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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 20, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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apollo 16. the last moon mission. just a matter of time before he does it. of course new shepherd named after alan shepard. but they are not done here not by a long shot. that will do it here. here comes the six. ♪ ♪ >> hello everybody. i'm jesse watters. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ earth's richest man leaving the planet for about 4 minutes today today.
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jeff bezos said his blue origin rocket crew blasting off to the edge of space in an historic flight that could lead to a new age of tourists. he is having the time of his life floating around. >> oh, yeah. wahoo! >> jesse: before the capsule landed safely on the ground. the billionaire describing what it was like. >> on how it felt, oh, my god! my expectations were high and they were dramatically exceeded. what we are doing is not only adventure. it is adventure and it is fun. but it's also important. because what we are doing is the first step of something big. >> jesse: but right on cue, liberals are attacking him for spending an estimated $42,000 per second. >> i don't think i've heard of a bigger oxymoron than talking about billionaires going up into space and then using the word democratizing.
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these tech leaders view the social good as equated to technological progress and market value. why did bezo and a few of his friends get to make these decisions and why are they using money that should have been used to pay taxes? that's offensive. >> jesse: offensive. all right, martha, i don't understand politicians that complain about the tax code. they write the tax code. >> martha: exactly. >> jesse: they are the ones riding it. >> martha: that's exact the right. if he thinks that they should pay more, that should be his 100% effort that he makes every single day to making sure that that happens. i have no problem with jeff bezos spending his money anyway that he wants. he comes from a long history of very wealthy people in this country who had a lot of innovative, carnegie and the railroad. he invented all kinds of good stuff. but you know, rockefeller, the national parks. it's like, this is, he can do this. he could do this for
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$206 billion and he can also give away billions and billions and billions of dollars and never feel 1 penny here i'll tell you what bothers me today. the cowboy hat thing was so embarrassing. i get it, but i'm thinking to myself it's named after alan shepard. can you imagine neil armstrong wearing a cowboy hat. did you see the part where he said, "mom, are you out there?" he brought it into space and he said, "mom, i wore this to space and i want you to have it." could you imagine neil armstrong doing that? >> jesse: i thought he was kind of charismatic. i had never heard him speak before. >> martha: oh, yes, you have. >> jesse: trust me. [laughter] 's before he only 4 minutes. [laughter] problem williams once said that having a coke addiction is proof you make too much money.
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they used to the markers of being a billionaire were yachts. now it's i have a spaceship. a spaceship is now a billionaire's yacht. and i'm not complaining. i think it's great. i think complaining that you should spend money on taxes as opposed to really, what it really is is its long-term situation, this is about saving the earth. because it's going to be 100% certainty, i'm barring any kind of asteroid collision, that we are going to have to be explorers again. we will. if we are going to be around for another billion years, that's going to happen. so we need to go. we need to make the first steps. and we also come as i said many times, we need a new food group. because i'm just tired of eating earthlings. that's all we are doing is eating earthlings. a lamb is an earthling, a chicken as an earthling. i want to eat, i want to enjoy interstellar cuisine. >> jesse: like a space chicken. >> greg: space chicken sounds
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better. think of the possibilities of spreading critical race theory into outer space. right? you could put the race in space race. [laughter] anyway. >> jesse: so, i don't understand why liberals are upset. because if you look at this guy's resume, he came from nothing. his father abandoned him. he was adopted by an immigrant father. his mother had him when he was 16. and he founded this great company that has made all of our lives easier. 1.3 million people, he employs. he even owns "the washington post. >> but that's the first roll of being a democrat. you saw this. it didn't just go as far as him explaining about jeff bezos. congressman was back here on earth and a headwind, if you will be in his usual self.
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but he was talking about we need to create a per passenger tax for the commercial flight to safe. we need to have a two tiered tax depending on how high suborbital flights go. this is what he was talking about. but this man, and i thought i was luke skywalker when i was in the third grade. you know, my mother didn't have a hard to tell me. i knew the name of every flight director on the apollo 11 mission. 52nd anniversary. so i am the nerd that appreciates what space does, what they are doing. because they stopped sending people into space because it didn't have any more political clout. it was too costly. we were hitching rides with the russians for how many years. and now we are going to be able to maybe harness solar power in space. discover incredible materials and minerals. this is what we need to do.
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also because china is challenging us militarily in space. so it's going to fall on the shoulders and the wallets of jeff bezos. so i'm just super ecstatic. although this is clearly the most expensive midlife crisis. [laughter] >> jesse: and if aoc is right on the earth is going to end in 12 years, we've got to get out of here, right? >> i'm reminded, we think about the money that this guy has. he says i'm a dangerous man with the money in my pocket. jeff bezos has a lot of money in his pocket and thank god he's putting it to good use. i kind of understand where he's coming from but he's completely misguided here. should redirect whatever there may be. the fact that we are doing all of these things to fight china, this is a climate change move. this is a move that will improve telecom if you are worried about your phones dropping in certain parts of new york or certain parts of california. maybe sooner than a few years away from being able to use technology out there. and i applaud any person who would take the kind of risk this
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guy took. congratulations to him and i wish you nothing but the best. >> jesse: so we get better cell phone service now? >> the satellites are going to be able to launch there. that's part of the technology that will come from this. it's infinite. >> this is all private interest rates. if these men had not created this wealth, they could it be doing this. and so, it should be embraced because those bozos at d.c. can't even get amtrak to run right. >> martha: the burden should be carried more by private industry. and that's exactly what we are watching being carried out here. i do think it's kind of like you know, you think about the wright brothers get in the plane off the ground from the very beginning, as he said, of a future of new innovation. >> do you guys really think it can happen? >> greg: look, look, i'm just putting it out there. the moon landing.
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>> capricorn one. >> greg: yes, a classic o.j. simpson will be. >> jesse: i just like the name. i like how that flows. up next, democrats pushing masks and we see as hundreds of migrants trying to force their way past agents. ♪ ♪
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cheer on team usa with xfinity internet. and ask how to save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> martha: republicans warning democrats are about to open the floodgates on the border that is already seeing a new record surge. migrants pushing through the gates. now democrats are working to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants by adding that saying that has to be part of the deal in this infrastructure bill because they are saying that immigration is infrastructure in part. senator lindsey graham warning that that could lead to "an invasion. ">> that will lead to an
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invasion of illegal immigration. it will put jet fuel on a system that's already broken. if you give one person legal status, there will be a run on our border like you've never seen before. the dumbest idea in the history of the senate, the history of the white house. it will lead to a breakdown of law and order beyond what you see today. >> martha: so harold, let me start with you. what goes through your mind when you look at that image of people pushing on the gates to get in and on the border patrol folks say we are really glad that we have extra border patrol folks from florida and nebraska helping us because it's going to turn into a really tough situation. and then eventually it says further down in the piece -- >> harold: it makes me think we need a stronger border security patrol and that we should not just rely on militias and police officers and others coming in. two, it makes you realize that part of what lindsey graham said
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there is correct. if we don't do the first thing here, you could incentivize even more. and three, it screams again the lack of a hemispheric strategy to how we are going to address this challenge combined with border security first both beg the question. i think democrats who believe that we are going to, first of all the amnesty idea is dumb. i don't know if it's the dumbest idea. but any democrat that votes for something like this is probably setting him or herself up for defeat next november. some may like that. it's just bad policy. finally, and i come back to where i have always been on this. 90 miles off for sure there is a communist nation called cuba here we see the unrest there. it could lead to something more positive. you look at honduras, nicaragua. you look at mexico. we have a challenge in this
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region that we are not going to solve by remarking on it overnight or even democrats and republicans yelling in congress everyday. get the border done. i have an argument for building the wall and then let's figure out what we do from a standpoint to stabilize this hemisphere. we spend trillions of dollars around the globe destabilizing parts of the world. how is not spending billions in our own hemisphere not smart for ourselves, our kids, and our grandkids? >> martha: i'm just so struck by the image of people pushing on the gate. one thing that comes to mind is that there are plenty of areas that are wide open. are they going to go that way and go through those? the other thing that occurs to me is it is the only place on the border where that could be possible. can you imagine people landing in an airport and rushing the passport agents? can you imagine? >> jesse: they wouldn't be able to tell them to take their shoes off fast enough. but i think this is a very powerful piece of footage because it will influence how people see the biden border crisis. because you are seeing not
2:18 pm
families. you are seeing adult grown men force themselves across this barrier with our border patrol agents trying to hold the line. this is not families waiting across the rio grande answer run during two border patrol. you see the border. you see the fence. american see that and they see adult males penetrating it with force. and that is not something that is going to gain sympathy in the american people's eyes. and then you hear about biden just let them all in afterwards and bust them to god knows where. if he continues this policy, we are on pace for 2.3 million illegals. think about how many we are not catching. he is basically releasing the 30-40% of them into this country and they are not all from guatemala and mexico. you are getting people from africa, from the middle east, from venezuela. and there is no way we know who these people are. we are opening the borders for
2:19 pm
political reasons. he says that new voters, a.k.a., foreign-born voters in america do not vote for the republican party. and that is the demographic trend. he's right. foreign voters vote 2-1 democrat and one in ten are foreign borders. that trend is going to continue. this is not a conspiracy theory. forget the politics. how can he swear this with a pandemic right now? there is a 900% increase in covid cases in the rio grande sector right now. and so, he is now going to say it's dangerous to post something about a vaccine on facebook but it's not dangerous to let in hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated migrants into the country and then bus them to swing states? that's crazy. >> martha: good point. they want to pass a three and half trillion dollar budget deal that would include pre-k community college, elder care. so you can see why there is a
2:20 pm
lot of interest in coming here once all of those individuals become part of the beneficiaries of that kind of package. >> that's entitlement state, getting all of america essentially addicted to government handouts. that's what they want to do. senator in a quote said citizenship is essential infrastructure for immigrant families. well no, amnesty is essential infrastructure for the democratic party. it is the very foundation and the future of the democrats for retaining power because right now what we are seeing is crumbling. if they are talking about amnesty, the left wing nuts in washington, d.c., it is smacks of desperation. they know they are going to lose in the midterms. they know they are going to lose the house by holding it right now by the slightest majority. you know, 50/50 split in the senate. they know they are going to lose that. >> martha: probably the last shot. they go they are trying to jam anything through. again, crime, inflation, this
2:21 pm
out. so before you know looking at the video, you saw people, you saw an obstacle, which creates friction. so we look at that and go, well, that could have been a wall, right? that could have been a wall. the only reason they got in as they wouldn't let you. this kind of is a visual representation of what could be there and what could have worked. to jesse's point, you do see that this is not, it's not a cuba situation. it doesn't feel like refuges. it feels like work. they are coming here to work, which is great for corporations. they are going to get cheap labor but what's going to do to our unemployment rate at this rate? we are ready have people that aren't working and they are not going to work for the hourly wages they are going to work for. that's the other thing about this. there are a lot of corporations that really love this stuff because it's a few steps away
2:22 pm
from slave labor. it's cheap. >> may be a few more than you think. >> greg: that's a good point. >> martha: straight ahead, the media tries to spin the crime surge as new video shows a police officer being brutally attacked. his head cracked open with a bottle. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> crime is surging across the country but the liberal media, they don't seem to care. said networks like msnbc claim to be shocked by the violence in places like washington, d.c., and trying to find the positive. >> we know how safe and wonderful our city is. this is just so shocking the way
2:27 pm
that it was displayed for the whole country to see. a place that has been improving and safety. but we do have over 100 homicides. it's really of concern. >> homicides are of concern and criminals are emboldened during this crime ways. smashing a bottle over one cop's head and an unprovoked attack. that is the best concern you are going to get. >> greg: and did you notice how hard it was for her to actually muster up any energy for that? it was like she was talking about constipation. you know, it was just, i mean, a hundred homicides in washington, d.c. it's really important, martha. you know? did you hear how quickly they were concerned. the baseball shooting came and went. it's like they were only white nationalists were proud boys. and not some gang shoot-out. and by the way, that doesn't
2:28 pm
disturb don lemon's dinner, right question my people are so far removed. i can't remember if i said this before because we could talk about crime forever. national news doesn't cover this because it doesn't affect them. local news covers it because it's outside their doorstep and the people that listen to local news, they care, right? they watch. they want to know what's happening on their street. but the cns of the world, fox news is like a local news station for america. we talk about all the problems that are on your street. but the rest of the national news people, the act like, you know, it's like i got a private car service. my feet are never going to touch the ground when i get off work. i want to go to the baseball game. oh, my god, took my family to the game and there was crime there. that's the way it's been everyday for everybody, the only reason the media is not coming out anticrime is because we lead on pro-crime. if we decide to talk on behalf of the criminals and laugh at the victims the way don lemon and chris cuomo did, i remember
2:29 pm
that, maybe they will change their story, right? because it's disgusting. they are living through a horrible time. we are seeing epidemic numbers. this is not some kind of delusion. they would rather go but one day, january 6 then any of the savagery that is happening every day on our streets. whatever happened to the concern about the elderly asians? it fits their race narrative, so they don't even give a damn. >> jesse, they did talk about asian hate crimes and they tried to pin it on trump. i heard this. trump called this the china virus or the wuhan flu and that was a direct connection to elderly asian women being attacked by mentally ill of men of color in places like
2:30 pm
san francisco and new york. that was the best that they could do. that was the most outraged that they could muster because they tried to make it about trump. >> martha: right. i just can't wait until greg does a pro-crime monologue. >> greg: [laughs] you go first with that. >> jesse: i will follow right behind you on the pro-crime thing. before we do that all week. see if it changes the public narrative for the media. >> jesse: i could see that working really well. that's not a bad idea. a 16 year record for homicide. i can't even talk statistics with the left. they don't listen to me. you have to talk about feelings. and andrea, most people in washington, d.c., feel unsafe. andrea probably doesn't because she lives in one of the most exclusive and prestigious tree lined enclaves in the entire capital surrounded by mansions with clawed iron gates and
2:31 pm
guards and dogs. she even lived near a castle. an actual castle is a few doors down from her. so she takes the chauffeured car to the nbc news studio and she goes back and she doesn't go to those neighborhoods. so she feels safe because alan greenspan is a very tough guy. but that's not the problem. i have another problem with these people in the city here. the suspect from new jersey who smashed the guy, i don't like people in new jersey committing crimes first of all, but punching an officer. to call robberies, terrorist threats. all these lazy d.a.s, they plead these things down because they don't want to waste time and trial and this guy only serve a couple of months and gets paroled and smashes an officer in the head. if they would stop focusing on trying to go after the cfo of the trump organization for a tax issue, maybe actually lock up criminals.
2:32 pm
that's what people want. >> martha: there is a police chief in washington, d.c., who got in front of the camera the other day when this little 6-year-old girl was killed. he said, listen, tell me what you know. i know you know who's car this is. i know you know what's going on in your community. this is not snitching. this is saving lives of other children in your community. and this is the problem. it's neighborhood on neighborhood crime. if one person feels that they have been offended, going over to the other neighbor. you can tell when you watch this. there are direct intentional hits on individuals who are together for a reason. you know, this is so bad. and to not report on this, to not talk about what's going on in our cities, and you look at the lockdowns. you look at all these kids are teenagers half of them. they have been home for a year and a half because nobody would reopen their schools and they did not have anywhere to go. this is a direct link, believe between these things, between the lockdown and businesses
2:33 pm
being closed. there's too much time. all this animosity that has built up. it is rolling over and ending up with these children who are losing their lives. vehicle one of the democrats going to do about it, harold? again, bail reform, you get arrested and you are back on the street. that is one of the biggest problems in terms of the waves of crime that you see in all these major cities. >> harold: new york is the biggest city in the country. democrats focus by nominating a candidate who turns gang units to the streets and was against -- he talked about community policing. eric adams talked about precision policing. every big city that has a democratic mayor that has a police chief, many of them are african-american. many of them are democrats. this is not a democrats coddling criminals by no means. you may have people who have been taken out of context. i will tell you this. democrats don't like crime.
2:34 pm
we don't support crime. if i can tell you as an african-american, we want criminals hung in our community, those that are dealing drugs and gang members and shooting our children. we will not accept any african-american, certainly a black democrat is not accepting the notion that we like crime or coddle criminals by no means. >> jesse: democratic city council members defunded the police across the country so that is the problem. to be sick look, black mayors, black democrats want to fight crime as much as anybody else in this country peered often times communities are populated more by us that are affected. >> jesse: they didn't want to fight it last year when they signed all those. 30 cities defunded the police. washington, d.c., defunded the police to the tune of 40 million. homicides are about 100 already. >> harold: are not going to fight you. >> jesse: don't fight me, harold. don't fight me. >> harold: the biggest city dominates an african-american who says he wants to bring them back to protect every community.
2:35 pm
>> can he stop -- >> greg: where is bill de blasio? >> martha: is like when i i'm mayor. >> greg: it's a disappearing act. >> martha: it's unbelievable. it's been going on for years. >> greg, he doesn't know what month it is. coming up, dr. tony fauci blows up on rand paul in a fiery clash on capitol hill. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harold: tensions rising in washington as covid cases spike again and some mask mandates return. senator rand paul and dr. fauci calling each other liars when arguing about how the pandemic
2:40 pm
started. >> knowing that it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract her statement of may 11th where you claimed that the nih never funded gain of function research in wuhan? >> senator paul, i have never lied before the congress and i do not retract that statement. all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab. there will be a responsibility for those who funded the lab including yourself. >> allow the witness. >> i totally resent the lie that you are now propagating. >> if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. >> jesse. [laughter] >> jesse: i just love how they hate each other. his lips were trembling. his fingers were shaking. that is real drama. not the fake stuff you usually see. they loathe each other. so this grant goes to the wuhan lab and in the grant it spells out with the gain of function is
2:41 pm
supposed to do. so that lady takes the grant. she does the gain of function and then she thinks the grantee, filed to you for providing her the money. so when paul asks him it, he goes gain of function isn't really what gain of function is. i'm almost appreciative of how bold of a liar this guy is. this is like playing with matches. you let your neighbor's match on fire and then you say no, it's not a fire. i talked to my people out the insurance company. they said it does not meet the definition of a fire. i mean, bill clinton must just be like -- will >> martha: it depends on the definition of him. >> does it serve anyone's interest to have a kind of exchange? >> martha: in a way i think it does because these are questions that actually really do need to be asked. and for so long we were told to listen to the science. the truth of the matter is when
2:42 pm
you look at the investigation that the state department was doing and this dr. steven quaid, who looked at the breakdown of the virus peered he said, you know what, this virus is actually the kind that they make and labs. this is not the kind that comes naturally through animals. and then they tested all the animals in the wet market and they couldn't find in a match at all. so yes, i think it's okay to confront dr. fauci on this. i think he's obviously upset and that tells me something as well. and i think the american people need answers to this. we really do need to know. that's not exactly gain of function. well, the next thing we knew, it was hitting our shores. there were three scientists who were in the hospital in november of 2019. >> harold: i hear you but i'll think that dr. fauci thought that was exactly was going to happen. greg, what are your thoughts on that exchange? >> greg: i hate this sort of hyperbole. you know that i'm against it. but felt she should be tried for murder.
2:43 pm
[laughter] here's the thing. we are never going to know how this stuff pans out. no one knew the answers and i do think this was created in a lab. but felt she kicked me off or a different reason. i don't know what day it was may be. it was yesterday when he said that reluctance or let's say skepticism over vaccines is back 60 or 7080 years, you wouldn't have had the polio vaccine or the smallpox vaccine. basically he was criticizing anybody who dared to question him. you go back and you look at the smallpox vaccine. in 2005, the government started a program to vaccinate a half a million health care professionals to deal with bioterror. they were all supposed to take the smallpox vaccine. less than. 40,000. are you going to call them ignorant? no, they understood that the small box vaccine was infectious. it may be safe but it was infection. pregnant women aren't supposed to do it or anyone with any kind of compromised immunity. i hate the fact that i know more
2:44 pm
about science than fauci. and maybe i should have his job. because he should know this stuff and not someone like me on "the five." >> jesse: you say you know more about science and dr. fauci. 's before i think it's safe to say yes. i didn't even have to go to medical school. he was wrong on a lot of stuff going back to hiv. i'm not really believing that. [laughter] >> martha: i have a prediction. [laughter] he's going to get fired. the biden administration is going to fire him. we know what it is. the hack is the biden administration did not meet the vaccination goal. he is going to be the scapegoat. it's not going to be -- it's going to be him. time and again, don't wear a
2:45 pm
mask. oh, it's not a lab leak. completist missed that and we find out that one of his buddies was funneling money to the wuhan lab. congratulated him for pushing back on that. we still don't have a natural source for the coronavirus. remember in february, he won it say that momma and papa could see their grandkids if they were vaccinated. this guy has got to get gone. he can retire to his liberatory in the country. cook up whatever he wants to. but there is no way anybody trusts him. when they talk about misinformation, that dismisses people who have legitimate concerns about getting a vaccine. he is not the man to relay those concerns. >> harold: i like dr. fauci and sean hannity. sean, congrats to what you said last night about everybody getting the vaccine. >> we all said that. >> if you like going against china, get the vaccine. cashing in on tax the rich
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♪ ♪
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's before it pays to be a socialist in america. aoc's online store is booming. she is selling tax the rich t-shirts and sweatshirts along with other branded merchandise and it looks to be a cash cow for her campaign although she is a vegetarian. over million dollars on the swag in the first six months of the year. aoc responded to criticism saying transactions are not capitalism because it's not all about turning a profit, but it is going to her campaign. harold, what do you make of her because you are a moderate democrat, meaning you are saying. i actually admire her because i think she's got some, she's got game. but it's kind of becoming more of a hindrance than a help. >> harold: america is a contest of ideas. she is able to sell t-shirts. i'm not sure if i would buy it. more power to her.
2:51 pm
it undermines your argument a little bit if you are against capitalism. but she is using it for the biggest doll my greater good so we will see what happens. >> greg: it's a capitalist society. you are kind of jealous, aren't you customer >> jesse: i am. i don't know why they don't have that on the fox news shop. we should be selling those for a nice discount. made in america. that's why her stuff is so expensive. because it's actually made in america. the three good for her. >> jesse: if you make that in china, it's about half the price. i know her grandmother was struggling and she showed some photos of her condo and tried to i guess poor shame trump for not sending enough money. but they are, she's got tons of money coming in from all of these expensive mugs and t-shirts. maybe she could send some of the money that way.
2:52 pm
>> greg: here's a good idea. obviously you can wear a tax the rich shirt just about anywhere and nobody is going to come after you. republicans are like what do i care? i'm going to go play golf. what would be the end to success to that if you are a conservative? what would be the sweatshirt that would get you into trouble? sweet to watch welfare role. [laughter] >> greg: get a job. [laughs] 's before it's not as exciting, is it? [laughter] >> greg: kind of catchy. i think i might do that. >> greg: i'm sure you could come up with a fairly interesting model. >> greg: cut unemployment check. [laughter] >> drug test all entitlement. >> greg: don't do that. >> i would like to see her where some -- that would be real capitalist of her. i'm just going to sum this up as
2:53 pm
when derek smalls played with this. >> greg: all right. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout) as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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♪ ♪' >> jesse: time now for one more thing. yesterday, i was in tampa, florida, i was at the turning point u.s.a. student action summit right there, giving a little speech. i met a very special fan, let's roll it. >> frankie fire cracker the woman who writes all of the questions for greg's facebook friday was there at my book signing.
2:58 pm
thanks, frenchy. also met a guy bill from i don't remember where he was from. but he has 32 great grandchildren. the guy has been busy. he watches every show. all of knife episodes and a big fan, even of greg's. and we just very appreciative for all of his loyal viewership. also for all my loyal fans, i will be at north veil new jersey peculiar store there. go check that out. maybe even get a photo of me. and i will smile. and i'm on tucker tonight smiling, promoting the book how i saved the world. you may have heard of it. it went number on on the "new one on the "newyork times" list. >> greg: it's greg's international, global, amazing, awesome national flattery week. [laughter] >> greg: let's go to the map. we will see how it's going across the earth right now. a lot of intense flattery in north america, in africa and those other nations.
2:59 pm
modern flattery. other nations and asia. we have minimal flattery. that's going to turn up. go to the interplanetary model right here. the flattery as it's moving towards the sun is kind of burning out or actually getting a little more intense and then gets modern on the mid size planets we have the moderate and minimal flattery in the tiny planet. so, flatter everybody. dagen, you are very stout and i bet you could change a tire quickly. >> dagen: i can. >> greg: harold, i like how your eyes match your ty. jesse, your six pack is delicious. you are the hottest of all angels. >> i like flattery week. >> go to celebrate national flattery week on national media "the five" on instagram and twitter. >> jesse: all right, martha. >> martha: look at this dog stuck in between two walls really quick and this great firefighter they were hacking on
3:00 pm
it knew the dog came out. they were afraid they were going to hit the dog while they were doing this. look at this, stuck between two buildings. and she saved his life. >> jesse: stout also means bulky in body. that's what i thought it meant, too dagen is not. would not fall into the. >> greg: she told me to stay stout. >> dagen: yes, i did. >> jesse: is that a compliment. >> bret: this is how the lead-in goes bulky in body. this is a great flattery week. listen, you are the best lead-in i have ever had. that's flattery. [laughter] good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. tonight there are now six positive cases of covid-19 among texas democratic state lawmakers who fled to washington in order to scuttle republican election reform plans in texas. this comes as president biden talks about a stalled vaccination program and the resurgence of the coronavirus and the


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