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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 21, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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before we go, the milwaukee bucks defeated the phoenix suns in the nba finals. to be have it or do we not care? [laughter] >> lee care! >> bill: it was really great win. nicely done to the fans, congratulations pay could be with you. >> julie: good to finish unhappy know. i'll see you we begin with a fox is a work. a disastrous trip politically t washington dc. so far in the group of 51 several have tested positive. yesterday at this hour we learned a staffer also tested positive. their cases were linked to the democratic members visiting the hill. the texas group was posing for
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mask with photos their private jet. we are told to follow these rules and they did not follow them. the rules were up but not for them. the white house is downplaying all of this and the plotting those members against becks. >> it's not a characterization we from here. we understand there's going to be breakthrough cases per go th message is thank you for standing up for voting rights and the rights of americans to have their voices heard. >> we are still waiting to get the details. we are plotting their so-called bravery. we refuse to be a hostage. a hostage within the state of
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texas. i'm ready to be arrested what d you do to a person if you aren' going to arrest them when they flee. i'm ready to be arrested. >> no one of the members has seized the opportunities to challenge her. her name is michelle and she tweeted this. i'm one of those brave texas democrats they came to fight fo voting rights in my state. critics were ready for this. if you had to help people what you are doing if there is a goo bet that it wasn't brave at all. the lawmakers are with us it's her first tv interview since th challenge. it's great to have you on the
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program and first of all let's get your initial reaction first of all she called you an anti- democracy republican. pulsate democracy is when you get elected and show up and do your job. i think democracy is if you are an elected official you have to show up. at my blowing to me to be talking about slavery. they are fleeing the job representing the constituents o texas. they have a job representing this and this is what we are comparing it to the air on a private jet massless. staying in a nice hotel in washington getting paid to hundred dollars for the taxpayers of texas that is what they are comparing slavery to?
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i think people should be outraged by this. there are some and here is the governor on his runaway democrats and his plan to get things back. >> what they've done is a disaster of a trip up to washington dc. they've accomplished nothing to abandon the responsibility to engage in shape the election integrity. when they get back to texas i'm going to call another special session. so many items are so important. their constituents are getting upset about the fact that their house member is not in the senate doing the job they were elected to do. >> i know you've been hearing from boaters what are they hearing from you? >> when you run for office your job is to represent people in your district. your job is to be their voice. when you are in an empty seat you hear their voice.
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i know a lot of the votes that cast are going to be beaten because we are in the minority. i've pledged to my constituents that i was going to be a strong voice. being an empty chair means that no voices being shared. they are stopping the flow of democracy in their own state. they're surrendering the state of texas and washington dc. i'm glad they are going to continue to do their job. >> things are pretty much silen on the democratic super spreaders. last fall there was a massive outcry.
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the outlet labeled this is supe spreader but there was only three cases that have been identified. they aren't going to call this super spreader. they got there so much faster under the trump administration and the question is why? they have there own agenda and its rules that exist for others but not for them.
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they want highlighted when thei own words are being used agains them when their own actions are being used against them. they will call it to attention when it's somebody else. but there are a different set o rules for the democrats. do you see this as a super spreader situation already? we know of six. people that had met with those that were positive on the flight. how do you see this? >> i think this all could have been avoided if the texas democrats had just stayed home and did the job they were elected to do. have brought up one last thing we are trying to figure out how many of them are vaccinated. to the vaccines work if nobody is sick?
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wire they ignoring elements of the story? they aren't just ignoring it here they're also ignoring this at the border. again it's different rules that they set up for everybody else. if this is such a horrible thin for everybody else why aren't they holding their own accountable? we've had nearly 1 million people cross over this year alone. none of them have been tested for have been given the vaccine. its hypocrisy of the continue t see from the left and i really hope that the american people open their eyes to this and see this for what it is and hold them accountable when election day comes. we are going to into this later this hour talking about is untested cases coming across. a congressman answering the question to democrats fleeing
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the state. >> cases ticking up again experts say this is thanks to the delta variant. we all need to wear masks in public again even if you are fully vaccinated. los angeles county has already reinstated the inside mask mandate. pediatricians are recommending unvaccinated children over the age of two to wear a mask endorsed. officials in new jersey and elsewhere say vaccines are the best way to fight the virus. the former surgeon general is weighing in. when we talk about masking we don't know what we don't know about this variant. we keep learning more and we have to be transparent with people what we don't know what we don't know we can't declare victory too early. we're going to be living with this for a while.
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live in new york city with us with some details. case number spiking to new levels not seen since 2020 and the return of some mask mandate. they are requiring that residents wear masks regardless of vaccination status. health officials in the bay are also recommend the masks in seven different counties. in new jersey he warned is goin to do the same in the clark county commissioners are ordering all employees to wear mask. any child over the age of two should wear a mask vaccinated o not. in shelton county the state's largest district they will require them for all children and staff. the same rules are here in new york city regardless they must
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wear masks. i don't want to say this was in vain. louisiana has the lowest vaccination rate in the country.
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they are set to back the russia pipeline after killing the american one. republicans:the outright hypocrisy. >> people coming from these third world countries have lowe vaccination rates. you can imagine the stress they are under. >> in fact these numbers are skyrocketing at the southern border. migrants are pouring into the country. many pointing the finger at the president senator tom totten is in focus next. raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut
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interposed by ukraine. the trunk and obama administrations were also against the russian pipeline. a final agreement between the u and germany could come today. the president is rolling over for the russian president. the white house press secretary says this. >> following the meeting last week he was planning two have a discussion about the fact that we have ongoing concerns about how this project threatens european energy securities and ukraine securities. he has directed his team to wor with her team to see how we can address those concerns.
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i've made this absolutely clear that democracy is capable and america is back. we've been clear with the other nations as to what we expect. of course all of this on his first day in office. holding up the keystone pipelin costing 11,000 american jobs. senator thank you for being wit us today. first of all the topline reaction to what the president is choosing to do. yes to russia and no to america. this is a terrible mistake in the mystic opposed by both parties in congress.
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first it's going to cost american jobs. and enough quantities that we can export this. he's going to sell this to europe and second it's going to put germany and other western european companies off of russian gas which means we won' have as much influence over russia in a difficult times. third its influencing our allie in poland and ukraine. is apparently been pressured to stay silent and we been around long enough that we recall putting pressure and even askin ukraine for something was crowned for impeachment. it's a terrible mistake and jus another example. how complicated does this get for joe going forward? around the world what does this do?
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consider what may happen if the winter is cold coming up. and he threatens to turn off th gas going to germany. it could go across ukraine and poland we could see a war over this. that's the point is that he has a lot more leverage over european markers. if he has a lot more leverage i will show the poor president is not tough enough. >> he says that he is and that everybody understands where he' coming from. the administration is also unde fire over numbers at the southern border. when you watch this hour on fox news you can see a huge number of them passing.
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there were so many covid positive people at the beginnin of this month .-dot mayor. here is senator ted cruised. >> the administration has talke about wanting to end title 42. that is the statute that has allowed adults to be illegal immigrants and be excluded during a pandemic. we've been seeing a consistentl high rates of infection from illegal immigrants. the administration is contributing to the spread of this virus. they are releasing illegal immigrants against the law into the communities. >> democrats have no plan or intention of stopping the cast doubt the border. in an exclusive interview with fox he said i can to
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you this is the worst i've ever seen it. farmers and ranchers have reached the point where it's no sustainable and we need help from the federal government. is that help going to come? i think the chaos in the plan i to release more illegal migrant into the country. they are processing them into the country faster instead of stopping them in the first place. now they are talking about excluding them during the pandemic at a time when cases are surfacing at the southern border. congressional democrats are talking about giving and massiv amnesty in their restless spending scheme that would spread even more illegal aliens around the country. this is a reckless policy that is going to threaten the
8:24 am
livelihoods of the american people. >> are they going to start here because we have millions of shots that could be put in arms. how many of them are not masked? where is the outrage over this we are being told so many thing some people are here illegally and they are being told of the same thing. >> the administration is saying maybe people should start wearing masks again. they are going door-to-door in asking why they haven't got their vaccinations. we also have countries that hav no vaccinations at all. are we just giving those out to anybody that shows up at the southern border? of course not. we should be working with our allies in being very strategic and deliberate about how we
8:25 am
handled vaccinations instead of just inviting new people into the country to get the vaccination. >> no celebration from the democrats on capitol hill as th millionaire took flight yesterday one moniker tweeted you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know it's time for billionaires to pay their fair share. they will do anything to avoid their fair share when it comes to paying taxes. a procedural vote is expected today and this is stepping up a little bit. the majority of americans pay n taxes. i think there should be millionaires and billionaires i they have ideas but start payin your fair share. >> that went sideways in a
8:26 am
hurry. may be the rest of the people are dreaming big and trying to make money. >> anytime is a good time for them to raise taxes whether the economy is recovering or in the tank. let me make this clear the american people are already seeing the inflation that he ha unleashed. if you got to the gas pump or the grocery store recently. they are going to want to impos even more taxes on businesses and they are going to reduce wages to the workers. the reckless tax and spending scheme is going to hit american in their pocketbooks. did better not even think about widespread lockdowns. my team is telling me you have to get to a vote i think you fo your time.
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>> horrifying video to show you know of the child hurt at a convenience store. and another crime ravaged city the family has said they have had enough and they are moving out after their infant daughter took a bullet to the head. how we surge in crime is affecting the children plus how the administration may be spending your tax dollars as they aim to disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression. hi, verizon launched the first 5g network, and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g by giving every customer a new 5g phone, on us, aha! old customers. new customers.
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today their dumpling airport that the education department i promoting a radical handbook. it's known as the abolitionist teaching network and encourages teachers to disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression. they've distanced themselves from the group saying that made a big mistake. they did not respond to our reporting they said the department does not endorse the group nor do they reflect the policy and positions.
8:34 am
it all starts with the presiden rescue plan which sends 120 to billion dollars to the department of education. 90 percent of that money goes t local school districts which in turn must reserve at least 20 percent. it goes a step further to work with the group the abolitionist teaching network. we spoke with them thoroughly and the group once to destroy schools that help minority
8:35 am
students they want white teachers to go anti- racial theory. they want to spirit murder blac and brown kids. you called us people will find out how and do the research the will do all the organizing. they will show up and do the. >> by the way just to make a note of this we tried multiple times to give them a chance to respond to this. a lot of questions and we don't have a lot of time. what is an activist in resident? >> they are recruiting yes.
8:36 am
they are paying people to serve as activists. we know what cindy barton was talking about this but exactly how did the abolitionist teaching document how did the work and get in their? >> we don't know that yet and they are saying it's a mistake but you are correct to bring he up she is an advocate of the group's founder last fall she was the superintendent for san diego schools and actually invited her to train teachers about spirit murder in. it's their call to put this int the handbook and there is an established connection that was. >> thank you for the full repor we are actually going to start with this before move on. the former cochair of black voices and a former speaker of the oklahoma house.
8:37 am
first of all your reaction to all of this. how it is in the handbook comin from the education department. you can't run away from this. what most americans untroubled about what i'm seeing. what we know about the teaching is that it's nothing more than indoctrination. it's a propaganda group that is fundraising off the trauma. they need to divide americans o being the oppressed or the oppressor. let's start with abolishing the department of education. it was established 40 years ago and back then we were top in education around the world now we are dropping to number 27.
8:38 am
let's abolish this teaching network. >> hausa prize for you to find out that there were $22 billion the american rescue plan to tal about race. we can talk about history and race is a part of it but that's a large chunk of change. the infrastructure bill is something that is huge and exciting for the school districts around the country. have read this and we are excited that school districtaround the country are going to have access to funding. we know that we have had moment this past couple of years talking about race. i think it's very important tha we embrace this and it's a concept that is more than 40
8:39 am
years old to really talk about how the laws have been created. we deserve and the children deserve an honest and accurate education. >> why do you think some parent that look like us don't agree with you? if it is so sent to call it something we are need of why doesn't everybody see it this way? a mic with the president has said about us this is not the case and we do all sorts of things independently why is it necessary? >> i'm excited that we are goin to have that opportunity. not in school districts around the country. most children do not. we are seeing things happening in the texas legislature that would take away at martin luthe king speech.
8:40 am
taking that out of textbooks fo the children the children deserve an honest and accurate education. and a real account of history. >> that's absolutely not true what they are doing is not dividing americans. we are going to teach martin luther king is a lie. we need to stop mobilizing that lie because it disenfranchises african-american children. america is still the country of opportunity. this is a topic that's dividing americans. there's a lot of things we are dividing on and this is one thing we are talking about and democrats say it's not being taught in schools. a school in california spending $40 million on all of this. and you boast about that money being spent. you say it's a good thing why i that?
8:41 am
>> all school districts are not treated equally here in ohio school districts are excited to have funding to offer children and accurate history and education. it something that exciting that children are embracing. we need a diverse curriculum fo the diverse students. i hear you sing excitement excitement. we know when children come out of school they aren't tested on this. they have to deal in a real world where diversity is part o this. any last thoughts? >> if we want to diversify schools we need to start with choice. give them an option to take not of failing schools and allow them to send them to other schools that's real diversity and what we need. it's a great country and a grea opportunity but we can't allow
8:42 am
the left to indoctrinate the children. >> it's good to have you both o the discussion. world-class athletes and a big battle on the beach. its boiling down to bikinis. why this team is facing fines for not showing more skin and the backlash plus this. first it was the chinese by now it's big cash money. addicting -- he's making it rain and it coul mean big trouble for him. he's going to of course make yo laugh and he will get into this. .
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a california democrat back in the news he was trying to divid people and records show his campaign spent thousands of dollars in limousines and food as well as 20,000 at a hotel where his wife used to work.
8:48 am
tucker carlson talked about it last night. >> so many progressives they want to get him -- he spent thousands in campaign contributions that money she raised to run for office money he's prohibited by federal law for spending on himself. he spent that money on expenses that seem's to suspicious the close to personal luxury. some of these expenditures appear to be for personal use. >> hypocrisy is breaking the rules that are meant for everybody. it looks like he wore a tuxedo for the occasion. am so grateful. >> i'm always going to a party. what do they call the boy fans when you're over 40?
8:49 am
>> eric has been in hot water before. this situation of spending mone he was not in a campaign. it brazen that he didn't do thi in an election year. it's almost as if he did this without expecting any scrutiny. eric is a loser. and it really doesn't bother me. i feel like this is a classic study in a political election. i mean, a political protection. of course we are looking at collusion and everything else o his record. spending campaign money a bit ridiculously which i want to admit honored to be covering th story. you said who knows a lot about blowing money on alcohol. and you thought of me. that's why i dressed up for the party.
8:50 am
>> eyeball mild money but i'm usually not crazy about spendin other people's money. i can give them a classic cours and how to spend 70 percent les and have just as good of the time but not get caught. that they spend is so egregiously. they spend money on some high-level stuff. you could buy some wine at home. when you do stuff like that nobody catches you. >> i don't think he's going to call you later for cost-effective ways but it's nice of you to offer. when you look at that and then you have this going on which is something that we are all doing more of right now. we are hopping those commercial flights. people are flying and chaos broke out on this commercial flight over the weekend. >> i do want to say i've only
8:51 am
watched the video i haven't see the audio but when you see things flying like that people can get hurt. >> the reported a record shattering 3400 incidents of unruly behavior on airplanes just this year. the bulk of the travel has happened just this summer. most of the issues are alcohol and mask mandates. one passenger hit a lady over a window shade issue. another stomped on a flight attendant's foot after the powe outlet would not charge your phone and a distressed passenge ones for an emergency door not to make light of the violence because people are actually getting hurt. but what is going on before the flight that they get on with so
8:52 am
much anger. >> it's bad they are actually making a movie about this. i think a lot of this has to do with so many indignities i thin you're being serious right now. >> you are the 85th person to ask me. when you fly coach you are flying assistant coach it's not even regular coach. you are 85th the board and there is no dignity in any of it. people need to take pride in boarding the plane. there's no alcohol in most flights.
8:53 am
that aren't serving alcohol and they want to put the personal alcohol away now. let people bring their own stuff. there was a time when you could drink on a plane. some people were drunk by the time they got there. now it's your college or game you have to do all your drinkin before you get there. >> the beach handball team is hit with a fine by the governin body. it's because they wore thigh length shorts during the match instead of bikini bottoms. not enough skin a politician's goal of the federation saying can you not forced this nonsense? it's embarrassing sexist and yo
8:54 am
are ruining the sport your own reputation. that the razor thin indeed ~ really does matter. absolutely agree that's much
8:55 am
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♪ >> a fox news alert. the immediate accused of blatan hypocrisy. having texas democrats add tota pass after they exposed top lawmakers to coronavirus during their dc trip. the reporters had a much different reaction to a trump white house event link to covid cases, i would know, i was there . this is outnumbered, i am kayleigh mcenany, here today, here is faulkner, emily compagno , morgan ortagus,


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