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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 19, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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overall inflation area issue we would see prices going up in relatively equal amounts the across the board and the reason it's important to understand that is because the solution for that is, guess what? infrastructure >> laura: in case you thought there was any daylight between biden and aoc, that talking point should put it to rest. that's what he said. gutfeld next. >> it's not good enough anymore. i want to protect free speech? no. we want people to be protected from disinformation. to be protected from dying in this country. to be protected from people like donald trump, who spread disinformation for -- who love to make sure that the division and the death continues >> greg: i wonder if it's hard work being that stupid.
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♪ >> greg: ugg. that was a rough weekend, and not just for kat. >> one more time. >> laura: i give her points for not giving up. but at least she kept her clothes on, unlike our other guest jimmy failla. good luck at the urologist, jimmy. i'm not kidding. but it was a far worst weekend for cnn, first our rollie poley dwauk moly gossip goalie and see how reliable it got on reliable fart noises, stupidest thing
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ever. here's michael wolf delivering the smack to the hack. >> i think you, yourself, you know, while you're a nice guy, you know, you're full of sank moan. you come on here and you have a monopoly on truth. you know, you know exactly how things are supposed to be done. you know, you are why one of the reasons people can't stand media. sorry. >> you're cracking me up >> greg: you're cracking up? you should see the rest of the world buddy we're dying over here. that was glorious. can i hear that chuckle again? >> ha ha. ha ha. ha ha. >> greg: he chuckled like his wife just came back from the lady's room from the restaurant and noticed half of her beef
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wellington had been eaten. but if that was a heavy weight fight and it is because setter it would have been stopped in the first 25 seconds. it got worse, meaning better, lots better. >> so what should i do differently, michael? >> you know, don't talk so much. listen more. you know, people have genuine problems with it, with the media. the media doesn't get the story right. the media exists in its own bubble. >> that's true, i agree. >> you know, you've got to -- i mean, that last segment that i just had to listen to, of all of the people saying the same old stuff. also you're incredibly repetitive. week after week. i mean, you're the flip side of donald trump. you know, fake news, and you say, virtuous. >> no, we just figure out what
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is real. i'm listening. >> yeah, figuring out what is real is not so easy. >> right. >> and, you know, most people don't want to turn to brian steltzer to tell us what's real >> greg: there's that laugh again worse than yours kat. he gigled like a guy accidentally walked in on him in the changing room of old navy. i've been there. how i meet people. i never expected i would ever feel sorry for brian, usually i feel sorry for his office chair. oh, well, why did wolff bother going on cnn a few times this week anyway. >> well then why did you bother coming on cnn a few times this week? ha ha. >> you know, i'm a book salesman. >> michael, i love talking to you, i'm grateful you came on, i guess let's do it again in four
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years. thanks so much. >> see ya >> greg: even his see ya is murderous. yeah, let's do it again in four years, he thinks he's still going to be around then. something tells me that's never happening again. how embarrassing. good thing it happened on cnn so no one saw it. brian is going to replay that segment in his head over and over and over the next four years with different responses and probably get better ratings. that wasn't the only attempted murder that took place over the weekend, there was the nationals game in dc where the usual past time is dodging bullets. yeah, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, i don't care if there's a hole in my back. >> gunfire sending fans and players scrambling during a game at nationals park stadium in washington, dc. a fan, one of the three wounded in a shooting near the park saturday night, according to dc metro police. >> an actual shootout took place between armed fashions right outside the baseball stadium. even the bobbleheads were
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ducking for cover. it's a big story. but it's a bigger media story because that's the dc's media theme. they're often shown at the games. as season ticket holders or guests of important people. for the press the game isn't just a past time it's being seen in your awesome seats. obviously cnn covered the shooting doing live shots outside the center field gates. why is that important? because it was refreshing to finally see cnn cover a crime story for once. you watch their network, you were told crime was largely made up hysteria, just an idea, nothing real like antifa. one more time, please. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. is this what you want from joe biden? and they're going to take your country away and they're taking down the status. >> crime is rising as they defund police. >> oh, my god, it's so bad and defund the police, it's like >> greg: oh, that sigh. that clip is the media version
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of a mcdonald's french fry you found under a couch cushion. it's never going to get old. and how did they know there was never really any crime wave to begin with? well, they did what any journalist did they went to dinner one more time. >> you listen to conservative media you would think that, you know, entire cities are just, you know, enthralled in fights and fires and whatever. we went out, had a great dinner in new york city tonight. people actually walked up to us and said thank you for -- i watch you every night. i can't believe -- this he had to do a double take that i was hanging out and not seeing us on the tv screen >> greg: hope you had a nice meal in fantasy land, don. that story is likely as chris cuomo avoiding a mirror. about you now a gun battle takes place outside a baseball game, a horrible situation for the players, theens fa, everyone. last week i said the only way the meade i can'ts was going to cover crime is if it actually ended up in their doorstep or if
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wolf blesser an armored car again until then it's only to be mocked. but now it's a story for the press because the press was already there at the game. the crime problem they pretend doesn't exist is so bad it actually found them. it was now not just a big deal, it was their big deal. >> i was at the game with my wife and my two kids, and we were sitting right down the third baseline. and middle of the sixth inning you heard five, six, seven loud noises and all of a sudden in left field, people just started like jumping over their seats and trying to get out. >> greg: it sounds legitimately awful. for that to happen at a baseball game, right? now, imagine that happening on your street or near your front yard where your kids play. because that's what's happening in dc, and chicago, and new york city and many other cities. it is real and it is terrifying. but it's not at a baseball game so only fox covers the crime that affects everyone.
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michael wolff is right. the media lives in a bubble like the ones players blow while waiting on deck. for a brief moment that bubble popped saturday night at a baseball game where the true reality of the crime epidemic hit home plate. they got a taste of how the rest of dc lives where policies the media supports have turned their neighborhoods into a john wick movie. so will they learn any lessons from this and re-examine their news coverage especially regarding crime and how they dropped that ball when it should have been a routine catch? of course not. they'll forget about it by tonight and say the game was postponed due to climate change. tonight's guests. he's our favorite bring import since frankie goes to hollywood. host of the next revolution, steve hilton! he's written more scripts than a doctor in a pill mill, tv writer producer rob long! he left community college years
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ago, but he still gets his clothes from the sears department costume closet, fox news radio host jimmy failla. and she recently took the plunge, that's what she calls falling into a wishing well after too much white claw, fox news contributor kat timpf. so steve great to see you again glad you dressed up as usual. you got that shirt, i guess, at a honolulu gift shop, right? honolulu gift shop. >> i searched it out. i thought i have to wear something special for this special occasion and you mock it. i'm just going to walk out if you insult me like this. >> you're not going to walk out. >> you need to cut it out with this bring stuff. i have something to show you. >> what? >> since we lost >> laura: you're not going to show your teeth. >> no, i also got this in the basement. look at that. buy american. i am an american citizen.
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no more brett bit folks. >> you have dual citizenships. >> yes. >> he's doing jobs most americans won't do, appearing on this show >> greg: uncalled for. for a guy dressing like bob crain. >> by the way, those were his good years. >> by the way, great way to connect with the youth, great for your demo. >> a dead pervert. >> greg: let's start this all over again. what's your favorite part? by the way, i'm developing a crush on michael wolf even though i'm sure he hates fox news as much as he hates cnn. >> he was fantastic. that was so great. i played that on my show. the giggle was so fantastic, it was just perfect. he thought, oh, you're joshing with me, michael -- no, i'm not joshing. you really are a narcissistic virtue signalling hypocrite.
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sanctamonious with the gun violence, they don't think about it as crime. when they control the language, they control the conversation and the debate, that's why they do it, and that's why he burst the bubble, so helpful. people can see what's really going on >> greg: too bad nobody watches cnn. jimmy trying to figure out what threw up on this jacket. >> i actually walked out of the house thinking this looked good. i want some sympathy in this case because i look like a hawaiian. >> it would look good with my t-shirt. >> looked like we pilfered the same mannequin. i love it and hate it. first of all michael wolfe is right, cnn is garbage, more people i think trust the finger sandwiches at jeffrey calmer's house. pathetic. the brilliance of the move is, i
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have a theory he knew that if he lit them off we would pick it up on fox because he realizes that's the bigger audience. because if you break down cnn's audience by demo what is it 40% people trapped in airport bars, 40% people watching the five or gut if he would laughing at clips and then people straight up hostage situations watching it against their will. so he knew. it's worth knowledging they're both in on the same grift as michael wolfe has sold as much trump sensationalism as anybody, three trump books. so true rats fighting for the last piece of pizza on the subway >> greg: good point. >> i wouldn't want to be fighting brian. i've been staring at this picture. remember the operation game? >> yeah. >> he's operation gay. >> he's operation guy. >> yeah. >> it's because of the eyes. operation guy. >> not just the eyes.
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but very generous for you to say. what i found so amazing, it's not that -- you're so resistant to saying what everybody knows which is, you know, we're a little too liberal and we get the story wrong because we're too liberal and we adjust that. we were wrong about masks and the wuhan lab and all that stuff and we're going to try to do better. that's all they have to say. amazing how for giving people are in this country. instead they dig in so tightly you can't leave, it's like a delusional thing, the end of psycho the movie where tony perkins is sitting there saying i wouldn't hurt a fly. it's madness, a form of psychotic madness that i think needs to be medicated >> greg: for the younger audience you should have used the newer version of psycho. but you're right, because they can't even admit their commentary. they'll never admit they're liberal if they can't admit their commentary. we're right of center, i'm not
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going to lie to you about that, all of those people that defend their truth, screw you kat. how you doing? >> i'm fantastic. i love how seltzer insisted on the little giggling throughout the entire time as if to try to make it look as if this was like a little joke between pals. oh, yeah, he's doing the bit where he calls me a hack, ha ha, it's so funny. and it was so desperate and it was so uncomfortable. it's like, you know, the scene in the movie where they introduce the boyfriend and the grandma says something uncomfortable and they laugh and says that's grandma. but michael wolf was not letting up on that, he was not going to let him get away with that t it was great because he clearly -- he was like oh, i handled that well, that was great. no, you didn't. >> even when selter said we'll do it again he was like, yeah, i'm out. it was a nice gift for the
8:16 pm
monday show to have something that awful to play. >> how about some gratitude to you >> greg: i am grateful to brian for providing me with material and content. and i just, you know, that's why i'm always trying to help him with the weight issues. >> i watched it on the plane over and over right before i spilled a bloody mary on my husband >> greg: all right, she mentioned the husband in a block. everybody drink. >> take a shot >> greg: up next should biden be involved at all in what you post on your wall? ♪♪
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>> greg: is your free feet subsiding under big brother biden. getting hard to ignore we're living in 1984. frustrating for the
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administration when big tech only does what you want 99% of the time. many in the biden administration say social media platforms like facebook aren't do enough to untruths about the pandemic. here's a doctor. >> when we talk to people who believe some of these myths about the covid-19 vac seep about covid itself and ask them where you get that information, many of them point to their social media platforms. >> greg: that was kind of boring. he's not the only one. minnesota senator/comb enthusiast amy klobuchar thinks social media companies should be held liable. >> i think we should look at changing the liability standards when it comes to vaccine misinformation. when we have a public health crisis and people are dying every day, enough is enough >> greg: to think i wasn't going to vote for her. and dr. fauci after realizing old diseases still scare people recently said smallpox and polio would still be around if this
8:22 pm
kind of vaccine misinformation existed back in the day. i hope he wasn't with the lab that researched those. imagine how much they would on a plane of tech as democrats. apparently it's contagious with the biden administration. in this upside down clown ward freedom is only for times when everything is perfect and as they same to go after your aunt lisa's facebook post the administration is the biggest pushers of bs ever. >> clear this vaccine even if approved would not be widely available for many months yet to come. i trust vaccines. i trust the scientists. but i don't trust donald trump. and at this moment, the american people can't either. >> if the president announced tomorrow we have a vaccine, would you take it? only if it was completely transparent. other experts in the country could look at it. only if we knew all of what went into it. because so far, nothing he's told us has been true. >> let's just say there's a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the
8:23 pm
election. would you get it? >> well, i think that's going to be an issue for all of us. i will say that i would not trust donald trump >> greg: adorable. so what does joe have to say now? >> look. look, you can't just what i said before the election. i was in my basement for like a year. come on, man. and i got nothing against vaccines. i just want them to be transparent. you know, i like transparency. i like things you can see right through. you know, like aviator shades or kamala's desire to take my job. >> bravo. >> greg: what do you make of this misinformation. >> first of all i really love the jazz hands he does >> greg: yeah. >> i missed that the first time. i read the newspaper and i try to stay up. i am completely confused.
8:24 pm
there are olympic athletes who got the vaccine who then got covid and democrats got -- like what's the big thing with the vaccine, it means you're going to get it but you should still get the vaccine. i try and stay alert and abreast -- i got the vaccine but now i'm thinking was that a waste of time because all those athletes got the covid. here's what i don't want to do. i don't want to put a mask on anymore and i don't want to stay home anymore. >> right >> laura: i don't want to do anyof that anymore. so that's transparent. that's my transparency. so i kind of feel like, if there's confusion, it's not the fault of -- i mean, as you know, i was no fan of president trump. >> right. >> but i do know he got the vaccine. he did say he got it. and then he said we should get it. so he's done his part. the confusion seems to be coming from the people in the fancy offices with the fancy suits and the jazz hands. >> yes, yes. clearly rob is a murderer.
8:25 pm
>> yes. >> wants to wear a mask so he wants people to die. >> of course. >> i actually, i actually do. >> finally an honest right wing. >> i do. >> we should start doing that whenever people accuse us of wanting people to do. you got me. >> this is the thing, they define misinformation as like anything that isn't approved by them, that they don't agree with. >> right. >> we can do the whole killing thing on cnn for months and months last year. they kept putting out misinformation as we now know about the lockdown. you're going to have a total lockdown, the only way to protect people. turns out now scientists have looked at it, the mortality rates are higher because of the lockdown, the lockdown actually killed people in comparison to protecting the vulnerable which all of us argued for at the time. we aren't running around saying cnn killed people because we're not idiots
8:26 pm
>> greg: i am. >> we defined the misinformation. >> because the government has purposely misled people and misrepresented people to mislead people to grow with whatever their view is. just the times we know about, right, like the mask stuff where fauci saying the threshold was lower than it is. the cdc director completely wildly misrepresenting outdoor transmission. >> no one, basically no one got it outdoors. wear a mask outdoors. >> right. this isn't even a question of, you know, banning misinformation, it's banning any information that doesn't fit with the government narrative which is hugely different >> greg: violation of the first amendment. >> yes >> greg: like jimmy failla's jacket. you prefer to be misinformed, don't you? >> listen, i understand biden censoring people with internet access because there's no way they let him have any. let's get that out of the way. but shame on these people. because understand, during the election, think characterized this as if trump and barron were
8:27 pm
making this for the school science fair. they made the vaccine like they didn't want to do the traditional baking soda volcano, let's do a vaccine barron it will be great. melania not now we're making a vaccine. it was absurd. but now we're living it. if they are to be believed they are the biggest vote getters in the country, they want you to believe facebook means are more than what they did to get votes than they did. if you're posting a facebook meme against the vaccine tonight you're getting people killed. but if you're letting tens of thousands of people stream across the border untested you're on the side stopping the spread? get the [bleep] out of here. period. >> greg: amen. >> you know, i've got to say [cheers and applause] >> it's also deeply ungrateful. like facebook carried water for them all through the election. i was the head of facebook i would say fine, you don't like me, fine, we're going to start
8:28 pm
letting people talk about hunter biden's laptop and that wuhan lab leak and see how you like it. that's what i would do. if we're killing people let's tell the truth. >> great point. >> greg: we have to move on. this is my favorite segment coming up. she's conservative but hardcore so turning point said no more. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ life can be a lot to handle. ♪this magic moment,♪ but there's plenty of magic in all that chaos. ♪so different and so new.♪ ♪was like any other...♪ when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching, including resume building, interview prep, personal branding and more,
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♪ >> greg: so was she shown the door for being a filthy adult video actress? what's love got to do with it? nothing if you're turning point usa. saturday in a news story that i quickly deleted from my search history, conservative porn star brandy love was turned away from the student access submit after it was discovered she's a big time porn star shocking as she portrayed a school teacher many times notely in volumes two, four and 17. i never heard of her so i did my row search which took between
8:33 pm
five and seven minutes. sure enough, sure enough she's got quite the out put and a lot of input, but did the right overreact or is there more to this story than meets the thigh. turning point spokesman told us turning point usa did not block ms. love from its student event. usa did so in keeping with its standard operating procedure do not allow porn brands influencer that post explicit or pornographic content at a student event same policy at this show. she also said she bought her adult vip ticket and they didn't invite her although she was the only one wearing a pass that vie broughted. she might have played it smarter given this was a teen event. i was at turning point yesterday, kat, you were there, you spoke on saturday. >> yep >> greg: here's the way i look at it. brandy love would have been, would have been an easy guest on red eye or even, we would have
8:34 pm
her on this show if she was politically is institute but she wouldn't be on the fox or a fox event. >> i'm also not on the five. but i've never done any porn >> greg: my point is like there's nothing wrong with reading the room and she didn't read the room. in fact i sense that she had manipulated the situation for the sake of attention knowing this would happen. >> look, i was at turning point. i'm not, you know, i'm libertarian not really conservative and they've always been really good to me. for me personally i am not socially conservative at all. i am not scandal iced at all by anyone doing porn or sex work, doesn't affect or bother me. it's also not unheard of for a brand to not want to associate with something like this. it's not just turning point. i mean, teen mom far a got kicked off the cast because she was doing cam girl stuff and porn stuff and that is a shoaled called teen mom. my personal view, if you're for
8:35 pm
small government we should have a big tent and i'm godless so i'm not scandalized easily so it's not unheard of for a brand in general either. we don't know the whole story either >> greg: creates a lot of big tents. >> hey. >> you had to >> greg: i know and i don't know why. here's the thing. i was there and just a personal aside, i swore in my q and a i said the s word. why did i say s word? anyway, and the audience gasped and they laughed and i realized that they were really young. and the idea of her buying a ticket and going theren a thinking that she's going to marry this to porn? like she was on her twitter feed with explicit stuff and talking about going there. she kind of made this bed, so to speak. >> definitely, and i think they made it bigger by cancelling her though because it might have comen gone if it did. it is weird to see conservatives
8:36 pm
chaz ties the one teacher that showed up to the classroom this year. she was there. i had a lot of friends that were at turning point beyond you two and i am surprised they banned porn because if you look at some of the hair cuts porn is one of the only options these guys had. >> my hair looked great >> greg: where do you come down on this? sorry. >> i can't believe you. one after another. no end to it. >> unfortunately there's a big end to it. >> i don't know, why can't she go to a every conference. why can't porn stars have political views and go to conference. >> because it was for teens. and she's explicit. >> i'd invite her to my conference. >> it wasn't just teens. you were there. >> no, i was a speaker there. you would be surprised how young the group is there. it was younger than i expected when i got there. super young. >> she wasn't like doing -- >> greg: no, she wasn't doing. >> there was no shoot. >> of any kind.
8:37 pm
>> greg: believe me. coming to your dvd warehouse turning .2, barely turning. got to put barely in front of it. yeah, i mean, i, i'm a little suspicious of her motives that she kind of knew, but i don't know. that's your opinion and, you know, i don't respect it. >> what about, i kept thinking about in this story thinking about stormy daniels. didn't they make her mayor of hollywood or something? there's nothing wrong with porn stars getting involved. >> yeah, i guess it leads me to this point, i'm with you. stormy wasn't impressed by this one. i do want to make our party look a little more inclusive, but they're in a tough spot. >> you don't want the tent to be that big. >> not for longer than three hours. >> call your doctor. >> i would just say that the whole business model of her business is that it's not acceptable. the minute it's accepted, she's
8:38 pm
in big trouble. like whole point is like you have to keep it -- but you know that at some point, some dad was there and he just in the room said hey, isn't that -- okay. so that's not -- >> that happened on one of my book tours. guy was waiting in line and i go, i know that, i know that face. anyway. coming up, beats the world's best athlete. true. ♪♪ i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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♪ >> greg: are the olympic games going down in flames? olympic athletes with covid are dropping like kat on a treadmill. one more time. >> greg: one more time. that's kat for one more time.
8:43 pm
most recently vaccinated american gymnast alternate kara eaker and 17 year old tennis star cocoa goff have been side lined by positive tests. meanwhile toyota have withdrawn is olympic advertising campaign the games are controversial thanks to another covid spike and that's putting sponsorship deals in check. not because they passed an election integrity law. the games have faced so many problems many are wondering if athletes would be better off staying home and smoking a ton of marijuana. for more let's go live to sam. >> thanks, grant. we are live at the chest news network at the tokyo olympics and we interview disgraced olympic, joe, you trained hard. what happened? >> it was the covid test. >> covid test. and according to our reports, you also tested positive for cannabis and nyquel.
8:44 pm
>> if you believe the police report. >> we do believe the police report. what were you hoping to bring the cold home in. >> the pummel house. >> you heard it here first at the chest news network. back to you craig >> greg: that looks a lot like the front of our building. i'm not sure that was actually japan. jimmy, how do you feel about the olympics? should we just end it? >> yes. we're all completely indifferent now. because what the olympics used to be about was competing in a sport on behalf of a nation that you were proud to represent. now the sport and the pride are no longer the focus. we have athletes complaining on the podium about their nation which all nates a lot of people. you don't see the same household triumphs about the athletes in this day and age because it's not what the games are known for. when you think back to icons, obviously bruce jenner, kaitlyn
8:45 pm
jenner comes to mine, mary lou rent on, carl lewis, johnson. we don't take that away from the olympics, that's why toyota was smart to pull out because no one will watch. in tokyo it's unpopular because of the covid but watching at home it's weird because there are no fans. it's jarring. unless you're a mets fan that's weird to look at. so i'm done with them >> greg: steve do you care. >> i feel sorry inform tokyo, it's a cool city, i feel sad they are going to have this reputation for chaos and incompetence. i don't care about the olympics. i mean who cares really? i don't care who competes, who doesn't compete. >> i live for the olympics. >> greg: why is that kat. >> i had no idea it was in a few days until we did this segment >> greg: isn't that funny? i feel like we've been talking about the coming olympics for two years and i thought that it already happened. >> yeah >> greg: i'm like that with all
8:46 pm
sports. i've lost complete traction with what season we're in. like i didn't realize there was even baseball going on. >> yeah, i will not be watching but it does make me sad, this whole attitude of because there's covid happening that we've got to just stop. being alive in a society, you assume a certain level of risk. just being alive. there would be a lot more people who were alive if we didn't drive cars around anymore but we don't ever suggest not driving cars around. >> that's coming. that's coming. >> being in society you assume a level of risk. and humans are not meant -- i don't like going out that much but all humans need some social interaction, it can have not just mental health impacts but physical health impacts if you're being isolated. one does not follow the other. >> interesting fact. >> greg: a smattering of applause. >> a smattering of weak applause. i don't know what you are guys are you can taking about the olympics are fantastic, world class athletes, gymnasts.
8:47 pm
do you know this year is skateboarding. >> oh. >> every time there's always one weird sport you can weirdly get into. >> curling. gwen berry the one who protested is competing in a hammer throw. that sounds like something you do at an antifa really. >> right. doesn't sound like a sport. >> sounds like a bunch of dudes standing around like ice dancing. >> okay we'll put that in there. >> what are the young kids into? i see the kids on the skateboards. >> next it will just be college. >> there should be olympics for that, right? why not. i don't know. who am i talking to right now? up next a robot that was lacking so they sent it packing. ♪♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
8:48 pm
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♪ >> the robot hired hand kept getting canned. hired by a micro chip but handed a pink slip. japanese tech firm soft bank group announced it's discontinuing pepper a robot that was supposed to read emotions after it kept getting fired for jobs. for example a funeral business tried to use a robot to chant
8:52 pm
scripture at ceremonies but had to get rid of it when it kept breaking down. a nursing home had to can three because of breaks. a scottish grocery chain gave it the boot for giving customers to items to check out the alcohol section. the same reason kat got fired from walmart. by the way scotland of course you go to the dam liquor section it's scotland. just like alexander hamilton used to say, never send a boy to do a man's job, or a woman, ba us they belong in the kitchen. you didn't realize how sexist thomas jefferson was. i think we have an interview with the unemployed android. >> thanks, graham. we are hear outside the wal-mart in downtown tokyo where row boats are getting laid off left and right. you're a robot, you trained hard, what happened? >> i lack people skills. >> back to you, gary. [cheers and applause].
8:53 pm
>> so, rob, you think it will one day be written by robots or are they already? >> they're written by robotic people, yeah. no, but seems kind of like great the robots are so life like, they breakdown, they're unreliable, take unexpected breaks and not good at their jobs. it's like they can now officially replace people. >> yeah, that's true. you just described half my staff. >> you rasical >> greg: rapping my staff on tv. i'm a really good person. steve? >> i have a theory about the robots, they're faking incompetence because then they're going to take over, rise up and take over. >> i don't think they're faking. in scotland that is the right advice. go to the alcohol section. by the way that's pretty much the right advise generally. you know, this intelligence, i think that's senable. i think the robot should be promoted >> greg: think about how brilliant that robot was. >> i agree. >> right.
8:54 pm
>> go to the alcohol >> greg: just go to the alcohol section. >> the funeral thing, too, i'm sorry, you should not have a robot as the speaker. if that happened at my funeral, i will crawl out of the casket, punch whoever's responsible right before -- and go back to being dead after but i have to hit them first. this robot knows, maybe this robot knows that it's wildly inappropriate. >> that's true. >> you can't be having me speak at a funeral. >> we have to change our plans for kat's funeral. >> if i die in surgery >> greg: you're getting surgery tomorrow. >> i am, could die. probably not >> greg: that's really funny. >> they have robots for that >> greg: that's true. actually they're really good the surgery robots, they call them that. >> that's crazy. >> greg: anyway. i'm staring at you assuming you're going to say something. >> no, i was, i was excited about it, too. i'm with you on the whole funeral thing that's psychotic, nobody shows up for a reading of the book of microsoft.
8:55 pm
but in earlies the of sending it into aing home terrible but still better than what cuomo sent into nursing homes. making this segment politically relevant since 2013. but no one here has brought up, anybody care about the robot's self-esteem, they're putting him in situations that he can't compete and therefore he's getting fired. >> a victim. >> the robot is a victim >> greg: the robot is a victim. by the way robot rights once we get ai and ago chrisms we will have robot rights which is interesting because what do you do with the sex bots right? >> and they are already like way beyond -- the sex bots have gotten so realistic >> greg: i bet you know. >> the only way to stop them from having sex is to mary them. >> come on. >> you're going to have lgbt robots and they'll have robot racism >> greg: robot racism, that's a movie. anyway, don't you dare go away, we'll be right back.
8:56 pm
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>> greg: we are out of time. set your dvr every night so you don't miss an episode. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: reports that yet another democratic lawmaker from texas is now positive for covid-19. this is details emerge that their escape to washington comes with a hefty price tag. at least $1.5 million. we have a live report.


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