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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 19, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> lawrence: that man next to you is demarcus from my hometown. >> richard: we actually talked but. >> lawrence: i know that guy. >> greg: watch my show tonight 11:00 p.m. steve hilton, kat timpf. that's it for us, "special report" suspect next. hello bret. >> bret: hello, greg, continuing flattery week that was a fantastic segment. you are a lot taller than people think. have a great show tonight. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight, we are covering three major stories and we will get reaction live from florida republican senator marco rubio. the stock market tumbling today on fears about the inflation, and concern about a possible resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic and the delta variant. president biden saying price increases are temporary it's up to unvaccinated people to end the pandemic. also walking back his condemnation of one particular social media platform.
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there is a wild scene today at the southern border as the immigration crisis continues there we will take you live to the southern border. and we will get senator rubio's reaction to all of that we begin with covid and president biden. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live on the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. tomorrow marks six months in office for president biden and he gave remarks today boasting about the economy's recovery from covid-19 in that time. but the chatter around here now is that officials think to keep that going they have to get a lot more people vaccinated. >> we can't let up. especially since, and because of the delta variant. which is more transmissible -- more transmissible and more dangerous. >> peter: the surgeon genesees a surge in cases. >> i'm concerned about what we are seeing in the country right now. >> peter: in los angeles mask mandates are back even for the vaccinated. >> i'm not pleased that we have to go back to using the masks in
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this matter but nonetheless it's going to save lives. >> white house officials blame stalled vaccine effort on misinformation. >> over the last couple days a poll showed 20% of the public thinks it microchips are embedded in vaccines we all know that's inaccurate and not true. >> the president had harsh words for facebook. >> they are killing people. >> now he is softballing up a bit. >> facebook isn't killing people these 12 people are out there giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it is killing people. it's bad information. >> a facebook official reviewed the platform and says the data shows that 85% of facebook users in the u.s. have been or want to be vaccinated against covid-19. president biden's goal was for 70% of americans to be vaccinated by july 4th. facebook is not the reason this goal was missed. >> our fight is not with one social media platform. it is with the virus. >> today president biden hosted the king of jordan in the oval office. >> you live in a tough
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neighborhood. >> his priority remains covid-19. >> you know, this virus doesn't have to hold you back any longer. it doesn't have it hold our economy back any longer. but the only way we put it behind us is if more americans get vaccinated. >> peter: officials here say this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated but there may be limits to what they will do to get more shots in arms. >> would president biden ever call former president trump and say i need your help, let's cut a psa and tell people to go do it. >> what we have seen in our data is that the most trusted voices are local officials. >> we have seen almost every former president play a role in putting out a psa. making sure people understood in the country that the vaccine is safe and effective. we don't believe that requires an elm broaderred invitation to be a part of. >> it's been 15 days now since president biden declared we were closer than ever to declaring independence from the virus. officials here now fear that may soon be on hold.
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bret? >> bret: peter what can you tell about kamala harris getting a covid test after meeting with democrats in washington. >> the vice president he tell us she just got a covid test because she was going to a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment at walter reed and that was one of the requirements. i asked press secretary jen psaki about this earlier. she says there are no precautions being placed on the vice president. there is no limitation on her spending time with the president in the same room even though she was in a room with some of these covid-positive texas lawmakers who are now quarantining in the washington area. bret? >> bret: we will follow that story. peter, thanks. as we mentioned at the top, the dow dropped 726 points today. it's worst showing since october. the s&p 500 was down 69. the nasdaq lost 152. let's take a deeper dive now on what is happening in wall street. fox business correspondent lawrence simonetti joins us from
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new york. good evening, lauren. >> good evening. it feels like deja vu with this surge causing a broad sell of o oil fell to a level not seen in 10 months. $66 a barrel. treasury yield five month lows. and future growth will be constrained. bitcoin, that is the ultimate risk asset. that fell nearly $1,000 a day. and the popular stay at home name that rallied at the height of lockdown last year peloton, chewy, teledoc, they rallied once again today while the so-called reopening names fell. american airlines, delta, united down sharply on worries of travel restrictions coming back and cancellations piling up. okay. how long does this last? no one knows. there is one camp that says this is a buying opportunity since stocks haven't seen even a 5% pull back since fall. but, others worry we might have already seen the best of the
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recovery and consumers may start to really feel that 1-2 punch of stagnant growth coupled with high inflation. what i can tell you is that wall street right now, bret, in the midst of earnings that's when company open their books on the last quarter and guide for the future what they say might be more important than ever, bret. >> bret: we will follow it lawrence, thanks. bret's bring in marc siegel professor of medicine at langone medical center at new york university has an exclusive interview with the director of the national institutes of health. dr. siegel? how are you? >> hi, bret. bret, last april you were one of the first to report on lab leak as a strong possibility for covid origins and the events that followed. as you know buzz field revealed that an email with an article about one of your segments was forwarded from the head of the nih, dr. francis collins to dr. fauci with a sung line, quote: conspiracy gains momentum. now, i spoke with dr. collins last week and now he is definitely taking the lab origin
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theory seriously. >> there is a growing belief that the covid-19 virus originated in the wuhan lab, not as a bioweapon but as china's effort to find and deal with viruses to show the world china was as good as or better than the u.s. on that front. >> i think one can say with great confidence that in this case the bioterrorists. >> i do not believe this virus was human engineered but i can't exclude that there was, in fact, a laboratory that was studying the naturally occurring virus and and perhaps a laboratory voter got infected and spread out of there majority view of the epidemiologist is now that the notion that this arose just in the hunan wet market doesn't really fit. it looks as if there may well have been cases that happened earlier than that that have no connection to the market. >> imagine where we would be right now if the pressure on the
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w.h.o. and china over viral origins had happened last spring? bret? >> bret: infection numbers as we have been talking about are on the rise. is there a real concern that we are headed backwards in this covid fight? >> there is, bret. especially when you look at the united kingdom which is a few weeks ahead of us with the variant. and they are up to about 60,000 new case as day. most of them the delta variant. hospitalizations are up 50% in the united states over two weeks ago. you know, dr. wolenski head of centers for disease control calls that pandemic of the unvaccinated and there is a lot of truth to that we have about 49% of americans fully vaccinated. you really need two shots of the mrna vaccine to really make an impact against the delta variant. that's the key issue is fighting the delta variant with. words like misinformation. or when people perceive it as they are being talked down to rather than being taught as equals from doctor or people they know well, that tends to
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backfire. >> bret: you know, doctor, one last thing. vaccines because they say it was rushed. it was rushed at the end. in reality, this particular type of vaccine has been studied for a long, long time. >> bret, absolutely. absolutely. it's been in the works since the 1990s. this vaccine has been based on research since the 1990s at the nih in germany at pfizer, this is not new at all. as a matter of fact, the way i look at it is this: the small pox vaccine was way more dangerous because it actually used a live virus to wipe out small pox on the planet. this is just instigating a protein to make a response. it's less, rather than more. now it's been tried in hundreds of millions of people completely safe. and you have to have that discussion doctor to patient. can't be a politician to the to be doctor to patient. >> bret: dr. siegel, we always appreciate you. we consider you the doctor to
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patient here on fox news. we appreciate it can you find northeastern vaccine locations by going to canada will be letting fully vaccinated u.s. citizens into the country august 9th, the 14-day quarantine requirement will be waived as of that date for eligible travelers currently residing in the u.s. and have received a full course of the covid-19 vaccine approved for use in canada. visitors from the rest of the world will be allowed to come to canada september 7th. up next, we talk live with florida republican senator marco rubio about cuba, china, plenty of other hot topics, here, is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 12 in portland as a massive wildfire south central oregon increasing to more than 300,000 acres. the blaze is one of the largest in modern oregon history already scorching an area the size of los angeles. a fire just nor of the california state line is only 25% contained.
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fox 59 in indianapolis as a federal judge upholds indiana university's mandatory vaccination policy for students and employees. 8 students filed a lawsuit against the rule, saying it violates their constitutional right. and the state's new law banning vaccine passports. the judge says evidence so far shows the school has pursued a reasonable policy. and this is a live look at orlando, specifically port canaveral, florida, and the ship there from our affiliate fox 45, the big story there tonight the disney dream cruise ship returns to port canaveral. the ship embarked on a test crews with disney employees in order to get the center for disease control approval to sail with paying customers. they are getting yesterday there as you look live that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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email server software. the nations are accusing beijing of working with criminal hackers in ransomware attacks. another cyber operations. the threats include ransomware attacks from government affiliated hackers targeting victims including in the u.s. with demands for millions of dollars. no comment so far from the chinese government. senior pentagon officials here in the u.s. say the first group of afghan interpreters evacuated from afghanistan is going to fort lee virginia. an official says the initial group of about 2500, 700 translators and their families has completed the security vetting process. the afghans will soon finish the last step such as medical screening and final administrative requirements. demonstrations supporting antigovernment protests in cuba have expanded from south florida to washington. groups gathered outside the
3:17 pm
white house and the cuban embassy saturday. many came by bus from the miami area. limited social media posts indicate antigovernment protests are still going on in cuba, havana, and other places. saturday, former president raúl castro joined thousand of people in a pro-government rally in havana, pushed, of course, by the cuban government. pope francis is calling for peace and dialogue in cuba following these protests. another fact though, cuba now has the highest rate of coves infections per capita in latin america. joining us tonight marco rubio member of the senate intelligence and also appropriation and foreign relations committees. senator, thanks for the time tonight. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: a lot of topics to get. to say start off with cuba where you see these antigovernment protests going and what do you think is possible next? >> first of all, cuba today is basically in a state of martial law and many of the mainly cities across the country, troops are stationed security
3:18 pm
forces are stationed and the message is clear. they are also continuing to repress people. these horrifies reports we is a seen and gotten of people being tortured. of people being abducted from their homes and family members not knowing where they are. this the is model they have followed a long time. the only difference between now and the past some of it is being documented and posted on social media for the world to see. as far as where it goes next something changed on the 11th of july. i don't think it's going to happen from one day to the next. the beginning of a process. what is clear now that the rupture between the people and the regime is complete and that they have lost their legitimacy to govern. that's the point that needs to continue to be driven home. they no longer, no matter how you feel about them ideologically they no longer have legitimacy and time for change to begin. the thing we can do is provide free, unfettered internet access to the people of cuba to communicate with the world and with each other. >> bret: critics, i'm saying beyond congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and others say
3:19 pm
that for more than five decades every sanction the u.s. has imposed on cuba really has not changed the party down there. there have been sanctions that the critics say have hurt the island overall that didn't make the change. how do you address that when it comes to the embargo, sanctions going forward and what else we can do. >> well, i would say most of the people that give those opinions don't even know what the embargo is or how it works. the only embargo, there is only two embargoes the embargo against government owned companies and the embargo the cube people. independent business operator as a small farm owner, a consultant or independent contractor in cuba wants to do business with americans, they can. there is no restriction on that. it's the cuban regime that does not allow it they do not want cubans to own hardware store. they don't want them to grow food on a farm and provide it directly to the market. they don't want independent
3:20 pm
contractors and consult toonts have american clients. they want to control how much money people make every month. it's leverage they hold over their heads. the people that give these opinions don't know what they're talking about. they don't even -- all they know spewing off left wing talking point because if you noticed these are the same people over and over again. it's always america's fault no. matter the problem america is to blame for it and america has done something wrong. they don't know what the heck they are talking about. >> bret: last thing on cuba five days ago you were on this channel and talking about the possibilities of what may happen there here's what you said of other troops possibly going in. >> horrifying. this is a booed bath 90 miles off of our shores. it's destabilizing. i want to know what joe biden is going to do when 1,000 special forces from russia arrive on cuban territory to help the cuba regime. that's what's coming next. that's what's coming next. >> bret: do you have any evidence that russia is on the move there or that may happen? >> russia is already there. they have an intelligence signal, intelligence station so do the chinese. it's the model they followed
3:21 pm
everywhere in the world. may not be correctly russian troops. private contractors basically russian troops that they send around the world. but this is what they have done in place after place in venezuela and syria and other part and eastern ukraine and so there is no doubt in my mind that if the cuba government requests it, the russian also provide that. >> bret: you are the top republican on the intelligence committee. we just did this piece about china and the concerns about its cyber activities. should the u.s. retaliate militarily or otherwise to combat ransomware attacks or other attacks from the chinese. >> we certainly have to have the option to retaliate in kind in a proportional way that sends a message about what our red lines are i'm not sure yet that there is a clear understanding buoy either the russians or the chinese about what the american red lines are with regard to cyber intrusion. you pointed a moment ago to this microsoft intrusion and there are others like it. we are entering an era now where you are not going to be able to attribute to a nation state even
3:22 pm
though they are behind it. there is nothing that keeps a nation state. in fact every incentive like china and russia to go criminal networks and say we want you to do these habitation. we won't arrest you and let you keep the money you have. if you are caught not retribution. you can't say it's government it's criminal organization. we are seeing a massive transfer of wealth out of the u.s. economy into the hands of these groups. that further the foreign policy objectives of russia and china. this needs to be dealt with and needs to be clear that there are economic costs associated with continuing to allow this to happen and in the case of the chinese, they are conducting the most extensive espionage operation against the united states in the history of our country and it is in every domain, electronic, cyber, but also in our universities, everywhere you can imagine. all they do is scoop update that every day and steal our technology, intellectually property and collect on u.s. government as well. >> bret: senator, we are one of the only channels that follows this situation along the southern border it has not let
3:23 pm
up. the illegal immigration continues a pace. you made an effort on an comprehensive bill years ago to try to pass one. the president talked about a path to citizenship today possibly using the budget bill to get that through. take a listen. i want to get your reaction. >> we need to find pathway to citizenship. the budget bill is an appropriate way to get around a filibuster, to be able to make a judgment as to whether or not they should have a pathway. that parliamentarian to decide though. not for joe biden to decide. >> bret: the fact that he is throwing that out there, do you think that's even possible? >> i'm not sure if it's possible. i think it's a terrible horrifying idea. let me tell you why. overwhelming majority of americans would say if someone has been here a long time and not criminals. we need to figure out a way to incorporation them into american life legally. now is the wrong time to do it because we have all-out border crisis today. reports now of state troopers down there facing, you know, these efforts to rush the border
3:24 pm
and things of this nature. and a lot of that is driven by a misunderstanding of what our laws actually are. you know, in the early days of the biden administration, and even during the campaign, his rhetoric sent a message to people in central america that the laws were changing and they were allowed to come in. the same has been true with things like daca. it sent a perception, even we have done tpf and i supported. when you have done tpf people misunderstand what that means or lied about what that means. that's what a citizenship bill would do create the perception laws become more permissive and trafficking networks use that to create disinformation to create more people to undertake the very dangerous journey. it would be perhaps one of the worst things they could do right now given the crisis we are facing on the border. >> bret: senator rubio, we appreciate your time. welcome back any time. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: up next america's crime crisis strikes national past time. chaos at major league game here in washington. we will tell you what happened. >> we ask that you -- once again
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3:29 pm
it's here week to week but this is photo can you say of the attention. here is correspondent david spunt. >> please remain calm. >> melee saturday night in the sixth inning at nationals park. d.c. police say a drive by shooting outside the stadium injured three and caused tens of thousands to run for cover. >> it was a very chaotic scene. >> the night before three miles away nyla was riding her scooter when she was shot and killed. her mother was seriously injured. nyiah's grandmother says the greef palpable. >> she touched so many people. >> authorities have yet to make an arrest in either incident. >> we are very focused on finding the perpetrator of this violent crime. this 6-year-old baby is not with us anymore. it's not a game. >> this month the city marked 100 homicides. normally hitting that mark in the fall according to the d.c. police union. the last time the number was this high this time in the year,
3:30 pm
2003. >> i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> city has seen nearly 200 carjackings this year, including one where authorities say a 15 and 1-year-old girl carjacked uber eats driver mohammed on war. he was killed in the attack both in jail but could be released when they are 21. the city's police union not sitting back and watching tweeting welcome to washington, d.c. where violent crime permeates everything. it is a tragedy that elected officials won't let us do our jobs. the union blames reform policies adopted by the d.c. city council in the wake of black lives matter protests last year. according to the union since june 2020, 386 police officers have left the force. 46% of that number resigned. >> they are not able to replace them. the city officials are really working against police officers. so crime is out of control. >> other police departments, bret, across the country are having the same type of problems
3:31 pm
with money moving from putting boots on the ground to violence prevention programs. it's changing the landscape of police departments and those the head of those police departments are having to deal with some of those changes, bret? >> bret: david spunt outside the nationals park. thanks. let's bring in senior political analyst brit hume. good evening, brit. obviously, this hits close to home and takes the focus, but we have been talking about this issue for weeks now in big cities across america. politically, how does this fall? >> brit: it's hard, really, bret, to overstate how dangerous an issue this is for biden and the democrats if they are unable or unwilling to do something that will reverse this strengthened around the country in major cities and elsewhere of rising violent crime. and if you put that together with the situation on the border, where you have lawlessness just rampant even though not all media are really covering the story, it's pretty visible in a number of places and people, i think, are clearly aware of it and what it looks
3:32 pm
like is that the hawlessness is not being seriously taken and seriously combated. and if the view takes hold, that that is also true in the cities as well, and there is a lot of history here, i think this is very dangerous issue for the president and his party in the upcoming midterms and maybe even sooner. >> bret: bret, i'm going to read something from politico which as you know is not considered a right wing organization. it's covered washington for a long time but it says this: the biden white house has a sophisticated antenna when it comes to a merging political threats. see crime and immigration. the fact that the president is addressing i objectflation head on means his team is concerned. i guess that's, we have seen these crime events from the white house. we saw immigration event. and now the president is talking about inflation those things start to add up and they try to get ahead of them before they
3:33 pm
become political problems. >> brit: well, i think that's right. and that's smart of them to do it. the problem is, of course, holding meetings and making statements may set a proper tone but it's the result on the ground, on the border and in the city streets don't change the perception will take hold all they are doing is talking about it and not really trying to do anything about it or do anything that's effective. and you have the police union in d.c. saying the politicians won't let them do their job, that is unmistakably a democratic government in a very democratic city, washington, d.c. that pattern is repeated to some extent all across the country where the police are bailing out, taking other jobs, retiring, so on. they are having trouble recruiting police officers. this is not going to be laid at the doorstep of the republican party. this is much more likely to be laid at the doorstep that governs near all those cities and that, of course, is the democratic party. politically dangerous and hard to shake. >> last thing we we head toward 2022. the importance of the crime issue and how deep it hits, i
3:34 pm
mean, most times elections would point to the economy and how people feel at the kitchen table. the crime really does a different place. >> brit: handful of issues that people can feel and sense. and people feel endangered in the streets of the cities where they live and even beyond. people are not going to vote to keep that register at the polls and that is typically what they do in midterms anyway even against presidents not that unpopular. presidents tend to lose seats in their first midterms anyways. so the political call lieu calculus urging in the biden white house although i'm not so sure that it has. i mean, holding events as i say is fine doesn't go very far to help. >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: up next, we go live to one of the busiest crossing points along the dangerous southern border.
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♪ >> bret: biden administration transferred guantanamo bay detainee to his home country for the first time. moroccan where was cleared for repatriation for review board july 2016. today the pentagon cited the poured's the board was no longer necessary to protect u.s. national security. now to the u.s. southern border. tonight another fox news exclusive on the border crisis. we are taking you along the texas state trooper's patrolling of one of the major entry points dill rio, texas. the officers there are getting help from law enforcement and other states and they need it to deal with the huge flow coming in. correspondent bill melugin again is in del rio tonight. a wild situation in del rio, texas on monday as a massive
3:40 pm
group of 400 migrants show up at the border fence in hopes of being let into the united states. many of them from haiti. as the border patrol helicopter circled above troopers from texas, florida and nebraska manned the gate below. periodically opening it to let migrants through. some appearing to think thank a higher power as they made it here. others hope to squeeze through the gate themselves when it was opened up for family units. large groups of single adult men were also let through the gate. some telling me they're far from as far as away as africa. >> ghana. >> you are from ghana. >> brazil. you from haiti. so why did you decide to come? >> despite the border, supposedly being closed, almost all of the migrants were eventually let through the gate and into the united states. border patrol officials tell me they couldn't just leave the group standing in the heat. the group had to be processed to find out who had value asylum
3:41 pm
claims and who doesn't. some will go ice and likely be released. others may be sent back. hundreds of the migrants were eventually loaded on to buses and vans and taken away to already overcrowded holding facilities. also in del rio over the weekend, texas state troopers arrested this active member of an incredibly dangerous mexican drug cartel. troopers tell me he was found walking along a local highway and later admitted to being a paid human smuggler. and near laredo on monday, texas troopers found 105 migrants crammed inside of a semi-truck after they pulled it over. the driver later arrested for human smuggling. and, bret, just arrest month, v.p. kamala harris declared that there was, quote, extreme progress being made down here at the southern border but i can tell you that's just not reflected by what's happening on the ground here and not reflected by cbp's own numbers. just last month june apprehensions rose yet gotten a staggering 189,000 apprehensions. that's a brand new 20 year high.
3:42 pm
another record high over may. and through june of this year, we are well over 900,000 apprehensions so far. we are potentially on track to hit 2 million by the end of 2021. keep in mind, those are only the apprehensions we know about. does not include the got-aways. send it back to you. >> bret: amazing. bill melugin along the border. bill, thank you. former president trump put out a statement this weekend insisting voter fraud and irregularities cost him arizona's electoral college votes. he pointed to the reporting on this show on friday. points to a third party audit presented to the arizona state senate showing 168,000 ballots were printed on illegal paper and elections official in maricopa paper approved by. if there is action from the arizona state senate from this issue has it not not happened
3:43 pm
yet. 47,000 mail in ballots received never mailed that appears to be based on data that does not show the total mail-in vote and does not reflect the total early vote either. something acknowledged by the third party audit itself. audited to the roll after the election and still voted. again maricopa county officials say provisional votes go through a rigorous are verification process to ensure validity. they say only eligible voters added to the rolls, again, they are in charge of that election. also the trump claim that all access logs to the voting machines were wiped was debunked back in may by the republican chairman of the county board of supervisors. former president trump claims the election server was hacked during the election. maricopa county says its election server is not connected to the internet and independent auditors found no evidence of a breach there. as we reported last week, there have been a total of 182 potential fraud cases referred
3:44 pm
to investigators in arizona. only four have led to charges. we here on "special report" will continue to monitor the investigation. the action or lack of action by the arizona state legislature and we will continue to present the facts. as they stand day to day. a florida man who breached the senate chamber carrying a trump campaign flag during the capitol riot has been sentenced to eight months behind bars. the punishment for paul hodgkin's is the first resolution. he apologize and said he was ashamed of his actions. prosecutors had asked for an 18 month sentence. up next, the panel on the covid resurgence. texas democrats getting the virus and vaccine information censorship all coming up. ♪ ♪
3:45 pm
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>> facebook isn't killing people 12 people out there giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it it's killing people. it's bad information. my hope is that facebook instead of taking it personally that somehow i'm saying that facebook is kill people that they would
3:49 pm
do something about the misinformation, the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. >> bret: somebody on twitter said clean up on aisle 1600 today. the president did say this week that facebook was killing people and talking about misinformation about the covid-19 vaccine. we'll start there with our panel. ben domenech publisher of the federalist. harold ford jr. former tennessee congressman and ceo of empowerment inclusion capital and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, what about this? and where this story is going. >> bret, i just -- maybe it's just being south carolina. i don't know a living soul that would take their medical advice from facebook. go ask your doctor. if you don't have a doctor. go find one that you trust. who in the world would face anyy major decision in life based on something they read on social media? democracies require educated and moral citizenry. let's focus on the first part of
3:50 pm
that educated citizenry. go ask a medical doctor. >> bret: all right. ben? >> well, i certainly agree with trey about facebook you would be better off looking at the end trails of a bat or something like that than taking advice from social media when it comes to our medical care. look, the president was trying to walk this back and clean this up. this does betray a certain aspect of the failure of the approach when it comes to our government over the past several months and getting people vaccinated. as i have said before, the real reason that people are not doing this or that you have seen the levels of vaccination slow have to do with government policies themselves. and when people prosecute were promised if you get vaccinated there will be results, positive results. can you get back to normal. your kids can get back to normal schooling and work and everything else can get back to normal. then they see these different policies across the country being rolled back, the potential for mask mandates to come back and the like, this has an effect where that lever being pulled
3:51 pm
means that people say then why should i even bother being vaccinated? why even go through this expeer mention treatment and the like if it's not going to result in the change ofny in the way that i'm allowed to live. that's the major factor happening here not the social media bugaboo being the scapegoat why people are not getting vaccinated. >> bret: speak of coronavirus mandates there are changes happening. take a listen to florida officials. >> i'm not pleased that we have to go back to using the mask in this matter nonetheless it saves life. it's not punishment it's prevention. >> we believe not locking people up. we are viewed as the freedom state. taking action, doing all of that i'm proud of that. don't get me wrong. i'm proud of that a great country shouldn't need penal fleeing to want osei sis of freedom. the whole country should be
3:52 pm
oasis of freedom. >> bret: again that's florida governor ron desantis. harold? >> harold: first off, thanks for having me. i think the people who are probably happiest hearing this set of arguments that we have here some nights, listening to governor desantis and even my former colleague hilda so he his are the chinese. if we are serious about fighting them and competing against them one of the things we as individuals can do get vaccinated. if you believe there was a lab leak in wuhan, which i happen to think it probably was more likely than not today. and i didn't believe that months ago as much as i do today, if we want our economies to reopen and ensure not susceptible or pray for the chinese as they hack not only microsoft but others, we should get vaccinated. the one way we can stay reopened, stay robust and strong try our hardest to be a able to fight against every rare grant. i wear a mask when i'm out because my kids haven't been vaccinated.
3:53 pm
at home i don't wear it when vaccination for kids i will get it for them. if we want to believe in the chinese. you believe in the theory or believe it was a natural or a lab leak, if you want to combat and beat back the chinese on this front, get vast vaccinated unless there is overwhelming health reason. that's what everyone should be preaching. i give president trump credit or operation warp speed. i give him credit getting vaccinated owe and his family early. although joe biden may have misspoke i don't blame him he is trying. people are going to make mistakes. politicians alike. >> bret: listen, just getting information about the republicans on the select committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot they have been named by minority leader mccarthy jim banks of indiana will be the ranking member, ohio's jim jordan, rodney davis of illinois, armstrong of dakota and troy nells of texas. important for republicans to be a part of this? >> you know, i'm not sure, bret. , i have talked to kevin
3:54 pm
frequently. there is an argument to not participate at all. i think the better argument is to do what he did. of course, jim jordan has been -- is he a veteran of many many of these, quote, investigations so, he probably had to do it. they are going to talk to kevin. they want to put kevin under oath. narrowly made the right decision. >> bret: first hearing july 2th. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the panel. ♪ ♪ ♪ nvestments is clearly different.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. trey, first to you. trey trey texas democrats arrested for bioterrorism and stupidity for leaving the great state of texas to go to the district of columbia. all right, ben? >> ben: today, this marks the anniversary of the release of one of the best films about
3:59 pm
politics and culture the dark knight and so my headline today is i believe in harvey. >> bret: okay. harold? >> harold: history made in tampa, first time an all-women led umpire team umpires a game tampa, baltimore, best, fairest game ever called. [laughter] >> bret: there you go. thank you, panel. i appreciate it i'm asserting anchor privilege here ending with my own headline and that is the fox family welcomes a new "special report" viewer to the ranks. meet cocoa low chia rose kramer the daughter of correspondent gillian turner and alex. mom and baby are very healthy. we are happy to hear that and increasing our audience one viewer at a time. it also helps with the demo, you know. we just keep on producing here. all right. thank you. congrats to gillian. all right, tomorrow on "special report," amazon founder jeff
4:00 pm
bezos scheduled to fly into space upon his blue origin aircraft with no pilot. did you know there was no pilot? we have that covered for you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and fill unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade. >> brian: gillian turns it over to him once again second best. i probably would have had the exclusive had you called in sick. and a little bit later did you ever review how you did in the celebrity golf tournament? >> bret: no. we will talk about that some other time. >> brian: i guess. so that means you didn't win. bret, thanks so much, man. thank you, bret, good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, i'm brian kilmeade. here we go again. mask up, america. as the usual california kicks off the chaos and crashes the market by prematurely and unscientifically mandating masks indoors for vaccinated and