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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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unchecked -- [inaudible] secondly, why do you believe that the budget bill is appropriate legislation for a pathway to citizenship? >> president biden: first of all, i think we need to find pathways to citizenship. the budget bill is an appropriate way to get around the filibuster to be able to make a judgment as to whether or not they should have a pathway. that is for a parliamentarian to decide, not for joe biden to decide. the first part of the question was? >> reporter: inflation? >> president biden: there is nobody suggestion that unchecked inflation is on the way. no series economist. that's totally different. look, the stock market is higher than it's been in history, even down this month. i don't look at the stock market as a means by which to judge the economy, like my predecessor did. but he would be talking every day the last five months about
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how the stock market is so high, higher than any time in history. still higher than any time in history. that's not how i judge whether or not we have economic growth. >> reporter: mr. president, on china? >> president biden: she jumped up before you do. >> reporter: no sanctions. why? >> president biden: they are still determining exactly what happened. the investigation is not finished. thank you all very much. [reporters shouting] >> reporter: what is your understanding of what they've done versus what russia has done in terms of cyber? >> president biden: that would take a longer explanation. we don't, i have to go see the king of jordan. to the best of my knowledge, i'm getting a report tomorrow morning on this, a detailed
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report. my understanding is that the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing it for themselves but are protecting those who are doing it. and maybe even accommodating them to be able to do it. that may be the difference. thank you. >> harris: the president of the united states there, making what really was a victory lap about big spending and jobs creation, and they would be a couple of follow-ups that you didn't hear when he took a couple of questions, and one would be what about the more than 9.2 million jobs that lay open because you are likely incentivizing people to stay home with the big spending. you are right, mr. president. there is a tie together. didn't answer that question. look at the triple losses today, then you have analysts coming out, u.s. stock market falling aggressive today on concerns about a rebound in covid-19 cases slowing economic growth, the dow dropping 2.2%.
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at one point it was more than that. we are watching that closely. a lot to get tea with the president. he says it is still record high territory and he doesn't take -- and i'm paraphrasing now -- doesn't take a cue from how the stock market is doing on the overall economy. okay, so that was that. let's move on with "outnumbered" now. fox news alert, five runaway texas democrats have tested positive for covid after they hopped on those private jets to skip a vote on the bill they didn't like. mingled with other lawmakers, including the vice president, once they got to d.c. and potentially spread the virus. we don't know how many of them were vaccinated, but we all have to wear masks on flights. we are wondering why they don't. the media's reaction? you don't hear it, because we don't hear it. nobody hears it. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, my cohosts, emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. you can hear in the background, kayleigh is at a fabulous event in tampa. we'll hear more about that as
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the hour rolls on. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall is here. and cohost a fox & friends weekend and fox nation host, pete hegseth. pete and kayleigh i joining us live from turning point usa student action summit in tampa. like i said, we'll get into more of the details on that. you got some people standing behind you. say hi for me. after texas democrats packed onto private jet, proudly posing without masks, flying to washington, d.c., to avoid voting on texas' election integrity bill last week. two of the first three texas lawmakers who tested positive for covid met with vice president kamala harris. you can see it in the photo. and there are always receipts these days, right? the crew also met with other democrats who applauded their move, including new york senator kirsten gillibrand and senate minority leader
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chuck schumer, and appeared around capitol hill mostly not wearing masks. again, we don't know the vaccination details on these people, but we do know that more than double the number have tested positive for covid. now, just imagine. and imagination experiment here. the media reaction and what it would be if the people in this scenario where republicans. pete hegseth? >> pete: oh, harris, that's the right place to start. there are some moments when that is exactly the way you need to think about it to understand not just the hypocrisy, this is not hypocrisy, this is the home team. this is the media which has been covid obsessed for a year and a half before they were, of course, trump obsessed completely. they are now happy to completely ignore this example of a blatant -- what do you want to call it? a super spreader event? whatever you want to call it, because it's their team. so they ignore it. as a result, we have to learn about the trickle out and we are
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the only people talking about the fact that we came on the way on the country across a private jet without masks. ultimately they are confirming the point many of us are trying to make, which is that if you have the vaccine, life should go back to normal. yet they are trying to treat it that way publicly, but privately they are reasserting mask mandates and telling us that the delta variant may actually mean we have to roll backwards. so there's a lot of sides to this story, but the republican comparison is spot on, harris. >> harris: pete, the first day -- kayleigh, remember when we were on the cash together in studio? i said to you, if they are all vaccinated, this would be a tremendous poster for the white house to use because they're not wearing masks. now suddenly crickets, because we aren't getting the question asked. we don't know how many of those people were vaccinated. we have no idea what the configuration was, but covid is spreading. it's not quite a super spreader yet but the numbers are growing more than double in the last day
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or so. >> kayleigh: "the new york post" editorial board wondered, what would happen if these were republicans on the plane that had spread coronavirus? five people testing positive. guess what? we don't have to wonder, because we have a pretty clear parallel example here. when i was in the white house, president trump tested positive. hope hicks, myself, and many others. vaccines weren't available at the time. you know what the headlines where? vanity fair, "covid infested trump ramps up the chaos in the white house cesspool." they went nuts. i had reporters calling my phone with information that had leaked about young staffers of mine, kids just out of college. i had reason to believe so-and-so tested positive, their personal health information. of course there where the seating charts from the amy coney barrett confirmation event. it was breathless negative coverage. but here they go away unscathed because they have that beautiful little d on the end of their
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name, and that stands for democrat. steel and let's give leslie marshall a chance to rebut some of the comments here if she so chooses. leslie? >> leslie: i have a d at the end of my name and it was irresponsible. i don't care if you have a d or r, whatever your initial is. this is why, harris, this is why people have the belief -- and i see it out there in social media, avon hear it, people that call into my radio show. there is a belief that if you are vaccinated you are immune from getting covid. that is not true. what you are immune from is being on a ventilator or being in the icu, because that's what we see with the unvaccinated right now. this was irresponsible, even if you are vaccinated you are supposed to still be wearing a mask, especially in small spaces. they were on that plane. if anything, this just shows you need to be vaccinated, because i'm not hearing about any of them on a ventilator in the icu, and we are seeing alarming numbers and some of our states,
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whether it's children or people 30-55 years of age now, because we know this delta variant is stickier, that's what scientists and doctors are saying. this was clearly irresponsible, it was wrong to do, and i don't care if we take the mask out for a moment for a photo op, but still they are in a small space, they are traveling, they know better. they need to lead by example. >> harris: leslie, if this was for a photo op, then i should never have seen pictures of a woman's underwear among those runaway democrats. it should never have gotten to the point where they were bragging about being runaway texas democrats by calling themselves that, boasting about this political point. if we step away from covid for a minute, we cannot unfortunately runaway from what we saw inside that woman's hotel room, because she wants to say she is sacrificing. emily? >> emily: that's exactly right, harris.
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just to build on pete's points that were so true, covid has been the sun around which the media and administration has orbited the last year. it's the reason our individual liberties were suspended. the reason why the borders were opened, the reason why the federal government still maintains mask mandates are at airports and every single federal building. it's the reason behind literally every decision. according to them, for spending withholding and more spending of money and suspending of rates. the fact that this stunt now, in such a dramatic self manufactured way, likening themselves to selma and suffrage and other points of history in which people died protecting what where their constitutional liberties. >> harris: so offensive. >> emily: the fact that they likened themselves to that, rationally exist in this plane, and has zero consequences for this, no wonder the only institution in which the americans have less faith in this country other than the media is commerce.
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>> harris: wow. pete, i want to go back to you. who has the power now among those texas democrats to say it's not working out, we need to take that play in the republican speaker of the house has standing by, get on it, go back, and get everybody on the record with whatever their votes are? talk on the floor if you need to. who has the power to do that? would that be like a chuck schumer? is there anyone among the democrats? they met with the vice president and she loved on them for that. >> pete: that's a good point, harris. i think it is national democratic leadership who have used them as a stand, as puppets, as props from the beginning to push hr one. if any member of the democratic leadership says your stunt is done, because it's always been a stunned, because you're going to lose, you don't have the votes that could call a special session, this is at the footstep of the white house today. that's where the leadership is supposed to be. the stunt is over, failed miserably, go back home and
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vote. go back home to texas where you say the civil war is happening. go back to the front lines and do your job. >> harris: all right, we'll move on. just ahead, president biden was asked moments ago by reporters about the comments that facebook was killing people, and about censorship. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery.
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9:17 am
to the border this is the biggest single group i've ever seen come up to the border. this was a group of about 300. it's mostly haitians pray this about 160 of them left here, but they've come right up to the border while here in del rio, this border gate, and they are basically demanding to be let into the united states. you can see it's a lot of adult men, same single families, unaccompanied children here. about 20 minutes ago border patrol let about 150 of them through, mostly family units. they were opening this gate little by little and people that try to come through and come into the united states. two border patrol buses have taken about 160 folks away. when emt had to be called out because a migrant was suffering from the heat here. about 20 minutes ago this was more hectic, people literally shoving themselves through the gate trying to come into the united states. their florida state troopers, nebraska state troopers, we have been talking about outside help coming to texas. this is why they need the boots on the ground. leaf and told his border patrol doesn't know what to do with these folks. they are processing an already
9:18 am
completely overcapacity, their facility in dallas is overcapacity, when you have a coup about 300-500, which is what they are estimating with this, then i have physical space to put these people. yet people having to wait at the skate. some of them got here at 3:00 this morning. you can see more coming down from the rio grande. if we can pan up towards that trail up there, down there is where they crossed grade that's where they walked up to the border. you can see more of them coming down and waiting in the shade. what we have here is this massive group of migrants wanting to be let into the united states. are all of them going to be let in? probably not, but they've been letting -- >> harris: hey, bill? >> yes? >> harris: just a couple things. what's the temperature currently where you are? >> extremely hot. you can probably see at the beginning of the live shot, i'm sweating like a pig. it's probably over 100 here. >> harris: i've been down there in recent days, it's hot. i point that out because i see what looks like a little newborn
9:19 am
baby going by. these are mostly families. i just looked it up, 1,934 plus miles to get here. what are they being told south of the border that has people coming from haiti to get to our border in this kind of a number? i know, bill, you often talk to people there who are coming across with the expectation that they all will be taken. what are they telling you? >> so far i've had a chance to talk to people from two different countries, venezuela, cuba, and one haitian today. the cuban said he was escaping persecution. we all know the situation in cuba. he wanted a better life for him and his family here in the united states. venezuela, same situation. they get temporary protected status. one of the haitians i talked to spokes in broken english and asked him if he came before or after the present was assassinated. he said he came after. not all of them are willing to tell us exactly how they get here, but what i can tell you is based off my previous trips here to del rio, talking to dozens of
9:20 am
these migrants, a lot of them, but they do is they fly in to the mexican city of monterey and they take a bus out of the mexican city right across the border from del rio, then they cross usually in the mornings across the rio grande. they'll be let over by smugglers. speaking of which, right here where we are on saturday in del rio, texas state troopers actually caught an active member of this cartel. believe it or not, that guy was literally just walking down the highway here in del rio, just walking down the highway, dress up in camo. they stopped and talked to him and they find out he was an active member and a page guide to bring people like this over the border and smuggled into branches here in the del rio area. we have heard kamala harris say that quote, "extreme progress," has been made across the border. there is no evidence of that. >> harris: it's going in the wrong direction.
9:21 am
>> yeah, and the june numbers have been the highest in 20 years. >> harris: i want to get pete hegseth in on this conversation. pete, you are taking a look along with all of us here on "outnumbered" as bill reports live from del rio, texas, breaking news is more than 300 gather trying to get in. some of them, many of them, from what bill is reporting, from haiti. that's a different situation. the assassination of a leader in a nation, and things are devolving quickly. bill asked one haitian in broken english who responded -- i should say responded in broken english, he came after things devolved in his country. that would just be days ago. pete? a >> pete: that question for bill. one of the criteria the border patrol agents are using? are they looking for in determining who might be in need? is only families connected they have a protocol for this? when they open that gate, are they not sure who's coming through? it looks like chaos. >> it looks like chaos to us,
9:22 am
too. they told me right now they are trying to do is they have agents on the other side of the lot right now, you might be able to see some of them. they're trying to figure out who are the family units, who are imposters, and who are unaccompanied children. they're not letting any of the single adult males in. what you will see is a lot of the males will stand with a woman, sang with a child, pretend they are a family. they have to go in and talk with these people and figure out who is who. that takes time. all the people you see let in so far have either been with a woman or child. it looks like they're only letting family units in. you can see from a video here that there are a lot of young men here, and they have to figure out how many of them are actually who they say they are, if they're actually with a family. it's not that easy to do when you are just talking with them out here. not everybody will be honest with you. i cannot express to you how massive this group was about 20 minutes ago. i don't know if you have a video rolling. >> harris: it is still massive. >> and are still more coming. the border patrol helicopter was here about 10 minutes ago
9:23 am
circling. we are being told they are still crossing the river right now, so they're more coming, and were not even at the hottest part of the day yet. >> harris: some concern, too, i see a few people wearing masks. we are in the middle of the pandemic that is far more fiery right now in places they haven't been vaccinated much at all compared with our homeland. where meat had 160 million plus vaccinated, at least one shot. it's not perfect where we are but it's better than where many of them are coming from, and i'm worried. she's pulling down her mask to wipe her nose. emily? >> you've got people coming in now. take a look at this, a lot of young men being let through now. every person who has just let through appears to be a single adult male. if we can turn around real quick, i don't know if they are with the same group. let me estimate quick. [speaking spanish] you're from ghana? okay. you're from haiti?
9:24 am
and why did you decide to come? why did you decide to come right now? [speaking spanish] you live in chile? but you are from haiti? okay, so why did you decide to come? >> [speaking spanish] >> he says he wants to live here in the united states. where is everybody else from? [speaking spanish] haiti? why did you decide to come here? pardon? >> brazil? you're from brazil? got it. so it sounds like we've got a mix of haitians, somebody from ghana, saying they want to live here in the united states. some speak english, some speak
9:25 am
spanish. apologies, just trying to figure it out as we go here. you can see that this is a group of about 15 or so people who are just let through. we have more being let through right now. the thing is everybody has a different story when they come through. you think everyone is from the same country, the same block, the same situation, that's not always the case. to see another group being let through now. >> harris: quick question about what we are seeing in terms of democratic demographics. he said the first group they let through wear families. i see people holding tiny, tiny babies, give us some demographic information. why is that important? if you are here for asylum and not just work, you get treated differently. asylum cases, if they are really coming from a war zone after somebody was assassinated in haiti, that maybe treated differently than someone who was coming for a better job. asylum is very different. so what are you hearing? >> absolutely. based on a lot of the people
9:26 am
we've talked to, not all of them would qualify for what you just generally think of as asylum. a lot of these are going to be economic migrants. they want a better job. that is not an asylum claim. that's not what it's supposed to be. it's supposed to be persecution from the government, fearing for your life, that sort of thing. that doesn't mean they won't be let in, but it's a lot of the folks we've talked to, they are coming in for a better life in terms of economics. they want jobs, a better situation for the family. and are going to 1 million people who have a legitimate asylum claim. you have a lot of people who feel now it's the time to come. we talked to a lot of migrants, they say now is the time to come, remain in mexico. from the people i've talked to. >> harris: emily? >> emily: bill, as of two days ago, they were 38 vaccinations administered in the country of haiti. as of two days ago, 1.3% of the population was fully vaccinated in ghana. those countries you just mentioned, haiti is the majority of where this group is found.
9:27 am
he spoke to a group from ghana. i'm wondering, as you discuss that, the facilities are totally overwhelmed right now. what are you seeing in the way of covid protection protocol happening? especially as the delta variant gross. and according to this administration and the media, that should be our absolute primary concern with every decision and every action undertaken. >> to be honest, not a lot of precautions. you can see some of them are wearing masks, some of them are not. a lot of them are coughing on the buses. that doesn't mean they have covid, it could be allergies or some of the situation going. however, the agency talked to on the ground here we say more and more of these folks have been testing positive for covid once they get taken into custody. they said a lot of nicaraguans were testing positive for covid. i believe since april they've had more than 7,000 cases at holding facilities. that's likely going up as the delta variant spreads.
9:28 am
it's going be a major concern because these processing centers are completely overwhelmed. i can't express this to you enough. great, they take them away on a bus, but what are they going to do when they take them to a facility that is already extremely overcrowded and overcapacity? this is a massive group, more still coming. they don't have the room for this. so it is disingenuous when we hear the administration saying the border is closed, that there is extreme progress being made. it's just factually not backed up by what's happening on the ground here. you take a look at the apprehension numbers for the month of june, 189,000 people, that the new 20-year high. 5% over may which was in itself a 20-year high. unaccompanied minors of 8%, family units up 25%. so i don't know where they're getting this idea that extreme progress is being made. the numbers in the data don't back that up. you're taking a live look at the situation on the ground. does this look like extreme progress? >> harris: it looks like chaos. i think that is what pete called it. it's they are ordering a little bit of that chaos into lines and
9:29 am
whatever, but it is -- i know i was just there, 110 degrees, that is something else with no shade. more live coverage, bill melugin down at the border. coming across the border, the longest group he seen in his months of covering this, coming in at one time. and they are coming from myriad other countries. i mean, you've got a contingent coming from haiti, you know they just recently had leadership assassinated there. they've got a devolving situation on that island nation. at the same time you've got others coming looking for economic reasons. venezuela, brazil, a lot of others coming, and look at the lines today. one checkpoint. you've got nogales, eve got others. del rio, texas, continues to be where the saturation is, and the message is on. free flow into this country. bill, we will come back to you as the news warrants here.
9:30 am
emily? >> emily: that's exactly right, harris. i think this is illustrating as well not only the desperation globally, that as we launch of the southern border here, the variety of countries. recall, i think about six months ago, when a u.s. border protection individual officer said, i've seen migrants crossing over from over 120 countries. there are circuitous routes, there are flights happening that bring people to the southern border and cross over with impunity. as we approach and address this, i think we cannot overstate the diversity that we are seeing over the border. of course there are high concentrations and volumes of the northern triangle, et cetera. but i think it raises that larger conversation that it is a global, frankly, push and the surge over that southern border, harris. >> harris: kayleigh, you have that experience, having worked in the white house, of knowing
9:31 am
policy-shaping. we have seen a devolving situation with the policy coming from the biden administration, too. remember, it was just a few short weeks ago before she cleaned up the mess she created on aisle seven, and vice president kamala harris said don't come. you think now they are looking at that and saying she might've been right about that, even though the lighthouse wasn't allowing her to go forward? she had to clean that up. >> kayleigh: she has a lot more to clean up, harris. what we are watching on the screen right now, this is before what has been widely reported. there was a rollback of yet more president trump policies. president trump took something called title 42 and said because we are in the middle of covid-19, if you're a child or family unit, you can't come to this country because of health concerns. it's been widely reported that the biden administration is looking at entirely rolling back title 42. interesting to hear from bill melugin what he is seeing our families, because that portion being rolled back will be
9:32 am
families. one board or agent told "the washington free beacon" to prepare for the flood, prepare for 1200 family units a day. that is extraordinary. and there is no space for those little babies, those children we are seeing come across, who are being put, some of them, in emergency intake facilities where there are children on suicide watch, absolutely depraved, inhuman conditions. we are not seeing the facilities that are so depraved. we are not seeing them because the press isn't being allowed in. >> harris: we'll keep our eyes on this developing story at the border. notice the dow continuing to tank even more, not a correlation necessarily. we are being told by analysts is about covid hurting the economy potential going forward. will they lock down mark and i will have to cover that one. stay ou who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan
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♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >> i was asked that question about what i think is happening. facebook isn't killing people, these 12 people are out there
9:37 am
giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. it's killing people. it's bad information. my hope is that facebook, instead of taking it personally, that somehow i'm saying facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation. the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. that's what i meant. >> kayleigh: president biden speaking at the top of the hour, walking back his explosive comments on facebook where he initially blamed it for killing people by allowing the spread of covid and vaccine misinformation. this amid concerns about censorship and freedom of speech after the white house said it would try to control what it determines is covid misinformation on social media. pete, starting with you, if biden is so worried about misinformation, covid vaccine hesitation, maybe his should look in the mirror because they
9:38 am
were wrong on masks and the lab leak. we didn't see an increase of cases and deaths in texas. so maybe he has something to do with it. >> pete: maybe he does, and maybe that's why the word misinformation is so dangerous, because it is orwellian doublespeak that is generic enough that they can make it include whatever they like. and every walked back in this moment from the white house has made it worse. jen psaki said we should ban you from every platform. joe biden says it's not killing you, but we do have -- maybe they are not killing people directly, but we do have a list. the white house has a list of americans or organizations who they believe are miss informants, who they are pushing and pushing social media to ban. what country do we live in? it is insane and extremely dangerous. >> kayleigh: issued where he every american. i'd like to know who they are and why their names are being kept by the federal government. lastly, i'm wondering from you,
9:39 am
if you think in any way kamala harris saying don't trust the terms vaccine and trumps part of the vaccine, and biden, and paraphrasing, don't trust trump on the vaccine, they've set it for political purposes last election. is that have any part in any hesitancy we are seeing today? >> leslie: absolutely not. when you look at the numbers of people who have not been vaccinated in specific areas, the demographics, these are in red states, a lot of the rural areas, that voted for your former boss. even though your former boss had the vaccine, why aren't they getting it? that's what we are seeing. regarding this misinformation, we are not talking about where mass, don't wear a mask, we are talking about people putting out things that people are believing. we see high percentages of people on the right who believe that if you get vaccinated you will have a microchip by the government put into your body. that is cray-cray, that is not
9:40 am
true, that is misinformation. and doctors say that nearly 100% of the people in the hospitals come in the icu, on the ventilator, have not been vaccinated. if we have misinformation about this, again, this never should have been political, but i don't think that anybody in these areas, when you look at the stats on the demographics, would honestly listen to something that kamala harris said simply because of their political leanings. >> kayleigh: pete, i saw you trying to jump in there. what a red herring. look at those republicans over there, it's their fault. >> pete: who defines misinformation? do you want to be a list if people don't like what you're talking about? >> leslie: do you really think the government is putting a microchip in your arm? >> pete: there could be any sliding scale of religion see about the vaccine, or ideas about mask mandates. as kayleigh pointed out, who draws the line of what's acceptable or not acceptable? who is the misinformant, who
9:41 am
isn't? that's scary. you should be as scared as we are. >> kayleigh: it was president joe biden, then nominee, saying not to trust trump, he's rushing the vaccine through. of course that played into it. >> harris: why wouldn't democrats or anybody listen to her? biden said he was going to pick a black woman and then he wound down the list and he picked her. we knew that she would be vice president if he got voted in. that was baked into the pie. so i wouldn't people listen to her on both sides of the aisle? i think it's simply unfair and really misinformation to say that all the people who are choosing not to be vaccinated at this point, as they collect more information, we don't know what their journey is, that they are republicans. there are a lot of african-americans voting for those on the left you don't trust the government, too. try talking to a few of them. we've got a problem on our hands because things have become so politicized that we may have to have another winter of going through some things. that's unfortunate. but you can't say that it's all
9:42 am
about people's politics. some of it is just about people's history, as well, and yeah, he had a black female telling people in masks, if it comes to the trump administration, i'm not going to get it. of course that matters. you can try to put that horse back in the barn, but the horse ain't gonna say in it. real quickly, as he -- who picked him to carry the message about "the facebook?" [laughter] who picked him to carry that message? it didn't come out right the first time, today his cleanup on aisle seven was that it's only 12 people. really? in the entire united states, it's only 12 people? i'm with pete. stop making lists, because sooner or later one of us is going to be on the list and i won't be quiet. >> kayleigh: 12 people? i could pick 12 media organizations, doubled that, who
9:43 am
are printing misinformation on a daily basis. emily come over to you. >> emily: all right, guys guys. fox news alert, police on the lookout as the d.c. police unit and is now slamming politicians for the rise in crime. gunshots rang out during the national forcing players and fans to run for cover. some fans even jumping into the dugouts. they are now gripping politicians, tweeting, "welcome to washington, d.c., where violent crime permeates everything." it is a tragedy that elected officials won't let us do our jobs. pete hegseth, your thoughts? >> pete: not only will they not let them do their jobs, they've been demonizing them for over a year. when you demonize law enforcement and minimize their role, minimize the pedestal we should hold them on, that emboldens criminals to believe they are actually the good guys or they can operate with impunity. gang violence explodes, as is often the case with so many of
9:44 am
these tragic situations. police's hands are tied, they want to go home at the end of the night and do their job honorably, but ultimately these are democrat-run cities who are defunding the police, creating dangerous precedent to get people killed. >> emily: and leslie, there is now a $16,000 reward related to the shooting death of a six year old. she is just one of what has been called the extinction of our children in this gun violence epidemic that has been rocking the community there. washington, d.c., and all neighborhoods. chicago, just to name a couple. the reality is rewards like this probably won't help. people are afraid for their lives and they are certainly not going to give up information if it jeopardizes their safety, as all of these children are dying. what needs to change in your opinion? >> leslie: there's a lot of things that need to change. and we need to look at the facts. i am prounion, before the union to say this is the anti-police
9:45 am
sentiment, the facts don't bear that out because he got an increase in crime year after year for the past four years in washington, d.c., that is before covid, that's before defunding the police being chanted by my party, and that is before we saw sentiment toward the police change. which, by the way, gallup had a poll showing african-americans are now increasing and embracing the police once again. and whites, by the way, since before, during, and after the murder of george floyd, according to this poll by gallup last week, their opinions remain unchanged. we have more guns on the street and we never had before. that further enables the gangs and the drug dealers, and those three are literally a powder keg. we are seeing that. not just in washington, d.c., that many cities, which is why we see crime down in many cities except for homicides by guns. that is a huge issue. >> emily: kayleigh, of course you can rise when you're at rock bottom, which is why in part to
9:46 am
defund the police with absolutely demonizing the police and eroding any type of public support for law enforcement, and also aggrandizing attacks on them, both verbal and physical, leading to death and suicide. to leslie's point about the african-american community, 73%, according to the "chicago tribune," of shooting victims in chicago, they are young black men. so the epidemic certainly seems to be pointing in a certain direction. your thoughts? >> kayleigh: leave it to democrats, that's what they always say. not a crime problem, you've got a gun problem. except one little detail, 90% of guns used in crimes are obtained illegally prince of this banning of assault rifles and distractions they put out would not work, would not solve the problem. it's a fact we seen a crime wave increase nationwide in 2020 and 2021. coinciding perfectly with the demonization of police officers. even jim comey, not my favorite guy, he pointed it out when he criticized police. what did they do? they withdraw.
9:47 am
it's called the ferguson effect. he pointed it out during his time at the fbi and that's what we are seeing. demonization retirement of officers, and young babies dying in the streets, transported to a police car where she lost her life. she was supposed to start first grade but her future is gone. because of crime in our streets. >> emily: harris, to kayleigh's point, over 300 officers have turned in their badges there in washington, d.c., since last june. >> harris: he had. look, we are going to continue to see this. i've been talking with police unions, officers on my show every day. look at what happened in tucson, arizona, over the weekend. we just got word, by the way, that the fire chief who was shot at a crime scene is going to be okay. they let him go home last night. >> emily: think god. >> harris: several people injured in this shooting. they call that horrific. an ambulance crew and two other people caught up in all of this. look, you don't have enough cops
9:48 am
in some areas now because they've been defunded. you don't have enough cops in some areas where they are seeing people quit the force, like the 300 in d.c., or the hundreds of them on the left coast, in seattle. you don't have those people because they are leaving and they are not expeditious about bringing people in. either they don't have the money or they choose not to spend the money to do it. this is a devolving situation, but it's not just because it's hot outside. "it's summer." no, they're not crossing the border because it's hot. it's unfortunate, because some of them are going to suffer pay the crime is getting worse because it's hot, it's getting worse because it's easier for people to commit violent crime. our cops are getting caught, our emergency crews. in tucson you can see they are getting caught right in the middle, because they are still dedicated to saving the rest of us when they show up to do their job. >> emily: pete hegseth, final word? >> pete: amen. it's one of the dumbest policies that ever had in my life, the idea of defunding the police.
9:49 am
the ramifications and the ripple israel, and i refuse to allow democrats to attempt to turn it around and say it was some sort of a republican idea, where that violence has been going this way for quite some time. it has spiraled for over a year precisely because of how our police have been demonized, and that comes out of the left wing of the democratic party. >> emily: that's exactly right. coming up, kayleigh and pete will tell us all about what's going on at the turning point usa student action summit in florida. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now?
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>> harris: our own kayleigh mcenany taking the stage yesterday at turning point usa's seventh annual student action summit, some 5,000 high school and college age conservatives gathered in tampa for three days of an event where pete hegseth is also set to speak later today. they are going to take it away and tell us a little bit about all the action we can hear behind you. kayleigh? >> kayleigh: has has come of this was incredible, harris. i've been coming to these events for years. these guys behind me are the future. i believe you have a future press secretary here, a teacher
9:54 am
cable news host, future elected officials. these are the leaders of our country, and i'm telling you, if you feel discouraged about the direction of our country, you come here and you don't. they are bold, they are courageous, they are awesome, anend anna to speak to them. >> pete: give it up for kayleigh mcenany! [cheers and applause] she absolutely rocket on stage yesterday. if you didn't see it, go to fox nation, you can watch her entire speech and the rest of the speech is coming out today. it is energizing. it gives you hope in the future. when they go back to the campuses, they are often silenced. there she is yesterday on the stage, look at that rock star greeting right there. she delivered as such. when you talk to the students, they are marginalized and censored, silence on their campus. they know they can come to turning point student action summit and be encouraged by other people who feel the same way, and learn how to be a better future leaders in the conservative movement. it's an awesome thing charlie
9:55 am
kirk has built here. very cool that fox nation is covering it. if you can be here at least you can watch the whole thing. >> kayleigh: yes, you've got to watch it. they are taking over today at 1:15. charlie kirk said something interesting to me yesterday. he said when i was going up there was baseball, gymnastics, i know your daughters do that. i was a cheerleader. these are great things but there was no respite, no place for someone like me who love debate, i had my ronald reagan cookbook. i couldn't go face-to-face with the thought leaders of the conservative movement. charlie kirk has given these guys this opportunity and it is awesome. >> harris: we love having him on "outnumbered." it's always a spirited conversation that we have, especially when we have a fabulous democrat unlike leslie marshall who can go toe-to-toe with charlie kirk. it gets quite spirited. thank you so very much for bringing us all the hot details. i know you're going to be speaking later, but we can see all of this on fox nation, so i'm going to brag about that a little bit. you can watch pete and kayleigh
9:56 am
on all access live as they break on the biggest moments from the summit. it's free to sign up using the code "sas." they will see you there, we look forward to hearing about it. "america reports" after this commercial break. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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