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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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changes for the u.s. supreme court including the future of the oldest serving justice. we will bring you there thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" have you seen this show this week hosted by brian kilmeade it's pretty good. starts right now. brian? >> brian: thanks so much, bret, i appreciate it. hope to see you soon. meanwhile, good evening to all you have out there and welcome to "fox news primetime" ♪ ♪ bret gave it away i am brian kilmeade. last to weeks 200 percent increase in covid-19 cases across the country. now, that's despite the fact that 60% of adults in this nation have been vaccinated amend the biden administration made it clear who responsible for this spike? there is a clear message that is coming through, this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated and that means getting vaccinated you can
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save yourself. >> virtually all of the covid deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people. let me say it again virtually all from unvaccinated people. and that means the safest thing to do is to get vaccinated. >> brian: always appreciate when he says it again. so i get it vaccinated. and you don't get the virus. sounds simple and straightforward, right? but, wait a second. there is another nation who is arguably done just as good as us vaccinating population use, our vaccines by the way united kingdom. they seem to be experiencing something quite different. >> in terms of the number of people in hospital who have been double vaccinated we know it's around 06% of the people being admitted to hospital with scrofd been double vaccinated and that's not surprising because the vaccines are not 100 percent effective. >> brian: getting a little confused. internet renegade texas legislators. one plane, no masks, at least
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one case of beer. all vaccinated and then this morning i hear this: >> another one of those run away texas house democrats has tested positive for code bringing the total now to six. more than 10% of that group that fled to d.c. to protest a republican state election reform bill that's a growing number really rapidly. >> brian: 10% break through rate. sounds a lot worse than what the cdc originally told us which is 0.01%. if we are to believe latest variant charges all about the unvaccinated how do you explain everything i just told you what i just shared with you. i don't have to explain it to you. i don't have to understand. jen psaki circled back and will straighten this out. >> we certainly understand there will be break through cases even vaccines that are uncredit debbie effective are not fool proof. fullproof. there will be break through
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cases as this instance shows cases in vaccinated individuals are typically mild. the news today is that while break through case. >> brian: to be candid what's clear is that a vaccine isn't a oneway ticket to beating the variant. the inaccurate information isn't going to help reluctant americans get the shot the president has been pushing us to get. all you have to do is level with us, america. just tell us the truth. give us the facts because we can always weed it through the fiction. joining us dr. janette nesheiwat, fox news contributor. dr. nesheiwat, what is the truth as you know it. you are on the ground getting the vaccine, which by the way i got, and beating this variant. >> brian, first of all this disease this is a dynamic fluid constantly evolving situation that we are dealing with and, no, this is not a pandemic of just the unvaccinated. this is a pandemic for all of us. this virus, this disease has impacted and infected each and
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every single one of us. it's not just a matter of being unvaccinated it's a combination. sure, being unvaccinated puts you more likely to be hospitalized and put you more likely to pass away from the disease. it's also important that we include the fact that it's the delta variant that is highly more contagious. more transmissible, easily spread from person-to-person and then on top of that the vaccines are only around, you know, from 75% to 90% effective. they are not 100 percent. we expect break through infections. plus, what about those who are immune compromised, they get the vaccine but their bodies aren't able to produce an appropriate response to the vaccine. so we have to take all of that into consideration. the best thing that we can do knowing all of this information is, yes, get yourself vaccinated if you can't get vaccinated right now, i believe that this current outbreak that we're having, the rise in cases throughout the country is due to
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the severely infectious delta variant that we're seeing. fortunately two doses of moderna or two doses of pfizer can give you significant protection, protect from you losing your life. you still could potentially get sick, but the whole golf the vaccines are to keep you off a ventilator and to keep you alive. >> brian: absolutely. when you hear the british using pfizer and moderna predominantly 70% of hospitalizations are from this, 40% vaccinated now, excuse me. when you find that out, and you find out they have been hospitalized and find out this is all about the unvaccinated those people on the fence that you guys are trying to win over throw up their hands. >> here's the thing you have to understand, the more people you vaccinate the more break through infections you are going to see, the united kingdom has 70% of their population fully vaccinated yes, we expect to see break through infections. we only have about 48% of the population in the united states
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fully vaccinated. we are hovering around 5% to 10% of our citizens who are in the hospital who are aren't vaccinated that number may go up. at least you aren't going to lose your life from this virus; vaccinated can protect you from dying. 99% of the deaths in this country right now are among those unvaccinated just because you are hospitalized does not mean you are going to die. does not mean you are going to be put on a ventilator. sometimes you just need some iv therapy. sometimes you just need oxygen perk you up and boost your immune system and send you home. getting vaccinated is one of the best tools to protect you and also, you know, wearing a mask if you are unable to get vaccinated. i have seen it firsthand, brian. i have had young patients myself come in with fever, headache, you know, upset symptom and they're fully vaccinated they weren't sick enough for me to have to send them to the hospital but i was able to at least give them supportive care, conservative measures and tell them what to do to get
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themselves feeling better and protect themselves from getting worse and protect from spreading to other people as well. >> brian: from what can you tell, is it possible to find out are their symptoms milder because they got the vaccine? is that a selling point and accurate one? >> yeah. that's a really good question. yes, absolutely. of all my patients that have tested positive after being vaccinated, none of them, i have to send to the hospital. i have had some i have to send older patients to the hospital just to be monitored. those are patients that had diabetes or obese or had heart problems or lung problems. >> brian: guess what? they know that we don't need me to tell them. you don't have to tell them that they know they are being compromised. i just believe in the big picture. i'm with pedestrians, thought with the medical community. the questions come up when you get inaccurate information from the white house like this is all about the unvaccinated and then you find out nancy pelosi staffer tested positive and you got a bunch of legislators on a
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plane testing positive. and i know it must be frustrating for you because with you are actually doing the medical work and putting the lab coat on. dr. nesheiwat, thank you so much appreciate your insight and expertise. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: the white house messaging on covid-19 has been a total disaster if you ask me. now with the number of vaccinations falling fall short of the president's target they appear to be looking for a scapegoat. a scapegoat and that is in many cases facebook. brit hume is with us now. fox news senior parrillo analyst. brit, welcome. the messaging from the white house was supposed to be all donald trump inaccurate trying to sell us that the pandemic was over. we still got a messaging problem from the white house, don't we? >> well, we do when he is trying to blame the lack of full -- enough being vaccinated on facebook. facebook isn't responsible for that facebook, if anything, has been a hand maiden of the white house in trying to suppress information that facebook and the white house don't like. it's now being invited to too so
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in a more formal way. certainly not fair to blame it on facebook. i think that the messaging from the white house and other health authorities throughout this pandemic, which has turned out to be either wrong or later contradicted and so on throughout this whole season of the pandemic has left people wondering what they can truly believe. and i think that is responsible in large measure for the fact that a lot of people are still reluctant to get the shot. you know, you have people that don't like shots anyway. and then you have people like robert f. kennedy who are anti-vaxers out there who are promoting this information. but i think trying to blame facebook was a mistake. >> brian: it's a dirty mistake dirty dozen give us the rankings as if we are all sheep and don't make our own decisions like if seniors don't know they are seniors or people who are compromised don't know they are compromised. i digress the texas legislators who came here and looked at themselves as heroes and chuck schumer looked out to them teary eyed find themselves overwhelmed
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by the reality that they irresponsibly left boston with no battle plan and find themselves the subject of being covid-19 positive not warriors for a cause. what's your reaction to how they stepped on their message? >> brit: well this whole trip has turned into a complete fiasco because leaving the legislature down there and depriving it are a quorum is scm interfering with the democratic process in the state of texas. what are they here to protest alleged interference democratic process because of the law on voting how it's to be conducted that has been passed by the texas house and is headed texas senate and headed for the texas house. to protest interference in the democratic process they are, guess what? interfering in a democratic process and then they fly up here and come down a bunch of them come down with covid which is extremely embarrassing. soft whole trip, i think, is a total loss for them as a political matter.
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>> brian: right. speaking of total loss, every time the vice president takes on a mission, they seem to be raising eyebrows. for example her latest mission to get everyone vaccinated she tapped into the bible. let's listen together. >> very essence of what the bible tells us when it says love thy neighbor. and in the face of that stranger you see a friend. that's what this is about. and so by getting vaccinated, you are loving your neighbor. >> brian: now i get it what's your reaction to reverend harris? >> brit: well, look, if you want to get a shot, on the theory that you won't be likely to contract the disease and you will be unlikely to spread it and that's an act of generosity toward your neighbor, there is nothing wrong with that. it seems a little bit of a stretch. you know, my view of that is love your neighbor is a good message. brian, there is something i would like to mention here that is that all of this discussion now of people getting infected
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after having the vaccine is a little bit -- is a little bit -- needs a little bit of perspective which is simply this. we don't know how sick these people are who are getting it we don't know how great of a threat it is. we hear 40% of hospitalizations in britain are people who have vaccinated. we don't know how sick they are. able along the reason for the extreme measures that were taken, the shutdowns. the closing of the schools. the constant wearing of the masks which has done great collateral damage to our country has been on the premise that we're dealing with a deadly disease. i think that the presence of the vaccine and the fact that a great many people have natural immunity occasioned by the fact that they had the vaccine and survived it has meant that this thing is simply not the threat it once was. you know, it's fun to talk about the cases and how many there are and so on. but the fact of the matter is, that this virus now, because of all that's happened is very much less dangerous than it used to
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be and let us pray, brian, that we don't lapse back into lockdowns and universal masking and all those things that have been so difficult. >> brian: we will be to blame because we put idiots in charge and that has proven to be counter productive. that means they don't learn from any of their mistakes. brit, you have been saying that all along. appreciate your perspective as usual. thank you very much. >> you bet. thank you. >> brian: amazon billionaire jeff bezos goes to the space much to the dismay of socialists here on earth but not to the great mark levin. first, we sent rand paul and dr. fauci to couples counseling did it work. >> gain of function research was going on in that land and nh funded it you can't get away from it. >> you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. i totally resent that. >> and it could have been. >> if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. >> brian: all right. i will take that as a no. i will say yes to this. rand paul is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> brian: here we go booster shots and delta variant were the main topics on discussion on capitol hill today where dr. anthony fauci and the cdc director rochelle wolenski testified on the state of the pandemic we are living through. also on the docket northern verbal brawl between fauci and senator rand paul. obviously these two have a lot to talk about. >> dr. fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract your statement of may 11th where you claimed that the nih never funded gain of function research in wuhan? >> senator paul, i have never lied before the congress. and i do not retract that statement. senator paul, day not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. and i want to say that
4:20 pm
officially. you do not know what you are talking about. >> the gain of function research was going on in that lab and nih funded that. you can't get away from it. it meet your definition and you are obfuscating the truth. >> i'm not obfuscating. you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. i totally resent that. >> and it could have been. >> if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. >> brian: unfortunately time was up. but now it's time for us to get senator rand paul's take on this. senator from, my humble point of view, watching this a few times, you tried to say what was going on in that lab from a paper you were reading and it's defined as gain of function research. he wanted to focus on in particular a certain experiment. you are trying to say that he was not accurate may 11th when he said there was none of that financed by the nih. correct? >> well, gain of function research is defined by the nih. we read the definition to him.
4:21 pm
it's when you take an animal virus and you make it more transmissible or more dangerous or more likely to cause a disease in humans. so we presented a paper from the wuhan institute by a doctor shi where she took viruses, combined two viruses that were not infectious in humans and made them infectious in humans. we quoted a scientist from rutgers university with 30-year history in cellular biology who said it was the epitome of gain of function research. all dr. fauci could do was sputter, and call me liar but he never at any point in time address any of the facts that we laid out that the money he was giving to wuhan was indeed for gain of function. >> brian: the significance of this is american money used to finance experiments that we didn't want done in the wuhan lab where to seemed more and more people are agreeing with the original assessment and tom cotton's original assessment that that's where this whole pandemic started from.
4:22 pm
that's pretty significant if it's american dollars being used and dr. fauci knew about it and is trying to get away from responsibility from it. >> yeah. he has a significant conflict of interest since he was, indeed, at the top of the food chain and that he did approve funding to the nih to the wuhan lab. that's not even contested. he knows that he approved the funding, all he is saying is oh, well, the research now doesn't meet our definition. but when you read the nih definition of gain of function research and you talk to other scientists they are saying it's the epitome of gain of function research. so, yes, he is dancing around the truth. why? because if this disease came from the lab and they were funding gain of function, guess what? there is at the very least moral culpability he has for the beginning of the pandemic. but if you go back to fauci's statements in 2012 he said that the research was worth it even if a pandemic should occur. even if a leak from a lab should occur the research was worth it.
4:23 pm
he shows incredibly bad judgment. >> brian: senator rand paul, how was your exchange covered today? >> you know, when you look at the so-called objective sources of news, they played only one side. they didn't look at all. but this is sort of the problem we. fauci controls all the funding and the media is all on his side. so you really -- nobody questioned what i had said. they just broadcast that fauci called me a liar. so name-calling became the issue of the day for the left wing media. >> brian: a lot of doctors are frustrated that dr. fauci is the face of this, never turned down an interview from self-curry's podcast to msnbc 3:00 a.m. show. marty makary has been frustrated the way it's characterized and doing a study john hopkins how the money is being used nih 08000000000 plus. listen to what he told me on the radio today. >> the reality is i would love to see the date that. he should be ashamed of himself by the way.
4:24 pm
the nih last year spent $41 billion on research grants, 0.4% of that went to covid. if is he so convinced that masks are needed in kids two and a half years old, why didn't he fund the study? >> brian: he has 80 billion. he gives out 40. he cips 41 and puts 0.4% into covid-19 results and studies. how do you get away with that? >> well, has been there for 40 years, probably 39 years too long. evidence controls all the funding. so people are deathly afraid of him. researcher also not speak out. why have there not been other scientists? i get fox news alerts scientists all the time. can you find them. they are very distrustful of what he is saying. they don't think he is making sense and reading the science accurately. they're afraid to speak out because many of them are university science and they depend on nih funds. to cross him means it's last money you will ever get. >> brian: i said senator that
4:25 pm
carrie he is not a senator is he a doctor at hopkins. 2-year-olds wearing masks to school pediatric society said he would do it seems like clear-thinking people. do the work yourself. you have a year and a half worth of data to go through. go through the data. we paid for it final thought? >> there is no science kids on masks. no kids in america should be wearing masks. death rate is less than the seasonal flu for children. we should treat it like the seasonal flu for children and treat it like the serious illness that it is for those that are older, particularly over 65. bribe brian senator, you forced him to answer questions even if the media is not covering it correctly. thanks so much for spending your time tonight bringing color commentary to the exchange today. >> thank you. >> meanwhile separate ahead on "fox news primetime" tom brady takes a jab at president trump while visiting the white house. at least 40% of you have aren't going to like it. but, first, billionaire blasts off yep sorry kim jong un jeff bezos is the rocket man now.
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it's simple. one pill, once-daily. #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at ♪ 5, 4, start 2, 1. >> brian: just like that jeff bezos was space. launched the first mission this morning lasting 10 minutes before touching back down to earth. is the beginning of space tourism as an industry? have private companies taken over the space race so to speak? darryl nehls one of the best to explain. from the nasa perspective, was this significant? >> it was incredibly significant, brian, because, think of about it, 60 years ago alan shepard a nasa astronaut launched in sub or buy tall spaceflight like the flight today reaching a similar
4:32 pm
altitude 40 to 50 miles more the time alan shepard went out which is also what bezos named his rocket after. so it was pretty significant. he chose this day, which was 62 years ago today, that apollo 11 also landed on the moon. it was really neat to see the history and basically to have an individual who was wealthy enough to build a company that then launches him on a sub or buy tall spaceflight that is something that only a government could do 60 years ago is is incredible. we applaud him. >> brian: next new glenn. what's going to be different about new glenn. >> new glenn a much more powerful rocket for blue origin in fact nasa has recognized it is eligible to take nasa missions into space. so we're excited about their next iteration of rockets. he mentioned new armstrong today which i hadn't heard before. shepard sub or buy tall new glen john glenn, orbital flight and
4:33 pm
armstrong the moon so it's pretty exciting. >> brian: derrol, we are making history today where are you now. >> no one has ever broadcast live inside the vehicle assembly building at the kennedy space center but here we are. that is a real moon rocket behind me. that is a space launch system. you can see the two twin solid rocket motors and boosters and the big core stage in the middle this rocket is going to send the orion spacecraft around the moon and back and our exploration ground stacking this rocket and getting it ready this thing is taller than the statue of liberty. i'm 20 floors up broadcasting you to you live from inside this building. it's pretty written credible. >> brian: also can i add you are 6'9". we did set a record on that tallest reporter in front of biggest rocket. match that cnn. i appreciate it derrol nail, great job. >> records are falling. >> brian: thank you for breaking it down for us, derrol nail, thank you.
4:34 pm
>> brian: face, the final frontier unless you are a billionaire like jeff bezos privately funded spaceflight this morning was a great for american capitalism. not everyone shares that belief just ask bernie sanders if you are on earth richest country on the planet half of our people live paycheck to paycheck. people are struggling to feed themselves and struggling to see the doctor. richest guys in the world are in outer space. it's time to tax the billionaires. it's amazing he could see something so dark in something so fun, interesting and insightful. so we now know what bernie says about bezos' flight what about mark levin the same mark levin the author of the number one book in the world "american marxism" and the host of life, liberty and levin. he joins us now. mark, you saw the tweet. isn't that a perfect contrast to what we believe in capitalist society as democratic capitalist society and the one who is an avowed socialist? >> yeah. he is actually a marxist. but can he call himself whatever
4:35 pm
he wants. i will call him what he actually is here's the thing, brian. people like bernie sanders have never produced a damn thing in their life. they have never contributed to this country a damn thing. never employed anybody. never created a service or product. they know thousand run everything. these are abstractions and theories they are imposing on the country. they pretend they never supported the old soviet union like he did. they pretend like they never supported the communist regime of venezuela like he did. they pretend he never supported the castro regime in cuba as he calls it but he did. these are genocidal maniacal regimes. and they are using that ideology to attack this country every way they can. these are multibillionaires for a reason. they actually produce something that people want. you may not like their politics. i may not like their politics, that's quite apart from everything else. look, all during the pandemic, we used amazon and we used these other plat formation, they were very, very important.
4:36 pm
redistributing wealth, class warfare, government largess. the robber barrens in this world today government bureaucrats and politicians like bernie sanders who control trillions and trillions of dollars. steal it from the taxpayer, redistribute it to their base. redistribute it to the purposes that they want to spend it on. and i would say this to bernie sanders, how the hell do you think we get electricity and light bulbs and automobiles and oil and air conditioning and heating? how do you think we use lumber and steel and aluminum? it's called capitalism. bernie hates the industrial revolution as most marxists do. they hate material wealth unless they can redistribute it these billionaires have shown us that we still in america, red-blooded americans are technologically advanced. we are on the cutting edge. the only way the communist chinese can get anywhere is by stealing our technology and trying to work on it. so bernie sanders needs a new model. he should put the old soviet model aside. the old chinese communist model
4:37 pm
aside and wake up, wake up to the fact that this is or supposed to be a free country, a capitalist country where profit matters, where hard work matters. wealth creation matters. >> brian: so i read most of the book american marxism. i can hear your voice in it. it sounds like your radio show and sounds like something talking about but all coming together from the attack on history to the new push for solomun and the fact that bernie sanders is a powerful force in the democratic national committee party proudly outlier he still can't figure it out. president biden has not figured out that he is not acting like a capitalist. listen to what he said the other day. >> another prediction that is my favorite one, i musted a, is that if i got elected i would bring the toned capitalism. [laughter] i never understood that one but we have heard it an awful lot. well, in six months in my administration the u.s. economy has experienced the highest economic growth rate in nearly 40 years.
4:38 pm
folks, it turns out capitalism alive and very well. >> brian: is it? >> well, is he delusional. he has always been delusional, quite frankly. he has always been a back bencher and here he is president of the united states. capitalism is alive but it is not well because it's under attack. not by the communist chinese or the russians not by the jihadists that run the iranian regime and all the rest. it's attacked from within by bernie sanders, by biden, the so-called squad of american hating democrats. by the media, by academia. they hate capitalism. they hate the industrial revolution. they hate freedom that's the bottom line. they are doing nothing to advance the cause of freedom. nothing to advance the cause of private property rights. nothing to advance the entrepreneurship, growth, wealth creation. that's what freedom is all about. massive tax increases, redistribution of wealth.
4:39 pm
that's the wrong model. that's the american marxist model. teaching racism and marksism to 8-year-olds and transgenderrism to 8-year-olds indoctrination that's not right. open borders when we are asimulating into the cultures people escaping rather than people asimulating into our culture that is deadly for our country. phony climate change as if the climate change one degree suddenly we will have more earthquakes and hurricanes, mother nature. there is no mother nature it's called nature. and nature can be a real you know what. no, that is a degrowth movement that was born out of europe in the 1970s by marxists. the whole book, the point of the book is to take this veneer off what's going on to explain the scholars, intellectuals demagogues behind these american marxist movements that have been spawned from marxism and that have been into our country. whether it's critical race theory or lit crack. whether it was global warming and this green new deal which is
4:40 pm
an old red deal, whether it is open borders and lit crack which preaches that the people who live in this country are the illegal aliens and indigness people have the right to come through the border if they wish. and then of course in the last chapter i have my own sets of solutions which i think is very, very important. we need galvanize and rally and take our language back. the narrative back. we need to push back. brian palestine lastly, real quick i'm a little over, dr. carson told me today he welcomed the critical race theory debate. why? he is making everyone take account of what we have in this country and how far we have come. without this debate i shouldn't have been able to do it. do you agree with that line of thought? >> no. because this is a marxist movement. they don't believe in debate. they believe in conformity and indoctrination. it needs to be crushed or it's going to crush us and undermine this society. >> brian: american marxism, congratulations mark, number one in the country all platforms. keep it going.
4:41 pm
thanks so much for the message and thanks so much for the time. >> thanks. god bless, my brother. >> brian: great to hear from mark. still to come on this show. his mentor mark keil. his business model mark cuban and now he want to be a congressman. eli crane the navy seal next. and hold on to your camel, eric swalwell apparently has got very expensive taste. why the california congressman sneaky spending is now under scrutiny. i think i will take my it ♪ sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:47 pm
>> brian: and they're. now he has a new challenge, running for congress. >> the problem with washington politicians is they don't have their skin in the game. it's time for we the people to take our country back. >> brian: nice. eli crane candidate for arizona's first congressional district is here now. how is the tattoo, eli? >> it's feeling great. thanks for having me, brian. it's been a while but good to see you again. >> brian: the breecher stuff is fantastic. everybody knows it you made it happen. chris kyle was your mentor. we know about that. tell me why there is your next goal. >> well, honestly, brian, the reason i'm doing this is because i'm really, really concerned that my kids and the next generations that are growing up in this country right now are not going to be able to enjoy the freedoms and prosperities that we did growing up and i
4:48 pm
really don't believe if we get men and women who are very strong, have a lot of character and a lot of courage and to up on the capitol we are requesting to be in a lot of trouble that's why i'm doing this. >> brian: running for the first district. hollen there three terms already. barely won his district it will be a tight, tough race. we do know this, too. something about veterans seems to work effectively in congress and so few are. in 1973 we hit a high. 75% of those serving had served in the military. the draft had something to do with that currently that's down to 17%. what do you think you bring being that you put on the uniform? >> well, i think with all veterans, when you are willing, especially if you sign up during a time of war, when you are willing to put your life on the line for this country, when i say i'm going to fight for you, it means something different than a self-serving politician. i think that's why veterans should go into politics and i'm
4:49 pm
glad to see a lot of other veterans around the country, you know, running in 2022. >> brian: running as a republican. if you were to pick two issues that stand out. that got you in the game, what are they? >> absolutely. i'm going to pick election integrity and i'm going to pick border security. >> brian: and border security in which have you experience being a border state. what's your take on senator mark kelly never talking about the border, yet being overrun in arizona? >> well, i think it's a massive problem for even the president biden, vice president harris, none of these guys want to make it an issue. and the same with mark kelly. and it's a real problem if you talk to anybody down on the border. any of our border patrol agents, law enforcement officers, it's an invasion down there. they need help and they need this administration to take it seriously. >> brian: are you going to win? >> i am going to win.
4:50 pm
i don't do anything to lose, brian. >> brian: i know. eli crane, thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> hey, real quick, if you guys want to support us go to eli for thank you. >> brian: all right. look at bottle breecher, it's pretty effective and pretty cool. eli, thanks. up next eric swalwell a big spender. brady take as swipe at trump and taco bell has no meat. greg gutfeld has been called to go on the clock. will he answer that call? ♪ ♪ k. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. ♪ ♪ with cutting-edge tech, flexible cancellation.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. big news, tickets are officially available for my live show. laughter, life, joy, and liberty. i asked her to join me tonight. she said no. i said fine, is jesse available? they said no. the best we can do is
4:56 pm
greg gutfeld. i said anybody else and greg, since you said yes, i said greg gutfeld, you are the host of the show coming up at 11. would you come to the show? >> anything i can do for your declining career. >> it's declining? >> it's really kind of sad what you have become, brian. i know, i know, but it's been bothering me. i've been wanting to talk about it for some time. you know, i'm glad i'm here to help you and i will do anything for you. in fact, i'm ready to drive you to rehab after the show. >> if we were not live, if we were on a slight delay, i would have canceled this segment. 50 seconds on the clock. they celebrated their super bowl victory at the white house today. taking a jab at former friend, donald trump. listen. >> we found our rhythm. we got on a roll. not a lot of people think that we could have won and in fact i think about 40% of people still don't think we won. do understand that,
4:57 pm
mr. president? one down in 21 years of playing. they started calling me sleepy tom. [laughter] why would they do that to me? >> brian: you are the master of comedy. how did he do? >> he's having a hard time because as you know, both him and i went to the same high school. since my show's success, he's been clinically depressed. i have 5 "new york times" bestsellers. the thing is, i mean, by comparison, he looks fairly pathetic. i mean when you look at my success as an alum nest, is it alumnus or alumni? who cares. it's just a tragic situation. there we go. >> also attacked the host and make the whole thing about you. this has been a great segment. >> you just wait. left mexico up next, congressman eric swalwell spent more than $35,00. campaign cash.
4:58 pm
it's not campaign money. what is your thought on this? >> while my thought would be if he was a republican, this will be a massive story but he's not a republican so nobody cares. >> is that possible? >> i don't know. >> i didn't see that picture. that's hilarious. >> thank you. >> you said that story while i was doing a different show. yes, there is. you kept adding and changing things, brian. >> so i'm a bad host with declining career. get excited people. cnn announce a new streaming service called cnn plus. anticipated by who? the tweet clinic at 150 likes. >> looked, cnn plus is a good idea because it's cnn without cnn content, which is already an improvement. i think it's actually going to get better ratings than their
4:59 pm
network by having nothing but the network. you know what they are going to do? they are training a camera on fox news so viewers just watch fox news. so january, that's all they have. a supply shortage. taco bell out of meat. they are out of hot sauce and they are out of mountain dew. >> not mountain dew. i wanted to make a diarrhea joke, but i got that out of my system. [laughter] i love taco bell. they have like five ingredients and they have an infinity of products. it's almost like fox & friends. you could do the same thing every simple day over and over again. you have immigration. you have crime. you are like taco bell. you just keep mixing up the meals. >> by the way, that was a premature bell to save my career. you very much. fox & friends. >> watch my show. >> watch a show tonight at 11 and watch fox & friends tomorrow
5:00 pm
despite the fact that greg won't be among our guests. i know you're jealous. and on the radio. >> and emily. tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> using counter promos on the same network? adam corolla, martha maccallum, who looks like adam corolla. tucker is now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so much sadness, but honestly so many great stories were in upper texas democrats, the ones who fled to washington, you see the freedom fighters, the ones who came on a pilgrimage with nothing but a case of miller lite and the coronavirus. turns out they have just claim several more victims. a white house official and weaker of the house nancy pelosi has tested positive for covid-19. apparently got it from the pilgrims of texas. we'll have an


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