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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 19, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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complaints about dora the explorer. >> at the kid speak in whatever accent they want. >> brian: great getting on your nerves. >> it's fantastic. >> brian: absolutely. thank so much for watching. "fox news primetime" will be here all week. we'll see you on fox friends tomorrow months our guest including dr. ben carson. see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. last week, as you remember, a group of texas state legislatures decided to cast down their nets and follow their consciences. they left their native lands on a kind of pilgrimage to find democracy. by leaving, ironically, the end of democracy and their own state and their absence texas could no longer pass laws. but they believed it was worth it. they were serving a cause bigger than themselves. so they set out on the journey
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of a lifetime with just the clothes on their backs. they took nothing apart from a private jet, iphones for selfies and regular social media updates, and a case of miller lite for subsidence. they four went even there paper obedience masks, the one that federal laws require the rest of us to wear when we travel by air. not these people. they traveled light. they were like the vietcong marching 50 miles and sleeping in trees. they were only about their mission. finally after a grueling refueling stop and an fbo en route, they arrived in washington as conquering heroes. one of the pilgrims and enthusiastic if not especially bright legislator called jean luc posted that fans were all but throwing themselves as she arrived at a national airport in d.c. virtue has its benefits. the group then even match with the president of the united states, kamala harris, who compared that to the civil rights merger of old. there were no german shepherds were firing hoses or bridges to cross. there is a very similar vibe. he would small the moral
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heroism. and then, strangely, you could not smell anything at all. a number of the pilgrims reported feeling sick and then losing their olfactory sense. oh. as it turns out, at least five of them had come down with the dreaded coronavirus. kamala harris had clearly been exposed to that and she was whisked away to walter reed for an undisclosed but easily guessed recent. for our friend jean wu, this was all very embarrassing. he had intended to dazzle kamala harris, nonfactor with a deadly pathogen. thankfully jean wu has a philosophical streak. but our mistake be the object lesson, he tweeted. all of us had been fully vaccinated since march. we got complacent because we felt safe. being vaccinated doesn't always stop you from spreading the virus. always mask up indoors. he rode the last sentence in all caps like a scientist. good to know. wait a second, this seems like
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news. it turns out, according to jean wu, that being vaccinated does not stop you from getting covid-19 or from spreading it to other people. did you know that? jean mood did not know that. just a week ago, on july 13th, he said exactly the opposite of that. in fact, he explains that the pilgrims did not need mass as they traveled because they'd all been vaccinated and the vaccine works, dummy, and science. but now jean lou is telling us it doesn't work and his friends have the virus to prove it. what is going on here? unfortunately dr. will was not able to join us tonight. he still at the airport. so instead we had tape from you from the chief scientific advisor, a man called -- jean wu and his friend should've watch this before they left texas. it makes you wonder how effective are these drugs anyways? watch. >> in terms of the number of people in hospital who have been -- vaccinated, we know it's now 60% of the people being admitted
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have been double vaccinated. and that's not surprising because the vaccines are not 100% effective. >> tucker: so fully 60% of patients admitted to british hospitals with severe or presuming the life-threatening cases of covid because that's why go to hospital, had been fully vaccinated. several actors always had it, he sent a tweet clarifying that he meant only 40% of patients admitted to u.k. hospitals had been fully vaccinated. he didn't provide evidence to substantiate anything he had said. but still, either number seems like big news. the number may be small in total in aggregates, but the fact that anybody who's going to the hospital, particularly a big percentage of people going to the hospital, has artie been vaccinated is the opposite of what they've been telling us here in the united states. they been telling anyone who is fully vaccinated is fine. the only people getting dangerously sick or dying from
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covid and are those people who refused to get the vaccine. joe biden said that once again just the other day. >> look, the only pandemic we has is among the on vaccinated. and they are killing people. >> tucker: they are killing people! the show is coming keep whole were asking knotty questions. we've heard that a lot including from elected officials. the only people getting sick are the ones who refused for political reasons to get the vaccine. how many times have you heard that in the past month as they continue to politicize medicine? to an almost a recoverable point. our cdc director has joined in. she said the same thing. if you are vaccinated, you're safe. do not simply from infection, you are protected from serious illness, hospitalization, even a lurking menace of the delta variant. >> this is becoming a pandemic
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of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk. in communities that are fully vaccinated are generally faring well. the good news is that you you are fully vaccinated, your protected against severe covid hospitalization and death, and are even protected against the known variances including the delta variant circulating in this country. if you are not vaccinated, you remain at risk. and our biggest concern is that we are going to continue to see preventable cases, hospitalizations, and sadly, death among the vaccine unvaccinated. >> tucker: we are not saying there are not benefits, there may be profound benefits peered our mind has been open and has been. we never encourage anyone to take or not take it. obviously we are not doctors. but we know lying when we see it and you just saw it. to say again and unison that
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this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is simply untrue. that is a lie. there is a massive discrepancy between that's political talking point which is exactly what it is, thank you michelle, thank you president biden, and with the data and a bunch of different countries are showing. someone needs to explain that. tell us the truth. people can handle it. and what is going on with the governments own database? the vaccine harm database that you are required to ignore but that the biden administration maintains anyway. what are the real numbers? who knows? no one will say. as of tonight, the database reports that more than 1,000 cases of heart inflammation of people 30 and undertaking the vaccine. is that a big deal, isn't not, should we worry about that? we don't know. as of this week, the cdc and fda confirmed more than 600 reports of heart inflammation and swelling. and the number is almost certain to rise. what is the context for those numbers?
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is it a full count? is it an undercount? why is anyone trying to find out and why are they telling us? how come no one in the federal government is working transparently to complete a full assessment of all vaccine side effects and then tell the public what they are? is there some reason people are being compelled to take the vaccine and millions are being compelled to the makes the vaccine should know that? oh, shut up, save them. the only people are -- who are getting covid or -- >> just last week, new infections went up 70%. and according to the cdc -- excuse me, the nia, which oversees the cdc, it is absolutely 95, 99.5% of those infections are people who have not gotten vaccinated. i mean, come on. anybody who disputes that is putting people's lives at risk and potentially killing them. >> tucker: [laughs]
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it's hard to take medical advice from that person. but there are a lot of people getting the new medical advice on television and you should ignore them. the advice they are giving you isn't designed to help, it's the signed to make you comply. and you shouldn't comply mindlessly. you are an american under the a. that's why we live here. that's your birthright. for example, schools across the country are now appointing children to take the vaccine as a condition of their education. so as not a good idea? is it rooted in science? question mike we should know the answer. why wouldn't we? but before we could answer that, we should know how many young people are dying from covid. this go to the cdc website. according to centers for disease control and prevention, a total of 335 americans under the age of 18 have died from coronavirus in this country. that's the number. but what is the number mean exactly? that cdc did not provide any
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specific information on the circumstances of those deaths. in the circumstances can be all important. so research is at john hopkins looked closely at those numbers and what they actually meant and here's what they found. "they may mandatory daily rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition as leukemia." oh, leukemia is a very serious underlying medical condition. so does that mean that no one under 18 without a serious underlying medical condition died from covid? it seems that way. so then it isn't as a matter of silence and -- including millions without pre-existing conditions to get vaccines and wear a mask all day? what about adults who already have had covid? there are millions of those. the john hopkins researchers found that the cbc is barely doing anything to answer that question. the cdc's reports on natural
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immunity and what that means and what the people who have it should get the vaccine or benefit or needed, they noted that that's guidance was outdated. outdated? a year and a half into this pandemic? these are relevant and vital questions. they are hardly denial of anything. they are the opposite. they are a search for truth. an open-minded one, a relentless one, and it will not be shamed into silence. that is what science is. and we should not allow ourselves to be bullied by political forces into ignoring obvious questions. we like to speak to responsible people who know something and we are joined by one of them right now. doctor, think so much for coming on. my understanding is that the vaccine does have benefits. it seems -- they seem to lower the effects of the disease, make it less severe on people.
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less likely to go the hospital. that makes sense. my objection is to the political nature of, the talking points we are hearing and using sin from anyone that the only people getting covid or being hospitalized for it have been vaccinated and those are somehow right-wingers or specific segments of the population. that's not true, clearly. why are they saying that? >> i don't know. it continues a trend of politicalization of the disease and the response that is really unfortunate. i think just to highlight what they ought to be saying, the vaccine and some ways -- in many ways -- the rollout in the united states in the u.k. has been under ohmic success. we have decoupled cases because -- it does protect against severe disease, especially among the old who faced a very high risk of death and hospitalization. this protects against that. quite effectively pure not 100%, but
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quite effectively. the cases are rising in the u.k., yet the deaths have not risen. they have solved covid in some cases where they now have protection. they should be cheering success to the sky. instead we have this demonization and blame and politicalization which is characterized much of the public health response to the epidemic and its unfortunate. >> tucker: so the prime minister, don't want to pylon who does some to be failing at his job unfortunately, but he is essentially putting the country into a new series of lockdowns. you are hearing politicians here suggest that we may get another round of those in this country. why at this moment would we do that? >> makes no sense. the locks downs didn't succeed in controlling the virus the last time. we've a variance, the delta variant, which is more infectious according to reports which are so uncertain. but probably likely less deadly than the other variants that we have had. it didn't work then, why it now?
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today was freedom day in the u.k., should have been a day of celebration, and yet we have this sort of specter of another lockdown pulled over in front of us. i think it's a mistake. we should be declaring a great success with the vaccine rollout, with covid. we have decoupled cases from deaths. we have achieved production. >> tucker: it's hard for political actors to declare victory if it means it means relinquishing power. cruciate you coming on tonight. thank you very much. the top people in the biden administration's justice department made a big announcement. they said they have finally figured out the root cause of the violence in our cities. it's not what you think it is. actually, it's probably you. we will tell you how you're implicated, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so after thinking about it for almost 20 minutes, the biden administration has finally figured out the cause of the intercity violence which is on the rise. would be surprised that it's not defunding the police, not the lunatic prosecutors elected by george soros, the ones -- it's not even the fact that almost nobody in places like that have
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a data home that has no effect at all. no, intercity violence is caused by "white supremacist ideology and racism." oh, right. republicans. the confederates, they did a! we notice because an internal biden administration training document obtained tells us so. candace owens joins us. thanks so much to see you tonight. i started to laugh. it's just, they have artie told the republicans are responsible for defunding the police. i think the replicants are responsible -- how are they responsible exactly for gang murders in chicago? it's like a remarkable sleight-of-hand lemming republicans for that. speak out right. the city that been democratic for so long. can't remember those last time there is a republican mayor or anybody republican that was
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controlling chicago. and listen, it is so painfully dishonest. you wonder why are they saying this? we know that black on black violence is a huge issue. something near 95% of black homicides are committed by other black people. these are things we should be talking about and trying to get to the bottom of that. is that with a duper property? anything to do is whites a primacy? i don't think when a black gang member kills another black gang member they turn up and said we have to do this because of white supremacy. that's aptly not what is driving that. the more interesting question to ask is why is this be a doing this? why are they being so painfully obviously dishonest? the larger topic here that we should be discussing that's what they are committed to is trying to identify ideologues. i'm talking about and the cia, in the military, the department of justice paid what they're trying to do is purge all of these, the common sense thinkers and replacing them with people that are committed to their ideologies. nobody cares about what is right or wrong anymore. it's all about fighting for
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justice, fighting for that biden administration and doing whatever they say. following their marching orders no matter what. trans people in the military, and that's what they want. they want ideologues and nonrational thinkers. this is all part of a larger purge and this is what comes before a totalitarian gene takes power. and i say that seriously. it's time now to take a good look at totalitarian regimes of the past, of communist asian of today and of the past. because we are following a very dangerous pattern right now. the biden regime as i like to call it is following a very dangerous pattern. >> tucker: i wish i could disagree with you. and i have to say, the purpose of government is to help people supposedly. if you wanted to help people who were dying in our cities, you wouldn't provide a transparently ludicrous ideology -- ideological explanation.
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they don't seem to be interested at all in fixing it. >> that's exactly right because they don't want to tell people the truth. that's a truth i would head home about how we need to get these families together for they are not interested in the truth. they are interested in power. in order to maintain power, the masses cannot know the truth. >> tucker: man, but smart. candace owens. i appreciate it. great to see you tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: there is a lot going wrong this country but there are some bright spots. here is one. your smartphone is about to get a major update to make it more inclusive. how inclusive? our chief energy correspondent joins us in studio next to deliver the great news. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: prince harry is a living paradox. he is prince in name and yet he is also one of the most oppressed people in the world. now he is riding a book about it, about why he and his wife, the duchess from l.a., have abandoned their duties of the royal family and moved to malibu. charlie langston is the female editor at, the website everyone on this show reads every day like a religion. charlie joins us now. thank you for coming on.
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>> thanks for having me. >> tucker: usually an impression memoir are written by i don't know, civil rights leaders, people unjustly imprisoned for murder, very few princes write books about how oppressed they are, but he has. >> well, i think prince harry has broken a lot of boundaries as far as royal behavior is concerned. specifically when it comes to airing his grievances about his time in the royal family, and i think this book will be no different. >> tucker: had asked to be pretty tough. can you describe what it is like to live in the kind of oppressed exiles they live and on the westside of los angeles now? are they homeless? put some color in this picture if you would. >> they live in a $14 million mansion in montecito. there are extremely lavish gardens, they are surrounded by a host of celebrity neighbors like ellen degenerates,
5:31 pm
oprah winfrey. i wouldn't consider their situation right now as being an anyway oppressive. to use your word. >> tucker: wait a second, and pardon my ignorance, i am from this country i don't follow this as closely as i probably should. i thought they were in venice or somewhere in los angeles. you said there in montecito which i think might be that at least at first place in the state of california, to be the world. but they are for diversity but they ran away from it? how does that work? >> i think what the two of them have tried to do since leaving the royal family is to kind of strike this balance between on the one hand saying that they don't want publicity, that they don't want to do with the price, but on the other hand seeking almost this celebrity lifestyle. they are happy to do the tv interviews with oprah, happy to do the big ticket deals with netflix and spotify. and now they are happy to put a
5:32 pm
sign on the dotted line for a major book contract, but only when it's on their terms. >> tucker: when you couple the words oprah and interview, could you please use air quotes around interview could you? do you think they will be as media shy when they try to promote the book? >> absolutely not. as we saw when megan released her debut children's novel, there was plenty of publicity released around that, around the release of it. but only to those members of the media that she is friendly with. and i think that with the release of harry's book will be dealt with in much the same way. but i certainly don't think that we will be short of tidbits and excerpts and so forth that they will release in order to make sure that sales of this book go through the roof. >> tucker: you just said something troubling and i'm going to end on it. he described as "debut children's novel," which suggests further children's novels on the way and i want to say i'm sorry to hear that.
5:33 pm
i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: we have some good news for you finally after -- your smartphone about to get a major, and we think importance, a date. a new emoji. a pregnant man emoji will have its debut in your text messages very soon. you can see the pregnant man now. looking more constipated than pregnant, but who are we to judge? chief mark steyn is incense a doctor. he is on site for his his assessment. mark steyn, a pregnant man -- pregnant mental exist in nature but they now exist on your phone. >> i think that emoji is prince harry. he is about three months gone as i understand. problems with morning sickness. as you see, it's his hair color. he shaved off the beard, but he kept the star mustache because megan told him she could get him
5:34 pm
a bit part and something filming in the san fernando valley. that is prince harry, the pregnant man. he is the first member of the royal family to be on emoji while pregnant. so i think that actually -- you were mocking his commitment to diversity. i think taking one for the team like that is very heartening. >> tucker: is so weird you wake up one morning and everything seems fine and then you learn that ron jeremy is pregnant and has an english accent. >> exactly. it's all up for grabs. >> tucker: all deftly up for grabs. under what circumstances would you use this emoji in your personal text messages? because that's what i'm to get a emoji is supposed to be tears of joy or something. i don't understand in what way the pregnant man -- it's my 25th wedding anniversary. i hope you are going to come.
5:35 pm
how does the pregnant man emoji assist you with that? i don't understand the circumstance. >> tucker: maybe it's when someone says something like completely ludicrous, you just respond with a pregnant man. it's insane, here's a pregnant man. >> to make a semiserious point, i think emojis, which i don't personally use, but i think they are actually the h.g. wells thing when he said in the time machine and he got in the time machine and went into the future and he found people's language had devolved to a few primitive catchphrases. i think the emoji is the stage that follows that and the pregnant man emoji is the stage that follows the original analogies because it has nothing to do with anything. except, i'm cool with the idea of the pregnant man. i'm not sure should evince prince harry to be the pioneer, but i'm in favor of pregnant men generally. if you were to have pregnant women, still one and two out there.
5:36 pm
but basically it's all going to be pregnant men and if you object to that, if you're just an uptight square you need to get with the program. that is the purpose. you're an uptight square and you need to get to the program. that is the main purpose of the pregnant man emoji. >> tucker: i'm going to send that emoji in every text i send every day until they banned me from texting. >> yeah. absolutely. and then it will become the most popular. i think it's also on a stamp and can do it because it is a member of the royal family who is pregnant. >> tucker: as you were talking, i am thinking i could listen to this for an hour. and we are about to take an hour on our "fox nation" series. >> a full hour on harriet megan. >> tucker: great to see you. telling the truth is harder than ever. you can be censored by the white house. how exactly did we get to this
5:37 pm
point? dennis kucinich you think of is a crazy leftists actually is speaking very clearly on this and other topics. boy, this world has changed a lot and not always for the worse. dennis kucinich, next. dennis kucinich, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: since taking the white house six month ago, the biden administration has from the very beginning used immigration to change the demographic of our country. not to improve the country where the lives of the people who come here, but to flood the united states with loyally democratic voters so that america becomes a one party state for perpetuity. this is their version of democracy where you change the electorates. that is true. you are absolutely not allowed to acknowledge that this is happening. if you do they will screen that you are a conspiracy nuts. you are to get. you silenced forever. we learn the hard way a couple of months ago. the great replacement theory is a lie they yelled. george soros had nothing to do with that, stop talking. but because the people who make the rules can say whatever they feel like saying, the very same
5:43 pm
democrats who yell at you if you mention this dragon public about the great replacement. they acknowledge this as real and they love it. here's the door efficient dick durbin of illinois doing just that today on the senate floor. watch this. >> the demographics of america are now on the side of the republican party. the new voters in this country are moving away from them, away from donald trump. away from the party creed that they preach. and instead, they are moving to independence or even voting on the other side. >> tucker: so we want to control it so we are changing who lives here. they are not embarrassed, they are bragging about it. but they are still hiding most of the details. no reason to spook the quickly shrinking of people who were born here. last week we told you about a human smuggling operation that the biden white house has been running out of texas. the goal of the operation is to
5:44 pm
resettle illegal immigrants throughout the country, throughout the interior, without the knowledge or permission of the people who live in those places. otherwise known as the public, the voters. they can snow. we have it's hit off that this was happening so we called both pentagon and ice they were forced to confirm that it is happening. the question they could not answer his where are all these four national going? tonight we have some indication of that. according to air traffic records, 737 operated by a charter airline departed the air force base last week. i headed to the former england air force base in alexandria, louisiana. the people who live there now, we do they go from there? what did they go? we don't have the answer to that. we also have obtained a video of the civilian plane using laughlin air force base. it was taken by a local man. so separately happening appeared we did not make it up. the question is what are republicans doing to stop it? as it turns out, the republicans
5:45 pm
representatives and del rio, texas, and the congress, tony gonzalez, is the very person who petitioned ice to use the air force base in the first place to move foreign citizens to the rest of the country. we know that because he put out a press release about on june 5th. he asked the acting assistant secretary of the air force for installations to use the runways at o'loughlin air force base to "fly migrants to their final destination rather than releasing them in the del rio area." she added this. "by utilizing the air force base, isaac could address the high number of migrants and alleviate the pressure this has inflicted on border communities paid >> so he doesn't want to deal with luminal that's understandable. they don't want that. no one ever voted for this because nobody actually wants it. what is harder to understand is what gonzales and a lot of other members of the republican party aren't trying to protect the
5:46 pm
rest of the united states and stop this mass outbreak of lawlessness, and outbreak that is about to get worse a lot soon. a senior administration official has confirmed that a new flood of illegal migrants from around the world is on the way. officials at the white house is about to suspend title 42. that's a regulation that is been used by the cdc to block migrants from entering this country on public health grounds like during the pandemic, for example. turns out covid isn't a big deal when foreigners have it and bring into this country. it is fine and you are racist if you think otherwise. so they are repealing the rule. once that happens, the administration expects an even bigger weight on her border. and then at some point in your neighborhood. do republicans know this? of course they do. do they carry? that's an open question. so dennis kucinich was the mayor of cleveland, ohio, more than 40 years ago. then he went on to represent the
5:47 pm
state of ohio in congress from 1997 to 2013. also at one point ran for president as a democrat. he was portrayed as a hard left as the media wrote him off as a crazy person. why did they do that? it's worth taking a closer look. probably because kucinich often mocked conventional wisdom, particularly on foreign policy and they hated him for it. what is interesting is that dennis kucinich is running once again not for congress, not for president, but for a job where you can make a real difference, as mayor of cleveland. what is the main thing he is upset about? crime. a democrat who is worried about the murder rate. fascinating. so we wanted to talk to him about all he has learned in his 40 years since he ran and ask him how his party is doing now. we did that. a new conversation on "tucker carlson tonight." here's part of it. speak at one of the things that is happening is people lose confidence in the government
5:48 pm
because the government -- these are not the mistakes that america made, they are lies that people were told that took us into certain -- i learned how to do that as the cleveland mayor, that's what the book is about. standing up to a big lie that somebody created. you have to go to work, no we do not. and it's like if you recognize the truth, if you don't have your own hidden agenda and you really believe that there is such a thing as truth, and honor, integrity, take a stand or get out. >> tucker: it's fascinating to me since i work in the media to see how the organism, the national news media, works to discredit her views it does not agree with or that threatens it sponsors. and in your case, i never noticed anyone attacking you is a bad person and never heard anybody say you are a bad person.
5:49 pm
instead it was dennis kucinich, he is crazy. and i remember covering you in 2004 and i was like dennis kucinich -- and then i listen to you speak and i thought you didn't sound that crazy. doesn't sound crazy to me. was it frustrating -- and now of course i think you are right, i agree with what you said. but is it frustrating looking back on your presidential race in '04 to think that people were intentionally trying to prevent your message from reaching people's ears? that didn't want your words to be amplified. >> yeah, i have this kind of unnerving confidence to believe that i can win a rigged game. it comes from going up in the streets of the city. and not being afraid of anything or anyone except god. and also it's backed up by some
5:50 pm
of my friends from english romantic literature to take shelley and prometheus unbound. he writes of defying power, which seems omnipotent. that this is known to ways in which you are free. everyone of us us must face a question about who are we and is there a moment in our lives where we really believe that we must take a stand because we see something that is fundamentally wrong. and when you do that, you cannot worry about what people are going to say about you. you must not be dissuaded by criticism. you have to have an ability to at least keep your eyes focused on kind of a polar star of truth and integrity and if people agree with you, fine. if they don't, fine. but it's not just who they are,
5:51 pm
it's about who you are. what are you made of? are you willing to take a stand? and how willing are you? are you willing to risk the destruction of your entire career in order to stand on principle? in that book, "the division of light and power," that's what it's about. when i stood up to our elective system as a threat not to just to my personal life itself, you ask yourself what is worth it? it is always worth it to take a stand. you can never be in a position where you get on your knees in order to appease a mob or a constituency or whatever. >> tucker: dennis kucinich. unconventional man, didn't seem crazy at all. this tells you a lot. conversation went on for nearly an hour. he talked about his plan to save america's manufacturing. country has to make something by the way, point had very few make now. the full episode it is streaming on "vaccination" at this moment.
5:52 pm
worth watching. it's not every day that someone tells the truth out loud. right to an anchor pair that happened over the weekend. absolutely worth watching. such a rare moment. we will berate ben. ♪ ♪
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we will berate ben.
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>> tucker: there is not much of a market for him running from office. everyone at cnn has a role. the lowest level are the goons and called enforcers. obedient, thuggish, not bright. their jaws is to smack the people they tell him to smack. one of these -- he hosted we can show about the media. every saturday he gives voice to
5:58 pm
his bosses weird obsessions and been dead and calls it news. the formula never changes. except this weekend, it did change. his author michael who is invited on to say one thing and went through the segment could not take it anywhere and decided to tell the truth. watch. >> i think the media has done a terrible job on this. i think you are self, you are a nice guy, you are full of sanctimony. you become part of or one of the parts of the problem of the media. you come on here and you have a monopoly on truth, you know exactly how things are supposed to be done. you know, you are why one of the reasons people can stay in the media. i'm sorry. >> you are cracking me up. so what should i do differently? >> you know, don't talk so much. listen more.
5:59 pm
you know, people have genuine problems with the media. the media doesn't get the story right. the media exists in its own bubble. speak of that's true. i agree. >> you half -- that last segment that i just had to listen to with all of the people saying the same old stuff. also, you are incredibly repetitive. it's week after week. i mean, you are the flip side of donald trump. fake news and you say virtuous news. you know, will, figuring out what israel is not so so easy and most people don't want to turn to brian seltzer to tell us what is real. i'm sorry. >> tucker: don't talk so much. listen more. you are full of sanctimony. you are incredibly repetitive.
6:00 pm
it's hard to imagine more succinct summation of modern media than that. sanctimonious and stupid. exactly. smart people understand their own flaws, self-righteousness is for. that's what you see much on television. that's about it for us tonight. don't forget our conversations with dennis kucinich is on fox nation. have a wonderful evening. sean hannity takes over right now. to. >> sean: for humpty dumpty. will have more later. enke. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple development stories coming up. america's two-tier justice system, it is way alive and well. a trump supporter who entered the capitol building during the january 6th riot assaulted to no one, destroyed no property, yeah, serious jail time all while last summer's are left writers, nearly 300 of them, they are getting off scot-free even when we have videotape evidence. we will have more on this double standard straight ahead. also tonight, the whistle-blowe


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