice over careers to the next level. a with the puppets and leave politics to other people but sesame street senior vice president of us social impact, whatever that is, sold the initiative in a statement saying military parents and caregivers can help their children become good citizens of the world by using the unique opportunity to talk ultimately about racism and celebrate they are inside and out so now the biden administration is normally remaking the military but also
12:39 am
the family members. >> can we stick to primary colors, the basic numbers. sesame street used to be about family getting along, kindness, learning how to share things, notice about all of these -- it is ridiculous, waiting for kermit to be the new greens are of sesame street. >> they ever went academia, they never lend sports, that's how we started the show. everything, there is no place you can be removed from politics. it all has to affect every moment of every day. just tedious, speaking of tedious -- >> i don't think there's any child or adult for that matter wants to see anthony lincoln and president biden on sesame street, the prince harry and megan michael industrial complex shows no signs of abating, harry announced he is releasing a
12:40 am
memoir, the ghostwritten epic will net them equal $20 million which he explains this way. i'm writing not as the prince i was born is the man i've become. i've for many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively. my hope is in telling my story i can help show that the matter where we come from we have more in common than you think am excited for people to read a first-hand account of my life, especially the bit about my racist family and hard times i have endured, and the month i got in the refurbished cancel where i was condemned to live with my hollywood wife. let's hope this is a little more success than megan's last hour, that picture book that barely broke through the bestseller list. >> that sounded a bit like anthony hopkins to me. >> it is anthony hopkins. laura: that is hopkins, that is really good.
12:41 am
i like that. >> williams following up not to be "william is releasing his own book about saving the planet but at least he's not trashing his family so that is a plus. laura: the women's norwegian handball team has been signed for wearing shorts during play but not the prescribed bikini bottom. >> the european handball federation mandates that the size of these bikinis be no more than four inches long. this so absurd and sexist the men's team wear shorts, why can't the female teen? this is a brazen attempt to garner ratings. when i watched this i thought i totally understand the mandatory dress code for swimming or long-distance running because it's a slow your time but
12:42 am
otherwise volleyball, let them pick whatever they are comfortable wearing. laura: why can't they were yoga pants or -- >> if they want to be modest mentioned the amount. i don't believe in circumscribed flesh bearing, there's one olympic figure i would support immensely dress code for and it is this guy, the flag error, he needs a four inch piece of material. we don't need to see that. laura: we have a graphic covering the manners. you have exciting news about our friends over at cnn. >> cnn ratings took a hit after trump left office, they are becoming their own qvc. >> opening a video archives for the first time to offer collectors this. it is a piece of history digitally.
12:43 am
these are nfts featuring presidential election calls of joe biden in 2020 and donald trump in 2016, thousand of each will be available plus a limited number of special editions, it comes with a framed copy. >> they are selling digital ads, spinning it is a piece of history. next they will be optioning wolf blitzer's old time. maybe hunter biden can do one of those commemorative prints. laura: can't you just watch this on youtube. >> you only see it in your little digital pocketbook. laura: up next wolf blitzer's beard trimmer. with a block of beard. it is hard times over there. where does james earl jones go to get his voiceover back? >> they will sell that voiceover next.
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democrats want race relations to remain bad that deserves some examination after some recent polling, doctor ben carson is here next to break it down.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: recent findings from the world laura: recent findings reveal
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the united states ranks one of the least racist countries in the world but that is impossible because our leaders and the racial agitators they do their bidding said the opposite. >> you deal with systemic racism in this country from its inception to the inequality that is there now. >> the thing about uprooting systemic racism, it is everywhere. it is almost like the air we breathe. >> races in israel in america and it has always been. >> systemic racism stain our nation's soul. to me on the neck of justice of black americans. laura: it should not be a surprise the gallup has found ratings of black white relations at a new low. he was adults, relations between black and white americans at the lowest point more than two decades of measurements,
12:50 am
currently 42% of americans say relations between the two groups are very or somewhat good while 57% say they are somewhat or very bad. you might think this is a long-standing issue after all it is called systemic but look at the full trend line of gallup findings. this is a very recent phenomenon. what caused all this? here now is former hud secretary doctor ben carson. i get the feeling race relations are where the democrat party wants them to be. >> always good to be with you. and be very surprised about the statistics you read. when a child is grown up they are told they are wonderful,
12:51 am
americans told they are dumb and no good. by the same token if you think somebody is racist, whatever they say to you they interpret it as a racist statement if you think they are fair, it could be the same thing they said. the leftists want to change our society. how are you going to do that without first creating tremendous dissatisfaction. their strategy is working, no question about that. we got to be smart enough to call it out to make sure people recognize what is going on in our society. >> some people are putting a spin on these numbers suggesting they are just the result of the normal friction of political change like in the civil rights era but optimism about the
12:52 am
future is declining among african-americans and you can't help but think it is in part because of feeling that they are being held down because of their race, because of the constant drumbeat. >> as i said before the combination of victimhood on behalf of blacks and guilt on behalf of whites leads to some strange solutions that don't make a lot of sense. at some point we have to call upon our better angels, recognize that over the course of my lifetime is relationships of dramatically changed. i have lived it. i have seen the amazing difference that has occurred and it occurred at a rapid rate. laura: earlier this week we reported the reopening guidelines the biden department
12:53 am
of education linked to a group called the abolitionist teaching network's guide for racial justice and abolition of social and emotional learning is a mouthful, we found donald clip from their founder that i think is incredibly telling about what this is all about. >> reporter: when we shut down schools, how so much became possible. we shut down schools and in a matter of the month, we are done with standardized testing. the pandemic has shown us and they were willing to play in crisis that they were never willing to play before. managing of any qualities, not going back. laura: i never liked the whole new normal phraseology. i raised the flag about it in spring of 2020 because i saw
12:54 am
where this was going. they were going to use this crisis in healthcare and health benefits to drive a radical transformation of our schools and society. she basically admitted it. >> we see it everywhere and everything. it is pervasive through our society but the good thing is there are smart people, they think for themselves, open their eyes, look around and i think a large portion of the american population is waking up. laura: thank you. final thoughts, freedom matters, when we come back.
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>> laura: with all this woke is a mapping all over the place, remember, freedom matters. just in time for the beach. go out there, laura: with all this wokesm all over the place freedom matters. just in time for the beach get out there and have fun with your
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family. all sorts of great here, freedom matters, made in the usa all for free cause. scholarships, all the profits go to them this month, find out more on everyone have a wonderful weekend, spend time with your family and friends, enjoy yourself, you deserve it, see you monday at 10:00 pm eastern. gutfeld is next. eastern. "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ >> we are not defunding the police. >> are there people in the democratic party -- >> are the republican party sucking the blood out of kids. >> greg: stop sniffing children snacks. ♪ ♪


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