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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 21, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> and you still giving out hot dogs today? >> absolutely. >> relish? >> anyone want a hot dog? would you like one? >> james, thank you very much. >> did i give you the right flavor? >> we will see you back here tomorrow! >> bill: thanks, guys. good morning, everybody. we begin with an exclusive report you only see here on fox. the biden team's help push a group that is strongly supporting critical race theory and are using covid cash, taxpayer money, to pay for it. we say good morning, and week, wednesday. i'm bill hemmer. dennis got some time off. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. going to be here. fox news has uncovered by the white house's encouraging schools to use some of the covid
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relief money on antiracist education programs. their guide for reopening links to a radical group called the abolitionist teaching network. >> bill: that group encourages teachers to, quote, "disrupt whiteness and other forms of oppression," and then, "end a spirit murdering a black and brown children." aishah hasnie has the story today. >> good morning, bill, julie. we've been following this group for quite some time. to put simply, they are activists. they want to send white teachers to antiracist therapy and abolish anything they deem oppressive. that could be anything from suspensions to even school uniforms. watch. after a turbulent year of protests and covid lockdowns, america's children are heading back to school, and there could be new lessons to learn. president joe biden's american
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rescue plan authorized $122 billion to the department of education for state education agencies. 90% of that money will go to local school districts, which in turn must reserve at least 20% to address the learning lost during the last school year. the administration ask they do that by using evidence-based programs like summer learning and after-school activities, but that's not all. inside the department of ed's covid-19 handbook, called "road map to be opening safely in meeting all student needs," the department recommends the schools use some of the money toward race and social emotional learning. the manual offers a direct link to a group called the abolitionist teaching network that will help schools transform. >> a network that is dedicated to not creating new schools or reimagining schools, but destroying schools that have done nothing but harm black and brown children.
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>> and author and activist created the abolitionist teaching network in 2020 to develop and support educators to fight injustice within their schools and communities. >> if you don't realize white supremacy is in everything we do, leave got a problem. >> love wants these teachers to undergo antiracist therapy to stop them from what is called spirit murdering a black and brown students. >> one of the things i bring to this work is a significant history of trying to help other white teachers troubled their internalized white supremacy and antiblackness. >> they hired paid activists whose jobs they say is going into schools to dismantle oppressive structures by mapping, canvassing, building groups and coalitions creating media and propaganda. >> education cannot save us. we must save education. >> i want us to be feared. >> for example, if they find
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school uniforms to be oppressive, they would send an activists to help abolish them. >> you call us, we will fund an activist resident and he or she or they will find out how come i do the research, do all the organizing. teachers and parents show up and we dismantle it. we hope to have hundreds of them around the country doing this work. >> love has a history of making controversial statements on twitter, like this tweet from 2020 in which she writes, "mediocre greedy rich white men are killing us. it's unclear how the department of ed chose them as the resource for race and social emotional learning. although biden's deputy education secretary is an advocate. while she was still superintendent at san diego schools, martin invited love to train teachers to stop spirit murdering black students. >> what's really interesting about all of this is there's a legal disclaimer from the
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department of ed that says any resources or links they offer do not necessarily reflect their position or their policies. we did reach out to the department and atn but have not heard back from either. >> bill: of we would anticipate a response at some point very soon. aishah, thank you page very interesting report on that. aishah hasnie here in new york. there is much more on this and we will revisit at the bottom of the hour, byron donalds will be our guest. stay tuned for that coming up shortly. in the meantime, from yesterday, here it is. >> is there any concern that this trip that was intended to advocate for voting rights is now a super spreader event in washington? >> i would say that is not a characterization we are making from here. >> julie: the white house declining, as you can see, to call the washington trip by texas democrats a super spreader event. this, despite six of those lawmakers now testing positive for covid. cases also cropping up in the
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white house, and speaker pelosi's office. jacqui heinrich is in the white house right now with the very latest. she has got more for us. hey, jacqui. >> hey, julie, good morning to you. the white house and house speaker nancy pelosi's office confirmed that fully vaccinated staffers tested positive for covid. they followed meetings with texas democrats, six of whom have tested positive. it's unclear right now if the white house case was connected at all to meetings with the texas democrats. the white house says in the face of all of this their message to the texas group continues to be one of thanks for standing up for voting rights, and the texas democrats say they don't regret their trip. >> we don't regret coming to d.c. at all. it was very important to protect the freedom of the vote that we leave texas in order to prevent republicans from passing it, their anti-voter legislation. the reason we know we have had these breakthrough infections here of fully vaccinated people
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who are suffering zero to mild symptoms, it is simply because we are proactively testing. >> the attending physician on the hill says there's no plan to bring back masks right now in accordance with cdc guidance, but that could change. so far no change at the white house, either, after they disclose they have been previously undisclosed breakthrough cases among the white house staff. press secretary jen psaki said it's not a mark on their pledge for transparency because these were not high-ranking officials. >> this hundreds of thousands of people who work in the federal government, as you all know, and we've committed during this transition that if it was a commissioned officer, the highest level of bringing people the white house, and in this bug here, that we would make that information publicly available. we stand by that commitment. >> the main goal of the white house continues to be boosting vaccination rates where the virus is surging, and accordingly the cdc is not changing its mask guidance. they are continuing to have
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foregoing a mask act as an incentive to get vaccinated. but there is a concern about how long that will last given the rise in cases. >> bill: let's bring in katie pavlich. good morning to you. let's go back in the way-back machine, like 11 months ago. there was a rose garden event, president trump was in office, and this was characterized as the super spreader event in america. here's how the media played that. let's watch here. >> he's moving ahead with an indoor event despite a record increase of coronavirus cases in that state, and warning that his rally could be a super spreader of the virus. >> all these people packed in, and what could be a covid super spreader event at the white house. it's remarkable the size of that crowd and how close everybody is. >> the people are not wearing masks. these are super spreader events potentially. >> bill: specifically in the rose garden, they took aerial pictures of the people who were there and pointed each one of
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them and identify them online, katie. >> bill, the standard for the media and for the biden campaign at the time, for a super spreader event, was whether it was current politics being involved. when republicans are holding events. now the white house is experiencing a super spreader event because texas democrats leave the state, go on a private jet with no masks on, and met with high-ranking officials, including the vice president and members of speaker pelosi's staff, it doesn't count because the democrats. they're getting a pass on this super spreader type event because of the politics involved. the ends to them justify the means because they believe that protecting voting rights, in their words, and opposing voter i.d. and opposing the ban on ballot harvesting in a number of states across the country is justified no matter what the situation is, including spreading covid to high-ranking
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officers across washington, d.c. >> bill: okay, so here are the numbers. about 161 million americans that have been vaccinated. awesome number there. only 5,189 have been hospitalized from a breakthrough case. hospitalizations are key in all of this, so we are watching that number there. right now it is significantly low. he watched dr. fauci and rand paul yesterday, don't know what you thought about that. i will characterize it one way after we roll that clip from the exchange we watched yesterday. >> dr. fauci, knowing it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract a statement of may 11th where you claim that the nih never funded gain of function research in wuhan? >> i've never lied before the congress. >> you are saying that is not gain of function? >> senator paul, you do not know what you're talking about. if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. >> bill: short of characterizing either one of
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these men as being liars, ultimately the question here is, can we prevent a pandemic from happening again? when you consider there are only three labs in the world that were doing gain of function research, one of which was in wuhan, and many people knew that more than a year ago and did not tell us that, but there are two here in the united states. one in galveston, texas, and one in chapel hill, north carolina, near unc. my question would be, how are we making sure that we don't have -- if you buy into the lab leak theory -- in other gain of function event happening at one of these labs where one of the lab workers get infected and then they walk into town in galveston or chapel hill, north carolina? i think ultimately that's what we need to know. can we prevent a pandemic like this from happening again? go. >> bill, there's a big debate of
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whether gain of function research should be conducted in any country around the world, but there's a big difference in the safety standards in the labs in the united states versus the lab in wuhan. the first thing we can stop doing is funding gain of function research in china, which is a country run by the communist party that has a record of lab leaks and unsafe conditions inside of these very high profile, very dangerous virus institutions. when it comes to accountability and preventing a pandemic like this from happening again, it's very important to look at the officials and bureaucrats like dr. fauci who have been involved in funding that kind of research and then going before congress and claiming those grants were never issued for that kind of funding, and changing the definition of what gain of function research actually is. so when it comes to what dr. rand paul has been saying over the course of the past year and a half, if you matched up against dr. fauci's record in terms of who has been correct about this virus and where it came from, dr. paul has a much
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more accurate record. whether it's about reopening schools or whether it's about the nih funding gain of function research. it's not just about what dr. rand paul has had to say to dr. fauci. dr. fauci wrote a couple years ago that it was worth doing gain of function research even if it were to result in a pandemic, because he believed that looking into that scientific method was worth the potential cost of a pandemic. people need to be held accountable. dr. fauci doesn't want to talk about it. you notice he went into insults rather than a substantive response to the senator. i think that's pretty telling in terms of what he does not want people looking at, and now senator paul has referred him for criminal investigation for what he says is lying to congress. >> bill: either way, this is not over. and we will revisit it when it's appropriate very soon. nice to see you. katie pavlich they are in d.c. >> julie: is another mask
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mandate on the horizon? good questions. concerns over the delta variant the reason for prompting that question. but do not panic, we will dig in. plus this. >> you took the oil and gas out of this nation, we are through. we are finished. >> bill: . >> bill: laid-off pipeline workers here in america sound off after the administration dropping its opposition to a russian pipeline only months after canceling keystone. we will hear from some of the workers who lost their jobs the day that president biden took office. be to end a surge of covid cases affecting agents on the front lines of the border crisis. it is also lending some of them in hospitals. former acting i.c.e. director ronald vitiello is here to react. only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ]
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>> bill: states across the country urging people to get vaccinations as the delta variant takes hold. some cities reinstating mask requirements. it is possible we could see a national mask mandate again? alex hogan is on that story. >> questions over which guidance to follow. it's been about two months since the cdc announced that people who are fully vaccinated could take off their mask in most settings. that stance has not changed the number of cases. while hospitalizations are down, the delta variant currently accounts for 83% of new cases in the u.s. in an effort to stay open at all costs, some businesses are turning to old measures once again. apple is reportedly delaying their return to work date until october because of the delta variant potency. end of out of the clark county commissioner is ordering all las vegas employees mask up.
6:21 am
los angeles became the first major county to bring back mask mandate for all indoor public spaces regardless of vaccination status. the american academy of pediatrics is recommending everyone older than 2 wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. in tennessee, the state's largest school district, shelby county schools, will require all kids and staff wear masks. that is the same for new york city schools. however, mayor bill de blasio is stopping short of requiring it for the rest of the public. >> we do not intend mask mandate. we do intend to double down on vaccination. we'll speak about this throughout the week and beyond new approaches to vaccination because this is where we make the difference. >> 161 million americans are fully vaccinated, 43% of the population is not. this as lawmakers encourage this continued vaccine rollout. >> bill: nice to see you,
6:22 am
alex. ♪ ♪ >> julie: covid cases are surging at the border with 135 detained migrants in the the rio grande valley sector, testing positive for covid in just the first two weeks of july. this morning, therande valley border patrol chief reports that there are actually 44 agents currently have tested positive. there are five of them that are currently in the hospital, conditions unknown. former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, ron vitiello, joins me now. there are so many disturbing facts coming out and details behind this on multiple fronts. the border patrol agents, let's talk about that. 44 have tested positive, fiber in the hospital. this could be prevented. that's the most frustrating part in all of this. >> it's very concerning. my heart goes out to the workforce, the cbp, the officers and agents. they can't skype to their jobs,
6:23 am
you can't patrol the border over your computer screen. they have to be at those locations, and they are exposed to people coming from all over the world. only half of the united states is vaccinated, so the people coming from these third world countries have much less vaccination. in that pipeline they are in crowded conditions. at the border they are in stash houses and agents have to interact with those people and take them into custody. a job by itself is risky, then you add the pandemic on top of that. they have to interact with these folks from all over the world and then got back home to their own families. you can imagine the stress they are under in regular conditions. but the pandemic on top of that, it's very concerning. >> julie: the numbers are just staggering and they haven't gotten any better since this administration took control of our country in january. but here's what i was also surprised to hear, when migrants are taken into custody, border patrol doesn't actually typically test them for covid right off the bat. they come into this country, they may have covid, they may
6:24 am
not, they are then lumped together with many other migrants who are eventually going to be transferred. that's when they actually test them. when they transfer them either to the health and human services or hhs custody, or they are accompanied -- if they are unaccompanied children, to nongovernmental organization, or if they are part of a family unit, they are tested again. there's a big gap and that is why the spread, could this be part of the root of the problem? >> it is part of the problem, because you have a challenge with the logistics. many, many people are coming across the border, the facilities get overcrowded, there's not enough space for social distancing, and the testing occurs, like you said, on the back and neck of the custody as they are being to another agency as it relates to children and some of the families. yeah, this is causing a problem for border communities, as well. they are not equipped to handle
6:25 am
all this extra traffic and testing and isolation and hospitalization. so the border communities are not prepared for this, either. >> julie: ron vitiello, we appreciate you coming on this morning. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> bill: kids have been out for more than a year, some of them. the department of education, they want schools to use covid relief money to teach critical race theory. question, why would president biden support this? congressman byron donalds will answer that live next. >> we cannot reform when the brokenness is in the foundation. education cannot save us. we must save education. -go talk to him. -yeah, no. plus it's not even like he'd be into me or whatever. ♪♪ ♪ this could be ♪ hi. you just moved in, right?
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6:31 am
them more transmissible to humans, once everyone puts this together, he realizes where the blame is going to attach. >> julie: senator rand paul sounding off on "hannity" last night going after dr. anthony fatty over gain of function research. the fireworks started earlier in the day during a hearing with federal health officials. the kentucky republican says fauci lied to congress, and now plans to ask the justice department for a criminal referral. all this, as we learn dozens of border patrol agents have tested positive for covid with at least five in the hospital. griff jenkins is live in washington this morning with more. good morning. >> good morning, julie. that's right, the border is spiking with covid cases and the numbers in the rio grande valley sector are nothing short of alarming. they are seeing a 900% increase in positive cases in migrant detainees, 135 and just the first two weeks of july, and 44 border patrol agents are
6:32 am
currently positive as a result. five of them are in the hospital. that didn't come up in yesterday's hearing which was supposed to be about the delta variant and vaccinations, but it quickly turned into a brawl over covid origins. >> this paper that you are referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function. you do not know what you are talking about. >> gain of function research was going on in that lab. >> if anyone is lying here, senator, it is you. >> there's a paper written by a wuhan lab researcher that is proof that the nih financed gain of function research which increases the transmissibility of viruses. >> he quoted a scientist from rutgers university with a 30-year history and cellular biology who said it was the
6:33 am
epitome of gain of function research, and all dr. fauci can do is sputter, call me a liar. >> julie, paul is now asking the doj for a criminal referral on fauci and he is citing a paper fauci wrote for the american society of microbiology in 2012. in it he writes that it is more likely a pandemic would occur in nature and the need to stay ahead of such a threat as a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky. the lab leak theory, the conference is gaining traction. the president's probe into it is due out next month. >> julie: griff jenkins, thank you. >> if you don't realize white supremacy is in everything we do, we've got a problem. we hope to have our activists and residents all around the country. that they will go into schools or communities and do the work of this nation. >> and trying to help white
6:34 am
teachers troubled that internalize white supremacy and anti-blackness. >> bill: those are a group known as the abolitionist teaching network, founded last year in 2020. this is a report you'll only see here on fox. the group supporting the teaching of critical race theory in public schools and they wish can come true with your money, your tax dollars. the department of education is pushing schools to promote the agenda for the use of covid relief money that was passed in late march. republican byron donalds, member of the house freedom caucus, with us now. sarah, good morning to you from capitol hill. kind of a simple question here. why do they want this to happen? why are they allowing this? >> simply put, they have an agenda they want to continue to push through our country. if you make it possible for young people growing up to look at our country with this disdain, do not believe in the goodness of america, which is frankly clear to anybody across the world is trying to get to america, if you have our young
6:35 am
people grow up with this thought process an ideology that our country is irreparably -- irreparably has no ability to better itself, it gives you the ability to fundamentally change our country from a political standpoint. that's the desire of these organizations who believe in fundamental transformation of the united states of america away from a liberty-loving free-market economic society. >> bill: had you known about this group before today? >> i haven't, but i will tell you -- >> bill: i don't think anyone knew about them. but if you go to their website you will see at least one of them wearing a black lives matter t-shirt. blm put out a statement supporting the communist government of cuba last week when they were beating people in the streets, and in a democracy that's just wrong. >> totally wrong. but i will tell people, there are many groups like this that do exist around the united states. unfortunately a lot of these groups, they are the ones getting these contracts to do diversity and inclusion seminars
6:36 am
in schools and corporations. yes, in our military. a lot of these organizations do actually work in critical race theory. that's the cornerstone of this organization and they take that teaching and ideology and dropped it into diversity and inclusion seminars all across the country, which also includes teachers. that's how this gets into our classrooms. it is wrong, he should not be moving that way. of course i fully believe in diversity and inclusion, but what i do not believe and do not stand for is this thought process that the country is irreparably racist and that white people are irreparably racist, that there's nothing they could ever do except become antiracist and adjust their white fragility. that is insane, it is divisive, it will not help our country before become the more perfect union that we frankly already are. if people would stop trying to demonize our past, let's learn about and fully understand it .>> bill: this is a clip of aoc on monday.
6:37 am
>> why don't republicans want their kids to know the tradition of antiracism in the united states? why don't republicans want us to learn how to not be racist? why don't republicans want kids to know how to not be racist? steel and i'll give you a shot at that. i guess in part it's because their first graders, and they are taught this program to see skin color as opposed to overlooking it. >> i'm going to be very clear on this. i have three sons. they play with children from all races and creeds. kids don't see color. i mean, they superficially see it, but they don't judge people based on the color of their skin. we are almost three generations removed from the civil rights movement right now in america. our country is not still in 1955, definitely not in 1855. we are a far better country
6:38 am
today. people are growing up in our country believing in the goodness of people. what aoc and the others want to do is have them be steeped in this ideology where you are still trapped by, frankly, the scars that our nation. we are not trapped by that. we should always be teaching tolerance, have people be tolerant of one another, love your fellow man. of course that's what we should be doing. everyone should teach that to our kids. but to trap them in this ideology that america can never get past the sins of slavery and segregation is just flat out wrong. it does not -- it keeps your mind focused on the past in order to divide americans. that's why i completely disagree with it. i will say we should always teach our history. we should be fully teaching our history. let's not take away names and labels, let's not talk about which groups supported what and when, because we should be descriptive about that in our history. what we should not do is put a divisive mindset in the minds of our children when we go about
6:39 am
teaching history. be objective about it, don't be subjective. that's what i want and what most people want. >> bill: thanks for coming today. we'll also add this, when he passed the trillion dollar bills, you don't know what's in those bills. it might happen within months because they're considering a $4.1 trillion bill next. i don't know what's in for a trillion dollars, but it's a lot. thank you for your time. byron donalds, thanks. >> julie: attorney michael avenatti heading back to court today for his second criminal case, just weeks after receiving a prison sentence in his first one. we'll have a live report coming up on that. and the supreme court may be looking a whole lot different as president biden's commission considers several reforms. jonathan turley weighs in next. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
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♪ ♪ >> julie: michael avenatti is back in court today. he's representing himself, i should add, in his second of four criminal trials. in this case, he stands accused of cheating clients out of millions of dollars. william la jeunesse's live in los angeles. this should be quite a show, william.
6:45 am
>> lawyers i've spoken to say this is a huge mistake, to represent yourself in a criminal trial against the government. and also not only because he's not a criminal lawyer, but it's very hard to contradict statements from his own victims on the stand. avenatti gained fame as a lawyer for adult film star stormy daniels. cnn featured him as an anti-trump crusader once every three days in 2018. then of course came the nike trial, 30 months in prison for that. here the u.s. attorney accuses him of fraud, that he went settlements on client's behalf, 3 million in one case and $4 million in another. instead of giving them their money, including an mentally ill paraplegic, he sat on a luxury apartment, private jet, mercedes, ferrari, a driver, and expensive vacations. asking to be his own lawyer yesterday became a shocker. listen to this from reporter megan cunliffe. "you're not a criminal lawyer." "i'm still a member of the bar, albeit under suspension." "is it clear, corrective never
6:46 am
made an argument in a criminal case?" "i would not ascribe it has expertise." after that avenatti will likely go to prison on the nike case, then he has to go to trial in the stormy daniels case. quite a fall for a guy he was once floated as a presidential candidate by cnn. back to you. >> julie: wow. thank you. >> bill: can't make that one up. my, oh, my. the supreme court commission considering several reforms of the high court including removing lifetime appointments or increasing the number of justices. the progressive alliance for justice supporting reform says the following. "it would be one thing if these justices then turned around and were fair and impartial. however, in scores of democracy cases, they've consistently undermined democracy and aided the very party that appointed them. republicans are using this undemocratic and partisan majority on the court to cement their own power. jonathan turley, constitutional
6:47 am
law expert, fox news contributor. how are you doing, sir? pretty rich with irony. let us change the courts and we can cement power. what do you think about the effort here, will it work? >> well, it's completely detached not just from the constitution but reality. in the sense that these are the same academics that defended the court's role and integrity when it was adopting their interpretations. this is a lopsided commission that comes from law schools that generally have faculties that run from the left at the far left. so this type of stuff which shocks many citizens is considered really sort of the mainstay of a lot of legal scholarship today. what is really ironic is that the court just finished a term that was notable for its unanimous decisions and not ideological decisions. in case after case, they defied the stereotype. so with these academics are saying is it doesn't matter, if you disagree with our
6:48 am
interpretation of the constitution, you are a menace and that you as an institution have to go or we have to fundamentally change who you are. >> bill: okay. so do you think this president supports this change in the court? at his core do you believe that? >> no, i think he still believes that this is a bonehead-80 idea, as he said when he was a senator. but that's a lack of leadership. the president doesn't wait for a commission to give him cover to do the right thing. he should have come out during the campaign and said this isn't going to happen on his watch. instead he said, "i'm not going to tell you how i feel about court packing until after you vote." which goes down as one of the most bizarre political positions in industry. >> bill: at some point you have to weigh in. amy klobuchar, senator from minnesota, said they are cranking the heat up on justice breyer. she said this earlier in the week.
6:49 am
>> he makes his own decision about if he's going to retire, but if he's going to retire, it should be sooner rather than later if you are concerned about the courts. because what happens in the u.s. senate matters. >> bill: is he listening to them? somebody said that to me at probably buck up and work even harder. what do you think? >> the only thing they're not doing it sent him brochures to be happy dale retirement village. it's really incredibly, in my view, inappropriate. if they said that the ruth bader ginsburg, who is five years older and had a long history of serious health problems, but there are billboards that have gone through washington from groups like demand justice, calling for him to retire or his legacy is in danger. this is all, i think, having the opposite effect on the court. dryer is of good health, he is sharp intellectually paid he
6:50 am
said, "i don't see any need to leave the court if i am physically and mentally functional." but this type of ageism is really having a big impact, in the way that they don't want it to. i think the court is speaking through its opinions and saying, they're not dysfunctional he ideological or divided. we are functioning court regardless of what those who disagree with us may be saying. >> bill: well stated. you can't retire, jonathan turley. that's not allowed. thank you for coming back, will speak soon. >> julie: americans laid off after the canceled keystone pipeline project are calling at president biden. watch this. >> he doesn't care about our union at all, simply because he is against oil and gas. he's been against that efficiencies he's coming to office. he shut the keystone pipeline down the next day. >> julie: what comes next for them? plus as light has refuses to
6:51 am
call the texas democrats trip to d.c. is super spread event, one of the top republicans in the house has decided to get vaccinated. steve scalise will join us at the top of the hour to tell us banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. hi, verizon launched the first 5g network, and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g by giving every customer a new 5g phone, on us, aha! old customers. new customers. families. businesses. in-laws. law firms. every customer. new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. and if you're not a customer,
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and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. >> bill: here now, a win for russia. the biden administration dropping its opposition on the controversial russian pipeline. the deal will allow moscow to double the volume of natural gas that it exports to germany. that pipeline was opposed by the previous two administrations amid concerns it would increase russia's economic and political power in the region. julie? >> it's not about me, it's about my children, my family. this is what it's about. i've got to build my children in the future that i want them to have, and you have a president who comes in and goes to knocking people, knocking their
6:57 am
families. there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of families that this man has aced. >> julie: that's just one of the former workers on the keystone pipeline venting his frustrations after president biden canceled the project on his very first day in office, putting thousands of americans out of work later the next day. daniel turner is the executive director of power the future. he spoke to many of the laid-off workers and how they're currently doing, and we do appreciate you coming on this morning. president biden, as you know, canceled the keystone pipeline first day. next day, thousands of people lose their jobs. how are they all doing six months later? >> first of all i want to give a great shot out and thank you to this program, because it was "america's newsroom" who, six months ago, gave these men and women an opportunity to tell the story in their own voice. we want to go back to them six months later and say, how are things going for you? clearly the answer is they are not going well.
6:58 am
the biden administration has made promises of green jobs, of a better tomorrow, but if you are one of these thousands of people, for six months, you have had mortgages and insurance and utility bills and food bills and no income. not only are there immediate prospects that come at it is a type of job you are gone for three or four years but you're planning your next job. these men and women are telling me that for the first time in 30 or 40 years they have no prospects. and these people deserve to tell their story, because they were targeted specifically for peer politics. speak to sensing a double standard here, maybe you can clear the set. the u.s. and germany have reached, as you know, an agreement allowing the completion of russia's national natural gas pipeline. putin gets his way, the thousands of u.s. workers do not. why couldn't that have been the
6:59 am
case with the keystone pipeline? >> i guess the folks who are funding the keystone pipeline opposition were supporting joe biden and maybe the folks who are supporting noid stream who were supporting his campaign, as well. it is purely about money and political power. it has nothing to do with the causes they said. jennifer granholm, president biden secretary of energy, she herself is on record saying pipelines are the safest and cleanest way to transport fossil fuels. so they are allowing it for our competitors, and you could even say russia being our enemy, they are allowed to build pipelines, but american workers are not allowed to build pipelines for whatever reason. this is about politics, it's not about the economy or national security. and certainly not about the likelihood of these thousands of union blue-collar jobs whose lives have been offended. >> julie: daniel turner, thank you for being a voice for all of those right now that is struggling at home. we wish them all the very best. hopefully things will turn around.
7:00 am
thank you. >> bill: strong statements there. beginning now, covid-19 spreading to the white house on capitol hill as the runaway texas democrats become super spreaders with at least six of them testing positive. the white house confirming at least one staffer there testing positive after socializing with the texas lawmakers while a senior aide to the house speaker nancy pelosi who met with the dems also contracted the virus. i am bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. dana has got the week off. nice to see julie banderas. >> julie: good to see you on hour two! thanks for joining us, as well. welcome to abandon our of "america's newsroom." they apparently chose to keep it private. meanwhile, as the biden administration struggles to convince the unvaccinated to get on board, they are refusing to recognize the outbreak among
7:01 am
those texas democrats as a super spreader event. >> it was team biden who did regularly refer to trump events, particularly the rose garden ceremony was amy coney barrett, as a super spreader event. so they're willing to say that when the super spreading is done by another party as opposed to rising up and saying covid is covid, it doesn't matter what party you are or who you are. >> bill: of the state of the story now come alive to the white house on the north line. peter doocy beginning his day. good morning. eco-good morning. this runaway texas democrat legislators cross paths with some staffers who work here, but their leader isn't saying much about it. >> i don't know exactly who this staffer was. i don't know the identity of the person. there were a couple of people from -- at least one person from the speaker's office that was helping us last week on capitol hill. i can verify that, i don't know if it's the same person. >> so now what?
7:02 am
the white house says they will wait to change their health protocols until the cdc says so. the cd says no changes at this time, but up on the capitol, the attending physician rights to members, individuals have the personal discretion to wear a mask and future developments in the coronavirus delta variant local threat may require the resumption of mask wearing for all, as now seen in several counties in the united states. the white house is still thanking these legislators for taking a stand on voting rights. they have not yet raised the issue about them and that infamous photo on a flight here with no mask. >> is there any concern that this trip that was intended to advocate for voting rights is now a super spreader event in washington? >> i would say that's not a characterization we are making from here. we certainly understand there will be breakthrough cases, even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not foolproof. they're not 100% effective. we've seen that.
7:03 am
>> president biden said during a cabinet meeting yesterday he thinks the safest thing somebody can do right now is get vaccinated, so officials here are in a race to get more shots in arms before this very contagious delta variant spreads further. >> bill: thank you, peter. nice to see on the north line there. for more on this, steve scalise is with me. good day to you. here's the number, more than 10% of the traveling texas dems have tested positive. what do you make of this? >> bill, good to be with you. again, the hypocrisy, any time that there was anybody on the republican side that tested positive, they would automatically call it a super spreader event, and the mainstream media would be running with it for days, they consul he tried to blame president trump for everybody who got covid, and here you have this event where they are literally freeing texas from doing their jobs, to have voter integrity, by the way. this lie that the bill is taking away anybody's right, it just ensures that everybody legally eligible to vote can vote, but
7:04 am
people who aren't legally eligible can't vote. every state should want that. these people were fleeing from trying to do that. and then they spread covid here in washington, d.c. ultimately i think it just shows that the democrats live under this double standard. they want to live by a different set of rules, that the rules shouldn't apply to them. the mainstream media looks the other way. i think people are seeing this for what it is. >> bill: a couple things here. you have the antibodies, right can affect my understanding. and you also were just vaccinated a few days ago on sunday. why would you wait so long for that? >> yeah, months of july tested for the antibodies, so i would imagine maybe it was a year ago i might have gotten covid but didn't really have any symptoms. but had the antibodies, but ultimately with this new delta variant you are seeing -- i've heard a lot of hospitals in the last few weeks, and using the cases go up. it's not to the alarming level we saw last year by any stretch.
7:05 am
we shouldn't be talking about closing down the economy where some people are trying to do that, some people are talking about closing things down again. that's not where we are. but you do see about 95-98% of people in hospitals and people who aren't vaccinated. i've always felt it was safe and effective. i applied what president trump did with operation warp speed to bring multiple vaccines to the market in the quickest time ever. but is not because they cut corners, they tested on thousands of people before ultimately getting that fda conditional use approval. so it is safe and effective. i took it and i wanted to show the picture to just encourage people. governments shouldn't be mandating it or trying to shame people, we should be getting the facts out there and encouraging people to take it. if they have hesitation, talk to your doctor. ultimately it should be a decision between you and your doctor. but with the understanding that it is a safe and effective and fda-approved drug, and fda is
7:06 am
still the gold standard for the world. other states, other countries marvel at our process. that is out there and available for everybody wants it. >> bill: and you are team pfizer, as i might come back in april. and he felt great? excellent. question for you about what's happening in the senate. lindsey graham says there's a power grab that he has yet to see before in his time in congress. he is with dominic last night >> this is power grab. this infrastructure package has got not a damn thing to do with infrastructure. they want but amnesty and infrastructure bill. >> bill: of its bipartisan spending, but i don't know if it's going to happen or not. you've got $579 billion in new spending, $300 billion in transportation, and there's the thought that this thing is falling apart right now. if it does, the dems go alone. they may have a package in excess of $4 trillion. do you believe that passes in
7:07 am
america in the year 2021, given the state of things now? >> first of all, for the good of our country, i hope it doesn't pass, because this drunken spending binge democrats have been on for the last six months is having a real effect on inflation. it's increasing the cost of everything the buy because they are spending money like crazy, paying people not to work. it's all borrowed money from our kids and it's raising costs whether you go to the grocery store, at the gasoline, at the pump, and i think people get that. but they don't want to do this for infrastructure. there's a bipartisan deal that joe biden himself walked away from him. he gave his word to republican and democrat senators that he was going to support a bipartisan infrastructure deal, and then within our, pelosi and schumer threatened him and he pulled it like a cheap suit and said, okay, we'll go down this road. their bill and reconciliation is nothing but a massive multitrillion dollar spending bill and tax hike bill.
7:08 am
they want to raise taxes in a way that would move more middle-class jobs overseas. that's horrible policy. right now the good news is they don't have the votes. i don't think they have a plan to get the votes because none of our members support that tax hike green new deal amnesty spending plan. but some of their own members on the democrat side in the house and senate don't support it right now, either. speaker pelosi and chuck schumer are scrambling. but they should be doing is letting joe biden follow through on the word he gave during the campaign, and that's working with people on both sides of the aisle. he has failed in that mission to do it the right now that's one of the reasons they don't have the vote. >> bill: i hate to cut you off there, and out of time here. whether it's $2 trillion, $3 trillion, you name the number, you don't know what's in it. byron donalds in 30 minutes ago said neither do they, referring to senators on the other side. steve scalise, thank you for your time. we will speak again. >> great to be with you, bill. >> julie: border patrol agents tell socks it's a never-ending
7:09 am
game of cat and mouse as they struggle to keep up with smugglers who are running massive human and drug trafficking operations. fox news went along on a ride along with an elite special ops forces at texas state troopers. bill melugin's live in del rio with the very latest. hi, bill. >> hi, julie. good morning to you. we've witnessed quite a bit of activity out here in del rio this morning. he probably sealed in my right shoulder we have a group of migrants who just showed up to the gate and are waiting to turn themselves in to border patrol. one of the many groups we've seen in del rio this morning where there are more than 900 apprehensions happening every single day. take a look at this video we shot last night. we went out in the dark with an elite force of texas rangers for an exclusive right along with a special ops team. basically what we did is we went out into the dense brush and we were on the hunt for illegal activity, whether it's migrants, smugglers, or cartel activity paid what we ended up doing is
7:10 am
tracking a group of sitting in people who came across the rio grande at night. he will see i took a grainy photo in the low light, if you d about waist deep water crossing the rio grande. they were tracking that group, ultimately most of them were apprehended by that elite force. take a look at this video we shot as soon as he got out here in del rio this morning. we saw border patrol pickup trucks coming through, he had loaded up a group of migrants in the back of his truck, brought them through the border wall and drop them off where they were going to be taken away. look at this video we shot moments after that. this is boats from the florida department of fish and wildlife. we heard governor ron desantis that he would send help to texas. it's been here, this is some of that help. the fish and wildlife department sending both to put in the rio grande to help texas troopers patrolled the rio grande, and take a look at this video. mexican marines are also patrolling some times on on the mexican side of the border. it is hit or miss, believe
7:11 am
notice that when they are there the crossings slow down and it won't be as much. take a look at these wild photos out of laredo, this is a mental moving truck that was stopped at a checkpoint off of highway 35. take a look at this, they have the x-ray machine where they can see through it. five people were crammed inside and hidden inside of that rental truck. they were being smuggled by a human smuggler, trying to get into the country. five of them were later apprehended. what you doing right now is taking a live look at our fox drone down in la joya, texas, down in the rio grande valley where fox broke a major story late yesterday. griff jenkins reporting that we can confirm down in the rio grande valley there has been a 900% increase in the amount of migrants testing positive for covid within the first two weeks of july. the border patrol sector chief reporting down there more than 40 of his agents have tested positive for covid, five of them currently hospitalized. we will send it back to you. >> julie: bill melugin, thank you very much. bill? >> bill: thank you, julie. are we heading to a return of
7:12 am
widespread lockdowns? the delta variant is highly contagious but hospital rates are still low, that's very good news. what you need to know about the variant, coming up in a moment here. plus there is this, check it out. >> a network that is dedicated to not creating new schools or be imaginary schools, but destroying schools that have done nothing but harm black and brown children. >> julie: the biden administration pushing for teaching critical race theory and america's schools. lawrence jones is up next on that. the fox news exclusive. you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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7:18 am
"the department does not endorse the recommendation of this group, nor do they reflect our policy positions. it was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation." ." "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones with us now, a lot of back story here, lawrence. we'll set it up a bit. there was a bill passed in late march to the tune of $1.9 trillion. in that $1.9 trillion is about, blood, $22 billion that will go to schools intended to help kids catch up from the year they missed because of covid. they recommended this group, atn, which is -- let me get it -- the abolitionist teaching network. we went in to see what they are all about, here is a sample that you can find about what they perceive. >> if you don't feel like white supremacy is in everything we do, leave got a problem. >> i'm trying to help other teachers troubled their internalized white supremacy and
7:19 am
anti-blackness. >> say loudly and clearly, reform is not enough. >> we cannot reform when the brokenness is in the foundation. education cannot save us. we must save education. >> bill: that is a sample. let's back up the story here. lawrence, what's it all about? speak of the investigative unit at fox news has been a terrific job on this, looking at it for weeks. this group are not interested in reforming the system, they want to bring the system down. they believe that the system at its core is racist and the teachers, specifically white teachers that are teaching, are part of the problem. i think the biggest headline -- and you have to ask yourself if you believe this at home, if you think their issues, and i believe there issues, they highlight some of the issues that i believed to be true, the question is, is the solution the answer? should he have activists in the classroom, some that have admitted they've been in the classroom for over 20 years,
7:20 am
some of them 18 years, they believe they should dismantle and burn the system down from within? i think it's problematic. this statement, i don't believe it at all. this was highlighted on the website, they tried to bury it. it's already in practice, i've already started to see numerous amounts of tips from teachers saying that they have already started to see some of this stuff and find it problematic. i think a lot of people, when they see crt, it's not just crt, it's the progressive worldview of this marxist ideology that america is racist and that we need to redo our documents, and we can't improve unless we burn it down. >> julie: if this kind of rhetoric is being taught in the classroom come september, let about what the money is intended to do, which is to make up for the last time, all those poor kids who lost some of them up to a year of education? that's where the money should be going. let's catch up. half these kids are going to be
7:21 am
a year behind for years to come. this is the most critical year, quite frankly, come september. speedily seen some of the recent number suggesting these kids will be far behind. it's important to note that in that document there was guidance given specifically about race. this is where you find the link to resources for these teachers. a lot of people are asking, look, that's not the case. i think it is about what they plan on concluding from our history. look at black lives matter right now when it comes to the organization versus the people on the street calling for justice. you have the afro cubans right now saying, where is black lives matter when it comes to the issues? where black cubans and we need help. when he think about the injustices happening on the street, why are they silent on these issues? black lives matter respond by saying it is socialism that has benefited black folks in cuba, and people say that's not true. they have felt like the organizations did not have their back. people stand for the foundation of things, saying equality
7:22 am
should exist. when you look at these organizations, and this one, as well, atn, they have marxist sounding. these people are smart and know exactly what they're doing, and it's not pro-america. >> bill: lawrence, we've been reaching out as a network for a response from the dle for days and this is the first time we've heard it. i just want to bring this statement back here and read it again. words matter. "the department does not endorse the recommendations of this group nor do they reflect our policy positions. it was an error in a lengthy document to include the citation." what was the error? does that statement mean they're not going to allow this to happen? i don't think that is clear at all. >> i think it's obvious that the department is scrambling because this report is out, and for weeks and months, they have suggested that none of this stuff is happening in the classroom. one of the tips that i've got,
7:23 am
again, we are venting through all of this. it's guidance for pre-k. we are teaching pre-k, kids or even just learning to read and write, that's how far this is. i know there's a lot of people that you can just cancel this, and i appreciate the people going to school board meetings, but this is what is in the culture. which means that you as a parent at home, you have to get to your kids because they are being taught this in the classroom. it's not simply a history lesson, it's telling them a conclusion. that is that america is wrong at its core. >> bill: you and i have talked about it a lot. you don't have a problem with this at college, let's say? go ahead and have at it and talk about it and see whether or not you reach a conclusion. but kindergarten? first grade, second-grade? >> if it was being taught just as a theory. theories shouldn't reach a conclusion. kids should be able to process information and come to their own conclusion. >> julie: how about parents should be teaching their kids
7:24 am
this stuff? i shouldn't be teaching my kindergartner let me handle that. >> bill: we will run it down when we get it. >> julie: the head of the cdc sounding the alarm on the dental variants. dr. marty makary on whether it could lead to new lockdowns? plus this. >> we are living in a war zone right now. that is how we called living. at 164% up in shootings. it's insane. >> julie: people in the atlanta suburb of buckhead say they want to break away from the city over its surge in crime rate. could more police funding change their mind? veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
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>> the cdc has released estimates of variance across the country and predicted the delta variant now represents 83% of sequenced cases. this is a dramatic increase up from 50% the week of july 3rd. in some parts of the country, the percentage is even higher, particularly in areas of low vaccination. >> julie: that is the cdc director telling lawmakers the contagious delta variant is fueling a rise in covid cases across the country. the surge is raising concerns as well over the possibility of new lockdowns. but medical experts are reminding the public, don't panic. let's bring in dr. marty makary, a professor of public health at johns hopkins university, also of fox's medical contributor. first let's talk about the likelihood of this maybe happening. what are the chances realistically that we will see a widespread lockdown again? >> good morning, julie. very low. the country first of all doesn't
7:31 am
have the will or intent to tolerate it. plus there is one for the nonimmune where the risk is still there, and one for those who are vaccinated or have immunity, and that his breakthrough infections are being seen partly because they are being challenged by those outbreaks among the non-indian. but the risk of serious illness is still extremely low and we are basically seeing covid relegated down to a common cold-level seasonal virus for those vaccinated. >> julie: what about the mask mandates? could they be universal again, especially given the delta variant, which as we know is highly contagious, more than covid-19? once again it brings us back to the question, for those who have not been vaccinated, the fact that they have been these breakout cases, does that maybe make those reluctant to getting the vaccine thinking, "i'm going to get it anyway, what's the use?" >> for those who may be reluctant, they are still very effective against preventing death. we still know the virus -- it's hard for it to hurt someone
7:32 am
young and healthy. those principles are still true despite what may be an increase in breakthrough infections. the data we have been using so far on masks have been in people unvaccinated and with the nondelta variant. we have to have some humility, maybe the data will change, but right now it does show vaccinated people are extremely low risk of transmission. >> julie: right. i want to switch topics to the white house, several people including white house staff and an aide for how speaker pelosi that we just found out about yesterday have tested positive for covid as a result of a meeting with texas lawmakers last week. six of those lawmakers have also gotten sick, and in all of these cases, speaking of breakthrough cases, they were vaccinated. so i'm concerned about this message, and also why the democrats refuse to call it a super spreader when, should we be on airplanes without masks? the answer should be no, i'm
7:33 am
assuming? >> well, the term super spreader has a much different meeting now than it does before, because amg vaccinated people, again, it's relegated down to a mild infection. i think that is something we will have to recognize. they are going to have to live with covid. it's not a virus we are going to eliminate, this will be seasonal like four other coronaviruses that are seasonal and constitute collectively 20% of the cases of the common cold. we will have to see what the new data shows, but right now it looks like vaccination is pretty durable in reducing transmission risk. >> julie: but when we boarded an airplane, should we wear a mask? yes or no. vaccinated or not. >> that's difficult, because based on the background level of infection, in some communities of the united states, the risk is so low i would say no. in areas where this active outbreaks in missouri and louisiana and parts of florida, arkansas, i would say it is reasonable to consider. >> julie: dr. marty makary, thank you for talking to us.
7:34 am
for more information on coronavirus vaccines and where to find one near you, go to >> did the criminals feel emboldened coming into buckhead. they feel emboldened because they know if they get arrested they'll be out the next day. there is a 100% lack of leadership from the mayor. people feel like we've been exploited for way too long. >> bill: surging crime and that atlanta of buckhead. testifying before the senate panel. he wants to secede from atlanta. we heard from bill white, he is with me lives. good morning, nice to have you back on the program today. here are the numbers, they don't lie. in the city of atlanta, murder is up 27%, shooting victims of 18%, shooting incidents up a whopping 36% versus the same time a year ago. that is the city of atlanta.
7:35 am
if we include buckhead where you live, murder at 33%, shooting victims up 89%, and shooting incidents up 48%. i just heard you blame the mayor. is it that simple? >> it's not that simple and i don't blame the mayor except for one thing. i have a laundry list of things that mayor bottoms has been totally absent in leadership. when you have an incident where a white police officer shows up on a shooting scene to do an investigation and a mob surrounds him to push him back in his car, saying, "white cap, get back in your car," we have a serious problem here, bill. the issue is not just the mayor not providing leadership, it's about the total lack of respect for our brave men and women on the atlanta police force. that is why when we want to set up buckhead city, the buckhead city police department is going to be a much different structure. it's going to love our police,
7:36 am
it's going to back our police. they say atlanta is the city too busy to hate, then what the hell happened to that police officer connect the mayor hasn't said a word about that incident, condemning the mob, neither has the person running for mayor, neither has felicia moore, the city council president. it's a disgrace, bill. we are sick and tired of it and that's why we will make buckhead city terrific again and not deal with the city of atlantis corrupt politicians. >> bill: there is a proposal from the house speaker, david ralston is his name. he won $3 million in additional law-enforcement funds to go to the city of atlanta. you can do that with the act that was passed at the end of march, that $1.9 trillion deal has $350 billion that is now set aside for cities and counties and municipalities. if you've got a piece of that money, you could do that easily, could you not? in terms of hiring police and
7:37 am
cops? >> bill, i'm so glad you mentioned that. i want to thank the speaker, this guy is so courageous stepping out there, and the governor, the two of them, they are not the mayor of atlanta but they are stepping into do the mayor's job. she's talking about adding $75 million of money that we don't know where it's coming from. she hasn't mentioned the word police once in that speech. so yes, we would love and accept any help for the city of atlanta in terms of resources, but i can tell you, in the buckhead city police department, were not going to have this kind of a problem. i promise you that. >> bill: bill white, thank you. we will follow it and see if in the end you are successful. >> god bless you. >> julie: israel issues a warning to ben & jerry's, the battle over ice cream sales and a possible boycott. up next. plus a runaway texas democrat in washington comparing their trip to d.c. to escaping slavery? as the state legislature elites they returned to vote on
7:38 am
election integrity. martha maccallum ahead with the political fallout, next.
7:39 am
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♪ ♪ >> julie: israel sending a warning to the parent company of ben & jerry's, saying they will be, quote, "severe consequences" if the ice cream maker doesn't start selling their products in
7:43 am
israeli occupied territories again. trey yingst is live in jerusalem with the very latest for us this morning. good morning, trey. >> hey, julie. good morning. the controversial move to reactions from across the region in the world. israel's foreign minister called the decision disgraceful while fans of the sk and said they are not going to make future purchases. we have visited the ben & jerry's factory in israel yesterday where the owner said he is refusing to comply with this new mandate to stop selling ice cream in areas considered occupied by israel. the corporation behind ben & jerry's, even a lever, responded by deciding not to renew his license. >> this factor alone produces around 50,000 cartons of ice cream every day. at the end of 2022, they will have to cease operations after receiving a letter from ben & jerry's corporate in the united states. it will leave 160 people here in central israel out of a job.
7:44 am
>> they have ben & jerry's in their veins. for years, this is what they do. they are proud of the products come up out of the pan , proud of the brand. i don't know what to tell them. i don't know what explanation to give them. >> ben & jerry's is known for being a political organization. on their website you will find blog posts about cannabis legalization and prison reform alongside their latest and greatest flavors. julie? >> julie: trey yingst, thank you. bill? >> bill: one of the texas democrats who wrote a charter jet out of the state about a wek and half ago to block the vote on election integrity legislation, she has been like end being threatenedwith ay should i read your comment? her
7:45 am
she said this.>> i know there ah warrants out there for us and i'm ready to be rested. what do you do to a slave except arrest them when they flee? we fled texas, and if they want to arrest me, go ahead. i'm ready to be rested. >> julie: that's an interesting comparison. one of the interesting things about this whole thing is that they are trying to get attention. what they try to do initially, just to remind people, was to avoid this vote in texas and then come to washington to try and push for the national voting bill so that more of our federal elections would be handle of the federal level instead of the state level. but then what happened was they came to washington, d.c., and they didn't get the kind of response that i think they initially were hoping for, they didn't get a meeting with the president. they got a meeting with kamala harris who then had to go to walter reed, the vice president was exposed to these people who brought a lot of covid with them, six of them
7:46 am
on that plane of 60 people showed up in washington, d.c., with covid. there are so many layers to what is going in here with these washington lawmakers. they are using this opportunity to try and fund raise for their own campaigns. i would imagine that if they win back those those people will want to have them show up in the legislature and actually do the job. >> julie: they are certainly changing narrative, aren't they? it seems like they were deflecting being on this plane without masks. 6 of 60 came out with covid so they make an inflammatory statement like that which kind of brings us all back, and i we are talking about the comparison to slavery instead of what some might call a super spreader event that they attended. >> they don't want to talk about that at all. i thought it was interesting they said they weren't going to report any more on how many of them have covid. it was six people, that's enough, no more disclosure on that matter at all, despite the fact that they went and met with a lot of people, aides and
7:47 am
nancy pelosi, who now have it. there are so much hypocrisy in this story when you look at the way the rose garden ceremony was handled when amy coney barrett was named as a supreme court nominee. they have graphics and things that showed all the people in the audience and linked -- who they were linked to. nobody wants to talk about this and everybody is supposed to be okay with the fact that this group of folks says they're not going to share any more information. if you happen to have been with us, we are not going to let you know. beyond that, how do all of these vaccinated lawmakers end up getting this delta version of the coronavirus in the first place? >> bill: here is one more thing, michelle bakley is one of them. she tweeted this. "i'm one of the brave texas dems who came to d.c. to fight for fun rides in my state. and i'm fighting to flip a seat held by an antidemocracy republican. i have 28,500 followers. can you help us get to 50,000
7:48 am
followers?" social media is one thing, but that points to money. >> and after that is a direct link to donate to the campaign. i do find it interesting, the first woman that you played, she is basically saying that she doesn't mind getting arrested. if they get arrested, they're going to be sent back to do their job. that is the ramifications of arrest in the situation in texas. governor abbott has made it clear he's going to extend the legislative session for as long as he needs to once they get back, they will be arrested and brought to the house legislature chamber in order to get back to doing their job. so there's a lot of theatrics here and there's also a lot of smoke screening with this covid thing. i think this hasn't gone as well as these texas legislators had hoped it would. >> bill: it's hard to see how they win. >> it's very hard to see how they win at this point. they brought a plane full of people, many of whom had covid, to washington, d.c. now nobody wants to meet with
7:49 am
them, to push this forward, because they're afraid they might get the delta variant, as well, if that's what they have. and they don't seem to have a compass the legislative goal, either, at this point. >> bill: martha said she would buy the miller lite and have a case of beer on. >> i'm always good with providing the miller lite, i can do that! [laughter] >> bill: thanks, martha. see you at 3:00. >> julie: jeff bezos back on earth and in hot water after comments, some on the left are calling it tone-deaf. carley shimkus has a reaction. ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >> harris: the runway texas democrats just cannot stop talking. one of them does actually compared herself, the stent, to slavery. another launching a campaign to unseat freshman republican, she
7:55 am
will make her first comments on this on television since the challenge. she is in focus. and the border crisis is spinning out of control. covid positive illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border. senator tom cotton is in "the faulkner focus," top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> i want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this. [laughter] seriously, for every amazon customer out there, and every amazon employee, thank you for the bottom of my heart very much. it's very appreciated. >> harris: critics slamming jeff bezos as tone-deaf or thinking amazon customers and employees for funding his trip to space. let's bring in carley shimkus. carley, i didn't get a thank you note for my contribution. [laughter] i'm pretty sure he can thank me
7:56 am
later. >> i was i was listening to your coverage yesterday, i was on amazon just kind of scrolling through and then it hit me all the sudden. i was like, oh, my gosh, this is wild. but yes, he walked into the buzz saw of criticism there. if i were a member of this public relations team i would probably say of course he is thanking his employees, because his company would be nothing without their hard work and dedication, but of course you have the aocs and the bernie sanderses all posting tweets that he is thanking his employees because they did pay for his trip to space off wages they should have been paying them. of course they will say that because they are socialists, even the site of a billionaire makes the skin crawl. to that i would say jeff bezos employees, over a billion people, over a million people. at one point, it may get to that. >> bill: [laughs] >> he is successful because he makes things that people want to buy. this is all a very good thing.
7:57 am
>> julie: i think it's interesting that aoc is set against it. first of all, she's talking about how she ruled out amazon opening. remember? of a house here in new york. >> bill: 15,000 jobs. it would have been great during covid. >> julie: absolutely. >> bill: she said amazon workers paid with this with lower wages, and human workplace, and delivery drivers not having health insurance during a pandemic. and amazon customers are paying it with amazon abusing their market power to hurt small business." >> like you said, julie, it's a easy for progressives to talk the talk. she prevented the amazon headquarters in new york city which cost thousands of jobs, and then she spent thousands of dollars during the campaign on amazon products. she bought a tesla from another billionaire. bernie sanders is a millionaire himself. easy to criticize the system we
7:58 am
currently have, one that is extremely successful, while you are benefiting from it. >> bill: one more thing, julie. >> julie: she has comments on how polluting industries should move up to space, that's pretty precious. can we just watch it please? again? >> it feels like this atmosphere is huge, and we can disregard it and treated poorly. when you get up there and you see it, you see how tiny it is and how fragile it is. we need to take all heavy industry, all polluting industry, and move it into space. >> i've had very supportive teachers in my life say there is no such thing as a bad idea. although that one does seem like a rough draft. [laughter] >> julie: those were very sweet. >> absolutely. >> bill: it's a good line, a rough draft. who knows, right? i mean, as a ceo, he has challenged his company repeatedly and they have done really well. >> all i see is a giant ball of space garbage hurling toward the earth, but you never know. >> bill: thank you, carley.
7:59 am
nice to see you. carley shimkus, thanks. the summer games in tokyo could still be up in the air, we are told, ahead of the games in tokyo. not ruling out a last-minute cancellation has covid cases continue to rise, saying they will keep an eye on the infection rate. 71 people have tested positive, the opening ceremonies are two days away. the women's soccer team taking its wokeness overseas, kneeling before kickoff against their first game against sweden. they took a knee, blah, blah, blah. >> julie: i'm pretty amazed there is an olympics, if you look back at where we were a year ago. it's incredible. >> bill: i think it's going to happen. we will keep an eye on the infections and see how it goes. i want to see it, whether we have fans or not. >> julie: absolutely. steel and congratulations to milwaukee. people going nuts in wisconsin,
8:00 am
before we go, the milwaukee bucks defeated the phoenix suns in the nba finals. to be have it or do we not care? [laughter] >> lee care! >> bill: it was really great win. nicely done to the fans, congratulations pay could be with you. >> julie: good to finish unhappy know. i'll see you we begin with a fox is a work. a disastrous trip politically t washington dc. so far in the group of 51 several have tested positive. yesterday at this hour we learned a staffer also tested positive. their cases were linked to the democratic members visiting the hill. the


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