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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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dvrs every night so you don't miss an episode. thanks to susan li, joey jones, emily compagno, and tyrus. shannon bream is next. thanks for watching. i love you, america. ♪♪ >> hello and welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ >> breaking tonight, chaos on capitol hill as house republicans blast speaker nancy pelosi for rejecting their choices for serve on the newly formed january 6th committee. why can't both sides get together on putting together this panel? we'll debate that >> and critics pushing back tonight against president biden's comments at a cnn town hall, questions from everything
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from covid to the economy to guns. we're going to show you why some are pointing out that some of his answers didn't really seem to make sense. we'll play them for you >> and a new development tonight a poe deathal ethics concerned around hunter biden's art work. he does now plan to meet with prospective buyers even though we were told the sales would be anonymous. we begin with the january 6th commission now in limbo, political fireworks blowing up the panel task with getting to the bottom of what happened in our nation's capitol that fateful day. white house corespondent kevin corke is tracking all the latest developments for us tonight. good evening kevin. >> good evening shannon the house voted to give nancy pelosi ultimate veto power to the members on the committee so frankly it's not surprising she knicksed jim jordan and jim banks both who recently met with president donald trump. and while the speaker did sign off on three other mccarthy picks which i don't think really surprised a lot of people, it
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was the minority leader who today was really up in arms. he said, listen, we are not going to play this game and if we have to, i will pull each and every single one of the members that were already slated to be on this panel and conduct a probe of our own. that is, of course, if pelosi won't play ball. >> it's a agreeings abuse of power. >> house democrats must answer this question. why are you allowing a lame duck speaker to destroy this institution. >> a defiant house minority leader kevin mccarthy today vowing to conduct a gop led investigation into the january 6th protests at the capitol. that move coming in response to speaker pelosi's decision to refuse to seek two prominent republicans on the bipartisan committee, jim jordan and jim banks. unless speaker pelosi reverses course and seats all five republican nominees said mccarthy in a statement, republicans will not be party to
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their sham process and will, instead, pursue our own investigation of the facts. >> why would somebody care about that. >> why those two members? >> read my statement. read their statements. >> an undaunted pelosi coughed at mccarthy ace threats and in a statement of her own referring to the refsal to seat banks and jordan said the unprecedented nature of january 6th demands this unprecedented decision. >> bipartisan. >> former gop conference chair liz cheyney tapped by pelosi to serve on the committee after being ousted from her post saved her strongest criticism from kevin mccarthy. >> the rhetoric we heard from the minority leader is disingeneral whiches. at every opportunity the minority leader has attempted to prevent the american people from understanding what happened. >> meanwhile late wednesday during a town hall, biden
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insisted it was important to get to the bottom of what happened at the capitol, whether the gop wants to go along or not. >> i don't care if you think i'm satan reincar nated. the fact is, you can't look at that television and say nothing happened on the 6th. >> very few people i'm aware of think nothing happened on the sixth. it's a question of how did things happen on the sixth and what can be done in the future to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. that certainly seems to be the gist on capitol hill. by the way pelosi's committee would have their very first meeting sometime next week, that is, of course, shannon with or without the gop. >> yeah looks like tonight without. i want to ask you about another developing story we asked you at the top of the show tonight, hunter biden his art work. you've been following this. there were reports tonight he would meet with prospective byers at two art shows whose paintings will be on display later this year.
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that seems to be at odds with what we were told to keep them anonymous because of ethics concerns. what are you learning? >> this is so interesting because we're talking shannon about a very small private affair in los angeles and a larger exhibition in new york city. but as you pointed out, that's going to give biden a chance to interact with potential byers of his painting which the galleries say they expect to sell for as much as a half million dollars each. but as you point out, especially, i think this is important, that means he'll be able to presumably at least socialize with potential buyers and that is at odds with the agreement struck with the gallery owner this idea making sure there's no quid pro quo because ultimately if he knows who the buyer is or if the buyer can somehow, wink, wink, make a purchase of a half million dollars, they may expect favorable treatment from the president or from the administration by way of hunter biden. that's the real perception problem at work here, shannon. >> yeah, and we will track it. we know you will. and, kevin, you and i might like
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snacks and food and we talk about that a lot. so come back in a few minutes because apparently we're not the only ones. >> yeah, midnight snacks. love it. we'll talk about that in just a bit. >> all right, see you in a minute. thank you kevin. >> you bet. >> breaking tonight, reports that a 14 year old boy has died after another violent night in chicago. multiple shootings all in the same neighborhood within a span of about five minutes. we're told ten people were shot including three teens. we will continue to monitor that developing story. >> and a video going viral tonight, two men in a los angeles strolling out of a tj max with their arms full of maryland knob running. we see how incidents like that are shining a light on a seven year old progressive referendum in california. matt, what is going on? >> shannon this video shows a brazen shameless shoplifting at a tj max store here in los angeles.
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two people walk out of the store with their hands and bags stuffed with merchandise and no parent fear of repercussion or prosecution. >> that looks great. >> the video shows the shoplifters didn't even run out of the store. instead casually walking out with dozens of items each. los angeles county sheriff alex villanueva says prop 47 here in california is fueling brazen thieves like this because under the law certain thefts less than $950 are classified as misdemeanors instead of felonies. and in san francisco earlier this month this wild scene captured on video as well, a crowd of thieves stormed neiman marcus running off with handbags and designer goods totally tens of thousands of dollars likely to be resold on line where organized retail is thriving. neiman marcus is saying no one was hurt and so far no word from police on any arrests. people in the bay area tell fox news they've never seen such
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lawlessness. >> i work in retail so i see it all the time. >> it's gotten more aggressive the last couple of years. people are very, very bold in their shoplifting tactics that we've seen recently. >> now it seems so open and brazen. >> they casually come in, grab what they need and walk out. >> violence smash and grab shoplifting is costing california businesses millions of dollars annually. home depot shared pictures of recent busts of entire warehouses. today governor gavin newsome signed a bill into law to combat all this crime allowing prosecutors to once again charge theft as a felony or a misdemeanor in brick and mortar stores and also in organized crime ring. >> so we're looking at this comprehensively. yes, enforcement is critical. accountability is critical. and let me just make this point. there's no free ride. you can't smash a window. >> police still have to deal with local prosecutors, shannon,
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who decide whether to charge shoplifting as a misdemeanor, a felony or if at all. shannon? >> okay, matt, you have been following another story for us, this one out of saint louis where a judge there reportedly set a murder subject free after prosecutors reportedly failed to show up to court on three different occasions. want to point out this is the same prosecutors office who had no trouble going hard ave. the ma encloses kiss that couple had a lot of heat after what they say was defending their homes with firearms over protesters last summer. do we know anything about that murder suspect now? >> the st. louis judge dropped the first degree murder charges against brandon campbell. a prosecutor from the circuit attorney's office there failed to show up for hearings in may, june, and july because the prosecutor was reportedly on maternity leave. in a statement the judge slammed st. louis circuit attorney kim garner writing in part, quote, the circuit attorney's office is ultimately the party responsible for protecting public safety by
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charging and then prosecuting those it believes commits crimes. in a case like this where the circuit attorney's office has essentially abandoned its duty to from those charged with crimes the court must partially enforce the law and any threat to public safety is the responsibility of the circuit attorney's office. the judge dropped the charges shannon because the defendant legally has the right to a speedy trial and our fox affiliate there in st. louis reports two other murder cases were recently dismissed because of unprepared st. louis city prosecutors. shannon. >> yeah. i cannot imagine how the victims' family members and loved ones must feel about this. matt finn thank you very much. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> there is growing controversy tonight about what was interpreted as a government endorsement of a controversial teaching philosophy and we're not talking about critical race theory. corespondent aishah hasnie reporting on the uproar of abolitionist teaching and what it means.
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>> tonight the department of education admitting it made a mistake when it offered schools a direct link to an activist group that advocates for educators to disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression. the department does not endorse the recommendations of this group nor do they reflect our policy positions. it was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation. what they say is a mistake was included in the department's recommendations for spending is now raising questions about how federal dollars are being spent in schools. president joe biden's american rescue planned authorized $122 billion to the department of education for state education agencies. 90% of that money will go to local school districts, which, in turn, must reserve at least 20% to address the learning lost during the last school year. the administration asks they do that by using evidence-based programs like summer learning, and after-school activities. but that's not all. inside the department of ed's
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covid-19 handbook called road map to reopening safely and meeting all student's needs the department recommend schools use some of the money towards race and social emotional learning programs, offering a direct link to a group called the abolitionist teaching network who would assist with that. >> a network that's dedicated to schools reimagining [inaudible] >> a doctor, author and activist created the abolitionist teaching network in 2020 for what she says is to develop and support educators to fight injustice within their schools and communities. >> you don't realize what supremacy's in everything we do, then we have a problem. >> love wants white teachers to undergo anti racist therapy to stop them from what she calls spirit murdering black and brown students. >> one of the things i bring to this work is a significant history of trying to trouble my
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own racial identity and trying to help other white teachers trouble their internalized white supremacy and anti blackness. >> fox news also found the group hired paid activists across the country whose job they say is going into schools to dismantle oppressive structures by mapping, canvassing, building groups and coalitions creating media and propaganda. >> education cannot save us. we must save education. >> i want us to be feared. >> for example, if teachers find school uniforms to be oppressive, atn would send in their activists to help abolish them. >> you call us we will phone an active resident and he or she or they will find out how, they'll do the research, all the organizers, teachers and parents show up and we dismantle and we hope to have hundreds of them around the country doing this work. >> love has a history of making controversial statements on twitter like this tweet from
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2020 in which she writes mediocre greedy rich white men are killing us. it's unclear how the atn hyper link made its way into the handbook as the resource for race and social emotional learning, although biden's deputy education secretary, cindy martin, is an advocate of love. last fall while she was still superintendent at san diego schools, martin invited love to train teachers to stop spirit murdering black students. and a legal disclaimer from the department of education says any resources or links they do offer don't necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the department. but this admission of error is now raising more questions like what happens to schools that may have spent the last three months planning their lessons based on this group's teaches and will the department now issue new guidance? nothing on the record on those questions just yet. shannon? >> i know you'll keep asking.
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aishah thank you very much >> president biden taking place in a town hall tonight in ohio everything from shortages to gun violence and some rambling. former deputy assistant attorney general john yoo at american first policy institute brooke rollins. great to have you back both with us tonight. >> thank you huh son. >> want to play a little bit and we cut this down so you have a little taste of something the president said tonight when he was asked about vaccinations and masking that kind of thing. here's a little bit of his response on that question. >> and the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are -- why can't the, the, the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact -- is going to be -- or, excuse me.
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we know why all the drugs are not temporarily approved but permanently approved. >> yeah. >> okay, so that's just part of about half of the answer, brooke. what do you make of that? >> well, i will tell you, everything been in the white house for three of the last four years of president trump's being in the oval office, watching him make decision after decision, it's heart breaking on one hand, frankly, as a mom of four children with parents and seeing friends, it's heart breaking but for me it's scary. the decisions that have to be made every single day in that oval office by the most powerful man in the world and hearing him unable to put a thought together, i think everyone in the country should be really, really scared. >> we all have our off days. john, your assessment. >> i think there's actually an important legal and constitutional issue that's lurking behind this but i worry that president biden that comment doesn't make any sense isn't really aware of it which is can the government, can
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employers force people to take a drug, a vaccine, that has only been authorized for emergency use and hasn't been authorized for permanent use. that's a legitimate legal question and it's much more difficult than people let on. >> that's true. okay. i want to try to lightning round a few other things. let's talk about critical race theory and some of the things issue appointed out in her teaching, excuse me, about teaching that was in her packet, the group that says white supremacy's in everything, white educators need to be deprogrammed, all contests of things, and this conversation about crt. here is congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez on the debate we're having. >> oh, wow, on so your child's teacher is anti racist and is actually fluent in how to dismantle racism and the dynamics of racism in a classroom. that is something that teachers should know how to do. and republicans are trying to ban this, are trying to ban us from knowing our own history.
9:18 pm
>> all right, john, fair to say that if you want to ban crt you're trying to ban history? >> i think that's completely wrong. that's not actually what republicans are doing. worst of all i think is, you've got an education department that doesn't know what it's doing. i wouldn't trust this education department to be telling schools what they should and should teach. let local towns and cities and counties decide. second makes you think either this education department doesn't know what it's doing or really believes this stuff which is really more worrying. do they really believe white teachers need to be deprogrammed throughout the country? i sure hope not. it's either incompetence or maliciousness in this government. >> brook, i want to get the next topic with you, this is the january 6th commission that fell apart today when speaker pelosi said to the republicans that leader mccarthy's picks couldn't be on and he said we're going to yank everyone. representative says asthma carry cries out, remember, democrats
9:19 pm
negotiated an independent bipartisan commission and agreed to all gop demands but mccarthy approved. for him it's never been about the process it's about hiding the truth of january 6th and doing trump's bidding. how do you respond to that criticism. >> listen here's the deal. it is the same script over and over and over again. being in the white house having to live with this every single day, here we are again talking about january 6th and pelosi having this power to say who can and who can't be on the commission. it's just politics. and i believe very sincerely that what they're trying to do is hide the ball. their ideas aren't working. their prosperity is down. gas prices are up. our peace across the world is disintegrating. their ideas, their leadership is completely ba ref of anything that makes sense so again i think they're very worried about november 2022 and i think they know their ideas are completely bankrupt so let's pivot and make a big political scene about
9:20 pm
something that isn't necessary. so, you know, same story, different script, same day, wash, rinse, repeat, here we go. >> yeah, and i think that millions of americans would like to know exactly what happened, what led up to it, what happened that day, regardless of party, so they can find some way to get to that. john i want to ask you about our final topic here. we saw the video today of the retail crime going on out there in california and people walking in and out. we're told in this piece in the san francisco chronicle, an opinion piece that you're getting the wrong impression. viral videos center to race fist properties of crime and producers with the response they will solicit. john final word to you. >> i'm afraid that does happen to be the views of most of the voters of san francisco who vote for mayors, who vote for a district attorney who implementeded these soft on crime policies where people are walking in districts. i've seen it myself, not just
9:21 pm
videos, people walked into stores and walked out. the thing that's so pre anythingses that all these leaders are followings policies, who will be harmed the most by the policies? the poor and inner cities. >> that's right. and when you defund the police -- >> thank you. we have to go but i thank you both. come back for the day's viral videos up next. thanks john, thanks brook. ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> shannon: police releasing dash cam footage of a dramatic police chase on a major florida highway h. here officers racing to catch a group of teens after they attempted to steal an suv, the chase resulting in that get away car with five teens flipping over in the middle of the freeway. the teens were taken to the hospital, we're told no severe injuries but they are facing a whole lot of charges. another eyebrow raising
9:27 pm
encounter in florida, this one though taking place in the water. this aerial video shows a hammer head shark heading towards a man swimming in the water if you look closely you can see it there. the fish suddenly swerving another way. looks like that swimmer might have a guardian angel. yikes >> keeping with our florida theme police officers and a good samaritan joining forces to rescue an unconscious woman from a partially submerged car. they jumped in, the vehicle plunged, the driver was knocked out the group worked together peeling away broken glass and driving to safely. police gave credit to that good samaritan helped save that woman and totally kept his cool. thank god they were all there. >> and this quite a sight to behold watch as a nine foot surgin caught leaping almost onto the boat, wade at least 350 pounds 50 years old and apparently we're told one of the
9:28 pm
smaller ones. this he can get 15 feet long. i don't want to encounter that my next fishing trip >> going almost a year without seeing his grandparents because of covid he made the reunion count and showed up to see them in a dinosaur costume designed to get them smiling. he did that they lit up when they saw him. he said hey let's go to grocery store i'll wear the costume and we can put smile on everyone else's faces. apparently it was a hit. they won't forget that moment that reunion. you have a moment you want to share, hit us up at shannon bream, at fox news night on social media >> israel president lashing out tonight at ben and jerry not to sell their in occupied palestinian territories. isaac labeling it a new form of terrorism. economic terrorism is trying to harm the citizens and economy of israel. the author on the reaction on
9:29 pm
this and more, vivek, the decision of ben and jerry says we believe it's inconsistent with our values of ben and jerry's to be sold in the palestinian territory. they said that speaks for itself. what do you think? >> ben and jerry'sent just two guys in vermont anymore shannon it is a subsidiary of in my opinion one of the most hypocritical companies in the global woke industrial complex. this is a company reported by many news outlets did not protect those in kenya raping their own colleague. unilever did nothing. and now these proclamations about israel. the israel palestine issue is complicated layered in decades of history. why would we expect an ice cream company to have an evolved opinion about it? we shouldn't it's hip critical and we should call it out for what it is.
9:30 pm
>> to disney the jungle cruise is opening in connection with the movie. i remember this at disney world as a kid riding this thing, looking over the edge, what's going to get me an alligator or hippo. but things have changed since i was a kid riding a ride. it's gotten a makeover they say it's more cultural responsible, aimed at getting rid of racist stereo types. long overdue course correction of jungle cruise shift the nature and elements that awaits man when he tries to tame it, gone are the themes of spear yielding war party who will trade two of his heads for one of yours, the park edges near 70 it has to reflect the version of its customers. >> i don't have a particular problem with this individual decision in isolation. what i do have a problem with is again disney's that pock arrest as a global organization. they are taking a magnifying
9:31 pm
lens to every possible micro aggression they can find at home yet last year they go to the province of china to film milan literally ground zero the epicenter of the ugher crisis undergoing forced sterilization and indoctrination they don't say a peep until the end where they thanked the ccp for thanking them for filming there. it's that hypocrisy that bothers me the most. this particular decision of the day i wasn't too worked up about it but the that pock arrest reveals how shallow these micro aggressive proclamations really are >> shannon: consistency would be good. let's talk about hasbro, the toy maker, this packaging engineering guy doing contract work was called into a meeting started talking about babies and racism by age three kids are already starting to apply stereo types may use racist language intentionally white children may report explicit or overt
9:32 pm
attitude to people of color. david johnson said hey i think people should know what they think about your babies and kids being racist. >> look, is it true kids see color shannon? yes kids see color they're not blind. doesn't mean they see race, they see race when we teach them to see race. when you teach a three year old kid that white kids are privileged what do you think he' goes to think. he's going to inherently see whiteness as superior. that's why this push for race consciousness is a driver much racism and in my opinion race consciousness doesn't end racism it causes it the younger we start the worst it is. it's important, the schools or elsewhere to call it out especially when we start that young because then we're tainting an entire generation ahead of us >> shannon: i think most of us remember having a childhood filled with all different kinds of friends and not thinking about those kinds of things just loving people and reaching out to them as we are called to do believing as i do that everybody's in the image of god.
9:33 pm
vivek thank you very much always great to have you. talk to you again soon. >> thanks shannon >> it is time to bring back kevin corke the one and only for our favorite topic, it's either dogs or food kevin when it comes to the two of us. we are not opposed to late night snacking, we have weird hours and apparently a lot of americans are with us. >> i'm just going to be honest. the second i g going to lie. get out of the suit, get on some sweats, check the fridge. that is the truth and apparently you're right i'm not alone. whether it's chips or ice cream or cookies, the urge to snack hits just about everybody at night. think i'm kidding? it can be hard to resist and get this shannon, a 2021 survey by the international food information council revealed about 60% of americans between the ages of 18 and 80 admit they are snacking after 8:00 p.m. >> shannon: it's higher than that. >> it is yeah, i'll guarantee it has to be higher >> shannon: i think 60 is good but i think it's higher than that. >> i agree with you. i grew up with this old saying,
9:34 pm
eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a principals and dinner like a paw perfect because then you're eating less and less you go through the day. but that didn't say a single thing about when you work until 1:00 in the morning. you know what imsaying >> shannon: exactly. few things i like better than eating and that's slipping. when this show is over i know if i eat there's going to be sugar flowing and i will eat during the show but once it's over -- you and i are going to do taste testing of different midnight snacks. you challenged me to a cicada, i know we're looking for chocolate covered ones but we talk good news a little bit later. >> see you later >> shannon: thanks kevin. a proposal that would let you scoot your own death in advance. it's being pushed by sew called bioie sifts. is medicine traveling away from
9:35 pm
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>> are there people who nthe democratic party who want -- >> are there people in the republican party who think we're succeeding the blood out of kids? >> shannon: okay president biden taking questions from the press core back at the white house tonight. the answer raising some eyebrows, we're trying to unpack that as we head into the thursday news cycle. that curious exchanging fog his town hall in ohio also raising questions. one of our crack producers says it appears maybe he's making an illusion to qanon and lumping republicans in with that. we'll keep trying to break that down >> reaction continues to pour in tonight. theoretical proposal by two prominent bioth cysts to a time release suicide device for a time they've chosen in advance. losing our dick feat, charles has a brand new book called losing our dignity, we put it on the screen so people can see.
9:41 pm
this is an important part of the conversation professor. we're glad to have you with us. >> hi shannon. good to be with us >> shannon: so this is on he on he and this is published in the hateings center report these two bioie cysts, one of the most prominent journal, they want to explore how one might better control their own dying and burnedening others with their own care and choices. we propose a thought experiment and a directed implant that would enable patients with early dimension to plan their own death without the subsequent intervention of anyone else. what is your concern there and the broader impact? >> well, that's horrifying, but as the author of the book you just mentioned, i have to say it's also not surprising given the trajectory we've been on. the secularsation of the culture at large but especially in medicine has given us this following where we've given up on fundamental human equality. not all human beings are equal, you have to be rationale, self
9:42 pm
aware, autonomous and as soon as you risk that, as soon as you risk losing those traits, you may remain human but you don't remain the equal of other human beings that have them. and if that's the trajectory we're on the people are late stage dementia are next to go and if we don't do something, i argued we're going to be killing them. and this article came out, this study came out just days after my book and it was -- i'm just really disappointed to be so right about that, to be honest >> shannon: the national review writes about this. first of all this quote is quoting from that idea that the article by the two bioie cysts are talking about this implant they say perhaps the greatest advantage of this is that they would reduce the distress that living and dying with dementia imposes on others, national review comes back here to say, in other words, we should let the patient put him or herself out of our misery to eliminate suffering by the sufferer is becoming a cult.
9:43 pm
your thoughts. >> we often talk in bioie cysts with the burden of the patient and caring for the patient. i don't want to downplay that. there's very real burdens on care givers, family members and others who care for people with dementia and we don't do a good enough job as care givers churches community the government helping people in these desperate situations. but the idea that we would make it easier for vulnerable people to kill themselves because they're a burden on us is abhorrent >> shannon: and if the idea is you're giving the means to do it, you don't even have to make the decision you're putting the whole thing on them. quickly a few seconds to go you and i people of faith and that's kind of where we come at these, seeing people created in the image of god. very quickly, you say that people of faith shouldn't be embarrassed about having that conversation. >> no. if fundamental human equality is to reveil, we say someone with
9:44 pm
late stage dementia matters as much as you or me we have to hold fast to the principal that it's being made in the image and lightness of god with human equality, that ace where it comes from and if you go to these other things there isn't human fundamental equality >> shannon: and you say in the book to profess we have to reach out and help where it's needed financially whatever it is to help people out. >> absolutely >> shannon: the book is losing our dignity. great to see you tonight. >> thank you shannon >> well, a new lawsuit claims that a higher end ice cream maker isn't telling you the truth about their delicious chocolatey creation. night court is up next and you are the jury. do you struggle to fall
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♪♪ >> shannon: time now for night court. dryers, the maker of hag todays vanilla milk chocolate ice cream bars facing a lawsuit saying the company isn't being honest in its product labeling. the treat is marketed as crunchy chocolate almonds milk coating but what they call chocolate is something else. let's bring it in attorney robert patillo and harry litman, right to exhibit a from the
9:50 pm
plain. chocolate is defined by merriam webster as prepared from cocoa beans, as milk chocolate anddryled in rich milk chocolate is misleading and at best a half truth because the chocolate contains ingredients not found in real chocolate. cocoa nut oil, robert, how could they. >> at this point we are going to litigate ourselves into starvation in this country. what hag dawes is i don't seeing is a descriptive term. they're not claiming this is harvested from investigate till verb engines on the first night of the summer solstice hand ground from volcanic stone from mount vesuvius. it is adjust ice cream. no one is being deceived, it tastes like milk chocolate. it's frivolous and it will drive up attorneys fees and ice cream so the rest of us can't have any. >> no one is taking away my ice
9:51 pm
cream. compand b a statement from the country says the labels on our ice cream bar products accurately describe the products comply with fda regulations and provide consumers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. harry they say all of the ingredients are on there. >> yeah, but they don't. if you look close, there's cocoa nut oil, not chocolate. now, i know a lot of liberal cancel culture types like cocoa nut oil but some of us would like a chocolate bar. this is what they say. take a bite. i mean, it seems okay at first but something's wrong. now here's a real chocolate bar. yum. that's chocolate. they're being completely deceptive. this has an oily after taste. here's the real deal. i want this one, not this one. >> we have failed in this segment everyone needs props. i have to do that. let's get to exhibit c as i pull
9:52 pm
myself together with no chocolate. this is from the complaint consumers expect companies especially larger and respected businesses to tell them the truth not half truths. >> literally is a descriptive adjective they're using, a milk chocolate favored substance and i don't think any of us think we're getting their belgium's chocolate from willy wonka's factory every time we bite into an ice cream bar. these lawsuits were for deceptive marketing, so they say it's chocolate and it's actually, i don't know, gasoline? then yeah you have a cause of action on your hands. but a strapped i have adjective i don't think there's anyplace for this suit to go >> shannon: all right. although i'm still bitter about not having my own prompts, let's take you to exhibit d harry and give you the final word. this is the ingredient list. we want to show people and it does contain the word cocoa nut oil so not like they're hiding the cocoa nut oil from people, it is right there on the label. >> that's true.
9:53 pm
but with all respect to my learnened adversary chocolate isn't just a descriptive adjective, it's actually defined in the code of federal regulations for cocoa beans which cost four times as much and that's what er this he skimping on in the chocolate part putting vegetable oil in instead. i don't know, it's just not -- it's what this country has come to >> shannon: can you show us the chocolate again. >> absolutely. this, shannon i still wish you were here or i were there and you could taste what real chocolate is. so good >> shannon: what is that? i want to get some for robert and send imto him, too, so we can all enjoy. >> this is milk chocolate dipped cookie. this is says chocolate, vanilla, but it's not, i'm sorry, it's not. >> if we all had four times the money you had we could all afford these. but for the rest of us >> shannon: he gets the fancy chocolate. he can send the who can
9:54 pm
calculate to the two of us. harry robert thank you both. >> thank you robert. >> appreciate it >> good news before we say good night, a group of high school students making it possible for a father with limited mobility to walk with his newborn son by building him a special wheelchair stroller. jeremy king's been dealing with balance issues since a brain surgery two or three years ago after finding out the couple was pregnant they started researching how to make this mobility happen with the baby, with help from the wife's high school they spent months working on a solution, they have this attachment that attaches the car society to the front of his wheelchair. i love this. they put the plans on line because they said they want to let other people relatively healthy to do this as well too. >> that's really cool. to ohio real quick good news good night, fire fighters rescued a dog trapped five days in a wall in a house in cincinnati. the dog's name is girty missing for five dates. cincinnati fire department got a call from the homeowner and they said i'm hearing cries in the
9:55 pm
wall so they used a saw and sledge hammer to free the little pup and in about three minutes girdy we're happy to have you back and a real salute to the fire fighters who helped that >> shannon: we love it, girdy would be getting a steak at my house. >> absolutely >> shannon: steak and ice cream kevin that's it. that's it from washington we will he see you back here tomorrow. i'm shannon bream. to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life, including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you.
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