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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 22, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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sweat and their tears were for. for me to remember that that pain was there for a reason and it is for me to recognize my purpose here on earth and to impact >> jesse watters and greg gutfeld, 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. ♪ >> get ready for masks to make a comeback even if you're vaccinated. liberal cities are beginning to mandate them again as row kid vases from the delta variant surge across the country. a new report says the white house is weighing whether it should shift guidance. reportedly talking to the cdc and one idea being considered is
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asking all americans to wear masks when vaccinated and unvaccinated people are together indoors or at public places. regardless of whether you have the shot, the white house press about it earlier today. >> a few weeks ago, the president said we were closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. is that still the case if you guys are now reportedly considering asking vaccinated people to wear masks again. >> well, first of all, the cdc director, who oversees decisions along those lines and all of our public health decisions, made clear that that was not a decision that had been made just a few hours ago. so we'll continue to communicate, convey what the actor of public health guidelines is. nothing has changed about that. and of course we have ongoing discussions about how to keep themen people safe. >> but expect there to be pushback as masks make a return. florida governor ron desantis ripping into the idea of bringing back any mandates. >> i get a little bit frustrated when i see some of these
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jurisdictions saying -- even if you're healthy and vaccinated you must wear a mask as we're seeing increased cases. understand the message that's accepting to people that aren't vaccinated. it's telling people the vaccines don't work. that's the worst message you can send to people at this time. >> so jesse the reason why there's been some hesitancy is that the white house roll-out of trying to get people vaccinated went poorly because basically you said you have no freedoms even if you're vaccinated, lifted some mandates hoping that would help, it's not and now they're setting themselves up for another credibility problem with the efficacy of the vaccine by saying maybe vaccinated people need to wear a mask again. >> biden's like the girl who keeps sending you mixed signals. one day she's flirting next day she won't give you the time of day. it's like where do we instant. i just want to know where we stand. and the country does not know where joe biden stands on vaccines masks and delta. i was getting my hair cut the other kay and when it was finished, the barber says you're
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in the media you know things. i said you would be surprised. and i said what's the question. he says what is the deal with delta and are they going to shut my barber shop down again here in new york. and people are scared katie because they don't know what's coming because we're just getting all these mixed signals. right now there is no spike in cases. it is not a spike. we were at record low in cases and then there was a small rise in cases, and they're calling it this huge spike. it's not. deaths are at an all-time low. repeat. all-time low. and masks are not going to flatten the curve. they never did. it was the vaccines that did it. so you can't ask vaccinated americans to wear a mask, it destroys vaccine confidence, and it actually punishes you for getting the shot and doing the right thing and they already destroyed vaccine confidence when they screwed up the j&j stuff and that sent the vaccination rates way down. if biden wants to destroy the recovery and ruin my summer and
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everybody else's summer, he will bring back the mandates and he will try to outpoise fauci to sell it and the cdc woman who's been wrong every single time and it's just going to make everybody angry and you can't do that while at the same time letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pour in who haven't been vaccinated and shipping them to swing states. you cannot have both. >> so greg where i see this going is they're going to make this argument that, well, the honor system doesn't work when it comes to vaccines and all of you people don't want a vaccine passport system so therefore everybody else has to wear masks. that's where i see this argument going. >> i remember this was brought up by pelosi and i remember screaming at the tv which i do now that i'm old. our entire country is based on the honor system. what do you think, what do you think -- you know, what do you think we do every day? we don't commit crimes, we cooperate with each other, we tell the truth, we try to do our best.
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everything is an honor system based on trusting the individual. so i'm sorry, that's the way it's going to go. you know, the government should not invoke a mask mandate because americans will follow laws, but they won't follow order. and this sounds like an order and you can't take an order from a politician because they're liars and they're thieves, especially pelosi. i had a really good thing i wanted to say. oh, this is the gutfeld rule, the first person to violate an order is always the one who gave it. right? that should be in bar let's quotations and if it's not bartlett is a comey pink 0. but we can't have that with strings attached. another good quotation. i think. the thing is you can't promise an incentive for a very invasive action like a vaccine. it's like when you're a kid, the doctor always said, get this shot, you get a lollipop. the mask, having the masks removed was the 2021 version of the lollipop. we were promised a lollipop and
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now they're saying we're not going to give you a lollipop. those are fighting words. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> so here's the deal. i have the solution. one, if you're vaxed you should be able to do what you want. if you're unvaxed, do your best to wear a mask. right? that seems like common sense. that's the honor system. three, everyone by next year, lose 15 pounds. because the risk factors for covid are weight and age and you can't do anything about your age, but you can do something about your weight and if you lose weight you also reduce risk factors for a myriad, myriad. >> myriad. >> a myriad of diseases jessica. and i know you want feeble die, but i'm trying to help people. >> but i want people to be skinny when they die. >> got to be beautiful. >> i'm so glad, greg, that you brought up people giving the orders but not following the orders because just last week we had one of those democrats donna howard flying maskless on this
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calling for a mask mandate for everybody else. she sent out a tweet saying that she thinks that everybody should be masked, we need to follow the science here, texas needs to change course and allow for universal mask wearing to stop the spread of highly contagious delta variant especially children under 12 who cannot get vaccinated the. here she is the texas dems are spreading covid all across the city and now she wants everybody else to be masked. >> so i think we need a language shift from getting covid to getting severe covid or getting hospitalized, because that's really from the get go what we've all been trying to avoid. and that's what vaccinations do. they keep you out of a severe case of covid, this he keep you out of the hospital, they keep you off a ventilator. and because we are overtesting at this level, including six of those 12 democrats. so everyone on that plane was vaccinated. half of them ended up getting a milder asymptomatic case of covid that we know about because
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we are testing so many people who are getting normal seasonal allergy stuff, flu things, we also spent a year in a mask, so now we're being exposed to all these microbes we were protected the from. there's a new york times piece why is the customer cold so bad this year. because you don't have a mask this year, doesn't mean you have covid. a large percentage is unvaccinated. we don't want to inent sent vice the vaccine by putting the masks back on. >> don't you think it's difficult for people to take oz from people like that who respect following their own rules. that doesn't make it any easier for people to say i've done this for a year sure i'll do it again even though they're not doing it. >> i haven't protected the texas democrats i think they should of stayed but steve ca lease is in a position of power only got his vaccine last week. mitch mcconnell pleading with
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people, ron desantis finally stood up and said hey you need to get your shot, 99.5% of cases hospitalizations now in florida are unvaccinated. >> how do you know why scalise didn't get it? i mean, the guy was shot. if you have some immune issues, you know, or any kind of disabilities, there are, there are people that -- i mean -- >> a hundred percent, but we should talk about it. a hundred percent of democrats are vaccinated. >> couldn't vary to popular belief there are doctors who told people not to get vaccinated because of individual health reasons. i want to get this in because people care about it. last night president biden talked about kids under 12 and whether they should wear a mask. let's listen to thatten a then we'll get your response. >> the cdc is going to say that what we should do is, everyone under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. that's probably what's going to happen. secondly, those over the age of 12 who are able to get vaccinated, if you're vaccinated, you shouldn't wear a
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mask. if you aren't vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask. >> say again. >> there is poor cdc data on children and adolescents. so i don't know how they can make that call. dr. marty wrote about this in the wall street journal and i will be brief. 335 children under the age of 18 died with a covid diagnosis. they make no -- they don't distinguish between actually covid causing the death or the child having covid and dying from something else. there are problems with the adolescent hospitalization data. there are problems with the vaccination side effect data. it goes on and on and on. so i don't know how they can make a call about this, quite frankly, at this point. jessica also read the matter mekari co-authored in the post about ethics. but i want to speak for, allow
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me to speak for on behalf of maybe all vaccinated americans, people who have covid and have antibodies about forcing us to wear masks. bite me. it's not going to happen. mask off. the white house always is motivated by political gain but even looking at mask mandates through blue colored -- deep blue colored glasses, this is stungly stupid. you know, all the liberals last year who were the mask police, who were yelling, she canning at people about getting masked up. they went in all their superiority and got vaccinated as well, and they're really happy not wearing a mask. you can breathe. you don't have chin acne. you don't have skies on your eyes. when you go on a date you don't look like you've been succeeding on i a plunger. so everybody's perfectly happy so there is zero political benefit for biden and company. that's how lost they are. >> it is it's important for little kids sitting in class all
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day for their masks and it seems to be for the comfort of adults who can be vaccinated and protected to make the kids suffer. >> children do not contract it as easily as adults, they don't spread it as easily as adults and again there were 335 children who died with covid and the cdc doesn't even know if it was actually from covid. >> all right. straight ahead president biden tries to claim republicans are lying about democrats defunding the police. ♪♪
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♪ >> president biden and democrats desperately trying to separate themselves from the crime surge raging in liberal cities and we've been showing you scenes like this where emboldened criminals can walk out of the store with bags of stolen stuff and not get in trouble. biden is now trying to claim republicans are lying about democrats trying to defund the police. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police? >> they're lying. >> what about defunding the police, though? >> no, i never, never, never said defunding the police. >> so, let's refresh his memory on which party wants to cut funding to the cops. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> not only do we need to defund, but we need to dismantle and start a new. >> why use the word defund, why use the word defund? this is the word coming from the street. >> i am for defunding the police. >> a moment to reimagine
2:18 pm
policing. >> in many cities in america, over one-third of their city budget goes to police so we have to have this conversation. >> can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding? >> yes. absolutely. >> jessica? the floor is yours. >> don't fall on it. >> so joe biden -- the question -- if it was just have you ever advocated to defund the police joe biden would be right to say they're lying. joe biden has never advocated for that. >> he said redirect. >> redirecting is not actually defunding. >> he said redirect money from the police. >> right, to, what? you're going to make that like nail salons? they've even done this in new york city and there's preliminary results that sending some 911 calls to people like social workers is making a big difference versus sending police -- i'm just telling you the facts. >> she's pointing the gun at me come quick. >> but that's not all the calls that go to 911 obviously.
2:19 pm
joe biden -- >> let's drill down on this. so you're saying the 911 operator waits and then listens and then slowly makes a determination whether or not to send real 911 or whether it deserves a social worker. you think that that's just split second decision that's going to be good every time. >> it's not necessarily going to be good every time but if you can have more effective -- >> if i was a victim i want it to be good every time. >> not every call to 911 is he has a gun. a lot of people call 911 for other sorts of things where a police officer showing us armed is not going to be the right approach. but either way, obviously the montage is real, every member of the squad advocated to this, nancy pelosi didn't, cliburn didn't, joe biden didn't. people in positions of power. it is obviously a bad issue for democrats. we don't want to go in the midterms with it hanging over our head. >> that's all we wanted you to say. >> why didn't you say that? i could have avoided two minutes of chat. >> all right, greg, it's pretty
2:20 pm
bad that your biggest defense is uh-uh, they did it. >> i do not blame joe biden at all. he clearly doesn't have the internet. and he also doesn't watch fox. because if he stuck to his normal menu of news, you may not never have heard this before. it was like the fine people hoax. it was news to him it wasn't true. that's why it took him like a year to stop saying it. and also he doesn't get any push back either. you saw don lemon just nodding along like he's listening to josh rogen. joe's like an undisciplined kid, he can break things and throw tantrums but the does itting parents are the media and they're, oh, he's so adorable when he lies. isn't that cute? maybe he really believes that. no one will call him on it so the bigger problem is the dems have turned basic need into a political football and the people playing with football are immune to the consequences of their action, behind gated communities we say that over and over again but there's a weird
2:21 pm
let them eat cake here, especially among the national news media, it's not happening exactly outside their door so they don't really care. i think the solution will not come from republicans, because no one's going to listen to them, no one is going to listen to fox. they're going to people like jessica or harold ford. moderate democrats have to expunge the elite class deliberately our nation by the tenants of justice. and the only people who can do that are democrats like jessica. you have to make a stance. if we have nuters on the other side we're good at booting them to the street. it's time. you have a nugget of nut bags who want to destroy the country. >> boot your nuters, jessica. >> boot your nuters. >> take it. >> don't these people in power, these left wing nuts, to use your word, don't they listen to the family members who are on local tv and on fox news who have lost their loved ones
2:22 pm
who -- there was a woman on earlier on fox news whose son was murdered, and the prosecutor, the circuit attorney, cut a deal on her son's murderer. and she -- i guess they're ignoring that. and they're also -- there's a bigger lie that's going on here. and, by the way, joe biden, and i say this over and over and over again. joe biden and kamala harris both proposed getting rid of cash bail. that is the revolving door that is caused a spike in crime here in new york and in other places. but they're all part of this liberal ecosystem from the lunatics in washington to the left wing governors, the mayors, the city council, the district attorneys who have implemented these policies that pamper the perpetrators. gavin newsome said something yesterday and i want to push back on it. i forgot to yesterday. he said the evidence doesn't back it up. over the last three decades, we've actually seen a significant decline in crime in
2:23 pm
his state and they say it about other places. you know why? because there were policies in place that you have ripped up. he's talking about three decades where it was conservative policies that cracked down on crime, that put people in jail. and i just wanted to point out just reich here in new york, in california, the violent crime rate went up last year, the rain rate fell but aggravated assault increased. and so he's, again, focusing on -- he's trying to take credit for something he didn't do. >> he's being very dishonest because they're not recording the crime. so if you don't arrest anybody or you don't from anybody it's not in the record and you can say, hey, look, the statistics are less than last year so therefore crime is going down. but you don't have to be part of the literal defunding monetarily of the police to defund the police. i mean, democrats across the board have adopted the blm message, the black lives matter movement. they didn't speak out last summer when cities were burning
2:24 pm
and they were causing $2 billion worth of damage which of course demore moral iced the police. they basically painted every single police officer in the country with this racism argument that if you're a white police officer you're out to get black men every single time you wake up and put on your badge and go out on the street that's demoral icing which is why you're seeing mass retirements, nobody signing up to do the job. also it's amazing how dems have embraced blm which is proven itself to not be a movement against black lives, or they would speak out on all the crime in black neighborhoods, but really about enriching themselves and taking the country more to a marxist economy than the what we have now. so you don't have to say i want to defund like ilhan omar or aoc. democrats certainly embrace demoralizing officers across the country. >> we're going to go and jessica's going to start the nut. no pressure >> president biden has a message
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♪ >> businesses all across america struggling to find workers but they aren't getting sympathy from president biden. check out this exchange with a small business owner. >> how do you and the biden administration plan to incentivize those that haven't returned to work yet? >> two things, one, you notice, we kept you open. and i think it really is a matter of people deciding now that they have opportunities to
2:30 pm
do other things, and there is a shortage of employees. people are looking to make more money and to bargain. and so i think your business, and the tourist business, is really going to be in a bind for a little while. and one of the things, we're ending all those things that are the things keeping people back from going back to work, et cetera. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> it was so nice of him to say we kept you open. wasn't that pleasant. yo, it's kind of weird, i am a small business owner, that i know more about economics than an 80 year old president of the united states. if you pay more people you have to raise all the salaries and then you have to start letting go workers so you can afford the higher salaries or you increase the price of your product which then increases inflation and that's what you're going to see. did i just explain economics 101. >> yes. >> i think i deserve a nobel prize. >> i have a ten page article from the wall street journal i plan to read in its entirety
2:31 pm
throughout the segment about how much the goods are going up in price, companies are having to raise all these prices. inflation clearly will become a huge issue for the white house, but joe biden keeps coming out andsation we're going to spend more money so that's going to help inflation, and actually people's wages, when adjusted for inflation, are going down. they're down in the most recent months and down over the last year. but that is the one thing that i wrote down. we kept you open. oh, he's such a benevolent king and that business owner is just some plebe. that is the iing this of somebody that has been in politics for five decades. it's awful. >> definitely it's only something, jessica, a democrat would say, because democrats believe in the power of big government, and that that trumps anything like small business. meanwhile, who made a lot of money during -- because of biden? big business.
2:32 pm
all the small businesses. should he be impeached? >> that's tomorrow's show. i already got the topic list. no, he shouldn't be impeached. so his answer was actually, he talked for two and a half minutes. >> right. >> in biden style. >> biden style. >> like gang am style. >> but there was actually a lot of sentiment tality about it. he talked about his father-in-law of his deceased wife was a restaurant owner in syracuse and wanted to save the business and god love you for what you do. and i want to point out not that small businesses aren't struggling, that gentleman owned 39 restaurants. not a mom and pop shop on the corner, people have been getting wiped out by amazon. it's a different kind of thing. the inflation issue is definitely becoming a polling nightmare for democrats. because people are, their groceries cost more. i've seen a lot on line, mandell's been tweeting about the price of diapers. she just had her fifth child
2:33 pm
last week and she was like oh, my god i've only taken' year and a half out of this game and the prices are so exorbitant. these are things people need. and if that continues into an election you are going to have a problem. he said we have an economist, several saying this is temporary. that is my hope but there definitely needs to be a backup plan to this if it isn't something that is temporary and you want to stay in power. >> did you just cite a real housewife. >> stephanie mandell. >> is she a real housewife? >> no. >> that's bethenny frankel. >> mandell is a wonderful writer who has five children stay at home mother. >> oh, steph mendell. i don't know who these people are. >> she is a person who knows a lot about a lot of things. >> what about the price of diapers because you have a baby. >> you have a baby. >> they're probably up. >> he lied out of the gate, he said we kept you open. biden's party kept restaurants closed. >> but they got ppp loans. >> not only last year but into
2:34 pm
this year. and that was a trump program that bailed out the restaurants, not him. and then to say that we kept you open, democrat governors were arresting restaurant owners who tried to open and fining them. and then you spelled it out perfectly, that's why we had the $200 fries, because you're competing with the federal government's $300 fake bonus so you have to raise wages, pass it on to the customers, raise prices that's why things are so expensive. then he said the funniest thing, spending $6 trillion will not increase deflailings it will decrease inflation. then he cited moody's. never cite moodies, you know this. it is a left wing organization, mark is a left wing guaido nates to the clintons and democrats. he predicted trump would sink the economy into a recession in 2018 and destroy three and a half million jobs and predicted barack obama's recovery would be the hottest on record. so never listen to a democrat when they cite moody.
2:35 pm
that's a warning. >> there you go. katie it seems to me the biden administration seems more about the woke than the work. >> i think that's true. that was a good one greg. >> thank you. >> as someone who grew up in a small business, responses like this from politicians who have been getting paychecks from taxpayers signing the back of them rather than signing the front of them their entire lives for 30, 40 years is really enraging and when you look at the way the biden administration is importing millions of people, aka cheap foreign labor which obviously suppresses the wages of american workers at a time when people should be going back to work. and then you had them saying that it's a worker's market. well, why is it a worker's market. you would think after a pandemic when a lot of people lost their jobs people would be clamoring to get back to work back into the labor force. instead they're competing with the federal government who is paying people with hard earned taxpayer dollars not to go back to work. and then they have the nerve to say, you need to pay 15 dlargs an hour, no matter which city you live in, no matter what
2:36 pm
economic situation your town may be in. it's just such a naive eliteest argument to make. >> and the government can afford this. >> right. >> about you the people that the government is competing against can't. >> exactly. >> you just raised your prices, that's what we're doing. >> right. >> that policy is ending and he cited that. >> but guess what he admitted it finally so forever the white house was saying this has no impact on people going back to work, the unemployment and then biden admits finally yesterday that yeah we're ending those programs because it's preventing people to go back to work. >> except all these new entitlements he wants to push through are not based on work. you can collect with no work requirement. my parents were small business owners and you get screwed by the government over and over again that's why i said screw them. >> all right. >> get ready for the woke olympics us women's soccer players kneeling are now other countries are doing it, too. ♪♪
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♪ >> brace yourself for the woke olympics this year. the games officially kick off tomorrow, but the protests have already begun. several teams, including the u.s. women's soccer team -- losers -- taking a knee right before the start of the opening matches, the one that they lost, thanks to new rules, we could be seeing more of that. athletes are now allowed to express their views more freely than in the past and can demonstrate peacefully on the field as long as the competition has not begun. i want to see disruptive protests, greg. like if you're going to protest, like let's see fights and clawing at each other. >> full on streaking. you name it.
2:42 pm
shocking. throwing food. you know, did they lose because they kneeled? probably not, because everybody's kneeling including the people that beat them. but the kneeling has cost me not to care that they lost. so that's the difference. it had no impact on the game but on the fans it's like, all this sanctimony, all this virtue signaling has worn off. i don't see them as american athletes anymore i see them as self-important media creations. it's great for rapinoe. i don't know if it's great for the sport or for other players. but the self rieshsness of the woke athlete comes off as the opposite of the athlete persona. the athlete was always the hard working strong silent determined type and now we have this kind of winey attention-seeking creature. they may not win the game, about you they got the gold in pretension sanctimony. >> yes. >> katie who is saying we need more politics in sports? like who's really saying that? >> the people kneeling on the field. about you the good news is
2:43 pm
rapinoe has a backup plan as victoria secret model so she has a future career. if you notice the kinds of countries that the people are from, the people who are kneeling, they're from western democracies where they have the right to kneel without being killed, for example. you're not going to see people from china or people from iran, if they're in the olympics, i don't have the whole list of turanical regimes that have people kneeling but you won't see those people kneeling on the field because they'll be killed as a result. there are 69 countrys in the world that criminalize home 0 sexuality, many of them with the consequence of death. so with that contrast, it really just points out that the people who are kneeling on the field are completely out of touch and ungrateful for the freedoms that they have that are so rare in the rest of the world. >> jessica, i know you're grateful for the right to be wrong. >> i mean, sure. but i also happen to be right, which is a bonus in all of this. >> we'll see.
2:44 pm
>> this is a question of who wants to see more politics in sports if you were alive. muhammad aly would like to see more politics in sports. we can all agree he was a pretty amazing athlete and someone who used his platform to take a stand on a political case that mattered to manages and millions of people and lost a great deal as a result of his decision to protest serve in the vietnam war. this is not a new thing. i take katie's point with the athletes predominately doing this but it is, when we talk about a special plays we live and great community we're part of with these western democracies why isn't this a good thing that you can also see us coming together especially at the olympics and everybody taking a knee to say the world is not equal. it's inequal in all different sorts of ways but we want to be united in this. >> we're in united in jesse. i'm waiting for lebron james now that his space jam is out to criticize join a and talk about
2:45 pm
the uyghurs being imprisoned by the communist party in china and the fact that four million people were killed by the communist party in china by the virus. >> jessica saying the world's not equal. oh, wow. when has it ever been equal? it's never going to be equal jessica. come on you're smarter than that >> hating america is not fashionable anymore. maybe when kaepernick did it a couple years ago it was cutting edge but greg' right. it's kind of lost its bite and gone out of style and this country's thirsty for patriotism. conservatives will always be no matter who's president. now that biden is, democrats can be patriotic again. let's go for gold. because i'm with greg when i see these women, greg's right, makes it harder no root for them. a lot of people, millions of americans don't like to think that, they don't think, oh, police brutality, they think what a selfish athlete that i won't clap for anymore. we are trying to put our best
2:46 pm
foot forward on the world's stage. this is not our best foot forward. window he want to present a united patriotic front this is not it. >> to falsely compare the united states to our countries is a false moral equivalent. >> i don't want to be the other countryings, i want to be better. >> we already are. >> we already are better. >> except in soccer. >> apparently. >> actually they were undefeated for two years. >> the swedes are really good, though. >> what are the swedes kneeling about? i thought that place was perfect, according to you guys. >> meatballs. >> that march is perfect. >> you want attention just take a photo of your armpit and put it on social media. idea coming up a shocking number of college grads don't know how to be adults. ♪♪
2:47 pm
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♪♪ >> being an adult is apparently very, very hard. 81% of college graduates wish they were taught more life skills before graduating. the biggest trouble areas including investing and financial planning, household
2:51 pm
maintenance like unclogging a toilet or resetting a wifi router and not knowing how to cook or do laundry. the wifi router class is an interesting idea. but home-ec, you said last night you did take home-ec. >> yes, you learned how to like sew, cook. >> unclog a toilet. >> sewing is important. >> yeah, sewing is important. >> you know what? you can google everything you need to know. what you can't google is like how to spot a guy you start dating who's going to steal your atm card, right? or like squat in your apartment and you can't get him out. >> okay. >> asking for a friend. >> jesse, what's one life skill that you wish that you were taught that you weren't? >> i should have lifted heavier in college. i didn't start lifting heavy until later in life. so i would tell younger jesse to lift heavier. but i don't think the powerful people in america want young americans to be financially
2:52 pm
literate. they want them riddled with debt and living paycheck to paycheck so they're easy to control and sub sa do i see and that's just how the country's operating right now. but i didn't understand how 17% of kids don't know how to do laundry. all you do is put the dirties in the laundry machine, add the detergent and hit start and then when it's done you take them and put them in the drier and if you're really a pro, you take the fabric softener and you push that in. how is that, 17% of us don't know how to do that. >> we have to separate the colors and nod on the finances for millennials greg final thoughts. >> i have a thought though. a 100% agree the government doesn't want people to be self-sufficient they want to delay adulthood for as long as possible. self-sufficient situate is a gift i like being an adult because it's freedom to make decisions. i'm grateful i took shop and homeless because i know how to weld make a cutting board fix stuff because i grew up in a car
2:53 pm
wash. so grateful to my parents for that so self-sufficient situate is -- >> where did you sleep in the car wash. >> i wasn't allowed to sleep. >> that is child labor abuse. >> child labor. it was great, though. >> frank, did you grow up in a car wash. >> no, but i don't really have fond memories of shop class. but you know what? what's interesting, i just had an epiphany, you don't need any of this. college is worthless. you have youtube. kids are learning how to put on their own makeup. i learned the other day. you can string your guitars. you can learn how to unclog a toilet. it's all there. people are doing it for you every day. the idea that college somehow makes you a better person, that's a lie. what you want to be in life, the number one skill, is to be useful. you wake up every morning and you want to be useful, that should be the first thought in your brain. probably the best skill in the
2:54 pm
world is learning how to dial down conflict. and we're unfortunately teaching the opposite to kids, social media is teaching kids to be more dramatically aggressive so now they're dealing up conflicts. be useful by dialing it down. put that in bar let and smoke it. >> all right. one more thing is up next. ♪♪ limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? . .
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the hat, the driching cups and really stylish jacket, light weight. you could wear it in the summer. go check that out right now. shop that >> katie: good stuff. all right, greg? >> greg: exleapt. let's do this one last time. it's greg's international, global, amazing, awesome national flattery week. >> greg: we're starting a new week next week. >> katie: whole week? >> greg: dropped a hint of this during the show because this is the last day i think it's beholden to us to compliment or flatter the person who comes after us. i will start by saying bret baier looks very, very buffed lately. have you noticed that? very muscular. >> jesse: he has a really great tan, greg. that means a lot coming from me. >> katie: i have heard bret baier's golf game is on point every time when his balls go into the swamp he wrestles algae gators to get them out. >> greg: i heard that from him.
3:00 pm
>> dagen: bret, your handy chap is so, so low. [laughter] >> jessica: i don't want to continue this trend at all on the golf front. is he a philanthropic man and family man. >> jesse: talk about his physical appearance. objectify his hair. >> jessica: really good hair. better than your hair. >> katie: that's it for us. "special report" up next. >> bret: better than jesse's hair? i don't know. thank you all, i'm flattered. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier breaking tonight the growing debate over whether to revive mast mask mandates because of the controversies resurgence. the delta variant is sending infection rates and hospitalizations upward across the country while vaccination numbers remain stagnant. some of president biden's past assurances about the vaccine are now under scrutiny. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live from the north lawn, good


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