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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 22, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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legitimate questions, who will attack you, asking honest questions about how things work, why we are doing it this way. if people shout at you for asking questions, you know a lot about their motives. that's it for us tonight. a new episode of "tucker carlson today" tomorrow at 4:00. we will be back every night at 8:00 p.m. sean hannity joins us next. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." we will bring you the latest on hunter biden's portraits of a, the walls beginning to close in on the biden families in the kit. plus i have a message to the fraud pluralists in the mob and the media who are lying about yours truly and our coverage of covid-19 and vaccines and what i have been saying and how consistent i have been saying it. but first we begin with joe biden. last night, yes, your fearless leader came out of hiding for a
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very special town hall. very few people watched on a fakech news at cnn. despite never ending stream of softball questions and plenty of coddling from don lemon, the town hall was charitably i will say in the integrated in the and an unmitigateddisast. at times no one seemed what to know what the hell joe was talking about. not don lemon, not the audience, not even joe himself. as usual, we let you a decide. >> i've heard you speak about it, i might not be solicitous, but you are always straight up about what you are doing. the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are, why can't the experts say, we know that this virus is in fact, it's going to be -- excuse me, we know why all the
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drugs approved are not temporary. but permanently approved. that's underway, i expect that to occur quickly. >> for the fda? >> think of the people... if your kid wanted to find out whether or not there is a man on the moon or something, whether those aliens are here or not, who are the people they talk to be on the kids love talking about it? they go to people they respect. >> we have a president who, to beav charitable again at times s completely unable to communicate a total cognitive mess. i know i've joked about it in the past, but it's really not funny anymore. this is a real national security crisis that has emerged not only for the u.s., but for the world and it's completely being ignored by the media mob, the big tech mob, the twitter blue check mob and big tech cult that
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exist, they only seem to talk to each other. but when joe was able to form a semicoherent sentence, he was almost always lying. the first example involves crime in america. according to your president joe biden, crime is actually down to him he says.or watch for yourself. >> not being a wise guy. have you seen my gun legislation i'm going to produce? as you know, actually crime is down. gun violence and murder rates are up. guns. >> tucker: you are the president, but i'll help you out. murder is way up in every major city in the country. assaults are up, carjackings have spiked also. out there in california, the socialist paradise it is, shoplifting now is so bad because they aren't going to arrest you or charge you t unles you still over $8,000. retailers have to close early and some retailers have closed
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locations permanently because of the never ending theft. look at your screen right now. look what's happening here, happening all over california. crooks, what they do is they come in with garbage bags, fill it up with merchandise, keep it under a thousand bucks so they don't get in trouble, they walk right out of the store and in joe's reality, everything is free. how does the business ever get to stay in business that way? they rarely get arrested and almost never get prosecuted. but according to joe biden, thet real problem in this country, americans who lawfully exercise your second amendment rights, your constitutional rights. watch this. >> the idea that you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it's a 9-millimeter pistol or whether it is a rifle, it's
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ridiculous. i'm continuing to push to eliminate the sale of these things. >> i have a license to carry a nine miller made a weapon. in, one of the most selfless defense weapons, there is no wonder 28 capacity for a 9-millimeter that i've ever heard of but i'm willing to see it if you are showing it to me but i wouldn't expect joe biden to know that because he barely knows what day of the week it is. any issues, sometimes it seems he's living in an alternatete reality of his. inin fact, get this, according o joe, no longer a crisis at our southern border. this is what they call at burger king whopper with cheese and double bread and double meat. take a look.
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>> we've been able to move significantly to change the number -- there are thousands of people in custody with the border patrol. >> if you were -- your administration, i will tell you why. you are releasing them all over the country. of course, migrants pour across the southern border in droves. we've got the numbers in june, another record 18800 migrants entering our country illegallynt and that's only the numbers we know about. that's in "the new york times," joe, but i digress. that would involve inflation that every american is feeling come up watch.
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>> instead of paying $0.10, you are paying 20 -- you understand what i'm saying. now needed because we are growing. suggesting that there is any long-term march year and we do the things we are going to do. >> the economist that joe's referring to has a name. literally wrote an op-ed called "the inflation risk is a real," the article is in "the wall street journal," forbes and bloomberg also discuss the long terms inflation risk. it's getting bad. even though we are calculate in the misery index that we really haven't measured since jimmy carter. even biden's own treasury secretary janet yellen warned a month of rapid inflation. maybe joe miss that meeting or maybe he just forgot or may be
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he should send the kamala harris to do more of the jobs that he's supposed to do. inflation is not only a glaring concern in the biden economy, another serious problem surrounds the massive labor shortage, that's real too. in many cases, businesses are completely unable to fill job openings because of biden's generous covid-19 handouts that continue to go on. don't worry. according to joe, if you are a business owner, you can magically print money and pay everyone more, you probably aren going to have to suffer more. kind of sounded like jimmy carter saying "lower your heat and put a sweater on." take a look. >> people being paid 7-8 dollars per hour, plus tips, i think you'll be finding them 15 bucks an hour or more. >> you say we will end the things keeping people back, do you think it'll be on employment benefits? >> i don't think it did much.
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but the point is is argued that because the extent of unappointed benefits cap people, they'd rather stay home and that work then go to work... >> did that? >> i see no evidence and had any serious impact. >> tucker: yes, you have another lie from joe biden according to multiple reports, the biden unemployment benefits are keeping workers home. the jobless rate sadly just went up again. he's been in the swamp, the sewer, for 50 plus years, maybe 100 depending how you dopl math. he did make money there, to be fair, forgot to report all the income. we dotl now know that he directy benefited from zero experience hunter. just need to pay people more money pit how much are other people willing to pay for a hamburger, cheeseburger?
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the insults, the stammering, the confusion of joe biden, that's a town hall was to say the least tough to watch for the few people that actually watched it. one "washington post" reportergt noted "president biden has said not a joke seven times the past 30 minutes." in other words, it's not a joke. literally. sad. but it's true. this is your president. you decide again. >> really has come not a joke. [bell ringing] i'm not joking. [bell ringing] not a joke. [bell ringing] not a joke [bell ringing] ami'm not joking [bell ringing] >> tucker: not a joke! come on, man. did you use cocaine? are you a junkie? that was a moment, one of the rare moments he left his basement bunker. the only saving grace would be the biden administration is that very few people saw more people watched our town hall from miami and look at
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this, the auditorium for joe was half empty. wow. doesn't look like a trump rally in any way, does it? many on the left would like to ignore joe biden altogether, it's way past time that the administration answers serious questions about the president's clear cognitive decline. don't expect tough questions from the media mob. they will keep the media program the last town hall we'll see in a very longlo time. former white house physician, ronny jackson, along with former advisor to president trump stephen miller. you were the medical doctor, ronny jackson, for two presidents, president trump and president obama. we have aired a tape of 2012, 2016, 2020 of joe biden and now
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today. donald trump took a cognitive test, you've got 30 out of 30 right. i hear it's a difficult test. i do not think joe biden would do well on that test. is that a fair assessment? ment? >> absolutely. i said this from the beginning, something is going on here. i said this when he was candidate joe biden. it's only going to get worse. we are watching that happen right before our eyes right now. i am at the point i went from telling people we should be concerned about what might be going on, to now saying: what i ten now saying what is happening right now? people in the academic medicine for president trump to have a cognitive test, where are these people? something seriously weird going on with this man right now. either going to resign, going to convince him to resign at some point for medical issues or they are going to have to use the 25th amendment to get rid of this man right now. serious stuff going on right now and if they do that, it'll be
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the president's cabinet that initiates that. if you are a cabinet member right now, secretary of treasury, his attorney general cleve got me looking at him right now thinking to yourself, what is going on, can i take direction from this man right now. i don't think it's going to be happening right now. there's going to be serious pushback from the white house, from t the left to do something about what'syo going on. you mentioned in your opening, this is a national security issue at this point, sean. really is. >> tucker: don't disagree with you. stephen miller, under the guise of covid protection as it kept them in thete basement bunker in the campaign and he seemed to disappear for long periods of time, only to be a big moment in the campaign, either in debate or democratic national convention, they were able to get him over these humps, i think now the question becomes very valid. who knew about joe's cognitive decline and why did they not
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speak out? frankly, what about the people closest to him who knew about it, why did they allow this to continue? >> first offco all, i don't thik it's going to be sustainable for the white house to continue refusing dr. ronny jackson's requests that they perform a cognitive test. anybody watching that town hall last night and as you mentioned, not many were conceded his cognitive situation, deteriorating, deeply alarming for all americans. also raise the issues about these long absences when he would disappear before major events. what were they doing before that time period? i'm sure a medical professional like dr. jackson would have some ideas about the kinds of things that could be doing, but those questions have never been answered. the first thing i say that it has real policy applications for our country, who is making
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decisions about covid, making decisions about thehe border, wo is making decisions about russia and the north stream pipeline. clearly it is not joe biden. >> sean: this is a good point. we are at the six month mark since he's been in office. what is the grade that america would give him? i'd given my grade, what grade would you give them in immigration, what grade would you give with immigration, the cost of a gallon of ethylene, on average $1.25. every store you go to now cost more. what do you give them with the economy, what grade you give him with these extended unemployment benefits? what grade are you going to give them on china that's threatening our military bases and the "reunification of taiwan." workers, career jobs, and yet
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give vladimir putin a waiver to make his pipeline. ronny jackson, can think of a single thing where i would say, you've done a really good job there. >> like i said, we do not know who is pulling the strings. i tell you right now, we are the only ones watching this. our adversaries overseas, they are watching this closely. watching every single thing he does. if someone is planning to take advantage in the near future, they've got to take a look at what's going on. joe biden thinking it's a perfect time to come after us, that's what scares me. i think we really need to be worried of that right now. we need somebody who will inspire confidence in the american people and inspire the right level of fear and pause in our adversaries. >> wish we had more time. a brief message from me to the mob in the media.
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i have no idea why but it was only in the last week, my coverage of coronavirus, covid-19, got the attention of the liberal press in their attempts to paint this great network of ours, which has varying opinions, which is actually a fair and balanced, to paint us as a dangerous anti-vax network. they've watched this program and were shocked to discover what i said, and what i had been saying for months and months and months. suddenly sean hannity and other fox hosts are urging their viewers to get covid-19 vaccines! here's another headline, sean hannity basically begs his viewers to get vaccinated. another quote. "the view," sunny these reports are all false for multiple reasons. first, i touted operation
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warp speed since the beginning in january of 2020, i was predicting that i had so much faith in american research, the medical community, scientists, and as usual it was my prediction that it would likely be american ingenuity and genius that'll help us find therapeutics and i praise the efforts of all of these scientists and medical professionals, those involved in therapeutics, the three vaccines that are now up on the market and literally dozens of others. in terms of therapeutics. but i never told anybody to get a vaccine. i've been very clear. i am simply not qualified, i'm not a medical doctor. i know nothing about your medical history or your current medical condition. i think it's inappropriate for me to do so. instead for over a year now, i've been warning my viewers,
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you make my career possible. i want every american, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, i want you to be healthy. i've seen the worst in this virus and people i care about and to take covid-19 seriously. i've said it over and over and over again, not in the last week. i said to take it seriously, do your own research, there is a a ton of it. right at the tip of your fingers on your own phone. look at all of the studies, consult your doctor or doctors, consult medical professionals who you trust, and based on your specific medical history and health issues, that will be an important decision with you and your doctor based on your very unique specific circumstances. i've had many doctors on this program some i agree with and some might disagree with, and i pelted them with questions about covid-19 and the vaccine, and therapeutics. hydroxychloroquine, we've passed
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on the information to inform people how all americans can stay healthy. here's just aa small sample of how corrupt the media is in trying to use comments and take them out of context. i do not have the right to tell people what to do but i also believe in freedom. i believe people have the right to make their own decision. i ask that you take it seriously, do research, consult your doctors. y ocat the end of the day, has toe your decision. here's how it accurately covered the covid virus and vaccine. coronavirus is dangerous. those infected are contagious, often when they show symptoms. this pandemic is a serious crisis. be smart, think about other people ahead of yourself. that's why i wear a mask wherever i go. i did not support mandatory
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vaccinations. i don't. if doctors and scientists say it's safe, my personal inclination would be to take it after i read the studies, consult with my own personal doctors, make my own informed decision. i'm not a doctor either and i'm not going to play one on tv and tell you what you should do. that would be your individual choice. be smart. protect the people you love. follow the science, talk to your doctor and doctors. you don't need to talk to people on tv and radio that aren't doctors. let me say this one more time for all the idiots in the media mob to hear loudly and clearly. i am not a doctor. i will not dispense medical advice without a license. please, to my audience, take it seriously. firsthand, please research, talk to your doctor, please be careful. i am thankful to the amazing doctors, nurses, researchers,
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doctors who wrist all their lives to help not just all this great country, all the people in this great country, but the t world, as we always do what americans do, share our innovation with other countries. i believe in science and i believe in the science of vaccination. do you know why? e i have vaccinated a lot in my life, even when i was little. here with more, fox news contributor dr. nicole saphier. brought with you this news the other night, you laughed because i was asking every doctor that was all in, am i doing the right thing, am i giving the right advice, every step of the way, i reassured me in your opinion that i was by not telling people what to do. >> how absently absurd it isn't what's going on in media the last 72 hours? i was thinking back refreshing on this past week, march 11th i was on your program. it was when tom hanks told the
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world that he had been diagnosed with covid-19 and everyone was saying to him he's going to be great, going to be fine, on your program i said, great news is he's probably going to be fine. but he does have diabetes and as we are learning at this time, people with pre-existing conditions are at a higher risk of covid-19 and severe illness. i do believe that tom hanks is going to do great, he is at a higher risk. we called on americans saying live the healthiest life you possibly can right now. sars cove
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we also gave an era of caution that anyone could be subject to severe illness when it came to covid-19. you brought up operation warp speed. the fact that the vaccines were in production. i was a bit of a naysayer in the beginning. i studied microbiology and immunology before i went to medical school and said, listen, vaccines have never really gotten us out of a pandemic. year and a half out, we have not only one successful say vaccine, we have many. we are beyond what i've ever expected and we have continued to report the truth. the media is doing what they always do, they are being provocative and doing whatever ththey need to get a headline. the truth is we've been talking about this all along. >> sean: i respect people's decisions at the end of the day and they've got to make it based hopefully on research, on the science, on the unique medical condition. you've been as well. doctor, thank you. breaking news tonight. p lease say there's been a shooting in the heart of our nation's capitol. so far we are hearing two people wounded big get an update as the program progresses and when we come back, breaking news. more news from hunter biden's
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laptop from hell and his new artistic adventures, "portraits of a." and the great one mark 11, we have some great news and the great one, mark levine, we have some great news.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: we are learning tonight hunter biden will meet with his perspective art buyers at upcoming shows in new york and los angeles. iinle will ask again, what is te market for zero experience hunter, the great painter, portraits of a? why would the price be up so high? have a million bucks, we are told? maybe i'm just old-fashioned and suspicious. could it possibly mean more
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influence peddling by the biden family syndicate? may be trying get access to daddy like he had done in the past. why is it also secret, all of a mystery and a mounting of epic and legal concerns, circling back to jen psaki, she seems can be really with it. the suspicious behavior doesn't stop there.a new report from john solomon emails from hunter 'hard drive from hell contain messages from joe while he was vice president. that's not all. long time signature expert has concluded that it was in fact hunter biden who signed the receipt for the abandon laptop in april of 2019 and here to explain right now is the founder of john solomon along with foxes in jupiter miranda devine fox news contributor miranda
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devine. >> we saw hunter biden on tv saying he had no idea where the laptop came from. could have been stolen. the fbi's from your signature expert, a man who caught soviet spies by matching signatures over the years have looked at the receipts, compared to the one on hunter biden's license. many public documents. says unequivocally, hunter biden signed the receipt of the last time the laptop was turned over to macisaac. do you know how many people smeared john paul mcisaac? just let candler he clinton, joe biden had the private email account and was using it to send sensitive state departmentnt information -- >> sean: may i interrupt? is that legal? >> it could be legal. gets a briefing from the u.s. embassy in turkey and he sends it to his private email account and sends it to his son because his son was interested
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in the case. every part of the joe-hunter biden story that they propped on america has been completely debunked thanks to hunter biden's laptop. >> sean: i'm very anxious to get a hold on your book. because many people have the emails from zero experience hunter the implicate joe, that hunter was paying joe's bills, joe is having lunch, with a foreign business partners of hunter, where he said repeatedly that he had not. my understanding is that there are many photos and videos on that laptop and that many people don't have that part of the laptop became. but you might have had access to it. it's a rumor. is that true? >> we have the entire laptop and everything in it and it's fantastic that john has done that signature matching because of course, everything that we have found and published about
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the laptops verifies the fact that it is hunter's there is another piece of the puzzle that cements that idea. if it were not hunters laptop, there be people down the walls. screaming them the true and yelling it but they are just mu. the story of joe biden using private emails, we found at least three emails that joe biden has used as well as hunter biden.e this was part of their strategy. they would use code words for themselves. joe biden was called as we know the big guy, when getting 10% of a company in china, joint adventure to venture. had a lot of names they used,
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code on the laptop, it's quite evident. you can correctly code quite easily if you speak to some of the people. >> sean: i always asked people the unappealing of the onion, john knows what i'm referring to as a refers to three years of investigating, you prove it right that the russia hoax was in fact a hoax, i ask you the same question. one america finds out everything on that laptop, a lot of which mis not been made public, how outraged you think the american people will be? in other words, will this finally tipped the balance. we know now a lot of wrongdoingn there. we the media what have a bad reaction at the last name or trump. how bad would this be? >> great question. go ahead. >> sean: miranda first. >> it's untenable. i think it's untenable that
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joe biden, when people realize the extent of his personal involvementof in this influence peddling operation that has been going on effectively his entire career. >> last word, john solomon, what have you heard about the other things in this laptop? >> gone through every email, almost 90,000 of them. every day hunter biden was looking for a way to trade on his father's business ties to make money for the family.oe there is an incident where he is introduced to a french investor and within a week is shaking down the french ambassador trying to get a business deal done. nothing that hunter biden wouldn't do to make money in the jet stream of his father's business. >> both of you have done a phenomenal work, phenomenal reporting. thank you for your hard work. i do look forward to your book, miranda. i hope it's sooner rather than later. when we come back, a huge announcement from the great one mark mark
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mark do not want to . straightaway.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: now just one day after our exclusive >> sean: one day after our exclusive cuba town hall with the santos, marco rubio, the mayor of miami, because woman salazar, all the people who made this happen, fighting for liberty and freedom for their friends, neighbors, relatives in cuba, the biden administration interestingly finally announced fresh sanctions on the murdering communist marxist regime in cuba. just like we were talking about last night. many on the left are still reluctant to say anything negative about the cuban regime, and some of them still praising
11:41 pm
that regime and just relentlessly they attack our country. one of the manyf reasons why a great one mark levine brands nee book, "american marxism," not only did it debut number one on "the new york times" best seller list, but the hardcover sales muscled over the hundred 29,000 copies. that number does not include e-books, a lot of people buy their books read on whatever tablet or ipad they may have. doesn't include audiobooks. it was an incredible achievement. mark's new book has now outsold the next 15 books combined in the country. that's an incredible statistic. he's the host of "life, liberty,
11:42 pm
levine." i call them the great one, mark levine. i did tell you, in my humble opinion, we been friends for decades. i said, mark, when you send me an early copy, i said i think this is your best book. you know what a fan i was on everything from "liberty to tyranny," this is a moment, tie it together i it to the moments today, what's happening in the country, the six month mark of joe >> over -- i can't even tell you, almost at 500,000 books nod in a relatively short period of time. going to tell you what's going on. i was part of the reagan revolution,f part of the tea party movement, part of the trump movement. it is not under the radar, people are not looking at it. the silent majority is not going
11:43 pm
to be silent anymore. american people are furious, by american people i mean all american people who love this country regardless of their color, their religion, the background. red-blooded americans are sick and tired what they've seen the first six months of this administration. they do not like the way they are being treated by the elites in the media, they don't like being lookeddo down upon by thee phony professors they bring on tv who trash them. they are disgusted with the teachers unions for your parents can't believe what's happening all over the country to elementary schools and secondary schools. parents go broke to send their kids to college and now they are coming home on thanksgiving or other days and they don't know what has happened to them. we are paying for our own demise with tenured marxist professors and administrators for schools are turning on our founding in history. americans love their history. americans love their history. the good, the bad, the ugly. americans arson all over the world to fight wars for people who didn't look like them but we
11:44 pm
have a president of united states violating our immigration laws, signing immigration orders like he's benito mussolini. sick and tired of hearing from san francisco nancy pelosi, new york city chuck schumer, what they intended to with our court system, attacking separation of powers, ourf constitutional construct. we are tired of the way the family is trashed in this country, the family. tired of the way private property rights are treated in this country. treated to a lot of things going on in this country. we the people are peaceful. you won't find this running around with molotov cocktails, won't lines attacking cops, we defend copy you won't find us burning cities. we aren't mostly peaceful, we are 100% peaceful. we are done talking about it. the idea that a book like this cell is 400,000 copies and when we can well on the way to half a
11:45 pm
million, i've been in these movements before. i so whatt happened with libert, to, we our history. we have people in this country who have not contributed a thing to it, trying to tear it down richard was a new wealth snow sx marxists, bernie sanders is going to provide it, aoc is going to provide it, they do not know thing about this country. they use liberty to attack liberty. they use the constitution to attack the constitution. i've been around a long time and i will be damned if i'm going to sit still for this. they don't understand the american people. the american people are not going to roll over and play dead. the american people are going to speak out. let me tell you what's going to happen in 2022. at the mansion types and the
11:46 pm
others who pretend to be moderate who play fdics with these american marxists, you are going to get blown up.lone every damned one of you is going to get blown up. kiss your career goodbye. you may be trying to force your will on the american people now, but it will not last. that's what's going on in this country. i feel it and i know it. that's what i have to say. >> sean: the great one, i want to say this about the book, last thing, if you don't mind, six, seven chapters in the book, you lay out the case of the challenges this great country faces at this current moment in time, chapter seven is over 10,000 words, which is a lot for a chapter in the new book, and oswe choose liberty. that's the answer. i wrote you on your read it and i said, that's the answer. shape down like great job, sir. thank you. >> god bless.
11:47 pm
>> sean: every sunday night, number one show right here on the fox news channel. after the break, joe biden wants to take away your handguns. arizonagr congressional can cree eli crean, dana loesch, they have a lot to say. straight away. narrator: eva-marie smoked 12,000 packs of cigarettes over 15 years. she quit and now there's a new lung cancer screening
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that could save her life. you stopped smoking. now start screening. no matter how much you smoked, early detection could save you. talk to your doctor or learn more at
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>> sean: several american players kneel to protest racism prior to their game against sweden earlier this week. the u.s. women's national soccer team was crushed 3-0 in the opening olympic contest, prompting mockery and scorn for team usa. like i've been saying, if you aren't proud of the country that you are present, may be the olympics on for you. one man who knows a lot about
11:52 pm
patriotism and personal sacrifice is anyone, former navy seal eli kane who recently launched a campaign for congress in arizona's first district against an incumbent democrat. take a look at this. >> the problem with washington politicians is they have no skin in the game. it's all about them and never about us. i'm not a self-serving politician. my whole life has been about service, family, and community. securing our border, setting up for law enforcement and military, strengthening small businesses, cutting middle-class taxes, protecting the integrity of our elections. it's time for a week, the people, the take our country back. >> sean: with reaction from a congressional candidate eli kane along with nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch. i've known danna a long time, known her family a long time.
11:53 pm
dana, that is the coolest candidate add i've ever seen because you actually, you are getting the tat "we the people" on your arm at a time, that wasn't fake. >> that's a real tattoo, sean. it's here on me. that's what my campaign is all about and that's why we are running. >> sean: dana, we talked about this for years. donald trump gave the republican party a shot of adrenaline and a backbone. prior to him i say republicans were weak, feckless, spineless. i've said it someday times over ten years. that's what we need people, that will fight for what they promised. that's not that hard, is it? >> i shouldn't be, sean. if everybody, the lawmakers are willing to go to cut that adding campaign for the district, kudos. to your point.
11:54 pm
i think before trump republicans relied on tea partyers to do the heavy lifting. let's not forget that shellacking in former president obama's term that the tea party gave to the democrat party in 2010. that was the election everybody was watching and they really saw the tea party strength. it seemed that there were always a few people doing the heavy lifting in the party and i think that trump demonstrated the willingness to fight. what really amazes me, sean, about a lot of the criticisms extended towards former president trump that i think he really did a lot more to fight for everyday people and no republican voters then be pretend bouncers of the republican party who wanted to act like he was an outsider and couldn't sit with them. it was a cut scene from "mean girls." maybe they should take lessons from that. >> sean: we have less than a minute. i have a license to carry, one of the weapons i do carry is a .
11:55 pm
have, eli, have you and dana, seen a 9-millimeter pistol with 120 capacity magazines? i haven't. eli? >> sure haven't and i do not know what this administration doesn't understand about our constitution, the verbiage in it that says, shall not be infringed, when it comes to protecting ourselves. we appreciate everybody out there that supports us. >> i want a 120 round mag. >> sean: i'm going to conceal that? okay, joe. >> where is my jet and my nukes? apparently we get those too. >> sean: i forgot that part. good point. thank you, thank you. more "hannity" next.
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>> [speaking foreign language].
12:00 am
>> sean: a >> longest-serving prisoner from bay of pigs invasion. i know you have a great show as usual tonight. >> was that sarah carter? she was interviewed. >> she's fluent in spanish and i do know her. >> those are people who are truly appreciative of freedom, understand the cost of liberty and this should be recognized by every american throughout the country. >> man