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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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you do not know what you're talking about. the function research going on in a lab and you are obfuscating the truth. >> if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. jillian: it is wednesday july 21st. a hearing on the delta variant takes a turn when senator rand paul and doctor fauci go head to head yet again over the origins of covid and the senator wants to take the fight to the doj. todd: a partisan power grab. democrats pushing and infrastructure vote on a bill that doesn't even get written. jillian: history made. the milwaukee bucks taking home their first nba championship in 50 years. "fox and friends first"
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continues right now. ♪♪ a beautiful day ♪♪ todd: jillian is back standing next to me. what i love most about jillian is the comments she makes just before we go on the you that you can't hear that make me lose my you know what. come on, you are crazy. you think i say that? not even todd would go that far. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: let's begin with this. doctor anthony fauci step into the ring with republican senator rand paul. with gain of function research in the wuhan lab.
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>> the hearing was about vaccinations, over covid origins. they trade accusations about lying. >> this paper you are referring to was judged to buy qualified staff up and down the chain. you don't know what you are talking about. >> abuse skating the truth, if any of you are lying, it is you. >> paul on the fauci critic maintaining a paper about bad coronavirus is written by doctor xi lee, known as bat woman is proof that the nih financed gain of function research that increase transmissibility of viruses. >> we quoted a scientist from
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rutgers university with a 30 year history in the cellular biology this is it is the epitome of gain of function research and all doctor fauci could do was sputter, call me a liar. >> paul is asking for a doj criminal referral on fauci citing the paper fauci wrote for the american society of microbiology, and fauci wrote it is more likely a pandemic would occur in nature and the need to stay ahead of the threat is a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky. for contests, and animals to humans has gained a lot of traction in recent months with a deep dive into it.
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>> griff jenkins kicking off the 5 am hour. the focus in dc on covid not just on that hearing but texas democrats who fled the state of texas to be courageous and powerful and talk about voting rights but created a super spreader event following that 6 of them out of 55 got covid and the pelosi staffer, biden staffer getting covid as well. at the end of the day if this were republicans this would be the number one story that you heard everywhere on every single channel but it is not. jillian: even if it were republicans, if that picture surfaced of them on a packed play not wearing masks people would still have an issue. todd: we are many days into this so far, democrats who fled texas are doubling down on the courageous this of their trip.
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>> a couple people, one person from the speaker's office helping us last week when we were on capitol hill. we don't regret coming into dc, important to protect the freedom to vote, we leave texas in order to prevent republicans from passing their anti-voter legislation. jillian: there were numerous events that i can think of countless trump rallies where mainstream media was scolding people for being in crowds, not taking things seriously. i believe all those who contracted covid on that flight were vaccinated. we are seeing breakthrough cases but the hypocrisy you are seeing is just so unnerving and disappointing and frustrating for so many people because at the end of the day what matters to americans if you talk to every day people they want to know how this happened, did it come from the lab, did it come
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from a bat, where did this originate from? how are we going to stop is happening again? are we facing more lockdowns in the future? there are a lot of questions people need and deserve answers to. here's what jen psaki has to say. >> is there any concern this trip that was intended to advocate for voting rights is a super spreader event in washington? >> i would say the characterization we are making from here, we understand there will be breakthrough cases. even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not foolproof. todd: yesterday i went on a tirade about messaging from the white house on the virus on the whole and this comment doesn't help acknowledge that it was a bad thing to do, acknowledge that it was a super spreader event. walk your self back from we love what they are doing with regard to voting, you keep beating that point home but people need consistency on the messaging when it comes to this virus in
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this white house is not delivering it and this is the latest example. first it was masks, then vaccines, we need answers. jillian: people have enough. a lot of america not speaking, a lot of people had enough of the back-and-forth, we want to know the answers, we want to know the truth and how to move on without having to experience this again. todd: speaking of moving on. jillian: senate democrats with a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill despite not having enough support. todd: republicans hold their ground against biden's spending spree. >> reporter: full speed ahead for senate democrats even though they haven't finished writing the bill and republicans are threatening of the luster. many dems say negotiations of gone on long enough and it is time to vote on the trillion dollar bipartisan bill. >> this vote is an honest attempt to get something done. to get the ball rolling on the senate floor after the agreement was reached by the bipartisan group in the white house.
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>> reporter: what is in the bill? so far it includes $580 billion in new spending, $300 billion for transportation and another $250 billion to fund broadband, power and water infrastructure but gop leaders say they won't sign off until they see what is in it. >> a simple principle, we are not going to the bill and so we know what the bill is. >> the economy does not need this tax and spending spree. jillian: republicans worried is another attempt to sneak through a liberal wish list. >> this is normal process and procedure on capitol hill. there are no secrets about what is and is legislation. it was agreed to in a bipartisan agreement. there is ample precedent and we support leadership at strategy moving forward. jillian: senator lindsey graham says things like amnesty are included he will fight it. >> they put amnesty in that
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bill, i will try to deny them a quorum to pass the bill, 50/50 senate and the vice president doesn't count toward a quorum. >> reporter: cloture vote scheduled for wednesday is expected to be defeated as bipartisan discussions continue on how to fund this massive spending bill. todd: thank you very much. jillian: us military carrying out an airstrike against terrorists in somalia. it is the first strike in the country since president biden took office, and gone says it targeted out shabab fighters for links to al qaeda but the group is responsible for a number of high-profile bombings and other attacks and amalia. it is unclear if anyone died in the strike. todd: teachers across the country putting masking after recommendations kids old and 2 wear masks. the orange county teachers union writing, quote, much of the student population is not
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vaccinated and hard for schools to determine risk as new variants emerge that might spread more easily among children. in illinois the union wants to require students to wear masks indoors. the american federation of teachers pushing for face coverings in schools regardless of vaccination status. jillian: republicans pressuring the president to keep title 42 in place as migrants continue to flood the southern border. the trump policies like illegal immigrants from seeking a fireman due to covid 19 oh lord is. just last month look at this number on your screen, nearly 105,000 title 42 expulsions. new fox news reporting, 135 detainees caught covid 19 during the first two weeks of this month. 900% increase compared to previous months. todd: milwaukee fans take to the street after their buckets win the championship but defeating the phoenix and 105-98 in game six. he was amazing last night.
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you want to do it? it was an unstoppable force. he letters career i've 50 points walking away as the nba finals mvp. milwaukee playing on his home court in front of a sellout crowd of 1700 fans and 65,000 fans watching outside the arena and like i said earlier 1 million fans will say they were there even though they weren't. jillian: it is amazing when your city hasn't seen that in so long it is the most thrilling feeling in the world. todd: since the days of kareem abdul-jabbar, great team, the face of this leak. jillian: congratulations to all you fans. 11 minutes after the hour, started talking crime after a man was shot during a morning walk through his own neighborhood. this was a while ago and a month later residents described it as a war zone.
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the city committee blames the mayor next. todd: did you see this? 75 years old dolly parton reminding the world she has still got it. the birthday surprise she re-created for her husband bunny style when we come back. ♪♪ always love you ♪♪
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limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> we are living in a war zone and the mayor continues to do things that underappreciate our police, that cause them to feel demoralized and hellenized. people feel we've been exploited for way too long. jillian: bill white blaming the mayor and anti-police policy for rising crime rates. he joins us with his push, good to talk to you again.
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i'm curious that the mayor has responded to your clients. >> crickets. we have not -- we hear from the politicians and elected folks in atlanta that it would be a disaster for the city of atlanta, repeating false numbers that 40% of revenue left atlanta would be destroyed and you would think if that was true coming out of their mouth they might pick up the phone and call us to talk to us how they could keep us together. we don't want to do this. i believe in marriage and i don't use the term to be cute but we filed for divorce and it is final because we have irreconcilable differences. we've not had a state at the table, we've not been listened to. the statistics are incredible. forget atlanta. atlanta has crazy crime numbers,
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52% murder, 133% since 2019, shootings of 164%. when 300 police officers have basically quit in the last 12 months because they don't want to work for her, don't want to work for a city that doesn't appreciate them, we are receiving literally hundreds of email messages and resumes including resignation letters from some of these great officers, 300 cops, 3000 years of experience down the toilet. i can always say, we get buckhead city up and running, the police department up and running, we make both cities budget city and atlanta better safe and prosperous again. like you said we are living in a war zone, running on the saturday dog, you get run over, legs are amputated, you get
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carjacked. jillian: we are seeing this play out not just in buckhead but in speech across the country, devastating to have to have a conversation every morning with people from different cities every day. the question i have is you talk about we want to file for divorce, create our own police department. do you have people willing to step up to that because we also had conversations where police are retiring early, how is that going to work? >> thank you for asking that question. it is a great question. we have two bills in the georgia assembly and the georgia senate. we had emergency hearings, played part of that before we came on. we believe the georgia legislature will put this on the ballot for november of next year
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of 2022. it will be only the 90,000 legally registered voters in buckhead will vote on this. as to your question about will we be able to have recruitment and protection the answer is yes and we will do something nobody is doing in new york, chicago, portland or seattle or atlanta, we will love our police and welcomes them, pay them well, we are not going to throw them under the bus, stand with our men and women in blue and their families because we love them, they risked their lives every day and we have to show them the respect. the remaining officers who can't afford it in atlanta, arrests are down while crime is through the roof. that tells me -- the remaining officers just don't want to get fired, they don't want to get videotapes, they don't want to get prosecuted.
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that is going on. we will direct all that and make everybody proud. jillian: do you know if anyone who would be willing to step up to the plate and be part of that force? >> i will send you their emails. i have 100 of them already. jillian: keep us updated, thanks for joining us. >> god bless you guys. todd: you two anchoring at the same time. 20 minutes after the hour. chuck schumer taking a page from nancy pelosi's playbook pushing today's vote on infrastructure bill that is not even written yet. congressman james comeer like things written down. congressman swalls of the well likes luxury things and apparently doing it with campaign cash, what he is accused of buying when we return. ♪♪ what a man got to do ♪♪ what a man got to do ♪♪ and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild.
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todd: a key vote on that infrastructure bill. back in 2010. >> what is away from the fog of the controversy. >> you to discuss is james comeare. is it fair to the american people, what is in them? >> it is not fair to republicans in congress or the american people or the taxpayers. this is the perfect example of what is wrong with congress. what will happen today, senator schumer will force the senate to vote on a bill that hasn't even
2:25 am
been written and given the authority to proceed and draft a bill that no one knows what is going to be in it. the american people are sick and tired of this. this is something i have seen more and more in congress, the democrat leadership goes down this road, with nancy pelosi and obamacare is that has been so devastating on the healthcare system and trying to do with the so-called infrastructure bill we know is in there like amnesty and green new deal policies and probably some type of legislation to change labor laws so it is bad policy and very disappointing to see chuck schumer do this. todd: it is into rental car agreement you signed without reading it. much like obamacare.
2:26 am
>> they can't agree on anything, the socialist wing of the democrat party, they want and infrastructure bill that has what they call human infrastructure, like most americans, roads and bridges provides rural broadband takes care of the waterway system. schumer is trying to pass the shell bill, democrats lost interest in infrastructure, and all their social wish lists, schumer is in tough spot. todd: it is hitting president biden and democrat on the border crisis as new stats show
2:27 am
continued migrant, june to this year and last year and this one as well, fiscal year to date, pretty stark as well. before the midterms, is this your reality? >> i hope they reverse course, showed no signs of reversing course. americans pretty frustrated. drugs are going up, sentinel coming across the border skyrocketing now, taxpayers once they learn, and what i consider new sanctuary cities to house these temporary immigrants, the
2:28 am
american people will demand democrats reverse course and do what they are supposed to do and that is secure the southern border. jillian: it is not just the southern border problem. it infiltrates every community throughout the country and it will continue to do so. thank you for your time. have a good day. it is 27 after the hour. ben and jerry no longer selling ice cream and parts of israel and some supermarket owners are responding by pulling their planes out of freezers in the us. todd: one of those storeowners joins us next. ♪♪ giving her grief. so she talked to her doctor because she wanted more relief. that's when she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual
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2:32 am
you can barely see the new york city skyline taken from brooklyn. todd: the massive fire burning in oregon creating clouds the generate thunderstorms and new images of california taken from nasa satellites, and weather forecasts, the teleprompters -- i did 2. >> i've lived there for a lot of wildfires. >> the wildfire smoke has traveled across the country to the northeast. 81 large wildfires, wildfire season kicked in early, extreme to exceptional. this is the scenario for the next several months. this is the next 7 days, that is
2:33 am
good news for them but we are not getting in areas that need to see it, california the northwest and there's wildfire smoke forecast. and because of the jetstream is dipping across to the northeast. a cold front will clear the air today but also bring the risk for severe thunderstorms across the i-95 corridor door from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. philadelphia, large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes later today. we will keep an eye to the sky. it has been really busy but "fox and friends" it is national hotdog day. we are going to celebrate -- i'm not going to tell you anywhere but there will be fun. todd: save me the one you are not going to eat. thanks. ben and jerry's no longer
2:34 am
selling ice cream in parts of israel and stores are responding, new york supermarket chain williams will reduce selling the woke brand by 70%. co-owner joins me to explain why, great to see you again. why was it important for you to make this move? >> thank you for having me. when we announced the change yesterday, actually under the, quote, occupied territory being social warriors, what they meant, jewish communities in disputed areas. i will give you an example, all jews were ethnically cleansed out of the jewish quarter, finally move back in in 1967 after recaptured jerusalem and now ben and jerry's ice cream
2:35 am
say a little girl who lived in a jewish quarter is not allowed to have ice cream. similarly we have half 1 million jewish people along the 49 armistice line. even the most liberals can tell you a 2 state solution, many people will end up in israel. todd: focusing on the stores in new york city. i've been to your stores and a lot of them are in heavily populated jewish-american areas. what are you hearing from your customers? >> the response has been overwhelmingly positive. we've received thousands of messages on social media. many of these people, pakistan, people of new york, jewish
2:36 am
people, they realize what this really is, attack on jewish people disputed areas, 31 million people, if you are caught - ice cream fair. todd: it appears you go woke you go broke on the upper east and west side, thank you. >> raining nfl mvp aron rogers has rejected an extension offer from the packers the insiders say would text him in green bay for 5 more years, the highest-paid player in football. he previously said he had issues with packers culture, he's not been to the facility since last season.
2:37 am
75 years old she looks fabulous, dolly parton re-creates her playboy cover for her husband's birthday. >> after 57 years i hope he agrees, what do you think? jillian: she was the first country singer to pose for playboy in 1978. on social media, always hot girl summer for my husband carl, happy birthday. can you think of one person in our culture always hits the right nose, and open intended. jillian: i don't know. we do we need dolly as president, bring the country together. starting your campaign, 37 after the hour. the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine enough to fight the delta variance? not according to a new study just released. todd: the supply shortage at taco bell, say it isn't so. a warning to customers next.
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>> reporter: the band on fire for your return. jillian: on a serious note, 13 million americans got the johnson & johnson covid 19 vaccine may need to get booster shots in the future. todd: cheryl casone with the details. >> they received pfizer, moderna or j&j with the new delta variance, 7 times lower with recipients. j&j is only 30% effective against the new variant, 13 million americans who got j&j need boosters, it is responsible
2:42 am
for 83% of the country. >> lebron is focused elsewhere. carley: taking aim at the us olympic committee's rule requires athletes from political protests while participating, at the stadium, gymnasium, start conversations and give the athletes a chance to make change. and the limbic track and field trials, and on the podium, during competition. jillian: we talked about we wondered if carly was okay because taco bell is dealing with an ingredient shortage. carley: i'm not okay.
2:43 am
jillian: you -- we can see you are okay. carley: we should be thankful this is not happened in this country. >> all restaurants, taco bell. >> no way. >> that was the movie demolition man but our favorite, taco bell dealing with a massive ingredient shortage and said sorry if we can't feed your current craze, we may be out of some items. social media complaints point to lack of beef, chicken, hotspots, lettuce, and tomato. taco will be unavailable. >> proof of life here -- okay?
2:44 am
>> why do i get the bad news bears stories. >> johnson & johnson, no taco bell. what reason is there? i can't figure it out. >> in true carly fashion she is still smiling so you have a visual. >> just got the cameras. >> still ahead. jeff bezos just blasted off to the edge of space and is getting blasted forgetting $200 million to a celebrity chef and cnn anchor. may not have the answers next.
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>> the next 3 hours, nancy pelosi testing positive for covid 19, thought that was impossible after meeting with texas democrats. ronnie jackson will react, and capitol hill between doctor fauci and senator rand paul. the testing czar reacts to the heated exchange and tell you who actually won. lawrence and joey jones talk about the upcoming townhall focused on military members and the civilian workforce, a coach fired for heading -- praying on the field. we have an update to this case. hope i inspired you to get
2:49 am
dressed. back to your regularly scheduled programming. >> records review by fox news, democratic congressman eric swallwell spent thousands on luxury goods. serious xm 115. >> eric swallwell, tucker carlson on the campaign spending. in the 2012 campaign. >> the fbi determined eric swallwell had most of that illegally. to this day no idea where most of the cash came from.
2:50 am
swallwell pleaded ignorant and because he is them the authorities believe him. how can he know he was breaking the law, the guy was an idiot. >> fast-forward to present day, in restaurants and steakhouses. 10,$000 in car services, going to the half moon bay wears swall-- it is unclear how much was spent on campaign events. >> during the spy scandal we hear nothing about that. >> if bezos being blasted into space but also blasted for a plethora of other things including this. he had a big day yesterday aside from going to space. he announced he is giving $100 million each to cnn contributor van jones and
2:51 am
celebrity chef josé andre, this money going to charity. listens that announcement. >> these people demonstrate encourage. try being courageous and civil, trying being courageous as a unifier. that is harder and better. we have people who need to get $100 million to direct the charities of their choice as they see fit. >> even with that giveaway he is getting blasted on social media. he was before and tweeting he forgot to thank the hard-working americans who pay taxes to keep this country running while he had amazon paid nothing. the most interesting he said was companies who pollute have their headquarters in space. jillian: i how possible that is. todd: safety for me but not for
2:52 am
thee. >> reporter: over the weekend it was revealed congressman corey bush spent tens of thousands of dollars on her own personal security detail while calling to defend the police and looks like she's not alone. an interesting article, they say mayors and elected leaders in 20 cities across the country did the same thing. they had their own personal security while calling to defend other people, including san francisco, new york city, chicago, illinois, a huge problem in each of them. from the defend the police movement. todd: 52 after the hour, parlor, overstepping first amendment boundaries with facebook misinformation rhetoric. jillian: mark meckler joins us live. ♪♪
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as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken?
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[ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> what's your message to platforms like facebook. >> they're killing people. facebook isn't killing people these 12 people are out there giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. todd: you saw the statement and the walk back there. social media platform parler scolding oefforts to combat misinformation. >> mark, good to see you.
2:57 am
thanks for being here. >> good to be with you this morning. jillian: okay, so here is what parler has to say on the whole is the president overstepping the first amendment. quote: president biden still maintains any content in the alignment with the administration's recommendation is to be deemed misinformation and shouldn't be posted online. so, what is your opinion on this whole overstepping the boundaries when it comes to the first amendment conversation? >> this is legally complicated area at this point the administration is clearly over the line. here is what i mean be by complicated. the first amendment generally does not apply to privately owned entities like facebook or these other social media giants. they're allowed to censor with impunity, essentially however when the federal government acts in a way that encourages or coerces these companies to censor. now what they are doing is using private entities to take actions that they are not allowed to legally take under the first amendment. that crosses the line into what we call making a private entity
2:58 am
a state actor sand a violation under the first amendment. the administration is clearly moving into this territory now. to. todd: someone who has argued many cases before the supreme court is ted cruz. here is what he had to say on their. >> it's contrary to the constitution, it's contrary to the first amendment, it's contrary to a free democracy, but the biden administration is getting big tech to be the arm in silencing critics. todd: obviously i'm setting up the supreme court question to you, mark, does this issue ultimately get resolved by the supreme court and, if so, how do you see the court ruling? >> yeah, i think it does ultimately make it way to the supreme court. there are several cases pending right now. among them is president trump's case on this issue against the administration. we have another one just filed, i believe, in florida. ultimately, i think, the administration is going to get slapped down on this one as are these companies. this is going to create new law essentially. extend the protection of the
2:59 am
first amendment in a way we haven't seen in a very long time which is saying that when the government coerces private entities into doing its dirty work. things it can't do under the first amendment. the federal government is going to -- the supreme court, i'm sorry, is going to prevent that from happening. jillian: this might seem like a silly question i as a social media would want to know should americans be made aware that the government is essentially working with these companies when it comes to what they're calling disinformation? >> yeah. and i would -- i just want to give a little nuances there they are calling it misinformation. disinformation is information that is intended to be falsely circulated to cause people to do things they shouldn't do. this is misinformation which is an opinion about whether something is factual or not. and, yes, you should know that i think there are consumer protection litigation that can lie here too. this is actually fraud on the american people that they are censoring information that they don't like based on the pressure of the federal government. todd: that is a distinction that needs to be made.
3:00 am
you are not hearing it a lot of places other than here on fox. but it is a crucial distinction. mark meckler, amazing insight as always. you are great on the law. we love having you. thank you your your time. >> thank you. jillian: good to be back with you. todd: awesome to be back with you. check your schedule. todd: you be there too. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> you do not know what you are talking about. gain of function research going on in that lab and you are obfuscating. >> if anybody is lying it is you. >> i will be asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to congress s there any concern that this is a super spreader event. >> that's not a characterization we are making from here. >> can you imagine if republicans went to d.c. and spread covid. that's all they would be talking about. >> a 1-year-old shot in philadelphia just another innocent victim of america's crime crisis. >> this is as bad and dangerous as i have seen in 30 years i have


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