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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 22, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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parts can make a real meaningful difference in someone's life. jillian: so nice and refreshing to see something bipartisan. we do hope it stays that way. that's for sure. congresswoman nancy mace, great to see you. >> thank you. todd: nothing brings a nation together by britney spears and dolly parton. jillian: that's true. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> white house weighing new mask guidance even if you are vaccinated. >> this comes as the cdc director says a spike in delta variant now accounts for 83% of code cases. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police? >> why? >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle. >> i am for defunding the police. >> last three decades actually seen a significant decline of crime in our state. >> things are going to get worse before they get better unless
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they stand up. >> federal guidance on reopening schools on a group wants to send teachers to anti-racist therapy. >>the biden administration now back pedaling saying it was an error. >> people standing in solidarity with the people in cuba which has been ignored by the president. >> leaving these folks out to dry. the cuban people they are hostages. >> they are saying we want freedom. ♪ ♪ steve: miami, this is your 6:01 wake-up call as we look down south in miami. going for a daytime high of 90. welcome to studio f as the picture digitizes this is thursday july. ainsley: sean was here last night if you were like us probably asleep during that show you stayed up for prime time at
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7:00. playing what some of the demonstrators. some covered in fake blood. this represents what our people in cuba are going through. we will talk to. so lawmakers down there. brian: two things. one said daytime high of. steve: 90. brian: but we don't recommend you get high during daytime. ainsley: different type of high. brian: i had an opportunity to do a feature on havana. i could probably walk down there and do a are feature i' had no idea how pro-pro-it was. if you are in a community keep the history alive. go study little havana. these generations understand cuba and pride and pride to be in america. they see that window opening first time in 40 years a chance to have freedom and chance at success or a little bit of democracy. they can't believe this government is not trying to help them run through that open door. steve: that is why last week we
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were live at the versailles diner where sean was last night. today, we are live at the landmark diner in atlanta's buck head neighborhood. our old buddy will cain is there they have so much on their plate down in buck head, they're talking about cuba, obviously, of the whole country is. also, they are talking about the police situation in buck head because it's not good. >> not good. they are leaving this debate as it were, steve, they're experiencing the concept of defund the police. they have had it here in the buck head neighborhood of atlanta as you point out. i am at the landmark diner which maintain as place of significance for two yeefns reasons this morning. number one center of debate we are talking about. joe biden on the stage by the way said i have never, never been for defund the police. we can roll the tape on that. he also denied that his party is for defund the police. we don't even need to roll the tape on that. we can see the tweets of a.o.c. or whoever it may be says defund
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means defund. we will talk to the karens at the landmark diner what it has meant to them and their lives. right now they are so fed up, they are ready to get out of atlanta and divorce atlanta. of the second reason the landmark maintains a place of significance is because we have been here before. "fox & friends" has been here before. now, i could do a quiz because there is only three of you so i'm not going to have you pick amongst yourself which one has been at this diner before it's kilmeade who has been right here standing right here once before. ainsley: do you remember that? brian: really? it. brian: will, did i not know. i totally forgot. i covered two atlanta super bowls. steve: do you know by he does not remember, will? the landmark karen even though it's 6:04 in the east. they sell martinis. brian: although i'm still not old enough to have a martini. will: right above the cake case you can see this is why brian probably doesn't remember is that too dark can you see that's
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there are your martini mixing materials right there. ainsley: i was watching "fox & friends first," will. todd said i have been there someone from "fox & friends" has been there. i will find out who it is. it was brian. will: it wasn't you piro it was kilmeade. ainsley: i love everyone that's goes to diners can't remember which ones they have gone to. brian: very similar buck head is in the eye of the storm today. ainsley: they won't their own police department. steve: will was talking about rolling the tape from last night. let's do that. joe biden, keep in mind, when he was running for president of the united states, joe biden said he was asked do you support taking money away from the police and putting it in other departments? and he said absolutely. is that defunding the police? yes. but it's a semantics game. the words defund police never came out of his mouth. here he is last night in ohio on cnn. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you
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and your party as anti-police. >> they are lying. we have to change police conduct. we have to have rules where things are open. [applause] >> we have to have rules where you can be able to determine what the background, how many times a cop has violated the rules and be able to have access to what's going on in police departments or the justice department can get involved in whether or not they have to change the pattern of fact issues. i have always said that. >> what about defunding the police though. >> no, i have never never never said defunding the police. look, i don't know any community, particularly the communities that are in the most need and the poorest and the most at risk that don't want police. they want police though to look at them as equals. they want police it treat them in a way. [applause] >> they don't want -- brian: amazing don lemon spends most of his time in the show talking negatively about cops and the reason to reimagine and defund the police. he knows that politically
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detective tri nontle president biden. he made sure to push him in that directions. and president biden, if he knows anything, it's about politics. he knows it is radioactive to talk about defunding cops. got about a million in this country. some of which are retired. families of cops. they are basically got the stiff arm last election. they do that again, they will lose everything. ainsley: with all due respect, mr. president. the republicans are not lying. in fact, we have a flashback proving it listen to what people in your democratic party have said defunding. >> yes. i support the defund movement. not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew. why use the word defund? why use the word defund? this is the word that's coming from the street. >> i am for defunding the police. >> a moment to reimagine police and to take things off the shoulders. >> in many cities in america over 1/3 of their city budget goes to police. so we have to have this conversation. what are we doing?
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ainsley: aoc said remember when the police department was stripped of a billion dollars from $6 billion budget in new york city aoc said that wasn't enough. brian: they defunded the police in california, in los angeles, where she used to work and where she is going back to help gavin newsom win his recall. steve: joe biden never said the words defund the police he said yep, it's okay to reallocate their money from the police department into library services offer something else. we don't know exactly because he was not asked. ainsley: the question was do you and your party, what do you say to those republicans that are saying this about you and your party. well, your party has said it. steve: there's the tape. brian: do you know what else? america has spoken. criminals said this is a great opportunity for us to thrive. they have. and you don't like the cops? they basically said take my badge back or i'm going to retire. or if you want me to stay in my car and you don't like the way i do things, i will just sit back. let's see what happens. and basically we are seeing what
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happens. chaos. steve: meanwhile, the president also talked about the chaos that is involved right now regarding getting people vaccinated. and now griff jenkins, who joins us from washington, d.c., apparently the white house, because so many -- 90 million americans still are not vaccinated so now they are talking about, do you know what? all those people are infecting each other, we may all have to wear mavericks. griff: it appears they are, steve, ainsley and brian. good morning, since you guys are doing some flashback tape replays, do you remember this white house simple springtime public message? >> it's vaxxed or mask. griff: that was may. it's gotten more complicated cnn town hall in ohio last night the president had this to say. >> we have a pandemic for those who haven't gotten a vaccination. if you are vaccinated you are not going to be hospitalized and you are not going to die. >> people should get vaccinated.
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griff: this comes, steve, as you mention, the administration reportedly debating whether to urge vaccinated americans to mask up again. though officials who spoke to the "the washington post" cautioned that any new formal guidance would come from the cdc. the president did, however, publicly say there is additional masking guidance likely coming for school kids. >> the cdc is going to say everyone under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. those over the age of 12, if you are vaccinated you shouldn't wear a of course that. if you aren't vaccinated you should be wearing a mask. griff: to be clear, children under the age of 12 are not currently eligible to receive the vaccine. biden predicted that will change quote soon. unclear if that means by the time the school starts in the fall. shifting guidance comes the cdc director says the spiking variant accounts for 83% of all covid cases nationwide. finally in response to recent
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criticism. white house press secretary jen psaki said on board air force 1 yesterday going forward they will be transparent about any white house official who tests positive for covid pause of the first contact with the president, first lady vice president and it first. brian: zero percent chance of a death. from this virus statisticfully 5 to 17. 0.1% of people have lost their lives in that age group going to mask up an entire generation for maybe two full years. can you imagine that? steve: as griff said it's all about because the kids are not vaccinated. brian: they don't need to be statistically. statistically they don't need to be vaccinated. ainsley: most of them don't get symptoms if they get covid. i still don't want my daughter to get new variant i don't want her to get covid at all. brian: right now statistically 2% of all cases in kids.
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the downside is kids are not going to develop emotionally for an entire two years now through those ages that are so violates for their development. steve: the worry is the kid would pick it up at school and take it home and kill somebody in their family. that's why they are considering that. brian: then that family member can get vaccinated. if an adult is vaccinated there no problem. if they chose not to get vaccinated. steve: brian, there are 90 million americans that are not vaccinated. brian: that's their choice. steve: that's is boy yesterday the top republicans in america said get the vaccine. ron desantis said yesterday these vaccines are saving lives. steve scalise said it, marco rubio said it, mitch mcconnell said if you have not been vaccinated save your life and don't kill somebody you love by bringing it home. brian: right. that person will not get killed if they get vaccinated. ainsley: all right. it's 6:12 on the east coast. what's coming up. brian: as cubans fight for freedom americans beg to help
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jillian: welcome back we have your headlines chaos in chicago. a 1-year-old boy is shot in the head and killed as nine others are shot on multiple crime scenes on the city's west side. four teenagers are among those hurt. so far no word on any arrests. police are pleading for the
3:18 am
community to come forward with information a city council approves a civilian board to oversee the police department it will create a commission with the power to draft department policy. at least two texas democratic lawmakers have returned home after more than a week on capitol hill. but republicans still need seven more democrats for the texas legislature to resume session. this as one run away who got covid is now calling for universal masking. dawn howard seen here did not wear a mask on the flight to washington. overnight china saying it will not participate in a second phase of the world health organization's investigation into the origins of covid-19. a top chinese government official expressing shock the plan includes further investigation into whether the virus leaked from that lab in wuhan. he dismissed the lab leak theory as a rumor that runs counter to common sense and science. and finally today, the city of
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milwaukee will host a championship parade 50 years in the making. the bucks winning the nba finals after beating the phoenix suns tuesday night. thousands of fans are expected to line the streets ahead of a party in the city's deer district. the it tip off at 11:00 a.m. central time i'm sure they are very excited for that. steve: they have been waiting a while. brian: they were waiting in the game in the parking lot 55,000. ainsley: thanks, jillian. i heard sean say this last night because he went down to miami. five egg as month. a few pound of rice a month. two kilograms of meat every 10 days. if you want milk you have to be under the age of 7 or pregnant. barely get soap, toothpaste or medicine. sean wept down to miami to talk to the demonstrators and lawmakers in florida who are asking for liberation and asking for freedom on the island of cuba. he talked to these demonstrators who were covered in fake blood, they were gagged, handcuffed and
3:20 am
chained. they told sean hannity what those items represent. >> represent dictatorship in cuba. this blood represents the blood that is going to be on the hands of those who stand next to dictatorship. joe biden cuba wants freedom. they need freedom. they don't want vaccines. they don't want food. they need freedom. that's what the cuban people deserve and that's what they want and the united states has to stand next to the cuban people. not to the dictatorship. >> enough is enough. the only vaccine that cuban people is needing is freedom. please help. steve: please help. remember, it was just about 10 days ago that the administration said the reason that the people were rising up down in cuba was because of covid. which flies in the face cuba has
3:21 am
great literacy and great socialized medicine. they don't have great socialized medicine. covid is ripping through that island and people want out. brian: so, a couple of things. last night, as you mentioned sean hannity brought his show down, governor desantis, marco rubio, and congresswoman salazar all got together in the case of salazar and rubio they have cuban heritage. this is personal. listen. >> let's get real here. let's understand hot people are that are on the right side of freedom. let's stabbed with them and let's tighten the screws on this regime. one of the reasons this is happening now is because trump turned the screws on the regime in havana and in venezuela. biden wants to liberalize all of that. >> cuba is a failure pause socialism doesn't work. marxism doesn't work. marxism is about power. nothing to do with prosperity. it's about controlling people. marxist system wants to keep people poor because poor people are easier to control. >> he's not paying attention to
3:22 am
those people screaming on the streets of it havana libertad. we want vaccines or food. they are saying we want freedom put internet back on do everything they can to make cuba stays totalitarian nation we're. if we sit back, just know they are not. be smart about it, don't go from and say this is what we are going to do don't make this us the enemy. things we should be cooking. we should be walking through this open door. and why when president biden is asked about this he has to take out a card and read we are against communism and communism doesn't work when everybody who grew up during the cold war, which is everybody pretty much knows where we stand on communism. ainsley: congresswoman salazar says she calls the biden administration, the administration three times every day no response. steve: brian, to your point, the cuban government is not going to turn the internet back on for them. so, you know, united states and
3:23 am
governor desantis has talked about and so has the administration apparently, figuring a way to get the internet service to them, maybe they float some weather balloons over the island where it's got some sort of satellite stuff so the people have the ability to transmit outside of that island so the world can see what is going. >> plus, also it, would be a good way for the people on cuba to go ahead and organize so that we can see more demonstrations in cuba like the one we saw on sunday in washington, d.c. ainsley: do you remember that video? we showed it a few times in san francisco of the looters inside or shoplifters it. steve: walgreen's. ainsley: and neiman marcus they are running out of the door. south l.a. new video of thieves just slowly walking out of a t.j. maxx store with duffle bags on their back full of items. look at this. people standing there watching them no. one stopping them because the
3:24 am
employees say it's not worth it. brian: allowed to do this it's under $1,000. gavin newsom i'm going for a recall. people want me to do something. i have an idea. pass it to reestablish -- reestablish a law that prevents you from robbing a store in an organized fashion. designation that laps earlier enter a place like this in an organized manner and try to steal things, it's illegal. if you walk in hab hazard by yourself dressed differently you will be able to full off. steve: what they did is still illegal but it's a misdemeanor. and because the cops are strapped and they don't have enough resources and they don't have the money and they don't have the will and they don't have the backing of the community or rather of their bosses they're not going to prosecute people. that's why the threshold is 950 bucks. ainsley: walk in a store and get a gift card for $949.
3:25 am
steve: you probably could but that person would probably go back to the cash register and hit delete. ainsley: hand it to you okay hand me your credit card i'm sorry i don't have one i'm walking out. brian: everything we need to prosecute. the video, get away car and license plate. it just doesn't matter. steve: that's a misdemeanor, well that could actually -- it looks like there was a discharge of a firearm there. the guy who took the images of the people walking out of the t.j. maxx in green that the that hill hey what's up guys, i want to see how far you get. ultimately they got to the parking lot, they got in the car they drove off. lapd told fox 1 the pair simply refused to pay, the police are investigating. there have been no arrests. brian: yeah. meanwhile, sergeant the v.p. of the los angeles police protection league said this to cbs. they didn't even run out. they walked out. they walked out sending a message that the criminals are winning.
3:26 am
gavin newsom says no, they are not. crime is going down. >> there are some people that say, some of the policies democrats like prop 47 and others are making crime worse. what do you say to that? >> the evidence doesn't back it up. last three decades we have actually seen a significant decline in crime. crime increased in red states that had no criminal justice reform. crime rate we are seeing here in california particularly gun related crime. that's easy. ainsley: state crime is going down. encouraging homeless people all over the country. come to california because you can have a new beginning. steve: live the california dream. ainsley: critics what's happening in california with this shoplifting you don't get really in trouble if it's under 9.50. they say it's because of prop 47 which lower you had the criminal sentences on crimes like shoplifting and leo terrell speaks about that. listen.
3:27 am
this is where he lives. >> i live in the worst state in the country. i live in the worst county in the country. i live in the worst city in the country, los angeles. we have george gas connie. let me tell you how bad it is. prop 47 was a horrific bill. it reduced crime that you are watching on television from a felony to a misdemeanor. gavin newsom is lying to america when he says crime is going down. where was he last year, brian? we have riots in california. every day burning and looting, defunding the lapd. we have a district attorney who is so, so friendly to the criminals it's outrake just. he is lying, he is in a desperate race for-because he is being recalled. and the deepest brewest state ever. steve: speaking of the recall. larry elder they put him back on the list because it was inappropriate for them to ask for five years worth of his tax
3:28 am
returns. that was intended for donald trump. brian: so elect larry elder and get back to sanity. he understands los angeles. he understands free marketplace and liberty. ainsley: there are a lot of people on that ballot including caitlyn jenner as well. brian: yes. steve: meanwhile on this thursday, the white house is backtracking after promoting a radical group pushing critical race theory in the schools. you saw this yesterday. exclusively on "fox & friends." what the administration is suddenly saying was a mistake coming up next. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
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but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. jillian: good morning and welcome back. police release dash cam video of an officer attack in aurora, illinois. it shows the moment two other officers arrive and pulled the suspects off the cop after he was repeatedly punched and strangled. three suspects, including two women were arrested and charged with attempted murder in the attack. residents in venice beach, california are blaming their local leaders for letting homelessness overwhelm the neighborhood and the iconic boardwalk. a member of the venice neighborhood council joined me on fort earlier saying why she thinks elected officials have failed the community. listen. >> overall violent crime is up
3:33 am
64%. robberies are up 150%. burglaries 93%. it just very difficult to live a day-to-day life. can july jill her frustration comes after tents were put back up less than a week after a massive clean up effort by the city. and now to this. hall of fame college football coach bobby bowden diagnosed with a terminal medical condition. did he not disclose the condition saying in a statement, quote: i have always tried to serve god's purpose for my life on and off the field. and i am prepared for what is to come. my wife ann and our family have been life's greatest blessing. i am at peace. bowden coached the florida state seminoles for 34 seasons before retiring in 2009. and, of course, we wish him and his family well as they go through this. ainsley: devastating. he was the coach when i was a student there. steve: a friend of this show. ainsley: friend of the show. nicest man and inspirational speaker. brian: when he came by he fired up the show.
3:34 am
he came by and gave us a pep talk. steve: he did. jillian, thank you very much. ainsley: yesterday we reported on the department of education's handbook reopening schools including a link to a radical activist group that wants to send white teachers to anti-racist therapy. steve: we saw and this we said what's that about? now the administration backtracking a department of education spokesperson telling fox news, quote: the department does not endorse the recommendations of this group, the abolitionist teaching network. nor do they reflect our policy positions. it was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation. ainsley: well, here with her reaction dr. carol swain former princeton and vice chair of the 1776 commission. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: dr. swain, they say it's an error, is it really an error? they had to intentionally go in and put that link on page 9. this is a guide book to reopening our schools.
3:35 am
reopening because of covid. page 9 you click on it and it directs to you this website. >> tell, if it's an error, it's one of many that the biden administration has made. ever since they won, it has aligned itself with radical groups. it has pushed critical race theory and when i believe is happening odemocrats are realizing this is a losing issue for them. many lawyers in washington. in fact, most of the leaders, at least about 40% of congress, their lawyers, they should know that critical race theory is racism. it runs counter to our civil rights laws. the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment and how we treat each other as americans. steve: right. >> in america, we do not bully and shame people because of the color of their skin. white people are protected by civil rights laws. just like any other race.
3:36 am
steve: well, and we were talking, did swain, yesterday about this particular group with lawrence jones. and he has looked into it and it looks like this group has been pushing for crt and social justice and things like that. and while the department of education may say it was a big mistake, didn't mean to do that. how many school districts have already reached out to him and said hey, help us reopen in september? because we do know that apparently the deputy secretary of education has worked with this group in the past. so, when they say it was a big mistake, you got to figure at least she knew. >> i mean, of course they knew. they got caught. and i applaud fox news for covering critical race theory as closely as you have. and that you are educating democrats as well as republicans. you are educating the american people and schools need to reopen. the people who are hurt most by schools being closed are the poor, racial and ethnic minorities. the groups that democrats
3:37 am
purport to care about. they don't care about our children and they don't care about our rights as americans. and right now. they own critical race theory. they own the racism. they need to demand it. president biden, the department of education. they need to backtrack and they need to stand for the rights of all americans. ainsley: you have said that democrats' agenda is hurting black people as well as white people because it hurts america. dr. swain, thanks for being on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. the u.s. women's soccer team takes a knee in protest as they prepare for the olympics. a former paraolympickian against kneeling reacts coming up. steve: meanwhile it's breakfast time and will cain joins us live from the landmark diner in atlanta. he is having breakfast with friends. is that oatmeal or grits? will: it's the south, steve, so that's grits, of course here at the landmark diner in buckhead, a neighborhood right outside of atlanta.
3:38 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. ♪ ainsley: let's head down to the peach state where "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain is having breakfast with friends this morning in atlanta, georgia at a very famous diner. brian: according to reports landmark diner. will: landmark diner in buckhead outside of atlanta. it's in the news. you have been hearing about the effort to divorce itself from atlanta. buckhead wants to put its own police department in effect and respond to the rising rate of
3:43 am
crime. here at the landmark as you pointed out, this is an substitution. been here a long wyoming. michael is the gm of the landmark diner. i want to ask you about this, i keep hearing about this over and over. i had a friend the other day owns a restaurant stfing issues. i cannot find people to stay on consistently. have you experienced that. >> absolutely. every position we are looking for people. anyone you see on air, landmark diner is looking. we are hiring. so cooks, servers, dish wash everywheres, you named it we need them. will: why so much trouble finding and keeping employees. >> during the pandemic, you know, we had to short staff, stay keep our doors open stay alive, so now, you know, we are hiring, the economy seems like it's roaring again. so we're trying to keep we need staff to help. will: talk about how buckhead might have changed since have you been here working in this neighborhood. tell me what have you experienced and what's changed. >> we have beefed up our security. we have added extra camera
3:44 am
readers at each location so our camera systems and security is a lot higher than it was before the pandemic. but, we haven't had too much issues here because we have a large police presence. outside the area, we are -- they are having some issues. will: i have noticed that you have 24 hour security around here. why though do you feel the need for all thin ceased security? >> a lot of our customers, they are older, they got scared by the pandemic. so, you know, we want to make sure there is a level of comfort when they come here 24/7. will: 24 hour diner. not just getting up early brian and ainsley, they are staying up late. talk to susan here. she is a business owner. she owns a home here in buckhead and you were telling me what you have experienced, susan, that's changed in this neighborhood of, what, the past year or two? what's the time frame? >> i would say over the last 14 to 16 months we started seeing a lot of crime in the buckhead area. on next door i would -- i continue to get things, another shooting in buckhead, lennox
3:45 am
mall is not necessarily the safest place for people or even tourists even to come and shop because a lot of people go there all the time because of the number of killings. will: what's odd about that and i was talking to some of the other diners a little bit earlier. buckhead has a reputation of really fancy area of atlanta. so, why has this changed? >> could be people coming in from outside of the community to do some of the crimes that's here. but i also have to think about, you know, you have to fund your police. you have to support the police. we need them here to keep law and order. and if people see that they don't have consequences when things happen. it's going to continue. so we have to be accountable and hold our politicians, our prosecutors, accountable to drive change. will: so, politician us, you talk about accountability. you talk about funding. the police department. really quickly. what would you feel about this effort or what do you feel about this effort for buckhead to divorce itself from atlanta. >> i would love to see buckhead
3:46 am
become its own city and as a homeowner here in the buckhead area, i would support that even for my taxes going up to make sure it's safe here for my daughter and everybody else. will: you know that's a basic human necessity. a basic human requirement, steve, answersly, brian, security. and what you hear from people in buckhead is they're will to pay for it willing to pay for security. back to you guys in new york. steve: it's sad that we have come to that stage though. ainsley: dangerous to go to lennox those were the premier malls. they were so safe. steve: will, thank you very much. meanwhile to the streets of new york city we go. janice dean joins us. janice, a beautiful day at the end of july. janice: absolutely spectacular. and the cold front really took away all that humidity across the northeast so we are going to enjoy a couple days of beautiful weather. beautiful conditions in new york city. let's take a look at the maps. i will show you the temps. i mean, it's 67 in new york. and it feels amazing. 59 in cincinnati.
3:47 am
65 in chicago. we're going to see the potential for some showers and thunderstorms for parts of the southwest. and that's going to be concerning because of flash flooding. you know, it's not like the northeast where they get an inch or two of rainfall it gets absorbed into the ground. this is the dessert southwest. all of that is runoff and we will have the potential for flooding not only today but through the weekend. keep that in mind. the wildfires continue to burn across california and the northwest where we have had record setting heat and that wildfire by the way is going to spread across much of the u.s. over the next couple of days. really incredible to see all of that smoke moving in towards even the east coast. all right, back inside, steve, ainsley, brian. brian: all right. thanks so much, janice. janice: you got it meanwhile to the u.s. women's soccer team took a knee in protest as they prepare for the olympics but they were not alone as you see sweden also took a knee. so did chele and the u.k. the next guest was kicked off
3:48 am
the u.s. soccer cancel for speaking out demonstrations. why he will also speak out for america and what he thinks about this next ♪ don't stop me now ♪ ♪ having a good time. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪
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see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america.
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can ♪ i eric clapton. right to cancel shows if people are required to show proof of vaccination. his comments come after british boris johnson vaccine will be required at crowded venue in september. we will see what happens. wish a happy to prince george. the future king turns today. his mother kate snapped this adorable photo and shared it online in celebration of his big day. is he getting big. brian. brian: yes, needs braces but i'm sure he will afford them. i'm sure he has medical with the royal family. 8 minutes now before the top of the hour. one day into the tokyo olympics
3:53 am
and team u.s.a. is already taking a knee. the u.s. women's national soccer team sparking a new wave of activism with other countries following suit from sweden to the u.k. to chili before respective matches. player removed from the soccer council for his stance against kneeling. seth joins us now. he also served our country. what's your reaction to this demonstration which was permitted by the u.s. -- by the ioc? >> hey, brian. appreciate you having me on. as you spoke about earlier, like the olympics are just showcase for country's exceptionalism, that's girls are doing pretty much the exact opposite of that i was -- this is such a disingenuous maneuver like it's all about promotion of personal brand for fame notoriety to appease the organization and liberal endorsements and sponsorships. in this particular case, like i
3:54 am
personally honestly don't have -- every single person at fox news networks can say yes, racism is bad and that they want to all take a knee to bring awareness to racism and discrimination and otherwise lated pockets. when they kneel for the anthem that's where i heard my qualms. brian: took a knee for racial inequality and discrimination. we couldn't see the video. i don't know if they took a knee during the national anthem. i don't think so. lebron james' production company came out, too. is he upset because the olympic committee is preventing demonstrations on the podium or against a certain cause. he says we see this as a way of silencing voices. as a great athlete himself. how do you feel about that. >> what's the action of taking a knee? it's to bring aware ghz to systemic racism. there is no such thing as systemic racism. what is systemic racism?
3:55 am
it is all the policies that are designed to prevent one demographic from excelling over another demographic in our country. i implore anyone to find one statute or u.s. code or business corporation that has policies that meet that criteria family will hearing privileged athletes. one thing to country and it showcase exceptionalism which is what the olympic games were designed for. do that on your own time. brian: they lost 3-0. they have to really rally to come back. u.s. soccer as a body. are they too woke? >> i was described u.s. soccer as not just left but radical left. the wokeness is permeated all throughout their entire organization and it affects the patriots -- actually the voices that are discriminated against are conservative voices within that organization. they feel they lose their
3:56 am
position as i did. as well as their sponsors and endorsements by exercising any diversity of thought there. brian: thanks for your service and speaking out. thank you. >> thank you, sir. brian: also, they do more international appearances than almost any other sports body in the world it would help if they liked the red, white and blue. straight ahead. at least two of the texas democrats, get, this have returned back to texas, one of them leaving in the middle of the night. why members of the caucus say they were blindsided by the move. are they coming apart? this is the greatest idea you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars
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well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ wrote bret crime is skyrocketing. >> 1-year-old boy killed. >> this is becoming we are going to need all hands on deck approach. >> people are looking to make more money and so i think your business is going to be in a bind for a little while. >> department of education's handbook including a link to a radical activist group. >> well now the administration telling fox news it was an error. >> they got caught and ever since they won, it has aligned itself with radical groups.
4:01 am
>> residents in venice beach are blaming their local leaders for letting homelessness overwhelm the neighborhood. >> we have become -- they have all failed us. >> a major announcement. >> i'm running. i'm going to show the governor what leadership looks like. we're going to take the state back. ainsley: good morning, atlanta. thank you for waking up with "fox & friends." we are live. will cain is at the landmark diner at the buckhead area. they want their own police department because of all the crime. steve: that's right we will be chatting with him. steve: come on up to the mezzanine level. hour two starts right now go. down to the landmark now. will, what was extraordinary about that shot that ainsley just showed and talked about
4:02 am
thraferl atlanta is the traffic was moving. because they have got epic traffic in atlanta. will: yeah, i think a lot of cities have epic traffic. you are right, steve. it's on the upper end of the curve when it comes to finding your way to work. ainsley: very early when you are visiting your friend there. will: give yourself extra time. we are at the landmark diner here in the neighborhood of buckhead just on the outskirts of atlanta. here is what fascinating for many people watching this morning. what do you do when your government neither to represent you anymore? how about this? even worse, when they neglect to protect you. well, for many here, in buckhead, the answer is succeed, divorce yourself from the city of atlanta. look to fund your own police department. and go out on your own. go form your own government. go form your own independence. i'm going to be hanging out here all morning. i have got my eggs over medium, bacon, i have a little hot sauce. always hot sauce on your eggs.
4:03 am
i'm going to be talking to diners here in buckhead about this movement. this movement to go out on their own. how they feel about the rise in crime, what it takes to run a business in buckhead. i will be talking to the folks all morning long here. brian: good news about will kaine and part of the reason he came here from espn. if there is traffic it doesn't matter he puts a siren on top of his car. steve: kojacs? brian: he is the only true investigator. will: no i have a helicopter. brian: i was thinking of pete, my fault. ainsley: and he has free food. steve: can't beat that check in with you. ainsley: at least two texas democratic lawmakers have returned home after more than a week on capitol hill. some members of the caucus say that they were blind sided by this move. steve: griff jenkins joins us live from washington with reaction from both sides of the aisle. griff, it has been a disaster
4:04 am
since so many tested positively now they are scrambling back to austin where, i presume, they will get arrested, right? griff: well, steve, i think it's fair to say it didn't go just as planned. they came to washington to fight a republican backed voting bill back in austin. now the house g.o.p. needs seven more of the 55 runaways to come home so the legislature can resume session. representative philip cortez being the latest democrat to return. now, he tweeted his decision saying, a small working group of democrats decided to begin active discussions in austin on improving house bill 3 and asked that i return to establish open communication lines; however, that decision drew a surprise reaction from his colleagues suggesting a rift in the democratic caucus. >> that was the first i knew that he had left our group in washington. >> i was very surprised the person left in the cover of night, if you will.
4:05 am
griff: across the aisle republicans just want to get back on the job. >> there are seven more members to go for the texas house of representatives to have a constitutional quorum so we can get back to work for the people. >> now this as oat least it six of the fleeing crew fighting covid in washington. one of them calling for universal masking. you see here donna howard not wearing a mask on that flight up to the nation's capitol tweeting a change of heart now. and it's worth pointing out, guys, while the texas' house's work has been stalled the g.o.p. controlled senate has been passing bills during governor abbott's special session. enough senate democrats stayed behind for that chamber to have a quorum. steve, ainsley, brian? brian: so they need 10. they have got to get to 100. ainsley: they need seven more. steve: griff, question for you two texas democrats went back to texas did they fly on airlines? they should be self-isolating. they have been exposed to covid.
4:06 am
griff: that's a good question. i don't have the answer for you. we know the first one returned for personal reasons. the second one, obviously, trying to get some sort of legislature back in session. but, i don't know exactly how they got home. steve: maybe they drove. brian: griff, i don't want to give you pointers on the air but if you don't have the answer, don't be afraid to make it up. [laughter] griff: can't do that. just the fact, man. ainsley: bad advice. brian gives terrible advice. steve: apparently brian is revealing his game plan. [laughter] griff: i will take that kojack sigh len. steve: i would love that. ainsley: wouldn't all of us. brian: is that still on the air? steve: it is on some channels. it's not first run. it's 12th run. ainsley: governor said is he committed after special session after special session after special session until we get these items passed. don't forget, because they are in washington they don't have
4:07 am
quorum in texas there are so many nedz things they need to pass as well not just this voting bill. brian: holding out for 24 hour voting and drive-thru voting. something that didn't exist before the pandemic they want to go back to it. i'm intrigued with two things. philip carter said i stand by my convictions for open and fair elections. i'm here to work with them immediately. i don't know if it means democrats and republicans and philip cortez who came back last night he said i have come back to try to negotiate with house republicans. so, listen, i don't think anyone needs to see anybody arrested. so, if there is a face saving mission, republicans come up with it. because the democrats right now are in desperate need of a lifeline and you are in desperate need of an end of a deadlock. so, pick up the phone, deal with cortez who is now back in town and come up with something. steve: i think legally they said we are going back to work because governor abbott was going to arrest them to take them back to work. if they are back to work they don't get arrested.
4:08 am
ainsley: violent crimes skyrocketing all over our country, we know that let's take chicago for instance, yesterday when you were probably spending time with your kids or getting ready for dinner, there were so many shootings, there were 10 shootings in chicago last night. a 14-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed. that happened at 6:00 p.m. five people shot. a 14-year-old, a 16-year-old a 24-year-old, a 22-year-old. then 10 minutes later three other teenage boys were shot a 14-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 17. and then an 18-year-old and 2-year-old. these are all young individuals that are being shot. a 14-year-old is dead. steve: you know, and ainsley, you just pointed out there were two it mass shootings in chicago within, what, 10 minutes of each other? it's crazy. and we are just giving you the numbers. but, for every one of those next numbers, there are families and people and yesterday a 14-year-old shot in the head. and this is taking its toll on the police. listen to the deputy chief
4:09 am
yesterday. >> fortunately today [inaudible] brian: do you know you what the chicago police are doing. chicago city council had an announce. of. tackling plan no. oversight panel for the police department. let's really crack down for the police as people are being shot randomly. some of which are under 10 years old. ainsley: could be a good thing though because it's made of
4:10 am
civilians. brian: to me right now i don't think police behavior is their number one issue. make it like number 25. ainsley: i think it's to work with police though. i don't know it was crack down on police. brian: oversight committee to make sure they are doing things like not chasing down criminals that are getting too far ahead of you. steve: the problem is whenever you criticize this democrat-run city and yesterday we were talking about how there are, according to forbes magazine. there are 20 democrat run cities where the mayors and the city councils have voted to defund the police or take money away from it. they all, the mayor, the top people, all have private security. so, in every one of those towns, they go, you know what? you see all the numbers. they look bad. but it's a gang problem. okay. it's a gang problem. you look at the number of homicides, regarding children. under 17, 212 kids under 17 shot so far this year. you know, it's just jaw-dropping
4:11 am
and heart breaking. that that once beautiful city has just fallen into chaos. and lawlessness. and the police, you saw the deputy chief right there, he would like to do more. but he just can't. brian: yeah, guess. what remember president trump offered the national guard to go in there and create some calm in the city until they could find out and get together a strategy to bring down the crime. and the mayor stiff armed him. gave the heisman, when you criticize her she says it's because i'm a woman or i'm black. ainsley: another crime story we need to tell you about. steve: that's right. listen to this. it is an unusual story. and you might actually consider it a miscarriage of justice. many do in st. louis, missouri. murder charges against these three accused killers were dropped. ainsley: the charges were dropped in one case because prosecutors failed to show up in court. brian: ashley strohmier joins us with more on the no show
4:12 am
backlash ashley? ashley: prosecutor failed to show up for court three times. the dismissed 30-year-old brandon campbell's murder charge. after the prosecutor assigned to his case went on maternity leave. the judge's attorney kim gardner's office saying it isn't fulfilling its duty to ensure public safety. a relative of the man accused of killing called kim gardner poor excuse for a prosecutor. the family also said the only thing they have heard about the case is from homicide detectives other than that nothing from gardner's office. campbell's murder charge has been refiled but gardner addressed gamble's case monday saying measures need to be taken to ensure this won't happen again. she also said he was in custody. however, according to a police spokesperson he was not as early as wednesday. but he wasn't the only one. monday, gardner's office dropped a murder case against a man who was going to be on trial for a 2019 killing and then last week murder charges were dropped for a 2018 slaying. that trial also supposed to start this week. and then coming up in the 8:00
4:13 am
hour of "fox & friends," a st. louis alderman and chairman of the city's public safety committee will be joining us demanding answers. back to you guys. steve: ashley, thank you very much. ainsley: the woman was on maternity leave. why didn't they find somebody else to take her place instead of releasing an alleged murderer. steve: it's heart breaking. we will fill you in on that a little more throughout the day. meanwhile on cnn last night, they had a town hall. according to news reports, you it was only half full. it was half empty. the back ever the hall completely empty. joe biden was queried by a fellow by the name of john la my. he is a republican. he was has 39 restaurants all across the country. joe biden admitted to him that additional government supplement of $300 a week, that probably is impacting people. the president also said this is
4:14 am
a nice guy but probably only paying 7 or $8 an hour. he will have to double that. that's not what he wanted to hear. here is the president and mr. lany. >> we are looking to hire more every day as we try to re-start our restaurant business. the entire industry, amongst other industries, continue to struggle to find employees. how do you and the biden administration plan to incentivize those that haven't returned to work yet one, two things if you notice we kept you open. i think it really is a matter of people deciding now that they have opportunities to do other things and shortage of employees, people looking to make more money and to bargain. so i think your business and the tourist business is really going to be in a bind for a little while. >> you mentioned something. you said we are going to end the things that may be keeping people back.
4:15 am
do you think that's the unemployment benefits? >> i see no evidence that it had any serious impact on it but you can argue it. let's assume it did, it's coming to an end. brian: september. steve: it's going away. brian: pay people more. that's a guy with zero skin in the game. and that's a guy that never had a private sector job or ran a private sector business. he has no idea what it is like to get people back. everybody understands market forces bring up wages. we get that when the government comes in and sits there and says i'm paying you more. paying you more and asks the markets to respond. that's not the way capitalism is supposed to work. because you have the small man or woman who owns the applebees or bill's diner d street competing against the government paying for people to stay at home. i don't blame the person for staying home they are smart. destroyed by the pandemic and stay home and make more money or go back to work leave your family and make less money. ainsley: yeah. you are right. steve: okay.
4:16 am
so that is not what that man wanted to hear where, you know. ainsley: pay them more. can't afford to pay them more. brian: restaurants pay them more. thanks. steve: something the democrats didn't want to hear in the town hall as well. of the president said that if the filibuster was eliminated you are going to throw the entire congress into chaos and nothing will get done. so, he is essentially tell graphed they can talk about getting rid of it but he, the president, thinks that would be a dumb idea. brian: go ahead. ainsley: i was going to say to the man about the restaurant, the 39 restaurants. if you pay them more, that's more money out of your pocket and you have to run the restaurant. you going to. steve: pay it $4 for a hamburger? brian: steve you pointed out the most important thing to come out. institution far too long give up everything he stood for 50 years came out any other way. make talk filibuster i'm fine with that do you know who else feels good about that joe
4:17 am
manchin he is no longer alone in saying this. he can say to these people hocking around the office go talk to the president. steve: he has to say something regarding the filibuster to make it seem like he might want to get rid it for aoc and bernie and people like that. yesterday he revealed his hand tell that to the texas lawmakers who went there to eliminate the filibuster. hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: no getting rid of me because i'm going to do your headlines. good morning to the you at home and three of you as well. surfside condo collapse site is cleared a month after the tragic collapse that killed 97 people. this, as a judge ruled victims' families will receive at least $150 million in compensation from the sale. that money does not include numerous lawsuits filed so far. those suits are being consolidated into a single class action suit. a majority of californians are
4:18 am
undecided ahead of the recall election. but according to a new poll, conservative radio host larry elder leads the pack. caitlyn jenner follow. the poll comes as a judge ruled california's secretary of state must put elder on the ballot. of the state claims he did not submit the necessary tax information but the judge says that rule does not apply during a recall election. and in michigan, retired detroit police chief james craig launches a gubernatorial exploratory committee in hopes of unseating incumbent gretchen whitmer. >> i'm running because when i look at what some politicians are doing across our country, you know, they talk about governor whitmer, she follows different rules. i want to show the governor what leadership looks like. we are part of a movement. we're going to take the state back. jillian: craig spent 8 years leading the detroit police department after 10 years in cincinnati and portland. he believes his decades of
4:19 am
service make him the best candidate to lead michigan. whitmer is up for re-election next year. and, okay, i don't know if you saw, this a teen gets a wild surprise while on an amusement park ride. you've got to see this. [screams] jillian: can you imagine? i mean, i saw this yesterday, i nearly fainted thinking oh my goodness, hitting her in the face screen shot at new jersey amusement mark, the ride launches people into the air 7 a miles per hour as you saw. she was able to pull the bird off her face sending it right back on it way shi neither she. steve: it flew off. you know, this exact same thing happened, i would say 15 years ago to fabio. remember him?
4:20 am
he was on one of those roller coasters and comes off his nose is all bloody because he got hit in the face with, i believe a seagull. presidential he was on our show talking about it. ainsley: she is like -- jillian: who do you think was more afraid or alarmed her or the bird? i don't even know. brian: the bird could not stay for questioning. ainsley: oh my gosh. steve: what's the roller coaster doing in my way. ainsley: funniest thing i have seen in a long time. i'm glad she is okay. steve: it was that episode where you became a youtube sensation. indeed. all right, thank you, jillian. 20 minutes after the hour, enough is enough. venice beach residents fed up as the homeless crisis overwhelms boardwalk again just one week after the city supposedly cleaned it up. ainsley: gavin newsom says come on. brian: unbelievable.
4:21 am
cubans fight for freedom next guest calls out the pope confusing the nation's catholics. rachel campos-duffy joins us next. someone wake the pope. ♪ ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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steve: welt, cuban protesters are not giving up. and as they demand freedom from a communist dictatorship that's making their lives miserable for the last 62 years. but in a new op-ed on, our next guest says cuban catholics should feel betrayed by the pope who they say hasn't supported them strongly enough in their fight for freedom. "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy joins us now
4:26 am
to explain. good morning to you, rachel. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. steve: okay. so the pope just after his surgery is out, he issued a statement but you feel and he has always sided with the poor, things like that. but you say he should have gone further. spend a lot of time with venezuelans or cubans or chinese catholics to know they feel very betrayed by this pope. wherever there is poverty and distrust and lack of freedom because of communism. his response is weak and next to nothing. in this case it took him more than a week to say anything about this -- the crisis in cuba. and when he did, he said, you know, you know, i stand with you. i pray for you. let's have peace and dialogue. really weak response for somebody as you said claims to
4:27 am
have sthol solidarity with the poor. fancy paypal vestments because he said he wanted to signal that he is with the poor. who is more impoverished and in need of support than the poor in cuba right now. they are living in abject poverty. the people who are responsible for these conditions are the communist party and the pope refuses to say anything about it. by the way the communist party leaders eat lobster. go on the internet on my piece i have clips to that they are eating lobster while the people starve. this is very, very bad stuff. lrntion you know, it doesn't make sense. why would a pontiff stand with marxism, communism. an ideology that is so profoundly responsible for the murder and persecution of christians in cuba. if you are a little child who goes to catechism class you will be barred from going to university in the future. those are the choices people have. religious leaders are surveilled
4:28 am
and harassed. communism, marxism, socialism, these are very anti-catholic, anti-christian, antireligious ideology. and it just really sad to see the pope really become an enabler and an apologist for the cuban communist government. which is brutal and evil. steve: all right. can you read her op-ed at rachel, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me, steve. steve: you bet. 7:28 here in the east. will cain is going to join us from the landmark diner in atlanta. he is having breakfast with friends. the let's see, he is now mr. coffee. kill. will: i'm hanging out with john. bass kin robbins. i have a future here if that's my motto. come back to buckhead and landmark diner. come hang out. coming up on "fox & friends" ♪ oh, yes, is he. ♪
4:29 am
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4:33 am
♪ jillian: good morning, we are back with your headlines now. police release video of a gunman shooting up a home in new york city. look at this. a woman who was at an apartment nearby was grazed in the arm by a bullet. she is expected to be okay. thankfully, police believe three people were involved in the shooting. one who served as the lookout and two gunman who opened fire. unclear why the group targeted that area. governor andrew cuomo faces severe repercussions suggesting the shawment probe against the democrat is sexually motivated. the tweet says new york attorney general la their shah james may be considering a run against cuomo undermine probe against cuomo if this is true. cuomo reportedly got $330,000 in campaign cash from donors tied to medical network that received $62 million in emergency state cracks during the pandemic.
4:34 am
catholics and pro-lifed a protesters showed up at the event at mount st. joseph university calling out his pro-abortion stance group releasing a statement university hosting a president who claims to be catholic yet has the most pro-abortion administration in the history of our country. president biden carries responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unborn lives, end quote. and despite efforts to appease communist china, lebron james' space jam 2 will not be playing there. >> cartoon? eh, what's up, doc. >> film was reportedly blocked from opening in the country and likely to lose 10s of millions of dollars from being shut out. james has continued to do promotions in china and has stayed quiet on human rights abuses being committed by the ccp. for one though haven't seen the first one so there you have it,
4:35 am
brian. brian: the reviews have been terrible on this. jillian: really? brian: been awful. i have no idea why china wouldn't be happy with lebron james. he is doing everything to avoid the major issues he won't have to do a john siena. steve: thanks for the entertainment news. brian: will cain is having breakfast with friends all morning long from atlanta, georgia. ainsley: from the atlanta mark diner. >> a little bit. i don't think i'm running for president. will: john cracking jokes all mornings long. i don't know why is he nervous now. give me a hard time i forgot my makeup. look like nixon sickly on tv. john was born and raised in buckhead. you are pretty complacent about this movement for buckhead city of atlanta the rising crime
4:36 am
rates. the way you described it to me, john, sounded like a sibling rivalry between atlanta and buckhead. >> well, i think buckhead has been in atlanta since 1952. and there have been communities outside of the city that have formed their own city. so this has been going on for a while and i think buckhead will be okay either way atlanta will get rid of the hassle of maintaining services out here we will have to see how it goes. will: one thing you said has changed for sure, back in the day people in atlanta were from, where? >> back in the 1950s, our first shopping center opened in 1959, lennox. and at that time most of the people here were from the general area or at least the south. now we are an international city. will: people are here from everywhere. now, i want to introduce you to billy though. billie owns part of a family run power doesn't that sound fun
4:37 am
power washing. you said you work the graveyard shift 9:00 to 5:00 a.m. you have seen some things if there is a rise in crime there is a good chance you have seen it overnight. >> i watched a dodge charger get stolen a few weeks ago. called the police by the time they got there the car was gone. called 911 and on hold for a while before i talked to anybody. car was gone before i even talked to 911. will: really quickly i want to talk to you about this. joe biden said on town hall about inflation, he said more government spending means less inflation. let me just really quickly tell you how inflation works. you were saying how hard it is to keep paying employees more and more. >> yeah. we have got several employees that we are not making any money on. we have had to increase their pay so much after we pay their taxes and everything, we are not making a penny. and, you know, we are taking all those people to $15 an hour. what about the people now that make $15 an hour, like a paramedic makes $15 an hour. somebody who flips a burger and picks up trash makes the same as
4:38 am
a paramedic. that doesn't work. will: did what did you do to the employee before $20 an hour. there is inflation for new realtime. rising wages all the way up. employees you don't make money on, what happens eventually prices go up. there is a lessen president biden in how inflation works. that's from buckhead in atlanta, georgia. back to you guys in new york. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right. will, thank you very much. plus, the fact that the price of eggs due to inflation, i think, have gone up 25%. so, that plate of eggs in front of will down at the diner costs a lot more for them to produce, which means they have got to pass along to the person who had to work all night. brian: right. that's the way it works. chickens charge more. you want my eggs? i'm going to need a little bit more money. steve: they are currently not paying the chickens. brian: i have no idea. looking for a second source. sounding the alarm soft on crime policies. governor newsom says that's just an easy scapegoat? tammy bruce on what's really
4:39 am
going on in the golden state. steve: texas farmers want president biden to pay up for the cost of illegal migration. one of those outraged farmer is is going to join us live. watching "fox & friends" live from new york and atlanta and all over the place. including nashville. ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. when subway® opened they changed the fast food game. but sometimes you gotta refresh be fresh.
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4:43 am
>>the last three decades we have seen a significant decline in crime in the state. you are seeing crime increase in red states that had no criminal justice reform. crime rate we are seeing here particularly gun relate the crime. it's easy. >> red states, perhaps. but, blue cities california governor gavin newsom insisting those soft on crime policies are being used as a scapegoat for those calling out the
4:44 am
lawlessness in his state? this as we are watching video of bizzen shoplifters come in. t.j. max. kneeman marcus thousand bucks a misdemeanor wake forest the risk. here california resident family bruce. does he expect us to believe crime is okay. >> obviously is he living in a fantasy land the beginning of his term. man known ignored as the pandemic for himself but not for everyone else. this kind of crime does not impact him. so he finds that some kind of shadow on the wall. the fact is that california exactly what you said. regardless of whether it's a red or a blue state. the major issue here is two things. in july, a law that criminalized organized retail theft laughennedded a california the democrats that run that state did nothing to make sure it was, you know, it was kept. but, also, you have got das in
4:45 am
cities like san francisco and los angeles, that are choosing to not prosecute these low level crimes. and so, of course, you have got these individuals and they argue it's racist and racism. what we have got here are communities of color with these large box stores. big retail elements. that are being robbed. that further degrade the quality of life in the urban areas. all in the name of, what? it's the most racist thing you can imagine. so no rise in crime. d.a.s that won't prosecute. laws that lapse but newsom just signed a law to reorganize that retail crime element he is committing it's their policies and own behaviors, politicians that have driven this. brian: tammy, you know all about california, i lived out there three or four years. i remember right by venice beach an interesting place to be. now it's a great place to view the homeless. they are saying in the area enough is enough. the homeless are swarming the
4:46 am
boardwalk less than a week after the city conducted a massive cleanup. gavin newsom yesterday is encouraging homeless people from other states to come pursue the california dream. can you explain to me the logic here? >> yeah. it's very, very strange. it could be a large sense of denial. hoping that he can gaslight the people of california politicians toned look down on their constituents, thinking that we're all drooling babies. and that we don't believe our lying eyes. we're living in every day. californians are living it every day. and, of course, just because you move people out of an area doesn't mean homelessness goes away. they do return understandably. california and other blue cities again los angeles, santa monica, venice, san francisco, et cetera, are, of course, the problem and homelessness is going to continue to rage, as long as policies like this exist. brian: absolutely. enough momentum to recall this
4:47 am
governor once and for all and send a big message to that blue state. tammy bruce hosting primary live next week at 7:00. there he is. thank you so much. brian: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. janice: hello, brian and hello to my friends key west, ohio. say hi. we have a cold front move through and you can see 67 and the humidity is gone. it's just absolutely spectacular. we have a good couple of days ahead of us across the northeast. we do have the potential for heavy rainfall across the southwest, this is monsoon season for them so a shift in the winds bringing moisture in from the pacific. and that's going to give us, you know, the potential for heavy rain next six days in what we call the dessert southwest. when it floods it really floods. know what to do if there is a watch or warning. this is ultimately a good news story. we have extreme to exceptional drought. a lot of heavy rain in a short period of time is not good for the flooding.
4:48 am
your forecast today very warm across the central u.s. with a lot of 90's, showers and pop-up thunderstorms for parts of florida. looking good across the northeast. and then, again, the potential for showers and thunderstorms for the four corners. we have got at least 75 wildfires burning, large ones across the west. and we're not getting any relief unfortunately for parts of california into the northwest. and all of that smoke from the wildfires out west and from canada bringing smoky hazy conditions for the midwest and even parts of the southeast. and we will keep you up to date on all of the above. all right. brian. give brian a wave, guys. brian kilmeade, everybody, back inside. brian: i'm waving back. i hope they know. janice: okay. he is waving to you. brian: yes, i am. play by play on waving not many shows can do that. we can. meanwhile straight ahead the biden administration backpacks after radical group pushing critical race theory. lawrence jones has messages from parents exposing crt in their schools coming up. it's not stopping. texas farmers want president biden to pay up for the cost of
4:49 am
dang to their property by illegal immigrants. isn't that fair? one of those outraged farmers coming up next. ♪ ♪ derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all three. even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it. usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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4:53 am
♪♪ ainsley: texas farmers saying enough is enough. photos show cut fences, destroyed crops, vandalism, litter and a lot more. as the american farm bureau calls on the biden administration to pay for all the damages to the farmers' land left behind by the surge of illegal immigrants. texas farm bureau president russell baning joins us now. good morning, russell. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: what are these farmers finding on their property? >> well, it's just, you know, you mentioned it already. it's the crop damage, the fences and other type of property damage. you know, it's all types of damage. so we're talking to the biden administration about just an can ask of -- an ask of helping with some of those economic hardships. ainsley: how can the administration help you? >> well,ing economically,
4:54 am
financially, i think they -- it's something that they haven't addressed, in our opinion, they really haven't addressed the border crisis, you know? but it's part of the larger picture. it's not just the economic hardship that the farmers and ranchers and other folks along the border are facing, the safety issue. you know, we can call attention to the economic issue, but we also need to call attention to the safety issue of our folks, the humanitarian issue of the immigrants trying to come over. you know, the economic issue we can probably, we can quantify. you know, folks are keeping track of their losses, but some of the other, you know, the other stuff, the safety and stuff, that's hard to quantify, but it surely exists. ainsley: yeah. especially what if you're a stay at home mom and your husband's on the ranch working. i read that pickup trucks have also been stolen, and we've had
4:55 am
a lot of ranchers talking about the damages they have seen. have you heard back from the administration? >> no, ainsley, we haven't is. we've got a zoom meeting here with them several weeks ago with representatives from the administration. they took our concerns, they said they would take them to the administration, but as of right now, to my knowledge, we have not heard back from them. ainsley: what about the governor? i know you went to the border security summit. >> the governor has really acted proactively on situation. you know, we're proud of that. he's allotting more resources, you know, both law enforcement and maybe some resources to continue building the barriers. they may not work everywhere with, but in our opinion, the governors has reacted in a very positive way and a proactive way. ainsley: how do you feel about these lawmakers leaving the state to if to d.c. when there's so many laws that need to be passed in. >> well, here in texas, we hope that we can work things out.
4:56 am
that's kind of been our motto for years, you know? we may not always get exactly what we want, but normally our legislature has been a little less bipartisan. -- i mean, a little more bipartisan and less partisan. hopefully, they'll come back. ainsley: okay. i know you're a rancher south of san antonio. thanks so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. appreciate your time. ainsley: straight ahead, lawrence jones and march are rah trump are going to join us live. ♪ jukebox hero with stars in his eyes. ♪ he's a jukebox hero, he's got stars in his eyes ♪♪ like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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♪ >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police? >> they're lying. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> not only do we need to defund, but we need to dismantle. >> standing in solidarity with the people in cuba which has been ignored by the president. >> leaving these folks out to dry. the cuban people, they're hostages. >> they're saying we want freedom. steve: murder charges against these three accused killers were dropped. a. ainsley: in one case because prosecutors failed to show up in court. >> the u.s. women's soccer team taking us wokeness -- its
5:01 am
wokeness overseas. >> showcases our country's exceptionalism. these girls are doing pretty much the opposite of that. ainsley: gets a wide surprise while on an a amusement park ride. [background sounds] ♪ we're an american band, we're an american band. ♪ we're coming to your town -- brian: i'd choose miami in ther? because it's really -- in the summer because it's really hot. that's where we find little havana with a lot of focus on to it today because there's great hope that as the protests -- despite a secret service that puts the soviets to shame, that's how good and scary they are, theorizing up and asking for -- they are rising up and asking for freedom with the
5:02 am
american flags. ainsley: sean hannity went to the versailles restaurant, and he said it was a huge restaurant, and it was so packed with people that wanted to voice their opinions that the demonstrators had to -- they couldn't fit them all in the restaurant, so they were filling up city blocks, and he went out into the with crowd and talked to some of them. steve: in the meantime, how about that video right at the top of this hour where we show the person on the roller coaster. you know, if you're on a roller coaster that's really scary, the worst thing you want to worry about is the trip down, right? nope, right at the apex, they hit a bird. [laughter] ainsley: she's terrified already, and then the bird hits her. it looks like a necklace, so she's terrified twice. steve: it's a new take on alfred hitchcock's "birds" -- ainsley: right. [laughter] steve: help, it's a bird! brian: good presence of mind to
5:03 am
throw the bird off though. i wouldn't know what to do. steve: she had no idea what that was. i wonder what she said -- brian: the bird doesn't know what was happening either. [laughter] for more on this, will cain is at a diner -- [laughter] steve: -- bird in the next 30 seconds. brian: will, what happened? will: why did this happen is a great question but what was the bird thinking? we're looking at this all through the girl -- brian: thank you. will: i don't know if gavin or tammy can get on this, let's see if we can book the bird -- steve: save is it for the weekend. will: good, good, good idea, steve. interview the bird in that collision. he won't be here, unfortunately. [inaudible conversations] ainsley: it was not a parrot. will: i am talking to people in
5:04 am
buckingham, georgia, about inflation, about crime, about the efforts here in atlanta. steve, you're going to be important on this, on dessert is. first of all, look at the black and white cooker at the landmark -- cookie at the landmark diner. soft bomb, that's key. also you know when -- soft bottom. when you get too much ice cream, i can't tell if that's the first thing, look at this cake. that looks awesome to me, but i'm not sure, is it too much? is that going to be too much like when you get four toppings on top of your ice cream, i don't know. brian: i did not know there were fruity pebbles. steve: i think if you're a kid, you would love to have that as your birthday cake, and probably a lot of kids, you said it. will, i was taught a long time ago regarding that black and white cookie, never eat anything
5:05 am
bigger than your head, and that is bigger than your head. will: hold on, hold on, it's close -- steve: it's pretty close. [laughter] exactly. brian: will, don't put that back. steve: we're going to have to buy that. [laughter] ainsley: thank you, will. we're going to check back in all morning long because they want their own police department -- brian: and, by the way, fruity pebbles, real fruit. ainsley: doubtful. steve: real pebbles. [laughter] brian: if you don't eat 'em quick, they get very soft is. meanwhile, at least two texas democratic lawmakers have returned home after more than a week on capitol hill. their departure now causing in-fighting among the group. griff jenkins joins us with the latest exit overnight. >> reporter: can you cue bon jovi's "runaway" for me? look, they came over a weekend ago to washington the fight a republican-backed voting bill in
5:06 am
austin by denying a quorum. now 7 more of the 55 democrat runaways have come home. the first to return was representative harold dutton jr. who said it was for personal family reasons. the latest, representative phillip cortez tweeting his decision i saying this: a small working group of democrats decided to begin active discussions here in austin on improving h.b. b. 23 and asked that i -- h.b. 3 and asked that i return to establish communication lines. that drew a surprising reaction from his colleagues suggesting a rift in the democratic caucus. >> that was the first i knew that he had left our group in washington. >> i'm very surprised a person has left in the cover of night, if you will. >> reporter: now, on the other side of the aisle republicans simply want to get back to work. >> there's 7 more members to go for the texas house of representatives to have a constitutional quorum so that we can get back to work for the people.
5:07 am
>> reporter: this as at least 6 of the fleeing crew are fighting covid here in washington with one of them can you see there, donna howard, calling for universal masking. she was on that flight with all the democrats that flew here, now she's tweeting a change of heart. she wants to go to the masks. finally, on how the two reps got home, was it commercial and are they quarantining, we reached out to both but haven't heard back. we'll keep you posted if we hear anything. ainsley: they didn't get arrested, right? >> reporter: not arrested. brian: so i'm very curious if this phillip carter or phillip cortez, i should say, will go out and start negotiating. will he say, listen, what do you need? it's between drive-through voting and 24-hour voting. there's very little other things that are that add radical, that they find that disturbing in texas. if this guy's smart, they're
5:08 am
stuck in a holiday inn somewhere on beto o'rourke's credit card in washington d.c. if you have the governor giving them something to save face -- ainsley: i think they should just say if republicans want to show an id or give your social security number, i think republicans stick by that and then democrats say, okay, we'll let you have that, but let us have 24-hour and drive-through voting. brian: no. i don't think you should be able to drive through, get out of the car. ainsley: that -- what's the big deal? why do you care? brian: that's impossible to staff. they've never done it before. i think they want people -- ainsley: how great would it be if you could drive through instead of waiting in that long line? brian: i don't know. wouldn't it be a long line in a car? ainsley: i don't care, i'm in my car listening to music and on my phone. steve: these were two things that were started during the pandemic. by the grace of god, we'll be out of that by the next election.
5:09 am
but at the same time, i don't think the republicans need to negotiate with the democrats because they've already got all the votes. they are a majority republican legislature. they've already passed it through the senate, they're going to pass it through the house as soon as those guys -- brian: they're eventually coming back anyway. steve: 100%, they're going to come back, and they're going to lose, the democrats. ainsley: right. and they have other jobs. steve: they do. but here's the other thing, last night in his town hall on cnn, you know, the democrats from texas in washington are being used as props for the we the people act. the only way they can pass that in the big congress is if they get rid of the filibuster. joe biden saying he does not want that to happen, so they -- that will not pass. not going to pass. in texas or in washington.
5:10 am
brian: keep your eye on the second infrastructure package. they're going to try to put voting, i know it sounds bizarre, voting infrastructure inside that thing and give you a portion of the we the people act which would be a travesty the of the parliamentarian -- if the parliamentarian actually okayed that. but just look out. james clyburn wants it. ainsley: yesterday there was a town hall in ohio on a different network, and joe biden was asked about anti-police in that sentiment and asked do -- are you anti-police, do you support defunding. listen to this. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police? >> they're lying. we have to change police conduct. we have to have rules where things are open. [applause] we have to have rules where you can be able to determine what the background, how many times a cop has violated the rules and being able to have access to what's going on in police
5:11 am
departments or the justice department get involved in whether or not they have to change their patterns and practices. i've always said that. >> what about defunding the police though? >>, no i've never, never, never said is defunding the police. look, i don't know any community, particularly the communities that are in the most need and the poor and the most at risk that don't want police. they want police though to look at them as equals. [applause] they want police -- steve: see, now a goodell follow-up from don lemon on cnn would have been, okay, you've never said the exact words defund the police. but, mr. president, last summer you were asked do you support taking money from police departments and reallocating it to other places and he said, absolutely. that, you know, it's a semantics game. it's a word game. the president, then-candidate, has actually talked about taking money from police departments and putting it somewhere else. that's defunding the police.
5:12 am
brian: and also the party has taken the police that need police most that dismantled and defunded. minneapolis, los angeles, new york, what did they do? cut, cut, cut. good-bye money, good buy cops. now they can't staff. ainsley: and republicans are not lying. he said they are lying. they're not lying. in fact, if you look back at sound bites in the past, here's your proof. >> yes, i support the defund movement. >> not only do we need to defund, but we need to dismantle and start anew. >> why use the word defund? this is the word that's coming from the streets. >> i am for defunding the police. >> a moment to reimagine policing, to take thing things off the shoulders -- >> in many cities in america, over one-third of their budget goes to police. so we have to have this conversation, what are we doing? steve: what are they doing? because you watch your evening
5:13 am
news at night, crime is skyrocketing. this is one of the most important issues impacting everybody. it impacts particularly the suburbs and the cities, and and this will be a big key in determining who wins the house and the senate in the midterms. ainsley: exactly right. so yesterday sean hannity went down to miami, and he was at that restaurant versailles, and he was talking to a lot of the demonstrators outside and talking to some of the lawmakers. the governor was there, some other lawmakers were there -- steve: there was a guy with duct tape on his mouth. ainsley: exactly. and some fake blood. i think it said is freedom on the duct tape and fake blood, he was handcuffed, he had some chains on him, and he was gagged, and he told sean hannity what all of those items represent. >> represent the dictatorship in cuba. this blood represents the blood that is going to be on the hands of those who stand next to
5:14 am
militants and not next to the cuban people. joe biden, cuba wants freedom! they need freedom! they don't want vaccines, they don't want food, they need freedom. that's what the cuban people deserve, and that's what they want, and the united states has to stand next to the cuban people, not to the dictatorship. >> enough is enough. the only vaccine the cuban people need is freedom! please help. brian: please help. you saw mayor suarez there, he has family from cuba. they can see it. this is the biggest opening for that closed society since the 1960s, and they can see this opportunity. i hope there's strategy being hatched at the state department to help out the i cuban people, because nobody likes the government. they just have the guns and the money. ainsley: miami mayor, cuban descent -- brian: marco rubio.
5:15 am
ainsley: you had marco rubio, his parents emigrated from cuba. the congresswoman there, her name was salazar, and they sat down with sean and talked about their experiences, and then you also had the governor. listen to this. >> let's get real here. let's understand who the people are that are on the right side of freedom, let's stand with them, and let's tighten the screws on this regime. you know, i think one of the reasons this is happening now is because trump turned the i screws on the regime in havana and in venezuela. biden wants to liberalize all that. >> cuba is a failure of socialism. marxism is about power. it's nothing to do with prosperity, it's about controlling people. a marxist system wants to keep people poor because they're easier to control. >> he is not paying attention to those people on the streets of that van that who are screaming -- havana who are screaming libertad. they don't want food or vaccines, they want freedom.
5:16 am
ainsley: they get five eggs a month, a pound of rice, three kilograms of meat, if you want milk, you have to be under the age of 7 or you have to be pregnant. things we use and take for granted. soap, toothpaste, tylenol, that kind of thing. steve and that's exactly why those protest testsers -- protesters in cuba actually flying the american flag just about ten days ago from the streets of havana. brian: i don't have to tell anybody it's been a struggle to stand up to the olympics over in tokyo9 people of japan don't want the olympics. the ioc president said i can still stop it, but the games did officially start yesterday, and there'll be opening ceremonies on friday. you're seeing the sane before the game, the womens soccer team against sweden. everybody took a knee. the u.k. played chile, they took a knee.
5:17 am
the chilean players didn't know what was going on, but they decided to take a knee. they say nothing for a cause or against another country. the women kneeled in protest, and they later would say it was over racism in the world, inequality and discrimination. so that's why they took a knee before the game. so they -- steve: the u.s. team. brian: the u.s. team -- a. ainsley: the british team did it too and the chilean team. did they all do that in solidarity for the american team, or did they do it because they feel like -- brian: good question, i don't know for sure, but this is the only statement we got. we know that rule 50 prevents them from showing any type of cause or protest on the podium. we're far from that. former professional player got kicked off and army vet for standing up and saying the players should stand up and not kneel during the national anthem. here's what he told us about what he's seen so far at the
5:18 am
olympics. >> the olympics are designed to showcase our country's exceptionalism. these girls are doing pretty much the exact opposite of that. i was on staff with the u.s. women's national team. this is such a disingenuous maneuver. it's all about promotion of their personal brand to appease liberal endorsements and sponsorships. when they take a me for the anthem, that's where i a -- take a knee for the anthem, it's, people are exhausted with hearing these privileged athletes politicize these sports. the one thing that can unify our country and show case, again, our exceptionalism which is what the olympic games were designed for, it's -- you know, do that on your own time. steve: one of the greatest athletes in heavyweight boxing sat down with brian last night and talked about his love for america. here is brian grilling george foreman. >> i've loved america all along.
5:19 am
i've always loved america. and once you fall in love, just like falling in love with your wife -- [laughter] no one can say anything about it. that's why nothing has ever shook my faith and love in the country. and e when you love a country, nothing can bother you. when you say something about muhammad ali, george foreman, a few of us, even joe frazier, it was the police who started the p.a.l., police athletic league. they taught us how to box. they would travel from one state to another to see that we won the golden glove tournaments, sent us off to the olympics. i have this fond memory and love for this country and the people in this country. nobody will ever be able to talk me out of that. brian: that's what he tweeted out on july 4th. he said for 54 years, people told me to dial back my love for the country, i won't.
5:20 am
civil unrest as well as vietnam protests, and after winning the gold medal beating that polish fighter, he grabbed his, grabbed a flag and walked around the ring. and tom smith and john carlos had a different opinion when they finished, when they medalled at the olympics, they put up their hand with a black fist, black power because of they say oppression in america at the time. and he says you love the country whether it's perfect or not because he was born here, he loves it here. talked about his mom, same thing. hard circumstances growing up. he said i don't look at color. i'm proud to be an american. ainsley: look how far he got in our country. brian: but he earned it. ainsley: he did, he earned it. hard work. steve: now he is the biggest manufacturer of grills in the world. brian: yeah. he's an entrepreneur and accomplished broadcaster at 71 years old. ainsley: coming up, a miscarriage of justice in st. louis. charges against an a accused killer dropped because prosecutors a failed to show up to his murder trial.
5:21 am
nexium 24hr stops acid a city alderman demanding answers, he's going to join us. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪♪ brian: all right, here we go. a st. louis judge was forced to drop charges against an accused killer because the prosecutor didn't show up to the court. it's the city's third murder case dismissed in a week. circuit attorney kim gardner is facing backlash for the no-show as police issue another arrest warrant after the suspect was released from jail. st. louis alderman joe by car row joins us now. is there an explanation for this? >> no, there's not other than craziness. i mean, this is absolutely a, you know, and i've said this before, but even a manager at
5:26 am
mcdonald's will make sure their employees show up. i wish id had words that could describe this. it's not right when you're letting murderers go out in a city that already has issues with murders. i mean, that is just absolutely bizarre. i'm the chairman of the public safety committee in the city, and and i want her to come in and talk to us. brian: right, that would help. i tell you what, it's been a pretty terrible track record. listen to this, 100% turnover rate since gardner's tenure began in 2017. 30% of felony cases in 2021 were dismissed by her office. is there another agenda? >> you know, sometimes i, actually, i believe that. i believe this whole defund the police, let's make all the criminals the bad -- the good guys. you know, 92 police officers have left the city since the first of the year.
5:27 am
brian: 92, wow. >> you know? 92. and this is only, what, july? we're with halfway through the year. and i know they say, well, murders are down, but i also question that because i think they're categorizing things differently. how they're categorizing a murder. but going back to kim gardner, i mean, that is just absolutely insane. i wish i could explain that. but it's incompetent. you cannot sit there and say, well, gee, i didn't realize. brian: right. >> i am the chief of this department. don't say, well, you know, you're just saying this, joe, because you're a misogynist or you're a racist, no, i'm not -- brian: you're rational. ing. >> yes. when you let a murderer go and then you have a mother on tv that's crying the other morning on fox because her son's getting -- was murdered, and they're going to give this guy 8
5:28 am
years. brian: unbelievable. so, joe, let me tell you what geraldo said -- her office said is. we have determined that corrective measures are needed to further prevent any future repeated to occurrence of the incident in question. meanwhile, if you don't show up, the guy gets free. does that make you feel better, they're reviewing it? >> not at all. no, not at all. it should have never happened in the first place. were you on say a case? did you not know -- vacation? did you not know that the attorney was on maternity leave? don't you know where your employees are at? for god's sake, you know, you need to be in charge of your office. if you can't do that, you shouldn't be in that office. brian: i hear you, joe vaccaro, this is an issue, another nuance to the same thing. it's the criminal-first attitude. joe, thanks so much. >> okay.
5:29 am
god bless. thank you guys for having me on this morning. brian: got it. got your message. coming up, the white house says it was an error to promote an activist group that pushes critical race theory. remember we talked about this yesterday? lawrence jones is here with the new pressure the administration is facing to condemn the curriculum. and can't get enough of yours truly? [laughter] watch me tonight. amongst our guests will be chris christie, karl rove and mollie hemingway all coming up at 7:00, plus surprises. too many. and i might even walk. ♪ ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at ♪♪ >> reporter: good morning, we are back with your headlines now. overnight, at least 8 people are hurt in a chicago drive-by shoot ising. it's the third shooting with more than 5 victims in 6 hours. earlier a 14-year-old boy was
5:34 am
shot in the head and killed and 9 others were shot on the city's west side. four teenagers are among those hurt. so far no word on any arrests. and violence rages in chicago, the city council approved a civilian board to oversee the police department. it will create a commission with the power to draft department policy. overnight, china saying it will not participate in the second phase of the world health organization's investigation into the origins of covid-19. a top chinese government official expressing shock that the plan includes further investigation into whether the virus leaked from the lab in wuhan. he dismissed the theory as a rumor that runs counter to common sense and science. okay, controversy is -- over a missing ingredient in rhee drummond's bacon ranch cheesy bread. okay, so she added all the obvious eningredients like
5:35 am
cheese -- ingredients like cheese, bacon and on ons, but fans pointed out she never added garlic. many said it was a must while others argued the dish looked just as good without it. let her make it the way she wants. steve: she's the pioneer woman. >> reporter: right. and if you want to add it at home, do or don't. steve: all right, jillian, thank you. meanwhile, yesterday at this time we reported on the u.s. department of education handbook for roping schools in the fall -- reopening schools in the fall including a link to a radical activist group that pushes critical race theory. now the biden administration, after they saw our story, back pedaling telling fox news, quote: the department does not endorse the recommendations of this group, the abolitionist teaching network, nor do they reflect our policy position. it was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation. "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones joins us
5:36 am
right now. lawrence, they were in this lengthy document pushing critical race theory, reexposed it, now they go, oh, it's a mistake. they knew what they were doing. lawrence: right. they knew what they were doing, and the atn has locked their twitter account now. the department of education is saying they didn't know this was there, there was an oversight. meanwhile, we have reached out to them for weeks trying to get them to respond to this story. steve: right. as you told us yesterday, the deputy to the secretary of education worked with this group, so she obviously knew. lawrence: endorses this group. and i think there's one thing that needs to be said on this issue, there's an attempt to just -- crt, crt. i think this is the new liberal world view of how education should be conducted. so they want to play a semantics game. i think people shouldn't go for that. i want you and steve to look at some of the tips that i've been given. as you know, yesterday on the program i solicited folks to --
5:37 am
steve: yeah. lawrence: let me know, parents, if you've seen this. this is a teacher that sent this to us. this is what it reads. this is a part of the character strong reading list. the girl with a mind for math, young rae has her sights set on becoming an engineer. when her gender and race get in the way, will she have the courage to persevere? this is being taught to grade levels 3-5, but it's also on the recommended list for pre-k as well. so we have these young, fragile minds, and we're telling them the moment that they enter the classroom that their race and gender may impact them. steve: do we have any idea where -- well, maybe the teacher -- lawrence: she doesn't want to -- steve: do you know the location? general part of the country? lawrence: she started communicating with me via social media, and when i pushed a little bit, she wanted to protect her identity. but there's more. steve: okay. lawrence: this is another book. this is by susan meyers on that
5:38 am
same reading list. this is called new shoes. it's time for a new pair of shoes, but ella may has to wait at the store until all the white customers have been served. does she have enough courage to counter the racial injustice? this is a suggested book for the kids to read. steve: unbelievable. so regarding the report yesterday on the abolitionist teaching network where you look at the document and it's, like, if you have questions, reach out to this one group -- lawrence: right. steve: this document has been out there for months. do we have any idea how many schools actually have gone to them and said, hey, we need help? lawrence: we don't know yet, but we do know this was the main resource that the department of education -- steve: [inaudible] lawps lawrence the interesting thing that this particular teacher that sent this out to us, this was already implemented before that advisory. so this goes back to the larger point that i've been making to the audience. this has been embedded into the culture for a while now. i think parents just became
5:39 am
aware of it when the pandemic hit and they were seeing what was on their kids' screens. if you're going to fight this, educate your own children was there is a bat -- because there is a battlefield when they go into the classroom. steve: there are a lot of teachers watching right now, would you like to solicit more examples? lawrence: yeah. me and our investigative team,, e-mail us all this stuff, and we'll sift through it and try to confirm it. steve: that way it doesn't have to be on social media where a lot of people can look at it. e-mail lawrence at lawrence: thanks, steve. steve: still ahead, the white house is reportedly waiting new mask guidance even if you're vaccinated because there are so many unvaccinated people out there. we're going to talk the lara trump about that. and will cain joins us from landmark diner in georgia. he's just about on his fourth breakfast right now with
5:40 am
friends. brian: dessert. will: the fruity pebbles cake. try it, we'll give you the review end when we come back on "fox & friends." ♪♪ ♪ ♪th girl, please excuse me -- el , , the joy of movement mmm, licorice records. wonka, digital workflows for it tell us this machine needs updating... kids don't really have records anymore... but it tastes better on vinyl... servicenow.
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♪♪ >> the cdc is going say that what you should do is everyone over the age of -- under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. those over the age of 12 who are able to get vaccinated, if you're vaccinated, you shouldn't wear a mask. if you aren't vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask. ainsley: president biden suggesting the cd can c is going to advise unvaccinated children to wear masks in schools as the white house weighs masks altogether. lara trump is here to react.
5:45 am
good morning, lara. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: i know you have two school-aged children. how do you feel about masks again? >> well, i think it's absolutely ludicrous. first of all, we know the efficacy of masks have been long disputed. it was dr. fauci who a year and a half ago, remember, told us all if it makes you feel better, wear a mask. but we didn't have to wear masks originally. he said is it wasn't going to really do anything. then they told us masks, then they said is three masks. but as it relates to kids, i mean, i can tell you it is almost impossible for my 3-year-old son to keep a mask on. so the idea that these kids are going to have to sit through an entire day in a classroom with masks on, you see the videos of kids who are waiting for the bus crying because they don't want to wear the mask. it gives them headaches. from a social perspective, they can't see the faces of the other children. we know also if we're following
5:46 am
the science, ainsley, like we were supposed to do the entire time that, thank goodness, children do not get so sid in the -- covid in the same way that adults do. if they get it, they get a very mild case of it. they're not the super spreaders we were originally told they might be. so the idea that we're going the make our children sit in school masked up all day long, i think, is absolutely ludicrous. they're also not coming in contact with germs that they need to develop an immune system. my daughter, carolina, week had a cold. every parent knows that's a nightmare. i was so thrilled because i know that she is actually getting in contact with viruses and germs and bacteria that will allow her to develop an immune system. this is absolutely insane that we are considering making these poor kids sit in school in masks. as a parent, i can tell you i am not going to be masking up my children. it is not going to happen for us. ainsley: they're also discussing whether or not vaccinated adults
5:47 am
might have to go back to masks again, so we'll stay tuned on that. thank you so much, lara, for coming on with us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice: ainsley, it's beautiful here -- ainsley: i know! no humidity. janice: we should all go out for breakfast outside. across the northeast we had a cold front move through, a lot of folks saw severe weather but, man, it is spectacular. 69 here in new york. 64 in buffalo, 62 in cincinnati. the showers and thunderstorms have moved out of the northeast. however, we still have some wet weather moving into the southwest, and this is a big deal because it is the desert southwest, so any of that moisture is, you know, like runoff. it is the desert, so is it has nowhere to sink or be absorbed, and that's why we have flood advisories for all four corners there. the forecast radar shows the potential for more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as we get into the weekend, so know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area.
5:48 am
otherwise, we're looking at, you know, hot temperatures across the central u.s. it's going to remain beautiful across the northeast, and we'll watch those showers and thunderstorms for the four corners. ainsley, my friend, we should go to breakfast. ainsley: let's do it, janice. janice: all right! ainsley: thank you so much. coming up next, we head back to the peach state where will cain is having breakfast with friends in atlanta, but first, bill with hemmer with what's coming up at the top of the hour. bill: ill see you -- i'll see you at breakfast. you've got to wait until 31. until 11. the headwinds for this president getting stronger by the cay, karl rove explains. crime in chicago, meet the family that's had enough after their baby was shot in the head. and what will the administration do in public schools after our exclusive reporting yesterday about teaching race in the classroom? you'll only see it here, we'll have an update for you. all of that coming up ten
5:49 am
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5:53 am
cain at landmark diner, and, will, you've got that piece of fruity pebbles red velvet cake in front of you. how was it? will: okay, i did eat that, it's true. and the gentleman who makes these cakes, 72 years old, phenomenal job. small bit of criticism, the fruity pebbles go stale after a while so you don't get that crunch of the breakfast cereal, so i'm going to give this a c+. the rest of this cake, outside the fruity pebbles, was really good. now, i was just in the middle of a debate here on which communities in the buckhead area are going to be able to -- because everyone seems to be interested in leaving, divorcing atlanta. here's why, first of all, president pamela's here with me, she's a realtor. tell me what you've experienced and why there's this movement to leave atlanta. >> the crime is astronomical.
5:54 am
my son literally every night hears gunshots all the way through the night. and when i come down to visit and have dinner, i make sure i leave by 9:00 so i can get out while it's still daylight. will: you're not the fist to tell me this z this morning, when you leave later at night, what's going on on the streets? >> racing, fast racing and gunshots, more gunshots. yeah. will: i've heard about street racing more than once this morning. these gentleman -- again, i think i'm in the middle of a realtors' convention -- [laughter] sam helped start the committee to bring in buckhead as a city. sam, you were telling me this started before the crime spike. what you generally felt was you just weren't represented despite paying such a large chunk of the taxes. >> exactly. we always have felt like smaller government would represent our people here better. so really the buckhead committee that we put together, which y'all have -- everybody's talked greatly on the news about it, is that the people should have the right to vote for their own
5:55 am
destiny. that's really all we're trying to do is bring people take right to vote. will: john. you were giving me an example of policing just right out here on the street, how long it took to get a response time. >> and it's been like this for years because several years ago right out front it took 25 minutes for the police officers to finally show up. after several calls, we haven't had the amount of support we'd like to have given the amount we pay for city services. that's what we're protesting. that's what i think -- will: man, it's a message, it's a complaint as old as america itself, taxation without representation. the people of buckhead feel like they're spending a lot of money with the city and not getting the resources back. here's what's fascinating in talking to all these realtors as well, you see politics play out in real life, how people vote with their feet. while people of buckhead are looking to vote for this to become an independent city, sam is, what were you telling me about moving real estate here in buckhead? >> if you have a condo in
5:56 am
buckhead, it's not moving very fastly. even midtown's seeing some of the same things we are. however, there are a lot of houses available right now, and people do see opportunity to move in from out of state. but the longtime residents that have really been here in buckhead are kind of pulling out. will: it's crazy to hear, a city, a state in the south, i live in texas where populations are booming. here in buckhead there's an exodus from one of the cities -- all right. that's going to do it for me from the landmark diner here in buckhead. back to you three in new york. steve: all right. harsh criticism of the cake. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> congratulations. mark, your book, "american marxism," is the number one "new york times" best seller on the nonfiction list. >> congratulations, you deserve it. >> bill: while the delta variant derail america's return to normal? debating whether or not to ask vaccinated americans to once again put on a mask. good morning, everyone. i'm bill hemmer. dennis got some time off this week. you came back for more, huh? >> sandra: what am i thinking? [laughs] good to be here. covid case is reportedly


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