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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 20, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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americans. the texas democrats who didn't wear any when they hopped on a private plane to washington dc are still the media's darlings, press reaction to their townhall. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ confident ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ todd: lawmakers are confident, hopping on msnbc getting a lot of attention. a lot of hopping. i wish i could hop because you are taller than me. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. carley: let's get straight to it, back to the masks.
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top covid advisors are set to testify about mask mandates for vaccinated americans. todd: doctor fauci defending a push to have kids as young as 3 years old mask up this coming school year. griff jenkins in washington ahead of today's hearing. >> the question will be did the cdc end it's mask mandate for vaccinated americans too soon? among the witnesses, doctor fauci of the cdc director russia will in ski. only half the country has gotten the shots. 48.2% are fully vaccinated, received one dose but with a spike in the delta variant and cases up 107% nationwide several areas mostly in california have reinstated mask mandates like la county or are recommending mask wearing for the vaccinated in the san francisco bay area and southern nevada as the american academy
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of pediatrics calling for kids age 2 and above to mask up saying in their guidance, quote, there are many children and others who cannot be vaccinated. this is why it is important to use every tool to safeguard children from covid 19. universal masking is one of those tools. that guidance doctor fauci backed yesterday. >> when you have a degree of viral dynamics in the community and substantial proportion of the population that is unvaccinated, you want to go the extra mile, that is a reasonable thing to do. todd: in new york city where you are cases driven by the delta variant rising with mark levine calling for masks to return, saying it's time to renew the entire mask mandate including those who are vaccinated but mayor bill deblasio is resisting that call.
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>> masks have value unquestionably but masks are not going at the root of the problem. vaccination is. we do not intend the mask mandate, we intend to double down on vaccination. >> reporter: among those not testifying today but mentioned, former attorney general jerome adams is calling on the cdc to reverse its guidance on mask wearing and learn from what he calls his mistakes with him and doctor fauci when they said not to where the masks when vaccinated. todd: he is not doing that, i just work there. you've got this debate about masking up. carley: this has nothing to do with me. the conversation is a big topic of conversation, social media
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and the biden administration's influence over social media companies and what americans are and are not allowed to say after jen psaki said the biden administration was flagging american posts that they don't like and president biden said something interesting, he accused facebook of killing people for allowing this information to spread. he walked back the comment yesterday. >> giving misinformation, and getting hurt by it. it is bad information. my hope is looking at it personally, facebook is killing people. outrageous misinformation of the vaccine. todd: i will go back to what i said earlier. the stated goal, to get as many people vaccinated, your
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confusion with the social media, the masks, making people question is the government right on the vaccine. people who have done the vaccine are done. and getting a second shot, those people in defense about getting the vaccine, all the mixed messaging is it helping? make it clear and move on. carley: got to wonder why, they are getting sick, one shot gives direction to shots that is better. helping facebook with flagging
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that, broader areas, for the biden administration, the bottom line, the working relationship with facebook and other, what they are or not allowed to say flying in the face of the first amendment. todd: the media giving a lot of love to those texas democrats who fled the state, here they are at a townhall last night. >> protect their freedom to vote. and very harmful for the state of texas. >> the flight of our lives to cast a vote in a democracy. >> amen like it is sunday. >> individuals jumped on a plane or what not to do. if any republican did this, it
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will be all over every channel and they are covering it the entire show. one of the rex who are on the show says, quote, every generation has a responsibility to expand access to the ballot for eligible voters. nothing is changed except the democrats desire to cheat and if you can't find a way to that with all the ability the government across 50 states of given you to vote that is on you at this point. steve: democrats are fighting against the filibuster. hypocrisy playing before our eyes. todd: president biden insisting
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it is to tamp down inflation. >> the data shows the price increase are expected or not expected to be temporary and build back better class for achieving lower prices for looking ahead. if your primary concern is inflation you should be more enthusiastic about this plan. todd: fears arising of the 4% spike in june for the consumer price index, the largest year-over-year increase in 2008. >> indiana university can require a student to get vaccinated against covid 19, suing the university over the polity the school is requiring students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated for the fall semester. students who do not get vaccinated receives an exemption on campus.
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todd: the super bowl win at the white house, a walk down memory lane so that guy, rob gronkowski crashed sean spicer in 2017 as a member of the pack. whether tom brady will show up to shake president biden's hand. the goat has not been to the white house since 2004, despite winning four titles over the last decade. you always gonna matter who the president is, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. this is number 7. at some .20 years from now you had to be playing. go to the white house. >> ghana, brazil, haiti, migrants illegally crossing the border and they are coming from all over the world so what about those root causes. tomi lahren reacts next. todd: jeff bezos set to launch
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into space just hours from now, previewing his flight coming up. ♪♪
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who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ todd: fox news cameras catch groups of illegal immigrants crossing the border not only from the northern triangle. >> ghana, you're from ghana, brazil, you are from brazil, you are from haiti. jillian: tomi lahren is here to react, 1 million border arrests this year and you have heard those people say they are from ghana, brazil, haiti, not just people coming from the northern triangle or mexico, feel like something has changed it. what is it that has changed? >> for simple what changed, the
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biden administration. when you well, million plus illegal immigrants into this country it is becoming a choice and an obvious choice by the biden administration that as you see the message has been sent around the world we are a free for all, we have open borders, come one, come off and it is ironic when you think about up at the white house and the government and large, facebook posts about covid tyranny are problematic but welcoming hundreds of thousands legally untested that doesn't seem to be a problem for this administration so you have to understand where they prioritize the health of americans and people coming in because at this point it is beyond a crisis, it is absolutely a choice. >> they are bashing ben and jerry's for refusing to sell ice cream in the west bank and east jerusalem calling it palestinian territory. woke makes you broke, isn't this going to hurt sales for those
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who practice judaism in the us? >> you would think so but i have long since abandoned hope that leftist companies would stand up for my moral values and my moral compass. i wish we could return to the days company sold products instead of virtue signals where everything wasn't a political statement, sports about playing ball, not politics, we entered the point were wokeism has significant i don't believe in capital culture the time to look at these companies and say what are you standing for? i am less worried what ben and jerry's choose to do, possible anti-semitic choices they choose to make, far more concerned with members of congress making of those statements on a daily basis because their own party is not holding them accountable. ben and jerry's bad move but i'm more concerned about our elected leaders who are doing worse.
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>> the biden administration is looking at people's social media posts but the pentagon is also reportedly working with an extremism analysis company searching servicemembers, social media pages to see if there's anything they deem as extremist contents but skipping slogans like anti-police slogans. apparently that is a sign and former space force command, space force commander on the pentagon. here's what he had to say. >> very little surprises me anymore as i continue to consider just how focused the defense department is on rooting out white extremism and white supremacy. i am not sure exactly how it is you are able to tell from search terms that much about the individuals who are serving in uniform. >> people say school, hollywood have awoke and now it is affecting the military as well.
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>> it absolutely has become a social experiment in a lot of ways, critical race theory in almost every corner of american society but it does seem their concern, rooting out anything they deem white supremacy but what they are really meaning is figure out who in a group, something occurring for the last several months and i remind folks you want to look at extremist ideology look no further than the organization that is blm that has support for fidel castro, defunding the police, demonizing police, terrorizing our cities, look no further than blm if you want to look at extremist ideology and what is truly harming our country. >> the military has one job to protect america. i don't see how these distractions help that mission. check out tomi lahren's show no interruption, don't have the picture of you with the finger anymore, just a straight on shots, things are changing on
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fox nation, appreciate it, you don't have the visual but i described it enough for the nation. time now 17 minutes after the hour. for fda chief sending a warning to the unvaccinated. >> this very is so contagious it will affect the majority of most people will either get vaccinated or been previously infected or they will get this delta variant and most people, it will be the most serious virus they get in their lifetime. jillian: is this the way to get more people to get the shot? reaction from doctor marty markcarrie next.
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wow! -that's nothing... ...because my internet gives me a flex 4k streaming box for free. impressive! that's 'cuz you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? >> scott gottlieb sounding the
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alarm over the covid delta variant warning those who haven't been vaccinated yet but that the virus and risk serious illness. >> this variant is so contagious it will infect the majority, most people will get vaccinated or been previously infected or they will get this delta variant and for most people who get this delta variant it will be the most serious virus they get in a lifetime. todd: is cases surgeon schools debate whether to mask up or not half of americans are fully vaccinated. here to react is fox news medical contributor doctor marty m theycarrie. i would like you to respond to what doctor gottlieb said. if you don't get the vaccine you are going to get the delta variant. >> he is absolutely correct but half of those unvaccinated already had the infection, they have natural immunity which is
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durable despite its dismissal bike the current public health administration. that leaves about 15% or less of the population of the adult population who are susceptible. of those, right now we are seeing the delta variant ripped through those communities and that is primarily in missouri, arkansas, louisiana, florida, parts of texas. people who are vaccinated should feel good about the protection and those who have not had the infection are susceptible. carley: doctor gottlieb said 50% of americans are fully vaccinated. we know that. 25% have natural immunity because they already had covid. 75% of americans are protected from this virus and we were told we would reach heard immunity at 70%. you saw the stock market yesterday, mask mandates going back into place. why the panic if most americans are protected? >> there's a lot of fear mongering in the us media but there's some legitimacy to some of that concern in the sense that many countries around the
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world have extremely low vaccination rates and they are having a tough time, places where manufacturing is dominant, us businesses, places where commerce, travel, tourism, all those businesses will take a hit. almost 100 countries have less then 15% of the population vaccinated, they are having a tough time right now. >> parents are interested in what will happen in the fall. in the american academy of pediatrics on monday they represented masks for kids 2 years and older regardless of vaccination status. is that the right thing to do? >> a lot of doctors do not agree with that opinion. i would love to see the data. there has been no data on masks in kids who are vaccinated and many of us think vaccinated protection is pretty good to reduce transmission significantly. a lot of kids struggle with masks. some do well but some struggle with it.
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carley: they say older than 2. they are recommending the kids wear a mask. you also have an op-ed criticizing the cdc for bad data. it is in the wall street journal, the headline of the evidence behind the cdc push to vaccinated children. you write the agency over count hospitalizations and deaths and won't consider if one shot is sufficient. explain your point. >> we have impose tremendous restrictions on our 50 million kids in the united states based on one number, 335 deaths. for context, 500 kids die from the common cold virus. i'm not downplaying those deaths, that is important if we can save one life we need to do everything but the cdc has never looked at those numbers, they never called the families or doctors and asked whether covid is incidental or the cause of those deaths.
2:26 am
the 25,000 employees, shame on the cdc, we need better data and that data was used to fuel a lot of vaccine policy. one dose is adequate for kids according to the study of kids 12 to 15, 100% effective. carley: you can read more in that wall street journal op-ed out right now. thanks for joining us, appreciate it. todd: crime spiraling out of control in chicago and lori lightfoot says shouldn't subject the police department to civilian oversight board. some are saying the biden administration has no one to blame itself are missing its vaccination goals. remember these comments? >> would not trust donald trump. of donald trump tells us i'm not taking it. todd: pete hegseth joins us with his take next. ♪♪ here i go again on my own
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todd: washington dc taking center stage in america's crime crisis, baseball fans into a panic and a 6-year-old girl is shot and killed in drive-by attack. jillian: she appears >> in her tone when it comes to a solution. >> reporter: good morning, dc mayor muriel bowser authorizing the police to use any overtime necessary to confront gun violence in the district after the tragic shooting death of 6-year-old 9 the courtney. her grandmother joined us on "fox and friends" yesterday. >> she was amazing. she was beautiful. she was loving. she affected so many people.
2:31 am
>> mayor bowser is vowing action. >> we are focused on finding the perpetrators of this violent crime. the baby is not with us anymore. it is not a game. >> reporter: day later terrified baseball fans were sent running for cover after 3 people were shot outside national spark, bowser says the solution is to hire more police despite the fact she proposed a cut to the department's budget by 6%. chicago mayor lori lightfoot and police reform advocates reached a deal that paves the way for civilian oversight of the chicago police department. this as the city experiences crime. the chicago sun-times reporting 60 people were shot this last weekend alone. among them six children. in new york a shocking example of lawlessness, nypd officer hit over the head of the glass bottle, the suspect has been
2:32 am
arrested twice in the past for assaulting police. mayoral candidate eric adams says it is part of a larger problem. >> our city has become a place of lawlessness and it is unacceptable. we lost her ability to understand what it is to be a good neighbor. >> reporter: adams has begun informal transition talks with mayor bill deblasio's administration. he wants to be ready to tackle the city's crime problem if elected. todd: thank you very much. as the biden administration misses its vaccination goals critics a prominent democrats and some in the media are to blame. you may remember these comments from our current vice president kamala harris herself. >> there is a vaccine that is approved and distributed before the election would you get it? >> i would not trust donald
2:33 am
trump. of donald trump tells us i'm not taking it. i am vaccinated and so we are going to continue to push out the message the vaccine will save your life. todd: here to react, pete hegseth, great to see you as always. pop the headlines up on screen, trump's vaccine can't be trusted. will anyone trust the serial liar? donald trump's coronavirus vaccine. why don't more people see the hypocrisy here? >> people who would have to see the hypocrisy are the same people propping up the administration, fellow democrats in media. it turns out kamala harris was killing people before facebook was. that is the accusation being made. you are killing people through misinformation. we need to shut you down but when it was politically expedient, that is the point, politically expedient to hate on
2:34 am
the vaccine and the miracle of operation warp speed she was happy to do it and relatively unchallenged because even dana bash in that clip, you can't trust the vaccine. together, the left-wing buddies did what they could to defeat trump and the vaccine is a part of that boom. they are the white house, the vaccine is great, everyone who is hesitant is anti-vax and anti-science, doesn't work that way, people can take information and make their own choices based on their own health and that is what americans are doing across the country most of which are choosing to get the vaccine but not kamala harris, she's not the reason we have this miracle vaccine. it was donald trump, just a little bit of humility would be nice in a moment like this. >> people across the country and around the world are taking that. the other narratives that is being pushed is republicans are the most vaccine hesitant but if
2:35 am
you look at la county they are going back to mask mandates because the delta variances spreading there and that is one of the bluest counties in the country. >> absolutely, another false many which are historical, justifiable there is hesitancy in the black community and a lot of inner cities to get the vaccine as well, that is not who the media is talking about. it shouldn't be political, trump or biden supporters are black or white, it should be here is the information, people had different experiences, it is your choice and was we don't want to be doing is going backwards into masks when if you have the vaccine the point is you can take your mask off and you are going to be okay, that is what we should remind people. >> a lot of vaccine hesitancy among young people too.
2:36 am
it is not -- >> reporter: the virus doesn't kill people so why would they do it? todd: you are alive in tampa for turning point usa student action summit, you spoke yesterday. what did you talk about? pete: it has been an amazing event, what charlie kirk has done is energize a generation of young people may be fortified to go out into our country but also our culture and be change agents and that is a big part of what i talked about. andrew breitbart said politics is downstream of culture, culture is downstream from our faith, what we worship and was we believe in. i tried to connect those dots in my speech. >> we can't lie to ourselves, closet conservatives but the counterrevolutionary.
2:37 am
keep fighting and keep praying. >> a lot of who brings out there. life should humble you as you go through it. fallen nature, and as conservatives we have to understand in god we trust, that is part of what i tried to focus on, great speakers on fox nation, live today on fox nation. carley: getting the next generation excited about our country, so important to fight back against all that is being taught on college campuses. streaming on fox nation through today, you can get a free month
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of fox nation, you -- thank you. todd: today million and jeff bezos joining the space club. carley: the amazon founder will blast off aboard the new shepherd along with three other very lucky people telling neil cavuto he has been waiting to venture to the final frontier for years. >> when i'm strapped into my seat, we are ready. the vehicle is ready, the team is amazing. our fellow crewmates feel good about it too. >> 9 am eastern time, you can watch a live on fox news, we are going to cover it all. todd: and how much he looks like his brother. 38 minutes after the hour,
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prince harry, the new memoir he plans to release as the royal family reacted. and the new op-ed, hunter absurd deals. (upbeat pop music in background throughout) i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling.
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experience our advance standards safety technology on a full line of vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing. >> officials are calling for outside aid as heat and dry condition fuel wildfires the west. rescuers in oregon devoting resources toward the massive bootleg fire forcing thousands to flee their homes. todd: and energy committee reveals its equipment may have sparked the dixie fire burning in california. officials believe a blown fuse may have started. meteorologist janice dean here.
2:43 am
>> janice: the story every day across the west where wildfires continue to burn, historic temperatures heating up, your hide today along the coast, not too bad but in interior sections that is where temperatures are soaring, wildfire danger, red flag warnings in effect for interior northwest into the northern plains. that will be the case, not getting a lot of moisture, showers and thunderstorms in the monsoon season for the southwest. that shift of wind bringing potential for showers and thunderstorms but what happens when you get that dry lightning, the moisture before it hits the ground you are left with lightning that can spark wildfire danger. looking at potential for showers and thunderstorms on the gulf coast into florida and the southeast and parts of the northeast and the midwest. no big major storms to talk
2:44 am
about, there's the forecast across the central us, lots of sunshine in the 80s and a lot of elevator talk, where is our summer? it is so soggy. todd: a strange yellow or but in the sky, was that the sun that i hear so much about? carley: i think he is being sarcastic. todd: janice is going to hit me. carley: you can text me sometime. >> janice: thank you so much. todd: new reports that prince harry did not warm his father about his upcoming memoir, harry is claiming to donate to charity. the book will hit shelves next year, prince harry says i'm
2:45 am
writing this not as the prince i was born but as the man i have become. i'm excited for people to read a first-hand account, accurate and wholly truthful. >> >> and the painting scandal and, with alleged dealings with china, with i heart burisma. with professional experience. >> for the governor ron desantis are its fans -- to the southern border. carley: of florida congresswoman shares what she saw firsthand coming up next.
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todd: it is not a border state problem, ron desantis said they are flocking to florida from the southern border. >> 70% of people they interdicted said their ultimate destination was the state of florida. if you think having wide-open border 1000 miles doesn't affect here you are wrong. todd: of florida congressman just returned and joins me live to tell us about it. how worried are you about
2:50 am
governor desantis's warning. >> i am terrified, the to keep every american up at night because in the face of the sport a crisis every single town in america is a border town. every town in america is a border town, we know that not just from the illegals that have been apprehended and released into the communities but the narcotics. if you look at narcotics confiscated at the border it's enough to kill every man, woman and child 9 times over. that is just fentanyl. this is a crisis of epic proportion. if you look at what is happening the governor hit on it. those being apprehended and released they are destined for florida. in my district i return from the border with 6 sheriffs from our
2:51 am
area, they are seeing an increase in crime in actions of this administration, we lost 93,000 americans to overdoses, that number is going to skyrocket, we are seeing that and the biden administration has said if you are from any other country, 140 nationalities in the southwest border except for cuba, what they were very clear, secretary mayorkas was clear do not come here if you're from cuba but if you are from anywhere else, through the southwest border, it is a welcoming party. the most expensive welcoming party i have ever seen, i witnessed it firsthand standing on the banks of the river and it
2:52 am
is heartbreaking. you cannot begin to protect your hometown if you cannot defend the homeland and that starts with border security. >> if you have any question the point you just made cuba versus every place else because human americans by and large for republicans, it does appear those currently in charge do not want to those individuals in the country because of their voting habits. got to leave it there. a robust answer to my first question, appreciate your time as always. jillian: the founder of the 1619 project who once claimed cuba was among the most equal countries because of socialism, doctor carol swain response to that coming up next.
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♪ ♪ todd: 1619 project nicole hanna jones coming under past comments cuba come back to haunt her in light of the country's protest. >> if you want to see the most equal country in our hemisphere it could be cuba. they have the least inequality between black and white people in places that are truly, at least, biracial countries. cuba actually has the least inequality and that's largely due to socialism, which i'm sure no one wants to hear. carley: here to react is dr. carol swain. dr. swain, i think a lot of people would say yeah serve
2:57 am
treated equally in cuba because everyone is equally oppressed. >> i would agree with that when you look at hanna jones and how she has been elevated by the political left, i think that's the real scandal that she is a, quote, distinguished professor at a universities it's clear she is not held to the same standards as other scholars. lives in alternative universe. she reimagines america, where she reimagines the founding of the nation as having been in 1619. she reimagined the cult of the revolutionary war. she reinterpreted the holocaust. and she is able to do that and i think that's the real scandal, that the progressive left and others are not holding people like her accountable. they have given them a platform and they are harming our nation.
2:58 am
todd: time for a wake-up call, dr. swain. you have been in academia for a long time. how pervasive are notions like we just heard from hannah-jones among our kids' professors. >> i can tell you with the political left and black lives matter some of the black progressive faculty members, i mean, they are teaching these ideas. these are very dangerous ideas. and i think that we need to have higher standards in academia. but the more dangerous thing is that with hannah-jones, her ideas through the 1619 project, they are in schools all across america thousands of schools are using the 1619 project and so they are indoctrinating our students with false ideas and the critical race theory, the marxism, the embrace of communism that we see among
2:59 am
black leaders, that is going unchallenged. that is unacceptable. and i think we all need to stand up and call it what it is, it's racism. it is a racism among progressive whites that allows this to take place. carley: i just wonder where did some of these ideas come from that capitalism is bad, socialism, communism, marxism is good despite it being proven time and time again that it doesn't work. >> it's ignorance, i believe, of history. i think its ignorance. these people are teaching at universities. and some of them hate america. so they are pushing an agenda and a narrative that's designed to bring down our country. we all should be up in arms, not literally because i will be accused of hate speech. but we should be fighting back against it much harder than we are. democrats and republicans, we all have a stake in this country. and it's time to speak up.
3:00 am
todd: dr. carol swain, we appreciate your time as always. insightful topics. we appreciate you getting up with us. carley: dr. swap, appreciate it two hours gone just like that and "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ todd: today the nation's top covid advisers will testify on capitol hill about mask mandates. >> this, as the american academy of pediatrics calling for kids to mask up. >> there is not a shred of medical evidence to support that. >> stocks plunging. stocks moving down more than 700 points. >> market selloff the likes of which we have not seen this year. >> a sixth texas democrat allegedly testifying positive for covid-19. >> do officials here wish those democrats would have been more careful. >> i don't think i'm going to be in a position here to assess what safety precautions they may or may not have t


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