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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 20, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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you are in the miami area we hope you will join us. head to the world famous, and it's great, for acai restaurant in little havana we will be holding a town hall with senator marco rubio at governor desantis, they will both be there and we would love the opportunity to meet you as we fight for and support the freedom loving people of cuba. that's tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. laura, i wish you could join us. >> laura: that will be fun. you always get the fun trips. >> sean: you get plenty of fun trips, what he talking about? >> laura: i would love to hear what you thought of the jen psaki revelations today, that there were more cases of covid at the white house then had been previously understood. imagine if that had been the trump white house and they were always crawling all over trump to get tested. when was the last time you got tested and according to politico biden only gets tested once every couple weeks.
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>> sean: i don't believe that, nor do i believe it was a routine checkup already on kamala harris' schedule sunday at walter read after she was exposed to covid by the democrats in texas, i don't believe that either. >> laura: it's either effective or not effective, we've got to get these questions answered. it's fascinating. >> sean: it's a million-dollar question because it is creating vexing hesitancy. >> laura: great to see you, hannity, great show. looking forward to tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. big show, senator ted cruz is here on what could be a devastating decision by the biden administration at our border. plus congressman jim jordan is going to tell us how he intends to stop another witch hunt as a newly tapped member of the january 6th committee. but first, coercion and compliance is the focus of tonight's "angle." they've been listed stars from sports and pop music and they've done tiktok videos and conducted
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lotteries and they still have had trouble moving the needle a lot on the vaccine question. according to latest figures, those who have received at least one shot breakdown as follows. 47% of whites and 62% of patients have received one dose. compare that to 39% of hispanics and just 34% of african-americans who have gotten at least one of the shot. back in the spring if you recall, public health officials and the biden friendly media were pretty optimistic about meeting that 70% vax goal by july 4th, but they've ended up just pretty bitter and angry. >> we are in this terrible, terrible situation right now, seeing this massive surge. all predicted and predictable when you have the combination of delta and low vaccination rates. >> mounting fears that this delta variant with a big assist
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from the anti-vax community in this country is pushing our country in the wrong direction. >> are we in danger of backsliding in the fall? could we see shutdowns again, do you think? >> that's what i'm worried about. >> laura: their frustrations build out at an oversight hearing when kentucky senator rand paul asked dr. fauci a specific question about the types of research that we knew was being conducted at the china wuhan lab. >> knowing it is a crime to lie to congress do you wish to retract her statement of may 11th where you claim to the nih never funded research and wuhan? >> senator paul i have never lied before the congress and i do not retract that statement. >> you take an animal virus and you increase the susceptibility to humans, you're saying that is not game a function? >> that is correct, and senator paul, you do not know what you're talking about quite frankly. >> all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab and
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there will be responsibility from those who funded the lab including a self. >> i totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, senator. it is molecularly impossible -- >> nope. >> laura: and i don't think that's right. everyone watching this, and sure, senator paul was tough but it's an oversight hearing and this is the only time that anthony fauci actually gets questioned by someone who knows something. a man who has been collecting a fat taxpayer-funded salary for almost half a century, shouldn't he be accustomed to getting pressed on important issues? but instead fat she came across as rather arrogant and demeaning. of course, he is simply tracking the snarky attitude of his favorite media personality. nbc and cnn don't bother digging into the shocking story that the u.s. was actually funding the lab where the virus escaped. that might compromise their
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source in their hero dr. fauci. instead of examining why tens of millions of americans are opting out of vaccination they huff and puff and insult their fellow americans and of course, they look for scapegoats. >> there are two hosts of programs on fox prime time that can only be characterized as anti-vax quacks. >> americans literally celebrated in the streets. there was of course, no fox news back then. it was no talkers and lauras smearing the idea of getting vaccinated. >> 34% of them are vaccinated. only 34% of that state went to joe biden. mississippi, 33% are fully vaccinated. 41% of the vote there went to biden and it is american politics that is killing the american people right now. >> laura: she is a lot of fun. in response, the white house is embracing a campaign of cutthroat intimidation against anyone who questions the
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official position on covid. and this goes far beyond stripping them of their amendment rights on social media. >> i do believe on the local level there should be more mandates. >> laura: oh, the health experts simply refused to concede power. these shutdowns and controls, they have been one big power trip that these guys just don't want to ever see and periods of people like fauci glibly dismissed concerns about adverse vaccine reactions, they refused to acknowledge the broad benefits of natural immunity and those already exposed to the virus. instead, it's just one-size-fits-all solutions. speak of the hesitancy at the local level of doing mandates is because the vaccines have not been officially, fully approved. i think when you do see the official approval you're going to see a lot more mandates. >> laura: what will these new
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controls cover? the liberal show max boot argues for something tantamount to a covid tax system. >> start mandating that anyone who wants to travel on an airplane, train or bus, attended conference or movie, go to an office or any other indoor space show proof of a vaccination or negative coronavirus test. >> laura: like many faux conservatives, they supported endless deployments to change hearts and minds in a rack but apparently he doesn't want to waste time trying to change hearts and minds in the u.s. has this for the new motto? spread freedom abroad, smother it at home. and a message to the other republicans who were so eager to line up and not along with the so-called government expert, you may want to ask whether this is about setting a precedent for a future mandate of a different source. climate mandate or racial justice mandates. of course they would argue that
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both of those have severe health implications. hell, it's already happening in connecticut. federal employees there are threatening to stay home from work because their commutes, they argue, contribute to climate change. i kid you not. colleges and universities are on board with pushing the nonvaccinated, denying admission even to those with a sincere objection. they want to punish them or proof of the antibodies or t cells, that won't count, either. apparently, the belief in diverse, equity and inclusion only goes so far. so the shame game will extend to unvaccinated schoolchildren who face being ostracized in both public and private schools as well so you can imagine the deaths place to far apart from others, they will be shut out from extracurricular activities with growing pressure to remap all of them, vaccinated or not.
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this is sick and un-american. by the way, it is also antiscience. >> it's damaging to the kids and it's all theater. there is essentially no evidence that there is benefit for the kids or for the teachers. >> laura: even the pro-lockdown u.k. has rejected mass vaccinations for those under the age of 17. perhaps they want to avoid getting hit with the same type of massive protests growing across europe for all these covid mandates. they prioritize vaccines in britain for the truly vulnerable. what should be obvious to everyone now is that the threats and harsh tactics against the vaccine skeptics, it just ends up hurting the pro-vax case. the more you try to coerce people, the more suspicion grows, the more defensive the experts are about answering legitimate questions, the more questions they end up raising.
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it does arguing with rand paul help the vaccine case? of course it doesn't. now i realize giggling with olivia roderigo on tiktok is much more fun, but come on. has calling people fascist, racist, antiscience troglodytes for the past year helped accomplish what biden promised? he promised to bring unity to a country. has his smear campaign fostered bipartisanship? no, no. america is a nation founded in liberty, we've always understood that citizens deserve their space to come to their own conclusions. hectoring people, bullying them, mocking them is only going to make matters worse. not the president biden would take about my advice would be dropped the entire thing. let people come to their own conclusions. no more mandates, no more masks. health ouchi to retire and tell
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americans it's time to keep on and carry on. be smart, use your common sense. this virus may be seasonal and we have done an excellent job of protecting the elderly and the vulnerable. thank you, president trump. cases will ebb and cases will flow and most will be asymptomatic. that is the good thing. millions have opted to get the emergency use vaccine after doing their own risk-benefit analysis. that is a matter of individual choice. individual choice is a good thing. the american people are not a conquered enemy for politicians to rule over. they are free people with rights enumerated in our constitution and bestowed by our creator. if everyone respected that basic concept we would have a lot less coercion and a lot more calm. and that is up above the ankle." here now former kansas secretary of state and current kansas attorney general nominee chris kovach.
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chris, you get the sense that these health officials talking about mandates, they don't think for one moment about our constitution, nor did they think about the harm that these lockdowns and this ostracizing of people has done to our country over the past year. they don't think about it at all, never have. >> that's exactly right, and the constitutional barriers thank goodness are significant for them imposing a government-mandated vaccine program at the state or local level. at least three constitutional provisions they will be violating for the 14th amendment, protection of liberty interests against a person being forced to have a substance that they don't want it injected into them. there is the first amendment, free exercise of religion clause which if a person has a religious objection, faith-based objection, that comes into play and if it were a truly coercive mandate where they weren't allowing people to take a fine,
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they were going into their homes and forcing them then you would have a fourth amendment, unreasonable seizure in one's home. the constitution does protect us here but these people pushing it in that congressional hearings seem to have no knowledge or care for -- >> laura: they're not going to do that. what's clear from fauci's they are hoping business does their bidding for them so they have a clever bypass to get around the constitution, the same way they use the social media companies to limit speech, they are going to use corporations to limit movement, work and travel. watch. >> if your pastor tries to push a vaccine or your mother-in-law or your friend or someone in the news for dr. fauci, you're not going to take it but if your boss does, it's more likely that you will change your mind and i think a lot of people are going to expect that businesses will be mandating vaccines. >> laura: chris, what do the
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states do at that point, if the businesses are mandating covid vaccines and just rejecting any request for an exemption, pretty much everyone, then what? >> yeah, that is the real danger and your right to point it out and of course, the businesses aren't constrained by the constitution in the same way that the state is and that is why so many states, mainly red states are rushing to try to put into place statutes that protect their citizens against privately enforced vaccine mandates by businesses. unfortunately three quarters of the state legislatures are not in session and they won't start again until january unless there is a special session but there are statutes and bills that are getting out there. i drafted one that your viewers are welcome to email to their legislatures and i encourage them to get in the hopper. they can go to to get a copy of it. it's already running in
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pennsylvania and it will be up in kansas, missouri and a bunch of other states. we have to get this in front of state legislatures if we are going to protect our citizens. >> laura: i will say the snotty reaction to states like alabama, mississippi, it doesn't just extend the vaccine hesitancy. this is just a cultural bias against those states, period. they don't like those states, they don't like how many kids they have, so it's not just vaccine hesitancy they are sneering at. it's their entire being. i want people to understand that. i think the red states thrive if these mandates go forward. the red states that say now, they're going to continue to thrive. great to see you tonight. joining me with the implications of all of this, conservative author, filmmaker, hosts a podcast and committee to unleash prosperity. mandates are now being seriously considered.
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fauci is practically giddy with the prospect. the political implications of this, what are they? >> this is a huge political mistake of the democratic party and the media are going down. they are to further polarize the issue, they're going to alienate more people and drive the people that are on the fence away, not just from getting vaccinated, which is the stated objective of this, but away from them ideologically and as voters, so i don't see how this accomplishes anything positive. >> laura: the mandates don't just apply to the vaccine, america's doctors said this. >> if there is proof of vaccinations and everyone is fully vaccinated, then you can take off your mask. it's time for us to reinstate some of these masking mandates while in the meantime, proof of vaccination so we can really boost our vaccination numbers. >> laura: punishment to boost vaccines, how does that work?
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>> it's very creepy that you see not only the government trying to use the full extent of its power to coerce its own citizens, but as you mentioned earlier, an effort to kind of recruit the private sector into imposing its punishments. i think the constitutional question here is whether the government can enlist private sector agencies to do what the government itself may be constitutionally forbidden from doing. in other words, think if the government hired a private agency to do unreasonable search and seizure. could they get away with it by the fact that the government can't do it so they're just going to get private companies to do it? the question here, in some ways, i would almost call it the fascist blueprint because the fascist blueprint in its classic definition is the merger of the government with the private sector to kind of bring all the citizens into lockstep. >> laura: when you see the reaction of just the regular citizens here, to this kind of
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browbeating and hectoring and bullying and insulting, like they are all stupid for not rushing out. i was even watching biden today with super bowl champs tampa bay and he kind of turned around and said, now you all got to get vaccinated. he saw some guys turn around, oh, okay. a lot of the young, healthy athletes don't want to get vaccinated. as the nfl going to say they can't if a player they have to get tested every 5 minutes? how does this work? >> they have to subject them to all these protocols until they give in and get the vaccine and frankly i think we've got this whole vaccine story upside down in this country from the white house and all their media allies on down. we should be telling a very positive story on vaccines. we have an enormous uptake on seniors, which is overwhelmingly where the disease and death is. 89% of seniors in this country
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with at least one vaccine. there is no state below 77.5% and there's only five states below 80%. basically everywhere, the seniors, they looked at the cost benefit, they say they are unknown to them but i know my risk of the virus is bad, so go ahead and get it and i suspect that if you had the ability to parse the data by the other high risk category, very high vaccinating uptake in the other high-risk categories also. they don't cut the data that way so we don't know for sure but people are generally really aware of whether they are high risk or whether it makes sense for them to get the vaccine are not. >> laura: that is a very smart way of looking at it. >> as he said, just let people decide. >> laura: i know you wanted to chime in on the fugitive democrats and the discovery that a number of them, six total so far have tested positive after their sojourn to washington, d.c. one of nancy pelosi's staffers
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has it. they've revealed today at the white house briefing and they are all apparently vaccinated. >> i think the whole texas runaway scheme has turned out to be kind of a comedy. it's like the getaway car and the lewd and the car breaks down and suddenly everybody has the disease and they are supposedly vaccinated and not only this, when they get back to texas there are people waiting to arrest them. what i think is particularly telling about all of this is although the media has been handling these texas democrats as heroes, what they are doing is exactly the same as what the january 6th protesters are accused of doing. they are obstructing an official proceeding. if you think about it come in the january 6th guys delayed that proceeding by what, an hour, two hours? the texas democrats are essentially preventing the texas legislature for going to session for now days, weeks, it could even be months.
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this is kind of an assault on the democratic process so i'm really glad to see carma getting a hold of them. >> laura: you can't even write this. we are learning the white house doesn't even count most of its staff's cases. only a small percentage of their staff cases. case numbers don't matter in symptomatic, serious illness. the white house is kind of following what we set all along. don't worry about the case numbers. great to see you. and if the biden administration really cares about the delta variant, why are they rescinding a rule that keeps covid from actually crossing our borders? senator ted cruz reacts and moments. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: all right, the delta variant is all we hear about. in some cases the biden administration seems to be fine with. covid cases among migrants in the rio grande valley are up 900% in the first two weeks of july. despite this fact, repealing a public health -- that kept up to 750,000 migrants out of the country due to the heightened
7:27 pm
risk of covid. according to the free beacon as part of the preparations, senior homeland security officials warned staff that they will have to process up to 1200 family units a day on top of what they are already dealing with at the border. when asked about the national security implications, the white house just -- to the medical bureaucrats. >> travel restrictions to come to the united states, any decisions about opening international travel will be guided by our own public health and medical experts. we will continue to be guided by public health guidelines on how we reopen travel within our borders. >> laura: here now is texas senator ted cruz. your reaction to this to this. >> the biden administration has gone extremely hard left and if you look at priorities there is a hierarchy of priorities with joe biden and kamala harris. at the very bottom of the list
7:28 pm
is your freedom and your freedom to choose whether or not to get a vaccine, free to choose what to do with your life. down at the bottom of the priority list for the biden administration is your right to go to work, to have a job, to send your kids to school. above that, they put the virus and fighting the pandemic. they put that at the next level so they view covid as more important than your right to go to work or send your kids to school. but above that in their priority list is their desire to have open borders, and so they are willing to impose all of these mandates on american citizens and at the same time at our southern border they are releasing hundreds of thousands of people. we are on pace to have more than 2 million people across our border this year and what do they want to do? repeal the laws that have enabled us to keep out people who are covid positive even though that is driving up the rates of covid infections and this is a radical open border
7:29 pm
policy that doesn't make any sense and that is endangering american health. >> laura: senator, i have to ask about this issue has to bat at the top of the show which is this lurch towards covid mandates in states across the country. chris kovach addressed the constitutional issue. given your background i would love to hear what you had to say about what we are looking at here, which is may be people not being able to fly, not being able to check into hotels, go to work and so forth. >> i think it should be simple. there should be no mandates. no vaccine mandates, and a mask mandates. we should respect individual liberty. when it comes to vaccines i believe in vaccines. i've been vaccinated, my parents have been vaccinated, heidi's parents have been vaccinated. particularly if you are elderly or in a high risk category i
7:30 pm
think taking the vaccine makes sense but i also believe in individual liberty and responsibility. i think you are able to make that decision for yourself and look at the cost-benefit analysis and to make a choice about whether getting vaccinated is a good idea. i think for schoolchildren, we haven't vaccinated our girls. the cost-benefit analysis is different for kids. the rate of serious covid infections is so low that trying a new vaccine for us doesn't make sense. different parents make different decisions but the left doesn't believe in individual responsibility, they don't believe in individual choice. they want the government to mandate you must obey. i've introduced legislation in the senate to ban vaccine passports, to ban the government saying we are going to issue a document to make sure you have had a vaccine. introducing legislation to end the mask mandate on airplanes. it's crazy that airplanes are
7:31 pm
mandating mask mandates. it doesn't make any sense and democrats are opposing this because they believe you don't have a right to make a choice for yourself. >> laura: people who are called anti-vaccine when they are really anti-mandate, correct? that is the real trick. you are a antigovernment control because we think it leads to perhaps the next lockdown or the next mandate, the climate change mandate or the racial justice mandate or whatever the mandate, when people start bowing down to us. >> i will tell you something from inside the senate. on the question of masks, i've never been on the extreme on either side. i've never understood the people that want masks at all times no one or what, and i frankly never did with the people who said never wear a mask no matter what. particularly early on in the pandemic, it was a dangerous disease, i was willing to take reasonable steps to slow the spread of the disease. but i tell you, once i was
7:32 pm
vaccinated, i stopped wearing my mask on the senate floor. there were just three of us, three senators out of 100, not wearing a mask. there was rand paul, me and roger marshall, and people looked at you like you had three heads when he walked on with no mask and i said, i believe in science. vaccines work and then suddenly, magically when joe biden was under some real political pressure, the cdc changed their recommendation and said okay, where -- >> laura: their back. >> everyone took off their masks and now they are going back. by the way, if you want to encourage people to get vaccinated, this idea of the left, you're getting people to say even if you're vaccinated you've got to wear a mask. my answer to that is no, no, no, hell no. if you suggest nothing in your life will change, we are going
7:33 pm
to lock you in your bedroom forever even if you're vaccinated, people are going to choose to do so and it's a result of people who frankly, they believe in government power and they don't care about your individual freedom. >> laura: it's about control and senator, you stated it very eloquently. good to see you tonight. head of a parent teachers association of virginia had a message to parents fighting critical race theory. let them die. the full video and the mother who shot the tape, next.
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♪ ♪ >> our goal remains high quality education for every child in a safe and secure environment. our reality is we will continue to face challenges and changes as we live through this pandemic. nothing has been perfect. nothing will be perfect this school year.
7:39 pm
that is just the truth. >> laura: he's very inspiring, isn't he? fairfax county, virginia, is among the most educated and wealthy school districts in the nations but you wouldn't have guessed it from what school administrators and teachers have put parents through during covid. that is why members of the fairfax county parents association is an advocacy group pushing towards reopening schools, gathered enough signatures in an attempt to recall certain board members. joining us now, some who helped spearhead this movement, the cofounder of the coalition. the fairfax school spokes woman helen lloyd called this recall campaign misguided and based on incorrect information. your response? >> we think not. the parents in our organization have watched every board meeting
7:40 pm
and they promised that as covid infections went down they would dial up and return kids back to school and they didn't do that and they did it slow. in fact, until two weeks ago, they had promised some of the special ed students to come back in the services and they unceremoniously canceled half of them because they mismanaged their staff. the attention is on other things like their pet projects and social justice issues and the kids have been left to flounder and there is still no plan for fall. the last four board meetings, they haven't mentioned a plan. they keep saying a strong return to school but there is no details. >> laura: people have to understand this school district around d.c.'s wealthy, influential, powerful but this should be the creme de la creme of public schools, public school systems. it's a disaster and there is a school board member elaine solon
7:41 pm
who is named in your position, said this at a recent board meeting. >> all students deserve to attend a sustainable schools that enhance their health and wellness, prepare them for 21st century careers and support a thriving planet. we are taking a step towards leaving behind a livable, viable earth for our most precious resource, our children. >> laura: i wouldn't hire her to walk my dog, okay? she has her eye on the ball. sustainable schools? they are not even in school, necessarily. >> this woman have abstain from return to school votes in the past. she did nothing to push forward. the only reason is because of parents like us, they had no intention of opening it all and everything they did along the way is because of parents that were involved. the parents and the students are charlie brown, and they are lucy
7:42 pm
with the proverbial educational football. >> laura: the solution is to get these board members recalled and to run new candidates and take the board of receipt by seat, correct? that is what you have to do. >> correct, that is what is going to happen. i've been on the streets collecting signatures since last fall. >> i've seen you. you will be surprised to know that i am a democrat and we are our grassroots bipartisan group and everybody on the board, we've been writing letters, we've gone to them and spoken to them personally. i tried to warn them there is a bipartisan tidal wave coming their way. they don't look us in the eye, and if they can't recall them one by one there is an election in virginia. >> laura: thank you, keep us up-to-date on what's happening. in fairfax county has also been on the front lines of the critical race theory debate in
7:43 pm
the advocacy extends well beyond some leftist teachers and administrators per check out this video, it features the fairfax vice president in training, someone named michelle, offering some choice words to those who oppose their divisive curriculum. >> these -- people are in education, anti-equity, and i, anti-opportunity , anti-lgbt plus, anti- >> laura: there was applause when she said "let them die." a fairfax mother took that video enjoins us now. her son recently graduated from fairfax county public schools. she helps with the watchdog
7:44 pm
group. michelle has since resigned but a lot of people out there applauding, however. >> oh, yeah. as disturbing as what michelle had to say is the crowd in front of her. i was at that camera angle taking the footage and i just went there armed with my cell phone, that's all i had, and my notebook and my pen. as a mom in fairfax county trying to hold our school board officials accountable. we were in front of, right before a school board meeting. to my left was brian graham, the chairman of the fairfax county democratic committee. next to him was the delegate that is on the fairfax county human rights commission. across from them, teachers union representative. next to her, the service -- >> laura: these are all big liberals. we've got to move this along. these are all big liberals. my question is, we have conservatives and democrats working together to recall other
7:45 pm
board members. so where is the crowd showing up when people like this are making these outrageous, frankly threatening statements about parents who are paying their salaries? we need crowds that dwarf the people that are there. >> absolutely. this is a machine that is up against parents like sandra who just spoke. >> laura: got to have our own machines, forget their machine. roll right over them with our machine. >> yeah, we have to supersize ourselves and that is what we are trying to do. we have organized parents across the country now. there are folks that are going to school board meetings. i called them the marching millions. folks who are trying to drown out these voices that are trying to shut us up because they would like to see us dead. they are effectively trying to put the mute button on us at every school board meeting and so what we have to do is to stand up and fight back, the school board members who refuse to listen to us run for
7:46 pm
election, and speak out. >> laura: showing up in large numbers and voting to defeat every single one of these frauds who are on these school boards who don't want their teachers in these classrooms and when they are in the classroom, want to indoctrinate the kids on critical race theory and all this other stuff. thanks for taking that video, it made a real difference. congressman jim jordan has just been tapped to be one of the g.o.p. reps on that january 6th select committee. here's here next and he will tell us how he intends to fight another witch hunt and who should be investigated on top of the process. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
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a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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♪ ♪ >> if the republicans are looking for somebody to turn this process into a food fight, look no further than jim jordan. >> he alone is one of the most disruptive members of congress and will do as much as he possibly can to hijack and be theatrical. >> sounding like a jim jordan, who is a walking clown show onto a very serious committee is just a very ridiculous idea. >> laura: congressman jordan joins us now. isn't it fun being sold off? i feel the same way lately
7:52 pm
doesn't it give you the warm and fuzzies, that you're going to be the and at the picnic of the january 6th commission. >> i tell my colleagues all the time, if the mainstream press and the liberal democrats aren't saying anything bad about you than i am not doing anything good. you are fighting the good fight and you get attacked all the time. will they kick me off of the committee, i don't know. since when does the other coach to determine who gets to play for our teams that we will see what happens. but i do know what this is about, this is about attacking president trump once again because frankly, what else are they going to talk about? at the going to talk about crime going up in every city, inflation, where the price of everything, gas, bread, milk, airline tickets, used cars, are they going to talk about that stuff? so they have to focus on the only thing they know which is attacking president trump because he did such a good job and they can't stand that. >> laura: their pal aoc has a
7:53 pm
few thoughts on your being chosen for the january 6th commission. watch. >> kevin mccarthy has decided that his role as the minority leader in the house of representatives is essentially to be chauffeur of the clown car and he believes that his job is to champion some of the most ludicrous, responsible and dangerous members of this party instead of centering some of the more even killed and responsible members of his party. >> laura: congressman jordan, the responsible members of the party, people like adam kinzinger and others, they would agree with the democrats that this was an insurrection unlike any worldwide insurrection that has ever occurred. >> if they want to use the term responsible, you know what would be responsible? to ask the fundamental question, why wasn't there a proper security presence and posture that day and frankly the only one who can answer that is speaker pelosi.
7:54 pm
but my hunch is the reason we didn't have the backup there for those good capitol hill police officers is because what happened in the summer of 2020, democrats normalized anarchy. if you attacked police officers, destroyed small business, they said that's fine. they called it a peaceful protest and worse yet they raised money to bail those very people out of jail. with that as a backdrop you probably can't have the kind of presence you need when you're having this kind of -- of people coming to the capital. i doubt if the democrats would address that question but that would be the responsible thing to do. >> laura: yes or no, should nancy pelosi be the subject of an investigation? >> she should have to answer the question, why wasn't there a better security presence that day? it wasn't like we didn't know there was going to be a big rally there that day for goodness sake. >> laura: thank you, good to see you. up next, we celebrate a big anniversary. stay there. on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision.
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>> i am on the fully vaccinated, team pfizer.
8:00 pm
i did go jogging today in the park. this was the mask i wore with a doctor's mask under it big our own former president inciting people into violence and pushing them more into this violent white extremism. much the way bin laden did. >> i don't allow people to just make up and say lies. >> him who run the world? >> to correct the record, i am never greased up. you will see sweat but i'm never wearing any kind of oil or anything like that. when i work out. the governor suggested otherwise, nothing but respect. not true. >> it's okay. you can deny it. it's fine. we can talk about it privately. it was coconut oil, i was told. let's forget about it. >> greg: come on, chris. everyone knows you put the oil on after the workout.


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