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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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from being released until 2069. >> bret: wow and where is john durham. we will check throughout. thanks for i object violating us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade this week starts right now. >> brian: hey, bret we almost look the same i wish i could afford that material. the wardrobe budgets in washington i saw mike emanuel also looking dapper. slow down the washington nationals getting too close to my methods. good evening, everybody, time for "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ brian brian i'm brian kilmeade bret did once again give away. is there any bigger story than hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding in our country over the last six months? not only are they bringing in drugs but also bringing in this thing called covid-19. in fact, there is a surge to the tune of 900 percent among
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migrants in the rio grande valley alone as many -- they were also offering ice detain years the vaccine. they are refusing it. the biden administration wants to ignore that fact and the fact their policies are are what are causing the surge making it extra painful when senator lindsey graham raised this uncomfortable question with the secretary of president biden's today if we one person will there will be a run on the border. >> i don't believe so. >> you don't believe so? you don't believe if we give legal status to hundreds of thousands of people without first securing the border there won't be a rush on the border? >> i don't believe so. >> why? >> well, in large part because the people we're talking about within the ag workforce are people that have been here for a long period of time. >> do you understand pull factors? >> i understand the nature of this workforce. i also understand the nature of this work. >> do you understand if you give legal status to one person
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without first. >> is that right have a run on the border 10 times worse. >> i don't believe that. >> do you know what probably bothers senator lindsey graham most is mr. vilsack does believe that he knows better. senator lindsey graham has worked on immigration the last 20 plus years and knows when he has been led astray. senator, how frustrated were you today? they are under siege american patriots after the election they told the biden administration if you reeliminate the remain in mexico policy and go back to catch and release when it comes to asylum claims we will be overrun. if you start allowing unaccompanied minors the ability to stay in the country and not send them where they came from, there will be more of them. and everything they said has
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come true. and here's what the secretary of agriculture either he doesn't understand it, well, number one i said when is the last time you talked to the border patrol? he said 10 years ago. so he is telling me about the border i have been there more times that be i can count. i have been working on illegal immigration to try to fix it for 15 years. you have cabinet secretary telling me stuff about pull factors and he hasn't talked to the border patrol in 10 years. so i'm tired of this crap what's happened here, brian. is that the biden administration was put ons in the right after the election, that if you change trump policies, if you stop building the wall. you go back to catch and release, allow people to come in and make asylum claims. release them into the interior of the united states, we will be overwhelmed and overrun and they were right and nobody in the biden administration is adjusting. they are denying the truth. >> brian: secretary vilsack has an important objective. he wants more workers for farms. fine. guess what? that's fine. there is a thing called work visas. there are things that can be
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negotiated. do you know what can't be negotiated? 188,000 illegals last month. a 21 year high tune whether a else can't be negotiateside logic. joe biden knows better. in 2006 he voted to build the wall. jeh johnson did in 2008 when he worked for president obama? he tried to secure the border. this is the first administration that's ignoring an ongoing catastrophe when i asked him you are dead right. president trump's statement i hope you look at it and can talk about it tonight is dead on. if you don't believe that giving legal status to people who have been here illegally for years without first securing the border will entice more people to come, you're crazy. we have always done border security first. i have been involved in every immigration reform proposal in the last 5 years. the democratic party agreed with me and other republicans to spend $40 billion to secure the border in 2013. now, i can't get them to admit that the pull factors that they
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have created are causing the flow of illegal immigration. there is nothing changed in the triangle countries. they are no worse, no better. what's changed is we changed our policies. >> brian: absolutely. so there is a big thing here and all wrapped in infrastructure. you guys have it decide whether you are going to move forward on infrastructure. the bipartisan bill as early as monday. today they wanted you to have a vote. the problem was there was nothing to vote on. you hadn't written anything done yet. have it on monday. what they're going to do is take the million people come over the last six months and try to wrap it into the 3.5 trillion and say it's called immigration infrastructure. if a parliamentarian won't stop it, that could actually work for them heres what you need to understand. they are willing to do that they are willing to take mail-in voting and put it into reconciliation package to have their dream of mail-in voting as a national standard, which will be terrible for elections and
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terrible for conservatism. but the idea of giving amnesty in an infrastructure package would lead to a run on the border like you have never seen. it will double or triple the number of people trying to get into the country. the day you legalize one person, brian, without first securing your border it spreads throughout the world and they will come by the millions not by the hundreds of thousands. if you don't believe me, ask the border security people in charge. i challenged dick durbin today to have a hearing on the status of the border. bring the professionals before the congress and let's ask them what has happened in the last six months and if we provided legal status, what would happen in the next six months? they won't let me ask those questions because they don't want to hear the answer. >> brian: they can't secure the border or they chose not to. talk about president trump. he says you guys are being played by going for the bipartisan infrastructure bill knowing everything you negotiated out is going to be jammed down your throat weeks later. are you being played?
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>> no, i don't think so. he had a trillion and a half trillion dollars infrastructure package. roads, bridges and ports. count me in for a face lift for america when it comes to roads, bridges and ports. count me out for three and a half trillion dollars tax and spent liberal wish list. i know the difference. i any it would be good for the country to do something together on roads and bridges. i think this idea of a three and a half to $5 trillion infrastructure package to grow the government wrapped around with amnesty is a stacyer for our nation and leave to rasp pant inflation and invasion of illegal immigrants an invasion of illegal immigrants. >> brian: almost helpless to stop it. exit question. how many republicans would vote for this if the framework is written up the way you think it is and you talked about? how many will vote for it if there is a vote next week? >> probably about half. i think half the republican party understands we need to do something on infrastructure paid for. not one republican will vote for
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the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package with amnesty and mail-in ballots. not one of us. not susan collins, not one, because it will be a disaster for the country. the people in charge of your government right now are crazy. >> brian: and they are your colleagues. thanks. and they know better. senator lindsey graham, thank you so much. not crazy. i could add that. >> thank you. >> brian: also here tonight texas governor greg abbott knows about challenge at the border. governor, governor, you were raising money asked for private money at the wall that president biden won't finish what happened? >> the money is coming in by people making donations texas, stepping up to provide the primary funding build the border wall which, includes the initial down payment of $250 million and on top of that there will be additional allocations by the senate texas. one of the multiple things we are working on to secure the border. we begin officially this week.
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one the projects i have been talking about putting together over the last several weeks and that is to begin arresting people coming across the border. lindsey graham talked about catch and release and that is a program that the biden administration is using. they allow all these people to come across the border. they catch them and then we release them. the state of texas is changing that policy. it's arrest and jail. the program we have in texas. we created laws and structures in place where we are now arresting people who are coming across the border illegally for trespass. we have already begun the process of arresting them and putting them in state jails. and when people start learning about this, they are going to stop coming across the texas border because they are not getting the red carpet treatment that they have been getting from the biden administration. >> among the people that don't think doing enough lieutenant colonel allen west. you should be doing more. does he have a point? >> not at all. texas, ever since i have been governor, texas has come out of our taxpayer more than a
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billions per biennium to secure the border. all of us saw what president trump was able to achieve secure the border by remain in mexico mexico policy. the agreement that he was able to work out here's the point had he been reelected. texas wouldn't be spending a penny on border security right now. he was not elected and that's why texas is stepping up and i have launched operation lone star that puts more than a thousand public safety officers and thousands what it will amount to be of national guard on the border where texas is the leader stepping up to provide security that the federal government is not providing. >> brian: you had that fence built and you opened up the gate. why did you open the up gate. you have seen this video. we had it exclusively. we shot it on monday. why would you open up the gate what they are breaching our system right now? >> so, i don't know who was
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allowed through that gate. my understanding is they there were people kept out and there may have been some people left. in and i have no idea who it was. what i do know is this. and that is with the operation that we began this week, what we, the state of texas are doing, we are arresting people who are coming through gates who are coming across the border and we are putting them into state jails in the state of texas and that's a process that we will be doing while we go about the process of building border wall in texas. >> brian: who is going to get these texas democrats back into texas and when they are you still going to arrest the ones that left rather than vote on voting legislation. >> so the way the process works. there was what's called a call on the house has been issued by the speaker of the house. and that authorizes the sergeant of arms to work with the texas department of public safety to apprehend any democrat or any member of the texas house who is not showing up for the call on
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the house. that can only be done once they do arrive back in texas. and i have been given assurances that yes, once they do arrive back in texas, they will be connected with texas department of public safety and brought to the texas house chamber to do the job, brian that they were elected to do. that is to debate and vote on these issues that includes far more than just election integrity. it also includes bail reform to stop letting dangerous criminals out onto the streets and includes reducing our property taxes. >> brian: there is other stuff to do. they are in washington trying to get over covid-19 and spending beto o'rourke's money. good job, governor, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. take care. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, watch a democrat try to explain why what you see right here with your own eyes is crime going down. remember when we were told also about a plot to kidnap governor whitmer and the fbi stopped it? why some are saying the whole thing was a set-up. each entrapment. dan bongino straight ahead.
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four bucks? that's tough to beat. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. okay, that's because you all have xfinity mobile. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> welcome back, everybody. bombshell reporting pulled the narrative off of plot in case you don't remember to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. the fbi played a larger fellow conspiracy than initially thought. too large a role according to buzzfeed and indictments informants were doing a lot more than just surveilling the suspects. they were intimately involved in the plotting process to recruiting and training and financing dare i say leading? there was are informant paid for hotel rooms and food as incentive to get people to come another informant became involved in the group he rose to become second in command
4:19 pm
encouraging members to collaborate with other potential suspects and paying for their transportation to meetings is that going too far? it leads me to wonder would this kidnapping plot have of even happened if the fbi did not get involved at this snrefl here now former law enforcement officer himself and secret service agent host of fox nation series everybody is talking about canceled in the u.s.a. available dan bongino. dan, as i laid this out, i'm a layman, i never went to an academy to break a suspect or to break a ring. does this sound a little extreme? this is a big subject in the even local law enforcement academy the subject of entrapment. brian, where does it go from fbi informant or undercover agent informing on a plot to an fbi agent under cover informant actually creating the plot. and that the bottom line is, you know, it's always going to be open to some form of discretion, but the general rule is where the people involved in the plot
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like if i go to your and say brian kilmeade i'm going to rob a bank will you help me you are an idiot and i come back second third or fourth time you are anowing me i will robert bank with you. are you unlikely to engage in crime without my repeated attempts at coercion? that's kind of a rough gauge if it's entrapment the demarcation point is kind of. it's buzzfeed we have to take everything with a grain of salt from buzzfeed. if their report something accurate, buzzfeed, that the fbi informant involved in this wasn't just informing on the plot, but incentivized people to create the kidnapping plot themselves, they are going to have a problem and it begs a whole lot of question, like why the active interest in this specific ground yet what appears to be very little interest in cracking up antifa or the blm folks that bushed down american cities. we would love to know that.
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>> brian: dan refresh your recollection saying that if a certain organization or certain political party continues to run on things like white supremacists and if they want to back that up with proof, they might go out and try to see where the white supremacists are and what they're up to. and possibly goose the process to back up their narrative. is that too much of a stretch? >> no, no. it's not. you are absolutely accurate. i covered this on by podcast multiple times how even some of the dhs reporting on the growing threat of white supremacy. it's a threat is a threat. great open diverse country. what happened people with the dhs reporting, brian? a lot of this reporting they use -- and do you know what statistics they leave out a bigger threat than slack fundamentalism. do you know what they leave out? they start counting after 9/11. kind of important to include 9/11 in that, no? and then they do all kinds of things like jail attacks. they include attacks in jail to
4:22 pm
add in this number to kind of juice the numbers and they can seem like it's a bigger threat than it is. it's an important debate. remember, this is how the fbi allocates resource. if they get this wrong and they are hunting down a threat that's not as big of a threat as you think and then leaving the other threat behind, the homeland is at risk. but are chronologically. >> brian: i'm personally torn pause most of the fbi men and women extraordinary people doing great things for not a lot of money. some of the retired guys have told me this is not their fbi. i don't want to indict 35,000 people but something is going on that needs to be looked at from an apolitical perspective. there is something else. >> brian, listen, i get it i agree with you 100 percent but this is one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world. and if they have a few bad apples at the top, listen, man, i was in the secret service. it's fair game. i was a federal fair game. powerful people being paid by tax dollars. you know i agree with you we shouldn't indict the whole agency this is an important story. >> brian: at least 12
4:23 pm
confidential informs were in the middle of this i have got to bring you to something you know well and bring me through it there is a spyware out there called paying gus. israeli engineered and now out there in a way that everyone should take note. why? >> well, this paying success story, how this wasn't the biggest story in the country puzzles me i covered it on my radio show multiple times according to the reporting no click malware. what does that mean? you don't have to click anything. they send you a text or a message and your phone is infected. think about that. it just just goes to show what i have been saying on "fox & friends" with you and elsewhere for a long time that the biggest throats freedom and liberty right now are out of control big tech and tech companies. it's not government. you can sue government. they are a huge threat. but you can sue them and you have recourse. big tech and tech companies we don't know what they are doing. think about this. here is my phone, right? it has a camera. it has a microphone on it.
4:24 pm
it has obviously a phone feature. you can get my password and you may think oh i'm safe i use what's app. telegram and signal. no, no, no. according to the report again if this gets downloaded this malware pagasus encrypted or not. imagine having the camera on in your house all day with a microphone. think about all the conversation was people have that they could be open. to say according to the reporting presidents and prime ministers on this list of potential people who could have been victims of this pegasus malware. >> brian: one was french president macron, correct. >> he was on the list. not sure if you are on the list it doesn't mean your phone was infected it just means you appeared on this list they are going to release even your name on the list. this is huge. brian, imagine the potential for blackmail. imagine, politics in the air if major world leaders homing
4:25 pm
beacons and phones being hijacked this is serious stuff. i'm not knocking the company. they are free to create whatever they want. i'm not suggesting they broke any laws i'm simply suggesting big tech has massive immense power and out-of-control that could be the biggest threat to liberty we have right now. even bigger than some governments. >> brian: unbelievable. it should be alarming and got to wonder do we have to do counter production wear. i'm not sure if life lock is equipped to stop that how about this dan bongino. >> i hope. so. >> brian: dan bongino thanks so much. look forward on show on fox nation as well fox nation he is on 24 hours a day on audio and video. thanks so much, dan, and congratulations on the success of your show over the weekend. up next though, california is swept up in a crime wave but don't tell that to governor gavin newsom he thinks crime is going down, leo terrell is revved up. he is always revved up. he wants to take this one on. later, president biden rallied our of a lies to condemn consistent and pervasive
4:26 pm
cyberattacks by the chinese. what he forgot to do was back up his words with any serious action. including our enemies to look at us and say weak. former secretary of state mike pompeo on that next. 'king blngetion
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♪ >> brian: i know gavin newsom has his hands full mired in a recall fighting his political life. you would think he would have some idea what's requesting on in his state like for example crime up or down. what do you think? >> there are some people that say some of the policies democrats like prop 47 and others are making crime worse. what do you say to that the evidence doesn't back it up the last three decades we have seen significant decline in crime in the state. you are seeing crime increase in red states that had no criminal justice reform. crime rate that we are seeing here in california. particularly gun relate the crime. i think that's easy -- >> brian: i just love the way he talks with a mask indoors it's
4:32 pm
so refreshing, wrong again mr. newsom. last week the golden state saw highest levels of whom sidz insides over a decade. thanks to a lax crime law inexplicable they will not criminalize or prosecute any theft under $1,000 stores like you are witnessing right now, they aren't actors are being ransacked by shoplifters but he says crime is going down. leo terrell please put some sanity into the conversation, you are a lawyer, you know the law what is it like in california? >> brian, thank you for having me on the show. i live in the worst state in the country. i live in the worst county in the country. i live in the worst city in the country. los angeles. we have george gascon, let me tell you how bad it is prop 4 w-7 a horrific bill it reduced crime that you are watching on television from a felony to a misdemeanor. gavin newsom is lying to america when he says crime is going down. where was he last year, brian? we have riots in california.
4:33 pm
every day burning and looting. we have defunding the lapd. we have a district attorney who is so -- so friendly to the criminals it's outrageous. he is lying, he is in a desperate race for-because is he being recalled and the deepest bluest state ever. >> brian: don't worry about it. help is on the way. vice president harris has added something else to her checklist. let's take a look at what she has done so far. she is leading the democrats voting rights effort as you see. i would love to check the box but it's really not going anywhere. she is focusing on the root cause of immigration i would love to check that box but it's not making any progress. now she has been sent out to california to help gavin newsom keep his job. how do you think that will go? >> let me be clear, kamala harris unlikeable. she is in that category like hillary. remember, she ran for president. she dropped out because she couldn't get a delegate in california. she was going to lose california. her coming to california helped
4:34 pm
gavin newsom is a death sentence for gavin newsom. i would not want her in this state. everything she touches turns to poison. look at her trip down to the southern border. she avoided the southern border. brian, she is the worst vice president ever. >> brian: right. i think she really wants to criminalize-she wants to criminalize crime and she also is trying to bail out rioters during the blm riots. leo terrell, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian, appreciate it. >> brian: truth about california. meanwhile as dr. fauci continues to dance around whether or not to use the u.s. funded gain of function research in wuhan lab, a resurfaced video i'm about to share with you yep from 2018 is kind of damaging to his defense. in this clip he announces that funding for the gain of function research is back on. >> nih lifts funding on gain of function research. so let me explain this a little
4:35 pm
because whenever this comes out, there is always the pushing back and forth from the press. so, like nih now is going to do dangerous research. no, as a matter of fact, it's exactly the opposite. so a framework has been now established to guide funding decisions on proposed research that might be anticipated to create, transfer or use enhanced potential pandemic pathogens. >> brian: that sounds pretty dangerous to me. so who is telling the truth here? well, "the washington post" josh rogin says it's not the good doctor tweeting this out hey guys rand paul was right and fauci was wrong. the nih was funding gain of function research in wuhan but nih pretended it didn't meet their gain of function research definition. you just saw it said. so, that was the mechanism they used. they want to block you from finding out the narrative that could have played a role in killing millions of people joining us now to discuss this a
4:36 pm
man who was at the helm for quite a well cia and secretary of state at the state department mike pompeo. mr. secretary, what's your take as to what's happened with this gain of function research and rehand leak lab theory since you left? >> well, brian, thanks for having me on. look, the fauci clip you showed me he was right not the fauci clip yesterday when he was talking to senator paul. this was nih funding. it went to the wuhan laboratory. engaged in gain of function research, this much is crystal clear. and since i have left, we had investigation going on trying to document whether not only whether it came from the laboratory but also, brian, importantly, whether there was military involvement in this. right? this was also a bioweapons laboratory where there was military work taking place. we came in, they shut it down. and they sent it over to the intelligence community. they have shown no interest in finding out what happened and importantly how we prevent something like this from happening again. i don't understand how dr. fauci can claim that the nih didn't provide resources to wuhan that went for gain of function
4:37 pm
research resources sounds like equivocating or worse lying. >> brian: mr. secretary, stay with china. yesterday the administration came out and announced along with nate owe allies and some heroes that they condemn china for their per varve. pervasive, this over a series of administrations hacking into companies. over 30,000 companies were affected by this microsoft hack. what was missing from this rebuke was any type of sanctions and any type of, i don't know, any type of action against their action. what kind of message is that to send china? >> brian, it's a message that they should feel free to move about the cabin and do it again. message be zero costs imposed on you. if you think a statement by the united states or frankly a statement from nato or a statement from anybody place else is going to change the conditions for the chinese communist party. if you think this will slow down the cyber activity it's foolish. brian, have you seen this before. wheat have all seen this before. it is worse when the united states draws red lines when we
4:38 pm
say this is to be condemned or this is bad, and then we fail to take action. they see that as an idle threat a place they can drive a truck through. i don't think this bodies well for cybersecurity. chinese come at this hard and come as it until the biden administration. not just a piece of paper with words but real and significant action. >> brian: are nord stream 2 green lighted by this organization. among democrats upset by it is senator ben cardin as well as the former vice president nominee or candidate i should say tim kaine. they say finish up the pipeline from russia through europe with a hub in germany. you guys stopped it you said that's going to jeopardize national security. we would like to sell you natural gas. and we're not going to blow you up. they say it's the trump administration fault for letting 90% being done by the too close to call time they took office. what's your reaction? >> brian, this is dangerous and it is dumb. i cannot believe that they have
4:39 pm
lifted these sanctions. frankly congressionally mandated that is legal requirement that they had. i don't know how they got around it i guess they found a place they thought they could make a waiver, more importantly, substantially. we slowed it down. we had it stopped. >> the german leadership knew it the russian leadership knew as it well. they talked about 90% of the pipeline. that's irrelevant you can't flow through a 0% pipeline you need 100 percent. this is a ruse and a hide. they are cuddling up to the germans i suspect they want climate change bad for ukrainian people and bad for the people of eastern europe and poses a significant security threat to the united states and nato allies as well. >> brian: mr. secretary, i know how busy a week you had. you had found time for us. have a good evening. >> thank you, brian. you as well. >> brian: the short shorts are too short. why female olympians are fed one uniforms. first the u.s. women's soccer
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>> brian: opening ceremonies don't take place until friday already seeing it. already a controversy on the field before the u.s. women lost 3-0. this was the story u.s. and sweden take a knee. that is how we started the olympics in japan. britain, chele did the same thing. not the first while wearing flag on jerusalemy. remember 19868 smith and carlos famously chose to make a statement and protest while on the podium. as they were busy condemning our nation the next guest was at the olympics winning a gold medal as heavyweight displaying pride in our country. you know george foreman he decided to chafee his head always as lethal. always with a smile. two time heavyweight champ of the world. so in 196, george, i was only 4. but i know we were coming abart. people were upset about vietnam
4:46 pm
and racial unrest. but you carried that flag around the ring. why were you, who gave -- grew up in adverse circumstances ready to sing the praises of the red, white, and blue? >> because i have loved america all along. i have always loved america. and once you fall in love just like falling in love with your wife, no one can say anything about her. the next night she is my wife. and i'm going to stay. that's why you make that thing until death do we part. that's why nothing has ever shook my faith and love in the country and when you love a country, nothing can bother you. if you are halfway in love you are going to have a lot of trouble. >> brian: a lot of people looking at this country and everyone seeing race and ethnic background and gender in everything. when you are in 1968 we see the video. there were black and white bathrooms and water fountains and african-americans back of the bus there was a reason for that racial unrest. why did it not bother you are to
4:47 pm
the point where you turned your back on america? >> i will never turn my back on america. because i grew up where people in this country a guy by the name of doc broader. who taught me how to box. never gave up on me. a lady in grants paths oregon, her name is ms. moon, she just loved me. gave me an extra bit of food on my plate. told me to be careful with my temperature temper. i could do great things. and these people haunt me every night. what do i say about them? they were americans. they passed on now. but i loved them. that's america to me. lyndon johnson, wow, lyndon johnson, the best friend i ever had. jim brown the great football player. i would say muhammed ali but he put that shuffle on me. >> ainsley: he loved you and you loved him. jim brown done for that
4:48 pm
organization. >> and you know, when you say something about muhammed ali, george foreman, few of us, even joe frazier, it was the police who started the pal, police athletic league. they taught us how to box. they would travel from one state to the other to see that we won this golden gloves tournament. sent us off to the olympics. i have this fond memory and love for this country and the people in this country. nobody will ever be able to talk me out of that. that's love. love. >> brian: the tweet on july 4th proved it to me. a picture of you, the one we just showed holding the flag after winning the gold while, you know, tomi smith and john carlos helped put up the fist black power. and you put up the tweet out you said 54 years, 50 plus years people are trying to get me to stop with praising america. who are these people trying to get you to stop? >> just people in yen. every year there is a fashion that comes up. every few years another fashion. it's all fashionable to be
4:49 pm
anti-america. it's fashionable. people ask me what are you talking about? can't you see what was done then and what was done now? can't you see? and i tell them swiftly, you can't talk me out of my love. maybe you should find someone you love and you will know what i'm talking about. this country has been really good to me. good to my mom, the last thing i heard my mother say to me i said can i get you anything? she says son, i have been blessed. everything i have ever wanted everybody able to receive. and she talked about it there. i said you want to move out of country? no. she was one of those clamp pit like. raised on chicken and eggs. we love america. i love america to this day. i haven't lost one ounce of one pound of my love for america. i'm not going to change that. >> brian: you famously said 40 is not a death sentence and you came back and won a heavyweight
4:50 pm
championship. you are now 70. are we talking about a comeback? >> i would like to but every time i talk about it, my kids look at my car keys and i'm afraid they will take them away from me. >> brian: you still look like you could fight, george. >> i can't do that i would like to put up a good fight but i have had enough of that. >> brian: george foreman with a different message than we have been getting from a lot of olympians in the past and champs in the past that we are experiencing right now. george foreman, thanks so much. america is lucky to have you. >> thank you. come down to texas, they got some good barbecue that way. >> brian: that's all i needed was an invitation. thanks so much, george foreman. he owns most of marshall, texas by the way. up next we have short shorts, drunk kid caught on ring cam and don't you dare call deion sanders dion. he is coach. jesse watters next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. tickets are officially available for my live show with dana perino called laughter, left, and the joy of liberty." september 25th. i asked her to come on tonight. she said no. i said what about greg? can he come on? he said no. not to go days ago. i got jesse watters. if you haven't heard come his best-selling book, number one in the country, how i save the world. jessie, it's a great book. glad you are here. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> first up, the norwegian women's handball team wore shorts this past weekend, violating a long-standing rule that requires players to wear a bikini bottoms. they were each fined $175. fair or unfair customer >> it's unfair but i understand why. the federation said we know why we make the women wear bikini bottoms. i know. because the federation is run by men and the men want to see them wearing bikini bottoms.
4:57 pm
they don't want to see men playing handball in bikini bottoms. men's bodies are disgusting. it's pale, it's hairy. so we want to see women in bikini bottoms. it's totally unfair but i get why. >> i really don't want to be lumped in with the rest of the men as pale and hairy. >> you are disgusting. i do not want to see you with a bikini bottom. >> brian: he is just asking for a bit of respect. >> was just wondering if you could -- >> back up a little bit. >> i can call nick saban nick. >> no you don't. no you don't. that's a lie. you know you are going to get cussed out on the spot. [laughter] >> he left. he was all upset about it. he wanted to send a message. is it just disrespectful to call a hall of famer by their first name customer >> no. and he's wrong because anybody calls nick saban nick. but if you want to be called
4:58 pm
coach sanders and you asked a reporter to call you that and a recorder doesn't call you that, then you can go up and leave. i might actually have people refer to me as a "new york times" number one best-selling author, mr. waters. and if you don't call me that, i'm walking off. >> but you will give me a chance? marvin hagler won a championship. he said my nickname is marvelous but no one calls me that so i'm going to change my name to marvelous. how about marvelous jesse watters question >> marvelous jesse watters has a nice ring to it. >> we've all broken curfew here and there but now in the age, kids not only get caught, they get caught on video with audio. >> i'm busted. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. i'm going to get in this house and i'm going to put the air on 62 and you are not going to do anything because you in the bahamas. >> he was upset that they left him, and obviously he knows he's
4:59 pm
being caught on camera. did he do the right thing, jesse? >> he did. he confessed. i just love the drunk southern accent. there something enchanting about it. he sounds like matthew mcconaughey reading you a bedtime story, right? and i just have a lot of affinity towards that. and he looks like a preston, right? so the parents said, preston, we are going to the bahamas without you. preston, you stay home and watch the house and so in order to get back at them, he comes back drunk and is going to put the ac on 62. >> brian: curfew. it is good to talk to your parents? >> no, he's going to get grounded when he gets back. >> brian: i really enjoyed our time together but i feel like i know you even more, not that you want to spend time with me but your book is so revealing about who you are. >> so revealing. i feel closer. >> brian: that's all we need. >> don't wear any bikini bottoms around me though. >> you find me disgusting.
5:00 pm
all men are disgusting. not just you, sorry, man. thanks so much for watching. i will be here. don't miss fox & friends tomorrow morning 6-9. lara trump will be alive. tammy bruce and catch me on the radio from 9-noon. they are not related. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this past january, just to go days before congress said that joe biden was a winner of the electoral college. the message came from the man who at the time ran the capital police department, and he wanted the national guard troops to stand guard around the perimeter of the capital complex. some new, as everyone in washington knew


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