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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 20, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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programming announcement. on wednesday we have a special hannity town hall live from miami, florida. governor ron desantis will be with us, senator marco rubio, local activist, those that want top stand up to the murdering communist regime in cuba and f people. wednesday night let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, taking it away, we're in good hands >> laura: i have a question. who was he question, who was the person yesterday who basically took the side of cuba. there are so many on the left but it is the most equal society. >> a lot of dumb comments by a lot of young people. this is a murdering communist regime, they still people's land
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-- laura: but that is what the left wants for everybody. looking forward to your townhall. thank you. i'm laura ingraham, we have a lot to get too. senator lindsey graham, victor davis hanson plus raymond arroyo with a whole areas seen and unseen but first liar liar is the focus of tonight's angle. this weekend it became obvious the biden administration is losing control of its covid narrative. was two weeks ago that president biden was close to declaring independence from the virus but now the white house is grappling with a new reality that trends any chance of a real recovery. the focus on the delta variant
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and emphasis will tracking case numbers instead of preventing serious illness is coming back to bite them. the control freaks in la county are reinstituting mask mandate. >> masking endorse must become a normal practice regardless of vaccination status to stop the trends in the level of transmission. >> the far left is hoping that is a trend that spreads nationwide and now other countries announcing the restrictions to encourage vaccination which triggered huge protests in france over the weekend. [crowd chanting] >> all of this sent the dow spiraling down 700 points which was happening while president biden was touting the economic recovery. >> the highest economic growth rate in nearly 40 years. we -- now we knew that we needed to launch a wartime effort to
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get americans vaccinated fast, powerful american rescue plan. >> any good economic news is directly tied to trump's push for the vaccine and red state smart decision to reopen, the shortest recession in history. the fact is the democrats know their face and strong head wents going into the midterms and they don't believe the first amendment applies to their critics at this point so through social media proxies they seek to the platform, cancel, defame opinions regarding their covid response calling them potentially deadly misinformation. >> two epidemics going on, one is biological, the other is informational, misinformation and intentional disinformation
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seems to be winning the war against truth. laura: in reality it is president biden and his allies who have been a consistent super spreaders of misinformation on covid. they are trying to force masks on children two and up. reminder there is near 0 risk for kids with covid and most teachers are vaccinated. for the left, masks at some point become stage props, a sign of blind compliance and for the young mandates are frankly demented and cool. the misrepresentation on this extends to the experimental vaccine itself for kids. these emergency use approvals has been rushed with 0 long-term testing and teachers are vaccinated so why frighten or
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pressure children who face virtually no risk of serious illness. we never required flu vaccines and the flu kills far more kids worldwide. now we know their support for school closures was a huge assault against children's learning and also on their social and emotional well-being. anyone and everyone who supported closing schools and shutting down in person learning should be barred from medicine and education forever and what about the efficacy of the vaccine itself among adults. anyone else think it's weird that five fully vaccinated members of the texas legislature who fled to dc tested positive for the coronavirus. and why hasn't fauci and friends addressed this interesting data point in the uk? britain's chief scientific advisor said on monday that 60% of people being admitted to the hospital had two doses of the
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vaccine. he later came out and walked back back saying it was 40% in the hospital who had had two:shots but that is still a significant number. why isn't the biden administration addressing this, why don't we talk about it or at least put renowned vaccine expert olivia roderigo on it? no misinformation roundup would be complete without remind everyone fauci and collins have routinely misled america on the fire origins question. >> it makes me wonder why we would be allowing this kind of research and why would the history of lab leaks that have led to other viruses getting out, why we wouldn't have right away pressured the folks in china at this lab to say we need
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to understand what happened here instead of just assuming that is coming from an animal. we tested 80,000 species, can't find one animal that carries covid 19. >> the most likely explanation is still a natural transmission. >> what you think that? >> because that has always been the case with other coronavirus's was on historical basis that the most likely path this travel. >> i can't believe he said that. a phenomenal interview. he claims he never really dismissed the lab leaks theory but on april 17th, 2020, email obtained from both feed that was from collins to fauci had the subject line conspiracy theory that dismissed the lab week theory but we all know that the wuhan institute of virology had been conducting dangerous and controversial gain of function research and collins's nih was insane enough to funnel taxpayer
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money there be a eco-health alliance of the deluge of misinformation, disinformation coming from the white house also extend far beyond covid because for political leverage they claim a few hours of criminal unrest on january 6th was itself a serious insurrection against democracy, almost as ludicrous as contending voter id requirements are racist and even the washington post fact checker gave biden four pinocchios for his claim which he made 3 times the georgia's republican election law had somehow shortened voting hours. it didn't. and let's not forget biden lied about little things and big including this claim that under trump, federal contracts going directly to foreign companies
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rose by 30%. false. disinformation or the claim that his infrastructure plan would create millions of jobs on the actual estimates peg it at more like half 1 million over ten years. then leading june biden even demonstrated a shameful ignorance of the constitutional or purposeful desire to spread disinformation as to its meaning. >> the second amendment from the day was passed limited the type of people who go to gun or the type of weapon you could on. >> any first year law student should know the plain language of the second amendment places no restrictions on individual ownership of firearms. it is one sentence long, try reading it sometime. if it is that easy for them to lie about the second amendment, all the other issues we pointed out no wonder they spread misinformation about inflation. this is biden today. nobody is suggesting inflation on the way, no serious -- laura: i guess he forgot larry summers who has warned
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repeatedly about inflationary trends of the kind we've not seen in a generation and today was a market explosion, biden was kind of forced to reveal the actual truth. >> my administration understands if we were ever to experience unchecked inflation over the long-term that would pose a real challenge to our economy. so while we are confident it is and what we are seeing today we are vigilant about any response that is needed. i made clear to chairman powell at the federal reserve when we met recently. laura: i don't have time to get into there lies about the border not being a crisis or disinformation about filing crime wave not being linked to defend the police nonsense democrats should be white out next year just on those two issues alone in the midterms. the fundamental problem is the reason they get away with this nonstop lying and disinformation
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campaign is because they never face any pushback from the corporate media. as a result their thinking gets more duplicitous and sloppier and sloppier. at the white house you should always be under pressure to get things right. next year when they are up against real opponents in the midterms they are going to have wished they had put all biden in the papers. that is the angle. doctor harvey rich, professor of epidemiology at alex berenson, author of unrequited truth on covid 19 and lockdowns, given all these apparent breakthrough cases of covid with individuals who have received two shots of the vaccine, it is a bit odd but biden keeps referring to recent
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outbreaks as a pandemic of the unvaccinated primarily. >> you are absolutely and the uk it is very clear there's a massive number of cases happening to vaccinated people and so the vaccine advocates have fallen back on this argument that yes there are some breakthrough cases but the serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths happening to unvaccinated people. that is no longer true either in israel or the uk, the chief science advisor acknowledged what is happening, something warned about, the most vulnerable people are losing in the unity first. it is not that vaccines don't have a protective effect, it is that we never demonstrated the
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effective effect was long-term because the trials were short-term and we never demonstrated the protective effect was on older people because so few older vulnerable people were enrolled in the trials and now those chickens are coming home to roost and instead of being honest about the biden administration is trying to punish people like me trying to get twitter to the platform people like me and attack people like you and that is wrong, they should be honest about what the truth is. laura: your reaction to that. we want everyone to be healthy and safe and have their risk assessments done properly and all that but something is going on here. something is going on here. attack people who ask questions, they can do that but doesn't answer the question. >> i agree with what alex just said and in fact some months ago
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the cdc stopped counting breakthrough cases that weren't hospitalized or didn't die. the large numbers of cases in people who had been vaccinated they stopped counting so those cases don't register so the great proportions they are claiming are in accented -- vaccinated people and that is why the us and cdc's count is different than israel and the uk. it is a fallacy. >> biden's surgeon general spoke out about his own children and the vaccine. >> for children under 12, as a day between 2 kids, our kids depend on us, the people around them being protected and vaccinated. i worry we are starting to see increasingly in states like arkansas and missouri and nevada and florida is surges within the
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unvaccinated population and we will continue to see that. laura: the message is you are a bad parent if you don't get your kids vaccinated as soon as they can get the vaccine under emergency use, you're a bad parent, that's the message. >> the surgeon general might take a look at the data from last year, states that are seeing significant growth in cases of the same cases as states that saw cases grow last june and july. it is a seasonal virus it moves seasonally and that is what is happening. i would like him to tell us about the $2 million he took last year from carnival and other companies to, quote, consult on covid. that is what i want to hear him talk about. laura: the masking of children being pushed by the american academy of pediatrics will be pressure across the united states. your reaction to that? eight hours of masks on little kids. >> it is damaging to the kids and all theater. there is essentially no evidence there is benefit for the kids or the teachers so there has been
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12 studies of masking that essentially shown no benefits, every one of those stories and we are saying masking has a benefit. >> thank you. and the attempt to restrict what information you are allowed to see is now coming from the highest office in the land. >> my hope is that facebook is going to -- that they would do something about the misinformation, the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. >> you shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation out there. >> pulitzer prize winning and independent journalist glenn greenwald. the biggest shock, that they use the social media companies, the
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the media's to be whistling past the graveyard on this. your response. >> the model just weeks before the election the silicon valley giant united band reporting done by the new york post, authentic documents about the biden family and the media didn't raise any concerns, they supported, send a signal the biden administration once in power could use that model of suppressing information off of the internet with very little objection from the people who are supposed to defend free expression and the thing that is so amazing is even if you're somebody who isn't incredibly disturbed by the ideas that the government is instructing social media companies what should or shouldn't be allowed to be on the internet these are the people least competent to judge what is misinformation, they spent a year saying the theory of covid lab leak in wuhan was a
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crazy conspiracy theory and now they say it is highly plausible, the same people who fled the country for five years with deranged conspiracy theories that letter from the russians had taken control of the us through clandestine sexual black male and suddenly they want to act like we should trust them to determine what is true and what is false, it is incredibly dangerous. laura: like they haven't been operating a bureau of disinformation on a multitude of issues as i pointed out on the angle. when in pr writes an article about ben schapiro in the daily wire and in this thing they quoted jamie, director of the social network and political psychology lab said they tend to not provide much context for the information, if you strip enough context way and a piece of truth can become a piece of misinformation. you can see where this is going.
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>> the reality of what is going on, these media outlets are losing their audience, of for your sugar high to save their jobs and their audience is showing the new york times lost between a third and half of their audience in the last year alone, the other two cable networks combined, don't get anywhere near the audience of this network and ben schapiro the right-wing voices they recruit more people want to listen to them than these corporate media outlets are there only option instead of asking why people don't want to listen to them is to try to silence everybody to maintain a monopoly over the discourse and everyone is captive to listen to them because everyone else, that is what it is about.
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>> back to the point i made a few minutes ago. how do the democrats, mostly happening right now, how do they think is going to help them, nobody questions whether it is about kids and masks or any of these questions, they are not going to go ways the next year in the midterms the questions are still going to be out there it better to run themselves to the paces of tough interviews, fair interviews, questions but instead when you ask a question, you raise the data point then you are a vaccine denier, your anti-science, you have to be stopped, it is disinformation. i have never seen anything like this since i lived in the soviet union as a student in the 1980s. >> it is same mentality, it goes back to the 16 campaign when they were not only social hillary clinton was going to
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defeat donald trump and believed they had a divine entitlement for hillary clinton to become president and when they lost fair and square they started asking themselves why did we lose and instead of looking in the mirror they started blaming everybody except themselves and especially they started blaming facebook saying you about all this disinformation, lies about hillary clinton and our only option to survive politically is control the means of communication that we no longer control which is the internet. that was the point of the internet, to liberate us from not having to be manipulated and controlled by centralized authority. when they saw that allowing that freedom jeopardizes their political interests the only conclusion they reach was we can't allow that silence, we need to center into the trump years escalated and take this authoritarian faction now that genuinely believes that censorship is in the public good.
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laura: we are going to keep tracking it, great to see you tonight and troubling video reveals just who is trying to force their way into the country. a harrowing report from the border in moments but why is the gop grant illegitimacy to a biden infrastructure push that will change the country together. senator lindsey graham on that. and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it.
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>> laura: now somewhat fallen from the front pages but the illegal immigration crisis is completely out of control t federal government counted almost 190,000 people trying to cross >> someone fallen from the front pages but the illegal immigration crisis is completely out of control, the federal government counted 190,000 people trying to cross illegally at the southwest border into the us in june and a while video shot today, it is only getting worse. the man who captured this scene, has the story for us tonight. what do you think? >> this was one of the biggest single groups that i have ever seen at the border, a group of 400 illegal immigrants arriving at the border wall today, they have folks of being let into the united states and ultimately almost all of them were led in. look at this wild video when we were out there, a crazy scene, we were there with troopers from
12:28 am
texas, alaska and ford and border patrol is migrants arrived at a closed gate on the border wall, the gate was periodically opened to allow family units in but it times adult men tried to squeeze through and take advantage, troopers had to get close and yell for them to get back. displayed the administration's repeated claims that the border is closed border patrol ultimately ended up opening the gates to allow hundreds of migrants through including large groups of single adult men some of whom told me they are from ghana and haiti. the migrants were taken to processing centers that are well overcapacity. border patrol sources tell us it is likely many of them will go to ice and be released and the us pending their active cases. also into rio, texas state troopers arrested an active member of one of the most dangerous drug cartels in mexico. i'm told the man was dressed in camo and found walking a local highway.
12:29 am
he admitted to being a paid coyote who smuggled migrants into the united states and in the laredo area today texas troopers pulled over a semitruck with 105 illegal immigrants crammed inside were being smuggled, the driver was arrested for human smuggling. back to you. laura: is our border completely breaks down the biden administration has set its sights elsewhere. so-called american infrastructure but not by addressing the real issues of roads and bridges but by pouring billions into political pet projects that can fundamentally change the face of this country. majority leader chuck schumer decided to move toward a final vote on the bill despite the fact that it hasn't even been written yet. senator lindsey graham, the media calling this effort, quote, bipartisan. house this bipartisan and why would single republican even if
12:30 am
you are retiring grant them souvenir of legitimacy here? >> we are not going to proceed to a bill that is not written because that makes no sense of president biden wants to do infrastructure, roads, bridges and ports around $1 trillion, plenty republicans work with them, chuck schumer is trying to blow this effort up. can you imagine, you've been around town for a while. i cloture on a bill that doesn't exist is insane, so president biden, get on the phone to schumer and tell them to stand down, tell him you're undercutting an effort to find common ground on infrastructure regarding roads, bridges and ports. you can tell schumer to stop what he will not i don't know but you should try to stop him from blowing this up.
12:31 am
>> amy klobuchar gave away the game, watch. >> what you can do with infrastructure which is not in the bipartisan package and i'm glad they are continuing to negotiate and make progress, what you can do is put election infrastructure there, you could tie to certain things as incentives for states to do same-day registration, mail in balloting. >> mail in ballots, that's part of infrastructure. >> roads and bridges, this is the paragraph, the $3.5 trillion democratic infrastructure packages got not a thing to do with infrastructure, they are wanting to put amnesty in the infrastructure build a great story moment ago about broken border. imagine if you gave legal status to illegal immigrants without securing the border. no proposal that has ever been made in washington gave legal status until the border was first secure. president biden said today he wants to put amnesty in the democratic infrastructure bill, that will lead to an invasion of
12:32 am
illegal immigration, it will put jet fuel on a system that is on a broken. if you give one person legal status that will be a run on our border like you've never seen before, the dumbest idea in the history of the senate, the history of the white house. it will lead to a breakdown of law and order beyond what you see today. laura: the president is saying these investments are going to help with inflation. watch. >> they are. >> if you make prudent multiyear investments that breaks up the bottlenecks in our economy, goods get to consumers more rapidly and less expensive. it will take the pressure off, give a boost to our workforce to lower prices and years ahead f your primary concern is inflation usually more enthusiastic. laura: talk about disinformation campaign, how does matthew standing that we don't need on this other stuff, how does that not spur more inflation? how is this in any way something
12:33 am
senator porter whatever sign on to or manchin, what in god's name is going on here? >> when will you understand, i don't mean you personally but the country the president biden is a nice fellow who doesn't know what he is doing, look at the border. it was secure. the lowest illegal immigrant problem in the summer 2020. 6 months later we had 1 million people cross the border illegally and we are headed to 2 million. the vice president went to the border, what did she learn? what has she done? she visited the border, it is worse now, there is no plan to secure the border. if you think mandating paid family leave on every employer in the country below her prices were crazy. this will be a massive tax increase on business and expand the size and role of government, not roads, bridges and ports, lead to higher, less jobs and higher taxes. it is just like the border.
12:34 am
they don't know what they are doing. laura: they know exactly what they are doing. laura: you may be right. laura: they are not morons, they see that we have 1 million people already here and are not -- opening the gates, open the gates all over the world. >> i'm not taking the moron thing off the table. what i would say is it is the worst i have ever seen it and getting worse by the day. laura: i hope in sanity prevails in the infrastructure bill. >> i will leave town to prevent this. we can set -- of the senate down, we can leave town. >> when it's popstar visited white house, the olympics, trying to shut down any extracurricular gains in tokyo, raymond arroyo sees it, seen and unseen next.
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and >> time for seen and unseen where we expose the cultural stories of the day and turn to raymond arroyo. the biden administration is trying to contend the young to get out and take the covid vaccine. >> this time they recruited pop singer olivia rodriguez sat with doctor fauci for a tweet reading session. i will let you decide if this will encourage anyone to get the vaccine. >> i had a dream that i got the covid 19 vaccine and met doctor fauci afterwards. i told him that i bought his bobble head. >> i saw your bobble head today. >> did you like it? we got my dad one for his birthday in november. everyone in my immediate family was fully vaccinated.
12:41 am
>> looking at the fauci bobble head next to each other. >> practically religion at this point. perhaps the fauci calls will be more effective. according to the cdc only 42% of 13 to 24-year-olds are fully vaccinated but yet that could all change with this. >> i am olivia rodrigo, talking about the importance of getting vaccinated. >> it is critical especially for people between 16 to 25. you badly need to get vaccinated not only for your sake but for all those people around you. >> it was announced today that tony bennett has his own cognitive problems and lady gaga doing concerts, that could be there opening act. the big problem is what the president is not telling young people, the cdc website itself warns these vaccines cause women
12:42 am
to clot, women under 50, myocarditis, heart inflammation young people and boys, the fda had a warning to that effect to the moderna and pfizer vaccine and any warning about a rare side effect that could cause your immune system to attack healthy cells. that could be what is fueling the hesitancy of the young but i don't think of popstar and president biden will overcome those facts. >> those are some of the adverse reactions and possible side effects and if people want to make an informed decision they could take it all into account are not. that is their right. she is adorable, she could be by daughter average, adorable young girl but i'm not sure -- what this is about. they keep saying listen to the science, this is an incredibly successful popstar.
12:43 am
what -- >> give young people, give all of us the information on the side effects particularly those are not as vulnerable. the amazing thing is the media operation, the white house deployed their media operation to put down a fake photo that landed on the internet of president biden smelling olivia rodrigo's hair. this is the misinformation they are worried about. they should worry about the respite, covid is hanging over the to the olympics, reports that the organizers installed biodegradable cardboard bedroom human beings bedrooms to discourage anything other than sleeping. the beds would reportedly collapse before the one person tried to use them. laura: on irish gymnast what that report. >> in today's episode of fake news, the beds are made out of cardboard, but don't brackets of
12:44 am
movements and big news. >> i never believed this bed story because i knew and read elsewhere the olympic committee is planning to handout 160,000 condoms to these athletes so they clearly have their minds on other things (at the least of our worries. a different sporting event at the national baseball game was ever interrupted saturday night in dc when gunshots broke out. watch this. >> remain inside the stadium at this time. remain inside the stadium at this time. laura: thousands at that point were running for cover in two
12:45 am
cars were exchanging gunfire so what is driving this? >> the demonization and defunding of our police, the bad actors know they have nothing to fear, the cops aren't watching and as the chief of police of the union in dc are saying we have elected officials and won't let us do our job and as a result you have that 6-year-old baby girl killed just blocks from that stadium. shootings in new orleans, i have the stats, 61 in chicago, four in baltimore, 51% increase of shootings in new orleans, this is a national epidemic, we've got to get our arms around this. >> last year donald trump said this could happen, exactly what is happening. and covid cash flow out the door by the billions but where has it gone? something to tell you about that, victor davis hanson is here on that plus some thoughts on the newly uncovered comments from 1619 project founder nicole hannah jones next.
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♪♪ >> laura: in newly uncovered audio from the founder of the 1619 project, we get a taste of what our kids are going to be learning in laura: newly uncovered audio from the founder of the 1619 project, a taste of what kids are learning in schools that adopt this twisted curriculum. >> cuba has the least inequality between black and white people any place in the hemisphere.
12:51 am
the caribbean most of the caribbean is hard to count because the white population is very small, the country is run by black folks but in places that are truly biracial countries, cuba has the least inequality. that is largely due to socialism which no one wants to hear. laura: i think it is exactly what people need to hear, we are glad to know what you think. senior fellow at the hoover institution, this isn't surprising to either of us, this is where socialism leads, people like her to believe what she just said but what does it tell us about what the 1619 project brings. >> the 1619 project is a lot of things but one thing it is not his history.
12:52 am
2500-year-old inquiry, that is what the word means, complexity, tragedy, not cheap melodrama where you say there is one side, these awful white males and their whiteness and on the other side are nonwhite non-male good people, these are the victims, these -- it is -- they turned it into a cheap science-fiction movie where people go back in the past and tinker and alter and think they can change the future. it is what mao did and stalin did so these are ideologues but not historians and they want a cookie-cutter simplistic story that serves their present ends to change the future. >> you and i talked about this but now that we've seen it it was about confederate statues of the confederate flags, it was always about america, taking
12:53 am
down what came before, all of it, nuclear family, founders, the constitution, the declaration, all of the fraudulent just like the national anthem or july 4th robert e lee comes down but that was just the tip of the iceberg. >> they found the civil war bothersome because 700,000 americans were killed, you had people in minnesota, michigan and indiana that had never seen an african-american going to georgia with sherman to march through georgia and die and killed to liberate slaves. that is an inconvenient truth, all of these whether it is normandy beach rock in our they want to get rid of it all and turn it into this morality tale where they are the hero and it is said what they've done when you have young people who don't know much or eager to learn history and you give this propaganda to them you end up with this boring kind of soviet
12:54 am
morality tale, if you destroy the past you can control the future and that is what they are doing with statuary, with names, ideas, a systematic cultural revolution, the military, movies, novels, the corporate world, everything, 360 degrees change the past, control the present, all to the future. >> mao, stalin, pol pot, they all did and that is the direction they want to take us. people have to wake up and see what is going on but it was never about the confederate flag. thank you. and aoc sounds a lot like president biden tonight. the last bite explains. a life ie policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills
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announcer 1: as they head toward the finish, warren has built a substantial lead
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and headed for her fourth gold medal! announcer 2: she's ahead of the world record pace by at least half a second and she - oh wait, wait... what's she doing? announcer 1: i think she's doing a headstand. why would she do that? announcer 2: she's stopping. she just, she stopped. announcer 1: i've never seen anything like this. announcer 2: she was so close to the finish, and she stopped. announcer 1: i don't know what she's thinking! announcer 2: this is unbelievable. i've never - >> here's the deal >> use the deal with inflation.
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if we do not get the root cause of these price increases right then policy decisions could be made that could negatively impact your life. if this wasn't overall inflationary issue we would see prices going up in relatively equal amounts across the board. the reason is important to understand that is the solution to that is get infrastructure. laura: in case you saw this interview between biden and aoc that talking point should put it to risked. got sold next. >> tuesday july 20th, the return of restrictions. today the nation's talk covid advises to us on capitol hill about mask mandates for vaccinated americans. the goalposts moving yet again. >> the wild wild southwest border, fox news cameras were rolling as hundreds of migrants flooded into texas and where they are coming from may surprise you.


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