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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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is so, so low. [laughter] >> jessica: i don't want to continue this trend at all on the golf front. is he a philanthropic man and family man. >> jesse: talk about his physical appearance. objectify his hair. >> jessica: really good hair. better than your hair. >> katie: that's it for us. "special report" up next. >> bret: better than jesse's hair? i don't know. thank you all, i'm flattered. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier breaking tonight the growing debate over whether to revive mast mask mandates because of the controversies resurgence. the delta variant is sending infection rates and hospitalizations upward across the country while vaccination numbers remain stagnant. some of president biden's past assurances about the vaccine are now under scrutiny. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live from the north lawn, good
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evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. the president just confirmed he is waiting right now to hear back from a 25 person white house covid-19 advisory board about whether or not the guidance should be updated. federal guidance should be updated to ask people to wear masks even if they are vaccinated. >> going to be investigating every aspect of every change that could or might take place. ♪ ♪ >> every time i hear that i'm wondering when he is coming. [laughter] >> pete: the president hosted a large mostly maskless indoors report in "the washington post" that the biden administration may soon suggest masks for the vaccinated. >> the report on it was a little breathless. >> in philadelphia officials warn about the delta variant quote it means all of us going back to wearing masks in public. that's as vaccinated people develop mild symptoms despite what the president claimed. >> the various shots that people
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are getting now cover that. you are okay. you are not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> there have been multiple break through positive tests vaccinated staff at the white house. >> how many break through cases have you had. >> i don't have more details on that. i will see if there is more we can provide. >> peter: turns out that's a dead end. >> no i don't think we will be providing numbers of break through cases. >> peter: going to return to indoor mask mandates there according to politico something a republican doctor who is in congress warns against. >> there should be no win to regress into a masked up congress or a masked up state. >> peter: so far cdc guidance has not changed. >> you should certainly be wearing a mask if you are unvaccinated. if you are vaccinated you get exceptional protection from the vaccine, but you have the opportunity to make the personal choice to add extra layer. >> peter: the president made it sound like masks were a thing of the past. >> let me repeat, if you are
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fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. >> peter: that could change as variants spread. >> a lot of people got the vaccine because they were hearing him say if you get the vaccine, you don't have to wear masks anymore. >> and that continues to be cdc guidance. >> peter: and can you say that's going to be the guidance forever. >> i'm not the cdc director. >> peter: i was at an event in the east room earlier today, dozens of lawmakers very few masks because that's okay within the guidelines of the current cdc advisory. and officials around here follow the cdc guidance to a t. events around here could start to look very different if that guidance gets updated and it could happen at any time. remember, when the cdc said vaccinated people don't need to wear masks anymore in the spring, that came out of nowhere. bret? >> bret: peter, what's the white house saying about the new ethical concerns about hunter biden's upcoming art show. >> peter: officials are saying that they are going to have no
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idea if he white house who exactly is bidding up to 6 figures on hunter biden's artwork. they think that is going to prevent people from trying to seek influence with the president through the son; however, the gallery selling his stuff told cbs hunter is going to meet with perspective buyers. and that conflicts with what the white house had said in the past especially since we don't know what kind of guardrails specifically are there to ensure that everything is on the up and up. i reached out to that gallery for more information. bret? >> bret: looking at some of that art just moments ago. peter, thank you. china's government is rejecting the latest efforts to try to find the origin of the coronavirus. a top chinese health official says the world health organization initiative disregards common sense and defies science. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has details tonight. >> beijing today slamming the door on a new probe into the
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origins of covid-19. a top chinese official saying a new investigation of covid, which would include looking at a possible leak in a virology laboratory in wuhan, china, is impossible to accept. >> to be honest i was taken aback when i first read about the covid origin tracing plan. i think it reflects disrespect for common sense and arrogance towards science? while the w.h.o. found the virus escaped from the lab unlibrarily now calling it premature and seeking access and more answers from the chinese. the backing the w.h.o. and slamming china. >> we are deeply disappointed in china. position irresponsible and dangerous. >> theory thought most likely by the w.h.o. had been that the virus was transmitted from animal to human. but more details have emerged. the lab leak theory, which if true was probably accidental has
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gained wider credence. china, in fact, is also calling for a new covid probe one it says has no political influence and that includes looking at other countries. they have said the virus could have been imported into china or somehow emerged from a military lab in maryland. >> it's looking more and more like china doesn't want the truth to come out. they are blaming the united states, frozen food. anything they can think of. but, clearly, we have to look into these labs. >> today's reaction from china confirming what some experts have told us they are afraid of, that we may never find out how this pandemic started, one that is still raging around the world. bret? >> bret: greg, thank you. officials at the global content distribution network say the outages experienced today on edge d. in s service are not due to a cyberattack. amazon and oracle were among the major sites affected today. the company says it has fixed the problem.
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the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits rose last week from the lowest point of the pandemic. joshless claims increased to 419,000 from 368,000 the previous week. stocks though continue their positive showing this week. the dow gaining 25 today. the s&p 500 finished ahead 9. the nasdaq was up 53. >> republican lawmakers want to know why the biden administration is inviting the united nations to investigate racism in this country instead of focusing on much more extreme behavior in russia, china and other nations? state department correspondent rich edson takes a look at the debate tonight. >> the state department calls it the united states at its finest. secretary of state antony blinken's invitation united nations envoy to examine america racism. republicans say culture war diplomacy at its worse. more than two dozen republicans including the second ranking member of the house congressman
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steve scalise have sent secretary blinken a letter claiming his invitation, quote: suggests you are more concerned with america's self-flatulation than men and women facing oppression overseas. >> china, we know, has documented human right violations. yet, these are the people that unvo blinken invited. professor claiming it's impossible for her to be objective. she did not respond to requests for comment to the letter last year she called for a u.n. investigation into systemic racism and law enforcement in the u.s. writing, quote: the domestic legal system has utterly failed to acknowledge and confront the racial injustice and discrimination that is so deeply intrenched in law enforcement. a state department spokesperson defended the u.n. inquiry saying examination strengthens american
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credibility to advocate for human right around the world and that officials at state are capable of advancing human rights abroad while allowing a u.n. inquiry here. a spokesperson also referenced the secretary's repeated comments on the issue. >>what separates democracies from autocracies is our ability and willingness to openly confront our own shortcomings. not to pretend they don't exist. to ignore them, to sweep them under the rug. >> earlier this month secretary blinken set a cable to american diplomats tell them to make human rights a priority and ensure the u.s. asks no more from other countries than it does from itself. he says that also means acknowledging american imperfections. bret? >> bret: rich, from the administration today, sanctions this appear on cuban officials? >> that's right. the administration announced sanctions against a cuban government official and special brigade human rights abuses this is all in response to government
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crackdown earlier this month. president biden says these sanctions are just the beginning and that the united states will continue sanctioning those responsible for oppression on the island as for the administration's broader cuba policy, much of that is still under review. are. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department. rich, thank you. ♪ breaking tonight, mississippi officials are telling the u.s. supreme court it should overturn the landmark roe v. wade decision legalizing abortion. that comes in a legal brief filed today ahead of arguments in the fall over the state's law that would ban abortion at 15 weeks. among the most restrictive in the country. up next, we will take you on an exclusive ride aboard a texas public safety helicopter watching migrants approach the u.s. border. >> looking for the rafts, the body crafts in the water. on the river, we're looking for possible vehicles off in the brush over here.
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>> bret: first, here's what some of our fox affiliate around the country are covering tonight. miami, where a judge says victims and families who suffered losses from the clasp of a 12-story condominium initially get $150 million in compensation. that sum does not count any proceeds from lawsuits already filed since the june 24th clasp which killed at least 97 people there. fox 11 in los angeles as conservative talk radio host larry elder scores a swift court victory allowing him to be on the ballot for september's gubernatorial recall election in california. elder sued after the secretary of state's office said he filed incomplete information on hundreds of pages of tax documents. democratic governor gavin newsom faces the recall election september 14th. and this is a live look at milwaukee from fox 6, our affiliate there the big story there tonight. hundreds of thousands of people squeeze into downtown streets celebrate the nba champion milwaukee bucks.
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players and owners rolled through the heart of the city on five double-decker busses to celebrate the team's first title in 50 years. congratulations, bucks. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: the senate energy committee is deadlocked tonight over president obama's pick to oversee vast owned government lands in the west. united by manning. but production oppose her over links to a 19 the enenvironmental sabotage case. today's tie in the committee sets up a floor vote it would take every senate republican and at least one democratic senator to block her confirmation in the evenly divided chamber. tonight we have another fox exclusive from the border crisis. we ride along from the department of safety patrol and spot dozens of people in mexico heading for the u.s. border. correspondent bill melugin continues his reporting tonight
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from del rio, texas. >> thursday morning in del rio texas a group of illegal immigrants mostly from haiti walks through the open border gate and into border patrol custody. many of them family units with children. just outside the gate, a group of single adult men, including several men from the west african country of senegal are taken into border patrol custody and taken away for processing. all day long, we witnessed several other groups walking right through the open gate into the united states. >> looking for the rafts, bodies crossing the water. >> in the skies above del rio during a ride along with texas dps, we begin spotting groups of migrants after they crossed the rio grande and entered the united states illegally. the aerial perspective showing what clothes litter in the brush where migrants change after crossing. we can see boats from department of fish and wildlife patrolling the river as group after groups of migrants continue coming into del rio, illegally. >> it's been extremely busy.
3:18 pm
and now fox news has exclusive video from the mexican side of the border, directly across from del rio. this is where migrants gather before crossing into the u.s. passports from all around the world litter the ground along with i.d. cards. migrants arrive at the edge of the rio grande with their luggage in hand. they then begin walking across the river, typically when it's running at its lowest. the same path used so often a trail has literally started to form in the water. they eventually arrive in the united states and walk towards the border gate where we see them often being brought right into the united states by border patrol. >> it's beyond crazy unconscionable. allen west is challenging greg abbott to be governor of texas. the republican was in del rio touring the border as groups of migrants crossed illegally into the united states right in front of him. >> the border is not secured. the border is wide open. we are not making progress. we are going backwards. >> and, bret, this is an all day
3:19 pm
every day thing happening down here at the border. you might be able to see offer my right shoulder right now. we have a small group arrived at the border gate in del rio. i want to show you live fox drone in la joya, texas right now where our team is telling us a massive grouch at least 150 just showed up fox news just confirmed 900 percent surge in covid-19 case the first two weeks of july with migrants down there. on top of this fox news confirming with an ice official today that 30% of ice detainees have detained the covid-19 vaccine while in ice custody. the latest agency data shows that ice currently has 1182 inmate detainees who have tested positive for covid. things not slowing down here down here at the border. we will send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin live along the southern border in texas. bill, thank you. the national football league is warning teams that a covid outbreak among non-vaccinated
3:20 pm
players that forces the cancellation of a game could forfeit -- could result in a forfeit, rather. that might mean the players do not receive pay for that week as well. a memo from the commissioner's office says the forfeit would count against the team's record for purposes of playoff, seeding, playoffs and drafting. the league says more than half of it teams have vaccination rates higher than 80%. children's hospital in washington and the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases are examining the long-term effects of covid-19 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children after these patients have recovered from a covid-19 infection. the $40 million multi-year study will involve more than 2,000 children and young adults. the hospital saying the researchers hope to detail the role of genetics and the immune response to covid-19. you can find nearby vaccination locations by going to up next, new information on a
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link between the biden administration's education department and the radical abolitionist teacher network teaching network. we'll get reaction from conservative host mark levin and talk about his latest book as well in the story we first brought you here. first, beyond our borders tonight. after a delay the olympic games are set to begin hours from now despite ongoing conservatives about covid in tokyo. tokyo recorded nearly 2,000 new cases today, despite that state of emergency. while spectators have been banned from the games, first lady jill biden is in tokyo. she met with japan's prime minister and will attend friday's opening ceremony. plus, birthday wish's for britain's prince george. he turned 8 today. he was all smiles when his mom kate snapped this photo. the young prince third in line to the throne. tweeted thanks for birthday wishes. happy birthday. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: tonight, we continue our reporting on the link between the biden administration's education department and the radical policies on race from the abolitionist teaching network. this grows out out of a concern over curricula using critical race theory linking race
3:26 pm
description to america's foundation and legal system. now lawmakers want to know just how far the abolitionist effort before the government disavowed that connection. here is chief washington correspondent mike emanuel. >> there is significant fallout after the department of education linked to a controversial pro-critical race theory group. in a handbook to help schools reopen. >> the document the biden administration sent to schools across this country talks about the need to disrupt whiteness and other forms of owe abrasion. >> today white house press secretary jen psaki down played the significance of what the department of education has called a mistake. >> it was an error in a lengthy document to include the citation. the specific site -- does not represent the administration's view and we don't endorse the recommendations of this group and i believe it's been removed or is in the process of being removed. >> it was the only linked
3:27 pm
resource for race, social emotional learning. on page 9 of the booklet. and while the press secretary said today there were thousands of citations, fox found there are 182 in the body of the text, 47 footnotes at the end. louisiana republican senator john kennedy suggests it had high level approval. >> there is no way no way under the god's green earth department would not allow that. >> bettina love has not responded to our request for comment but she isn't shy about what her group want to do ♪ >> a former education secretary shared his theory about how a group founded in 2020 made it into a spring 2021 school
3:28 pm
reopening document. >> abolitionist teaching network has allies in the department of education. close allies in the national education association and the american federation of teachers, the nation's two largest unions. >> those unions have not responded to our request for comment perhaps taking their cue from the biden administration which appears eager to turn the page. bret? >> bret: thanks, mike. let's talk about this and bring in mark levin, syndicated radio host, host of life, liberty and levin here on fox news channel and the author of the new book "american marxism" number one "new york times" best seller. sold 400,000 copies in the first week. mark, thanks for being here. congratulations. >> it's a flatulate great pleasure, thank you, my friend. >> bret: we are coming out of this piece from mike emanuel. we talked a lot about race in
3:29 pm
this book you say that's part of the plan. >> here's the thing, bret. this book has over 400 end notes. people say to me who are these marxists? i have stacks and stacks of books. i have read their stuff. i have read what these professors have written. i read what they teach. i read the national education association the american federation of teachers. i will look back at the history. i will give you a perfect example that is unbelievablably good journalistic piece that was just shown that and that you folks at fox have been showing. have you dug into this deeply. have you done something nobody else does. when you look at the background of critical race theory, this comes out of critical theory. where does that come from? it comes from the school franklin school out of berlin. a group of marxists. one of the gentleman fled hitler, came to the united states. he became a very prominent professor his name is herbert macse. he was the founding father of
3:30 pm
the critical theory. critical theory left weather underground sds and all the rest. then you have a gentleman derrick bell harvard law school. he takes this idea, which i will get to quickly, and he racializes it and thomas sol had written about him over the years and said the guy was a cook. it's a fringe ideology. critical race theory just to put it in plain english is basically louis farrakhan dressed up as scholarship. that's what it is. hate america, anti-semitic. antiwhite. and so we try put some kind of historical perspective on it the perspective is that anything white is bad because that's the dominant culture. you dehumanize people. you don't treat them as individuals. it is a marxist ideology, brought here out of berlin, because they want this: you have to have classes. you need to have oppressors and oppressed. the idea that this got into our classrooms and many parents found out about it because of
3:31 pm
the pandemic, they are watching their screen, they are watching what their children are being taught and they are going what in the world is going on here? that is what is going on. kendi and others who have written these massively popular books about it. they didn't invent this ideology. this ideology was invented half a century ago. and the idea that it's in our schools is unbelievable. >> bret: now, i read the book. you make some really interesting points. but, from the other side, the pushback would be that you are going too far. that you are labeling too many people marxists. and that this is not behind what the biden administration is trying to do when you hear that from somebody who wants the give the biden administration the benefit of the doubt i ask them what they have read. i can cite dozens and dozens of people. i can show you dozens and dozens of professors, hundreds in this country. can i show you black lives matter and the leadership which proudly says they are doctrinaire marxists. i can show you book after book
3:32 pm
after book after book one after another after another that can in our classrooms. that are in the culture right now. and this is the thing. i don't go around calling everybody marxists. i say this is an american marxist. these movements that are taken from these various scholars and various movements, many of them in europe, and it's not just critical race theory. well, what is it? what is it when you are teaching to destroy our monuments, to destroy our books, to destroy our history to push a racist ideology, you talk about taking down the economic system. putting rioting in the streets. when people self-identify as marxists. what am i supposed to call them the boy scouts and girl scouts? [laughter] >> bret: at the end of the peculiar you had your own prescriptions about the way forward. basically the message is that you have to not let this go too far and take back the country,
3:33 pm
is that fair? >> yeah. my message is that people who love this country, i don't care what color you are, what religion you are, what kind of sex you practice. i don't care. let's put some of our differences aside and let us take on the people who don't in legitimate ways. ways that america supports. one institution after another. because they're being devoured. the children, elementary school, the borders, the attack on our economic system, this degrowth movement dressed up as climate change, yes, and there are many ideas in the back of the book, links group, red blooded americans who care about this country, it's time to push back. >> bret: the book is american marxism. mark, we appreciate you coming on and congrats. >> thank you very much. god bless. >> bret: up next, suspected murderers set free in st. louis when prosecutors ditch court proceedings. [jungle music]
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♪ >> bret: house speaker nancy pelosi says the january 6th capitol riot committee will proceed despite what she calls republican antics. kevin mccarthy has pulled his members off the panel accusing them of bipartisan. both of them spoke again today. >> it's my responsibility as speaker of the house to make sure we get to the truth on this and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that. >> we predicted it back at the very beginning this is a sham committee that's just politically driven by speaker pelosi. >> it doesn't matter today when she does with that committee because it's not going to change the outcome of what it seems like a predetermined or already written report. >> bret: yesterday, pelosi blocked two of mccarthy's appointments from serving on the committee ohio's jim jordan and indiana's jim barn. she cited staples from them which she says dismissed the seriousness of the attack and
3:39 pm
undermined the committee's work. the justice department is launching gun trafficking strike forces in five cities. it's part of an effort to reduce spiking violent crime by addressing illegal trafficking and prosecuting offenses that helped put guns in the hands of criminals. attorney general merrick garland saying the effort will include increased enforcement of in so-called supply areas. cities and states where it is normally easier to obtain firearms that are later trafficked into cities with more restrictive gun laws. there is chaos tonight in the circuit attorney's office in st. louis. three murder cases have been dismissed in one week. including one in which the prosecutor reportedly failed to show up in court three times. senior correspondent mike tobin takes a look at the situation tonight from chicago. >> st. louis metro police have issued a warrant for the arrest of brandon campbell. he was in police custody, charged with murder and scheduled for a hearing last thursday. his case was dropped because a
3:40 pm
prosecutor didn't show up. she was on maternity leave when assigned the case. >> did you not know that the attorney assigned to that was on maternity leave? don't you know where your employees are at? for god's sake, you know, you need to be in charge of your office. if you can't do that you shouldn't be in that office. >> the office run by circuit attorney kim gardner issued a statement: upon review of our internal policies and procedure regarding medical leave, we have determined that corrective measures are needed to prevent any repeat occurrence of the incident in question. but, in the past week, cases were dropped against two more murder suspects as either the case fell apart or the prosecutor was a no show. judge jason, who provided over the campbell case wrote the circuit attorney's office has essentially abandoned its duties to prosecuted those it charges with crime. ahead of the police officers association says due to gardner's handling of these case, people on the street will see murder suspects walking free.
3:41 pm
>> it shows that there is no accountability and, you know, for the criminals. they can go and do whatever they want and, you know, they are going to be back out on the street the next day. >> mother of a victim in a separate fourth murder case says gardner's office allowed her son's killer to plead to charges so light she called gardner incompetent. >> if he kills someone else, i hope kim gardner will know she is response glible one former prosecutor backs gardner. >> it was the daughter that let the offender go. not the prosecutor. we have individuals that are more concerned about embarrassing the prosecutor than they are about having an effective system. >> assistant prosecutor kim archie was assigned the campbell case. local reporting says while she was on maternity leave, her electronic signature appeared on some 20 murder case or she has since resigned. she has not responded to our attempts to quaget her. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. the state department shut down its online passport applicant
3:42 pm
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>> if you are unvaccinated you need to be wearing a mask to protect yourself and others around you. we need more people to get vaccinated to stop this pandemic. overall the cdc's recommendations haven't changed. >> there has been no decisio dec health would be driven by the cdc. but, of course, we are engaged with public health experts and the cdc about how to continue to attack the virus. >> bret: well, there is resurgence, that's clear. and now there are debate in different states about mask mandates coming back, not coming back, what happens with the vaccine. the president this afternoon repeating what he said at a town hall last night about the vaccine and going forward. take a listen. >> we have a pandemic among the non-vaccinated not vaccinated.
3:47 pm
if you are vaccinated, you are safe. if you are vaccinated, you have over a 98% of never catching the virus at all. if you catch it, you are likely to overwhelming proof so far is you are not going to be hospitalized. you are not going to be sick. you are probably going to have no sign that had you it. >> bret: well, the cdc has new numbers out about that. and this -- these numbers actually from july 12th. so they are a little old. but they are break through covid-19 cases, 5,018 americans have been hospitalized from break through cases. this means you've had vaccinations and you still got cody and they went to the hospital. 1063 americans have died from break through covid-19 case. 75% of all those were hospitalized or died from the break through case were age 65 years or older. and this is the delta variant that everybody is talking about. so, with that let's bring in our panel ben domenech publisher of the federalist.
3:48 pm
juan williams is a fox news analyst and steve hayes editor of the dispatch. steve, there is this debate and, you know, the president seems to be indicating that the cdc is going to change its guidelines soon. >> steve: yeah, he has indicated that and also suggested that the cdc may allow children under 12 be vaccinated which i think would be a welcome development at this point. look, i think it's unfortunate that we are having a debate about going back to masks for a number of reasons. primarily because if you have a debate about going back to masks, it suggests that people who are vaccine hesitant that there is not the kind of upside that we have been promising all along to getting vaccinated. and i think that's the kind of mixed messaging that we don't want from the white house. having said that the only reason we are having this debate about potentially having to go back to masks is because you have irresponsible people who are pretending that there is no difference between being vaccinated and between being unvaccinated. many of those are charlotte tans
3:49 pm
and hucksters on the right who are in just asking questions mode pretending that there is really not much to know about being unvaccinated versus being vaccinated or that there ♪ real scientific evidence have a being vaccinated provides significant advantage to surviving to avoiding getting in the first place surviving any covid infection that you have. >> bret: about the mask and the vaccines, peter doocy had that little back and forth with jen psaki on this issue. >> i think a lot of people got the vaccine because they were hearing him say if you got the vaccine you don't have to wear masks anymore. >> and that continues to be cdc guidance. >> and you can say that that's going to be the guidance forever. >> i'm not the cdc director. >> i understand but people don't care who tells them to wear a mask. >> they should care. >> white house. >> shouldn't they care if it's a doctor or medical expert or spokesperson? i think actually most americans do care. >> it's the government.
3:50 pm
>> okay. >> bret: ben? >> well, i think that first off, there is no basis to have any kind of masking for young children who are going back to school major point of contention and major role related to mask mandates. you could potentially see an argument made it would make teachers more comfortable or something like that. circling back to steve's point, i would like to see the evidence that the driving element for people not getting vaccinated is, as he says hucksters on the right. i don't really see that in fact, i see almost total unanimity on the right in terms of people recommending that people ought to be vaccinated. certainly among the political class. and if there are hucksters out there saying these types of things, i certainly don't think they have the kind of pull in this country in order to have the type of effect. i think the far more reasonable and obviously, i think data supported approach is to say that in every aspect of the
3:51 pm
promises related to that vaccination, we have seen the government pull the rug out from underneath people, over and over again about whether they would be going to be able to go back to living a normal life. and that instead of having the ability to go back to that, they are being told, once again, of the potential mandates, being ao living the way that they thought they were going to be able to if you had a significant portion of americans vaccinated. that's a far bigger danger when it comes to discouraging vaccination than anything that i have heard from any huckster. >> can i clarify. yeah. can i clarify? so, i didn't say that that was the cause. i said it was a problem. it is a problem. and if ben doesn't know where the problem exists i suggest he pay more attention. clearly there are people, particularly on the right, not exclusively on the right. >> sorry paid a lot of attention. >> in that case. [talking at the same time] >> yeah, look. if you don't think it's a
3:52 pm
problem, that people are. >> ben: changing the conversation. >> steve: no problem. if you don't think it's a problem that there are people on the right who are pretending in the manner of just asking questions that there is no difference between being vaccinated and unvaccinated i do think you ought to pay close attention. >> ben: i said it was a problem when kamala harris said there was questions about vaccines under donald trump and it's a problem, obviously with anybody questioning. i don't see anybody of the stature of kamala harris on the right today saying that people ought not be vaccinated. >> bret: juan is on this panel too. i can't wait until you get back in studio so the whole box thing and brady bunch thing goes by the wayside. i want to play soundbite about kid masked in schools. ben mentioned it take a listen. >> the cdc is going to say that what you should too is everyone every over the age -- under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. that's probably what's going to happen. >> i think that's a scary thought that the president of the united states is making a
3:53 pm
forecast about what the cdc is probably going to do. for the federal government to make some kind of big decision more the whole nation is wrong. the local school boards make those decisions. >> what about that, juan. >> well, it's unlikely children under 12 is going to be vaccinated before school is started. they are looking for precautions to protect children. i was with the governor of maryland today, republican larry hogie. he says he doesn't know if they will start doing that before next year vaccinating those kids. the reality is the best way to protect the kids right now is for everyone to get vaccinated. if everyone is vaccinated, then the kids are going to have almost no exposure to the virus. i mean, we have a solution that doesn't involve anybody imposing anything on anyone just saying, you know what? let's act in the best interest of our health, our familiens and our children in terms of getting
3:54 pm
the vaccination. you know, there is no way for kids to get it if everyone is vaccinated. >> ben, last word here. >> ben: i don't think we can set these kind of rules to the federal level i think to the point of the parent you were quoting there these decisions ought to be made as close as possible to the localities to the people and to the people who are facing these challenges which are widely different across america when it comes to the level of challenge and i think that we do need to keep in mind parents ought to be able to direct how their children live and how they are treated. that is not the role of the government ought to supersede in any respect. >> bret: all right, steve. do you want to agree with ben to wrap up the panel? >> steve: yeah, that's right. the principle of subsidiary suggest people closest to this decision should be making the decision. i think when you have overwhelming evidence of the success of the vaccine, fine to ask legitimate questions about the long-term implications but it's best to follow the science.
3:55 pm
>> bret: all right. guys, stand by. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with you. ♪ ♪ (realtor) the previous owners left in a hurry, so the house comes with everything you see. follow me. ♪ (realtor) so, any questions? (wife) we'll take it! (realtor) great. (vo) it will haunt your senses. the heart-pounding audi suv family. get exceptional offers
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that is freaky. (applause) >> bret: finally tonight a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. juan? >> juan: bret, the nfl is telling players that if their team experiences a covid outbreak, they will have to forfeit that game if the game is canceled. they are not requiring the vaccinations but this move certainly put pressure on the players to get their vaccination. the pressure is going to come from their teammate. >> bret: ben? >> ben: nancy pelosi favor to republican's leaks and it's all the ones seeking to lose their primaries. suggestion that -- brings any kind of bipartisan status to the 1/6 commission is not something that's going to pass muster. >> bret: all right, steve? steve milwaukee runs out of beer after the bucks win the world
4:00 pm
championship. [laughter] not actually going to happen. milwaukee would never run out of beer but i think it's been a festive couple of days in my hometown after the bucks triumph over the phoenix. >> bret: that's totally fake news. >> totally fake news. >> bret: foam on "special report" whatever happened segment to gitmo. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade. i tried, three seconds, starts right now. >> brian: right. and steve hayes, the big decision in milwaukee is that milwaukee's best or old milwaukee. that's the biggest decision now. >> bret: and cheese curds. >> brian: i should have thought of that bret give it away i'm brian kilmeade and this is "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. the entire country is on edge with growing concern over the delta variant i don't need to tell you that you have got vaccines, should you take it, should you not. return of the mask mandate? is it going to happen? don't worry our commander-in-chi