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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 23, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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their income located issues and explain them in a very simple way. he will help us understand the why as to bezos and musk and branson and all these people paying a lot of money to go to space. check it out, he's fantastic. spotify, itunes, fox news radio, we've got it. speech he will listen and have a great weekend. thanks for watching. "the faulkner focus" is next. >> bill: bye-bye. >> dagen: this fox news alert, a brazen shooting in our nation's capital. this is "the faulkner focus," i am dagen mcdowell in for harris. chaos in washington as gunfire erupted in a crowded tourist area near both the white house and the capital, suspects are seen taking off on foot, two people are shot and injured, witnesses say they heard as many
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as 20 gunshots, check out this exclusive video, two fox news producers were in a nearby restaurant when the shooting broke out and capture these images of fellow diners ducking for cover, packing into a corner for safety. clearly upset. the d.c. police chief says enough is enough. >> this really kind of speaks to the brazenness of some of the criminals in our community, this is unacceptable, that's the bottom line. we will find the individuals, we will hold them accountable. that's what we have to do as an entire city but when it comes to people who are not afraid to use guns in our community there has to be a measure of accountability and we have to make sure these individuals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> dagen: this erupting just days after fans were forced to flee the washington nationals game after four people were shot outside the park and earlier in d.c., a 6-year-old was killed in
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a drive-by shooting. lucas tomlinson's live in washington my last night's shooting happened. lucas? >> just last month, d.c.'s mayor wanted to spend less on police but now many people here in the nation's capital are asking where are the police? this is what it sounded like here on 14th street last night. [gunshots] witnesses described a war zone here last night, two men were wounded when 20-30 shots rang out at 8:20:00 p.m. next to packed restaurants, many people dining on the street. d.c. police described the suspect as a black male, two men were seen fleeing the crime scene and hopping into the getaway car. d.c. mayor muriel bowser spoke to reporters last night. >> i am outraged and the community should be outraged. what we saw tonight and unfortunately what we saw over the last several days is an
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illegal firearm brazenly used on d.c. streets. >> d.c. recently crossed the 100 homicide mark earlier this month, the earliest d.c. has crossed that threshold in 18 years. there are many more homicides since july 10, to carjackings are up 74% in d.c. this year compared to last year, the shooting on 14th street comes days after a shooting at national park sends fans rushing to the exits and less than a week after a 6-year-old was shot and killed by a stray bullet not far from the ballpark. a man who witnessed the shooting describes the scene. >> we knew this was real and it wasn't firecrackers at that point. >> the suspect in that shooting, the national park and the
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shooting of that little girl are all at large. >> dagen: let's bring in a fox news contributor and "washington post" columnist, over and over again, mark, i didn't hear everything that the mayor had to say, they talk about illegal firearms and they don't talk about criminals, the shooters, perpetrators, they don't talk about the individual committing the crime. >> yeah, that jumped out at me, too. an illegal firearm like it was an inanimate object, an inanimate object didn't commit that crime, a person did and a person who responds to a fact that there are less police on the street, that funding for the police is being cut and police officers are pulling back because no one has their back if they get into a confrontation so this is, these are real people committing these crimes, these aren't inanimate objects. >> dagen: how bad does it have to get for these mayors, and again, this is the entire liberal ecosystem, say, new
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york, washington d.c., california, illinois, chicago, it is the governor on down to the mayor come on down to the city council and particularly the prosecutor, they are all locked arms and standing up for criminals and essentially spitting on the law-abiding citizens. how bad does it have to get before this changes, before they actually start aggressively prosecuting and jailing people who come out well shoot people? >> l, you know, you new york you just had an election where candidate who was tough on crime all of a sudden did well so people are going to start demanding that their officials, as this crime spreads, start demanding that local officials start changing direction but look, president biden just yesterday had this big dining ceremony of the bipartisan crime victims compensation act, i'm glad they passed the victims
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compensation act because they are going to have to compensate a lot more crime victims right now, "the new york times" report said last year there was a 30% increase in homicides across the country and homicides are already up 24% across the country this year. that is the worst level of shooting since the mid-1990s and you know, in philadelphia homicides are up 28%, in tucson they are up 78% and what do all these cities have in common? they are all cutting funding for police, minneapolis cut its police budget by $8 million last year, portland, new york city, what do you expect to happen if you cut police funding in the midst of the worst crime wave you had in decades? what you think is going to happen? there's going to be less crime? >> dagen: speaking of minneapolis, after a summer of riots following george floyd's murder, the minneapolis city council is reportedly preparing a measure that would allow voters to replace the city's police department with a
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community focused safety initiative. this comes as violent crime there, as you were talking about, is up in nearly all categories from this period last year, year-over-year, murders, 17% increase, robberies up 15%, aggravated assault up 4%, this sounds like something is also going on in chicago, where there is a civilian oversight board for the chicago police that finally won approval just this week. >> of course you just saw in chicago the other day, 1-month-old child was shot, you know, a woman announced that she's leaving the city of chicago because her, they say the police can't protect her 1-month-old child, it's outrageous that people have to live like this but again, all of these are democrat-run cities that have been coming to the grips of the defined of the police movement and it's going to take people to stand up and, i grew up in new york city and i
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remember what it was like when the crime was out and it took voters to turn around and elect rudy giuliani to come and clean up the city and at some point there's going to be a backlash, if they continue to allow crime to spread out of control, voters even in these liberal cities are going to turn into a tough on crime republican at some point because they are going to be sick and tired of these policies that allow them to live in fear all the time. >> dagen: this started years ago where they stopped policing quality-of-life crimes, that's one of the problems here and people dismissed it back then and said, well, get over being bothered by public urination. that's part of the problem, there is no "law & order," that's kind of the basis of human civilization and it disappeared and instead of a dystopian nightmare it's a dystopian reality. speaking of which, people in san francisco are calling on the
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police to step up and stop brazen crimes breeze across the city. >> you know, honestly i wish we could have more security on hand. >> i think there needs to be more police. >> i think they have to hire more people. >> security, police. the whole shebang. >> dagen: the san francisco police department says it can only do so much. >> we are in a tough place right now, as far as how police are looked at. in san francisco we know that we've had to staffing shortages, we are about 400 officers below where we should be. >> dagen: meantime and another democrat had been led city, three women were attacked in the span of one hour inside one new york city parks, the first was punched in the face, the second was nearly sexually assaulted and the third was hospitalized after getting hit on the head with a tree branch. i just asked the question again, is it going to take a large
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democrat voting base to turn against not just candidates but the party? >> well, they won't turn against the party nationally as quickly as possible global issues are local end of the reality is if you are living in a situation where basically we've got two americas right now, we have in america out in the suburbs and in the rural areas where people are living our lives, the pandemic is ending, people have gotten vaccinated and are getting back to their lives and you got these cities, major american cities which or a brunt of the pandemic trying to come back, people want to eat, they want to go to restaurants and go to entertainment and they feel unsafe going out onto the streets and resuming their lives so they are getting a double blow, they had a year of the pandemic that kept him locked in their houses and now they are being locked in their houses because they are afraid of violent crime and afraid to venture out on the streets and it's mostly, the democratic party claims to be the champion of the poor and the minorities
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and focused on systemic racism, the majority of the victims are people of color and poor people who are suffering from these crimes so if you really care about the poor and you care about people of color, go protect them. >> dagen: just with the shoplifting, stores won't tolerate it, even big chain stores who can "afford it" is the left says, they shut down, the stores aren't there, the jobs disappear and they become economic wastelands and economic deserts and that's just part of the problem. also in many of these cities, the second amendment doesn't exist, you're not allowed to defend yourself if you are a law-abiding citizen. i want to move onto this. what a great calm you wrote, democrats accused of a double standard on ukraine dealings. you wrote this "washington post" op-ed asking this, "did biden just commit an impeachable offense in ukraine? you point to a report that says the biden administration may have twisted the arm of the
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ukrainian president when it came to accepting a deal on the pipeline. it isn't really a terrific piece you wrote. >> so remember when democrats impeached president trump for twisting ukraine presidents armband conditioning a white house visit on his investigating hunter biden hunter biden, allegedly? apparently the biden white house just west of the arm of ukraine's president to accept the deal on the pipeline that is an existential threat to his country and conditioned his white house visit on his being silent about his criticism of the deal so i think we need to call the impeachment managers. >> dagen: you should -- it's just astonishing that they would do that but again, do they believe, divided and company believe they are untouchable? >> apparently, they do. what biden has done if this is
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accurate is much more serious than anything donald trump was accused of, they are literally asking him to accept the ability of russia to strangle his country economically so, again, if that was an impeachable offense for donald trump it is far more impeachable for joe biden. >> dagen: thank you for being here, have a great weekend, the white house rushing to hunter biden's defense as he will not reportedly meet with those so-called anonymous potential buyers both for his upcoming art show. plus, the white house to vending that "error" by the department of education promoting a radical probe, critical race theory group. critics say the administration got caught red-handed. >> this is who they are, the biden administration, this is what they believe. they say it's a mistake, the only mistake is they got caught. ♪ ♪ i brought in ensure max protein,
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>> dagen: the white house doing some major damage control after the department of education recommended public schools work with the abolitionist teaching network, a nonprofit supporting critical race theory and schools, press secretary jen psaki doubling down on the department's claim that it was an error. >> it was an error in a document to include this citation as the specific site does not represent the administration's view and we don't endorse the recommendations of this group and i believe it has been removed or is in the process of being removed. >> dagen: critics accusing the biden administration of straight up lying. market five of the white house. >> good morning to you, earlier this year the department of education published a lengthy report meant to help schools
8:20 am
navigate how to handle things like after the pandemic and buried deep inside of that report as you mentioned was a link to this abolitionist teaching network, a group that many people would contend consider highly controversial because they also support the critical race theory being taught in classes and encourage schools to offer antiracist therapy for white educators. as you heard in that clip the white house insists it's not supportive of these ideas or this group. former education secretary betsy devos says she does not believe this is a coincidence. >> this notion that it was a mistake is an absolute falsehood, having been there at the department for four years and working through the approval process and start anything that's put out from the department i know full well that there were eyes on the this, full knowledge of this going on. >> the school board meetings around the country either to support or criticize the critical race theory being caught, many conservative lawmakers have heard those calls
8:21 am
and complained that they were speaking out as well, marsha blackburn tweeted that the biden white house is ruled by the loud radical left and will stop at nothing to brainwash our kids through critical race theory. it's also an issue in the commonwealth of virginia where president biden is going to be campaigning with a democrat in that race, former virginia governor terry mcauliffe, now, the republican in this race, the man on your left side of the screen is talk about this and he says he's not going to shy away from this issue and believes it is something that voters are going to care a lot more about as they get closer to the election is november. >> dagen: thank you so much, mark, great to see you. pay power panel now, gianno caldwell and pon founder of rebel communications, a democratic campaign consultant, great to see both of you.
8:22 am
was it an accident or an error that this will send out, this critical race theory pro propaganda was sent out to 13,000 schools a few months ago? >> no, it wasn't an accident and what we are seeing from the white house is a massive gaslighting on a daily basis, they told us defending the police was a republican idea when we know truthfully it was a complete lie, democrats including those in the administration of said they needed to re-envision policing in america and some funding needed to go to other areas, now we see this group talking about this particular issue on the white houses claiming they had no involvement or no affiliation with me just heard what betsy devos said they was even more problematic is it's not even just this group, there's many of these groups coming up and coalescing around this messaging. if you look at something i was in their pamphlet they said the
8:23 am
guy calls on educators to disrupt whiteness and remove all disciplinary practices before black, brown, and indigenous children. these folks are just coming something, pulling words out of the encyclopedia and vouching for reverse discrimination, something martin luther king never would have advocated for. they need to start being honest now. >> dagen: i want to get your reaction to this mistake because the white house surely has to be paying attention to virginia and the outrage among parents in loudoun county and fairfax county and this outrage is kind of nonpartisan and these are white's parents but they are also parents of color, immigrant parents who are outraged by the, as they say, the dumbing down of their children's education. >> that's not in any of the data
8:24 am
i see in the particular race that you cite in virginia. i want to say, can we i'll not imagine a mistake in a large bureaucracy? i think we can all get on the page that that's a distinct possibility so i think jen psaki's answer had credibility. i also think that ultimately this is about critical race theory, this is about, what we teach our kids in our schools and i want to look to texas where republicans are advancing sbu three which is no teacher in public schools can say that the kkk was morally wrong, that segregation was bad. we have gone to such lengths that we are now erasing history, we need to teach history and have accountability because we need to improve our country. and telling the truth about our history is important. there is a reason 1.2 million g.i. bill recipients, black recipients weren't able to get the g.i. bill because of policy. you know that black wall street was burned, we need to teach these things in our schools. >> i'm so that you said that
8:25 am
because i find it hard to believe that republicans are saying anything about protecting the kkk when it was a democratic-led group. >> why not teach it? >> absolutely, if you want to talk about critical race theory and talk about teaching appropriate in our country, we can talk about another thing, we can talk about jim crow. >> i agree. we have to talk about those things. >> dagen: i read the vast majority of a lot of these bills, none of them, abolish the teaching of the history of the united states but you know what they do? they've gotten rid of algebra for eighth graders in san francisco, san diego unified school district told white teachers they are guilty of spirit murdering of black children, california's department of education is proposing to eliminate
8:26 am
opportunities for accelerated math in the name of equity, that's what i'm talking about the dumbing down of all of our children. i want to get to your reaction of the scum of "the new york times" and "the washington post" decided this admitted error by the biden administration was not even recovering. >> well, look, here's what i think. i think we need to have a thoughtful discussion about the history of our country, i think that is the aim of critical race theory and the aim of other things, we have to stop blowing this up into political warfare and talk about learning from our historic mistakes. that's how we are going to make our country a better place. bills like sb3 in texas aim to do opposite by erasing large blocks of our history when it's inconvenient or unpalatable. >> dagen: to quote an editorial writer at "the wall street journal," critical race theory which does derive from marxism now teaches power structures about whites
8:27 am
versus black sand that the problems of blacks are the fault of white sand the responsibility of whites to solve and critical race theory is, an advocate of it was even speaking at the second largest teachers union conference earlier in july at the same time that randi weingarten has the audacity to deny that critical race theory was being taught in elementary schools or high schools. don't spit in our face and tell us it's raining. i want to get to this. >> general mark milley said why am i not going to learn about various theories, why am i not going to learn about the history of the country that -- >> you don't teach kindergarten is that they are racist because they are white, that's insane. what are people thinking, when has this become okay? this is not okay. >> that's not actually happening. >> dagen: i want to get to the next segment but this is not what parents are worried about,
8:28 am
this is not what parents are concerned about when it comes to critical race theory. these are two completely different things, they want their children to be taught math and science and history, they don't want their children to be taught to hate themselves. and they don't want to be taught segregation and racism which is exactly what critical race theory is. white house press secretary -- i can sit here and redo things that have happened across this country, i have got pages because that's all i do is read. white house press secretary jen psaki defending hunter biden's plan to meet with potential buyers ahead of his debut art show in new york and los angeles, the obama administration former ethics chief raising big red flag using the president tsai on profiting off his last name but jen psaki claims there is no issue, the ultimate buyer will remain anonymous. >> is not going to have any conversations related to the
8:29 am
selling of art, that will be left to the gallery rest. we believe it's a reasonable system that's been established that allows for hunter biden to work in his prevention within appropriate safeguards, he's not going to discuss anything related to the selling of art and i would reiterate that the gallery rest will be the only person who knows the transaction and conversations and will reject any offer that is out of the ordinary. >> dagen: jen are you surprised at the president has just told hunter, hey, can you cool it? >> if used not telling him not to use the n-word or making any public statements i don't imagine he's going to be talking to his son about what appears for many to be a pay to play operation which will give access to his father. >> dagen: laura, final word? >> i will just say this, i don't think hunter biden should be selling these paintings, i don't agree but i will say this, it really blows the credibility of media coverage when i haven't
8:30 am
seen anything for four years covering the trump children and the lack of blind trust, going and getting trademarks from china to make multi-million-dollar deals and the federal government pouring money into trump properties as he travels so this, the lack of coverage on that on the focus on this i think really erodes trust in the media but should hunter biden be selling paintings? no. >> dagen: go ahead, final word. >> really quick, there has been report after report about everything the trump family does. all of their children, what they are involved in. >> right wing media? >> dagen: we talked about it. >> just to say that is intellectually dishonest is all i'm saying. >> dagen: the trademarks you are talking about were awarded years prior that the left wing media got angry about it. >> under trump. >> dagen: you know what?
8:31 am
hunter biden should -- >> it was a lot of money in ivanka's pockets selling purses in china. the one still mad about trump but hunter biden is on the grip to selling access with art, in a profession he was not involved in a few months ago. the battle of her masks rages on across the country while the white house is once again targeting florida's governor plus no end in sight for the crisis at the border, farmers and ranchers calling on the biden administration to pay for all the damage they are seeing. arizona republican andy biggs joins us next. ♪ ♪ announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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8:37 am
despite this "the new york post" reports that bus companies can't keep up with the demand is overwhelmed border agents release migrants into the u.s. in the meantime angry farmers and ranchers say they want compensation for the damage done to their property. >> fences, gates, some crop damage, other property damage, vehicles that have been stolen, the borders aren't secure, we feel like the administration could do more to help secure the borders and we are saying that the property damages coming because of the large influx of illegal immigrants. so with that being said, we feel there needs to be some compensation to property owners. >> dagen: arizona republican andy biggs cochair, you can put all of these things together where you 30% of illegal
8:38 am
immigrants that in one area are if using people being put on buses and sent into the heartland and other places in the country and you've got an administration that may be as ready to roll back title 42 which would open the floodgates even more than they already are. >> that's exactly right, title 42, for people who may not know is that is his them emergency authority to refuse entry to people in a health crisis. some of these countries that folks are coming from are in a health crisis and you are seeing a massive increase in covid illness coming from these folks and they don't want to take the vaccination, we get that border patrol agents can't even give the test, the rapid test of any
8:39 am
kind, they are overwhelmed. the rio grande valley, if they have covid, they are putting them up in hotels and fees aren't detention facilities, these people can walk out any time they want and they do and they are there because they test positive for covid. it is an unbelievable, almost surreal situation at the border any time i go down. >> dagen: what about the farmers demanding payment, essentially, from the federal government from the damage done by their land, think the biden company steps up to compensate them? >> their policies that are allowing this massive surge, in southern california, arizona, new mexico or texas, there is damage is taking place livestock being killed as your video showed but the reality is, this administration gets what they want.
8:40 am
they allowing the ranchers and the farmers and businesses to have damage done to them and municipalities, too, by the way because they have not controlled the border, it's an invasion, quite frankly. >> dagen: it's becoming a more and more state and local issue where you have the governor of your home state and texas and other places that are stepping up to try to stop it, the people in charge in washington, democrats, this is the way they want it. because this is the way democrats want it but what we are seeing and this is a good move is we've got county attorneys and some attorney general that are actually bringing state charges against these people, could be criminal damage, could be trespassed, that's where the state and locals could get involved. special interest law firms need to file the same kinds of lawsuits that the left filed
8:41 am
against president trump when he was enacting policies and they basically because the 2019 surge by stopping these policies and the reality is these border patrol agents, you have members of congress that want to defund them for pete's sake sakes and eliminate them and that's what we are facing in congress. that's when it comes back to the state and locals who are really going to have to step up and so are the special interest law firms. >> dagen: florida governor ron desantis trying some flack for declining to mandate masks for kids in schools. >> there's been talk about potentially people advocating at the federal level composing compulsory masks on kids, we are not doing that in florida. we need our kids to breathe. >> dagen: white house press secretary jen psaki slammed the governor's decision. >> if i were a parent in florida that would be greatly concerning to me because kids under the age
8:42 am
of 12 are not vaccinated, they are not eligible yet, we know masks are not the most comfortable thing. i will say my kids are quite adjusted to them as i know many kids are so certainly we would have concern about any staff that doesn't abide by public health guidelines. >> dagen: we knew last year that children do not contract covid as easily as adults, they don't spread it as easily as adults and they don't get as sick and even the 335 children under the age of 18 who died with a covid diagnosis, the cd y state is still not know it has not researched each death to figure out where there is whether covid because those ducks. >> that's right, dagen. under 18, the population is about 75 million americans and every death is tragic for sure but the statistical insignificance of
8:43 am
335 out of 75000000 cannot go unanswered and the cdc is not recommending this, this is coming from the biden white house, dr. fauci who is bent on about virtually everything on the reality is kids don't spread as you said and don't tend to get this as often as adults do, particularly the senior citizen groups so this is another control type of aspect, i think end is going to prevent kids from being able to be normally adjusted. small children in particular developed by being able to see facial reactions, linguistic development or language development, et cetera. this is a real problem. you know, i stand with governor desantis, i think he's right, i think governor abbott is right on this issue as well. >> dagen: great to see you, congressman as well. america's left burning, firefighters desperately trying to protect homes as wildfires
8:44 am
burn half the size of rhode island. cancel culture running rampant, virtually no one is safe. from college campuses to college clubs, dan bongino laying it out in his new fox nation series. >> even talking about cancel culture can lead to cancellation. as longtime comedian adam corolla, he was set to host an event about the left's stranglehold on free speech but a funny thing happened at california state university. >> we had a date set up as i call it out here and it was canceled last minute. >> dagen: and that very dude, comedian adam corolla joins us next. ♪ ♪ sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> dagen: cancel culture has been damaging or destroying careers and reputations from celebrities to regular americans for transgressions began small. it real and perceived. our own dan bongino takes an in-depth look at this wave of intolerance threatening free speech, comedian gilbert gottfried is among those weighing in for "canceled in the usa." >> when i hear about another
8:50 am
person getting in trouble now i always think i'm a thank god them and not me because i've been through it a few times. in the immediate aftermath of a tsunami gilbert took to twitter to share his usual comedy. >> japan is really advanced, they don't go to the beach, the beach comes to them. >> after that and the number of other "too soon" tasteless jokes, became, he claims, one of the first entertainers to feel the force of an online cancellation mob. >> really, i'm the biggest villain in the world now? >> dagen: fellow comedian adam corolla, takes part in this special series, he joins us now. adam, i think comedy is what's going to end is already pulling us out of this cancel culture because i've always said this, nothing in comedy should be off limits. if you have a few rich guys just
8:51 am
scorched earth, it kind of opens the door or paves the way for everybody else. >> well, it would be nice, they try, you know. for me i served up my own pirate ship, i've been doing my own podcast for 12 and a half years and i write my own books and make my own documentaries so they can't really get to me about they'd like to. here's an interesting concept, i live in hollywood, i work in hollywood, they never stop talking about mccarthyism, that's us going after suspected communists but these guys practice the exact same mccarthyism with people they disagree with so if you voted for trump or you are even in a picture with trump, they will blackball you from hollywood so they are insane hypocrites. >> dagen: what can stop it?
8:52 am
i'm sure you talk about that on the dan bongino show, how does it begin? they are eating their own now. >> you can't apologize. everyone -- apologizing, so they are used to have this quotient, say something, get into trouble, apologize, be forgiven, get on with your life. there is no getting on with your life after the apology now, they are not even offended, by the way. they want you to submit to that, that's what it is, you see what's going on with covid and everything else, does it feel like science art is if feel like they want something out of you? and they want something out of you, they want you to submit to that but if you stop apologizing they leave you alone, no one ever asks me to apologize because i don't apologize.
8:53 am
you can't negotiate with terrorists when they take hostages or they take more hostages. >> dagen: adam, i miss joan rivers on that note because she never apologized, ever. i hope there are more joan rivers in the making. i guess i was only one. tom hanks, i want to get your reaction to this, narrates a video for the cleveland indians -- excuse me, the guardians, they have changed their name. >> this is a city we love and that again we believe in. together we are all the cleveland guardians. >> dagen: that name stinks, what do you think? >> i mean, they did nothing with the washington redskins about ten years ago where everyone was pushing really hard to get the name change from redskins to whatever else and they did this whole polling of indigenous
8:54 am
people or american indians or whatever people are saying and it turns out we are not interested, we don't care, they have bigger fish to fry, it's this whole thing, like, we are going to change the name of something and somehow that's going to help the group. is there any history to helping the group when we change the name or remove the name or cancel the name? does it help, like, you went from "latino" to "latinx." does that help your average hispanic in the united states? they are all about manipulating change but is there any bottom-line? if you care about this group of people, there are things you can do for this group of people but you don't do that, you focus on the emblem or the mascot. >> dagen: well, adam, i'm going to go watch "major-league" about 15 times this weekend, that's what i will be doing, and it's funny. and it's got some tasteless
8:55 am
jokes, doesn't matter. i will be by myself. adam corolla, great to see you, sir. thank you so much, you can see more of mr. corolla in "canceled in the usa" posted by at dan bongino. go to fox nation to start your free trial if you haven't already had a special series will air this sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern right on fox news channel. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" after the break. ♪ ♪ would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low.
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