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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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much attention but, it felt really good. todd: again, we wish we could have better audio with you but i think the point came across. i know we call macgyver should be calling the kennedy from now on. officer ronald kennedy. thank you so much for your time. jillian: we officially changed the name. todd: we have. jillian: thank you for young us this morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >> chaotic scene of citizens frap particularly running from safety from gunfire. >> 20 to 0 shotsy fired. >> make sure these individual are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> the education department admits they made a mistake. >> how so. >> included advice from the abolitionist teaching network it was an error. >> you cannot believe them. they have tried to put critical race theory in every aspect of government. >> white castle now hiring and going through am kegs as far back as 2017. >> we are all really willing to try this about anything because so much hardship and
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hospitality. >> we are being by this administration. yet, you have got 1.2 million people come across that southern border. they are not telling them oh, wait a minute, have you been vaccinated? >> the teammates getting their super bowl lv championship ring just 31 diamonds. ♪ ♪ brian: that's got to be john hardy. steve: it is. brian: he is going to close our show today. if is he as hard of a tv star there is in nashville. he hails from california. you cannot hear his song and not drink a beer. it's physically impossible. ainsley: his last name is pardipardi but
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pronounced party. brian: he is going to close our show today. steve: it's a friday in the summer we always have our all-american concert series. today mr. pardy is the party. ainsley: ains is there a mrs. pardi? that would be a great last name. steve: looks like a e. ainsley: we have gone through the worst year ever people are yesterday to have fun again. steve: you don't have to go on vacation, ainsley. it's friday. ainsley: watch our show we will put you in good mood. brian: i do have good news if you tore believe wikipedia. october 2nd, pardi got engaged to his girlfriend hairdresser summer duncan. ainsley: party. ask him about it. that's a great name. that is a great name. steve: predicated on if
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wikipedia is true. prototype brian if you watched tucker last night the founder of pick media doesn't like it. ainsley: why? brian: i'm sorry, can you say that again? steve: they got married. brian: they are married. pick media is already not up to date. somebody refresh? steve: i have a feeling many people will to to wikipedia make many changes. whatever the facts you can say them type them out. ainsley: we all need a party after everything going on in our country including all the crime. steve: no kidding. turning now to america's crime crisis. two people are shot in washington, d.c. near popular restaurants in the logan circle neighborhood in d.c. brian: yup. meanwhile the biden administration is responding to the crime surge with a renewed crack down on gun dealers. ainsley: ashley strohmier joins us live with more as this murder suspect remains on the run in another major u.s. city. ashley, what's the latest? >> yeah.
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police are still looking for the man accused of the shooting near that popular restaurant in d.c. two men got non life-threatening injuries from gunshot wounds. one was the apparent target. another appears to be an innocent bystander this follows several shootings in d.c. in days that includes that drive by shooting that left 6-year-old girl dead along the shooting outside of the nationals ballpark. in chicago 8 people put in the hospital following a drive by shooting there that involved a party bus where the shooter is also on the run. most of those victims are in serious condition. several other shootings happened in the city. one of those left a 15-year-old dead after he was shot in the head. >> if i pick up a gun. if you shoot indiscriminately into a crowd. not only will we find you we will take to you federal court and ship you off to south dakota and you will never see your family again. >> biden administration is responding to crime with a crack down on guns and sending a.g. garland to meet with local law
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enforcement leaders. it still out on the streets after the prosecutor didn't show up to court three different times. >> did you not know that the attorney assigned to that was on maternity leave? you need to be in charge of your office. if you can't do that, you shouldn't be in that office. >> so, guys, a lot of crime going on in a lot of different places in the country right now. steve: no kidding. ashley, thank you very much. particularly the shooting yesterday at 1st and rig street. one of my kid was in that area 20 minutes before it happened. it is less than two miles from the white house. this is just -- this is such a national impairment. you know, the mayor of d.c. said, you know what? we are going to pull out all the stops. we're going to go ahead and i will authorize any overtime for police officers. here's the thingment they don't need more overtime. they need more officers. the officers they have are being
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worked to death. obviously this is another one of those things where a couple guys got out of a honda civic. went up to two men and shot them both. one targeted. such randomness to it you don't know. you don't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. yesterday two people were in d.c. ainsley: it's at everyone's doorstep if you live in one of these major cities, it's in new york, atlanta, d.c., chicago. we are seeing it in different cities in texas and different cities in california. brian: if you go 10 minutes outside of washington and steve you know washington better than i do. i remember doing a shoot with tim scott. in 15 minutes i was in the most run down economically can challenged areas you can imagine. they try to and they usual usually are successful in keeping the center of washington safe. but on the outskirts, it's as bad as it gets. meanwhile, you wonder how much crime could be stopped if there was actually punishment to go along with that as in years
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past. everything seems to have been reversed. and you don't have to tell that to dr. shirley washington. her son was killed last year. and she found out what happened to the murderer by hearsay. she wanted to give an exact statement speech and the next thing you know, the guy cut a deal. the prosecutor cut a deal behind her back. ainsley: she lives in missouri. we talked yesterday about those three suspects that they were charged, actually, with murders. and then the prosecutors did not show up for court. and the woman in charge of this prosecutor's office, she is a circuit attorney of st. louis. her name is kim gardner. she is under a lot of fire now. if you watch some of the local news coming out of missouri, everyone is just fired up because she is letting the -- because they are not showing up to prosecute these murder suspects are let off. and that happened there. the cases were dropped. steve: they had to drop three murder days in one week. ainsley: exactly. so dr. shirley washington cobb the woman that brian was talking
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about. she is the mother of another murder victim. not related to those three. her son was out on the street one night and was beaten, brutally beaten there was no weapon. so, therefore, they gave the guy a plea deal. she is furious. britain brian without telling her. ainsley: she called and she says i'm just calling to feigned out if i need to book my plane ticket to missouri i she lives in texas. i don't want to sit through the trial and hear what happened to my son. she said there is a new prosecutor on the case we did a plea deal and that's already happened. is he going to jail now for eight years. she was furious. she said the guy was eating snacks. hear the snack bag drink ling while talking to him. never mentioned her son's name. and she said my son's case was handled as a throw away case. my son was not a throw away. steve: well, his name was dwight. ainsley: that's right, dwight washington. here is his mom. >> they had accepted a plea deal
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and this particular prosecutor asked me, in fact, what happened. and i said what do you mean what happened? isn't that supposed to be your job to investigate? well, i knew i'm just starting and this will none trial. your son will be getting. we have it accepted from kim gardner's office an 8 year plea deal without my knowledge. >> equipment gardner to blame she is the leader of the alleged head of this department. steve: and that was a crime that should have gotten 20 years as you said a moment ago but instead 8 years. this is one of the problems all across the country. you know, police aren't, you know, we know that there are
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fewer police on the street and a lot of police officers feel like the administration doesn't have their back. then you have got all these prosecutors who aren't filing charges against people. i have got a family member who was attacked in washington, d.c., jumped, knocked unconscious, wound up in the hospital wanted to file charges. the cops came, took a statement. and eventually the prosecutor talked to this person in my family and said, you know what? we don't want to file charges. this person has got a rap sheet but we're trying to rehab this person. and so, they said okay, not going to file charges. steve: did it to somebody else in two weeks. now that person is in prison. ainsley: dr. washington cobb says if he kills somebody else i hope that kim gardner knows she is responsible. her sons eyes were gowpgd out by the guy's hands and his jaw was broken. he was in the hospital and he died there. brian: 8 years he will be out. 10 minutes now after the hour.
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30 dollars per line per month when you get four lines- or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. jillian: good morning to you and welcome back. we have a look at your
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headlines, the nypd is looking for a group though who brutally beat and robbed a woman in harlem. we do want to warn you the video is disturbing. the video shows three women and a man pulling a 61-year-old woman off her walker. pushing her to the ground and viciously beating her. at one point a woman is seen hitting the victim with a cooking pot. the suspect made off with the victim's walker, $22 and credit cards. the woman is recovering from her injuries. wow. president biden authorizing sanctions against communist cuban officials amid the crack down on antigovernment protest. the sanction target cuban defense minister lopez along with the country's feared special forces brigade known as the black berets. the unit has been rounding up protesters and journalists during demonstrations. biden warned cuban's government saying the sanctions are, quote just the beginning. portland mayor ted wheeler is being called out for missing the mark. he tweeted this invite to a welcome back festival includes concerts, roller skating and
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more family friendly activities. the attempt is an attempt to revive the city after ear i don't have riots. however, social media users were quick to mock the effort your city is facing humanitarian crisis of epic proportions by all means let's all roller skate. okay. tampa bay bucks quarterback tom brady adds lucky number 7 to his super bowl collection. check it out. the goat and his teammates getting their super bowl lv championship rings in tampa bay. it has all the glitz and gram you might expect including, oh, you know, just 319 diamonds to commemorate the buck's 39 win over the kansas city chief. the first envelope which were history. inside the b. cs stadium team winning on home cusp. turf. that is so cool. you see a picture of all 7 of them.
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that's the only only god one. steve: you ring opened up with secret pill in it. jillian: joel confirms, yes. steve: thank you, joel. brian: if you can get confirmation on this. stopped with the ring because they thought it was a bad message to kids that you can have a pill and fight crime or get stronger. right, joel? have you looked into this? joel joel i'm standing by. steve: working on it. brian: that was my favorite show. steve: and now tom brady no underdog. ainsley: no, he's not. all the other rings with the patriots? brian: yeah. ainsley: sorry. brian: except for the one from gizelle. steve: that's different. ainsley: do you think that's his favorite one? brian: he will say it is. steve: meanwhile, move on talk a little bit about the problem at our southern border. here's something. so you have seen the record number of migrants who are coming into the country. they just surrendered to the
3:19 am
border patrol and then they process them. well then what happens after that. well, let us tell you. if you are in the mcallen, texas, area. they, first of all they process them. and then they take them to a coronavirus testing spot across the street from the bus station. all right? then everybody gets tested. then they go into community center run by catholic charities where they arrange transportation next to the bus station. half the people take the bus north and half fly out. well, now, we know that is a problem with the bus have to to wait days to buy a bus there. people hanging around the bus stations. roy rodriguez the city manager for that mcallen rio grande. we don't have enough private bus seats to get everyone out. all of the seats are already purchased for tomorrow. if somebody wants to buy a bus
3:20 am
fare to head north they have to wait two days. steve: unbelievable. brian: this is obscene how they are getting to the border from other nations we don't understand. why they get in and open up the gates makes no sense. why texas, in particular, isn't arresting them and filing trespassing charges on them. even though the governor says he was going to do it for some reason he is not. and instead we are using n ls millions of dallas, maybe billions could have been spent securing the border to give them transportation interior of our country where they don't belong. don mclaughlin is dealing with it front and center. he's the mayor of it a town in texas where the migrants are invading his town are. >> being told told constantly by this administration oh, social distancing, wear your mask. get ready for a shutdown. don't go here. don't do that stay home. don't go around somebody that hasn't been vaccinated. i wish everybody would be vaccinated. that's their choice. yet, 1.2 million people come across that southern border.
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they are not telling them oh, wait a minute. you been vaccinated? have you been anything? this is what we do. it seems like we are giving up our rights as u.s. citizens to accommodate foreign, illegal immigrants coming into our country. brian: joe biden was barely asked about that from don lemon his answer was ridiculous saying they were doing a good job getting people out of fittings. that he was not the question. why are they coming in to begin with. why aren't you stopping them? why are you defunding ice? why is border patrol so outmanned? why do you care so little about 1.5 million people coming into our country illegally but you you are going to knock on my door and ask me if i took a vaccine? unbelievable. steve: here's the other thing. we are all paying for their transportation. so they arrange the transportation through catholic charities but then it's the federal government that is actually paying for it obviously, greyhound and trailways would like more help. probably from the federal government. hey, buy us some more buses.
3:22 am
but, yesterday, madison cawthorn, congressman from the great state of north carolina. introduced a bill banning federal reimbursement to the airlines for transporting illegal migrants across the country. it is called the no fly for illegals act. and it does what a lot of people would like to do. it is follow the money. where are these millions and billions of dollars that are being used to transport these folks all across the country, where is that coming from exactly. brian: i'm getting emails from people saying why isn't somebody following the busses to find out where they are going and where these people go. ainsley: to your community. steve: i have seen one of those buses unload about two blocks from here. brian: no one is stopping them. unbelievable. who. steve: who is going to stop them? it's the federal government authorizing it. brian: where are the governors to say if you are trespassing you don't wait for president biden to say can i arrest them. ainsley: talk about he is what napping n. our schools.
3:23 am
are our kids going to be in masks this fall? the cdc saying that's optional. that's just a recommendation. not sure if your school will make that decision. i guess every state will have to make up their own mind. dallas brings us to the department of education. we learned fox news broke this story a few days ago with lawrence jones and a few other reporters aishah hasnie. they looked through the guidelines. there was a manual sent out. it was emailed out to 70,000 plus school districts around the country. from the federal government, from the department of education saying these are the guidelines for reopening our schools safely. you scroll down to page 9, there was a link to a radical teaching group's website. it's called the abolitionist teaching network. the department of education was pressed on this and they said the federal government has said oh that was an error we didn't mean to link to this radical group. peter doocy was at the white house. he asked jen psaki about it. listen. >> the education department admits they made a mistake in their guide for reopening --
3:24 am
>> -- how so? pete: well, they included advice from the abolitionist teaching network. and they came out and said that was not supposed to be in there. is the administration going to follow up with school districts to make sure that the abolitionist teaching network material is not in lesson plans? >> what you are referring to is a citation and a report of which there were a thousand citations so i'm quite impressed with your researchers for finding one of a thousand citations. it was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation. this specific site does not represent the administration's view and we don't endorse the recommendations of this group. and i believe it's been removed or is in the process of being removed. brian: sounds contrite and regretful. smirking, mocking with trying to hold back a smile when a legitimate question that you should be embarrassed that's
3:25 am
clawed seems extremely well produced. you wonder who is in charge there? how does that sneak through to 74,000 different districts around the country. steve: well, because this particular group, this abolitionist teaching network espouses crt, critical race theory and social justice and things like that. for jen psaki to say look, congratulations to your research team for finding this out of thousands of citations. actually in the federal government there are 182 citations and 47 footnotes at the end. so it's not thousands. so it wasn't that hard to find. that was the only organization that was linkedin the citation when it comes or in the entire document when it came to that particular kind of help. so, was it a mistake? we have had people on the air over the last 24 hours say things don't go into federal documents without somebody at the white house knowing.
3:26 am
particularly the fact that the deputy secretary for education is closely associated with this group. this group got started in 2020. and now 2021, it's part of the federal government's program? that was a mistake. ainsley: quick click on their website and watch videos this is radical. this is part of the department of education. they say it was an error. betsy devos you know her former education secretary under president trump. she said this was not an error. they just got caught. listen. >> this notion that it was a mistake is an absolute falsehood. having been there at the department forever four years and working through the approval processes for anything that is put out from the department, i know full well that there was -- there were eyes on and there was full knowledge of this going on. it's all parts of the continuum that the biden administration is promoting through left wing policies as promulgated by the department of education. and it's another very good
3:27 am
reason why parents should continue to raise their voices. should continue to demand that they have control of their kids' education. steve: so there you go. she makes a good point but then again leo made the point we have made on this air over the last 24 hours and that is the administration says it was a mistake because they got caught. >> the biden administration was trying to conceal this now they are lying about it was an error. you cannot believe them. they have tried to put critical race theory in every aspect of government. in the state department. in the military. and definitely in education. we have to call them on this. critical race theory is a racist theory. i want to destroy this myth right now. people of all colors, including myself, oppose critical race theory because it's based on a lie. this country was founded on liberty and freedom and the idea that people are -- should be
3:28 am
looked at by skin color is insulting to everything that what america the standards for. steve: so that particular document, i believe, emailed that to 13 now, school districts throughout the country. the big question now is they have had for months, how many of the school districts actually contacted the abolitionist teaching network to say hey, can you help us? and did they? brian: amazing how quick they turned around and admitted their mistake. but the attitude that jen psaki displayed showed how what a mocking way in which they believe people that are concerned about this. they think it's a joke and it's not. and they are about to find out through an election. ainsley: if you watch most of the media outlets. they will say critical race theory is not happening in our schools. >> no one even covered this the "the washington post" didn't cover this story. ainsley: the "new york times." we have had countless people on our show we all know that if you watch regularly parents say we have evidence of and it showed it to us. lawrence jones is say going you have the evidence of this hang in your school.
3:29 am
please it's not on social media. it can be tracked strife steve heard from teachers actual evidence being taught sure looks like critical race theory. brian: up next. take a look at shameless robbery caught on camera in los angeles. our next guest is an lapd official who says the message is simple. criminals, you are winning. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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. jillian: south carolina releasing the frantic 911 call murdaugh murder. dispatcher found thinks wife and son shot to death. >> it's bad. >> okay. >> okay. and are they breathing? >> no ma'am. >> you said it's your wife and your son? >> my wife and my son. jillian: i can't imagine. my goodness. police have yet to name any suspects in the deaths of maggie and paul murdaugh. nfl teams will face consequences if unvaccinated players cause covid outbreaks. roger goodell sent out a memo warning team forefits if games have to be moved or canceled. players are encouraged to get
3:34 am
vaccinated but not required. diondre hopkins say the move is making him question his future in the nfl because he does not want to get the covid vaccine. he later deleted that tweet. governor ron desantis of florida will not tolerate ben and jerry's boycotts of israel. he requested the company be added to a list that would prevent the state board administration from buying stock in ben and jerry's parent company and corporate entities. the list would also stop state contracts with the companies unless they ended their boycotts. meanwhile texas is considering banning the ice cream brand the state comptroller is investigating whether or not ben and jerry's policy violates the state's boycott israel laws. a look at your headlines. a controversy. send it back to you. ainsley: yes there is. california's criminals are literally getting away with burglary. brazen shoplifters caught on camera casually walking out of a t.j. maxx there in los angeles. their arms were filled with bags. big did you have bags of stolen
3:35 am
items. and our next guest sets lack of consequences is sending a very clear message to the thieves. criminals are winning. sergeant is the vice president of the los angeles police protective league and she joins us now. good morning, sergeant. >> good morning, how are you? ainsley: good morning, doing well. when you see criminals casually walking out. stuffing huge bags full of merchandise, what message does that send you? why are they doing this? >> this brazen criminals it spewed by two things. spewed by prop 47 and the new district attorney george cass connie. they have absolutely no consequences. as you can see they walk out like another day in the neighborhood. businesses are suffering as well as the community members are suffering. this has to stop. the message they're sending is that they can do what they want to do any time they want. ainsley: that's right.
3:36 am
not fair to the people doing the right thing what merchandise. >> yeah. absolutely. it hurts the workers who try to fend for their families. they just want to have a great environment for their family and it cuts their hours. businesses lose. and for them to say oh, there is insurance for businesses. that doesn't matter. because their hours are cut. which affects their employees. ainsley: then their insurance goes up once they file a claim. these two men were neither charged or nor they were not arrested either. gavin newsom says that crime is going down in that state. listen. >> there are some people that say some of the policies championed by democrats like prop 47 and others are making crime worse. what do you say to that? >> the evidence doesn't back it up. the last three decades we we have actually seen significant crime. i think that's easy -- for
3:37 am
folks. ainsley: sergeant, do you agree with him? >> absolutely not. that's a fantasy world. what world are we living in? look at the numbers throughout the california and the rest of the country. crime is increasing and surging. there is no consequences. there is no repercussions for these criminals that feel that they can go in and do what they want. it's because of these laws. so, no. that statement ♪ true. the numbers don't lie. ainsley: god bless you, thank you for what you do. >> thank you. ainsley: still ahead the biden administration offerings business owner no, sir refuse fume as they say unemployment is hurting their industry even more than covid-19. and this morning, janice dean is live at the new jersey lottery festival of ballooning as they get ready to soar the skies. janice, it's beautiful ♪ fly away. janice: best forecast for the three day event. of course we didn't have it last year because of covid.
3:38 am
they had 170,000 visitors two years ago. they will beat that this year. and we are going to ride on one of these babies. don't go away "fox & friends" returns after the break. ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid
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available now, in 4 vibrant style colors. transitions™ ♪ ♪ >> literally given millions of poem their first job and now more than ever we need great people to come to the castle. loot of people were surprised to be contacted as you might imagine to be able to open back up and invite people back. in we are all really willing to try just about anything because
3:43 am
we want to have those people behind the counter who can make a difference. steve: yep, one of the country's most popular burger joint contacting applicant from as far back as 2017 in the desperate push to fill jobs. but, when pressed on the issue, at a town hall in ohio, a couple of nights ago, president biden says just pay those people more mope, they will come back. our next guest strongly disagrees. here to explain restaurant owner and ceo of jeff ruby culinary entertainment, britney rubier miller. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: okay. so, you know, i understand one of the reasons we are talking to you is you are friend of the guy who asked joe biden the question the other day and you said that joe biden just doesn't know what he was talking about. >> well, i actually don't want to say what he is talking about. i want to clarify a little bit. i think there is a misconception
3:44 am
here. i know joe -- or john very, very well. john lanny who is speaking. i think he was dumbfounded by the answer. and so, you know, i would like to bring light and some clarity to some of the statements that were made. one in particular was that, you know, we just need to pay more than $7 or $8 an hour that i don't know a restaurant brart in this city that is paying 6, 7 an hour. i think when you consider what he mentioned aed about the favor that he did not shutting us down, i mean, here is a -- here is a devastating time and we really, really need, people think we are out of the clear. we are not. we opened our doors back up. the guests came. the employees unfortunately have not. and, for us, you know, jeff ruby steakhouse we are in the midwest. we have about 650 employees and we are high volume. when i'm empowering and encouraging our managers after a
3:45 am
pandemic being shut down completely to take to make sure we giving a great experience to our guest. that's a sad day. because we are ready to honeymoon. when you open a restaurant and you honeymoon and make back all those start-up costs in this case we are coming out of debt. we lost revenue and if we have 650 employees i have the luxury of cutting back mom and pop as to not. john was asking what are we doing to incentivize. i didn't hear an answer to that. steve: well, joe biden said we gave restaurant all this money and they stayed open. but one other part of -- britney, about the way you explained the honeymoon fades with restaurants is after covid the people came back, your customers came back, but the workers didn't come back. and that is because the federal government has been paying everybody an additional 300 bucks a week. although they have derailed it in a couple of states, to stay at home. and they also said that it's a
3:46 am
skills difference. you know, people people are looking for different skills during thivment that's one of the reasons they are not coming back. >> well, the reason why i say it's a complex issue is, you know,y disagree with president biden that maybe they aren't coming back. there is absolutely room to believe that the it's because of the $300 extra unemployment i also believe that people got used to what it was like to work 9:00 to 5:00 and not be in this industry which is why i'm advocating. one of the greatest in the america. entry level and make your way all the way to a very experienced manager, get into the operations get into ownership. this is the american dream. and without restaurants this country, it would be devastating. and so, you know, i think the big keep here that i would push is for congress to -- they just had the entree act.
3:47 am
the bill that's not been set forth before congress to replenish the restaurant revitalization act. 60 presidential under funded. 200,000 applications that are still pending. some people got it some people didn't. and if what the president said is true, that people are just not coming back, we need time to not only -- fund to not only make up what was lost, but now to stabilize so we could go on marketing tour like this and encourage those people to get back to the restaurant industry. we need restaurants to survive. that was the opportunity to come on here and thank you for asking me. i really appreciate it but we need to do everything we can do. get the pompoms out and start cheerleading for this industry. steve: listen, people are hungry and restaurants are a good place to go to you don't have to cook. britney ruby miller we thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. steve: you bet. meanwhile it is a beautiful day here in the northeast. let's check in senior meteorologist janice dean for
3:48 am
fox weather. she is in readington north new jersey for the 38th annual festival lottery ballooning that's a lot of hot air. >> it is. what a forecast. going to deal with mostly sunny skies today. temperatures in the 80's. same forecast for saturday and then we might see some thunderstormsson for sunday but it's not going to put a damper on the spirit here. it's going to be great. the rest of the forecast across the country. watching the four corners the potential for flagged there. of course, the wildfire smoke is going to travel across the u.s. this weekend. hazy conditions poor air quality as far as east as the east coast. okay, howard freeman get in here, my friend. executive producer of this wonderful event. we are back better than ever. >> absolutely. we are so happy. thank you for that great weather forecast. we are he at the 30th annual new jersey lottery festival ballooning. great activity all weekend and things are looking up. janice: amaze -78g. how many balloons.
3:49 am
>> 100 hot air. signature is lottery sunny days balloon being inflated with the t-mobile unicorn. it. sending five times throughout the weekend starting tonight 6:30. janice: how special is this? we didn't have it last year. >> everybody had cabin fever. my garbage went out more than i did. to be able to come out here today and all weekend and let people come out with their families great gathering with this great weather i can't wait. janice: can i get in the sun. >> you can don't get too close. janice: he gave it away. a beautiful sunny balloon i get to ride later on on "fox & friends," steve. come on out. it's going to be a wonderful weekend and the weather couldn't be better. >> www bliewn janice: all right. very good. see you soon. steve: thanks, j.d. coming up, talk about a bird's eye view talk about the teenager
3:50 am
screen right hit in the face with a seagull. story coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
ride the spring shot in new jersey. ride 70 miles per hour. steve: two teenagers you see in that video kylie holman hit by the seagull and her friend celebrating her birthday that day georgia reed who is right next to her. good morning to both of you, ladies. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: okay. so kylie, you are there for georgia's birthday. you get on this thing. you know it's going to be a little scary, tell us what happened. and did you see the bird before it hit you? >> so, it was georgia's birthday. and she wanted to do the
3:55 am
slingshot so i -- she asked me to do it with her so i said yeah. and when tilted us back before they shot us in the air i didn't see it but once they shot us up, i saw it and it was going the opposite drection and then turned around and came into me. ainsley: carley, what went through your mind when you see this thing come towards you and it's wrapped around your neck? >> i didn't know what to do. i didn't want to fall out of the ride. but i didn't want this bird to be pecking at me for it to spin over once and i quickly grabbed it and threw it off me. brian: georgia, did you even know it was happening? >> no, my eyes were closed the whole time and when she tried talking to me i told her to shut up. brian: how did the video get
3:56 am
out. >> georgia's mom posted it on different wildwood pages and more and more people started sharing it. ainsley: does the amusement park provide this video or was someone in front of you shooting it all. steve: probably just a little camera. >> yeah. steve: kylie, did it hurt? >> no. it was really light. and i felt its neck rubbing against me and it only left a tiny j scratch. steve: the moral of the story is if you are hit in the face with a seagull on a roller coast thing it doesn't hurt. ainsley: georgia, i hope had you great birthday. you will never forget this one will you? >> no. ainsley: i'm glad you are doing okay. thanks for joining us, ladies. okay. stay with us. country music star jon pardi performs for us on "fox & friends" coming up. (customer) that's really something.
3:57 am
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which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. and you can pay as little as $0 if eligible for your first 2 prescriptions. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. bret: growing debate over whether to revive mask mandates. >> we are not doing that in florida, okay? we need our parents to breathe. >> if i were a parent in florida that would be concerning. >> where is the study? stop trying to cover up young kids who are healthy. >> jump in new jobless claim. >> businesses have complained how difficult it's been to find workers. >> i don't know if i would call it a shortage per se. i would say there is a stills gap. >> white house is coming to hunter biden's defense surrounding art sales. >> i would gallery only person transactions.
4:01 am
>> more transparent to just release the names. >> we won't know who they are? two people shot in washington, d.c. near popular restaurant in the logan circle neighborhood. >> really kind of speaks to the braveness of some of the criminals that we're seeing in our community. >> teammates getting their super bowl lv championship ring just 319 diamonds. ♪ cowboy ♪ that ain't got a lot of hang around ♪ ain't got to. brian: one song is better than the other. ainsley: jon pardi best last name ever. that is where they are probably having lots of parties this weekend. clearwater beach, florida. high of 8. might get a little rain and thunderstorms over the weekend. i'm sure that's not going to knock you down if you are there because you are in florida. steve: no kidding. welcome aboard, folks, hour two
4:02 am
of "fox & friends." it's been a long weekend. thank you for joining us on this friday. ainsley: friday. steve: that's why we got mr. pardony. it is a friday every friday during the summer. our "fox & friends" summer concert series. is he our featured entertainer. brian: these artists happy to get back on stage. comedians same thing. happy to be going out and doing things. he will be talking about that. a bunch of shows coming up. meanwhile back to the future for us. we are debating masks, and you know how the cdc works. one minute they ban something. the next minute they permit it and visa versa. i expect on a friday they will come out and say everyone has to wear masks again even if you are vaccinated. something though that degree. the white house indicating that might, indeed, be coming. steve: okay. let's talk a little bit about masks. the white house has called out florida governor ron desantis as you heard just a moment ago for opposing school mask mandates across the country. ainsley: meanwhile the biden administration insists there is still no decision on a nationwide mask mandate. brian: you think they are just
4:03 am
worried about desantis, still? meanwhile, griff jenkins joins us live from washington to break it all down, griff? griff: good morning, happy friday. the only thing the white house is saying so far is we follow the science, we have a war of words with the white house scolding florida's governor ron desantis for refusing idea soon advise kids under 12 must wear that face covering there has been talk about people advocating at the federal level imposing compulsory masks on kids. we're not doing that in florida. okay? we need our kids to breathe. griff: white house press secretary jen psaki claiming maskless schools will put kids at risk while bragging her children are quite adjusted to covering their faces in public. >> if i were a parent in florida, that would be greatly concerning to me. because kids under the age of 12
4:04 am
are not vaccinated. they are not eligible yet. >> after that desantis' press secretary shooting back saying to breitbart news saying this parents like psaki who feel more comfortable muze ling their children are not following the science. what w. that said, parents are allowed to make their own choices in florida. masks just won't be mandated in schools. meanwhile, psaki insists no determination has been reached at the white house on mandating masks. instead, deferring to the cdc. >> we are regularly in touch and have regular meetings with cdc about how to continue to address the vice. this hasn't been a decision made. it will always be led with public health guidance and they have made that very clear. griff griff where does the cdc stand? they are sticking with its current guidance. director rochelle wolenski saying it is still an individual's choice to wear mask if vaccinated, steve, ainsley,
4:05 am
brian? brian: makes sense to give kid a choice. thanks so much, griff. parents out there i know you said yesterday i want my daughter to wear mask. that is your decision. we are in a country where parents make those decisions. statistically we have a year and how low the numbers and possibilities are. if a kid does get sick the chances are almost statistically zero percent of them having a serious illness under 5. and the whore says under 5 years old we don't recommend you wear mask at all. upwards of that the likelihood from 5 to 17 also, when you balance it out on behavior issues that go with it and denying people a life for the next two years statistically somebody not in danger in lading their life. ainsley: i'm not saying i don't have an optionmaybe someone at t the vaccine or mom is pregnant and can't get the vaccine until
4:06 am
the baby is born. can you get a vaccine if you are pregnant a lot of moms are choosing not to. that little child at home could have a option of wearing a mask. steve: political thing for the white house. if they change the mask mandate, that would be bad for joe biden. joe biden made it very clear. if you get the vaccine, you don't have to wear the mask. and a lot of people got the vaccine. and they don't want to put the mask on again. it's the 90 million measures who are not vaccinated and that's why there is such a push right now. as we just heard in griff's report, kids under 12 can't get vaccinated and that's the problem. there is also not a lot of data regarding that. according to our doctor on prime time talking to brian last night. >> we're doing all of this stuff to kids. we put tremendous restrictions on kids for a yearna. 50 million kids with no data. we don't have any studies on masks on children. yet, you see this mask district attorney bait, we are reliving
4:07 am
what happened at the beginning of the pandemic and the absence of good research you get everybody's opinion. where's the study. between the cdc and the nih, they have got 40,000 imply years, call the 335 people who have died from covid reportedly, find out if it really was from covid and whether or not it's clustered in certain types of kids, kids with certain co-morbidities and make reasonable medical certainty for healthy kids. >> steve: doctor has a great point. there simply has not been did enough research done with children. there is an interesting story in the daily mail today at a sleep away camp up in new york state, the parents of all the kids there got a letter. apparently yesterday. that said that 31 of the 500 campers had coronavirus. duop 31 of them. under 12 none of them vaccinated. none of the kids over 12 who
4:08 am
were vaccinated have the coronavirus. so, you foe, you look at that the problem if you are not vaccinated easily transmissible. brian: that's true. guess what? those kids stats particular particularly will be fine and they will have the antibody. steve: we hope. brian: statistics said they are. seniors first because statistics said they are the most vulnerable and florida did the best job at that work your way back and you up to personal decisions. the patients now have kids that are going to have antibodies this administration, for some reason, anthony fauci leading the charge medically, does not want to take in natural immunity to begin with and it's goes to be a parental decision at this point. ainsley: let's talk about the jobs numbers. every week we get the jobless claims. we get a number. and this was pretty surprising when we got the latest numbers much the jobless claims have made a big surprise jump to
4:09 am
419,000. truck drivers, there aren't enough truck drivers out there. there aren't enough people to work in our restaurants, employers are offering perks for new hires. employees are struggling to find people to come into the office or come into the restaurants to work. steve: you know, the number one state with the biggest jump in first time jobless claims is the great state of michigan. because they are trying to build new cars but because they don't have chips to run the cars, they can't build the cars so those people are on unemployment. but that is different from the fact that so many people have been getting the additional 300 bucks to stay home and so, you know, it's kind of like i will wait for that to run out before i go looking for a job. brian: the commerce secretary she was surprised that the numbers went up. she thinks she has an idea why. let's see if you agree with this. >> how would you assess worker shortage that many employers are
4:10 am
finding they are having difficulty getting back up, especially in some of the hospitality and tourist areas? >> it is acute. there is every business i talk to says that they need to find talent. so i don't know i would call it a shortage per se. i would say there is a skills gap. what i hear all the time is from companies. we are ready to hire but people need to have the skills. so that's what we have to get at the business of. by the way, we need to make sure that women and people of color and people in rural areas have those digital skills so they can get those good jobs. brian: i'm not sure that restaurants wouldn't train you, especially if they need you, like, for example, my daughter walked in, got hired the same day. they are dying for workers.
4:11 am
that is an explanation, i'm sure, in some sectors that predated the pandemic. we did a million segments with mike rowe on that because we need people with skills and who know the trades. that's not what's happening. even president biden came out and said, you know, the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry, going to have to suck it up for while. that has nothing to do with training. they train you. they are dying for you. steve: you don't need a lot of skills to work at a restaurant to take somebody's order or to bus a table or something like that. what she was talking about was, you know, people need skills, so we need more money to give people. brian: billions. steve: for more training to they can get with the gig economy or could become fluent with cyber skills. essentially what she is saying is we need more money in the federal government so we can train people so they don't have to work in a restaurant.
4:12 am
ainsley: britney rubier miller was on our show. you interviewed her earlier. she is a restaurant owner in ohio. here she is talking about the struggles of hiring workers after covid. >> here is a devastating time and we really, really need -- people think that we are out of the clear. we are not. we opened our doors back up. the guests came. the employee, unfortunately, have not. when i am empowering and encouraging our managers after a pandemic of being shut down completely to take less guest counts so we can make sure we are giving a great experience to our guests that's a sad day. we are coming out of debt. we have lost revenue. and if we have 650 employees, i have the luxury of saying cut back on guests. the mom and pops do not. steve: she also said there is a honeymoon period after the pandemic. and this is the commerce came back but the workers did not. and that's the problem. ainsley: where did i hear this?
4:13 am
this morning "fox & friends first." interviewed someone a restaurant owner who said i had to go back from job applicants from years ago. steve: people from white castle. ainsley: because we are dying for workers. to your point she says it's a lack of talent. when i was a waitress. i was tieing to get a job. they wouldn't hire me. they would hire me as a hostess because i didn't have experience. finally someone said we will make you a waitress. they taught me how to do it you learn immediately. steve: you had a skills gap. brian: i had to go to bennigan's university and study like six days of tests how to make a monday christo. brian: i watched someone. i had to be able to recognize it to deliver it to the guy that orders. steve: did you wear khakis. ainsley: personality tests outback steakhouse personality test. you had to memorize the local menu and learn what comes in each dish. brian: i remember at beef steak charlies i did not know shrimps
4:14 am
had shells on them. that was interesting. more on that later. steve: you cannot write a cookbook. brian: absolutely not. i said wow they are crunchy. ainsley: did you cook the turkey with the bag inside, too. brian: probably. we were pro-giblet as a family but did i not know it came in a bag. >> we have nice at people at purdue to take out the body organs and put them in a bag. steve: we apologize we know you are having breakfast. ainsley: why too they put the bag in there. brian: sure. where else are you going to keep a liver. steve: all right, anyway. ainsley: jillian, headlines for us. jillian: my first interview for a server job one of the questions was what do you say when someone asks for fillet, i didn't know. i didn't get the job as a server, i was a busker. i was allowed to deliver bread to the table. i became a short time later. brian: you didn't know. jillian: i didn't know. i was young. young and dumb and then i grew
4:15 am
up. it's okay. it happens. steve: real job now. jillian: i do have a job now. let's gyp your headlines with this story bowers we do have serious news to get. to say two people are shot in washington, d.c. gunshots ringing out near a row of popular restaurants. video shows diners frantically taking cover crawching down in booths after hearing the shots. d.c. police released this footage showing the suspect driving off in a black is he dab. police still looking for them. the two hurt in the shooting are expected to recover. and stunning video shows firefighters in california racing in to flames to save homes from the tamarack fire and not far away the dixie fire reaches mega fire status. surpassing 100,000 acres burned. at least three counties are under evacuation orders. >> just trying to stay calm. >> thank you to all the firefighters. very emotional. jillian: i can't imagine that.
4:16 am
the dixie fire is about 17% contained. the tamarack fire, which has crossed border lines into nevada is 4% contained. and in addition to devastating wildfires, california also facing spiking crime and homeless crisis but governor gavin newsom is offering $330 million in tax breaks to hollywood. the new law brings the available total to 660 million over two years. it comes as nearby new mexico sees its own entertainment boom. the state estimates 35% tax incentive for the industry has brought in 623 million so far this year. and now, to a massive deer crossing in milwaukee. imagine this. thousands of bucs line the street to celebrate the title. finals nvp leading the festivities, lifting the larry
4:17 am
o'brien trophy from one of the team's five double-decker buses and it was -- must have been such an exciting day for that city. ainsley: lot of people out there. steve: fantastic. they waited a long time. all right. thank you very much. brian: thanks, jillian. steve: coming up, texas democrats begin trickling home after week in washington dodging their duties. one of those lawmakers who finally returned to texas is here to explain the trip and what they got accomplished in what was the deal with no mask? coming up straight ahead. thanks for watching. we'll be right back ♪ ♪
4:18 am
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. brian: all right. here the latest at least two texas democratic lawmakers have finally returned home after dozen's fled their state over 50 to spend a week in washington, d.c. protesting the g.o.p.'s proposed voting laws and six of them even contracted the covid-19 virus in the process. now you see some of the pictures of their private flight provided by beto o'rourke's group there without masks and you also see beer. democratic state representative harold dutton returned to texas earlier this week and joins us now. harold, as state representative i know you have a duel -- dua lmplets responsibility. responsibility staterep. you are concerned about your sister's health. you sat covid-19 was spreading. you didn't want to be
4:23 am
susceptible to that see her with white blood cell countdown. how is she? >> well, so far she is all right. i am actually in austin now. she is houston n. houston at my house. and so, you know, when i came home, i didn't realize that the covid was being spread among the group so rapidly. and my intentions were to come home -- i had two problems i needed to check on her. but i had also left her with the garage door opener that didn't work anymore. and i didn't leave her the key because everything was fine when i left but i got home and ended up sunday, last sunday i had to come over and put a whole new motor in for the garage door opener because she could get out of the house but she couldn't lock the garage. so i had to do that. but, since then, what i did is i came on to austin because i was going to go back but when the covid outbreak happened, i thought well, i can't risk that. so i have got to stay in
4:24 am
houston. and then i thought rather than stay in houston, why don't i go to austin and begin somehow or another talking with some of the people who had sponsored this bill. and on yesterday, i had about an hour and a half meeting with the sponsor of the bill and two of the other people on the committee. and we went through the bill piece by piece and i think they have a better understanding of it. and i think i have a better understanding of where they are. brian: wow, so are you -- so, basically, to give everyone outside texan understanding what's at stake. there is post pandemic, the -- you guys were tee baiting on what the regulation should be when it comes to voting. and there is such a dissupporter, all 50-plus democratic representatives got on a plane and left rather than give republicans the quorum they needed. that's 100 votes in order to pass these rules. >> right. brian: because of that, you felt you had no other option but to
4:25 am
leave. in retrospect, taking a private plane without masks with beer on that plane, while everybody else sits in hyper space and nothing gets done in washington, d.c., possibly of infecting the vice president and others. was this whole thing a mistake? >> well, first of all, i was not on the plane. i went on my own dime. i was not -- i wasn't one -- i was in houston at the time that they made that decision i thought well rather than flying back to austin and then get on a plane and go to washington. why don't i just get on a plane in houston and go to washington which is what i did. i think in hindsight, of course, on the commercial flight, we all had on masks. and in hindsight, i'm sure that they would all wear mavericks had they known the outcome of where we are now. brian: so, harold, you have a reputation of somebody -- willing to take on their observe party, especially democrats and
4:26 am
republicans in texas have a habit ofworking with each other the way i understand it democrats, you included are upset with 24-hour voting only in one county for one day during the pandemic. you are upset there is no more drive-thru voting. and you are upset that there is voter i.d. required instead of signature verification. am i right on those three counts? >> well, and also, that there seems to be in the bill grant more authority to the poll watcher than it does the precinct judge. let me tell you why those are significant. because, and i explained this to the members yesterday. on the surface, it looks like those are benign, i mean. brian: yeah: not necessarily for this person or that person or this group or that group. buff the reality is that the majority of the people who took advantage of those, both of those provisions were black and brown so when you take it away. what you are doing is you are at
4:27 am
least give the appearance much targeting black and brown folk. and so my point yesterday was give them some options because those are the same things we dealt with in the past. it might seem rather benign that somebody would ask you how many had [inaudible] bar of soap. at the same time, the fact of the matter is that was used discriminary torely against black and brown folks so here we are essentially follow the same pattern and that's what we're trying to prevent. we have increasing access to voting and, in fact, in texas, we spent a heck of a lot of time trying to expand the reach of the second amendment so that everybody could carry a gun.
4:28 am
so we expand the opportunities for people to vote. brian: harold, you sound personally reasonable everything you bring up true. in the past those things actually happened. you look at today, there is now 13 days of early voting. you have added a situation where counties have to require people who use mail-in voting to contact them if anything is wrong to cure those ballots. the drive-thru voting only took place during the pandemic. and the 24-hour as well. and i think it's almost a disparity to minorities to think they don't want to get out of the car. why is that a black or white or minority or majority issue? >> well, again, i go back to the point that i made. that because disproportionately minority folks utilized it, then that became in targeting to do away with it. brian: right. >> almost as if what you are doing is trying to do away with minority participation. brian: do you really think after talking to dan patrick and the
4:29 am
governor, do you really think they want to get rid of minority -- you could tell racism when you see it, do you think they are being racist in putting any of these things together? do you think they don't want minorities to vote? >> well, i know that it seems to me that having a smaller tent is what they're after. and, in fact, i had to argue that we have an expression of intent in the bill and what it's supposed to do. i raised the point yesterday with them that shouldn't the intent be to increase access to voting, which is not in there at this point? and so the author -- that should be one of the provisions in the bill regarding intent. and so, i don't call them racist. i don't say that but i do know in the application of the provisions that they are advocating, it has the disproportionate impact on minority.
4:30 am
and black folks and brown folks. brian: i have not seen the stats that say minorities need to drive threw. i would just like to add this. you have confirmed that you are in talks with trying to work this out. but you are not necessarily representing everybody that has left. the last thing i would like to ask you, you guys decided you didn't want to give them a quorum so you left. would you also recommend that the republicans senators in washington leave the country if they don't like what democrats are proposing because they are in the majority? >> well, i think when you are in the legislative body, you use all the rules that are to your advantage. i think that's being done by the senators now. in terms of the rules. they have a rule -- they have a filibuster rule. and so they're using that effectively. and so why shouldn't everybody who is a part of the body be able to use the rules to their advantage? brian: right. it just -- i just don't know
4:31 am
texans. they don't usually cut and run when there is an argument to be won. and it seems like you guys have. >> let me say this. you know, everybody points to that. but i think the point is that we have all got to at some point come together to do some things. brian: unfortunately we have to go. harold, thanks for your time. at least you are trying to do something and you came back to do it and i hope your sister is okay. i really do. thank you so much. it sounds like you are a reasonable guy and you can work this out. thank you. >> all right. thank you. brian: all right. still ahead on our show, portland mayor under pressure amid his plans for a welcome back festival after a year of nearly nonstop violence. pete hegseth on that. pete will also join me tonight on "fox news primetime" at 7:00. amongst our guest david petraeus, stephen miller, michael waltz marc thiessen and charles payne. getting up close look at balloons as she prepares to take off on the festival of ballooning ♪
4:32 am
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4:35 am
ainsley: it is your shot of the morning. steve: because after a canceled
4:36 am
event last year the balloons are taking to the skies once again in readington, new jersey for the 38th annual lottery festival of ballooning. brian: all right. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean our balloon correspondent for the day. steve: hello. brian: janice. ainsley: she is in a hot air balloon it looks like. janice: we are inside a balloon and i want to talk about how you become a pilot. >> absolutely. so, you know, this is the same pilot license and the same training that you get no matter what you fly. the difference is when you are training for a hot air balloon, the operational part is all about lighter than air. so i know same runway laws and seat belt laws and navigating laws any other pilot does. with a balloon i have this type of situation rather than fixed wing or helicopters which have reporters. janice: how did you get into this. >> i live in reddington, new jersey. growing up in backyard i naturally would come here as a kid. i met some pilots local willing to help me train to get my
4:37 am
license. here we are today. my second hot air balloon and seventh festival and flying for 10 years. janice: tell me about the weather. it's deceiving you see sunny skies but you have to have perfect specification. >> balloons are really sensitive to wind. somebody might go outside and see the trees flutter and flags dancing lightly that will be too windy. we are looking for conditions 7 miles per hour or less. clear skies, great visibility, really we fly at sunrise and sun set those are the most ideal times where the weather systems are the calmest. janice: you really look at the forecast every year for this festival. >> absolutely. we watch this very, very closely. really we are microweather. you are going to tell us about the weather in this region. i need to know the weather in this specific field at this very minute not the weather in the new york region. janice: how excited are you this year. last year we didn't have it because of covid. i think a lot of people are going to want to come out and have a great time. >> we had a dozen balloons out here this morning. it's going to be packed weekend.
4:38 am
great lineups with styx and bare naked ladies this weekend. i'm so excited for it really cool thing about this being in my backyard. ballooning small community. they gather with me to fly in my hometown nothing better. janice: do you do this often. i do it often. it's been a light year. we are flying out every month most weekends. and this is it. this is inside the balloon. and i absolutely love being in here. janice: i love that i'm in here. i want to take a ride with you. will you do that for me? >> absolutely see if we can get it done later. i know it's getting late in the day see if we can make that happen. janice: three-day festival here in new jersey. vinny is going to be here with this beautiful balloon. we will be here all weekend. i'm glad the weather cooperated good luck. >> thank you, appreciate it i will see you soon. janice: steve, ainsley, brain, i can't believe i'm inside a balloon. steve: don't let them take off with you inside you better be in the gondola. just saying. thank you very much, j.d. meanwhile the mayor of portland,
4:39 am
oregon taking heat for his plans for a welcome back festival. welcome back after a year of nearly nonstop violence surges crime and fiery protest. in a tweet calling to, quote: rekindle the love. mayor wheeler highlighting an event that starts today with concerts, roller skating and more family friendly activity. social media users quick to mock his plan like this twitter user who pointed out gang members and antifa love roller skating. "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth also loves roller skating. pete, you know. pete: i do. steve: obviously we have been watching the images from portland for a year. it's a mess there buff now he is realizing, wait, nobody is coming to visit. we have got to pretend things are just fine even though last week downtown an 18-year-old woman was shot and a bunch of other people as well. it's not safe there. pete: yeah. we have a gang violence problem.
4:40 am
a homeless problem. a drug problem. we have got the businesses that were shut down during covid-19. we have got all these problems, none of which have been addressed this ted wheeler, he is taking the michael scott approach from the office. you know, morale is at an all-time low. no, we have not fixed the processes by which your leadership addresses whether or not the office runs properly. we are going to throw a huge party. if we throw a huge party, then everyone will feel better about their terrible lot in life sitting in the corner of the office not being productive. we just threw a big roller skating party in portland. everyone will be distracted from the needles and gunfire and businesses that are closed and the fact that no one wants to visit because the police have been defunded. who disposition secure this big old party? is it defunded and demoralized police told to stand down effectively against antifa and black lives matter thugs? no, so it is the indick tia of the worst form of leadership. not actually addressing things, pretending like a party will make everyone feel better. and, of course, it only makes it
4:41 am
worse because it exposes how out of touchy is. incredibly out-of-touch with his own city. steve: it will be interesting to see how many people actually show up for this fun weekend that starts today. meanwhile, pete, speaking of fun weekends, you are going to be here on the curvey couch tomorrow morning starting at 6:00. who are some of your guests over the next two days? >> you better believe it here sour list for this weekend, dan bongino, morgan ortegas, jack brewer, katie pavlich, lawrence jones and that is just the beginning. check us out saturday, sunday, four hours, 6 to 10, we will be there. steve: aren't you also celebrating national tequila day? pete: i think we are, yes. that is will's favorite so of course we are. [laughter] yeah. i mean, why not? don't give me a reason. steve: there you go. all right. pete. thank you very much. we will be watching this weekend. ainsley: seven kids that will do it. steve: more of a reason it does turn off the voices in your head. [laughter] steve: i have heard what i have
4:42 am
read in books. anyway, watch this weekend. meanwhile, up next. key conditions take the stand in the murder trial of a university of south carolina student. nancy grace breaks down the new developments and nancy is next. ♪ (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first.
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that's seeing no limits. varilux lenses by essilor. . ainsley: several key watches take the stand yesterday for the man charged with killing samantha. nathan roll sutherland accused of kidnapping and killing her mistook him for a uber driver in may of 2019. the suspect's ex-girlfriend testifying against him in court. >> picked her up. >> in that seat? yes, ma'am. >> and you say she gets blood on her shoe? >> yes, ma'am. >> from the backseat? >> from stepping on the
4:47 am
floorboard picked her daughter up from day care and had blood in her shoe driving his car. nancy grace is the host of crime stories on fox nation and she joins us now. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. thank you for inviting me. it was a very tough day in the courtroom yesterday where family of this gorgeous young girl samantha that josephson see a murder weapon. the murder weapon looked -- it's nasty looking. it's a bladed multitool. it looks like a double headed knife. the girlfriend of the defendant saw him cleaning it and his car out. said why are you doing that? he said it's none of your business. so the family had to see this weapon and their daughter's blood -- so dark you couldn't tell what color her shirt was it was a did you have tough day. steve: i gray up in this town. this really shook the entire
4:48 am
country because we all take ubers after that we all started checking our phones and checking the license tag and making sure we were getting into the right uber. he used this weapon. did he -- i read that he drove around a few times and then came back to the scene. where did he dump her body? how did he do this? did he jump in the backseat? >> ? this is what happened she had been out celebrating. about to graduate from college and she had already been accepted to law school at drexel with a scholarship. ainsley: wow. >> the reason i'm telling you that is because she was no dummy. and that makes all of us or we should wonder and watch what we're doing if somebody this smart could have been tricked, we can and our children can too. she is leaving this celebration from the bird dog restaurant and bar that night with her friends. she has called an uber. she goes outside. this guy, this guy was trolling the area. pulls up and gets her that he is the uber. she is found ultimately by
4:49 am
hunters, 65 miles away. but only two miles from where he had lived. he knew the area very well. she was stabbed over 100 times. head to toe, are face, neck, torso, hands, feet, here's the problem for the state. there was none of her d.n.a. on his body and none of his d.n.a. on her body. and when they booked him in, he had no cuts or scratches. but, i would like to point out, when he was arrested after a foot chase, that's significant, her blood was on his tennis shoes. ainsley: wow, i know he had the child safety locks in the car door so she couldn't get out. talk about fox nation special. it's bill cosby investigation with nancy grace. tell us about it. >> well, i'm very proud that we get to show the viewers the victim's testimony what they would have said if they could
4:50 am
have. and it portraying the anguish that they have gone through after crosby, the rapist, is released. ainsley: thank you so much it's on fox nation now. >> thank you. ainsley: come up sarah huckabee sanders is going to join us live and up next how does $10,000 sound to you. tom shillue tells us how you can make it yours with the phi theta fox bet super 6quiz show.
4:51 am
4:52 am
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4:54 am
. jillian: turning himself into police. a generous gesture from country star luke colmes. is he paying for the funerals of three outcome men who died while attending the faster horses music festival in michigan. dawson brown, richie mayse jr. were found dead inside a trailer. investigators say the three men
4:55 am
most likely suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from a portable generator that may be r residents in november and 100-year-old world war ii veteran treated to a ride in a navy helicopter with voluntary emergency services throughout the war. it was a special birthday gift from the navy. black wanted to ride on a submarine but as you can see she was all smiles.
4:56 am
>> all you have to do is answer 6 questions correctly on a wide variety of topics. >> we are about to give you the exact question. the host of happy hour streaming now, sign up, >> good morning to you. >> so easy to download the apps, you can play with one finger. how many will they have by sunday night? 0, one, 2, five. >> i will say 3. >> definitely 5. the most, usa. >> i will go with one.
4:57 am
>> 5 or more, question number 2, which of the following will score the most? pirates, yankees, cardinals, rangers, royals. >> yankees. >> i will go with yankees. >> everyone has a different team. question number 3. how many stocks in the dow closed the day negative territory by 4:00 pm friday? 8, nine, 11, 12, 14, 15 or more? >> can i call charles payne or do i have to answer right now? >> i hope you pick up and see. everybody else - tv shows stretch the blue so i am going to go with that too. >> which of the following celebrities will have the most instagram posts friday and
4:58 am
saturday, justin bieber? >> gwen stefanik because she's 11 can't help herself. >> i will go with britney. she's not in love with her father and she is herself. >> is that a song? >> not sure. it will be a hit. >> which of the following movies will be highest on the bestsellers in amazon video, rick and mortar, animal kingdom, yellowstone? >> yellowstone. >> it is not dropping this weekend. >> you didn't put my favorite show ever, fred clause? >> know. >> the lasso. >> ted lasso.
4:59 am
>> it is not fair to judge the analysts. >> which ones do we watch first? ted lasso or yellowstone? >> everyone talks about it. >> i love yellowstone. >> who will win best continuing series of comicon? >> stillwater. >> daredevils. >> past. >> you got to pick one. >> daredevil. i don't know. >> i guess this is good. they are all gases. that the super 6 apps, see how easy it is to play. >> we have had one of the winners on who won 10,$000. he didn't know, took a guess on a couple of them and got 10,$000. >> is that your money? >> everybody is playing with my money. >> thank you very much. all right.
5:00 am
we are coming up -- download the fox bit super 6 apps. 18 seconds it will be 8:00 in new york city was our 3 of "fox and friends" starts right now. >> mask mandate on the come back. >> we are not doing that in florida. >> an expected jump in jobless claims. what i hear is we are ready to higher, people need to have the skills, we opened our doors backup, guests came, employees have not. >> texas democrats after a week dodging their duties was this whole thing a mistake? >> in the legislative body you use it to your advantage. >> how so? >> they included advice from the abolition teaching network. >> it was an error. >> the critical race theory in
5:01 am
every aspect of government. >> what goes through your mind? >> they didn't want to do that. ♪♪ ♪♪ they call the shine ♪♪ will: a little dirt on your boots, that is live at harrison, arkansas, the sun comes up going for a high of 90 and mister party right there, part of the all-american summer concert series. you see dirt on my boots, to kill a little time. ainsley: i love country music.
5:02 am
will: i don't know of a song that doesn't put a smile on your face. he is so aptly named. ainsley: we were laughing about it in the first hour. is there a mrs. cardi? what is her name? pete: she looks like -- it looks like he did the one thing every country music singer should do, use the stage to his advantage, got engaged in front of a packed house. i don't want to give it away but that is just the apparel. we've seen several time sometimes people choose a very large -- there are a lot of people watching and then know. it happened this week. at a ballgame. >> she said no in front of the whole crowd?
5:03 am
will: friday night will be date night for them. brian: that was on instagram. ashley: it is a:02. let's talk about the flight for face coverings. the white house calls out florida governor ron desantis for calling out school mask mandate. >> the biden administration, still no decision on nationwide mask mandates. brian: they view him as a political rival. griff jenkins joins us to break it down and explain what is going on on this wednesday. >> reporter: happy friday and we have a war of words, the white house golding ron desantis for refusing to force children to mask up in school.
5:04 am
in oppressive this week the cdc will advise kids under 12 to wear a face covering. >> there has been talk about potentially people advocating at the federal level, imposing a compulsory mask on kids. we are not doing that in florida. we need our kids to breathe. brian: jen psaki claiming not masking at schools will put kids at risk, by not covering their faces in public. >> if i were a parent in florida that would be greatly concerning to me because kids under the age of 12 are not vaccinated. they are not eligible to be vaccinated. brian: the press secretary on breitbart news saying parents who feel more comfortable muzzling their children are not following the science. that said, parents are about to make their own joyce's in florida. masks won't be mandated in schools. jen psaki insists no determination has been made on
5:05 am
mandating masks regarding the cdc. >> we are regularly in touch and have are given meetings with the cdc about how to continue to address the virus. there hasn't been a decision made. it will always be lead with public health guidance. brian: the cdc is sticking with its current guidance, saying it is an individual's choice to wear a mask if vaccinated. brian: if they change the guidance, we were told if you get the shot you don't have to wear the mask. there is huge pushback, these people are outraged more than anybody in the country. >> people go i'm not going to go to a restaurant. i will stay home. >> that is why gavin newsom is being recalled because of the lockdowns down there.
5:06 am
we hope you are not wearing a mask, there she is, she's running for governor in arkansas. good morning to you. >> great to be back with you guys. will: the cdc is talking to the white house about changing the mask mandate because we see these surges of coronavirus almost all of that with the unvaccinated. whether it is the state level or federal level got to figure out what to do about people who've not gotten the shot. if you had the opportunity and can you should but this is a real problem because we don't want more restrictions. ashley: talking about masks at school. >> and governor desantis is right, he's a great job in florida. if i am elected governor in arkansas we will not have mask
5:07 am
mandates, we want have mandates on the vaccines, shutdown churches and schools and other large gatherings because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility. it is one of the key cornerstones of our country. i think if president biden and vice president harris and others on the left are serious about saving lives through the vaccine they should admit they were wrong when they tamped down on operation work speed at the beginning and give donald trump and his administration the credit they are due for helping get this vaccine created safely, quickly and effectively, that would make a huge difference and they should take some responsibility and step up and fix the mistake they made by casting so much doubt. >> 52% of republicans are vaccinated and the president doesn't have to go far to see
5:08 am
his frustration, get vaccinated. if you wants to do everything possible including knocking on doors he would put some security on the border, 1 million plus people, no idea their medical history, 900% increase and number to the other thing is say i give credit to the previous administration for operation warp speed and i am proud we were able to get those shots in arms and everyone had a chance to say yes or no, he could do both things, couldn't he? >> absolutely. this was a vaccine that was created safely and effectively under the trump administration and he should give credit to that administration. that would make a huge difference in the rhetoric, take away the politicization we have seen over the course of the last year on this issue if they would admit they were wrong when they cast the original doubt on operation warp speed and give credit to the previous administration. ashley: the jobless claims
5:09 am
numbers, this week, 419,000, that is the most in the last two months and people struggling to find workers, truck drivers to deliver items to the grocery stores, there's a lot. people are offering perks for new hires and if you ask this administration for commerce secretary said it is not a worker shortage but a shortage in talent. listen. >> a worker shortage many employers are finding when getting back up in front of the hospitality and tourist areas. >> it is a cute. every business i talked to says they need to find talent. i don't know if i would call a shortage per se. i would say there is a skills gap. what i hear all the time, from
5:10 am
companies, we are ready to hire, but people need to have the skills. that's what we have to get at the business side and we need to make sure women and people of color and people in rural areas have digital skills so they can get those good jobs. >> if you don't have a job you are not talented enough apparently. >> not only is she missing the mark here, but it is hard for businesses to hire employees when the biden administration is paying them to sit home and do nothing, they need to stop paying people to stay home. if they care about workforce development and put that money into job skills training and matching those people with high skilled jobs and stop wasting taxpayer money keeping people at home when they are capable it should be at work and engaged in the workforce.
5:11 am
we are seeing the effects of that in these numbers over the last couple months. brian: president biden kind of admitted the extra money was keeping people on the sidelines. if it is happening it is over so forget about it. a couple days ago here on the channel on "fox and friends" we broke the story about how the department of education in looking to reopen american schools sent out 10,000 school districts a roadmap to reopening and in the footnotes, if you have any questions on social and emotional learning.
5:12 am
and critical race theory, and peter doocy asked this of jen psaki. and made their guidance for reopening. and teaching networks. if the administration had a follow-up, and lesson plans. and it is a lengthy document.
5:13 am
does not represent the administration's view and endorsed recommendations and in the process of it. >> congratulations to your research team that one outfit out of thousands of citations. there are not thousands of citations or footnotes at the end. and >> it has everything to do with the fact that someone at fox news called them out on it. it is appalling to teach a generation of students that america is somehow racist and evil country.
5:14 am
this is a country created on the opposite idea. if i push this idea not only will it destroy our country but raising a generation of kids to hate the country and hate each other i can't think of anything more damaging or opposite to who we are as a country. let it not be lost on anyone that the radical left is not looking to change policies but to fundamentally change who we are as a country and not sit back and hold their feet to the fire and call them out to push this outlandish radical left teaching particularly when it is in schools, to take away their funding and the aggressive manner possible. this is something i cannot allowed to take place in schools across the country. >> what else are they hiding. sneaking the sins of the right doesn't find out. pretty scary.
5:15 am
>> the reason america is the greatest country the world has ever known, we have people who want to change who we are as a country and teach an entire generation the wii or something other than that and that is appalling that we are aggressive in pushing back. brian: thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. >> thank you for letting me be on. brian: 15 minutes after the hour according to reports. >> the nypd makes looking for someone who brutally beaten, the woman in harlem. the video is disturbing but it you can see 3 women and a man pulling 61-year-old woman offer walker pushing her to the ground and viciously beating her. at one point woman is seen hitting the victim with a cooking pot.
5:16 am
$22 and credit cards, the woman is recovering from her injuries. 30% immigrants in ice custody refuse the covid vaccine. out of 27,000 migrants entertainment 1100 of them tested positive for covid and according to ask leo's ice has 9500 doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine. a plane landing gear in the middle of a golf course. the peace came from a plane that took off from the portland jet port and landed at the country club. no one was hurt. the pilot of that plane was able to form a belly landing on long island. it is the smack seen all around the world. a teenager gets wild surprise when this happened, a single smashes into her face on an amusement park ride in new
5:17 am
jersey. >> it is going the opposite direction and turned around and came into me. >> even though the ride was going 70 miles per hour, i've seen this 100 times and it gets me all the time. >> just want to throw it away. the birds are very clean. birds a clean. >> i would rather not test the theory. >> i don't think pigeons are. >> aren't pigeons rats with wings? they are constantly -- cleaning themselves.
5:18 am
>> military leaders warning of a cup of taliban and take over in afghanistan, american troops have been withdrawn, general jack keane will assist the talent and threat. brian: president biden takes action in cuba. the fight for freedom continues, their waking up to. ♪♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts,
5:19 am
for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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5:21 am
♪ watch the olympic games on xfinity ♪ ♪ root for team usa and feel the energy ♪ ♪ 7000 plus hours of the olympics on display ♪ ♪ with xfinity you get every hour of every day ♪ ♪ different sports on different screens ♪ ♪ you can watch it anywhere ♪ ♪ and with the voice remote ♪ ♪ you never have to leave your chair ♪
5:22 am
show me team usa. ♪ all of this innovation could lead to some inspiration ♪ ♪ and you might be the next one to represent our nation ♪ ♪ this summer on your tv, tablet, or any screen ♪ ♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ >> the order of magnitude a
5:23 am
significant amount of territory has been seized over 6 or 8 or 10 months by the taliban and. there is a possibility of a complete tell a ban takeover or other scenarios. >> generally awkwardly trying to -- he acknowledged any tell a ban takeover is possible in afghanistan and the islamist groups making significant gains is true withdrawal is massive, quick and going to be done by the end of august. general jack keane, when i was reading that people saw at home the map of afghanistan with the taliban in control, what is significant about what they controller don't control? >> the chairman's remarks are fortuitous, the momentum the
5:24 am
taliban gained, largely due to lack of us presence particularly airpower, get you to figure out what the taliban is up to. that is a possibility the taliban will take control. certainly president biden made the decision to pull us forces out, does not want the taliban to take control, which would likely happen. reasonable people can be on both sides of the decision and we've discussed that on "fox and friends" but what they fail to do is put in place a transition and strategy to deal with the situation about us forces on the ground and to find places to position our airplanes to work out a
5:25 am
strategy dealing with security at the kabul airport and we have a huge problem on our hands, they are under the control of the taliban and, the afghan security forces willingly gave some of that up, that they can't defend throughout the country. and there were 34, to be in control of those. and they start the move without that and that is an ideal time, i'm encouraged, us airpower was applied for the first time in months in support of the afghan security forces four times.
5:26 am
that is a good thing and hopefully that plan will continue as we go into the future. that is very decisive. got to think reasonably what is happening, russia, china and iran are beneficiaries of this. those three countries do not want the taliban and in control, and and >> they have a small force of airpower, and despite gains and advances. in the political settlement, the who, the who is beginning
5:27 am
to understand china is not being transparent with this pandemic investigation and they want additional access to the lab to further study the origins of this virus and the answer was quick and direct from china, we will not accept such an origin trading plan is in some aspects disregard common sense and defies science and they will review the considerations to treat the origin trading of the covid 19 virus with a scientific matter and create political interference. what is significant about their pushback? >> they conducted an investigation and it was a sham, chinese officials never let them -- real people involved in the wuhan laboratory. the chinese officials interpretation of the data. and the condition for the
5:28 am
investigation, a year plus, they will never admit they were responsible for the origin of the virus. to support both of those, xi is about protecting his image and the ccp, powerful, competent and effective, that is why he is lying through his teeth because he doesn't want that damage and weakening the image of his domestic audience, he can't exist without their support and that is what this is about. >> we have to make clear to the rest of the world they killed, very ineptness resulted in the deaths of millions of people around the globe and destroyed countless economies including ours. thank you so much. >> have a wonderful weekend. brian: venice the residents are
5:29 am
fed up, the homeless crisis takes over, community again, not even a week after the city council cleaned up the boardwalk. this is an unwanted passenger. how this bear round up in this man's car. ♪♪ it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast.
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5:33 am
ashley: police release a frantic 9/11 call from the murtaugh murder. alex tells the dispatcher he found his wife and son shot to death outside their south carolina home. >> reporter: i the breathing? >> no, ma'am. >> it is your wife and son? >> my wife and my son. ashley: police have not found suspect in their murders. two texas democratic lawmakers after a week on capitol hill, while in washington six of the democrats tested positive for covid after being pictured
5:34 am
maskless on their flight to dc. texas state representative harold that junior went to washington but was not on that plane. he joined us earlier to discuss the positive cases, take a listen. >> i am sure they would all wear masks had i known the outcome of where we are now. >> the group is accused of infecting officials, back in the lone star state, republicans need 7 more democrats for the legislature to resume session. a wild viral video shows the terrifying moment a man coaxes a bear out of his car. watch. >> go! go! go! >> no thank you. the man carefully and quickly opened the door of his car to get the bear out, they are yelling and making loud noises to scare the bear off.
5:35 am
he showed the aftermath inside his car, a bit of damage and apparently got in because it was unlocked. that was the headline, the bear opened the door and got in. that is a brave dude. >> the residents of venice beach have had it after the california city conducted a massive cleanup. the iconic boardwalk is swarming with drugs and allison kampmann's, to continue the cleanup. vicki holiday joins us. venice beach used to be up beautiful beach, notice taken over by the homeless camera and. what is going on. how is this impacting you? >> it is getting better a block from the last zone. the cleanup areas are very
5:36 am
clean which we are excited about. by the thirtieth of july everybody will be gone and now we are concerned what sort of maintenance plan the city has to keep it that way. >> what are the leaders saying? >> the leaders haven't said very much. a lot of people are aware venice beach is typically under the jurisdiction of lapd whose hands have been tied because they answer, the la county sheriff villanueva swept in and decided this was a disaster. he broke up a logjam. we've been sitting with this for over a year and the process is slow but all of us are
5:37 am
becoming a little bit helpful. the tragedy, about where they are going to go over the long-term. that won't last forever. >> the images were sent in by you, someone sleeping on top of a couple mattresses, is that what you see every day. what did you make of gavin newsom welcoming homeless people over the country, come to california for a new beginning. >> we thought he could take the vineyards at this place because we've run out of room here, it is a tragedy, people sleeping in their cars, and and about 23
5:38 am
states, >> i'm glad you were hopeful, >> and geraldo rivera weigh in on that next and in just minutes janice dean will join us from the festival of ballooning. download the fox bit super 6 apps now to get started. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes.
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>> president biden authorized sanctions against communist cuban officials in the wake of that crackdown during those antigovernment protests. in a statement the president wants, quote, this is just the beginning of the united states will sanction individuals responsible for the oppression of the cuban people. geraldo rivera is, joins us to react. i am doing okay. president biden looks like he was going to essentially lift some of the trump era sanctions against cuba, but they had a big crackdown on the protesters and he can't do that. >> he was heading in that direction. more than the tropical drink, the aspiration of millions of cubans living under communist rule and the scale and spread
5:44 am
of these protests in cuba really is unprecedented so i absolutely agree with president biden to sanction the defense minister in the black parade, the elite unit that has been responsible for knocking heads, the brutal crackdown. with the sanctions imposed they can't have access to international markets, no trade and even remittances, the money going from cuban-americans to those in cuba have been cut off for now. i think we may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. particularly sanctioning, not allowing vaccines, the coronavirus vaccines to get to the strickland islands. we can't let cubans die because their leaders are communists. in the name of humanity we should send food to save the innocent. brian: one of the things the
5:45 am
united states the government could do to help the people of cuba is figure out how to get them in that service. we were able to see that uprising two weeks ago because they had service to social media companies and stuff like that that could coordinate rallies and protests all across the island. they have since pulled the plug on it but there have been some suggestions that they could float a weather balloon over it, get them internet so they could get the word out? >> i am all for that. this is in -- a group of liberals and progressives, they are doing more harm to ordinary cubans than the cuban government than the cuban reply to all this is the united states should look after its own acts of repression, they point to the riots and looting.
5:46 am
in terms of the internet, that is part of my suggestion. open up to cuba. let the cruise ships go there. that the cell phones go there. let satellite go there. let the every day us commerce and life, if we open up cuba the way we open up vietnam and china, a better chance of affecting the government's relationship with the cuban people. >> thanks for weighing in from cleveland. now let's check in with janice dean on location in new jersey in front of a sunny days kind of balloon that looks a lot like the book you did. >> make your own sunshine? that is exactly what is happening. this is the official balloon
5:47 am
for the new jersey lottery, the big ballooning festival happening all weekend, 3 days starting today and i got to take a little ride earlier. watch. this is take off i guess. we are actually flying. this is amazing. the weather is spectacular at "fox and friends". how do we look? is the weather good? i made that happen by the way. thank you so much to the pilot in the balloon and thankfully didn't land and anybody's backyard. a pretty good landing. it is a beautiful weekend, for this part of new jersey. the weekend is going to be sunny, high 80s looking good today and saturday and a few
5:48 am
scattered thunderstorms and all the pilots watching the weather and give you the latest on the forecast. for the official new jersey lottery ballooning festival in new jersey. it is a great pleasure here. back to you. >> almost done with our show but we have a special performance from country music star john pardi. bill hammer joins us now with coming attractions. >> nice to see you. have a great weekend. who is going to buy hunter biden's art? the white house talks about that. the chinese communist government will not open the door to covid investigations, this is a big problem for the world. radical teaching in the
5:49 am
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪
5:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪♪ i'm taking you up ♪♪ >> heartache on the dance floor which is brian's theme song. ashley: now john pardi is based on vocal rest back in june. pete: he joins us for the all-american summer concert series with the performance of his song tequila little time. what happened to your voice? are you okay now? >> everything is good. going 0-60, the last scope the changes a few things, lots of water but surprising allergy
5:54 am
medicine like allegra and stuff and i learned a lot. cut back on dairy and rocking every weekend thanks to vanderbilt. they are great here. >> you are there in tennessee but you were born in california. you love country music immediately but explain how you owe your career to the fact that your grandmother had a karaoke machine. >> my grandma bless her heart loved country music and she loved to sing and it was for fun. she wasn't trying to be a professional singer, she loved her karaoke machine. i was 4 or 5 when we started singing together and it came together. i remember getting a cassette
5:55 am
tape and singing on that. there is still some recordings out there. ashley: reborn with the last name pardi? >> yes, that was my father's name. >> and your wife summer? >> he is now summer pardi. >> what was your engagement like? >> nervous. it was fun. when you know you know. it is more confident that way. nashville, two sold out shows, in a special moment, something i will never forget in the global pandemic happened. >> you can get your tickets to see john and it is
5:56 am
time to do it's like karaoke only you are on "fox and friends". ladies and gentlemen, john pardi doing tequila little time. ♪♪ ♪♪ pardon me ♪♪ i don't mean to pry ♪♪ all the tears falling from your eyes ♪♪ to wear a smile ♪♪ hope you don't mind if i sit down for a while ♪♪ tequila little time ♪♪ when you bring us to ♪♪ i want tequila it'll time
5:57 am
with you ♪♪ what you are all about ♪♪ a little time with me ♪♪ ♪♪ we don't have to talk about the past ♪♪ looking back ♪♪ to the sands ♪♪ walking in the storm ♪♪ a couple more ♪♪ i did tequila little time with you ♪♪ a line will do ♪♪ what you bring us to ♪♪ i want tequila little time
5:58 am
with you ♪♪ ♪♪ what you are all about ♪♪ tequila little time with me ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ it had to happen ♪♪ ♪♪ i want tequila little time with you ♪♪ a line will do ♪♪ i want tequila little time with you ♪♪ talking it all out ♪♪ see what you are all about ♪♪ i want tequila little time with you
5:59 am
♪♪ ♪♪ want tequila little time with me ♪♪ want tequila little time with me ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> it is pardi time. go to ashley: a little in the caribbean. brian: everyone will be playing the weekend long. i hope you can join me tonight at 7:00. among our guests general david petraeus, michael walsh, critical race theory in the military, what president i just bit in the ukraine, and a guy
6:00 am
named will cain. >> and a guy named pete hegseth. ashley: how are you feeling? >> feeling good. hard to have a personal life. thank you very much for joining us on "fox and friends," see you back here. in the meantime to the newsroom.


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