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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 22, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> thursday july 20 second 20 mask guidance even if you are vaccinated, a new set of's for the upcoming year. >> the biden administration is saying it didn't need to promote an activist group handbook on disrupting whiteness in its classroom. >> team usa taking a knee. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ have a nice day ♪♪ have a nice day
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♪♪ jillian: not a lifesaver the us women's soccer team. how do we get it together. remind us all. go team usa, kick the ball. do you like that? >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. >> let's get serious stuff. looking likely the children who do not receive the covid 19 vaccine will be told to cover up in the classroom. >> if you are under 12, as the president reportedly considers new guidance for unvaccinated americans. griff jenkins joins us from washington with potential changes and a resurgence of cases. >> the white house's public
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message of it is back, store masks, has got more complicated now. at a cnn townhall the president had this to say. >> we have a pandemic for those, if you are vaccinated, you are not going to be hospitalized and not going to die. people should get vaccinated. >> this comes as the administration is debating whether they urge vaccinated americans to return to mask language officials who spoke to the washington post cautioned formal guidance would come from the cdc. likely additional masking guidance coming for schoolkids. >> the cdc is going to say anyone under the age of 12 should be wearing a mask in school. those over the age of 12 to be vaccinated, shouldn't wear a mask, if you aren't vaccinated you should be wearing a mask. >> children under 12 are still
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not eligible to receive the vaccine biden predicts they will be able to get vaccinated, unclear if that means by the time school starts in the fall, as the cdc director, accounts for 83% of all covid cases nationwide and cities and counties impose recommended mask mandates. in pasadena, california requiring it where areas from the san francisco bay area to southern nevada to louisiana and the east coast advising it. white house press secretary jen psaki said aboard air force one they will be providing more transparency to come in contact with the president, first lady and second gentleman. >> let's start with what griff was talking about, townhall and
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another network, president biden talking about the pandemic saying it is only a pandemic for the unvaccinated. i know what he is trying to do, trying to get people to take a vaccine. a lot of people would disagree we are no longer in a pandemic. we keep talking to business owners and the health aspect of the pandemic may not be impacting them right now the fallout from the last 15 to 16 months certainly is and it is disingenuous. jillian: whether it is financially, trying to figure out the situation for school but this fall, you name it, across the board, and those who were vaccinated you feel you are in a pandemic, you don't know what tomorrow or get masked everywhere i go again.
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is that going to happen, and given the fact that some areas have seen more restrictions imposed upon them, for me anyway. feel like a lot of questions, should i get rid of a mask. and every american feels that. todd: the last two weeks someone with opinion on top of that. the general sense of how we feel. taking off in the last two weeks. one other thing president biden said, the last 6 months things have turned the corner on the pandemic. list we forget the donald trump had operation will speak, put the vaccine in place in an absolutely ridiculously record time to put you in that position, president biden, so you can make a statement like that, whether you love him or
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hate him donald trump put the vaccine in place. jillian: every time we talk about this that moment where kamala harris at the time was not vice president set of donald trump tells me to take the vaccine i won't take the vaccine. now you are having the administration push this vaccine so hard and it should but it feels a little hypocritical. todd: a little, she said don't do it. there is this other hypocrisy streaming through the democratic party about defunding the police. here is president biden on that topic last night. >> president biden: police should be held accountable, fired for not doing their job. >> how the response republicans who paint you and your party is anti-police? >> president biden: they are lying. >> about defunding the police? >> president biden: i never said defunding the police. jillian: the question was you and your party. whether or not president biden ever said let's defund the police, sure, you can have that
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conversation but the question was you and your party. let's listen to what some in the party previously said. >> i support the defund movements, not only do we defund, but dismantle and start a new. this is the word coming from the street. >> defunding the police. >> to reimagine to take things off the shoulders. >> many cities in america over one third of the city budget goes to police. we have to have this conversation. what are we doing? todd: while president biden may not necessarily have come out and said i don't want to defund the police he did not enforce cops full throated the he did advocate for allocating the money and you heard many members of his party at the end against donald trump said those statements that you heard right there, the biden administration is realizing the number one priority to all-americans, the
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polling on defunding the police is not worked well so this entire administration is trying to walk it back. it will be interesting to see if the number of individuals you saw in that soundbite, the squad, the progressives, they will lose the house. jillian: 2022 is about safety because we are seeing, sides and shootings, skyrocketing across the country. we talked to police every day on this network, that is important and so is immigration. those are big things to look at in 2020. todd: the democratic mayor's are saying it is happening in their city. with that there was another huge story in washington. nancy pelosi banning republican congressman jim jordan and jim banks from serving, january 6th
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committee, they were rejected to preserve the, quote, integrity of the committee's work. they are sliming the move saying it does the opposite, listen. >> they knew that jim jordans t didn't want to answer about the systemic breakdown of security at the capital on january 6th and ultimately who is responsible for that? the speaker of the house, they don't want to go there. >> baby he doesn't want to answer that question or any other question. this is all political and we've known that from the start. todd: house minority leader kevin mccarthy said it was pelosi includes banks in jordan republicans would boycott the controversial committee. jillian: gop leaders ramping up cuba's right to fight for freedom while calling on president biden to act against the country's impressive socialist government during a special hannity townhall. >> the cuban people are hostages. they say these people will starve and suffer unless you
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send more money. >> on the side of freedom, leave these folks out to dry and what ends of happening if they don't get any assistance the regime will clampdown and he will eventually stamp this out and that will be a huge blow to the cause of freedom. >> they are not saying done with the embargo, more food, they are saying we want freedom. jillian: despite calls fraction senator rubio field addressing cuba is not a priority for the biden administration. todd: kamala harris will meet with supporters after a texas judge rules it unlawful. that decision blocking the biden administration from approving new applications for the obama era program. democrats will include immigration measures like pathway to citizenship for dreamers in the upcoming $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. jillian: the us women's soccer team with their olympic opener, several other teams took part in the demonstration against racism
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after restrictions on processed, freedom went on to beat team usa 30, the first loss for the reigning world cup champs since 2013 for the first lady arrived in japan this morning, leading the us diplomat delegation to the olympics, joey jones will join us to discuss the olympic kneeling protest. todd: i cannot envision more people tuning into the x but we will see, we had a few weeks of it. time is 11 minutes after the hour. it is not just politically motivated budget cuts. many police departments are facing serious staffing shortages making it harder for them to keep the streets safe. that is what is happening in rural colorado. the head of their police union coming up. . jillian: court testimony from britney spears condescension lawmakers on capitol hill. nancy mason is leading the push for the free britney act. she will join us live coming up. ♪♪
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jillian: overnight chaos in chicago. a 14-year-old boys killed in mine others shot across multiple crime scenes on the city's westside. 14 among those hurt. police pleading for the community to come forward with information as violence rages in chicago, a civilian board to oversee the police department, it will create a commission with the power to draft department policy. in aurora, illinois, police release - cam video of an officer attack, it shows the moment two other officers arrive and pull the suspects off the cop after he was repeatedly, including two and were arrested with attempted murder in the attack. jillian: a video of california
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shoplifters nonchalantly leaving the t.j. maxx, gavin newsom is doubling down on reducing retail theft. >> not new in california, we've been organized in a deliberative manner to address the issue of organized retail for a number of years. that said we are doubling down on those efforts. todd: the president of the california retailer association rachel michelin and double-decker bus tour owner, thank you for being here. we will get to newsom in a second. as a business owner how demoralizing is it to you to see that video of t.j. maxx? i would be so upset, so downtrodden. >> it is very tough. we deal with this every day. a lot of cars are being broken into in front of our office.
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they are breaking into their cars, taking their stuff, their luggage, their electronics and it is happening in broad daylight. 5 to 10 cars a day, it is scary, people don't want to come back. todd: you heard the governor. is the state doing enough to help retailers? >> that is a great first start, we pushed -- the retail industry in california, we have a lot of work to do. when you look at the city and see this coming out, we are looking to find solutions to combat these crime sprees across the state. todd: the average american sees this and asks why is this so hard? bad guy or girl, rest them, put them in jail so they won't do
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that bad thing anymore. why don't we do that anymore specifically in california? >> in 2014 the voters in california included, things that keep away the carrot and stick approach for prosecutors when it came to different options meaning instead of putting them in jail they could do the version programs and figure out other ways to get them off the street and get them the help they needed so that was taken away and in california the option really is a misdemeanor under $950, so they are back on the street. todd: i don't know if people have seen this video, people who are being held, seem like complete opportunists. you alluded to this in your first answer talking about the tourists that you served. a lot of them are scared. why are they coming to san francisco in the first place?
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are you getting answers to that question? >> san francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. people come to see it. 39, a lot of beautiful things to see in the city but it is being clouded by all the stuff going on and people come here to have a great time. these things happen to them. todd: literally relies on the tourism. i was there two years ago and didn't do a lot because too scared and that's a sad statement in your business when you're trying to sell things to tourists. thank you for your time. jillian: 19 after the hour, us climate envoy and private jet setter john kerry calling climate change the test of our times but many especially right now saying what about the pandemic. todd: he does love a good
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>> the aurora police department is struggling, the city is short dozens of officers as violence. in aurora, mark spears is here to react. some of these numbers are disturbing. they lost 159 trained officers since january of 2020, 72 of
2:24 am
those being in 2021 raleigh in july. why do you think this is happening? >> there are various reasons why it is happening. one of the biggest reasons is the legislation got involved so aggressively and developed laws that are putting officers on the spot and hanging officers out to dry and it has gotten so bad families are starting to look at their officers, begging them to leave the profession to do something else. we've just gone through a serious amount of civil unrest over the past year and that civil unrest is specifically targeted towards the police and how much dislike they have for the police and the community turned on us and when you put
2:25 am
the community together to adopt ways to do policing a different way, it becomes a huge problem and the last thing, supports across the country the lack of support we have gotten from local politicians and politicians from all over the country has put us in a bad spot and officers are fed up with it. when you think about things we have on the line which is our lives are on the line every day, officers are starting to look at themselves in the mirror and say is it worth it? jillian: the community turned on us and the overwhelming number of the community that police officers would prefer and in your community two days ago was nine years since the shooting at the movie theater in aurora that we will never forget. i will never forget that, 12 people died, 70 people injured.
2:26 am
when a community needed them the most. it is upsetting that the community turned on you, but law enforcement will continue to be there. >> you bring up a good point, and a large part of the community, stands by us. a wonderful community, it is fantastic but people who have the stage are the activists, radical people, getting out in front of the media and having their message heard across the country. that goodness that we do, what we do, i challenge anybody to find a job, any profession that is more challenging.
2:27 am
if you are successful, 30% of the time you are a fantastic player and police officers are expected to be perfect 100% of the time. i would hate for there to be a catastrophic failure or catastrophic event to occur again, the stage right now. just how find the men and women are in the city of aurora. jillian: i read about the shortage out there, to talk about this and glad to have you on because for everything your community has gone through this is an important conversation. thank you for being here. todd: day one in tokyo and team usa taking a knee for social justice protests. is this the tone of the entire
2:28 am
x? joey jones onset next, don't go away. ♪♪
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todd: cuba's fight raging on. assignment socialism does not work. >> cuba is a failure because socialism doesn't work. >> trump turned the screws will biden wants to liberalize all that and that will entrench the regime in power. >> this is what tierneys do, hold people hostage. the biden administration want to open it all up. jillian: here to discuss his retired marine bomb technician joey jones and our first in studio guest, excited to see you. happy belated birthday.
2:32 am
>> breaking news here? todd: if you made that announcement at 31. >> it is a funny milestone. jillian: what do you think? are you still surprised that people want socialism in this country? >> not at all. it is easy to criticize it or look at things that may -- ignore the parts that we haven't million or more people in this country they came from cuba and could tell us what is going on. some professor said the system would be fantastic if everyone were pure and honest. todd: in the moment we are looking at cuba, is the message
2:33 am
of socialism a failure getting through to that person who has been indoctrinated at liberal universities and says socialism not horrible. >> i can't remember who, can't attribute it to them, the way we treat our young crowd is like they are stupid and i know you haven't been in the real world get and don't understand but a better way to handle this and but to be overly benevolent the day after my birthday is reach out and talk with these folks and give them opportunities to hear from people that were raised in cuba or had to flee cuba and the message of how great this country is isn't getting across and they don't know anything else but having someone explain to them how bad things are, there's an anecdote that if you are under 30 and conservative your hopeless, if you're over 30 and liberal you are broke. neither of those things are true but that is the perspective, we
2:34 am
have to grow and get new perspectives. people are reaching what seems to be a young crowd for socialism but aren't paying taxes yet. >> if you lost your legs fighting for the country which thank you for your service what would you say to those younger kids if you had the chance to speak to them what would your message the? >> i have been injured in service of this country, i was in two countries that were literally, the battleground for the entire war, freedom and democracy and it is -- i saw people come running to us because they didn't have an emergency room within 100 miles and they would use the basis for emergency room for their child that they didn't know how to take care of and it was ignorance and lack of resources that ran rampant in southern
2:35 am
afghanistan and iraq and people understand what this country is, to take issue with core principle of democracy, they don't have perspective and i to get mad about it but rather from getting mad at 22 or 24-year-old that makes it onto a campus reform video talking about how they are ashamed of the country i would rather have a conversation with them. most young people want to be led but the people who fill that gap are ideologues that don't appreciate the country. >> with that is the backdrop, other squads kneeling in protest before olympic matches. what is your reaction? >> i had to learn about this, not tuning in because i'm vindictive, my first response, focus on good soccer.
2:36 am
and they protested not during the and some. we have to be intellectually honest, and if you're doing it this way, decided to protest. >> i love having you on. >> at the top of the program if you kick the ball in the goal. >> more times than the other team. >> onset for a long time. >> thanks. us climate envoy and climate change veteran john kerry calling climate change the test
2:37 am
of our times even as the world is still battling a pandemic. john kerry called on china to reduce its emissions despite being criticized in recent months for his use of a gas guzzling private jet to attend a climate conference. >> hunter biden meeting with potential buyers before art exhibitions later this year, the gallery owner of the house to keep buyers identity a secret from the president, his son, the white house, and you, the public, the source telling cbs news hunter will not discuss pricing or purchase details during the events, price tags past $1 million. you want one? are you good? jillian: 37 minutes after the hour, democratic mayors cutting budgets president biden says democrats aren't anti-police. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you
2:38 am
and your party is anti-police? >> they are lying. >> what about defunding the police. >> i never said the fund the police. >> will cain having breakfast with friends, ambidextrous, we've seen a huge spike in crime and a huge spike in cake live next. ♪♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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jillian: welcome back. president biden says democrats aren't anti-police as the party tries to distance itself from the defund movement. >> how to respond to republicans who try to paint you and the party is anti-police? >> they are lying. >> what about defunding the police? >> president biden: i never said defund the police. todd: with reaction from the
2:42 am
landmark diner, will cain, great to see you. how disingenuous was that answer from president biden? >> lying straight to your face. this game of if you are lying i am lying, we have the tape, we know what president biden set a summer ago. he said when asked what you redirect funds away from the police, he said absolutely. i would redirect funds away from the police. his partners in the democratic party like aoc made no semantic games, defund means defund. after a year of lies and telling us something we know is not true, this is where i am, the landmark diner outside atlanta they experienced, they know the cost of defund the police, this is something people not only can roll the tape on but experienced in real life.
2:43 am
jillian: we had a guest on yesterday talking about the fact that buckhead they want to separate from atlanta, they want to create their own police force and do you have people who would be willing to step up and create this police force? that could be an issue, we have people who want to but the job is not getting done in atlanta. look at the crime surge this time versus last year, homicides up 27%, shootings of 36%. i'm so curious what people are going to say to you because they want out. >> can they? it is a city of 90,000 people. if it was capable of separating from atlanta it would be the tenth largest city in georgia. there would be a tax base to
2:44 am
support, i will spend the morning at landmark diner, i want to talk to the citizens, the crime spike in atlanta is even higher and many think it is higher than they are reporting, i will grab a little breakfast, bacon and eggs and talk to people about what is going on in their neighborhoods and their city in georgia. are they ready to divorce themselves from atlanta. todd: have i been there before? >> has todd been here before? somebody has been here. this diner might have been frequented in the past by "fox and friends" so it could have been you. i didn't find out if it was todd piro but i give it a 50/50 shot. todd: asking questions about my life and the past.
2:45 am
>> the itinerary of his entire life. >> i will send you a packet. it is going to be great. have a great day. >> he asked about carly, where is she? i don't have the itinerary of her life. todd: live look at janice dean, 32 one. >> you are a 4 director. my parents live outside of philadelphia, the storms yesterday, it normally takes 20 minutes, to help other men remove trees from the road, it was crazy but yesterday i was telling you about severe weather
2:46 am
from philadelphia to boston and we got it, some areas didn't get much but others across the east coast, big cold front, the results are there, 67 in new york, 66 in cleveland, storms are gone across the east coast that remain for the southwest, a good news bad news situation, they need the rainfall but it is causing flooding in the forecast for the next several days so flood watch is in effect, flash flood warnings in arizona, an ongoing situation, remains dry for california across the northern plains where we have wildfire and heat, scattered storms on the gulf coast with that cold front clearing things out for much of the east coast, watch those showers and thunderstorms for the southwest and the heat returns for the west as well.
2:47 am
glad everybody is okay. call th you want. >> the biden administration says it was an error to promote a radical activist handbook in the school reopening guide. >> the pressure to condemn the curriculum next.
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2:50 am
>> reporter: the biden administration say was an error to promote a link to racial activist group that pushes critical race. schools as part of its covid reopening. todd: some lawmakers say not enough. >> the activist group is called
2:51 am
abolitionist teaching network calling for commitment to learning from students, students and educators who disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression, the biden administration says it was one big mistake that ended up part of a guide to hope safely reopened during the pandemic with apartment of education saying it does not endorse the recommendations of its group nor do they reflect our policy positions. it was an error to include the citation. ellen wilson celebrating reversal calling a big win for parent saying it is because republican attorneys general prescient them to do the right thing but senator tom cotten had a different take on the matter telling fox news the president biden supported critical race theory since he took office, no one believes this was an honest mistake. of the biden administration doesn't support this radical racist ideology it should publicly condemn critical race theory and stop it being reported in the federal government.
2:52 am
founder of parents defending education agrees joining us on "fox and friends first". >> i'm not buying that apology because we've seen the department of education over and over try to sneak things like this in. the end goal is to undermine and tear down american values and that is not what we need to move forward, we need children to compete in a global marketplace. >> the debate over critical race theory in our schools won't be slowing down anytime soon. jillian: talking about nancy pelosi's political power move with the january 6th committee. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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house minority leader kevin mccarthy pulling all five members of the house committee after the two were rejected by nancy pelosi. jillian: here is what nancy pelosi says and this reads, quote: it had been our hope to establish a bipartisan, independent national commission but there is no prospect for that commission at this time because of insufficient support from republican senators. do you agree there is no prospect for the commission as a result of support or lack thereof as she says from republican senators. >> you certainly can't have a bipartisan commission if you reject the republican members selected by the minority. and that's what she did this week, and so i totally fully
2:57 am
support kevin mccarthy on this. this is really just a side show to distract from the really bad policy that we is seen come out of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the biden administration. they have got a lot of problems whether it's defunding the police. bipartisan infrastructure package that they have killed. subsequently. or record spending at 3.5 trillion and inflation causing massive, massive prices to go up for everybody across the country. they have a lot to hide from. she is going to use this commission to do just that. this is going to be a political side show most week. todd: where does this investigation go from here and how does this stunt by nancy pelosi really erode the integrity of this investigation. >> the investigation continues. there are actually 10 congressional committees that have full subpoena power and investigative ability to look into and investigate january 6th. both in the u.s. house and the u.s. senate. on top of that, there are already four federal agencies also doing their own nonpartisan
2:58 am
investigations. that's the secret service. the fbi, the tempt of homeland security, and the attorney general's office at the department of justice. so, we have actually spent more resources and arrested more people on january 6th than we did throughout our investigation of 9/11. jillian: among many others and beyond you would like to free britney spears to see that happen so much so that you have introduced legislation to end abusive conservatorship. tell us about this. >> right. when britney spears had so much courage last month in june to come forward and publicly talk about the abuses that she has experienced within her conservatorship, there are 1. million americans in conservatorships and there have been abuses long before britney ever topped the charts. what she did was really shine a light on these abuses so i'm joined by democrats and republicans on this bill, it is bipartisan. it's getting a lot of attention and attraction within the house
2:59 am
of representatives. we just want to give britney spears and those in similar situations the ability to petition a judge or a court and request and get a public guardian rather than someone who imagines their conservatorship who has a conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. todd: let's pop up on the screen quickly what your bill would do provide $250 million will ability to replace court appointed will guardian private guardian conservators without having to prove wrongdoing this case seems to be a lot more than a celebrity novelty how pervasive is this problem throughout america? >> it's across the country. i will tell you since filing this bill on tuesday, i have have heard from americans all across the country in every state. whether it's themselves personally or someone in their family or they have had an experience with this. everyone believes this is a good step in the right direction. and it's narrow re he legislation, i want it to continue to be bipartisan. >> we have narrow and focused
3:00 am
because, in this case small parts can make a real meaningful difference in someone's life. jillian: so nice and refreshing to see something bipartisan. we do hope it stays that way. that's for sure. congresswoman nancy mace, great to see you. >> thank you. todd: nothing brings a nation together by britney spears and dolly parton. jillian: that's true. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> white house weighing new mask guidance even if you are vaccinated. >> this comes as the cdc director says a spike in delta variant now accounts for 83% of code cases. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police? >> why? >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle. >> i am for defunding the police. >> last three decades actually seen a significant decline of crime in our state. >> things are going to get worse before they get better


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