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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 23, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. >> that's the chilling audio of gun fire in our nation's capitol. police say two people were shot and wounded in a crowded d.c. neighborhood. look at these images. two fox news producers were near the shooting having dinner and captured this video of fellow diners ducking for cover in the chaos, this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno.
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here's kayleigh mcenany and host of parked on fox nation, abby hornacek and raymond arroyo. these two suspects taking off from the scene of last night's shooting. witnesses say it was like a war zone. this happened in a popular area with tourists and diners just over a mile from the white house. bystanders forced to run or take cover. you can see the terrifying moments inside the restaurant. the shooting happening less than a week after gun fire rocked a washington national's baseball game. thousands of fans fleeing for safety after three people were shot and wounded outside the park. this all comes amid rising crime in cities around the country. shocking video of an attack in new york city last night. police say four attackers
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bludgeoned a 60-year-old woman with a kitchen pot robbing her of her walker and purse. in chicago, 22 people have been shot the past 48 hours. among the victims, a 15-year-old boy that was shot and killed wednesday night. the victim's mother mourning and saying she's visually impaired and dependent on her son for help. i start with you on this. whatever pain i feel reading these statistics pale in comparison to the heartbreak of these families that continue to see their loved ones murdered and ravaged on the streets around the country. >> i mean, you're on your own is basically the message that we're seeing across the country. and it's a sad, pathetic abandonment of leadership in mayor's offices and in d.a.'s offices in terms of prosecution.
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so police even feel like they -- the police that are left and we know hundreds and hundreds have retired for a number of reasons after the death of george floyd, they felt like they were not supported in their communities and basically have their back turned on them and they wouldn't be prosecuted or let out on the streets the next day. i want to take a quick look at a comment that was made by lori lightfoot yesterday, the mayor of chicago. she said we can't arrest our way out of this problem, of the problem of violence. what she suggests is more investments in human capital and infrastructure. she said we need to empower our residents to hold the territory under their feet. then she added "with our help." that's a relief. the job before us in the cities that we love around the country is do your best to hold the territory under your feet while we let criminals run rampant all
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over the cities and disturb people going about their lives. how about little 6-year-old naya courtney that lost her life in washington d.c.? just one footnote, one last mention here. a free cuba sign painted on the road in d.c. it was unauthorized. they did not receive permission to paint this sign. that was erased in front of the cuban embassy. we know the black lives matter similar paint in front of -- near the white house is an authorized one. it's just -- put your thoughts through that process a little bit about what's going on and why that would be something that would be even on the list with what's going on in washington d.c. >> painting such a picture of abdication of duty.
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mayor bowser has tripled the spenting in washington d.c. this reflecting her push to call this appalling sky rocketing of crime there a public health challenge. >> look, emily, there were more than 100 homicides in washington d.c. just this year. this is the story sadly of all of our cities. i live in new orleans. we've had a 51% jump in the number of shootings. why is that happening? when you have an effort by politicians to demonize and defund the police, they're waiting for the next video of them and then they'll be prosecuted. i know a number of these guys that have left the force, left the new orleans police department, left the washington police department. what you're seeing here, the trade-off is okay, you're virtue signalling and saying we should have more social outreach.
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you're trying cops off the force and our babies are being killed every night. in chicago, just last week, 61 people shot. this can't go on. it's up to i think the citizenry to stand up to these mayors and say we're tired of the virtue signalling. you have millions of dollars. use it to put cops on the beat, put cops in those places so that these young people, these young criminals that feel they can just shoot each other with abandon on our streets. i love everybody is disturbed by this because it hit a big restaurant in d.c. where i've eaten dinner many times. but this is every day in detroit, in chicago, los angeles, new orleans, atlanta. we have to apprehend this problem. the only way to do it is to embrace our police, sure, let's create parameters for them so that they respect everybody. at the same time, we need to respect them.
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so they help do their job. officials have to allow them to do their job and implement these silly policies like you can't pursue anybody except if they engage in a crime. ridiculous. >> emily: that's right. support them and support them publicly in addition to allow them to do their jobs. you mentioned the babies being killed. in chicago, they called it an extension of our children that is happening before our eyes. abby, welcome to the show. so grateful to have you here with us. what are your thoughts? >> first of all, thanks for letting me join. i want to pick up on something that raymond said about the policy. the main reason this is happening is because these criminals think they can get away with crimes like this. they're looking across the other democrat-run cities and they're looking at places like san francisco that has no cash bail. you know, half of the people that are released from jail
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before trial don't end up showing up for their court date. 55% of whom are committing another crime before being rearrested before -- while they're freed. then you have places like california where they passed prop 47. you can steal anything up to $950 and get a slap on the rest and call it a misdemeanor. the tragic thing that happened in st. louis where three murder suspects were released in a matter of one week. you know, the mom is pleading for help. we're seeing police retire in un-godly numbers. it's a scary thing. i don't have kids but i know when i was raised, we were raised with structure. unfortunately not everyone has the same morals and values across the board. so we need law and order. otherwise people will walk out of the t.j. maxx holding heaps of clothes and walking out, not even running out. something needs to be fixed. it has to do with the defund the
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police movement and also the fact that we can see other criminals get away with things like we saw in d.c. >> emily: that's right. martha, so abby mentions the legislature, for example, just one link in the whole chain in the criminal justice season and in our societal justice system that exists for a reason. when d.a.s are not doing their job, not prosecuting the crimes, that's a big hole that we're experiencing now. the system exists so defense attorneys can represent the defendants and ensure justice for them, be advocates for them. if the d.a.s are not representing the victims and the states, the entire thing falls apart. >> yeah, we've seen gaskon, the a.g. in los angeles. a likely incoming in new york that feels this way. one in austin as well that basically has put out a list of unprosecutable crimes. jumping turnstiles, resisting a wrist, low level drug offenses are on that list. it puts the police officers in a
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tough spot. they're not -- they're going to kind of stand back when they watch these things happen because it's not worth the hassle and they may get hurt because the criminals are clearly so emboldened that -- that t.j. maxx thing is unbelievable. fill up bags and walk out. everybody is standing back. just the other day, someone was killed because they tried to stop someone shoplifting. so you know, you're on your own is the message. i'll close where i started. that is a scary message in the united states of america. >> emily: that's right. kayleigh, our commander-in-chief mind-blowingly continues to maintain that crime is down. >> haleigh: yeah, that's right. during his town hall, he had the audacity to say, look, homicides may be up, but we know crime is down. anyone that pays attention knows that crime is down. really? that's going to be your talking point when you have a princeton
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socialologist saying last year was the most violent year of the 21st century? we saw car thefts up, aggravated assaults and continuing the trend this year. property crime might have come down. property crime probably because the businesses were closed. but the white house message is hey, you might be less likely to get pick pocketed but more likely to get murdered. that is the talking point. major crime is number 1. so the head in the sand approach, every few weeks we'll pin it on guns. this is the death nail of the democrats in 2022. mark my words we'll talk about this in november. >> i hope you're right, kayleigh and i hope the tide turns. right now 2022 is far away. next, despite growing ethics
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9:17 am
defend hunter biden's plans to sell art. saying the buyers will be anonymous so no problem here. president obama's former ethics chief accused the administration of more secretive than transparent. he says president biden has a blind spot on this. hunter's art pieces are reportedly expected to net $75,000 and $500,000. wow. starting with you, abby. the white house tells us there's no conversations about hunter biden's art. no undue influence except they left out that he's attending two art shows in los angeles and new york where he will meet the buyers. >> abby: first of all, raymond said he will pay $500,000 for one of those paintings. no, just kidding. look, here's my thoughts.
9:18 am
supposedly my understanding is they're keeping the buyers anonymous. wouldn't you want to know the buyers? maybe not president biden or jen psaki but at least an individual task force so you can pinpoint who is trying to infiltrate or who is trying to influence the administration. here's something that jen psaki said. look, he has as much of a right to pursue an artistic career as any other president's child has the right to pursue his or her own career. but this isn't just any child. he's had dealings with china, ukraine, he's under a federal tax investigation. this isn't some innocent little boy trying to sell his high school artwork to benefit the local food bank, this is a guy who has a laptop with a lot of evidence on it. should be treated as such. >> martha: yeah, hunter biden may be the only grown man to be
9:19 am
known described as a child. here we are. martha, they say there's no conversations about art. we know hunter is meeting the buyers but will have no conversations about art. remind me of them saying joe biden had no conversations with hunter's business partners except we know he went to a dinner and an e-mail from hunter saying dad will be there but keep that between us for now. >> martha: yeah, maybe the president doesn't have a blind spot for his son. i can't figure out why he picks high profile jobs to make money. a lot of things that he could do that would be under the radar. i can't help but think that he's very lucky because he's overpaid for his experience level and and energy level in burisma. now these numbers are astronomical for anybody in the art world for anybody having their first show. my thought would be the way they should have done it was that
9:20 am
nobody would know who painted them. not nobody would know who is buying them. but what would these paintings be going for if anybody knew who painted them? why don't they say hunter, we love the fact you want to paint but you can't put your name on them. go for it. put them in the market and see how you do. see if you're talent rises to the top and people want to pay for them under the name of tom smith. go for it. that's the way to do it. wouldn't it be interested to know how much these paintings got in that environment. >> martha: yes. if they were under a pen name. we have a sound bite from wanter schwab. he mentioned that. let's play that clip. >> can you find any one other than a president's son that showed up and started selling for the cost of 1 1/2 horses for profiting off the presidency? if he did it under a pen name, he wouldn't get much for it.
9:21 am
>> haleigh: emily, the cost of 1 1/2 houses for a new pointer. >> emily: i venture a guess it would be less than $500,000. hunter's art endeavor is a farce, slightly less than a farce of the white house maintaining that they're not an influence. that's why it's ripe with money laundering and corruption and why there was a bipartisan senate investigation into the industry last year. in that investigation, they determined that what sort of weak policies are in place against laundering they called "lacks and easy to circumvent." >> haleigh: great points about the art world. raymond, you hit the streets. you thought of what people thought of hunter's paintings. roll the tape.
9:22 am
>> this is a piece of art. would you pay $75,000 to $500,000 for this art? >> absolutely not. >> seems like blah. doesn't do anything for me. >> 500? >> $500,000. >> oh, god. wow. >> i wouldn't. >> you wouldn't? why not? >> i guess it's not my taste in artwork, i guess. >> doesn't seem like they put in a lot of time. >> i think $75,000 could go to something much more useful. >> you think this -- >> my mom could make that. >> haleigh: raymond, you hit the market in real time. >> raymond: emily raises an important point. the art gallery is setting the prices to $75,000 to $500,000 apiece, this is a grip. the gallery gets 50% of the asking price.
9:23 am
that's how it breaks down in the art world. so the very idea that they, the gallery, is suddenly the fire wall of ethics for the white house is ridiculous. pardon me but is there a rush on children president's artwork? are people breaking down the door for patty davis' water colors or chelsea clinton's pinker prints? if this guy was out of office, he would get $5. looks like something the cat did after eating too much coffee. >> haleigh: might be nice to be hunter biden. the international olympic committee pulling a 180 on taking a knee. how woke will the olympics get?
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♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america. >> emily: the tokyo olympics kicked off after a year-long
9:28 am
delay from covid and now they're backing down on athlete protests. the ioc had a social media blackout like the u.s. soccer team taking a knee. now they says they will share the pics like any others. the ioc bans protest on the medal stand. by dena asher smith says they should be able to do what you want. protesting is a human right. how on earth are you going to enforce this? abby, i think the answer here, however, is medal stripping, taking off the team. there's a lot of things that the olympic committee can do to deter these athletes from breaking their rules. if they do break them, there's stated consequences. >> abby: absolutely. the end of the day, the ioc does run the rules.
9:29 am
so i was thinking back. i was in the shower thinking about what i would do if i was on the u.s. women's national soccer team. if someone did choose to stand, are they considered protesting? they're protesting against the other people protesting? it's very confusing. i was thinking, if i chose to stand, which i would, i would tell the media instead of kneeling against something, i'm standing up for something. i'm standing up nor the freedom of speech that we get because military members went overseas, lost their lives. some people can't even stand for the flag. i'm standing for those people. there's a reason why when you grow up, stand up for your rights. you can stand up for what you believe in and make that happen and on an international scale, you have people from all over the world watching you. the reality is we have those rights because we do have freedom of speech. so it's true. i'm glad that they're keeping this off the podium. at the end of the day, it's about your country, should show
9:30 am
unity and sports historically have shown that they bring people together. you have george bush throwing out the first pitch after 9-11. extremely powerful. instead of focusing on the negative, we're focusing on the positive. you have the national anthem that brings people together before a sporting event no matter what team or country you're rooming for. this is what should be focused on rather than the negative. >> emily: that's right. raymond, abby mentioned standing for something. traditionally these games, that's the point. they're supposed to be unifying as a country and as a globe on the stand of fair sport or on the field of fair sport and fair competition. so now it's interesting because i didn't even know that the opening games were this morning. i thought was following this. right? it's been eclipsed by these stories. >> raymond: the international olympics committee did a great disservice by changing the rules. you can protest before the game but not during the ceremonies but not when they award the
9:31 am
medals. okay. look. originally they said we're banning all of these images of people kneeling because they didn't want to get more protest. now they reversed that and posting the images this is like a high school posting images of the kid graffitiing the bathroom. this is about sport and people that trained their whole lives to compete with the world. the olympic committee should keep the focus on that. they are dividing people by allowing these occasional and sporadic protests and then allowing these grandstanding athletes, god bless them, from using this moment to reinforce their brand and virtual signal. so they can get more money for these endorsements. that's what is beneath this. it's not about the sport. it's what is around the spot and how much money can be made after
9:32 am
ward. i get the feeling the protests are about that. they shouldn't have changed the rules. >> emily: martha, there's stands being taken by the athletes in the sexualization. the german gymnasts we're unitards. a norwegian woman's hand ball team was fined for improper clothes because they wore shirts instead of bikini bottoms. >> yeah, i'm so confused. i can't figure out what's going on here. i wonder why people started doing track and field in like underwear and bikinis several years back when this trend began. now you have these women that you're looking at here that wore shorts so they look perfect for hand ball. they look perfect for the sport that they play. and then they were fined because they weren't wearing the
9:33 am
bikinis? we live this in environment that it seems like the left -- the tinier clothing that you can wear is lauded in magazines. some women say i'd rather be more covered up and they get in trouble. it's crazy. one phrase in this whole story that made sense by one of the leadership folks in athletics in the olympics. they said it should be free choice in a standard frame work. so clearly there's an adult in the room. that makes sense. you can't wear like whatever. like a chicken suit or a whatever. but once again, it's like -- the people that want to be modest are getting in trouble for doing that and the people that wear the bikinis, i'm not sure whatever. it's crazy.i also think there's so much focus on individual athletes, the prior topic for a moment. makes me sad. i agree with the ioc.
9:34 am
they made their stance and should have stuck with it. they're saying we're not going to post the pictures of the protests. god knows they'll post them. reporters are covering the game. it takes the focus off of the athletics, the teamwork and the people that work so hard to be there. >> emily: that chicken suit obstacle course sounds like college to me. took me back. >> martha: that's the frame work for that event. >> emily: kayleigh what are your thoughts? >> haleigh: this one athlete said it's her fundamental right to protest. guess what? she lives in a country that recognizes it is a right to protest. we have the first amendment which recognizes that. the irony of her targeting that country that recognizes her fundamental human rights, the united states of america when countries like china, they did anthem protests a few years ago. they put you in jail for 15 days. so instead of focusing on our country with our constitution and our flag, focus on china,
9:35 am
russia. you don't understand human rights if you put the onus on the united states. >> emily: it's so interesting. as the stakes rise, which you can say the olympics is the highest out there, wouldn't it be that you'd be compliant as possible? you go out there and medal. after that, everyone will be listening to what you have to say. that's when you have a message. it interests me that athletes are throwing that away when they're so close. straight ahead, one nfl star questioning his future in the game after the league comes down hard on unvaccinated players. the new pandemic rules and whether they amount to a vaccine mandate next. ♪♪ veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank. >> emily: the nfl is drawing a line in the stand to get more players vaccinated.
9:40 am
the league says they won't extend the season over unvaccinated players. if a game is not rescheduled, the team with the outbreak may have to forfeit. that means neither team gets paid. the team responsible will cover any financial losses and could phase disciplinary action. the "new york post" sums it up with this headline. "nfl vax or lose." that says it all. >> raymond: i spoke to an nfl player. there's a lot of unhappiness in locker rooms over this and they go back to training camp. a lot of african american players are saying i don't want this vaccine. whether they're cultural blockades there or whether it's a deeply held belief, that should be up to them. to deny a whole team -- because remember, the rule is if you're unvaccinated and covid spreads, you not only forfeit the game
9:41 am
but you lose your seed playoff space. the whole team suffers. players are talking about this. i think it's very complicated. the nfl has to backtrack on this. this is a draconian measure and they did not consult with the players. >> emily: kayleigh? >> haleigh: yeah, i don't believe in mandates by companies, by the government. i believe in personal choice. i have given the reasons why my personal choice was to get vaccinated. i believe the vaccine created by president trump saved a lot of lives and i feel confident being around the elderly now. the bottom line is this is punitive. it's between you and your doctor. when an employer gets involved like this, threatens to punish, lose games, take away pay, it's over the line. most americans would agree with that. >> emily: abby, raymond brings up a great points. where is the nflpa on this? this is a heavily unionized league here. so it's interesting that as he
9:42 am
put it, this draconian measure even passed. >> abby: yeah, we'll see more players come out against this. they are very powerful organization. they're the voice for the players. kayleigh said it best. this is about less of a fight of getting vaccinated and more of a fight of choosing. i bring up deandre hopkins. he said, you know, he's questioning his future in the nfl after this policy. he cited in another tweet that because his girlfriend's brother suffered heart issues after getting the vaccine. that is yet to be proven as i'm sure more investigation into that. but you can't necessarily punish players for making the choice to do this. it puts everyone in a bad position, especially when you can be responsible for neither team getting paid. it's like going to practice, being late and make everybody else run sprints and having to watch them. it's a tough situation.
9:43 am
>> raymond: what if a vaccinated player is responsible for the spread? we've seen the delta variant move around on vaccinated. is the nfl epidemiologists? this is tough. >> emily: it's whether or not they test positive. to the point that abby brought up. the forfeiture and nonpayment clause is from old rules so we're including old rules and fit it in to the situation on covid and the new policy that they have. what a mess to say the least. >> martha: what a mess. it's this way with companies, schools, universities, sports teams. this is the issue for the fall. some people have reasons for not wanting it. the other thing is, they should be doing anti-body testing. if you can prove the anti-bodies to the virus, should be the equivalent of getting the vaccine. this is based on doctors that i have spoken with that make a
9:44 am
very good argument for this. that should be an option for these players. >> emily: i'll be curious to see if this spreads to other leagues. no pun intended. >> raymond: be careful. >> emily: with more and more companies telling people to get back to the office what are you going to do when you get the call? if you're thinking about checking the want ads, you're not alone. ♪♪ limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> washington d.c. police holding a press conference after a shooting in a popular restaurant in the nation's capitol. and senator tom cotton joining us. and is joe biden's education department "as far left as they come?" betsy devos says so. chris rufo is here on that. i'm john roberts. jacqui heinrich will be here. see you for "america reports." >> haleigh: almost 18 months in the pandemic, a new survey suggests that a lot of people don't want to give up working from home. according to the university of chicago, when more than 2,300 people were asked how they deal with being told to return to the
9:49 am
office full time, four in ten said they were follow the command but also start looking for a job that would let them work remotely once or twice a week. another 6% said they would call it quits instead of returning. raymond, i was speaking to someone recently that said i commute 75 miles in and out of work. in that case, that's a lot of wasted time commuting when you can be working. >> raymond: depends on the job. when you come back to new york as we have, when you see so many coffee shops closed, so many lunch places, this has an impact on the economy far beyond the office place. i also think it's important. abby and i are separated by a curtain. it's great to see everybody again, to interact. we need the interaction. we need the accountability in the workplace. it's a good thing to have others watch you, that interaction, the
9:50 am
creativity being in person. people need to get back to work. if you can commute and stay at home several days a week, fine. but for the larger economy, nor the well-being of us, the social interaction, it's important. the 42% should get back to work. >> haleigh: agreed. martha, i think the key is flexibility. there's already a dirth of child care in this country. women have been impacted returning to work. they've not been returning back. so a little flexibility would help the working moms out there. >> martha: look, i think a little flexibility is a great thing. it has to be on a case-by-case basis. has to be a good reason for it. if someone lives too far from work, they might consider moving closer to their job. that's what happened a long time ago. people changed their lives for their careers many times. i'm a big believener working in the office. i've had the opportunity to work remote as well, which has been great, but i was so -- i was
9:51 am
back like over a year ago. i believe that people need to see each other's faces. it's especially good for younger employees that need to be in the room, listen to the conversation, why are we doing this story, that story. this is how you learn in a profession by being in the room. i think it's something that especially with younger folks they really need to get back to the office, they need to learn, they need to train that way. it's certainly nice to have the convenience, to have that occasional remote option, which we all like to take advantage of and also helps us to be in a number of places at once. overall, best for the country, best for the economy. >> raymond: best for t.v., too. >> haleigh: agreed on that. martha, in the media, you worked around the clock. i was at the white house. we had to show up every day. abby, more than that, the essential workers that are meat packers, emts, in our hospitals, they never stopped working.
9:52 am
they didn't have that option. >> abby: no, they made the sacrifices we didn't have to make. you do get something invaluable by making sure you're up on top, allowing time to get to work, get on the train, whatever it may be. it's much more difficult than rolling out of bed, flipping on your skype or zoom. you learn things like being on time and just like you said, the face to face conversations, the fact that i see raymond in person. i read this except from the national library. what i did understand, higher levels of serotonin may help promote social interactions by decreasing aggression and increaing dominance. less fights on airplanes. not trying to solve the problems but we might be on to something here. >> raymond: i'm already feeling less aggressive. >> abby: me too. >> haleigh: be back with you soon. coming up, an amusement park
9:53 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a day at the amusement park going viral. 13-year-old kylie homan was taking a spin on the spring top ride at a jersey shore amusement park when i see gold flew into her face. i can't wait to see this video, good for her. they talked about their close encounter on fox & friends this morning. >> once they shot us up, i saw it, and it was going the opposite direction, and turned around and came into me. >> my eyes were closed the whole time. and when she shined it on me.
9:58 am
i told her. >> emily, she is safe and totally ordinary as people just hit me in the face and pull it off. that was impressive. >> emily: everything about that was so funny to me. i feel like it is a cartoon where the girl is screaming in the siegel's screaming, the whole thing i'm sure from the animal's point of view he was just as terrified and revolted. >> martha: the scariest thing is that she said it turned around and aimed back for her, the birds, what is going on, that does not make any sense. it is terrifying. >> kayleigh: pretty strategic said i didn't want to fall off the right, so then i grabbed it and threw it off. it was very methodical. >> emily: i was so impressed, she was so calm. just trying to give her a hug. >> kayleigh: a nice little hug around the neck. >> emily: with the seagull, that was 75 miles per hour on
9:59 am
the slingshot ride, she is okay and has a great story to tell, very strategic. >> kayleigh: bremen, people were concerned that she was okay and the seagull was okay. >> raymond: i've had it up to here with the story. the girl is invading the bird space, not the other way around unless she took the effort, i could not care less. i'm tired of looking at her. i love the bird. leave the bird alone. >> kayleigh: it should be a new ride. a whole bunch of birds. >> raymond: this is a whole new idea. >> kayleigh: that would be quite a show, abby, you have seen some crazy things on your show on fox nation. >> abby: i have, and none of them involve birds, thank goodness, i don't know if i wanted to go viral, but again with the beach bomb, just both incredible experience i could ever have, and happy to report
10:00 am
that there were no birds involved. it sounded like a bird. i felt like i could fly for a second. >> kayleigh: well, i think the moral of the story is that people are very brave, stay away from the seagull, but they could find you on the roller coaster. thanks to everyone, have a great weekend, now here is "america reports." hi. >> john: makes messaging on mask guidance from the white house as covid cases and hospitalizations rise across the country. jen psaki said to brief reporters in a moment and we will be waiting for an update. are we headed back to mask mandates around the country. marty makary coming back and just moments. >> sandra: tom cotton on questions in china and covid, inflation fears and christopher rufo who has been tracking the critical race theory debate since day one. >> john: first on this friday afternoon, chaos in the nation's capital after gunfire erupts at a busy well-known street. less than 2 miles


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