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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 23, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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thank you. that's about it for us tonight. you can watch a brand new episode of tucker carlson today on we will be back monday. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity." biden's first 6 months. i am tammy bruce. we will review joe biden's performance in office. things are not going well. rising inflation and terrible unemployment numbers and perplexing covid policies and and nationwide spike in violent crime, a crisis that the southern border and a week foreign policy america's enemies are feeling emboldened. that leaves americans feeling
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emboldened. 6 months in and we are witnessing a train wreck. president biden is struggling cognitively -- his public appearances are limited. he spend most weekends rested in delaware. his speech is slurred and disjointed. every week it gets worse and worse. watch this. >> i want to thank the -- i keep calling him a general -- my, my -- the guy who runs that outfit over there. we will get down to business here -- who am i turning this over to. >> thank you very much, mr. president. >> this is or text your zip code to 438829.43 this job -- the job -- driving
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me crazy. i will be in better shape to talk it you about it [inaudible]. >> i will tell what you they sent me. i heard you speak about it.nt i'm not being solicitous but you've always been straight up about what you are doing. the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you, hmmm, why can't the experts say we know that it virus is in fact, hmmm -- it's going to be -- excuse me. we know why all of the drugs ary not temporarily approved but permanently approved. and that's underway, too. i expect that of to occur quickly. >> you mean for the fda? >> for the fda. >> wow! this is very concerning. as sean points out. biden's obvious struggles are
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leading to serious ramifications across the country. s look at this. >> joe biden is a cognitive mess! his radical socialist staff whoever is if charge are promoting horrific promises of the squad and bernie sanders. the vice-president seems clueless also. his administration is facing on so many fronts. what he has done well? >> joe biden is little more than a bystander as the woke social justice warriors politicize everything including sports. the all star game was moved out out of georgia because of the insidious lies and insurrection there. and now the cleaving indians are changing their name to appease the rage among leftists who probably don't watch baseball. joining us now as joe concha and leo terrel, a couple of guys
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that might just have an opinion. leo, when you see this line-up of joe biden and his problems. what is going on in the country, what do you think is driving the democrats at this point? when you look at it everyone should be panicked. what is going on in the minds of democrats? >> you are right. panic. sports and baseball. joe biden exploited people of color. especially black folk. in atlanta he why would out jim crow. they took major league baseball away from atlanta. move it to a state that doesn't have a large minority population who got hurt? black votes in atlanta. they lost $100-million of economic investment. l now the cleveland indians, woke culture. they changed the name. that doesn't help people of color regarding crime or education or school choice. it's smoke and mirrors.
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that's the woke culture. they do nothing. talk smoke and mirrors and accomplish nothing for people of color. they bamboozle. >> joe, it's fascinating. it's how it is portrayed on television and policies are harming communities of color first. we talk about it. but nobody else seems to be talking about it. what is up with that, do you think? >> you see the evening news. you would think that the sky rocketing crime in cities would be the lead story every night. it has to take a shooting in a rich district of washington, d.c. to get attention. inflation affects everybody.
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it's the price to buy things. or they don't feel safe anymore. >> it's another tax. this inflation is another tax. isn't it their job to let people know, to be informed about what is going on in their communities and affects their lives innf a large sense? >> hold the powerful accountable without fear or favor to party. right now the democrats for power. the house and the senate and the oval office and yet it's silence of the lambs. even now with the indians. the white house press secretary jen psaki said we support the name change. they are so afraid of the woke mob in their own party in the left. if the term indians is so racist, how did it survive for a century? are the chiefs next? if it's see offensive why would hollywood make 3 major motion
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pictures featuring the indians. and the new york jet are next because jet release fuels. >> donald trump came out with a message saying he was -- people should be proud of the ho >> people should be proud of a baseball team, they found that a small group of people there it's people of color and crime in the names of teams. why do you think they are willing to go with the small group of people to make decisions of funding all of the
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rest of us. >> i give them an a+ on how >> good question, tammy. that small extreme group, i give them an a -plus on how they manipulate the media. they use social media to shakedown corporations. they went to the sharpton school of shaking down. go back to the atlanta braves. it doesn't reduce crime or improves schools. joe hit it on perfectly. the washington, d.c. police chief those were crocodile tears. he only walked the street because it was a rich part of the neighborhood. as a black man and an american, the democrat party don't care about people of california. today in washington, d.c. the police chief tried to make peace and not in the area where the crime is rampant in minority areas. m it's a shame.
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>> we see that everywhere. not just d.c. but chicago as that's where the media is comfortable going. that's where the media offices are. it's in the little areas. if it effects them it's bigger news. is that rough or accurate? >> no, it's like the weather. when snow hits new york city, the people in colorado are why are you so upset. going back to cleveland. an nbc affiliate in cleveland did a poll on what fans wanted the new name to be. most fans didn't care about the indians. they loved it very, very much and didn't want it to go. they felt the cleveland spiders was the fan favorite because there was a team called the spiders. my team was the clevelandd rockers with the rock 'n roll hall-of-fame.
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guardians finished a distant third ahead of a team called the cleveland baseball team. the women's soccer team kneeling at the olympics. a baseball game moves out of georgia over a lie. >> thank you very much for being here. these demonstrations and social virtue signaling that does nothing to improve people's lives. it's theatre and everything else that we need to change to work like quality and fairness is out the window. thank you very much for joining me. tonight whoever is in charge at the biden white house announced plans to coordinate with big tech to ban social media accounts accused of spreading covid disinformation.
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the administration's own messaging on covid hasn't been pristine. a few weeks ago joe announced a policy of facts or masks. now that policy could be changing to vaccine and masks. and breaking tonight the biden justice department is dropping its investigation into the covid nursing home outbreak in new york and all other blue states. a tweet earlier today: joining us is laura trump and medical contributors. part of the covid reaction and our fear has been the number of people who have died. then we look at some of the experiences and the numbers and
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we wonder what numbers are right. we know in new york at least, t 15,000 people questionable deaths. people who did not have to die. the ultimate investigation we need to have. as a doctor and american woman, what is your take on the doj saying we will drop those cases? >> it's really heart breaking. especially being here based in new york city. i have taken care of thousands of covid patients. if someone dies and we don't know the clear cause you need au investigation. if someone dies because of bad behavior or inappropriate protocols or poor policy that needs to be investigated. otherwise it will continue in the future. a full proper investigation is absolutely warranted. out of all of the deaths in new york city it could have been cut in half without those deaths in the nursing home. we knew this virus can spread easily from person-to-person. we knew there was not proper protocols in the nursing homes.
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we allowed that to happen and that needs to be investigateed to prevent further unnecessary deaths. >> this comes down to despite us wishing the things that happened in the country is what is best for americans, the fact of the matter is that politics are involved. these are deliberate decisions that you want justice or you don't. that people responsible for these kinds of deaths, it's overwhelming but we are looking away again. what does that tell you about the biden administration? >> well, it's interesting. the person at the top here inn new york is a democrat andrew cuomo. obviously there will be no repercussions for what happens. there is a 2-tiered system of justice. we saw it happen with president trump and happen with our family and hunter biden has committed multiple crimes and he will
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never be charged for those because there is a 2 tiered system of justice. what i think is really concerning is that these decisions that are being made, you are right, have nothing to do with what is best for the future of america. isn't it interesting we are about a year away right now from what will be an incredibly important mid-term election. they are talking about delta variant and maybe we need to mask up again. maybe we live in place the laws illegally changed to sway the 2020 election. just leave those on the plate. we might have another wave of covid coming.he i think people are frustrated. feels like that instead of people caring about what is best for us as americans, let us go to work and keep small businesses open and have a choice as to whether we get vaccinated.nd it's all about
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>> it is. doctor, for medical professionals you have to focus on healing people. we don't want ourselves or our children to get sick. there is something that happens when you realize maybe you are being nullityed. -- manipulated. you think about our relationships with our doctor. you can get vaccinated and don't wear the masks. now they think you need masks again. we know what the numbers are. we have almost herd immunity. we know did delta and we don't see more deaths. >> i never thought we would see the say when we would see the
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politicization of the human immune system. it's good to have multiple points of view in science and medicine. we had that until lately. i disagreed on the biden administration on almost every aspect of the covid strategy. focussing on first doses and ignoring natural immunity and closing schools and requiring kids to wear masks outdoors, pulling the j&j vaccine and putting it back on the shelf 2 weeks later. on putting out unreliable data by the cdc. it's important in medicine to have multiple points of view and not cancel out those that defer from the political agenda. >> isn't that part of theie scientific process? you have different ideas. you look for answers and see what works. then you come to conclusions.
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we see ranging from dr. fauci on down that there is a flip flop based on what seems to want to be accomplished politically. the doctor noted pulling johnson & johnson. doesn't that alone start to bring up questions for people? that was a hard thing for people to watch. that a vaccine was pulled off even just for a couple of weeks. >> yes. the doctor is right. we have to look at the big picture. more importantly consistency. we need consistency. otherwise we will see a lack of compliance and organizations will lose their credibility. it's important to look at the big picture.
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the cdc says if you are vaccinated you don't need to wear your masks. we can't change data. if you are vaccinate asked there is a low level of covid in your community, high vaccination rates you don't need to wear a mask. if you for an area with an outbreak and nobody is vaccinated. use common sense and protect yourself and get vaccinated and wear a mask. >> that's it.>> when we think about politics, the point of view about letting people make decisions on their own versus the tendency -- it seems the government is testing out controlling every aspect of our lives. is that too much or do you think that's what's going on here? >> that's the definition of socialism. when you want to socialize a country, one of the ways you do is to see how compliant people will be and how far you can push them. if they think they will shut this country back down millions of americans won't buy it. we felt like we did everything
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we were required to do in the beginning. we were happy to do. that now you have so many americans vaccinated. i am not a medical doctor, but it makes sense if i am vaccinated and walked in a room full of people with ragingn covid, i won't go it because i have the vaccine? the problem that people are having is that it doesn't make sense anymore. they will try to control us again and lock us down again and mask us again. i don't think people will go for it. it's close to socialist policies. i don't think people will buy it here in america. >> the hard thing to accept here and it's tragic is we want people to trust the government or the cdc, your own doctor. we have to be able to get back to that dealing with the symptoms of delta that variant and what is going on here.
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we flatten the curve to the very end. thank you very much. it's an important conversation. last night our nation's capitol was rocked by another shooting in front of a popular restauranc on a busy street. but president biden said crime is down. matt schlapp, sean jarrett and greg duffy will weigh in next. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> wel >> welcome back to this "hannity" special. biden's first 6 months. during his town hall earlier this week, president bidenar claimed that crime was down. but one look at the major cities in in country and you will see crime is surging. just last night in our nation's capitol.
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two men were injured in a shooting in front of a popular restaurant on a busy pedestrian street. the washington, d.c. police chief shared this message about raising crime rates today. >> we have situations happening like this in our city, it's been happening for a long time. last year we had 922 people shot in our history. last year. 198 people mergers in our city last year. this should be shocking to the conscience of every person in our city. we can take the political route and all the fluffy stuff but i'f going to give it to you all, where the issues are. ecosystem of the justice system that we have right now is not functioning the way that it should.
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the courts are not open, that's a fact. from 2020, violent criminals, they have not been disposed of. where do you think they are? do you want to take a guess? if they are the community. i'm mad about this, and i hope you are all too, i really do. >> but it's not just washington, d.c. seeing a rise in violent crime. in chicago, expressway shootings are at an all time high. in new york city police are y looking for a gang responsible for 30 robberies across the city. joining us with reaction are matt schlapp, sean duffy and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. when we hear from that d.c. police chief, i would have liked to have had him mention the issue of policy and letting people out. the attitude projected by democrat policies.
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matt, this is about the quality of life in urban areas for people of color that are supposed to be championed by the democrats. why are the democrats doing this to people in color in our great urban american cities? >> this is insane. i wish i had not been right last summer when i said you can't support black lives matter and its number 1 purpose was to defund the cops. this police chief who i fear could get fired for things he said that make sense. he is down 200 officers because of cuts to the budget. the crime wave in chicago and in washington, d.c., 2 of my 5 daughters go to school in this city. most of us avoid the city. you would not think about going to a restaurant.
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it comes down to the symbolic questions: do we back the people bravely putting on the uniform to protect mostly people of color who are the victims of the increase in crime? take these letters off the street and try to find racial harmony. >> you have a police chief seeing what is going on in the streets. they know what is happening and decisions have been made. the biden administration looking at his 6 months here have never addressed this because with the chaos saying this has to end. we stand with the police. this is about the quality of life for everyone. why aren't they doing that?
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>> because they are afraid of the squad. aoc and tlaib and black lives matter. they want to defund the police.b the videos of the police chief in d.c. these shootings happen all of the time and no one cares. but when the violence is supposed to happen in someone else's neighbors and it comes to the rich neighborhoods in washington, d.c. where acosta is having a dinner, now we have a problem. liberals and democrats will look at this policy and go i want to leave in a safe city. defund the police is stupid. we should side with them and not criminals to have peace in american cities. >> in the great american cities which deserve to be saved, when somebody is calling 9-11 and it's a woman of color and there is violence outside of her home. when we talk about defunding the police, those are the people that woman is victimized first. sean is right.
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>> we make our voices heard at the ballot box. the raging crime in urban areas across america, victimizing
11:31 pm
innocent people of all colors, this is political kryptonite for democrats. it's weakening their party. they allowed it to commandeered radical progresses who championed the defund the police movement sending the message to criminals can you do what you want. democrats pretended it wasn't happening. these are just peaceful protests.wh nothing to see here. americans were seeing it and feeling it. they were the innocent victims of the raging out of control crime. they will vent their anger at the ballot box. and democrats will lose control of congress in the next election.
11:32 pm
we are already seeing it happen in local elections.ti >> matt, you can only vote for not a democrat if not a democrat is running. you can only get somebody even here in new york. moderate democrats but republicans have abandoned many of these cities. building it's lost. we can't compete with that message. that's the problem. what is the republican party doing so everyone has an alternative? >> well, what is happening, tammy, are these grassroots champions. it's like the canary in the coal mine when rudy giuliani and riordan won in the '90s. these communities are acted by the crime and the border.
11:33 pm
the politics is terrible. over 90% of americans want more cops and not less cops and want leading voting with i.d. this is a terrible situation for the democrats and it's the only good news about this. >> not one soul wants whats they are selling. it doesn't matter if you are a liberal or a conservative. this is a crime on humanity. the nature of how we are being used by political parties who css some kind of water at cocktail parties and their homes. coming up on this special "hannity," we will tell you why biden's open borders are a bigger disaster than you think and the congress in medicine the
11:34 pm
hawthorne, congressman andy biggs and charlie hurt will be here with more on that. stay tuned. at ♪ ♪ .
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." looking back at president biden's first 6 months and office and one of his biggest failures is at the southern border. migrants are arriving in groups by hundreds and there are unaccompanied children arriving from the middle east and africa. the state of texas is starting
11:39 pm
to arrest single male migrants on state trespassing charges. legislation was introduced to end funding for flights to disperse migrants across the country. congressman, it's a great idea. people hear about this thing about flying these illegal immigrants into the interior oft the country. you hear it. there is no much other news it goes away but it is going on.ut tell me what is in this bill? what are the chances of it getting passed? >> well, i heard the rumors as well. it sounds ridiculous we will have taxpayer funded flights of illegal immigrants to disperse them inside this country.l i went with trump to mcallen texas to see yet border crisis was happening.
11:40 pm
we had a hard time getting a flight back to washington, d.c. i was trying to get back to work for the american people. i boarded and realized there are 50 seats still left open. i don't understand why we had a hard time. a new group came in. all had a large yellow envelope with a big city written on it. a cute young lady and her mother were beside me. i started talking to them and i realized they just came here over the southern border and taxpayer funds are sending them across the i am headed to washington, d.c. to save people money. yet we are wasting money onto illegal immigrants. it's wrong. >> if you could persuade people, this is not something to do. getting democrats to vote with
11:41 pm
you would be difficult. congressman biggs, in addition to the absurdity of flying people into the interior. there is no major covid testing. it's not just covid. zika and measles and scabies and the scary thing it's what we don't know. isn't that right? it's a catastrophe at the border? >> absolutely. w when i was down there. i get down often to the border. i walked into a facility and they were delousing a young child. i have been to ports of entry and on the border, we talked about all of these diseases including the plague. leprosy. there was a skin disorder on one of the persons they never
11:42 pm
identified it but it was eating his skin. we are not testing these people. what happens is if you test positive when the ngo gets you, they put you up in a hotel. that hotel won't be monitored and they are literally walking away.po they are supposed be in quarantine and they walk away. the border patrol is overrun. >> with what texas is doing and i will get to charlie this. what do you think of the idea of arresting individuals on state charges, is there a reason that hasn't been happening like in arizona your state? >> yes, it's really important. in arizona we have been using the drug laws and there is one county prosecutor that have a 100% success rate. by expanding it to trespass and vandalism.
11:43 pm
that's that expands the crimes you can charge people for instead of just drug crimes. what stopped them before is resources. >> that won't end. charlie, as a newspaperman, this is unique. we always had a border issue. unlike this now because of the numbers, where do you think this is headed? w it doesn't seem as though the biden administration has any interest in stopping it?oe they seem to that want to happen. >> well, of course. you can blame this on no one but the biden administraministratio. you are right it has been a problem for decades. trump made strides to curtail the immediate crisis and joe biden in his first day in office, after 6 months we talk about it but most of the media
11:44 pm
doesn't talk about it's easier to forget the fact that joe biden made active decisions on day 1 to undo all of the sensible solution that donald trump put in place to prevent this crisis. stopping 200 people at the border and over half are children. just a year ago the democrats were concerned about these children. they are not now.. the reason those children made that journey is because joe biden undid the sensible policies that stopped the immediate crisis. >> the president of guatemala said that to kamala harris with she was there. congressman, your bill is to not use the taxpayer funds for these flights. president trump shrunk the wage gap. there are hundreds of thousands
11:45 pm
of people coming in willing to work for a lower wage. the wages will go down. what happens here with how much they are paying them? >> absolutely. i don't want to go after business owners. this is the federal's government's we need to stop them at the border. you're absolutely right. people are willing to work forto under minimum wage it defeats the purpose of the minimum wage and makes the american worker obsolete. that's why we are seeing a major job shortage. it seems like the biden administration. this to happen upon they are allowing children to be raped so they can get more voters which is very, very wrong. >> they used to be against it but when they think it might benefit them they look away. thank you very much. more to do.
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coming up as biden projects weakness abroad, american enemies are emboldened. a serious conflict with china is looming. stay right there. ♪ ♪
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." disturbing foreign policy updates. new satellite surveillance revealed a previously undetected nuclear missle range under in china raising concerns about their aggressive posture. those in afghanistan who worked along side u.s. troops fear fors
11:51 pm
their lives after a beheading of one interpreter by the taliban. biden is giving russia greater control of the energy supply after shutting down the keystone pipeline in the united states. some call this a total surround to putin. who was a reaction is ric grenell and former cia station chief dan hoffman. rick, you have seen it all. you have been in the white house when this is unfolding. our enemies got the impression there was a strong president anu they needed to behave. they seem now to be getting the opposite impression. with all that we are seeing.g. the china and the taliban action and the nature of what putin is doing. what is the most alarming to you?
11:52 pm
>> first we should bifurcate what the united states knows. the intelligence community what they know from what we say publicly. this is an important point. i miss the days when president trump would articulate warnings to china. he would be very clear about what they should and should not do. that is the best public reaction to the things that we know privately that china is doing. make no mistake. your intelligence agencies for the united states, they know what china is up to. they have briefed the president. what we are missing from trump to biden is those public warnings for the chinese not to do certain things or the
11:53 pm
penalties that will result or the quick actions that the trump team would put into place. now what we have an administration, joe biden and his team that have literally said that hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation. the intelligence community knows that's not true. and no one is standing up to these lies that keep coming out from the white house. hunter biden's laptop is not russian disinformation but that's what the chinese want us to say publicly. >> mr. hoffman, rick is right. it's not just about warning the chinese publicly. it's about everyone else looking at the theatre and having to use american media to make determinations about what they can get away with. north korea and iran and other bad actors. you can send one message to china privately but it's about how the world will respond to what we are doing and what china is doing. what is the most concerning
11:54 pm
regarding taiwan? china can go get taiwan. russia deciding to use the money and the power they will have from this new pipeline to take the rest of ukraine? they took crimea. what is your take on all of this? >> i think the national security threat with the shortest fuse is out of afghanistan where the taliban was fighting an insurgency and now allowing al-qaeda to stay on their territory. we could have stayed there with troops. the director of cia testified ts the fact that the united states will lack the ability to detect
11:55 pm
threats going forward. that's of great concern to me. the threat is from china. china sees us backing out of afghanistan and sees an opportunity there to increase their leverage. there is no question they have their sights set on taiwan. earlier this month at the anniversary of the chinese o communist party ping said china will re-unify their nation. we need to collect intelligence on warnings of chinese threats to taiwan.ic more than that we need to deter them. we have not done that. >> that's a great point. both of you understand and americans do as well. we are in for hard times. thank you very much. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, everyone, to
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the special edition of "hannity." unfortunately this is all the time we have left. i'm hosting all week long. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thank you for joining us. i want to thank sean and your team for allowing me to do this. sean is back on monday. "the ingraham angle" is up next. this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from new york city. we begin with olympic failure. the focus of tonight's angle. most of you were probably only vaguely aware the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics happened this morning interview. we had a covert will for healthy young athletes leading up to this.


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