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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 23, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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for a robot to deliver me a pack of smokes? this person should not be prosecuted. they should get a medal. >> thanks for almost getting dressed for the segment. tucker carlson is next. cue the kettle drums. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special inside issue edition of "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark stein. tucker will drop by later. tony podesta whose brother was the hillary clinton campaign chair who got hacked because his password was password with a 0,
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he tony podesta doesn't need to be hacked by hostile foreign entities. he is already working for them. the largest manufacturer of telecommunications commitment and the second biggest maker of smart phones. bigger than apple. remember what they told us 20 years ago? china would make the nicknacks and these colors don't return t-shirts and mugs and america would be the knowledge economy. china wound up with the knowledge and it's shipping that knowledge to iran. its business activities are restricted by the u.s. and other governments. not withstanding u.s. government sanctions, they are still respect enough to attract
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democrat players close to joe biden such as tony podesta. i can't go on with this. it's the weekend and the soul needs cleansing. it does a fellow good to raise his eyes from the dank sewer and contemnplate the solid and beauty of fine art at its finest. orch, that orchestra is rehearsing in the next room again. the opera is racked by the news that hunter biden has painted a self-portrait. it shows hunter after he stuck
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his crack pipe in his ear -- sorry. that's van gogh cutting off hisseer. this is hunter. my mistake. here we are. self-portrait by hunter biden. -- hmmm. if you are saying, wait a minute, i stayed at that corner suite at the airport last month. you are missing the point. what makes it a self-portrait of hunter biden if you peer very carefully at the lefthand horizon you can make out jen psaki explaining why this sudden boom in hunter biden art is all strictly on the up and up.
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>> well, this showing you are referencing was previously public. he won't have any conversations related to the selling of art. that will be left to the gallery. we believe this is a really system that allows for hunter biden to work in his profession with appreciate safe guards. he won't discuss. >> wouldn't it be more transparent to just release the names of the buyers so everyone would know how much they paid? >> we don't know who they are. there is no scenario where they could provide that. >> here's how it works. in theory a gallery is what they call if america law a public adomication.
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-- accommodation. anyone can walk in. stunned to discover that the hunter biden exhibition is the only store in new york where everything is so highly priced it falls above the upper limit of the new please feel free to loot and steal without any consequences law. anyone can walk in and look at the paintings. even republicans. if you try to buy them, you would find they have already sold at a private view, which is invitation only, which the artist if they are living which hunter just about is, is expected to attend and mingle with the invitees, lobbyists and generals from the chinese people army and ukraine oligarchs and war loads and other celebrated art collectors. when you are a living artist
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making half a million dollars with artwork you know who your buyers are. that's just how it is with hunter. former obama no fan of this show said hunter biden will meet with buyers from his overpriced art. good grief. who are these perspective buyers. the manhattan art world is abuzz with rumors. mary ping is a famous collector of still lives, bowls of fruit. but she is thinking to switching to biden. the third cousin twice removed from the ukraine assistant of
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energy controls 40 percent of the region's oil but says there is more money in water colors. the super model who works with a similar blow pipe to hunter, sucks in all of the gas in central asia and blows it all the over to germany. and fang-fang the track chinese agent who penetrated a democrat presidential candidate is looking for a landscape to hang on the ceiling. they don't know about art but what they like is a biden family whose main creative energies go into devising news and more artful ways to are bored. this is better than the clinton foundation. under their model a prince had to pay $2 million and sit
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through a speech by chelsea on diarrhea in africa. at least hunter can sell the frame for $12 and use the picture as a scarecrow. rival new york gallery owners are urging to joe biden to seize watching matlock in the white house basement because he could double hunter's prices by offering himself as a surrealist performance artist. dig the qanon theories? joe is taking the mainstream. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm not sure. >> he came up in his esther
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williams bathing cap. chris is a senior editor at federalist. we are always glad to see him. these joe biden diversions obscure the fact he is not a genial old uncle. he is the head of one of the most corrupt families in the country. >> we know that hunter biden is above board. he doesn't do business to sell access to his father with americans. he takes that abroads. go to china and ukraine. he is responsible. when he was ejected from the rock 'n roll hotel in los angeles, he left through the front door unlike jim morrison who went through the second story window. he is not the kind of guy that would make money for something he has no skills at except for hills and helping out with burisma and art. in the art world he is as much
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of a hack as any other modern artist i have ever seen. >> that's true. the entire new york art scene [inaudible]. money that would otherwise be going up someone's noses but this is being used to get to the president of the united states. that's different than the garbage on the walls of mid town gallerys. >> one of the best arguments against capitalism is meeting people when fall for this. usually modern art just rips off people. hunter biden wants to sell
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access to the white house. i understand having a blind spot and being defensive of your family. but to have face-to-face meetings with different people to hand him over huge amounts of money for not very good art. that's corruption. i suspect if one of the trump children did this, the press might be angry about it. >> my old friend conrad black used to joke that canadian art lost 90% of his value the minute you took it out of the country. what will hunter biden's lose in value the day after his dad leaves the white house? >> just like all of his assets, he might be selling it cheaper. it might be moved from the hallway to the bathroom or the saudi yacht. >> thanks, chris. we have just obtained exclusive video from what passes for the
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southern border of the united states. fox's bill is there. bill, what have you got for us? >> just a short time ago a contact with texas dps showed mexican drug cartels are on our side of the video. these are heavily armed human smugglers. high powered rifles with large magazine drums. they are driving around groups of illegal immigrants near ranches in texas, 4 hours from where we for del rio. they order migrants to get out of the vehicle. they are running across the gates and hopping the fence and jumping into a waiting pick-up truck that will take them deeper into the united states. the mexican cartels are making a killing during this border
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surge. the migrants have to pay. startling video to see how heavily armed they are operating right here in texas. the border wall is incomp plete. this video yesterday. part of president trump's wall was going up but as soon as president biden took over that came to a screeching halt. a new report by the senator from oklahoma summarize that it's costing taxpayers up $2 billion to not build this war since january and said we are wasting $3 million every day paying contractors to baby sit steal and concrete in the middle of the desert with no construction. migrants are taking place. look at this video. a massive group of 250 migrants showed up today to be led into
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the united states. they were from around the world. haiti and africa and india. border patrol let everybody in. they shipped them away from the area to processing centers will many will be released with any to appear in court. look at this video. this is a texas state trooper, he will pull over a human smuggler. that smuggler will floor it and take off. that trooper pursues the vehicle and the smuggler foot bails and the immigrants spill out of the vehicle. the trooper chases out the driver but the immigrants got away. >> you said you have seen citizens from 3/4 of the country on the face of the earth there. you have seen any of your fellow
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correspondents from other networks celebrating that diversity at the open border? >> i have not. i know some of the other chance, abc and nbc have been down a couple of times. where we have been no. other than some freelance reporters. >> 150 different kinds of foreigners but not a lot of american television correspondants. in a new episode coming out next week on the tucker carlson originals, we will take you straight to the border. that's called the illegal invasion. you can see it on fox and we will have a preview next week. we told you that the national security agency has been reading tucker's emails.
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the national security agency made a major admission about that. it's different from what they said a couple of weeks ago. that's straight ahead and the one and only tucker will be right here on this inside the issues special in just a moment. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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>> this is a fox news alert. we told you that the national security agency has been monitoring this show and the content of tucker's emails. according to a media outlet the nsa completed its internal review of the matter and admits it unmasked tucker's identity after an intelligence intercept. by law the identities of american citizens are concealed when they are called up during foreign intelligence gathering and only be unmasked in extraordinary circumstances. fox news released this statement: this is unacceptable and raises serious questions about their activities and their original
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denial which was misleading." we are glad to see hami on issues like this. what do you make of the nsa's revision of this story? >> well, mark, thanks for having me. i am not buying it. what they are saying is inconsistent with the facts as tucker as revealed them. for example, tucker said on several nights a source within the government came to him and readout several of tucker's texts and messages. what the government is saying today is that the unmasking occurred regarding third parties talking with one another about tucker carlson. that's inconsistent. there are only a handful of people in the united states government that have the ability to unmask people.
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that was abused at the end of the obama administration 2016 and it's being abused right now. this raises more questions than it answers. we need to be looking at raining in the abuses in the national security community and no american journalist should be surveiled this way. these times of communications must never be leaked to the media. how does that happen? >> and people unconnected with the so-called investigation also had them as well. it looks like we are back to the frenzy of january 2017 on unmasking. a related story. nick cleg was the department prime minister and now the senior executive at facebook and appeared on a podcast with an ex-biden guy andy who prompted
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nick to censor this show. >> i look at tucker carlson. he and his team don't like me. we demoted and labeled a video he and his team posted on the "tucker carlson tonight" facebook page. i remember the report about a teenager's adverse reaction to the vaccine. we labeled that. we didn't remove it. that gets us into a lot of hot water. he is an articulate advocate for his viewpoint and he has ardent supporters and say facebook should not do that. >> it's the culture. >> listen. i am not complaining. it's part of the consequences. we get it on both sides. >> what is your reaction to this
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so-called demoting? >> well, that was very cringe to listen to how awkwardly he answered those questions. scurrying for favor. >> [overlapping talking]. >> yes. >> full retreat. seeking accommodation with the government. successful administrations put pressure on social media companies and they are sensitive to pressure from the government. you have the biden administration calling mark zuckerberg a killer for not suppressing enough. the companies will feel a lot of pressure to do it. we had it not only in the
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vaccine setting but in the election law setting. there is a lawsuit pending against california regarding the election and taking down people from twitter. this is widespread. it is dangerous and barred by the first amendment. i expect more litigation on this issue. >> since you brought up chamberlain. the united kingdom is much diminished. are but would you not think it normal from a guy to go from deputy prime minister to go to work at facebook. does that tell us facebook is bigger than most countries most governments? >> it's been like that for a while. what is concerning is not that it's bigger than most countries, but which countries are the big
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market that the social media companies are seeking to invade? they are interested in dominating the chinese and india market and markets that don't have the respect for free speech that even chamberlain in the u.k. had. this is dangerous. of course the government can tell us what to censor. we will please the government as much as possible. in so doing and falling over themselves, they are putting themselves at risk of losing some of those protections from liability that these companies won with so much lobbying and are afraid of losing. >> yes. that's a very good point. i wish they would lose some of those protections. no good coming for any of us in increasing the power of zuckerberg. thank you very much for joining us tonight. speaking of what she just said. there is no evidence that china
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has far more influence with the big shots around joe biden than anyone realized. and tucker will make a special appearance right here on these airways. rumors about him being fired or here is dead of covid. none of that is true. he will be here in a few minutes. you don't want to miss it. on't . .
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>> welcome back to inside the issues of "tucker carlson tonight." china has more influence in american government than it ever has before. the intelligence agencies to public health. one of the few people who studied the extent of that influence is lee schmidt.
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the author of the permanent coup. tucker just sat down with him for a brand new episode of tucker carlson today. you will like this part of it. >> ♪ ♪ >> what we are looking at is absolutely shocking. if we look at what the biden administration represents, the biden administration is at the head of a large american establishment. it is not just the corporate and political establishment but include the academy. all of these universities that are taking money from the chinese and misreporting the amount of money they are take from the chinese to sell their research off the books. if you look at the culture establishment, the nba and hollywood. but the art world as well.
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the art world has been kept afloat for more than a decade by the chinese consumer market. you look at the auction houses and the different galleries that still exist whether it's in los angeles or in new york. it just cuts across -- it's an enormous streak cutting across the middle of america. what i call the china class. >> tucker: it seems like eluing in some ways, but this is depressing, it sounds like the dynamic between the united states and great britain after the first world war. when great pressure country houses were dismantled and shipped to the united states by some of the richest families in the u.s. americans married off their daughters to the children of
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penniless title holders. the united states took a lot of english culture and shipped it over to the united states. it was an empire feeding on the carcas of a dying empire. >> absolutely. after world war i it's about the growing american aris stockeracy feeding off the corps. the american elite dismantled this country and sold it off for parts. there was no reason for us to lose what is a serious conflict
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between us and china. not a military conflict but an economic one. there was no reason for us to lose it. it's not because they were working for the other side. they were working for their interest. china was a proxy. they would have fed off of anyone. china was the power with a growing consumer market. the difference is the pressure didn't want to selloff the pressure people. but that's what happened to us. -- british. >> so many threats here. why do you think the people in charge of the united states were so quick to sellout their own country? was it purely a profit motive?
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there seems to be some contempt involved. >> right. the globalist ideal and china is the centerpiece of the globalist ideal. you can't make it work without china. when you incorporate ideas like trade is limited by things like borders and things like national sovereignty. then you have people who are contemptious of the country. and the educational system reibforces these different things. -- they have no love nor ofacs of the country. they don't share the loves and hates that the rest of the country shares. once you have that people in the
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leadership class who are openly disdainful of the things that the rest of the country loves. we see how they express their contempt. >> lee smith, the whole interview, you can watch the full show on tucker carlson today by going right now to you won't regret it. amazon has a good selection of goods but jeff bezos has competition from an unlikely source. the homeless of san francisco. our inside the issues special continues straight ahead.
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here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to this it inside the issues special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." seattle's many homeless encampments are setting up their own shopping centers with stolen guns and booze and the city is refusing to do anything about it. jason is the seattle radio host and he on the scene. what are you got for us there, jason? >> mark, covid mandates closed a lot of businesses here. 150 small businesses lost in the downtown court. some economic vitality and now
5:46 pm
a new retail option occupying pride real estate near trendy restaurants with jeans and shirts and luggage. whiskies chicago high west that retails for $70 but goes for around 20 at this business. those are the steal. literally. a busy sidewalk in seattle was taken over by a business serving the homeless community. clothing with tags on them hanging on fences. bottles of booze line the sidewalk. been up since july 5th. the mayor's office knows about this but they have not cleared it. this is not the city supporting small business. this is illegal but the result of a city that allows homeless encampments wherever they want.
5:47 pm
that include homeless people setting up businesses on sidewalk. the city said the pandemic is here. we will justify stopping almost all of the sweeps that we would normally do. these homeless marketplaces have been spreading across parks. you can buy weed and meth and heroin and stolen bikes. in the mark for probably stolen high-owned whiskey, we have a location. >> so, a year and a half of covid and lockdowns the retail sector is booming again if you are a homeless person who steals all of the goods. what a fabulous world! i must come out and see you in seattle sometime. thank you for that. out on the west coast. a new law in california could send understands of millions of dollars of taxpayer money earmarked for covid relief to
5:48 pm
a new diversity and inclusion initiative. we can always use another one of those no matter how many we have. there is always room for one more. kenny wrote an op-ed for the "wall street journal" and the author of an inconvenient minority. he joins us to explain. kenny, these are serious times. we have a pandemic. we have masks and vaccines. yet during this last year and a half, all of this diversity racket seems to have prospered. even with funds that are earmarked for covid relief. >> yes, mark. i talk about it in my book. the price that we pay for diverity and inclusion for the
5:49 pm
taxpayer it's high. biden directed $2 billion for covid relief but that can go to ethic studies because he had a loop hole. you can direct this money that priority black and hispanic students in the name of equity. ethic studies. here are the facts. ethnic studies don't help black and hispanic-americans. causes them to self-stereotype which results in lower performances on tests because they believe they are not racially capable of achieving. these classes are taught in spanish and increases the achievement gap between latino-americans who need to learn english and the rest of
5:50 pm
america. 140 million dollars was spent in the name of equity and 4 years of that spending achieved nothing for black and hispanic students. i am fighting it with my book and my group. >> it's a fascinating book. you are quite right. it's a racket. it's disturbing that so many otherwise apparently sane people do not see what a racket it is. thanks for laying that out for people this evening. one of the leading causes of juvenile crime is rarely ever mentioned but one researcher took an honest look at the he
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joins, next on "tucker carlson tonight." claire
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>> welcome back to the inside the issues special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." according to the sen censorshipus bureau, 1 in 4 children live without a father. the "new york times" argues that black children need fathers less than children in other families. in other words, white kids may need fathers and hispanic kids
5:57 pm
may need fathers but black kids don't. is this serious? >> mark, it was strikeing to me this study is based on research that suggests some education outcomes having two parents is less important for black children. looking at a wider range of outcomes what you see is the value of the 2 parent family is strong for kids across racial lines. we find in our research that poverty is 3 times higher for both black and high kids raised outside of intact homes and incarceration twice as high for kids. we see similar stories. but this harvard op-ed was designed to minimize the importance of a 2 parent family for black kids unfortunately.
5:58 pm
>> is race less relevant to this? white rural america lives in the same dysfunction urban arrangements as urban black families do. >> one striking thing we see studying the family in america, class is more important than race as your comments just indicated. we see in this research that white house kids are coming from nonintact families and do worse than black kids from intact families when it comes to graduating from college. we have lost the appreciation that what happens in our families matters for our kids. it matters more than things that occupy our public conversation today. >> just to pick up on that class
5:59 pm
point, the elites in our society tell us that any domestic arrangement now can be a family. they are all equally valid. when you look at the upper class in the united states, they don't practice what they preach. they are more cut off. functioning families inter-marrying like grand dukes from a couple of centuries back. >> it's interesting. we did a survey in california. we asked california adults their views on family diversity and their expectations about having kids. we found in this survey that college educated californians were more likely to embrace family diversity in theory but they want their kids in marriage and be more stably married than other californias.
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>> that's an interesting place in which to leave. thank you. that's about it for us tonight. you can watch a brand new episode of tucker carlson today on we will be back monday. have a great weekend. >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity." biden's first 6 months. i am tammy bruce. we will review joe biden's performance in office. things are not going well. rising inflation and terrible unemployment numbers and perplexing covid policies and america's enemies are feeling


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