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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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championship. [laughter] not actually going to happen. milwaukee would never run out of beer but i think it's been a festive couple of days in my hometown after the bucks triumph over the phoenix. >> bret: that's totally fake news. >> totally fake news. >> bret: foam on "special report" whatever happened segment to gitmo. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade. i tried, three seconds, starts right now. >> brian: right. and steve hayes, the big decision in milwaukee is that milwaukee's best or old milwaukee. that's the biggest decision now. >> bret: and cheese curds. >> brian: i should have thought of that bret give it away i'm brian kilmeade and this is "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. the entire country is on edge with growing concern over the delta variant i don't need to tell you that you have got vaccines, should you take it, should you not. return of the mask mandate? is it going to happen? don't worry our commander-in-chief is on the
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case giving americans clear and decisive direction. >> the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you be are why can't the, the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact, um, is going to be -- exdo could you say me, we know why all the drugs are not approved not temporarily approved but permanently approved. >> brian: am i the only one listening to that, watching that all day who thinks the president might just be in over his head from kids wearing masks every single day from 2 and up to variants breaking through the vaccines to be kind. it seems like the administration, the president is on his heels. and, we might all be paying the price. joining us now is a man who has always been at his best in crunch time who has seen a few crises in his political career former presidential candidate himself new jersey governor chris christie.
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governor, do you like where this administration is leading us? >> no. look, i think the big problem here, brian, is that there is not a sense of confidence that the president conveys to people about what direction. i don't even know what that answer just was. look, there should be very clear message that's coming from everybody. that the way to stop the delta variant is for people to get vaccinated. and the vaccine has proven to be effective in preventing the two things that we want to prevent here, which are serious hospitalizations and resulting deaths. and the vaccine has been very effective in that. that's the simple message that the president should be talking about. we shouldn't be talking about masking children. we shouldn't be talking about going back to mask mandates. we have a solution to this problem. and the president needs to go out there and present a clear understandable message not the message i saw him presenting last night on cnn. >> brian: i get the sense that the cdc is waiting for his direction rather than the cdc telling him the direction we should be going. when you tell parents that they
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are going to put their kids in masks for another year. when you tell adults get vaccinated, lose the mask, and that's the reason they do it and then tell them to get ready putting it back on, you have a problem with messaging. >> that's exactly right. brian. we need to stick with the message that's backed by the science. so, first, the cdc shouldn't be waiting for the president. the cdc should be following the science and directing the president. that's what they have done. and they are not asking for a new mask mandate nor should they. we shouldn't be asking for masks in schools. there never has been science to back that up. and certainly in a post vaccination world there is not science to back that up now. we have the solution, the solution is in the vaccine. we need to encourage people to consult with their doctors and make the right decision, which is to get vaccinated. if they do, it will slow, if not stop the spread of the delta variant and it will stop that virus from mutating, brian. those are the things that we need to do. and we don't need to be hysterical about it we don't need to be desperate about it we need to just look into the
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camera like i'm looking into the camera now and saying to people this will prevent serious hospitalization interest not only of you and your family but of the country for you to consider doing it. >> brian: what should republicans be doing now? taking a leadership role with the party and you do define yourself whether people like it or not, you know exactly where you are going, you could follow you but you are going to be going in a direct direction. republicans in the minority never chamber don't have the white house. how do you lead from that perspective? >> >> you lead with ideas, brian. you lead by talking about the future. you need to lead by saying, look, joe biden is wrong for wanting to spend us into oblivion. joe biden is wrong by pouring more gasoline tout this economy that has already gotten over 5% inflation rate and going higher. joe biden is wrong to allow the in order 2 pipeline to have gas going from russia to germany and making that relationship closer. joe biden is wrong for not being tougher on china. joe biden is wrong in a bunch of ways. we need to be talking about those issues directly and
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frankly and on vaccines, we need to be giving people our honest opinion about how effective these vaccines have been in preventing serious hospitalization and deaths and we should not be going back to mask mandates. >> brian: so, let me get this straight. the governor of new jersey is up for re-election. and suddenly he is saying to districts you decide what's best for masks. the governor of new york is mired in scandals that are in double figures at this point. now he is saying i'm not in a rush to get back into masks. when election on the line power hungry individuals oppress people's lives and destroyed people's businesses. >> look, in new jersey, brian, it's a disaster. there were more deaths per capita in new jersey than in any state in the nation with the most restrictive environment of any state in the nation. what does that tell you? you know, phil murphy's record is pretty simple. the most people per capita died in his state and he has killed the most businesses, too. so, they shouldn't be listened to on this at all.
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we should be following the people who understand this disease. and those people are not calling for mask mandates, brian. we should not be following in that direction. we have teachers that will be vaccinated when they go back into the classrooms. these students are not to be at risk in those classrooms. >> brian: lastly, clearly, parents feel powerless. they are seeing these announcements and pronouncement frlts curriculum to the masks and they feel powerless. what's your message to parents and, after all, you are a parent. >> you bet. and my message is the same to both my fellow republicans and to all the parents out there regardless of your party. stand up and be heard. we should have a full school year this year. a full complete, in classroom school year that in my view extends through next summer because our children have to catch up on everything that was taken away from them through this mobile learning that didn't work. and we need to get in the faces of our board of education members and say we don't want this garbage being taught in our schools.
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that somehow you are defined solely by your race. that somehow america is a racist country. that somehow we're in a more racist situation now than we have been in at any time in our history. that is all ridiculous, ridiculous stuff all spewed by the heads of the teacher's union and down the line and trying to infects our teachers and student. the only way for parent and republicans to stop this is to stand up, go to these board of education meetings and demand that our kids be in school, catch up on the learning they missed and not be taught to hate our country and hate each other because of the color of our skin or what country our immigrants came from. we need to start talking about the truth about our country, brian. >> brian: i can't believe we are having this conversation and you had to outline what's going on right now in this country and i can't believe this is the united states of america in 2021. that is indeed the case. governor christie, always great to see you. >> great to see you, brian. we can change it we just have to stand up and speak out. >> brian: you got it meanwhile,
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seven minutes after the hour now. the thing is we have a lot of questions about covid-19. i'm not qualified to answer them. we have very few answers. it's not that we don't have the resources tosts to do the work. we do. we have the nihhink most of that money would go towards studying the novel coronavirus, flight after all that's where the prominent health threat is facing our country and the world. you would be wrong. look at this. in fact, less than 6% of the nih funding went to covid. that's only .06%. it was spent on studying airborne transmission of the virus. why are we not doing more? to put these priorities in perspective, the nih spent more money researching aging than covid. 600,000 americans have died from this. here now to try to make sense of this or to expand on this, fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. dr. makary, when we have so many questions, why is our money not
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going to get these answers? >> it's really remarkable. brian. we gave more money to the wuhan virology institute than we did to u.s. researchers to study whether or not masks work. and out of all the money, the $42 billion the nih had, we think from our research at johns hopkins on my team that maybe two grants looked att spreads. by the way, 14 grants by comparison looked at health disparities with covid care. but really no research initially in the first six months to ask how does it spread. we could do a lot better than that and when you have a vacuum of information, guess what? political opinions fill that vacuum as a result of that lack of research. >> brian: that's my big complaint, when people say to me what should i do? i say i am not a doctor. i say i got vaccinated. i'm not comfortable doing what you do for a living. i hear things like people in my neighborhoods who sons are in the prime of their life lead athletes say my ois on the the got and got myocarditis i don't
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know how to pronounce it without reading it off the page. you live this stuff. why aren't we studying why some people are having this reaction? >> if we are dag all of this stuff to kids, we put tremendous restrictions on kids for a year and a half. 50 million kids with no data. we don't have any studies on masks on children. yet, you see this massive debate. we are reliving what happened at the beginning of the pandemic. the absence of research you get everybody's opinion. where is the study. between the cdc and nih, they have got 40,000 employees. call the 335 people who have died from covid reportedly, find out if it really was from covid and whether or not it's clustered in certain types of kids. kids with certain co-morbidities then we could make real good recommendations for healthy kids. >> brian: i not only want kids in school i want them in gym. i want the kids behind their locker not behind plexiglass. i want them to know what the kid
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next to them looks like. it matter. final thought? >> right now, if we want to get more people vaccinated stop trying to cover up all these young kids that are healthy, fda should give full approval to the vaccines, we have been waiting on that bureaucracy. another giant health bureaucracy. they have two things they do to give full approval. one is confirm safety. that's done. that box is checked. the other is that the stability testing. we don't need that data right now. go ahead and give the full approval. then we will see if vaccination rates go up a lot faster. >> brian: the guy in charge of those first strings is dr. anthony fauci. he gets head about his bobble head doll not questions about this. dr. makary, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. hunter biden's anonymous art by buyers may not be anonymous after all. digging for viruses in glaciers. what could go wrong? ♪ ♪
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therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. - [narrator] available at walmart, target and other fine stores. ♪ >> we have certainly seen the prc's comments rejecting phase 2 of the w.h.o. study were deeply disappointed their position is irresponsible and frankly dangerous. we continue to call for china to provide the needed access to data and samples. this is critical so we can understand to prevent the next pandemic. >> brian: wow, nothing like strong towards get china's attention. careful, i know people who have gotten kicked off twitter for saying things like this, all jokes aside, the biden administration appears it be coming around to the whole lab leak theory while they drag their feet on investigating the origins of the pandemic. china may be hard at work at the next one. we learned today that chinese scientists have left the bat caves and are now, get, this drilling in glaciers in tibet where they have discovered 28 new viruses. never before seen by man.
4:18 pm
they were frozen deep beaten neath the earth's surface for the past 15,000 years. i know what you are thinking, viruses in a glasure on the other side of the planet. they can't get me. wrong. ice cores full of viruses were wrapped in plastic, put in card boar sheeves encased in aluminum, shipped out of the ice cap in freezers on a truck. then on a plane, then another plane and then a truck again and are now stored at the bird polar and climate research center in ohio state university. how does that make sense? fox nation host lara logan. lara, why do we want to take rare viruses and bring them here? >> well, that's a very good question. and the one question that no one is asking about the covid virus is why did we want to bring that from the wuhan lab in china to the united states. chapel hill university in north carolina. that's what the doctor there was working with the lab did with covid and you know, the other thing that no one is really
4:19 pm
talking about, brian, there is two parts to this. china uses the medical journals in the u.s. to shinzo abe the information war and to push its propaganda. and we never question any of this information that comes out. you know. we just sort of accept it critically and let the scientists supposedly get on with it. but a lot of these scientific publications have become extremely political. it's quite extraordinary when you pay attention to them. and the other part of this is we just ignore the fact that there are no research laboratories in china that are looking cure diseases and help their people. i mean, people in china die from the most basic treatable diseases. because those weapons in china, those labs, according to u.s. intelligence, are always used to create bioweapons. i mean, that's what the chinese are interested in. that's where their focus is that's what the money is for. and why are we not asking those
4:20 pm
questions here? >> brian: so, instead of studying viruses and how they are made, you found 28 from 15,000 years ago, you are saying that they might be able to transfer as wednesday. that's where they would have great value. >> well, what i'm saying is that we don't know exactly what these viruses can be used for because. >> brian: can't rule it out. >> the study is new. we just tonight know. all though the samples are not new. they were taken years ago and then they take time to study it. and we also don't know that the virus survive. the d.n.a. can survive. the virus can survive intact. is it transmittible? what is the health of the virus. what threat does to pose to human beings or to animals? there is a lot of questions there. but what we do know is that when china studies something in china, inside their laboratories, they are not looking to try to cure people. you know, what u.s. intelligence will tell you in the that i have
4:21 pm
spoken have told me is that china focuses on bioweapons. that's what their research is about. >> brian: got charges all around you in china. >> it's all around the world now. lara, lastly, real quick, we put money into this dlash study, right? >> yes. lots of it. >> incredible. lara logan, thanks so much. check out her series on fox nation called big tech, big brother it's excellent. four new episodes. lara, thanks so much. there you see it now time to bring the guys listening all along and knows all of this because he lived through it former white house chief of staff mark meadows. mark, our role in financing research with china, i think i speak for america outside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we're astounded by it. >> well, you should be astounded. and, let me just have a news flash to all the viewers tuned in right now. no more money to china. i mean, whether it's studying 28 new viruses from a glacial core
4:22 pm
or whether it's looking at wuhan lab leaks which, by the way, is not only credible, but now the vast majority of the evidence is suggesting that that is exactly what it was. and, yet, what we had was dr. fauci, he was putting out more press releases than he was signing checks to figure out where this virus started. >> brian: can you imagine if he came out and said i'm very concerned about the wuhan lab leak? he could have changed the entire focus and maybe expedited the process of getting testing and vaccine. real quick china today has rejected a request by the w.h.o. who suddenly is enlightened to think like you guys were thinking that china is the problem and lab leak the issue. of the vice president of the national health of china is taken aback by the request to look further into the lab leak theory. he is taken aback. >> well, the reason why he is responding that way is because he has had a softy for the last few months at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the very fact that somehow the w.h.o. now has
4:23 pm
pressure. well, the only reason they have pressure, brian, is because people like you are willing to cover it, we're willing to take that message. i can tell you, president trump was very clear. let's get out of the w.h.o. if they're not going to give us access to the labs and be transparent. even now they are not giving us access to the labs and what we do know are email suggested dr. fauci not only had probable cause to look that it was a lab leak, but he looked the other way. you know, it's time that we hold him accountable. >> president xi told president trump don't worry about it we have got this thing handled it is going to go away in the spring. do you remember that conversation. >> yeah. i remember that conversation and other conversations with world leaders. and when there was real pressure coming from president donald trump in the oval office, what did we get from dr. tedros and others? oh, well, you know, this is a conspiracy theory. now all the sudden had has merit? it's only because they have been forced to look. the other thing is the clock is
4:24 pm
ticking. biden said he was going to have a 90-day review. we are almost 30 days from the end of that i can tell you what they are going to say is it's not conclusive. why? because they haven't really looked. >> brian: yes or no, they say they have only lost 4,400 to this virus in china. is that plausible? >> well, it's not only plausible it, doesn't match what the intelligence we have. let me just tell you, they lied about that. they lied about the origin. it's time we hold china accountable. >> brian: mark meadow, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: still to come on this show karl rove, mollie hemingway and hunter biden's new plan to make his family rich. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> brian: great news for you art lovers out there your chance to buy original piece with hunter biden comes with a little face time with the artist himself. biden is expected to meet you
4:30 pm
are seeing it behind me now with perspective buyers in new york and los angeles. wait a minute, they are supposed to be anonymous, i thought. i thought for corruption purposes that is the only right thing to do? what is the white house saying about this? >> not going to have any conversations related to the selling of art. that will be left to the was oue agreement that we announced just a few weeks ago. we believe this is a reasonable system that has been established that allows for hunter biden to work in this profession within appropriate safeguard. >> brian: is he off to a rocky start talking about $500,000 offer already for a guy only blowing paint through his straw for a very short time. jason rantz a radio host in solgt. given, let's take a look at some of this art behind me. do you have an opinion on it? do you have a sense in your world in art of how much this is worth? >> i mean, i think we're under valuing it if we are only saying $500,000. i am going to be honest here. this controversy being framed as
4:31 pm
sort of seeing a scam with national security implications playing out just in front of us? i know there are some in conservative media who think this all poses ethical concerns. concerns that someone will buy hunter's art hoping to exert influence over the biden administration. the obama administration's ethics chief said the only ethical way that this could work if the buyers are blindfolded. how about this haters? that just happens to be the best way to enjoy hunter's art? [laughter] >> i think concerns here are cynical. the biden family they are respectable family they're all above board. they never lie to us. we have a strong union supporting patriotic who never killed hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy sector. accomplished doctor pete with your eye board of operation board game with eyes closed now we have hunter. the administration has assured us this will be handled appropriately. i think we should trust them whether they are talking about our secure border on the democrats long standing support
4:32 pm
last year. this administration doesn't lie. they never mislead. second, if this was appear actual controversy, wouldn't the media be all over it not just fox news? >> brian: great point. >> the other networks don't give hunter biden's stories a pass. that lap stop story they went wall-to-wall. they went above and beyond. they even urged facebook and twitter to feature it prominently. if this was actually a story, they would be on it. >> brian: right. >> brian, you know that i love you, you know i love you, and i appreciate the fact that you are a big history buff. have you ever written a book on picasso or licken stein or artist those dogs playing poker? no, you are anti-art. you have a bias. you don't know art. which is why you don't think that this can earn, yes i said earn $500,000. there is no way someone would try to buy influence with the administration by currying favor with the president's son. yes, the experts are calling it amateurish. they are saying it's worthless but democrat will rightly tell you if someone disagrees with
4:33 pm
the biden administration, they are wrong. and, also, racist or something. so, i do think this is all to do about nothing. i actually was able to procure an art piece if i can show it i hope there is no copyright issues. >> brian: you can i can't really stop you. >> it's called o to the buyer. a portrait of the art buyer smiling in appreciation of the art and not the influence that they will purchase over the bidens. i know you can see the eyebrows there it's not me. i'm not the buyer. i can't afford it. this is priceless. >> brian: i would like to take this opportunity to apologize for seeing something savory about this whole operation and for you the to be the first ever to give would be art buyer an artist piece back. i salute you for breaking norms. >> yeah. >> brian: jason. >> i need to touch it without gloves, too. it's all good. >> brian: jason rantz, thanks for putting it all in perspective. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: all right. tonight's show has been too exciting so let me tile it back
4:34 pm
just a little bit. i want to hear and share with you the most boring word in the world. it is called infrastructure. normally, that would mean talking about roads and bridges and tunnels. and radioactive to any show looking for ratings. but not in joe biden's america where everything is considered infrastructure. you want universal preschool. you want school lunches? how about human infrastructure? you got free community college and infrastructure. infrastructure is also about amnesty for illegals and voting rights for the entire country. democrats, you guess it, have a brand new definition of infrastructure, biden's plan isn't about real infrastructure. it's about jamming a liberal agenda down our throats from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. something else that they really think we are that stupid not to pick up what they are up to. and they don't really care because they can do it on a simple party line vote. here to make sense of it and what key could be in for karl rove and mollie helpingway. welcome to both of you. molly, i will start with you. this is the second
4:35 pm
infrastructure package. normally people's eyes glaze over when i use that word. they say don't use it why should we care? >> well, it's just really a testament to how the biden administration has been struggling in this first year of the presidency. infrastructure packages should be easy to pass. republicans like them. democrats like them. biden said he was a moderate, a unifier, that's what he ran on, yet, he is having trouble with this infrastructure package because has bungled everything about it first off, there is no reason why any republican should be working on it because he said that he is only going to sign it if it comes along with this massive tax and spend package that's very unpopular that is a no-go. so, there is no incentive for republicans to help him with getting the infrastructure package and the massive spending bill that he says must be done together. and so he is -- just not living up to his promise what he claimed he would be and it's really interesting because, infrastructure should be so easy in this climate. >> brian: so we do have some hope referee, parliamentarian,
4:36 pm
they are going to say, i hope, immigration has nothing to do with money, therefore, reconciliation won't work. they are going to say that you don't have to worry about legalizing illegals, of course, and they are also going to say that these other things can't be jammed down our throats, right? >> well, i think. so but, we don't know. but, look, you are right. this is -- infrastructure is roads and bridges and ports and waterways and water treatment facilities. it's not kindergarten. it's not community college. grandpa and grandmas are infrastructure because we have senior care programs in here. children are infrastructure. i mean, this is a democratic or a far left democratic wish list of big liberal spending expansion of government and it's a fraud. it's not infrastructure. and they claim it's $3.5 trillion, the committee for responsible federal budget went in and said whoa, wait a minute, it's not $3.5 billion -- excuse me, trillion dollars paid for by the largest tax increase in history.
4:37 pm
the actual cost, if you remove the gimmicks like we are going to collect money for a couple years and then we will start the program or we will end the program after five years or eight years. the true cost over 10 years is 5 to $5.5 trillion. of which a minimum of 1.5 to $2 trillion is going to be shear debt. and the rest of it is going to be paid for once tensibly tax increases estimates of revenue not like toy work out. >> brian: i want you to weigh in on this. strategically. there is roads and bridges and we do need them. and it is in a $580 billion new money but $1.1 trillion new panel that's going to be ironed out and probably offered in a bipartisan level. we only need 10 republican votes on monday. strategically, should republicans pass the bipartisan one that they agree with? and knowing that the 3.5 trillion they are going to disagree with. mollie? >> they can only do that if biden pulls back on his requirement that he will only sign that if it goes along with
4:38 pm
his massive spending package and only then. he is not going to do that so no. >> brian: karl? >> i think the republicans ought to vote for it. as long as it does not touch the trump 2017 tax cuts. and as long as it is focused on true infrastructure as we understand it roads, bridges and physical items and broadband and then the republicans will have an even stronger case to make to the american people in 2022 that they need to be the check and the balance. they did the right thing on the infrastructure measure when it was bipartisan and true infrastructure and they did the right thing bioposing this wish list of that is going to bust the bank. >> brian: two smart people who disagree on this strategy. going to be interesting how it plays out because it's coming to a congress near you. thanks, guys. >> you bet. >> brian: straight ahead, george foreman and john carlos, two legendary olympians one celebrating america at the games. other choosing to undermine it at the podium 1968 on different opinions on 2021 in japan.
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hoover institute fellow and celebrated author shelby steele talks about the displace of patriotism next. ♪ ♪ to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it
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♪ >> brian: so the olympic torch has not even been lit yet but controversy heating up at the tokyo games from the u.s. women's soccer team yesterday to hammer thrower gwen berry during the trials. american athletes using exposure to preach political messages and social injustices? haven't we seen this before the year was 1968 tommy mitt smith and john car lois chose to demonstrate at the medal more important for him to point out the problems in america in that point. martin luther king jr. had just been assassinated. here is him talking about it this morning. >> the meld had no significance to me. that was my ticket to reach the victory stand. that was my essence and purpose going to the olympic games was to make a statement not to win a medal. britain brian and he still stands behind it today. one man who had an entirely different experience at those very same games was big george foreman won gold medalist at heavyweight proudly displayed
4:45 pm
the red, white and blue in 1968 and talked about it? >> i will never turn my back on america. i have this fond memory and love for this country and the people in this country. nobody will ever be ever talk to me out of that. >> brian: rye do some olympians want to honor americans america and americans today and some determined to find and poke holes in them. let's ask shelby steel. bring us time in east st. louis illinois. and i remember the olympics were huge event in the first in the e air. at that time i thought it was extremely authentic protest against an america that had indulged in segregation and jim crow. i grew up in a world of segregation and racism.
4:46 pm
so i was -- i was really a part of that. this was part of the black power sort of move that said we're not going to tolerate it anymore. it's over. and even as sacred as the winning stand of the olympic games, we're going to bring our protest to the whole world. so i supported them. i also, i also supported george foreman. my father was the son of literally a slave. i'm the grandson of a slave. so, i grew up in a family that devoted to civil rights. but my father would say. a chance because it was a great country. what we wanted, all we wanted was to get in. we didn't want to change america. we didn't hate america. we wanted to join america. and we wanted to have america welcome us in. and george foreman stood for
4:47 pm
that and so i think both parties were born out of the same tension. >> brian: 168 there weren't all those things and there was a vietnam war and there was racial unrest and there was a different time. in 20021 john carlos and tomi smith haven't changed their views. you have changed yours? >> you betcha. [laughter] here's the thing that me about . all the things that we protested back then, are over with. we are as free as you can possibly be free. we have enjoyed freedom now for some 50 or so years. our problem has been a lack of development we haven't developed commensurate for the new freedom we want for ourselves so we are still behind. what frustrates me today when i see someone like gwen berry protesting at the olympics is that honey, you are 60 years too
4:48 pm
late. protest is not going to develop black america. black america is going to have to develop itself. we want the goodwill of other people but it's our responsibility to develop it. so to get on the winning stand and pretend that you are somehow a victim of racism and so forth is horrible. it's an abomination. it really sends exactly the wrong message to society. and there is -- the point is there is no racial discrimination behind it. this is not a systemically racist society. is a systemically goodwill toward black people society. people in this country are rooting for us. they are not holding us back. they want us to do well. and that's what george foreman's message is the one i think that endures because of that. >> brian: shelby, real quick. >> america lived up to it.
4:49 pm
>> brian: you thought in 168 we are coming apart. are you concerned we are coming apart again? >> it's a very -- this is a very tense moment. we -- my own personal opinion, we are coming to the end of many bad ideas that started in the 1960s that took away responsibility for our development from us and that hurt us more than anything and so now now here we are having to face a mountain that's very high. we have to take responsibility for the development of our -- of ourselves. of our people. >> brian: right. if we are ever going to see equality. we'll have to do that. >> brian: gotcha. >> that's difficult. we will resist. we will protest and act as though that will do it but it never will. >> brian: we should be americans first and reverse the hyphen and work our way from back there. >> absolutely.
4:50 pm
>> brian: shelby steele you are making a lot of sense go ahead. >> the citizenship rather than race. that's what we want. >> brian: shelby steele, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: abby hornacek is on the clock next. ♪ note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care.
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♪ ♪ >> good news, tickets still available, enjoy laughter, life and the joy of liberty, september 25th at paramount if either theater. she is on the clock for four stories, d emojis bree dominic be your guide. >> you are such a millennial. >> roller coasters on the jersey shore, sounds like a great time, just watch out for the birds.
4:56 pm
oh! >> yes, she's going 75 miles per hour and i give her a lot of credit because i've been on a slingshot ride like that and you see her, she's very poised, she just takes the bird offer face and puts it to the side. she is just 13 years old, trying to go to her friends birthday party and this happens. she played it off like a champ -- he is a story to tell but that is what you get for going to an amusement park where there is people. >> brian: not the first time i've seen a bird strike but this time, the one most likely and often compared to, he got a bird too but he got a broken nose. >> that means it's going to happen to you since you are prepared. >> brian: and we both like to take their shirts off for a book cover. >> thank you. sylvester stallone has placed larger-than-life characters but it turns out real-life rocky is not so large after all.
4:57 pm
here's a picture of sly posing a picture with his girls come all beautiful know what he's asking them to stop growing. what is the story here? >> i see what you're saying. the story -- yes, they are but if they're wearing heels and i looked it up, sylvester stallone is 5'10" according to google. google is often wrong. they say i am 5'8" which is not true. i won't tell you how tall i am because i like the mystery but they're going to a movie premiere, he's got to be so proud, they're wearing heels, they're very tall but rocky told us it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in a dog. >> when you marry an taller woman that is what can happen. a new favorite swimsuit model is not his girlfriend. >> also likes to take his shirt off. >> brian: i heard that.
4:58 pm
the new model? she was so sweet with his friend's bulldog. if your girlfriend is a model, pick their girlfriend to be your favorite model, am i right? speak i was up in arms about this because i said the same thing but then you listen to what camille said. she said i was doing a shoot with her and she called him rob but it feels weird for me to call him rob, gronk was picking her up in miami and she brought along the dog she was so good with the dog and she said, i really love her. not like, i like her better than you. you know, she should be my girlfriend. it wasn't a situation like that. >> brian: have i misled the audience? speak i may be. the article misread the audience because it was in the headline, but i read it, i will say, i like brian kilmeade more than you, i would say it's true. he is better than me. >> brian: thank you for the audible. move over covid, the tokyo olympics has a new more
4:59 pm
dangerous threat. it's called bears. i'm not getting, bears keep breaking into the olympic softball complex not once but twice and guess what, it is still on the loose. we do not have a video of the bear, this is actually a rehearsal of bear containment because they thought this could happen. that is not a real bear. >> you played the wrong clip. this is the clip we should run. mostly still but there really is a bear that's loose. >> when i think of tokyo i think of the largest metropolitan area that has the largest population. i think of the city, i don't think about the nature. an asian bear can run up to 25 miles an hour, very medium-sized but the best thing about them is they are bipedal, the most bipedal bare of any of the bear species which means they can run on their hind two legs. known to run about a quarter of so give them a bat, let them play in the game, that is my
5:00 pm
proposition. >> brian: tokyo authorities should know how to do this because they keep practicing with fake bears. >> i heard that was you in that costume. >> brian: that is not true. thank you, abby. we've got the country music star and geraldo tomorrow. on the radio show, charlie kirk, thanks for watching. guess who is next. tucker carlson. thanks, abby. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there's been a dramatic escalation recently that we need to tell you about in the biden administration's longest and hardest fought war. that would be the war against what they are calling this information. almost daily, joe biden's battle hardened plaque mounts the podium at the white house with updates on the conflict's progress. last week, his spokes bot informed the press corps that the campaign against


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