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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 20, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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dog looks okay. happy ending to that story. what i get so many tweets about your ipod. viewers are trying to tell me they have their first ipods and still use it. >> bill: you can't just chuck it away. you have life with it for a while. >> sandra: good to be with you today. >> bill: have a great day. we saw history today. harris takes over now. bye-bye. >> harris: covid cases rising in our nation and mask mandates are making a comeback. could widespread lockdowns be far behind? i'm harris. the daily average of covid hospitalizations is back to 25,000 americans. covid related deaths standing at roughly 237 daily, down slightly from june. states are seeing some of the highest increases in covid cases, florida, alabama, maine, massachusetts, and new york.
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los angeles county already mandating mask wearing indoors regardless of vaccination status. las vegas recommending them again among other areas. and today on capitol hill cdc director addressed the spike in cases and urged those who haven't yet been vaccinated to do so. >> in areas where vaccine coverage is low, cases and hospitalizations are starting to climb again. the message from cdc remains clear. the best way to prevent the spread of covid-19 variants is to prevent the spread of disease and vaccination is the most powerful tool we have. the overwhelming majority of deaths from covid-19 are now occurring in unvaccinated people >> harris: the american peed attic association all children 3 and up wear masks regardless of vaccination status. dr. fauci says he agrees. >> i think that the american academy of pediatrics are a
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thoughtful group and analyze the situation and if they feel that's the way to go i think it's the reasonable thing to do. >> harris: senator ted cruz, republican from the great state of texas is in focus now and already shaking his head. let's get your top line thoughts. >> you know, at some point fauci became a "saturday night live" character ka tour. enough with the mandates. covid is a serious disease. vaccines are important. i've been vaccinated. my wife and our parents have been vaccinated. it is a good thing to get vaccinated. but we're seeing big government states who want to mandate vaccinations and wanting shutdowns again and mask mandates again, shutdowns were a failure. they destroyed lives and businesses and mask mandates don't make any sense. fauci at this point now has embraced every position under the sun on just about every
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issue. last year in his emails and publicly he was saying masks don't do everything and now he says mask everybody. even people vaccinated should wear masks. it doesn't make any sense. we need to use common sense and common sense does not entail having 3-year-olds wearing masks as we're vaccinating a very significant percentage of our population. >> harris: senator, the way that you just laid that out made me think of something that i hadn't thought of before. it is almost like fauci and part of that group that he calls the brightest among those scientists who are studying this and well intentioned, which is all true, they are looking at this and saying let's protect everybody who hasn't been vaccinated. our job was to protect everybody who had comorbidities over the age of 75. we've done everything we can do with the best weapon. those people have made their decision now, many of them not
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immune compromised about what they'll do with vaccinations and why you made yourself decision to get one. last word on that. >> listen, people need to exercise common sense. i believe in individual responsibility and freedom. and so certainly if someone is elderly and have health issues it makes a lot of sense to get vaccinated. one of the next battlegrounds will be vaccinating kids. we have not vaccinated our girls who are 10 and 13 because the rate of serious illness for children from covid is so low that in our judgment it didn't make sense as a cost benefit analysis. every family ought to make that judgment based on your family members and loved ones. what doesn't make sense, the biden administration is talking about wanting to end title 42. the statute that has allowed to be -- illegal immigrants to be excluded during a pandemic and they want to release now
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essentially everybody and given that we've been saying consistently high rates of covid infection from illegal immigrants, the biden administration is contributing to the spread of this virus by releasing illegal immigrants against the law into our communities and it is driving up the rates of covid particularly in south texas along the border. >> harris: it seems like indisputable facts. i don't know you get a debate on that one. you just have to count, right? we know our capacity of testing right now. we can barely process them at the border yesterday in del rio, texas, 300 people flooding in from the river. we saw those pictures live. you bring up such an important point. i have to move on because i want to cover other things. a lot of backlash today, senator, after the white house admitted to flagging social media posts it deemed misinformation as well as asking facebook to help police those folks. press secretary jen psaki
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dodged a question on the specific posts and it wanted facebook to remove and if that will be made public. watch. >> first of all we have not asked facebook to block any individual posts. the way this works is that there are trending -- there are trends on social media plat foefrments you are aware of them. it is up to social media platforms to determine what their application is of their own rules and regulations. so we just certainly raised where we have concerns about information that is inaccurate. >> harris: i'll add this quick. president biden walked back those original claims he had that facebook is killing people with misinformation. >> president biden: facebook isn't killing people. the 12 people out there giving misinformation, anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it and it is killing people. it is bad information. my hope is that facebook instead of taking it personally
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that somehow i am saying facebook is killing people that they would do something about the misinformation. the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. >> harris: he went back to blaming 12 people. we don't know who they are. are they keeping lists of americans that they think are wrong or don't agree with? critics ripping biden's 180 on the issue. another, you shouldn't take me calling you a murderer personally. another asks, so was the previous statement misinformation? senator cruz. >> listen t biden administration believes in power. they want to have the power to silence you. they want to have the power to silence any criticism. for a politician if you could have all your critics simply disappear and unable to criticize that might be pretty nice. it is contrary to the first amendment and a free democracy. but the biden administration is getting big tech to be the arm in silencing critics. by the way, what they call
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misinformation, very conveniently always benefits democrats, always benefits joe biden. they've been wrong over and over and over again. they got big tech to silence and disappear to block the "new york post" for the story on hunter biden's laptop because it was politically damaging to joe biden. it was true but they called it misinformation. they got big tech to block anyone suggesting that the wuhan virus actually came from the chinese government labs in wuhan. now i think the evidence suggests the viruses caped from a chinese government lab and yet big tech made that disappear and one of the striking things. it is interesting watching the biden white house try to back step a little bit from their statements last week. but what they have inadvertently done is strengthened president donald trump's lawsuit against big tech, against facebook, twitter and google because look, what president trump argues in the
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lawsuit is that they are violating the first amendment by censoring americans. the biggest argument they have in their defense is they are private companies, not the government. and the first amendment only applies to the government. there is an exception to that the supreme court has long recognized which is the government can't use a private company to carry out a government policy and here this is what they are doing. here the biden white house is asking the big tech monopolies silence, block any views we disagree it. it is blatantly illegal and abuse of power that is really contrary to the principles that our country was built on. >> harris: we know that's what's going on. no matter what they say from the lectern because they originally told us they get together regularly with these big tech corporations to talk about the misinformation in facebook posts. by the way, i don't know if we know this and i'll just ask
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this receipt toreically. what happens if you get on one of those lists? i was posting on my twitter little old me. i don't matter. i'm not a bill facebook users. questions about the wuhan lab leak a year ago. stickered, problematic. what happens if you get on their list, senator cruz? how do you get off the list and what does it mean when they go after those 12 people if we can't identify them as a journalist i don't know how you hold them accountable if something goes wrong in their processing. >> they don't want to be held accountable. big tech is asserting power over all of journalism. if they could they would block all of fox news. they are willing to throw donald trump off of social media and claim completely unaccountable arbitrary power. if they can do that to him they can do it to anybody. it is amazing these so-called journalists at cnn, abc, cbs,
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"new york times," "washington post" who just meekly go along with a handful of silicon valley billionaires, the modern oligarchs. like the russian ones we have the silicon valley oligarchs. the media is happy to have the billionaires. the single biggest threat to free speech and democracy in america. we need to break up these big tech companies and we need to stop them from censoring american citizens. they are out of control. >> harris: let's get to this. an aide for speaker pelosi have tested positive for covid. pelosi staffer, that one, helped usher a group of texas house democrats around the capital last week and another one of those runaway texas house democrats has tested positive for covid bringing the total now to six.
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more than 10% of that group that fled to d.c. to protest a republican state election reform bill, that's a growing number really rapidly. last night 40 of those democrats held a virtual town hall to push for a federal voting law and again painted themselves as heroes. let's watch. >> we're sacrificing a lot more than just time away from our families. but all that sacrifice is worth it. it is worth it to protect texans and worth it to fight for the american dream. it is worth it to make sure that we have a future to leave to our children. >> harris: a "washington examiner" op-ed says texas democrats cannot do anything right. here is the quote. to recap, texas democrats lost another election in 2020. they fled their own state to prevent the majority from passing a benign piece of legislation. they chartered a flight that they took maskless to washington, then five, now six
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tested positive for the virus and also exposed the vice president. senator cruz, this is your home state of texas. you have seen what i know with my relatives in texas we don't cut and run. that's what i've heard some republicans accuse them of. what's the next phase they are in now? >> listen, karma is a remarkable thing and this episode really embodies all that's wrong with the modern democratic party. number one, they are willing to mandate rules for all americans that they ignore that they flaunt themselves. so you have democrats eager to see mask mandates on everybody who have been champions of lockdowns and of course when they get on their flight they all take off their masks and end up getting covid. but secondly, this is a political stunt. we see the texas house democrats holding themselves up as the heroic civil rights warriors. they have likeened it to the edmund pettis bridge.
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i guess that's right in people there standing up to the dogs and beatings and clubs were actually on a private jet with miller lite sitting back if luxury. it is a city political stunt. the law they are protesting is a common sense law. it is things like signature verification on absentee votes and cameras in counting rooms so you have accountability. but here is the good news, harris, the stunt is going to fail. they'll run around and spend a lot of time on a lot of tv networks getting a bunch of attention and they'll come back to texas. when they come back to texas the governor has rightly said he will call another special session. when they come back the texas constitution is clear they can be arrested and if they refuse to come and do their jobs they will be arrested and physically taken to the floor of the house and the legislature will do its job and pass this legislation and this political stunt is not
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going to succeed. >> harris: the attorney general of the state of texas, your home, ken paxton told me last week absolutely they have the right to do it and do it if it's necessary. the goal isn't to take them to jail. taxpayers are paying them to go to work so he is trying to get them, as you say, senator, back to the capitol. last though. >> a bit of history. in 2003 i was a solicitor general of texas. texas democrats did that's as well to try to stop the state from doing redistricting. one of the first questions i got as solicitor general. can you arrest fleeing legislature? i researched the question. the texas constitution authorizes using force to compel the attendance. that language is copied word for word from the u.s. constitution and there is hundreds of years of precedents
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of arresting fleeing legislature. the u.s. senator, senator bob packwood was carried to the senate floor feet first. it is not arrest to go to jail and not to go to prison. it is to make them physically present on the floor so they don't get to stop the operation of government and the rule of law. that's going to be the end of this. >> harris: oh lot of things outside of election bills. you are trying to revisit the grid issues that you had problems with in the winter that froze and you had trouble for citizens there. there are a lot of things to get to right away. senator ted cruz, always great to have you in "the faulkner focus". thank you so very much. good seeing you. >> appreciate it. >> harris: too little too late. the "washington post" getting called out after that newspaper made fun of hunter biden's many scandals. remember senator ted cruz just brought this up. they don't want to talk about it but maybe they do. plus when promotions seem to go
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too far the major news agency accused of chilling for aoc's merchandise. joe concha is up next.
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>> harris: i want to make something perfectly clear. we were just getting the information in. let's get this straight. it is important to know. speaker pelosi's office confirmed to fox an aide to the speaker has tested positive for covid after contact with members of those rogue texas state democrats last week this individual had no contact with the speaker but axios is reporting a white house aide tested positive after attending a reception with the pelosi
8:23 am
aide. jen psaki will address this issue at the white house press briefing today. we wanted to get the links together. the aide from pelosi's office that met with the texas rogue democrats, that same aide met with an aide at the white house and on and on we go. critics roasting the news agency reuters for count them nine tweets about congresswoman ocasio-cortez and her selling t-shirts. they point out that it seems like reuters was promoting the sale. one user tweeted this. this is not news. former white house press secretary sean spicer pointed out a socialist is using capitalism. ocasio-cortez with a snarky clap back. with this tweet. transactions are not capitalism and the money goes to charitable efforts. joe concha, media and politics
8:24 am
columnist for the hill with me now. joe, what is this? >> well, it is interesting, right? if you put those tweets up again, you see one of the tweets there is literally meg phones next to one of the messages on it regarding tax the rich. i'm wondering exactly are we supposed to be looking at the twitter account there of an objective prominent wire service and should reuters allowing interns to -- reuters tweets this news out nine times, harris, nine times and that's just about the best free tizing for one of the least effective members of congress in terms of getting legislation passed than anybody can ask for. it depends on the letter next to one's name and the message being sent as far as media coverage is concerned. in aoc's case if the message is tax the rich or spend heavily and climate change we'll not
8:25 am
only tweet it out and give about the best advertising that you could but also cheer it on. the irony is the democratic socialist is raising money in a positively capitalistic fashion. >> harris: when you put it like that you can't miss it. i said news. i don't know if the audience caught the air quotes. "washington post" editor glen kessler is getting torched for dismissing the hunter biden laptop scandal but now sharing his piece poking fun at hunter's art show. which parity's recent controversies. the framed photo ready i heart burisma referring to hunter biden's time on the board of burisma despite his lack of experience in the industry. devine said laundering biden
8:26 am
family wrongdoing through humor? another comment was this. you are a bit late. so they just want to be sneaky with it. get the story in, poke a little fun at it and then is that supposed to mask as journalism? >> welcome to the party, pal. we've been talking about the ethics breaches on this for weeks on this particular network but instead of mocking hunter, perhaps which is easy in this case considering the art and my 7-year-old daughter won an art contest at camp last week and i happen to have this on my desk. what do you think here? not bad, right? for a 7-year-old we'll take it. better than what i saw from hunter biden. >> harris: if you're a biden you can get a half million. >> amazing. maybe we knew real investigative journalism as far as possible corruption. an ongoing f.b.i. investigation into tax issues, right? this isn't exactly a reach. you mentioned kessler before,
8:27 am
the "washington post" fact checker in the final weeks of campaigning he wrote trump repeatedly praised the "new york post" for publishing the laptop stuff. give it up mr. president for your sake and the nation's. he dismissed the fact checker and turns out that story was exactly true. maybe just take the -- go off twitter for a while like i did. >> harris: a lot of people are doing that. a quick point. you point out the corruption in the investigation going on and i point to where the real problem would have been if somebody could take advantage of some of the things that hunter biden has done since his father was vice president while much of what was going on was happening. it makes president biden vulnerable. i just wonder why he doesn't speak up and why they don't deal it. >> i think you know why. even the former white house ethics chief in the obama-biden
8:28 am
administration has repeatedly hammered the administration for allowing the sails to go forward and the young turks, the left outlet are taking issue with the ethics disaster. hunter's art bunkers white house plan. we have to stop treating hunter biden like thou shalt not touch. you would like to see more outlets will after it seriously and not just mocking his art. thank you once again. put this back if focus, not bad. >> harris: i like the concha picture. republicans demanding president biden withdraw a controversial federal nominee over allegations of ecoterrorism. how the white house is responding. plus republicans sounding this alarm. >> suggested the right way to shake this inflation was, listen to this, another 3.5
8:29 am
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi ensure complete! is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> president biden: some folks have raised worries it could be a sign of persistent inflation. that's not our view. our experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we've seen were expected and expected to be temporary. we should be united in one thing, passage of the bipartisan infrastructure framework. that won't increase inflation. it will take the pressure off of inflation, give a boost to our workforce which leads to lower prices in the years ahead. >> harris: president biden brushing off inflation concerns as he and congressional
8:35 am
democrats are pushing the multi-trillion spending bill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said the president needs a reality check. >> he suggested the right way to shake this inflation was, listen to this, another 3.5 trillion in spending. this is the same reckless taxing and spending spree that the democrats dreamt up when they assumed our economy would be having the opposite problem. but now all that same borrowing, printing, and spending is supposed to be what the doctor ordered to fight inflation? inflate our way out of inflation? >> harris: with the 2022 mid-terms in mind kevin mccarthy wrote this to his caucus quote. republicans have sounded the alarm on this and we will continue to hold democrats to account for their reckless handling of the economy, end
8:36 am
quote. pete hegseth, co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. you are live from tampa and the fabulous occasion that you and kayleigh mcenany had over the weekend with the conservatives. welcome to the program. your reaction to the president now. i guess it's our fault, right? he says well, we anticipated prices to go up. i don't remember the fireside chat where they told us to get the pocketbooks ready. >> i don't know i do, either. like when they told us the border is closed and things are getting much better down there and the videotape tells us something very different. same thing here. don't believe you're lying eyes type scenario. we'll spent 3.5 trillion. money printing creates a larger supply of money and as a result of cost of goods rise. supply and demand. stu varney on for an hour talking about it. they know precisely what will this do but their base demands
8:37 am
it. it is not just spending on stimulus or infrastructure. they are trying to push amnesty through these bills, too. left wing priorities with a ton of additional stimulus. still fighting to keep the supplemental insurance there. all of these things lead to more money in the economy which leads to inflation and we're seeing it not to mention what they did with energy and holding back our energy potential domestically which has caused gasoline prices to skyrocket. >> harris: you mean the pipeline? >> yeah, the one they scrapped. >> harris: now you have all these people who don't have jobs. they still don't have the jobs that president biden promised to wom into the economy. look, you mentioned this and i want to get my team to pull it up. senator lindsey graham ripped democrats proposal of amnesty to the spending bill. >> this is a power grab. the 3 1/2 trillion dollar
8:38 am
democratic infrastructure. they want to put amnesty in that bill. if you give one person legal status there will be a run on our border like you've never seen before. the dumbest idea in the history of the senate, the history of the white house. it will lead to a breakdown of law and order beyond what you see today. >> harris: pete. >> that comes from lindsey graham who was a part of previous amnesty efforts. donald trump showed up and said until you stop the flow you can't talk about that conversation. now we know that they are opening the spigot on the southern border, they aren't closing it. talk of an amnesty bill means you create a perpetual cycle of lawlessness and it has to go through reconciliation. they don't have the votes to pass it. they need 51 votes. it should affect the budget. the parliamentarian knows amnesty has nothing to do with the budget.
8:39 am
hopefully it's stripped out at the last minute. but clearly their priority and it is horrific in what it is doing to the incentives it's telling people to come to this country. >> harris: republicans saying biden needs to -- this is a 1989 tree spiking plot that is called ecoterrorism. the white house is not backing down. >> senate republicans are calling on the president to withdraw his nominee to lead the bureau of land management tracy stone manning with an incident in 1989. has it changed the president's view on the nominee? >> it has not. stands by his nominee and looks forward to her getting confirmed. >> harris: wow, he won't back down at all. tree spiking is the dangerous and sometimes deadly tactic of placing metal spikes in trees to prevent them from being cut
8:40 am
down. tracy stone manning told congress she wasn't involved in planning the tree spiking in idaho. a former forest service investigators and one of the men convicted in connection to the plot says it isn't the case. the problem is loggers go in to cut down the trees and they lose lives. the minute they put their saw to a tree and the spikes fly out my goodness. even the fact that she would be tied to anything like this why is biden backing her? why does he want her? is there something we're missing about her? >> what we're missing about it is that sthe is one of many extremists put into the biden cabinet. there is a long history of this on the left. she has admitted to it previously regardless of what she is saying now. she admitted to retyping. an anonymous warning letter on behalf of an activity who participated in tree spieng. if you know that issue and what it does you are complicit in committing violence against people you don't agree with
8:41 am
their policy and now you'll be in charge of the bureau of land management. jen psaki knows the heat is there. this administration puts people in the far left spectrum into positions of power. the labor department is run by a former union boss. that is their priorities. we also have a laong history of this. think about the weather underground. the controversy that happened how close barack obama was to bill ayers. there is evidence they knew each other and there was influence there. the media will defend them, cover it up and minimize it and what happened in that particular case. here you won't get the kind of scrutiny a conservative nominee would get. we'll see what happens. you shouldn't be in charge in the bureau of land management if you once were at least sympathetic toward ecoterrorism committed against loggers.
8:42 am
that can't be okay. >> harris: thank you so much. one line where you are today. >> turning point usa, student action summit. watch the speeches. you can get them on fox nation. it will motivate you about the next generation of patriots in this country. a lot of fun to be here and catch it on fox nation. >> harris: you were great yesterday. we could see you on the app. remember the pta official who said let them die regarding opponents of critical race theory? a top democratic leader apparently caught on camera applauding those very words let them die. the chicago p.d. could soon have to answer to civilians. the move the mayor is making as crime is soaring out of control in her city.
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen.
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oliver, you have received a special gift of the astronaut perspective. i know that you will do good things with it and make the world a better place. congratulations. >> thank you. [applause] >> mark, would you join me, please? >> gladly. >> so excited for you guys. feel any pain yet? i will hand you this.
8:49 am
mark, i hope this experience will help you to continue to do the great things you are doing for humankind, congratulations. >> thank you. [cheering and applause] >> jeff, join me, please. [cheering and applause] >> there are few people i know more deserving of this, jeff, seriously. and i don't know what you are going to do next but i can't wait to watch. congratulations. [cheering and applause]
8:50 am
>> and wally, would you join me, please? [cheering and applause] 60 years, wally. and i get to pin this on. wow. >> best pin i've ever had in my life and i've had lots of them. >> wally, you continue to inspire us. thank you so much for doing that and god bless you and congratulations. >> thank you. more to come. [cheering and applause]
8:51 am
the first four of millions to follow. >> again, the newest international astronauts, the crew of new shepard, congratulations all four of you. so without further ado how was it? what was it like? was it everything you imagined? >> i will answer that question but just real quick i want to thank a few people. first of all, all of the engineers who have toiled hard to get this done. the people who build the vehicle. the manufacturing people. a big teamworking at it for many years and they've done a great job of building the most reliable, most beautiful, most fun -- i mean, i can vouch for that. i will get to that in a second,
8:52 am
vehicle. we owe them a deep gratitude. and the people who kept us safe today who operated the vehicle. our trainers, everybody. it is just huge. i also want to thank the ton of van horn. this is a small and amazing little town and, you know, we are making a dent in it and we appreciate you for allowing us to be part of your town. and then i also want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon customer because you guys paid for all this. so seriously for every amazon customer out there and every amazon employee thank you from the bottom of my heart very much. it is very appreciated. [applause] and now on how it felt, oh my
8:53 am
god! my expectations were high and they were dramatically exceeded. we were talking about this a little bit in the car ride on the way back. and i don't know, the zero-g piece may have been one of the biggest surprises because it felt so normal. it felt like -- almost like we were as humans evolved to be in that environment. it felt serene and peaceful and floating and much nicer than being in gravity. it is -- the most profound piece of it for me was looking out at the earth and looking at the earth's atmosphere. every astronaut, everybody who has been up into space say
8:54 am
this, that it changes them and they look at it and they are amazed and you a struck by the earth and its beauty but also fragility. i can vouch for that. we're sitting in this room and driving our cars and moving around in the planet the atmosphere is so gigantic. we're these tiny things and the atmosphere is so big. when you get above it, it is incredibly thin. this tiny little fragile thing. as we move about the planet we're damaging it. so that is -- that is very profound. one thing to recognize it intellectually and another thing to see with your own eyes how fragile it is. it's amazing. >> oliver, our first paying customer, how was it? do you feel like you got your money's worth, sir? >> it was so amazing to see it
8:55 am
from above and to move around. yes, i totally agree it feels so natural. almost like we should be doing this. i hope that we are one of the first and let's hope that many, many more people can do this. this experience you should share with more and more people. it is so amazing. >> a special congratulations to you on becoming the youngest person to have ever flown in space. >> thank you. [applause] you brought with you up there the next generation of space explorers but certainly another flag up there the netherlands. there is the new dutch flying man, there you go. >> mark, you should say what you told me about the g forces. i thought that was interesting. >> i was surprised. they had told us what the g forces would feel like on the way up and again it is one of those things that you hear
8:56 am
about and you anticipate but, you know, really feel them on the way up. it was incredibly exhilarating. on the way back down when i had not anticipated. we hit 5gs briefly on the way back down. that's a lot of pressure. unfortunately during the status check for each astronaut by time they got to astronaut demo we were at 5g. i'm like doing okay. had a hard time responding. but i'm not sure what that video footage will look like. not very pretty. it was exciting. >> if you haven't figured it out yet wally must be the oldest person in space and my brother is the funniest person ever in space for sure. i want to do a couple more things before we maybe go to next questions which is i want to recognize two people here in
8:57 am
the audience. we are honored today to have alan shepard's daughters laura and julie. could you stand up briefly so we can say -- [applause] and of course alan shepard was an apollo moon walker and has a gigantic list of accomplishments but for our purposes today, the thing that is most interesting about alan shepard is that he is the namesake for this vehicle new shepard and that is because the mission profile that we did today is very similar to the one that alan flew when he became the first american in space 60ish years ago. we are very honored to have you guys here and thank you for joining us. it is incredible. i got some pictures with them backstage. those are getting blown up big.
8:58 am
thank you. so then i have a couple of things to show. can we start -- you want the talk about the couple of things we flew? >> so we had the opportunity to bring with us actually on loan from the explorer's club we were able to fly with a piece of canvas from the wright flyer. so the plane the wright brothers flew we brought a piece of that canvas with us that was powerful as well as a bronze medallion made from the first hot air balloon flight in 1783. the first time man ever left the earth in controlled flight. we were very thrilled to be able to bring both of those along with us. >> we brought those precious objects back and the explorer's club will be pleased the hear that. one more thing that i would like to show you. who has the goggles, please bring them up to me. would you hold them for me?
8:59 am
>> incredible. >> all right. this also flew -- these are amelia earhart's goggles what she flew solo over the atlantic. she put tape over them for less light because it was bright and i like to think that is amelia were here, it would be a very, very proud moment. [applause] >> i can't resist doing that. thank you, amelia, wherever you are. we hope you are watching all of us. thank you. this is precious cargo.
9:00 am
>> on that note, wally, katie i'm sorry. can. >> thank you, warren just reminded me i have one more thing which is and christina, i might need your help on this but mom can you come up for a second? where is my mom. you don't have to come up, i can come to you. i wore this necklace, and it is a there and i wore it up into space, and now it is for you. >> i would put it on her myself, but


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