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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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succinct summation of modern media than that. sanctimonious and stupid. exactly. smart people understand their own flaws, self-righteousness is for. that's what you see much on television. that's about it for us tonight. don't forget our conversations with dennis kucinich is on fox nation. have a wonderful evening. sean hannity takes over right now. to. >> sean: for humpty dumpty. will have more later. enke. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple development stories coming up. america's two-tier justice system, it is way alive and well. a trump supporter who entered the capitol building during the january 6th riot assaulted to no one, destroyed no property, yeah, serious jail time all while last summer's are left writers, nearly 300 of them, they are getting off scot-free even when we have videotape evidence. we will have more on this double standard straight ahead. also tonight, the whistle-blower
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now that is accusing hasbro toy company i'm trying teach critical race theory through hasbro toy products. you will be stunned by the exclusive insider video that we will share with you tonight. wait until you hear these shocking tapes. but first, it is official. tomorrow marks six months to the day that joe biden was sworn into office. and unsurprisingly, i can start off by saying it has been on unmitigated disaster on multiple fronts ever sense. let's say the guy that cheated his way through law school, caught plagiarizing multiple speeches as a politician, of course he coasted on obama's coattails as vice president. if you can't fake your way through being the president of the united states. except that media mob covers for you and you are in that media mob protection program. but now sadly we are all suffering the consequences. so tonight, the six-month anniversary of of joe. let's break down issue by issue
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and let us rate his performance. first up, let's look at the hostel actor, vladimir putin, from the hostile regime, the country known as russia. on the campaign trail, joe biden falsely accused president trump of being too soft on russia. even referring to donald trump as putins puppet and his tough talk was reserved for just donald trump. his first six months in office, he was joe biden that bent over backwards to please vladimir. it is biden who is really putin's puppet. likely compromised due to the three and half million that his sons got for his company got from the russian oligarch, former first lady of moscow. imagine if that was the trunk pig we now know that some of that money went to joe himself. get this. after the russian huskers disrupted americans most important oil and gas pipeline and other hacks that took place,
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biden rewards russia by lifting all u.s. sanctions, granting a waiver on the north stream to pipeline from russia to germany. our western european alloys all while firing high paying career jobs for those american workers on the keystone xl pipeline right here in the u.s. next, after another russian hack targeted our food supply and our meat supply, biden again a one-on-one summit in europe. it produced zero concessions from vladimir putin. so biden's grade will start here for handling russia and putin, yeah, that would be a big fat f. no one in modern history has been weaker on russia then joe biden. keep in mind, russia along with china are now supplying iran with weaponry, the number one state sponsor of terror, and they are providing supplies to conduct their proxy wars and they were terror campaign all around the world.
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that didn't stop joe biden from green lighting and pressuring south korea to hand over $7 billion of frozen assets to the iranian mullahs. this is iran we now know is once again adventuring rhenium it is clearly on track to develop a nuclear weapon. that is happening on joe's watch. this is the same iranian regime that has a stated goal of wiping israel and the united states off the face of the planet and the same iran that says that to israel, death to america, and burns are flags. the same regime that just tried to kidnap right here in our country a journalist in new york city. but instead of punishing iran, joe is appeasing the mullahs in iran, even lifting sanctions in spite of these open hostilities. looks like the iranian mullahs own joe biden. so joe gets another f as iran is
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now more emboldened than ever before. and sadly, biden's performance surrounding china, that might be even worse. biden is refusing to hold china accountable in any way for the death, destruction, and damage of covid-19. he remains pretty much silent as china is threatening our ally, taiwan, and saying oh, yeah, there is going to be reunification. in other words, we are taking over. he can't be bothered to address last week china, there hostile maneuvers in the south china sea. he has no response to china's public threats. they are making threats against the united states and our ally japan and/or military bases and not a word from joe. no response whatsoever. and just this week, chinese hackers, they were responsible for another major cyber attack against the united states. by joe biden's response is, once again, nonexistence. that's right, the bidens aren't just compromised by russia and
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ukraine and kazakhstan, that's right, zero experience hunter got a $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china and the hundred thousand dollar shopping spree for his family from a chinese national. for these reasons, let's give joe another well-deserved f. domestically, biden is also performing extraordinarily poorly. inflation is at its highest rate in 20 years. everything you buy, gas, food, goods, services, you are paying more every single day for every item. he gets a f on inflation. and this is a massive tax on everyone, but it especially hurts those people that live paycheck to paycheck. the lower middle class america. they are getting hurt the most. it impacts everything you buy. it impacts heating and cooling your home, it impacts feeling your car with gasoline. a dollar 25 more per gallon thanks to joe.
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we will cite f or joe on energy. and once again, and once we were energy dependent for the first time in 25 years, we all benefit and for national security reasons. and by the way, joe biden's attempts to ram through the green new deal under the guise of human infrastructure. i thought infrastructure was roads and bridges and tunnels. no, human infrastructure is the new green deal. except with a fancier name. while also raising corporate taxes. it's right, as he raises and proposes his corporate tax increase, that means cost will continue to go even further beyond inflation. beyond the higher cost of energy being used too gets products to shelves in the stores because the outcome of those trucks that bring them there, they are all paying a fortune more. corporations i've said many times, they don't pay taxes. they are their cut salaries, cut jobs, and then they pass the rest onto us so he gets a big
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fat f on the economy as well. and meanwhile at our southern border, a major crisis is now ongoing. we have open borders, we have kids in the middle of the pandemic and overcrowded cages. laws are not enforced. they are facilitating lawbreaking and they are aiding and abetting the process. and joe lifted of president trump's successful border protections and all of trump's policies, and those policies were working. and then he passed one of washington's most incompetent politicians with solving the crisis, that would be his vice president, kamala harris. so bad we are going to give joe biden three fs for his handling on the border. which brings us to an important question. why did he put kamala harris in charge of the southern border? why is kamala harris holding regular meetings with the secretary of state? why is she routinely the one making and taking one on one calls with world leaders and hosting them in washington, d.c.? is there something wrong with
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joe biden? keep in mind president trump conducted interviews, held impromptu press conferences almost every day at times with very few exceptions. joe biden hasn't done an interview with the american press in 68 days. that is on top of the only one that he gave previously. he averages less than one public event every workday. he goes into hiding on every weekend. his public facing time amounts to around maybe three hours a week. that is it. and during his short scripted events, he is usually reading from a teleprompter quite poorly or from a note card and still getting confused. he almost never takes questions because he claims he is going to get in trouble. he they will yell at him, his staff will be not. and during the rare public appearances, joe biden struggles mightily. this is blunt, he appears to be getting worse almost by the day. take a look. you decide.
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>> there is enough vaccine to fully vaccinated 300 americans by the end of the summer in the beginning of the fall. but we -- and look, i want to repeat. it will be enough to fully vaccinated 300 americans to be this pandemic. 300 million americans. >> i carry a card on me every day with the number of folks who have been affected by the... as of yesterday -- >> i want to thank the former general, i keep telling in general, but my -- the guy who runs that outfit over there. >> i am proud to nominate david to serve as director of the aft. david knows the aft well. >> visit or text
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your zip code to 43-88-29. >> but there is to me be getting this effort for 2021 -- i think we have learned a few lessons. >> we hold these truths self evident that all men and women. we haven't lived up to it completely but we have always widened the arc of commitment. >> this job -- this job is a job. >> i will be in better shape to talk to you about it on monday. >> i will tell you what they sent me. >> sean: i can't even in good
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conscience joke about this anymore because it is not funny. this is not good. if we can see this, and by the way, 50% of the american people see it, and we are probably one of the few shows in the country that actually shows it. that is how viral this is now becoming. people see that they don't really think he is in charge. america's enemies also see this. this is deadly serious. and they are looking to exploit the united states at every turn and they are doing it right before our eyes. joe biden is a cognitive mass. his radical socialist staff or whoever is in charge, they are promoting horrific policies -- of the squad and bernie sanders. his vice president seems clueless. his administration is failing on so many fronts. as a matter of fact, what has he done well? x months in, it not going well. it was a reaction, two former press secretaries. by the way, that is a job that
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frankly you couldn't pay me the hundred million dollars a day to do. kayleigh mcenany, also cohost of "outnumbered" and ari fleischer. both of you had the hardest job ever. am i being too harsh? i will let me correct you if you think i am wrong. >> first off, we didn't get paid that amount of money either. your grades are right on target. there is a former defense for secretary who worked with barack obama and then joe biden and he wrote in his book that joe biden has been wrong about every major pollen see issue of last 30 years. i've been watching and you know that is true, be can extend then on to domestic policy. he has misinterpreted his mandate. he doesn't have a mandate, but he thinks he is after your junior license to go on a massive trillion dollar spending spree. and he is not. that is not with the 2020
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election was at about and he is out of sync with the american people. >> sean: i said to a mutual friend of ours dance give you know after the election at some point i said you might want to go out and patent donald trump #missmeyet #2024. i think six months and this is a dramatically different country. >> yeah, he should have taken you up on that. you are exactly right. i was talking to pompeo earlier today, and we were talking about some issues. one by one you look at the covid lab leak. that we knew, that was the most obvious source. here you have biden shutting down the investigation. even secretary pompeo in the trump administration warns him. it it did originate in the lab.
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elise every thing points toward that. the images on the border today were galling. the biggest group that fox news had ever seen arriving on our southern border. get this, as biden considered rolling back another trump policy. title 42 which keeps families out because of covid health concerns. so if you rolled us back, you're going to see even more and more on our borders. those are just to go issues of many. your grades were spot on, it i had at f minus on my sheet but i will take it. >> sean: i thought three fs on one topic was a good take. the media, ari fleischer, they are complicit. i caught the candidate protection program. notice the presidential protection program. they don't show his cognitive struggles. they don't talk about losing energy independence, they are and showing the kids in cages in the middle of a pandemic slipping on top of each other down at the border. they are not reporting what china and russia and iran are doing. they give joe a pass on everything, the same people that
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have donald trump said one bad thing in a tweet lost their minds. >> what the american people need to realize is that the media bias, which used to be a liberal bias, and it still is a liberal bias, but they have now gotten in such a habit. they did it to donald trump and a stop and now they're going to do it to all republicans. they will virtually take sides. sometimes they do it directly and sometimes they do it by omission. but the fact that they haven't played a lot of those clubs, some of those clips stop you in your feet and you say what is going on? is he okay? people do need to see that. and you know if that was george bush, if those john mccain, if those may run the let alone donald trump, the media would be pounding it. they would be showing it all the time. they protect. take sides, they protect, and it's not the republican side they protect. >> sean: can you imagine if this was donald trump's record where donald trump was struggling cognitively like this? what would it be like?
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>> i can't imagine. i was at the podium where i would ask over and over again if i had the trip to walter reed and they were routine visits that he took but they were convinced something sinister, something must have been wrong with the president. he must've been covering something up. they don't ask those questions in the briefing room nor do they ask important questions like why did it take four days to denounce communism question mike you have peter doocy saying will you denounce communism? where is the roaring, loud press corps behind peter doocy demanding an answer on that on censorship partnering with facebook to censor everyday americans. we keep hearing about these 12 americans with misinformation. why does the government have a list of them question mike you don't ask the press corps. you don't shout questions because they simply do not care. they take sides. >> sean: kayleigh mcenany, ari fleischer, thank you both. now we turn yet to another shocking example of america's two-tier justice system. a man in florida, he will enter the u.s. capital during the january 6 riots.
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he was carrying a trump flag. he has now been sentenced to eight months in prison after a felony conviction according to the case, this individual did not assault anyone, did not destroy federal property, both prosecutors wanted him to serve 18 months in prison. okay. we spoke out loudly and very clearly that can't happen ever again in this country. that that can happen again ever. keep in my nearly all the charges against those that participated in nearly 12, hundred riots last summer, violent riots, they have almost been dropped completely. according to the guardian, "and most of it doesn't turn descriptions examines, at least 90% of cases were dropped or dismissed. "no charges polluters, no charges for those throwing bricks at the police. nothing whatsoever despite mountains of video evidence, overwhelming, and conjured of all, that if you throwing that
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rock or lighting that fire. the riots were wrong. they were criminal. the same with january 6th. but in many cases, we were consistent in the little actually, but looters and arsonists, writers, those attacking police and harding police, 3,000 injured police officers, they get a pass. despite the mountain of video evidence. now we have long condemned the january 6th riots. can't ever happened again. and we also condemned, rightly so, the violence that was happening in our cities that the democrats never talked about inside weren't riots. tonight's, a simple question. why isn't everybody held accountable for the crimes? are some rights different than other riots? according to the department of justice, according to the states, yes. will anyone in the media mob ever asked that question? of course not. they are too busy obsessing over
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baseless rumors against tron. but recently that obsession is factoring on cnn's professional fox soccer humpty dumpty because tucker just played it before, we will play it again. you are the reactions. someone who recently confronted fake new cnn had on, florida congressman daniels along with nationally syndicated radio host dana. byron, let's talk about this with you. there is a group in congress called the congressional black caucus. the cbc. you wanted to be a member. okay. you are african-american. you were denied membership. it is now the congressional liberal black caucus? we were denied because of your political views? >> that's a way it appears to me. but it's bigger than that i think with respect to the cbc if you are going to have a caucus dealing with black members and you want to talk about the issues facing black america, then have all political viewpoints of the table. it is a matter if you are liberal or conservative. black people in america should be able to have a conversation.
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but it speaks to a larger point. we're having a situation, especially in our media, where they don't want to have a full conversation. they want to talk to their group, they want to have a conversation focused on their ideology. but it does not work for america and it's not going to work for congress. >> sean: we talked a lot about the riots last summer, and they were riots, bricks, rocks, bottles, molotov cocktails, arson, burning down police precinct, taking over city streets. democrats denied and wouldn't call them riots appear they would not mentioned at the dac. they barely ever talked about it. we also spoke out. january 6th can happen. i don't care what your politics are. we have to protect our institutions, we have to protect every politician. i don't care whether it's an r or d or independent. you have to protect everybody. they represent us. we were consistent. they weren't. and look at this. now prosecution for one and not the other. your thoughts.
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>> well, i think you are exactly right. we have also been incredibly consistent and that any kind of violence, physical reaction were arson were sold, that is not a protective form of speech. and isn't that all the stuff that they said -- that the tea party never did? but here larger point there, there is a huge difference in the way that media and democrats have treated the year-long -- the summerlong -- riots and arson. entire cities blocks burn. you had people claims that they were standing up for black lives but yet you had black-owned businesses that were burning or people who claimed that they were standing up for "law & order" were literally engaging in massive lawlessness. there were some democrats who said this didn't even exist. they didn't even talk about it. they said it wasn't even an idea, something that didn't exist. and then of course trying to compare this to january 6th, we have always said, as i just mentioned, that all of that stuff, violence, it is not a protected form of speech.
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but are we going to act like there is some gravy seal marching up it's the capital and just trespassing and that is the same thing as a serious crime? investigate. nine of the doj is investigating appeared i know that congress is investigating. i know the fbi is involved. what about st. louis where when st. louis burned or what about in wisconsin or portland or seattle. it is not the same. the entire point of a republic is that everybody is equal before the law and everyone is equal beneath it when it is broken. but that's not the case anymore. >> sean: it was sad. i have less than 30 seconds. when i had horace lorenzo cain, i was the first person to call him. he lost his son. i don't know any democrats that bothered to care. i thought all lives mattered here. password. >> first, all lives to matter. second, we need media to be consistent. have the same level of principle
6:24 pm
for everybody. don't be subjective. be objective. that's what americans need today. >> sean: thank you. i hope they reverse their decision. dana, good analysis brigham and come back after the break, explosive new evidence that the toy giant hasbro is using its branding to push critical race theory along with claims that even babies -- babies -- can be racist. a major announcement you don't want to miss straight ahead. st. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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please visit gp, that is or call (833) 933-9332 to see if you qualify. sponsored by vanda pharmaceuticals.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, we have more explosive developments about critical race theory. indoctrination efforts inside a major american companies. this time from project veritas, a crt whistle-blower from inside the toy giant hasbro is coming
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forward and exposing how hasbro allegedly forced employees to be subjected to this bizarre training seminars including claims of babies being racist at just a few months old. will you play it, we will let you decide. >> my name is david johnson, i am a packaging engineer for hasbro. they are attempting to covertly push crt, critical race theory, through branding and messaging through their products. >> two are already using race to -- 2-year-old racism is just absurd. >> by three to six months, babies are beginning to notice and artie expressed preference by race. by age three, children are already starting to apply stereotypes appear they also may use racist language intentionally at this age. >> this is critical race theory and practice. they informed that the white children in particular have
6:30 pm
these particular bias against black people. >> children as young as two are already using race to reason about people's behaviors and we may see this play out in day care or on the playground and how kids are starting to choose or exclude playmates and friends. >> wow. >> regarding products, contact, and anti-blackness, a large portion of media or products are centered around or perpetuate anti-blackness. and research shows negative or deficient pit actions of blackness in media and products perpetuated as anti-blackness as well as racial attitudes toward black people. >> sean: we have asked hasbro with a comment. we will update you with a rare reply but we have told you the insider has now been suspended from what, three months of age grade school, high school, college. insider major corporations critical race theory is trying to rob arcades and blame them
6:31 pm
for things that many people would argue not true and to needlessly divide this country. this is identity politics doug durbin politics pointed out we cannot allow crt to rob children of the same hope that was instilled in me. here you see this man david johnson along with fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell. i'm not going to repeat everything that about kids that are three to six months old, kids that are two and three and four and five. so david, bring us insight here. this is like a seminar you are being taught as a for hasbro? >> sure. it was a meeting i was told i had needed to attend at work. >> sean: okay. and you are hearing this stuff and it alarms you to the point where you said i have to record this. speak out yeah.
6:32 pm
basically how it went. so originally when i saw that i had a meeting focused around crt, i just thoughts that i should have the foresight to record it just in case. but once you get like 5 minutes into the meeting they start saying that your 3-month-old or six months old -- your young child is racist because of how they were born, i just knew i had to send that off to somebody because i felt parents really need to know what was happening. >> sean: he said something interesting on my radio show earlier today when i was asking you about this. and that is the reason why you were offended by all of this. i want people to understand where you are coming from. >> sure. so the reason i oppose crt so much is because crt teaches people -- and a hasbro they wanted to teach children -- to judge people based on race. and that's not something that i feel that i think
6:33 pm
dr. martin luther king would've supported. at something he wanted to end in this country. it's not the correct path forward that we should be taking. >> sean: judge them by the content of their character. >> judge them by their character and their actions, not how they are born. >> sean: do you believe, leo, but a 6-month-old child has already decided racial preferences, that i three there playing stereotypes and using racist language and by age five white children show same strong in group pro-white bias as adults? do you believe that? >> absolutely not. >> sean: my father would have kicked the living out of me and i would have deserved it. >> it's not true. it's a lie. but i must say this. it is so absurd. i applaud you for what you have done because people who support critical race theory think it is a black versus white situation.
6:34 pm
i want to make sure everyone hears this. people of all colors are against critical race theory. especially it's important for black americans like you, sir, and myself to say we are not part of that. we believe in judging people by the character and not by skin color. so sir, you have done a great job in throwing a wedge into critical race theory because they want you to believe that all of us supports that. we do not. thank you. thank you very much. >> sean: david, let's talk about the status of your job. where does that stand out as of now? >> as of now i have been suspended. my access to all of my accounts at hasbro has been revoked pending further investigation. >> sean: investigation into what question mike >> >> sean: i thought we applauded whistle-blowers. we had a hearsay nonwhistle-blower that led to an impeachment. i thought whistle-blowers were courageous people. i guess apparently not in your
6:35 pm
case. are you worried you're going to lose your job? >> i'm not worried. if that is the cost of speaking truth to power, then so be it. i feel like this is important enough that people need to know what is happening. >> if that happens, leo, i think he will join with me, we will do everything possible to help you. >> let me take a page out of shaun's book. david, you are a great american. you are great american. >> sean: amazing courage. this is now getting chilling and frightening and it took great courage. there is a certain menace here. are there racists in the society? yeah, there are. and most people think that they are ignorant. you know what? i want none of these people in the conservative movement. >> you are notice, hasbro. you aren't notice, hasbro. speak out leo, would you take his case on a legal basis?
6:36 pm
let me think about that. yeah. hasbro, you are in trouble. >> sean: okay. there you go. we got you a good lawyer. and he is tough, david. but thanks for your stand and telling us. people need to hear this and understand how bad it is getting. thank you. we wish you luck. we will follow your case. straight ahead, university in hawaii. this is fascinating. refusing to grant a student exemption from the covid vaccine. and there's a reason why she can't take the vaccine. we will explain that to you. and then later will bring you a major program announcement about the show, about this week. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: across the country, with the approval of joe biden how some colleges and university
6:41 pm
are mandating that students take the vaccine. regardless of whether they had natural immunity. they say you don't need the maxine if you have natural immunity. that means, in other words, you don't need any vaccine. are we trusting the signs are we going by whatever they think at any given moment? anyway, there are people too. everywhere cases, but they are out there, where people have serious underlying health conditions that can be aggravated by the vaccine. that is why it is important to research, talk to your doctor, your doctors, et cetera, and that he make the decision in conjunction with your doctor, research on your own that it is best for you. i don't know your medical history, i don't know your current medical condition. the court so far seem to be on the side of mandates. for example, a judge on monday hello in the inning university's vaccination requirement for students despite arguments that such rules violate their right to body integrity, and medical privacy. just like we've been saying,
6:42 pm
please take covid seriously. i can say it enough. enough people have died. we don't need anymore death. research like crazy. talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals that you trust based on your unique medical history, your current medical condition, and to you and your doctor make a very important decision for your own safety. take it seriously. you also have a right to medical privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality is also important. and absolutely make sense for many americans to get vaccinated. i believe in science, i believe in the science of vaccination. there are rare exceptions. tonight, for example, we are spotlighting the story surrounding a young when accepted to byu hawaii. this was her dream school. tried to get and was refused a medical exemption because the condition despite her developing a serious medical condition after taking a vaccine in 2019. she says she was paralyzed from
6:43 pm
the waist down for over a month before she eventually regained her ability to walk. here is how she describes that experience. >> when i found out that to be byu was going to be requiring the vaccine, i got together with the board of my medical providers and we were an exception form. something that byu hawaii had made to seem very accessible to those in need of it. after going through the lengthy process to get the exemption, i waited three weeks to hear back from them. byu hawaii denied me a medical exemption. i've come to terms that will not be attending byu hawaii in the fall, and that is okay with me. but i don't think that this is something that should go on for generations to come. >> sean: unfairness -- they tell us the vaccine requirement is due to hawaii state rules. if the campuses in utah and idaho, they do not have these vaccine mandates. they told us those who are unable to be vaccinated for personal or medical reasons that
6:44 pm
are being opportunity is to continue complete their education at another church sponsored university. and now with the reaction, sandor. and by the way, she shared her story with turning point usa along with fox news contributor dr. nicole saphier. let me just first -- thanks for coming on. don't feel the need to disclose anything you don't want to disclose about your medical history. you tell us what you want to tell us about it. what happened and 2019? >> for sure. thanks for having me. in 2019 i was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, but can also be caused by viral infections and plenty of her things. i was a sophomore in high school and i was paralyzed from the waist down for over a month. i went to several different hospitals and it was a long, extensive process for me. so when i found out that byu
6:45 pm
hawaii would be mandating this vaccine, i got together with my medical providers and we decided that would be best for me not to receive this vaccine because i do not want to relapse and have another episode of it this. not worth it to me. >> sean: that has to be frightening for anybody. thank god you are better. in my right to assume, and i know, again, don't feel any need to answer, that you have consulted with your doctors and your doctors agree with your decision? >> 100%. they'll believe that the vaccine is not something i should take despite what the internet says, i truly believe that the vaccine is not meant for me. and if you feel that it is necessary for you to get vaccinated, by all means, i have nothing against you. but i do not believe that those with medical assumptions should be pushed to have this vaccine. >> sean: dr. saphier, i want to get your thoughts on this. you are pro signs, you are pro vaccine science. you hear a case like hers, what
6:46 pm
are your thoughts? >> olivia has done everything right. it is a terrifying illness, which can actually leave someone paraplegic, can leave them on a breathing machine, and it can be fatal. people end up with ptsd afterwards because they are worried it is going to come back. and about three to 6% of the time it can come back. it has a temporal association with vaccination for the flu vaccine, there has been some links that it may increase the risk. we know that can happen following viral infections per that's where you see the most. happen to know people with this disease have relapses after covid-19 and can actually get it from a covid-19. so it's a poor olivia, while i understand the impetus behind not wanting to be vaccinated, as long she is continuing to protect yourself from covid-19, whether it is masking whatever she is doing, i would also be just as afraid of the viral
6:47 pm
infection. >> sean: based on what you have, you are not her doctor, but waist on what you hear, do you agree with her doctor's assessment off the top of your head? nobody is holding you to it. >> true. i can tell you it is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to these vaccines. it is associated more with the vector vaccines like johnson & johnson, astrazeneca. as far as i know, there were no cases in the mrna vaccines. that being said, i understand why she is not willing to get the vaccine at this point under the emergency use authorization. this is a terrifying illness that she had. she has gone this far without being infected with sars covid who, with freedom comes responsibility. she will continue what to do what she is done thus far to protect yourself from covid. in terms of going to hawaii, they need to be more flexible because when she is on that island, when they are proven to testing and through pointing that she does not have the virus, she is not placing anyone else got risk. she is at risk.
6:48 pm
>> sean: olivia, this was your dream school. they shattered your dream. what are your plans? >> honestly, i don't have anywhere to turn right now. i was given almost $200,000 of scholarships academically, and because byu hawaii did not let us know that this would be mandated until late middle of june, all those scholarships are gone. i really don't know where i'm going to turn or what my next steps are because those scholarships are gone and out-of-state tuition is expensive and it's a lot. to be when i tell you what we will do, whatever we can do, stay in touch with our producers, we want to help you any way we can. and please keep us in the loop and update this as your situation. i feel terrible for you. and i wish you the best health and i hope they will consider reversing this terrible decision. you deserve to go there.
6:49 pm
>> it's not right. >> think it. >> sean: it's not right. i agree. coming up, decorated war hero ollie, he weighs in on the military and how we didn't fight for socialism. powerful statement. next. ♪ ♪ music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: our good friend: her oliver north is here with us tonight. i think it's her most powerful book ever when you add this to -- you know it, let me tell you something. these are powerful combinations. "we didn't fight for socialism." america's vets speak up. colonel north, you have to go
6:54 pm
purple hearts, i can understand every soldier that served for freedom being disgusted. tell me what they told you. >> what they are concerned about is being caught up in with the socialization of america. in the socialist likes the ones we have seen in congress and the comments being made about the cuban effort to get some kind of democracy going, these a technique called seating, distorting, dividing, and destroying. you can see how that works in a country like cuba. the cuban people are suffering greatly under this, and all of that is because the united states isn't doing the right thing by it. i give you the examples of what we have done in other cases and what we should have done. for example the green revolution back when obama was president, that might've brought about a democratic outcome and of all places, iran. so you're not good people
6:55 pm
like aoc complaining about the u.s. embargo is "cruel." the fact it is made cruel by the dictatorship in cuba. and what you have in this case, hundreds of u.s. people that we've interviewed, thousands over the years, the vets who contributed are deeply concerned, and they are concerned because the so called midterm 2022 elections are so dumb and crucial to our republic. so you listen about -- this book is how we stop by. and we the people can stop it by going out and making sure that everybody thinks the right way. we the people have a bright future. >> sean: that book, "we didn't fight for socialism" is a must read. bookstores everywhere,, colonel, your best book yet. the major announcement, next.
6:56 pm
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programming announcement. on wednesday we have a special hannity town hall live from miami, florida. governor ron desantis will be with us, senator marco rubio, local activist, those that want top stand up to the murdering communist regime in cuba and f people. wednesday night let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, taking it away, we're in good hands >> laura: i have a question. who was the person yesterday who basically took the side of cuba? there's so many people on the left who are just basically it's the most equal society. >> there are a lot of dumb comments by a lot of dumb people >> laura: yeah. >> butly tell you this, you know, this is a murdering communist regime. they stole people's land and they killed -- >> we know that. it's horrible, but the left gets what the left wants for everybody, so i'll be looking