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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 20, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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prince harry's shoes, i would write a historical novel about the family. i would educate everyone to the amazing aspects of that family. i would pump them up, rather than squash them down, but thank you, guys. this historical day that we are all a part of. thanks for watching. and now here is "america reports." >> sandra: thank you, emily. fox news alert. top of a brand-new hour. nancy pelosi and a white house official, both fully vaccinated, have confirmed testing positive for covid-19. brand-new reaction from the white house and capitol hill moments ago. hello and welcome here and i am sandra smith. >> john: and i am john roberts in washington. our number one for me. our number three for sandra. the infected white house official did not come in close contact with any senior staff or the president, but speaker pelosi's office as her aide came into contact with democratic members of the
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texas state legislature last week as she shepherded them around on capitol hill. i am both officials attended the reception with the texas democrats, only six of whom who have now tested positive for covid. >> sandra: the nation's top health officials testifying before the senate committee today. there were some fireworks. republican kentucky senator rand paul and anthony fauci at one point going at it. listen here. >> it is a crime to lie to congress. do you wish to retract your statement of may 11th where you claimed that the nih never funded research in wuhan? >> senator paul, i have never lied it -- >> your microphone. >> senator paul, i have never lied before the congress, and i do not retract that statement. this paper that you are referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the
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chain as not being of function. let me finish. >> you take an animal virus, increase the transmissibility to humans. >> that is correct. senator paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. and i want to say that officially. you do not know what you are talking about. okay? one person -- >> this is your definition that you guys wrote. it says that the scientific research that increases the trans ability -- the transmissibility among animals, they took animal viruses that only occur in animals, and they increase their transmissibility to humans. how you can say that is not a gain of function, it is a dance, and you are dancing around it because you're trying to obscure responsibility for people dying around the world from the pandemic. >> now you are getting into
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something. the point that you are making is that the grant that was funded for the eco-health to wuhan created sars-cov-2, that is where you are getting, let me finish. >> we don't know. >> wait a minute. >> the evidence that came from the lab, the responsibility, including yourself. >> i totally -- >> allow the witness -- >> i totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, senator. because if you look at the virus that we used in the experiments, that were given in the annual report that were published in the literature, it is molecularly impossible -- >> no one is saying the virus caused it. see you in just moments, texas governor greg abbott joins us to talk about how his state plans to handle some of the shifting covert guidance, especially when
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it comes to schools. we will also talk to jerome adams about the potential for new mandates on indoor masking. >> sandra: so much to ask both of them. we begin with jacqui heinrich, life from capitol hill at this hour where there is quite a bit of news developing. what's the latest? >> a lot of eyeballs on that exchange the value just heard, but we are also watching dr. fauci, give any indication that the cdc will change its guidance for mask wearing, including on public transportation and plans, where masks are still required amid the very end, and the patchwork of cities now going against the cdc guidance and requiring masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. we are also watching to see whether there will be any change to cdc guidance for schools, which said vaccinated students and teachers can go without masks, recommending anyone older than age to dominic to go where
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a mass regardless of vaccination status. the white house has said they do not expect to see mass guidance to change, saying that the science is showingshowing vaccie reliable. they have been trying to increase vaccinations against peasants and populations and curb at misinformation. the highlights from the hearing have been around covert origins. >> you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. i totally reasoned that. >> this has been evaluated multiple times by qualified people to not fall under the gain of function definition. i have not lied before congress. i have never laid down a glide, certainly before congress, case closed. >> jerome adams has said that he and dr. fauci famously advised against wearing masks at the beginning of the pandemic, citing availability at the time
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in the supply shortage of masks. he has said that the cdc, committing a similar misstep. he says that they should be pushing vaccines and masks in places with rising caseloads until the numbers start to come down. sandra. >> sandra: all right, jacqui heinrich live on capitol hill for us. >> john: sandra, thank you. pediatricians calling for all children over the age of two to wear a mask when schools reopen in the fall, and that includes students who are vaccinated. the american academy of pediatrics making the recommendation which directly conflicts with cdc guidance, saying vaccinated americans can go without masks. charles watson is live in dunwoody, georgia, just outside of atlanta, not far from cdc headquarters. what have you got for us? >> well, this whole debate over whether masks should or should not be worn in schools has really turned into a complicated and confusing situation for people all over the country,
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particularly for parents who are left to make the decision in cities and towns. it seeing a spike in new covid infections us kids get ready to head back to school for in person learning. listen. >> that is a medical decision that should be placed back into the hands of the parents and out of the hands of a school board. >> it is asking a lot, i think, of children. and i think it's probably a little bit overkill. >> i would not want him to be exposed to catching covid because kids could die from this also. even though they say the chances of kids are low, but i still feel like you never know. >> now, john, at least six states say they will require students and teachers to mask up, regardless of vaccination status, but some hands are tied in states like arizona, arkansas, and texas where laws
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or executive orders now make it illegal to require masks to be worn in schools. some medical professionals say it could undo months of progress. >> we are likely to see further episodes of surges in the fall in the winter. so my advise is what happens depends on what the population does and how good we do and the rest of the country vaccinating people. >> and john, it is important that there is a large student population under 12 that are still not yet eligible to be vaccinated. thank you, john. >> charles watson for us and done what he. >> thanks, john. we are joined now by texas governor greg abbott. a lot to get you, including mask layering in schools. the american academy of pediatrics suggesting that kids as young as two years old should be masking up when they got back to school. what do you plan to tell people in your state? >> well, first, the set up, what you have all been talking about
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the past few minutes, and that is all the information that we get from washington, d.c., and the supposed leaders about responding to covid have been, as john talked about earlier, shifting. they keep moving the goal posts throughout the entire pandemic, and all that really does is so confusion among the american public. no one knows what to believe, and as a result, people have lack of trust and confidence in the information coming out of washington, d.c. the one thing that we do know is that, and that is that those who receive covid vaccine shots are far less likely and highly protected against -- far less likely to get covid. and so the state of texas is working with local communities to make sure that people have access to covid shots and are aware of the success rates of covid shots. with regard to schools in particular, i have made it very clear. this is an issue of parental choice and will not be an issue
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of mandate. especially for those who have already received a covid shot. there is absolutely no proven reason for them to wear a mask. there will be no mandates in texas schools about wearing masks, but as always, the people who are most responsible for the health of their children are the parents, and the parents have the right to make sure -- to make the choice about whether or not their child will be wearing a mask to school. >> sandra: it seems that there is so much thought put into just that aspect and not what happens to these kids. takes away from their socialization, ability to learn, heading into multiple years of this. i saw sort of a reaction to the rand paul-dr. fauci exchange. there was more that came from all of this, including this exchange with dr. fauci and the cdc director. it pertains to exactly what we're talking about right now. wearing masks in school in the
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fall. listen. >> it is my priority to get our children back to school for safe in person learning. we continue to recommend that schools implement a layered protection strategies to protect those who are not fully vaccinated and encourage vaccinations for those who are eligible. masks continue to be a critical part. >> sandra: you know, i will get your reaction to that while i put this up on the screen. "wall street journal" editorial, saying the flimsy evidence behind the cdc is pushed you vaccinated children, covet hospitalizations, will not consider if one shot is sufficient. this is important to point out because he is saying that they need to make more informed policy decisions when it comes to government officials. he said they are working with nearly 30,000 employees at the cdc but working off of incomplete or flawed data. why is there not an effort to have more data behind these decisions, rather than just throwing stuff out there
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sometimes that have to be either taken back or change so quickly? >> you know, from the beginning of the response to the pandemic to what you're talking about today, the approach has been ready, fire, aim. they should before they know really what they are talking about, and then they have to go back and retract what they've said before and redo it. again, this is why the american public is losing trust and confidence with regard to the -- coming out of washington, d.c., and that is why there is some level of vaccine of vaccine hesitancy. the public does not trust what is going on with the recommendations. and as a result, it is going to be a requirement. decisions made by parents. best interest of their families as well as their kids. >> sandra: i want to move on to the texas democrats who flood your state. no change to the mask mandate for the public or the schools. these texas democrats have
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tested positive for the coronavirus. the clock is ticking. are they going to run out the clock here? what happens next as far as the sweeping election bill back at home? what is your next step? and that they still there. >> first, you can obviously tell that what the democrats have done is a disaster, trip up to washington, d.c., to accomplish absolutely nothing. while at the same time, think about this. they have been in their job, the responsibility to engage in the debate, try to shape the selection and integrity bill. while they were gone, the texas senate to pass out and election integrity bill, and i have to emphasize this. the democrats remained in texas in the senate, they were able to work to make amendments to the bill that would be more to their liking. that is exactly what the texas house democrats could have done, had they remained in austin, texas, as opposed to wasting their time in washington, d.c.
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when they get back to texas, i will be calling another special session and put this back on the agenda as well as so many other items that are so important to their constituents. their constituents are getting mighty upset about the fact that their house member is not in the senate, doing the job they were elected to do. >> sandra: now there is a completely different story, with them contracting the virus and showing up at the white house, having access to nancy pelosi and others on capitol hill. now a staffer of nancy pelosi has tested positive and a staffer at the white house. i want to ask you about the border crisis. we have seen the numbers. they are staggering. we have seen the images of these migrants flowing over our southern border. brand-new numbers that show that that is still at a record high. obviously coronavirus also playing a part here is we are now learning. a large percentage of them are now reporting that they do and are carrying coronavirus over the southern border. what are you doing about a wall?
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can you really build one? >> we can, and i will mention that, but can i touch up on the last thing that you sent? as we are speaking, the president is considering lifting title 42 that president trump put in place, which is to prevent keeping people from coming into the united states from mexico, because of the covid situation. it is going to be a disastrous political and policy decision if the president left side. the president bears personal responsibility for every single american who get sick or contracts covid because of people coming across the border. and he needs to be called out on being so radical as in considering lifting title 42. with regard to your other point, listen. we have already begun the process of building the border wall. we are in the process of hiring a project manager. we are already receiving information from those who have already been involved in building the border wall, showing the ways we are going to be able to build it.
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we have already made an allocation of funding by the state legislature. we will be adding to that allocation to make sure that we are able to build up border wall, but i must add this. there is a need to that be provided for a far greater number of additional personnel on the ground because texas is changing. we are not doing catch and release anymore. the state of texas is working with local officials. we are going to be arresting people coming across the border, and we will be putting them in jail. they will not be getting the red carpet treatment they have been getting under the biden administration. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. please check back in with us. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: fox news has obtained exclusive information showing about the number of covid positive detainees in that sector alone has increased at an alarming rate. 900% increase in confirmed positive cases versus the previous 14 months. that is becoming a real problem
10:17 am
now. >> john: griff jenkins, who of course has been doing tremendous coverage got those details from some sources that he's been working with for a long time, but i tell you, if the governor is going to you arrest everyone who comes across the border, they are going to need a very big jail. 188,000 came across during the month of june. the vast majority of those in the state of texas. >> sandra: big deal. >> john: it is. sandra, new spotlights on the hunter biden scandal coming from "the washington post." what they are saying about his artwork and why they are getting slammed. >> sandra: jeff bezos with same-day delivery, blasting out to the edge of space and back in just a matter of minutes. what does it mean for the future of space tourism and exploration? >> john: less than a two hour delivery. plus, the new covid recommendation for schoolkids. will they need to start wearing masks again in the fall?
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10:23 am
is aide, these six texas democrats, i have seen reports, they were all vaccinated, coming down with not necessarily symptomatic. why these breakthrough cases? >> it's important for people and to understand when we talk about masking and vaccinating, we don't know what we don't know about the delta variant. 64% effectiveness against preventing the spread of disease within the context of the delta variant, even though still 90% -- so it works for you and protect seo, but against the delta variant, not as protected against a milder asymptomatic disease. possibly not as effective at preventing the spread. that's why we worried. >> john: we've been told by cdc officials, anthony fauci, that they are effective against the delta variant, so starting to see more breakthrough cases, that is going to cause some
10:24 am
consternation as well. >> they are still effective at preventing you from ending up in the hospital and dying, 90% effective. you still may be able to spread the virus, which is why we are having this conversation. we keep being humbled by this virus, learning more, and we need to be transparent with people when we don't know what we don't know. we can't declare victory too early. we've got to realize we are going to be living with us for a while. >> john: in recent days on twitter, you indicated that you know more now than you did 15, 16 months ago when this first hit. he tweeted out "last year, tony fauci and i famously prematurely and wrongly advised against masks. i felt it was the best call at the time but not regret it." you went on to tweet "i'm worried the cdc also made a similarly premature or misinterpreted still harmful call on masking in the face of upwards arrow delta variant." tell us more about why you made
10:25 am
that decision last march? it was a year ago, march, and your fears for the new guidance, which is that people who are vaccinated do not need to wear masks indoors. >> well, first of all, it's important you know i love and trust the cdc, but we also have to be honest when what we are doing isn't working, and right now, you have rising cases. decreasing vaccinations. the messaging not only isn't working, it is harmful when you have the l.a. county sheriff sightings cdc guidance when he says i am not going to enforce local health policy and mandates. so for us to have the humility to say what we are doing isn't working, that is what we had to do when we initially made that well-meaning announcement, dr. fauci and i, where we were telling people not to hoard or buy mock-ups on medical masks. what people heard was masks don't work. we had to say look, we are sorry.
10:26 am
there is a lot of asymptomatic spread out here that we found out about, and now that we have other things besides medical masks, we need to adjust what we are recommending to people. it doesn't mean science doesn't work or that people are lying to you, but it means that we need to understand that this is going to continue to evolve. as governor abbott said, when in doubt, talk to your doctor. talk to your health provider. trust your local health officials. >> john: you know, everyone who was watching the senate earlier this morning, cdc director dr. fauci and others were testifying, rochelle walensky, indicating that she is not going to change that masked man to guidance any time soon. listen to what she said. >> in areas where vaccine coverage is low, cases and hospitalizations are starting to climb again. the message from the cdc remains clear. the best way to prevent the spread of covid-19 variance is to prevent the spread of disease, and vaccination is the most powerful tool we have cured the overwhelming majority of
10:27 am
deaths from covid-19 are now occurring in unvaccinated people. >> john: she seems to indicate that she believes vaccinating is still the best route to go. however, there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy in the united states. democrats are blaming republicans for that, but if you rewind the clock, it was democrats who were casting doubt on the vaccine and whether or not they would even take it. listen to what kamala harris said in the past and what she is saying recently. >> let's just say there is a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election. would you get it? i would not trust donald trump. if donald trump tells us that we should take it, i'm not taking it. speak on vaccinated, and so we are going to continue to push out the message that the vaccine will save your life. >> john: so did the initial message that she would not take the vaccine because it came from the trump administration because some of the current vaccine
10:28 am
hesitancy? >> well, i think you have to look at different groups that may not have caused it in conservative america, but it certainly could have caused hesitancy among the african-american population, which we now have lower than average vaccination rates. people should not listen to politicians when it comes to health advice. they should listen to their doctors, and i want to give a shout out to your own sean hannity. your viewers need to know that last night, he said, and i quote, "enough people have died. the science is clear. vaccinations work. please talk to your doctor." that is what i have been saying all along. trust your doctor. make a decision that is right for you. >> john: myself, my coanchor, sandra smith, we got the vaccine back in march as soon as they became available. real quick, 30 seconds left. >> so is president trump. so is every republican governor. they just want transparency. they want to hear from people who they trust. >> john: let me ask you, click
10:29 am
answer, this 100% increase in covid coming across in the rio grande valley sector, shut the biden administration in the face of that even be thinking about resending title 42? >> well, i think they need to help people understand how incredibly dangerous this delta variant is from the contagious point of view, and that includes people coming across the border. it should affect everything from mass policy to immigration policy. we need to understand 1,000 more viral particles makes this incredibly transmissible, and we need to understand that. >> john: dr. jerome adams, always good to spend time with you. love the boats i too. >> thank you, john. >> john: this is a real big headline i was discussing earlier today. this 900% increase in people who are carrying the virus coming across the border. that is some serious stuff. when you look at the number of
10:30 am
people who are coming across the border versus the number of people who actually get tested, those numbers could be much higher than the current statistics would seem to indicate. >> sandra: as the doctor just mentioned, you can go to youth and learn more about where you can get your vaccine if you haven't had it yet. i have gone to you that, and it is very informative and should help with anything anybody has on their mind. and of course, ask your doctor about anything else. what a story to see this happening on capitol hill in washington, at the white house, not today, testing positive. what a story. we will continue to follow it and have more coming up. meanwhile, i should say another big day on wall street. a big rally today. the day after we saw what was the worst sell-off since last october. so, for questions about your retirement. is your 401(k) and for a rocky ride as covid cases continue to climb? >> john: they get hammered for
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♪ ♪ >> john: top stories we are watching the sour appeared republicans criticizing senate majority leader chuck schumer for his proposed timeline to begin debate on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. they say they would like to work on a draft first and begin debate on the multitrillion dollar bill next week. bill cassidy of louisiana will join us to talk about that. >> sandra: reporting they will announce initial steps they are taking in cuba as people continue to take to the streets there against the communist regime. >> john: president biden has welcomed the 2021 super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers to the white house. this is the first time a super bowl winning team has visited the white house since 2017. for more headlines, download the
10:36 am
fox news app, go to >> sandra: "the washington post" highlighting the ethical scandal with full-page artwork and their offense candle, getting slammed for how it did it. the outfit promoting affectional art exhibition by hunter biden that parodies recent scandals, including hunter selling his own artwork for huge amounts of money. fact-checker glenn kessler sharing the piece on twitter, saying "pulls no punches with biting and funny exhibition of hunter biden's are the meghan kruger." did they get this right, leslie? >> well, it's an op-ed. it's an opinion. everyone has an opinion and the right to it via the first amendment, but the criticism is about "the washington post" and the judge that we are seeing today, the trump of .8, who did not
10:37 am
want to bring politics into bringing forth any kind of subpoenas, indictments against hunter biden, but people both on the left and the right have a lot of confidence in this judge, and we have to remember, an investigation doesn't always yield a sitting grand jury, and those indictments out a lot of people on the right are hoping will come for hunter biden. >> sandra: a lot of reaction, including one tweet -- one twitter user who tweeted "you're a bit late." obviously the criticism of this is not finally when it is written about, and finally won hunter biden's artwork is referenced in the scandal, it is through a humorous piece. >> well, that's a problem, as they turns they op-ed, the editorial page, into the cartoon page. what they haven't done, "the washington post," if they are going to be viewed as a series newspaper, they have not dove into the fact after fact
10:38 am
after fact about how the bidens themselves have enriched their families, how they have abused the system, how hunter biden was using the united states of america, flying on air for's 2, that are out there, saying i have brought everybody you wanted to potential business partners to the white house, to the residence there at the vice president's place, and now i need to see the money. that is essentially what he said. cute tongue-in-cheek, but they have been nowhere on this. during the election and shortly after the election, they mocked this as if it were not a serious investigation. compared to the trams, are you kidding me? it would have been everywhere. >> sandra: his work has earned him critical acclaim from around the world, and his art will be the perfect decoration for any oligarch passion in russia, china, saudi arabia, and beyond.
10:39 am
>> again, entitled to their opinion. we live in a world where if you have a famous last name, kim kardashian paint something tomorrow, even though she is not an artist and may have no artistic ability, people are going to buy my kid and it is going to get a bigger price tag because of her last name. trump or biden, they are going to get more for their artwork, but at the end of the day, again, when you look at this investigation, when it started, sandra, that started during the trump administration, and even the republicans asked of the then attorney general, bill barr, to have an independent special counsel, you did not see a need for it at that time. "the washington post" is not going to determine whether hunter biden gets any cuffs of slapped on him. >> sandra: i don't know, there seems to be one big difference between the kardashian family and the biden family, with joe biden currently having the
10:40 am
presidency. >> just last year, the united states senate issued a report that if you're going to funnel money, launder money, you do it through the art world. as an art critic in oregon pointed out, if art was so good, put the art out there without the artist name, but now the white house as this convenient relationship with itself by saying we are going to maximize transparency by making sure nobody knows about the transaction. that is not how they did it, with secretary clinton was in office. bill clinton was not giving speeches. they released every dollar that was out there. this white house is covering it up, and it is wrong. "washington post," shame on you. you should be covering this as a new story, not an op-ed cartoon. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: sandra, russia releasing video of a new hypersonic missile. russian president putin says he wants to put a nuclear warhead on it, so what is the pentagon doing about it? that, plus this.
10:41 am
>> two, one. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: i center this morning. i will say it again. this guy has a the limit for jeff bezos. doing big things for space tourism. what is next for the final frontier? ♪ ♪ br 25% of your mouth.
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10:46 am
>> john: as you know, it is just something that the royal family does not do. >> sandra: well, he has removed himself from that, and they gave him the blessing, but then to do this, i believe is going to feel like a major betrayal appeared to i'm sure. he had a lot of things to get off his chest because as we all know, sandra, it's tough being a prince. [laughs] say to you i knew you were going to say that. >> john: sandra, amazon founder jeff bezos making history today, blasting off to the edge of space on and on piloted suborbital flight with a fully civilian crew. it was developed by his company, blue origin. touched down safely after about 10 minutes in the air. what does the flight mean for the future of space and space tourism? let's bring in former astronaut, jose hernandez. as, great to see you. it was called the new shepherd in honor of alan shepard who did the same thing back on may 5th 1961. i actually watch that blast off,
10:47 am
and i've got to say, this one was just about as thrilling as that one was, even though shepard was the very first. >> absolutely. today was an amazing day because i call it the trifecta day because now we have three bona fide company is independent of nasa that have the ability to send humans up into space, and that opens up a new era of space travel for the civilians. you know longer have to be part of nasa or close to the tough training as being a nasa astronaut to go into space. you do have to have lots of resources to go into space, but that is how normal aviation started, and eventually, the price is going to come down such that a middle-class person will be able to have the luxury of weightlessness, albeit only three or 4 minutes of a time, but they will be able to do that. >> john: what did you think
10:48 am
about the fact that the price tag for this flight was $20 million? it is going to have to come down a long way, jose. jeff bezos, lots of celebrating. they were spraying champagne at each other. he waxed philosophical about the flight, but then he said what was it really like? this is what he said. >> on how it felt, oh, my god. my expectations were high, and they were dramatically exceeded. >> john: you've got to sing, you got up into space. you know what it's like to blastoff. i don't. i would like to someday, but it has got to be a thrill. one of these days, because this isn't space exploration. this is based tourism. could this become the sort of thing that obviously an affluent middle-class family may choose to do as a vacation? >> absolutely. one can envision that. all of these companies, their common starting point is space
10:49 am
tourism. i am not sure their end point is the same, because you just look at the different architectures. blue origin has an architecture of a rocket capsule similar to nasa, so they are going to go to the international space station, to the moon, probably onto mars. you like a virgin galactic, it is a space plane that goes up 45,000 feet. the mothership. and then releases it, goes up into suborbital flight. on that one, you can imagine a transcontinental industry where you can travel from new york to singapore in an hour, as opposed to 14 hours. so, i think their end game is different, but the common point is that they are both developing -- all three companies are developing the space tourism, including space . >> john: what do you make of the criticism that they are burning up rocket fuel just for
10:50 am
thrills instead of looking after the problems here on earth? >> hey, look. any time private industry spends a dollar and space exploration, that's a dollar less myself and others and yourself as a taxpayer has to pay for nasa to achieve the same objectives, so -- and then the technologies developed as a result of pushing the envelope of space exploration benefits is down here on the ground because all of that industry is commercialized. >> john: he appeared jose hernandez, great to share this with you. i got a thrill out of it. i hope you did too. sandra, i know you did. >> sandra: love it. great interview there. a huge victory for some parents and critics of critical race theory. detailed in the big shift. what it could mean for your children. ♪ ♪ with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual.
10:51 am
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>> sandra: a big shift on the education department when it comes to teaching critical race theory in our schools. mike emanuel is live on the from washington for us. >> some 35,000 americans expressed their concern to the department of education about a history and civics grant that initially included critical race theory language. that reaction led to a change. >> we've got a minor victory in
10:55 am
a battle in this fight. but it isn't going oy. it is all the more reason why we've got to redistribute power back to the states and localities over public education. that is where that power rightfully belongs. speak out in april, they put out application rules for a $3 million grant program. part of the language was later struck after an uproar this summer. education secretary struck the language, saying "this program, however, has not, does not, will not dictate or recommend a specific curriculum be taught in classrooms. those decisions are and will be, will continue to be made at the local level." senator lee says parents and policymakers are upset. he calls critical race theory "with amazing diversity." >> sandra: live in washington for us. >> john: dozens of migrants were reportedly dropped off in louisiana with little or no notice given to state officials.
10:56 am
now demanding answers from the biden administration about how that happened. he will joining us live. plus, dr. janette nesheiwat and susan li, coming out. ♪ ♪ t, get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi ensure complete! is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> john: fox news alert to begin a brand-new hour as "america reports" on covid concerns, the debate over masks, and i'll break your case is at the white house and with a member of speaker pelosi's staff. we are now learning that they go beyond that as well. good afternoon. i'm john roberts in washington. >> sandra: a lot happening on this tuesday afternoon. the white house confirming both cases involve fully vaccinated individuals, but the press secretary just said it is not the first time that this has happened. she said that the white house official to not come into contact with the president. we will have more on all of this with our own peter doocy.
11:01 am
he will join us in just a moment. >> john: looking forward to that. top health officials testify on the hill, and some experts push to bring back math mandates, but not just for adults. the american academy of pediatrics calling for all children three and older to be masked up at school, even if they have been vaccinated. the conflicts directly with guidance from the cdc. >> sandra: bill cassidy is standing by has one of the lawmakers doing the questioning. he has also, by the way, a physician. we begin with peter. what did you take away from today? >> what's notable about today's events that are still unfolding and building on each other is that those texas democrats socialized with at least to some white house staff, and now they are being blamed for bringing covid here. >> more than 10% of the traveling party now have a breakthrough case. is there any concern that this trip that was intended to advocate for voting rights is
11:02 am
now a super-spreader event in washington? >> well, i would say that is a mischaracterization. we certainly understand there will be breakthrough cases. even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not foolproof. >> about the specific case of this white house staffer, they tell us we know that there will be breakthrough cases, but as that shows, vaccinated individuals are typically mild. the white house is prepared for a breakthrough cases with regular testing. this is another reminder of the efficacy of the covid-19 vaccines against severe illness. officials are very wary of saying that they would support further masked mandates for the vaccinated. and stop telling us they would wait for updated guidance from the cdc before making any major policy change like that. the one thing they really want to push our vaccinations. even interrupting a super bowl event with this pitch to the players. >> and you all who don't have
11:03 am
it, get one, okay? get one. get one. you are saving lives, helping us get back our lives and our loved ones. >> jen psaki admitted there have been other positive breakthrough cases of covid-19 here at the white house that were not disclosed, and she defended not disclosing them at that time because she only promised to notify the press and the public when a commissioned officer of the president calls. >> sandra: as you mention, that's a lot happening on the summer tuesday. >> john: let's bring in republican louisiana senator and dr. bill cassidy. let me get you to put the white coat on for a second to address what we just heard. we've got these breakthrough cases apparently among these texas lawmakers. among staffers on capitol hill. the white house, according to chad pergram, several vaccinated staff members and one member have had a breakthrough
11:04 am
infection. is this the delta variant, or is this something else? >> no, the vaccine is equally effective against the delta variant. keep in mind it keeps you from dying. it keeps you from having to go to the hospital. and it keeps you from getting infected. but its effectiveness at preventing infection is not as great as its effectiveness against hospitalization or death, so there's going to be some people who get infected. but they don't go to the hospital. they don't die. that is really what we are talking about. what the white house does, it routinely checks everybody who goes in. someone could have no symptoms whatsoever. they are detecting an infection that otherwise would never be symptomatic and quite likely may not be spread to other people. so the more people vaccinated, the less of an issue this is. strongly recommend people to be vaccinated. >> sandra: i feel like people here and you are probably thinking the same thing. you are talking about the efficacy rate of the vaccine, but you are saying that would
11:05 am
mean you don't contract the virus, right? not just don't get symptoms or get mild symptoms. the statistics wouldn't pan out that that many people on that plane, six of those democrats now have contracted the virus, and they are fully vaccinated. that goes against the odds that we are being told about the vaccine, does it not? >> i do not know that they were fully vaccinated. let's just say that. i also don't know their medical history. if you have somebody was on steroids, she or he, the vaccine may just not work on them. 2% of the folks who, again, the vaccine does not work. keep in mind that because you are in fact it does not mean that you are symptomatic, and it doesn't mean that you are going to go to the hospital. they check everybody. and if you come back positive, they call you "infected" even if you have no symptoms, so i don't know details beyond that, other than the vaccine is still incredibly effective. >> john: one of the big issues we are seeing now, places like
11:06 am
l.a. county, las vegas, other places are considering it now. the health committee of which you are a number, and you are at that hearing this morning. rochelle walensky was asked about what she thought was the best way to protect against covid. here's what she said. >> in areas where vaccine coverage is low, cases and hospitalization are starting to climb again. the message from the cdc remains clear. the best way to prevent the spread of covid-19 variants is to prevent the spread of disease, and vaccination is the most powerful tool we have cured the overwhelming majority of deaths from covid-19 are now occurring in unvaccinated people. >> john: a spokesperson said that the cdc does not plan on updating its masked guidance, so it remains that people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask. do you believe that that is where it should stay, or do you support some of these new mask mandates? >> i think it should stay where it is. i have been vaccinated. i am protected. that is the whole goal of being
11:07 am
vaccinated, so just thinking about the work of the vaccine, i agree with the cdc recommendations. the vaccine works. it protects me. i should not need to wear a mask. >> sandra: but senator, there's a lot of decisions being made that some make the case, not being made with real facts, numbers, and science. dr. marty makary is one of them. you probably saw the piece in "the wall street journal" this morning, he is questioning some of the loose data that is behind some of these policy decisions and says "our report sound zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition, such as leukemia. if that trend holds, it has significant implications for healthy kids and whether they need to cover vaccine doses." why are we making decisions about the vaccine, both of the virus, without real hard facts? he is saying 30,000 employees at the cdc, why can't they provide the science behind these decisions, rather than making some of them on a whim?
11:08 am
>> i can't speak for the centers for disease control, but i think whatever we do should be guided by facts. the best efforts that you can make from the facts, totally except that, and the facts are the vaccine works. if you are vaccinated, you are protected against death, hospitalization, and almost always, protected against infection. in terms of the mask mandate for, i really don't know the science behind that. there may be some rationale that the american academy of pediatrics is using. they are smart people. i would like to know that. but on the other hand, children are less likely to be infected. extremely unlikely to have a problem, and if the parents are vaccinated, it should not be an issue, even if the child carries a virus. >> john: griff jenkins found out that there has been a 900% increase in the people testing positive for coronavirus coming across the border in the rio grande valley.
11:09 am
bill melugin has been there, watching a group of mostly haitian migrants coming across the border, and some of those migrants -- i don't know if it was that particular group, but some were dropped off by officials from the administration in shreveport, louisiana. we are looking for some answers. >> absolutely. you are thinking wait a second, they are dropping off people who don't have money, who don't have phones, who don't speak english, who have no family, and they're dropping them off. don't have a plane ticket, you name it. here, it is your issue. what i understand is that local and state officials are being given very short notice. it is unfair to the community. it is unfair to the migrants. it also shows you the border is so terribly out of control that they don't know what to do except to come on friday afternoon, when they hope no one is looking, drop them off in a small town. by the way, not just shreveport but monroe, louisiana, baton rouge, louisiana.
11:10 am
if it is happening in my town, it is probably happening in your is too. >> sandra: what are you doing with them? >> i finally have a call set up with them for about an hour. we have been trying to figure out what the heck are you doing? once we can get some answers, we can go forward. but it has been very difficult to reach people, which probably tells you they don't exactly want what they are doing to be known by very many. >> john: do us a favor. let us know if that conversation bears any fruit. we appreciate you coming into talk to us today. >> sandra: much more on this developing situation, including dr. janette nesheiwat on why it is not time to panic. >> john: up nice, greg abbott sounding off on the democrats who fled his stage. it seems they have created a super-spreader event. will cain is here to weigh in on that. speak out what the democrats have done is a disaster of a trip up to washington, d.c.
11:11 am
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♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ >> sandra: will cain waiting in the wings on the texas democrats who fled the lone star state. but we take you first to the southern border, and fox news getting an exclusive look at the construction of greg abbott's promised barrier there, telling us the project is well underway. >> we've already begun the process of building the border wall, as well as adding barriers. with regard to building the border wall, we are already receiving information from those who have already been involved in building the border wall, that was that we will be able to build it. >> sandra: right down to the border, bill melugin is live in texas for us.
11:17 am
hi, bill. >> hi, sandra. it has been another blistering hot day out here, but that has not slowed down any of the activity. you take a look over my shoulder, you can probably say we've got another group of migrants who literally just showed up, sitting out in the sun waiting to be apprehended, but we had more activity if you take a look at this video that we shot. they have been walking up the trail, and they just essentially give themselves up, hoping that they will be able to be let in. they have been cubans, nicaraguans, and some haitians, but the surge not slowing down. that is why governor abbott says he is going to build his own border fencing, and take a look at this. we were given exclusive access to the construction of that border fence right here in del rio. this is the first spot where it is being built. what you see is a chain-link fence with barbed wire on the top of it. it starts out at 1.5 miles long, 7 feet high. the question i asked, what the
11:18 am
heck is a chain-link fence going to do to stop this? well, the ideas they are going to put no trespassing signs on the fence, and any migrants who jump over, climb over, damage in any way, they are going to cut border control out of the equation. they are just going to arrest these people and take them off to local taxes jails. telling me they are done waiting for the federal government to do its job. >> essentially go it alone. it is overwhelming because we know border control dominic patrol is overwhelmed. he initiated this initiative to build a temporary fence so that we can take action. the state of texas is leading the charge. we are going to for some action. >> what you are looking at right now is on my pictures down in la joya, texas, and the rio grande valley. griff jenkins breaking a major story today. according to border patrol,
11:19 am
covid-19 cases in the rio grande valley have exploded by 900% with migrants just in the last two weeks alone. the surge not slowing down. rio grande valley had more than 15,000 apprehensions in one single week, so those cova numbers are going to be a major concern. >> sandra: just remarkable. john. >> john: sandra, the texas governor also slamming democrats and state lawmakers who fled his state to block a republican voting bill. >> the democrats who remain in texas, working in the texas senate, they were able to work to make amendments to that bill that would be more to their liking. that is exactly what the texas house democrats could have done, how they remained in austin, texas, as opposed to wasting their time in washington, d.c. their constituents are getting mighty upset about the fact that their house member is not in texas, doing the job they were elected to do. >> john: this comes as the number of covid cases involving
11:20 am
an potentially connected to those texas lawmakers keeps rising. those democrats speaking in washington just now, republicans saying they have basically started their own super-spreader event. will cain with a reaction in just a moment. first, congressional correspondent chad pergram on capitol hill. there is a lot of covid going around these days. >> good afternoon. texas democrats, super-spreader's. they have tested positive after attending a reception with the texans last week. they have been skipping around washington, making their case for voting rights, but breakthrough infections with covid are stomping on their message. health concerns now consume the capitol. >> tv vaccinated, wear masks. >> house majority leader says
11:21 am
"we are going to have to have a talk about whether we are going back to masks." the capitol attending physician is not imposing mask mandated at the capitol now. he says it is up to "personal discretion." the cdc says there is about one break their infection for every 10,000, but for the texans, it is running about 10%. they met with house majority with jim clyburn today, and g.o.p. florida representative buchanan tested positive. he was vaccinated months ago. he is the first positive test among members since the 29th of january. john. >> john: it is rather curious that they were so many cases among these texas democrats. >> sandra: let's bring in will cain. i'm sure you've got some thoughts in this moment. >> i do. what a train wreck, sandra. what an absolute bad joke. you know, these democrats, as he heard, they could have tried to work to improve this bill, but
11:22 am
they pulled a stunt, and what they've done is they've been living for years, i would imagine, essentially through the prism of social media. what can we do? fire also tweet, and they have begun to live life in that manner. the height of hypocrisy, and they have run off like the oregon state senator years ago, would have criticized them here they would have criticized us. yet they commit all those same sins, run off to washington, d.c., in fact everybody with covid, and it doesn't come off the way that tweet would have if they had just simply gone to their favorite social media platform. what i'm getting to his life is a lot different, isn't it? you come up differently when you live the way that you act on social media, and you look like a joke here in the real world. >> sandra: here is how one of those texas democrats is defending the trip. this is chris turner last night. >> we are here to protect the rights of texans and protect their freedom to vote.
11:23 am
and you have to understand the special session is poison from the onset. it is against the backdrop of the governor trying to defund the entire legislative branch of government because he didn't get his way on everything he wanted, and we don't live in a dictatorship. we live in a democracy. and the governor is not a dictator. >> sandra: you heard "we are here to protect the rights of texans and protect their freedom to vote." he says. >> this is how you end up coming off like such a joke. you build your house on the foundation of sand. the whole thing is dishonest. there are problems with the texas voter integrity bill that flows out of the emergency measures that we put in place for the pandemic to characterize it as racist or as voter i.d. is unpopular, whatever their criticisms may be, it is built on the dishonest lie that it is designed to disenfranchise voters on the basis of race, and
11:24 am
it absolutely is not. we saw it fall apart in georgia when his corporations could not explain exactly what their problems were with the bill. and these texas democrats, instead of arguing or debating what they dislike have tried to pull a social media based stunned, and it's falling apart on them. >> sandra: greg abbott, the governor of texas, agrees. he called it a stunt as well. he said that they will ultimately pay for this stunt at the ballot box. jen psaki was asked about all of this a short time ago at the white house by our own peter doocy about the new covid cases. what is the messaging now to texas dems? listen. >> now that covid-19 after contact with those democrats has reached the white house, what is your message to these texas democrats? >> our message continues to be thanks for standing up for voting rights and the rights of americans to have their voices heard at the voting booth, and we appreciate their efforts in
11:25 am
that regard. >> sandra: so that was not, will. after they fled the state, mass maskless on a plane, and that seemed to be her prepared response. final thoughts? >> we appreciate their efforts is what the white house has about the texas democrats fleeing their job here in texas. the question is will texans appreciate their efforts? my suspicion is that they will not appreciate what they have done. they will pay for it. there is a reckoning coming at the ballot box. i promise you that. whether it be covered restrictions, failing to do your job, there is a reckoning coming at the ballot box. >> sandra: wow. a big statement on that. always good to have you here. >> john: i thought it was interesting which had decided they are about the the breakthrough, being very, very small with this group from texas.
11:26 am
that is 12%, which is statistically really an anomaly. >> sandra: it is. we know the vaccines work, and so as greg abbott said, we need to know, did they all have them? they have gone on the record, saying that they were fully vaccinated, but the statistics are interesting and worth noting. we will continue to ask doctors about it. >> john: a lot of people who were vaccinated maybe had a very mild case of it that they thought was a transitory's sore throat or stuffy nose. because they did not get tested, they never found out. but because these people are all being tested all the time, maybe they find something that the rest of us don't. plenty more to cover as we head into the back half of our last hour here, including one of the hot topics coming out of the mid east ice cream? >> sandra: that likes good right about now. we will tell you about the effects pepa pig is apparently
11:27 am
having on how our children are speaking and acting. >> john: what she is telling her patients about masking up and vaccines. ♪ ♪
11:28 am
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11:33 am
all of this is being driven by the rapid spread of this delta variance, which brings us to the other question about the texas democrats, members of congress, white house staff who have become infected with covid. may be asymptomatic. what is responsible for all of these breakthrough infections? add a 12% rate among those texas democrats. >> well, john, it's a combination of less than 50% of americans being vaccinated, and also, the delta variance is more contagious. it spreads easier from person to person, but regardless of the level of covid in the community, our top priority is getting kids back into the classroom and doing it safely. and although the american academy of pediatrics recommends that everyone, whether you are vaccinated or not, over the age of two, wears a mask. that is not consistent with the cdc recommendations, which are if you are vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask.
11:34 am
for example, the american academy of pediatrics, they want to add an extra layer of protection. they are concerned how are you going to differentiate between students who are and are not vaccinated? on top of that, children under the age of 12 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, and of course we have this brewing delta variance which is contribute into the rise in the number of cases. >> john: here's the rationale from the american academy of pediatrics, saying the pandemic is taking a heartbreaking toll on children. not just there education, but mental, emotional, physical health. masking, clean hand hygiene will make in person learning safe and possible for everyone. i know that the american academy of pediatrics once all children to be safe, but my 10-year-old twins going into grade five this fall, they don't want to do -- they will wear a mask, but they would rather not because they were one for an entire year. >> i would like to also point out, john, that the world health
11:35 am
organization does not recommend masks for those under the age of five, and for those between the ages of six and 11, they recommend if it is tolerable by the child, allow them to wear the mask if they can tolerate it. for toddlers, 2-year-old, 3-year-olds, my concern is number one, of course respiratory issues, those who have trouble breathing. i worry about speech impediments, and then the social engagement. interaction. growth end of element of a child. they need to see facial expression, communicate effectively with their peers and teachers, so we have to take that into consideration. i practice medicine with evidence -- backed up by evidence, and there is no clear cut, concrete, solid evidence that tells us that there is an overall net benefit of the 2-year-old wearing a mask. of course kids can carry and transmit the virus, but not so much as the older children and adults do you. >> john: so for people who are age 12 and over who are eligible for the vaccine, is that the
11:36 am
best way to protect against this delta variance? >> yes. being vaccinated is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself. you are a target if you're on vaccinated and you don't wear a mask. there is a higher risk that you can pick up this virus. the data that we have so far shows that one person who is infected with the delta variance can spread it to up to eight other people in a matter of seconds. previous variance, you would need to be exposed for about 15 minutes, and you would in fact two to three other people, so it's much more contagious. you are more protected if you are vaccinated. if you cannot be vaccinated, very important to wear a mask. >> john: some good advice from the good doctor. good to see you. sandra. >> thank you, john. >> sandra: always get information from dr. nesheiwat. here is a look at the dow. up 600 points right now after suffering its worst loss since
11:37 am
october yesterday. seasonally joins us. what a wild ride, susan. what has had the biggest impact on stock markets? >> you are down 700 points on monday, back up 600 today. now, maybe growth is not going to be as high as the early 80s. he will still get it pretty good. that's not bad, right? the fact that people are buying on the dip shows that it looks like they are expecting stocks to just go one way this year, and that's up. we have not seen a 10% correction yet. you know that typically each year, stocks go up. they go down. they might go down 10%. >> sandra: they just pretty much go up long term. >> long term, they do. and they will, especially with all of the money printing we are seeing. >> sandra: larry kudlow said that yesterday. and if you did yesterday, you are enjoying the gains today. it seems that a lot of the headlines are pitting the white house against the g.o.p.
11:38 am
they are at odds over inflation. in fact, an obama economist, warning about inflation for quite some time. the white house keep saying it is transitory. higher prices are not going to be here for long. here is joe biden in his own words yesterday. >> you see some price increases. some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation. but that's not our view. our experts believe, and the data shows, that most of the price increases we have seen where expected and expected to be temporary. as demand returns, there is going to be global supply chain challenges. >> sandra: okay, but what about the trillions of dollars in spending that this white house has committed to? he put out a tweet earlier, "nearly 90% of americans are worried about the hidden tax of inflation. what's biden's plan? spend trillions more to drive inflation even higher." >> it is going to be hard.
11:39 am
you have seen not going into your local grocery market. so here is one silver lining in all of this. companies are still making a ton of money. jeff bezos, the blue origin launch this morning. you heard him at that press conference, thanking every amazon customer and worker. thank you so much for helping me. >> sandra: you paid for this. >> they are expecting a good corridor next week. also the federal reserve, by the way, has changed what they call the timeline for transitory. they said two to three months, higher inflation. now it could be for the rest of this year. you imagine of that continues, american households, higher interest rates, and that hurts the economy. >> sandra: if these companies are paying more for that gas and the fuel to transfer these goods, put them on a plane or truck or whatever it is, they are passing that down. so, how long that stays is obviously the big debates.
11:40 am
susan, great to see you. thank you. john, i know you are the grocery store shopper in your household. how much is a gallon of milk? >> john: don't tell my wife that because she often goes to the grocery store as well. we usually get our milk from costco. we buy three half gallon packages, and that's usually about ten bucks. i think you can get a gallon of regular grocery store milk for about $4. >> sandra: good for you. i mean, that works. but that's the thing, right? in some cases, they are not raising the prices. they are shrinking the packaging. people know what they pay for something, but they won't notice if it is a couple ounces less. >> john: yeah. i am pretty good on the price of milk. i am better on the price of white claw. >> sandra: do tell. someday we will have to chat about that one. or over a flight claw.
11:41 am
>> john: reaction from the pentagon, coming up next. ♪ ♪ refinanced yet, get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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kick pain in the aspercreme. >> sandra: russia warning the u.s. not to deploy hypersonic missiles in europe, that as
11:46 am
moscow showed off its own launch with one traveling seven times the speed of sound. life at the pentagon on this for us. >> hi, sandra. harry stomach here is how the pentagon reacted. >> posing significant risks. because they are nuclear capable systems. the united states is developing slowly and nonnuclear strike capabilities. >> developing hypersonic missiles but the united states is not? >> you would have to ask vladimir putin. >> showing off this new hypersonic missile, claiming that the air pressure forms a plasma cloud as it moves, making it invisible to u.s. missile defense systems. it has a 620-mile range. washington responded, "potential development of any hypersonic missile in europe would be
11:47 am
extremely destabilizing. therefore, flight time would leave little to no decision time. inadvertent conflict." vladimir putin pulled out a new fighter jet and an air show outside of moscow to rival the u.s. 35. >> russian aviation has a big potential for development. they continue to create new competitive aircraft designs. >> blaming russia for attacking diplomats and spies in recent months with nonlethal poles. 200 has been worldwide. >> it is causing great morale difficulty is for people, and we have a more than an ethical response to do something about this. >> some intelligence agencies have been targeted, causing their families to have to relocate. >> sandra: live at the pentagon for us.
11:48 am
john. >> john: president biden throwing harsh words china's way, blaming the communist country for the massive hack attack that crippled microsoft exchange service, but critics say that there needs to be action, not just words. let's bring in dmitri alperovitch. chairman of the policy. thanks for being with us today. in your estimation, is the biden white house doing enough about these chinese cyber attacks? >> in the word, no. i think it's great that they put together a very large coalition of countries who counter china to say that what china did here was unacceptable. it was reckless. it was dangerous. we have to enforce that redline. pulling these smaller countries together, especially countries that have a lot of trade with china. what we need now, we have to oppose economic sanctions on china and respond to the activity. we have sanctioned russia, iran,
11:49 am
north korea. china stands out as the one country we have never sanctioned, despite the fact that they have stolen literally trillions of dollars of intellectual property from us. >> john: it's basically just part of their philosophy. is it not? if the united states were to steal intellectual properties, that would be seen as stealing, but in china, it is seen as being good for business. >> they view that as a critical economic advantage, to take r&d, to take trade secrets from companies in america, europe, give it to the domestic sector, and allow them to better compete in the marketplace. that is unacceptable. but beyond that, they did not just target specific companies. they decided to scan the entire internet. every organization who is vulnerable, hit them all, in hopes that some would be valuable to them. they open them up for ransomware attacks and other disruptions. that is clearly crossing the redline for us.
11:50 am
>> john: "the new york post" was critical of the biden administration, saying "biden's fury prompts him to issue a statement. seriously." other attacks since 2011 reads like a self-parody. it sternly and rightly scolds beijing but does not know consequences to make the chinese pay or to deter future attacks." will the lack of action, dmitri, just embolden china to keep doing this? >> i think it well. this is a problem not just for the biden administration, but the last four administrations have not taken china to account for their nefarious actions. it is frankly long overdue. >> john: dmitri alperovitch, currently with silverado. thank you for joining us today. we will see you again soon. >> sandra: next up, john, the ice cream man in the middle east. plus, a billionaire blasting
11:51 am
after you space, making history in the process. what jeff bezos had to say about the view from the edge of space. ♪ ♪ ved in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> sandra: this just in to the newsroom a moment ago. fox now confirming that thomas brock, the chairman of former president trump's 2017 inaugural fund has been arrested on federal charges in los angeles. john, these charges against brock apparently not connected to the inauguration-related fund. we're told they're expected to be unsealed soon. brock is 74 years old, a long-time friend of president trump. >> john: we're getting details on this. this is not related to the inaugural but it is related to the campaign from the standpoint that he and several united arab emirates residents are being
11:57 am
charged with influening a campaign in the u.s. government on behalf of the uae. david spunt is live with more. what is this about? >> i'm at the justice department where this was release from the national security division. this indictment talks about several of the defendants and the close relationship with tom brock. the defendants repeatedly capitalized on his friendships and high campaign officials to advance the policy goals of foreign government without disclosing their true allegiances. we're looking at this right now, continuing -- this probably came up ten minutes ago. it says that barack and two other defendants took numerous steps in the united states to advance the interests of the united arab emirates. he praised the uae to be used in
11:58 am
a speech that was used by donald trump about u.s. energy policy in may 2016. it's about 46 pages long, member -- mentioned several people. the inaugural fund is not a target of this. we'll continue to look through this paperwork as we see it. >> david spunt live at the justice department. we take in this brand new information. private equity investor, serves as chairman of the inaugural fund. we learn more, the official statement is out. the documents are unsealed. >> one of the things that they're being charged with is barack and his co-defendants in 2017, march a greed to promote the candidacy of a person for the position of u.s. ambassador to the uae. i'm reading through this. i'm wonder if there's any
11:59 am
possible connection between this and the peace deal that was signed between the uae and the peace deal with israel. that may be a separate deal. there's no question here according to this document released, sandra, that the uae was very heavily lobbying the united states administration in terms of, you know, trying to achieve its foreign policy goals by using tom barack as an intermediary. >> when the behavior was discovered, it reads that mr. barack went further and lying to fbi special agents. in case it needs repeating, each of the bad choices is a federal felony and each comes with specific consequences. the first being today's indictment. all of that just coming in. >> the doj saying that on june 20th, 2019, barack met with fbi
12:00 pm
agents. he made numerous false statements in the interview. we heard about that the last few years as well with different individuals. >> sandra: more reaction will come in as the news breaks. great to be with you today. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. good to be with you. leave bill hemmer alone. i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: big news breaking. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking right now on "the story," what is going on with these break-through covid cases that are reportedly happening in fully vaccinated people? the latest to say that it happened to them, a white house official and an aide to nancy pelosi. all of this after the visit from the texas democrats. you remember them coming on the private plane. six got break-through cases after the plane ride. it raised a lot of questions for the rest of the population. it's a myster


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