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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 20, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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agents. he made numerous false statements in the interview. we heard about that the last few years as well with different individuals. >> sandra: more reaction will come in as the news breaks. great to be with you today. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. good to be with you. leave bill hemmer alone. i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: big news breaking. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking right now on "the story," what is going on with these break-through covid cases that are reportedly happening in fully vaccinated people? the latest to say that it happened to them, a white house official and an aide to nancy pelosi. all of this after the visit from the texas democrats. you remember them coming on the private plane. six got break-through cases after the plane ride. it raised a lot of questions for the rest of the population. it's a mystery.
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in moments, we'll break it down with a rationale doctor, dr. marty makary. we'll talk with him. first to congressional correspondents, chad pergram. hi, chad. >> good afternoon, martha. increasing concern in washington whether texas democrats jetting in could be fuelling more cases. six texas democrats have tested positive since they flew to d.c. and that's why there's worry about the aide that tested policy. jen psaki said the aide had no contact with the president. >> the individual has mild stops. we know there will be break-through cases. cases in vaccinated individuals are typically mild. the white house is prepared for break-through cases with regular testing. >> here's the math. the break-through infection rate for those vaccinated is less than 1%. the texas democrats are running at 10%. the outbreak big-footed the
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theme of the texas democrat's tour of washington, voting rights. >> you can obviously tell what the democrats have done is a disaster of a trip up to washington d.c. it has accomplished absolutely nothing. >> the democrats say they don't regret coming to washington. capital attending physician brian monahan is not impose ago mask mandate at the capitol. he says there's been a few break through infections among aides. martha? >> martha: joining me now, dr. marty makary from johns hopkins and a fox news contributor. this is mysterious. if these folks are telling the truth, that six out of 60 on the plane got break-through covid cases and all fully vaccinated they say, that is way off from the number that we're told, you know, would be susceptible to that. >> yeah, that's right. we may be learning new information here. we may need to redesign our
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strategy. we've always said that if we don't have universal masking, we need selective masking. maybe one of those criteria if you have been exposed to somebody or might have been, maybe that's a time to wear a mask if you've been fully vaccinated. delta acts different from alpha. if you've been fully vaccinated, you may test positive if you have a low viral load. it's down grading severe illnesses to milder asymptomatic illnesses. >> martha: we hear most of them people felt like they have a cold. we school is open. all kids should be wearing masks says the pediatric association. a lot of this is stemming over the concern of the new delta variant. what is your take on that, doctor? >> i'd love to see the data on masks and 2 and 3-year-olds. we don't have it. we have to ask ourselves, are healthy kids even at risk? that's a question we have never
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really asked ourselves as a country. i think it's reasonable to have this discussion right now. the thing is that we have to have a strategy that will be durable for years to come. this delta variant and covid-19 may become a seasonal virus. it may come through each year just like rsv comes through, which kills 500 kids a year. the total death count is 335. this could become a seasonal virus. we have to have a durable strategy. >> martha: so you have a piece in the "wall street journal," the flimsy evidence behind the cdc to vaccinate children. they overcount deaths and hospitalizations and won't consider if one shot is serve isn't it. let's address the first part of that first. you think that the cdc numbers have overestimated the number of child deaths in this country? >> well, it's not clear about the deaths. all we know is they said covid was involved in the death. they should be calling each of the 335 families and doctors
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that took care of those kids and figure it out. they have 29,000 employees at the cdc. they should do this. we know they have overcounted hospitalizations. there's a subsequent report that said that 46% were not the primary cause of the hospitalization. >> martha: you raise another interesting point. this falls under the umbrella, 29,000 people that work at the cdc, a lot of things that they're not studying at all. i have spoken to doctors. you've spoken about this. you know what the? if your child had covid or if they're just a child, may be that one shot is the right amount of vaccine for that child. so with everything we're doing, we don't we have very large studies being done on this so parents can use their wisdom to make that decision and shouldn't the schools be open to perhaps accepting a student who just has one shot? >> you know, the way they
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dismissed the data on one shot in kids, there's data from tel aviv. our public health officials have dismissed it. data out of tel aviv said one dose with 100% effective in kids 12-15. you're seen as an anti vaxer if you point to that study and disagreeing with the committee. the fda never convened the experts when they had the covid vaccine for kids. they never do that. that is very atypical. >> martha: a lot of reasons that may be happening. one of the things that is vulnerable again is back to school. you know, when you have this discussion about the delta variant and kids having to be masked even if they're vaccinated in school, you have a lot of questions raised. the pediatric association said you're going to need more money in schools for making them
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safer, for making sure that they have the right protocols. i'm hearing in my head that there's another great excuse for perhaps the teacher's unions to say we're not ready to go back. here's what happened when i asked randi weingarten that question on may 10. are teachers going to required that all the students are vaccinated? when will that be? will you have everybody back in september 100% in class five day as week? >> i hope so. >> martha: will you require every student that comes in the school to be vaccinated? >> no. >> martha: you think that will hold up? >> i don't know. certainly the national education association had a formal proposal that they considered to wreckment requirement for kids to be vaccinated in order to be in person. so it's a very high levels within the teacher's union right now. the thing is we don't have good data right now on healthy kids. for kids with morbidity, the case is clear. for healthy kids, the data is
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not compel. >> martha: and there no studies for kids that had covid and maybe need the shot or one dose. these are questions on minds across the country and it would be great if the cdc did work on it. thanks, doctor. dr. marty makary. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> martha: so he's been out front on the issue of wokeness over readiness in the united states military. senator tom cotton takes on the education department from going down the woke road and big new developments in this story as the parents seem to be getting somewhere. that's next. the airport can be a real challenge for new homeowners who have become their parents... okay, everybody, let's do a ticket check. paper tickets. we're off to a horrible start. ...but we can overcome it. we're not gonna point out our houses, landmarks, or major highways during takeoff. don't buy anything. i packed so many delicious snacks. -they're -- -nope. would you say, ballpark,
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the education department is doing some cleaning up after critical race theory. if you promote critical race theory, you might be more favored for receiving grants. tom cotton that is calling for defunding visionist history. we'll talk to him in just a moment. but first, mike emanuel on this story for us today about what has changed now from the department of education. hey, mike. >> martha, good afternoon. in april there was a $3 million grant program for teaching history and civics in schools. schools across the country are working to create anti-race practices in teaching and learning. anti-racist ideas are that you have racist policies are the cause of racial inequities. there's growing acknowledgement of the importance of including in the teaching and learning of our country's history the
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consequences of slavery and the significant contributions of black americans to our society. after the uproar this summer including comments from 35,000 americans, education secretary miguel cardonas said this language does not and will not talk about specific curriculum being taught in classes. those decisions will be continued to be made at the local level. mike lee says it's a minor victory in ongoing battle against critical race theory. >> i'm pleasantly surprised by this development. not entirely surprised. when you have 35,000 people overwhelmingly understandably concerned, people that are saying this is contrary to our constitutional system, this is contrary to what we aspire to as americans and represents a grave
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statement of history. >> critics say critical race theory weaponizing diverdiversi. martha? >> martha: joining me now, congressman tom cotton. he proposed a bill for schools that promote critical race theory and revisionist history as he says. good to see you today. it's interesting. remind me of the tea party movement and other things that have happened in the past. when you see these uprising at school board meetings across the country and town hall meetings, when parents speak out after they've had a close look what's being taught in their schools thanks to the covid learn at home program, you do see that democracy can work. people can push changes by their actions. >> martha, this is a small victory on behalf of sanity and racial equality in our country. 35,000 americans contacted the biden administration and said do not hijack a bipartisan civics
12:16 pm
program to try to advocate for critical race theory. the idea that some races are inherently oppressive and our founding documents are racist, that's not what americans believe. americans want a country that is color blind and ascribe to what dr. martin luther king said. that we should judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. it's a small victory. i still think the unions will try to smuggle this in. the biden administration is promoting it too much in the military. military contractors are still promoting it. that's why i have legislation that would ban federal funding for it in the school and the military and shine a bright light on it for the defense contractors with this as well. >> martha: you talk about the infiltration of the military and education. there's lobbyists that have
12:17 pm
pushed this stuff and came a lot after the death of george floyd where these corporations and institutions were concerned about the discussion going on in the country. so they paid for a program that would help to make them feel like they were doing something about it. and those people, you know, they really cleaned up over the course of this, didn't they? >> yeah. a lot of charlotte tans out there that have gotten rich to purpose these un-american ideas. the reason why they're back-pedalling now after this outpouring of opposition to the biden administration is because it's not defensible to say that america is systemically racist that we should treat people differently because of the color of their skin. that's exactly what martin luther king and the civil rights movement advocated against. so this does go to show the power of popular propulsion at these un-american ideas. i would encourage all of your viewers to keep it up.
12:18 pm
keep going to school board meetings and keep writing in to your legislators and congressman and senators. make sure that they understand that you believe in the promise of america that we judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. >> martha: i'd pay a close attention to what is being taught in the curriculums, to show up, pay attention. just so you're aware. as you point out, this is a victory for those folks that felt that this is unfair. i also think children, the voices of children have been heard as well. they don't like being told they're victims if they're young children of color. they don't like being told they're oppressors if they're young white children. their voices have been heard as well. so as you say, it's a small victory for their side and we'll see where it goes. thanks, senator. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: you bet. this story is getting a ton of attention and for a good reason.
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russia's warning shot to the united states as it tests a hypersonic missile. wait till you hear when a hypersonic missile is capable of doing especially if it has a nuclear warhead attached to it. that's next.
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because of the research that i've started to do on ancestry, with documents, with photographs, i get to define myself through the scores of people who lead to me. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at >> martha: so russia is sending a warning to the united states and launching a weapon that vladimir putin has called invincible.
12:23 pm
moscow's defense ministry claims this is a video, watch this thing, of a hypersonic missile. we've talked about this kind of weaponry before. it goes seven times the speed of sound and almost invisible to radar. the russians warning the u.s. not to deploy similar weapons in europe or they say there could be trouble. moments, john ratcliffe weighs in on the program. lucas tomlinson reports live. lucas? >> the russians say they have a hypersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. the u.s. says they're not. >> they pose risks and destabilizing. because they're nuclear capable systems. >> why are the russians developing nuclear hypersonic weapons but the united states is not? >> the russians showing off the missile and claire the air
12:24 pm
pressure forms a plasma cloud in front of the missile. it has a 620 mile range. last night the russians responded saying -- >> martha: shades of the 80s when president reagan deployed intermediate nuclear range missiles with a two-minute flight time to moscow. putin rolled out a new fighter jet in an air show to rival the american f-35. >> russian aviation has a big potential to aircraft. we create new competitive aircraft designs. >> in vienna, a nonlethal pulse has been used. officials say that diplomats are
12:25 pm
being targeted forcing them and fair families to move. martha? >> a lot of changes in warfare and we have to be prepared for what is to come. thanks, lucas. former director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe joins me now. good to see you. do you believe the russians have this weapon currently or it's in development and it will have a nuclear warhead on it? >> i can say publicly that the russians and for that matter chinese have been developing hypersonic capabilities for a number of years. as you pointed out to your viewers, hypersonics really combines ballistic missile speeds with cruise missile agilities to evade missile defense systems. so that's the goal. it's not invincible. like many things that vladimir putin says, that's not the case. i would tell your viewers as
12:26 pm
troubling as it is that both the russians and the chinese would be developing these capabilities, the united states has hypersonic capabilities and ambitions as well. >> martha: so do you believe these weapons could evade our anti-missile systems? >> that is certainly possible that hypersonic technologies could cause problems for current missile defense systems, not just the united states but any missile defense systems. that's something that we're aware of and been aware of and one of the things that the defense department is focused on, is evolving our missile defense systems to adapt to new technologies like hypersonics that prevent or present delivery systems for nuclear warheads that we haven't seen before. >> martha: is it true the systems can take down computer
12:27 pm
system capability, transportation systems in the space that they operate in? >> i don't know in this particular setting that i can give you a good answer on that. i mean, there's concerns with the effects of hypersonic -- the impact that it has on other technologies. that's something that we're aware of. so again, this is something that, again, to give your viewers some level of comfort that we've seen coming for a number of years. we have a good body of intelligence on not just the russians but what the chinese are doing. i would point out, this is where policy decisions come into play from the stand point of this is an area where the russians have decided that they can afford to be great, where they want to be great unlike the chinese that can invest in this area, in artificial intelligence and anti-satellite technologies. the russians don't have the capability to spend everier
12:28 pm
with. hypersonics is an area that they want to compete with the u.s. >> martha: this is an interesting moment that happened with president biden and angela merkel. as we know, the president lifted sanctions that allowed the nord stream pipeline to be completed and yet in this moment he's saying that he still has concerns about it even though he lifted the final road block to it. watch this. >> we stand together and we will continue to stand together to defend our eastern flank, allies at nato against russian aggression. while i reiterate my concerns about nord stream 2, chancellor merkel and i are united in our conviction that russia must not be allowed to use energy as a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors. >> martha: so if nord stream 2 goes through, it will give russia a lot of energy power over the entire continent of
12:29 pm
europe. reiterating your concerns isn't going to get you anywhere, is it? >> absolutely, martha. that is as infuriating as it is nonsensical. makes no sense. president biden gave vladimir putin the best gift he could have, the ability to control energy in the western europe and to grow his economy. the point i just made. as the 15th or 14th largest economy in the world, russia can't compete everywhere but they have chosen hypersonics. they'll choose different areas as their economy grows. that's what that policy decision by allowing nord stream 2 to proceed gives vladimir putin probably the greatest gift that an american president could give a russian president. >> martha: no doubt. all the concerns won't change that at this point. this is senator rand paul talking to dr. fauci. they don't have a great relationship. they usually go head-to-head on this. rand paul's concern is that money went from u.s. taxpayers that ended up in the wuhan lab
12:30 pm
and because they did gain of function research there, some of the dollars might have gone through to that program. here's that exchange. want your thought on the other side of this. >> knowing that it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract your statement of may 11 where you said the nih never funded research in wuhan? >> i do not retract that statement and i never lied before congress. >> all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab and there will be responsibility for those that funded the lab including yourself. >> i totally recent -- >> this committee -- >> i totally resent the lie that you're propagating. >> martha: so who do you think is on solid ground there? >> what i heard dr. fauci say i have not lied before congress. i haven't gone through the transcripts of congress to be able to address that, but what i will tell you is this. some of the public statements
12:31 pm
that dr. fauci has made about covid, covid origins and funding, gain of function research publicly, those have not been accurate. they're inconsistent with u.s. intelligence. >> martha: okay. we'll see when we go through these transcripts and take a look at them. see what happened in front of congress as well. there's a lot of big questions about that funding and dr. fauci has spoken out about it a lot and he has a lot of statements on the record to be parsed from that. thanks, john radcliff, the former united states director of national intelligence. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> martha: in our nation's capitol, a different form of warfare that is fueled by gangs. all over the streets. the grim murder milestone that was just reached in d.c. and an issue that is gripping many cities in the country. we'll talk about what is really happening when we come back. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you
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>> it was here that just weeks ago, americans donned face masks and peacefully protested the death of george floyd. >> martha: so that was mayor bowser of washington d.c. nearly a year ago giving support to the blacks lives matter protest that existed in that city. there was violence in that city. they made many arrests. in some cases in that plaza, they had police officer effigies that looked like pigs with "police" on them. today a different scene is playing out. there's gangs in the streets, doing combat. shooting people and it's becoming common that innocents get killed or shot in the cross fire. one of them sadly this weekend, was this little 6-year-old girl, naya courtney. her shorter likely fired from this car that you can see on the
12:37 pm
right-hand side. they found the car burned, burned the evidence of that vehicle. the numbers are staggering. now mayor bowser wants her police force to work overtime to stop it. my next guest's grandson was killed the last fourth of july. devon mcneill was 11 years old. he wanted to play football when he grew up. his grandfather is the director of the washington d.c. guardian angels and chief of place for special arc angels that provides special services to organizations in d.c. thanks for being here. this must have been a very difficult fourth of july for you and your family. >> yes. thank you. thanks for having me on the show. yes, it was very difficult. in fact, we left out of town for the fourth of july. we didn't want to be in the area because of what happened with
12:38 pm
our grandson. while i was out of town, i got phone calls about a young lady that was just murdered on martin luther king, malcolm x, 6 years old. a couple days after that, i heard about a transgender that was shot in the head and murdered as well in washington d.c. this is starting to be -- this is -- it's painful to hear it every day. i truly believe that we have to -- the community has to come together and make our lawmakers, our council people, our government, judges, everybody more accountable for the actions of these people that are toting these illegal guns not just about washington d.c. but the united states. as you probably already know, gun violence went up 33, 35% just throughout the united states. especially in major cities.
12:39 pm
>> martha: here's the very frustrated chief of the metropolitan police department, robert conti. listen to him the other day. >> i am asking that we all stand together and say no more. i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. i need calls. i need tips. i need you to say this is where that car is, chief. this is what the beef is about, chief. this is who did it, chief. send me a smoke signal. really doesn't matter. >> martha: i'm so struck by the end of what he says there. he's clearly saying in your neighborhood there's so much gang activity in d.c. and the other cities that you just referred to. so in the neighborhoods, people know, they know whose car that was, they know why these people are angry at each other and why they're shooting at each other. you have worked in that city bringing security to it. tell us about what your understanding is of the dynamic in these battles right now.
12:40 pm
>> a lot of the shootings are retaliation in the neighborhoods. so if someone got hurt or murdered from an opposite -- another neighborhood, usually it's not gang beef. it's neighborhood beefs. some of these beefs, they don't know why they're beefing. they had a murder from one neighborhood and shot someone in another neighborhood and decide we're not going to tell the police. we're not going to snitch. we're going to do street justice. they come back and start to go to that community or they see that family member that was involved in the shootings or somebody involved, street justice and continue to start to shoot. but what we want to do is try to educate people in the community. you have to report crime. it's not snitching. it's reporting. when you see something going on in your community that is wrong, you know it's not right, you
12:41 pm
have to report it. that's the only way the police are closing cases. they need to community to help close cases. snitching is not reporting cases. that's when two bad guys commit a crime. he gets caught and tells on his friend. that is snitching. when you see a crime in your neighborhood, someone gets shot, a killed, an elderly person, you have to report that to the police so the police can do their job. lock them up. prosecutor can do their job and put these guys away for good. >> that's another part of the story. there's prosecutors being put in positions all over the country. that's why people feel there's not repercussions. as the chief points out, you have to tell the police officers what you know because you may be saving the life of a child who lives in your neighborhood by doing so. and that is what everybody should want in this situation. >> everybody knows something. >> martha: everybody knows something. exactly. and they should not be
12:42 pm
protecting these people. doesn't help anybody and doesn't help the community. john, we're so sorry for the loss of your beautiful grand season. i can't imagine the pain your family must have over his loss. we thank you again for being with us today, sir. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> martha: so 52 years after landing on the moon, american entrepreneurs took a giant leap in to space tourism. democrats say that they should prepare to pay up. they're angry about the billionaires going to space. we'll talk about that next. veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands.
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>> martha: breaking right now, president biden holding a
12:47 pm
cabinet meeting. we're getting a word that there's some interesting moments on all of the big stories we've covered for you, the covid break through. how is the white house responding. the economy. the president says there's no inflation. do we have time? let's listen. >> 90% down due to our vaccination program. i want to thank you all for the great job you did in getting that done. we have to stay vigilant, especially with the delta variant out there. while covid-19 cases are rising, all of the covid deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people. say it again. virtually all are from unvaccinated people. that means the safest thing to do is to get vaccinated. get vaccinated. that's why we're focusing in on our next phase or getting young vaccinated vaccinated. i know it seems like a uphill climb but gradually making
12:48 pm
progress. we have a way to go yet. secondly, the economy. yesterday that i spoke of the historic economic progress we've made, which starts with the american rescue plan. shots in arms saves a lot of lives. checks and tax cuts to give them a little extra breathing room for ordinary americans and lower healthcare costs just when so many americans needed that help. it's helped create three million jobs more than any administration has done in the first six months of being in office. again, thanks to all of you. with our bipartisan infrastructure frame work and our build back better plan, i think we can turn this great movement into economic boom for some time to come. i mean that. i think we're on the cusp of not only getting us out of the hole but setting us on a path that
12:49 pm
will contribute to economic growth. the american people are overwhelmingly supportive of our plan. that's the support that our friends on the other team miss. the polling data shows that they strongly support our effort for infrastructure. they're a little tired of infrastructure weak for four years in a row. we're on the verge of getting something done. rebuilding roads and bridges, replacing lead water pipes, delivering high speed to every american, rural and inner city. taking on the climate crisis with american jobs. i want us to build back better. they don't know the name but they know they support universal pre-k and two years of community college, paid leave and child care, which is essentially a significant tax cut for working class families and allowing medicare to negotiate lower drug
12:50 pm
costs which will reduce drug prices across the board for people. i support asking the wealthiest 1% of corporate american not to -- begin to pay their fair share. step up a little bit. the idea that 50 of the largest corporations in america pay no tax, i think people should be millionaires and billionaires if they have ideas. but lord's sake, let's pay your fair share. third thing is, there's overwhelming evidence on the poll damage that that they support how to pay for these programs. thirdly, restoring american leadership in the world. i know you all have -- those of you that have traveled around the world are ambassadors to the united nations and knows full well that america was behind the eight ball. we lost a lot of our standing. i don't have to tell that to my buddy on the right here, the secretary state. he understands that well.
12:51 pm
as i said before, we're defining competition right now nor the 21st century with china and many other nations. many of these nations believe that autocracy is the new future. i reject that notion completely, and i think the vast majority of american people do as well. in my conversations and meetings with world leaders coming back eight, nine days over there, a meeting with putin, i'm making it absolutely clear that democracy is more capable, more capable and america is back whether it's helping vaccinate
12:52 pm
the world -- we're not just vaccinating ourselves. we're helping vaccinate the world. we're building back better to create jobs and grow the middle class. not just at home, everywhere. our interest in that economy to grow. we're going to tackle the challenges of cyber security. we've been very clear to our other nations as to what we expect in terms of their conduct. finally, there's much more to be done and so much more to do. tackling voting rights, which is a threat to democracy right now. the things that are being asked are just beyond the pale. the vice president has been working hard on this issue and will continue to. we all are. there's much more to do. we have to tackle the immigration problem, which we're working hard to get done in a humane and serious way. police reform and crime. the bottom line is we're
12:53 pm
delivering on our promises. we have to deliver on all the promises that we made. i think we're in a situation where the vast majority of the public agrees with what we're trying to do. so i think that we're slowing there's nothing that america is unable to do, while we do it together. so, you know, it's time for us to stop now so we can get started with our meeting. so you ready, folks, to go to work? we're going to work now. >> peter doocy trying to shout a question in there as they shoved the reporters out of the room. that's what they do. he decides it's time to get back to work no questions there.
12:54 pm
i'm watching this with anchor david asman that joins me now. always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> a laundry list of things that he says they're not working hard on. not worried about inflation but he keeps bringing it up. >> yesterday he down played it while most americans understand it, it's a real problem. can't avoid it. the most recent statistics that came out last week showing we have 5.5% inflation over last year. the month before that, 5%. the month before that, 4 1/2. so if you look in to that, if we continue with this trend, we're going to have double digit inflation by next year. a serious problem. that's going back to the 1970s. >> martha: he says all the economists that he hears from who he trusts say that it's transitory. >> just people by their record. go back and see what people said
12:55 pm
earlier. they based their budget plan on 2% inflation. they've been wrong. they were wrong before. chances are they'll be wrong again. i don't know if it's going to be double digit inflation but if it continues in this trend, it will. one thing that won't happen is doubling the size and the cost of government. which is what he wants to do with all of his spending plans. first, the infrastructure plan. that's a 1/4 of it. he wants to spend $3.5 trillion on other plans. so is growing doubling the size of government going to limit inflation? it's going to do the opposite. >> martha: he took a little dig at president trump saying i think people got tired of it being infrastructure week every week. i feel like in the obama administration we kept hearing there was going to be a infrastructure deal. both sides have been unwilling to come together because they have different ideas of what infrastructure is. the other thing that struck me is his response on covid, which he kept limited. obviously there's this concern about this delta variant, a plane from texas with legislators on it and six out of
12:56 pm
60 say they're fully vaccinated and test positive for the variant. they say they have mild cold stops. this is not -- that's not disturbing -- >> if they were vaccinated -- karl rove who is no friend to texas democrats but he said they were vaccinated. if we believe they were vaccinated, that shows an amazing ability of the variant to get through the vaccine. so they're behind the scenes talking a lot about it but they're not ready to make a statement. one thing that we can talk about is there's a 900% increase in one of the biggest border crossings from mexico to the united states. the rio grande valley. 900% increase in the infection rate of the immigrants. that is frightening. that shows that democrat policies are not necessarily helping with the pandemic. maybe they are in terms of getting the vaccines out there but they're not helping at the border and not helping with the texas democrats that flew in.
12:57 pm
>> martha: their narrative and lucky for them has been the vaccine is out there. everybody is getting vaccinated. they've been pushing for those that are not to get vaccinated. now they're going to deal with the confrontation here. what do they do when there's a suggestion that kids should go back with masks? what do they do with the teachers union saying maybe we shouldn't go back. interesting to see how the biden administration threads that needle. >> there's a difference of opinion in the administration. the cdc has a rule on masks. you hear from the president and jen psaki suggestions that you have to go back to the mask mandates. you see localities doing that, by the way. you have l.a., some members of the city council in new york advising the same thing. so there's a lot of questions. one thing that you don't hear habit, he's taking the credit for all of those jobs in the economy right now. some of the credit has to go to operation warp speed. imagine this economy trying to
12:58 pm
get out of the mess that we were in a year ago had it not been for the introduction -- with all the problems with the vaccine that we're seeing because of the new variant, imagine where we would be without the success of operation warp speed. >> martha: absolutely. i think back to now president biden on the campaign trail that did most of it from his basement saying we have to stay home. be locked down. we all have to be patient. this is what we have to do. curious to see if he wants this economy to continue to do well, is he going to go back down that road and he's going to have to make a very decisive move on this one way or the other as we learn more. as dr. makary pointed out, i don't think anybody knowing what going on with the variant. >> and questions about the lock down, a lot of questions about that and preventing the spread. look what is happening in europe. they're locking down again. look at the u.k. boris johnson is going back to the lockdown mode. if we do that here again we're
12:59 pm
going to go into another recession. it's clear that's what happened last time. a short recession. we came out of it because we had a vaccine at the end of it and because of the fact we had a strong comply to begin. we don't have a strong economy right now. if we go into another lock down session, a recession with this economy, it will be worse than a year ago. >> martha: i heard the u.k. had the largest number of deaths since march. so that's obviously something to watch. 30 second left. put up some pictures of jeff bezos today. he's getting a lot of push back from social media. >> the brilliance of capitalism is on display today. this is the brilliance of capitalism. rich people, you may be jealous of them, may not like the fact that they're getting benefits from the government the rest of us can't get. when you see money spent on exploration programs like, this i'm happy. a lot of people are. people say that this guy wants
1:00 pm
to colonize the universe. the earth is not big enough. a brilliant display. >> martha: fascinating. rich people are on the cutting edge of a lot of things. >> the alternative is not that great. >> martha: thanks, david. >> good to see you. >> martha: that's the story july 20, 2021. "the story" continues tomorrow. >> oh, my god! my expectations were high. they were dramatically exceeded. every astronaut, everybody who has been up in space, they say this. it changes them. they look at it amazed and awestruck by the earth and its beauty and it's fragility. i can vouch for that. >> neil: jeff bezos can add astronaut to his list of achievements. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." for about


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