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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> thank you very much. ashley: good luck to you. todd: imagine being that father. imagine being in that. ashley: makes me sick to my stomach. i cannot even think about it. todd: with that we appreciate you joining us. download the fox news app. open the camera and scan the qr code on your screen and dvr it recall every morning. ashley: "fox & friends" begins right now. >> president biden blames misinformation on social media for some americans of refusal to get vaccinated. >> it's not the president's business who has and has not been vaccinated. the president is not my daddy. i got one. it ain't joe biden. >> open fire outside of a nationals game. >> the suit happening one day after 6-year-old my a courtney was shot and killed. the d.c. police tragedy won't let us do our job. >> five texas lawmakers tested positive for coronavirus.
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>> the having mask mandate on planes need to follow that they can't preach one thing and do something else. >> anti-cuba protest continue over the weekend. >> thing that liberals never seem to understand as did you go down to key west is the rafts are all going one direction. >> right here. [cheers] didn't take long for put his name it will ♪ ♪ brian: according to reports that is the name of our show. we will go with that throughout the show. "fox & friends." and we're on the second floor. that is a wide shot. that is a shot from way above the sky. steve: it's a drone. ryan brian i don't know how we do it. ainsley: take friends away like you did with radio? brian: because it was kilmeade
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and friends. ainsley: kilmeade show we should call fox and brian. steve: brian and friends. brian: i would think. "fox & friends" is the franchise seven days a week. good news is that we're back for another three hours and we have a lot to discuss today. this might be the show that weigh don't get everything in. >> bill hemmer is going to make sure we do because is he going to take over at 9:00. bribe, great to have you back from your vacation. how was your vacation. brian: good. ainsley: working double. doing the 7:00 p.m. brian: doing the 7:00 p.m. ainsley: i'm doing "the five" tonight dagen is not going to be here tonight. we will hang out in the building all day. brian: be in studio with "the five." steve: fantastic. pete hegseth is down live in tampa. >> good morning. steve: where turning point u.s.a. big student summit. you have been busy, mr. hegseth. pete: i hear they are renaming
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it brian kilmeade prime time. brian: that's not happening. pete: down in florida student action summit for turning point. amazing energy. one of the cool things is talking to these young people. they feel like they are under assault on college campuses. they find solidarity. hear from speakers who motivate them and fox nation is showing it all. if you want to tornado watch code fas to get a free 30 days. if you see on bottom of your screen i'm hosting the all access live show with my good friend kayleigh mcenany here, too. you will hear from the speakers on the stage. we will be talking to them when they come off and others. and just a lot of energy. a lot of hope in the conservative cause. it's great to see young, motivated americans getting together and you can watch it all on fox nation. and, until then, i don't know that many people here will be watching "fox & friends" because i could barely sleep at 2:00 and 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning when groups of kids were coming home and i was about to go to work. steve: those darn kids.
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quiet. ainsley: you will be speaking today. >> i will be speaking at 4:00. brian: mostly biographical? pete: exclusively biographical. i don't feel people sufficiently know my background or story i will be laying it out from my home address to where i currently live. steve: they were not expecting that. all right, pete, thank you very much. we will see you later. by the way, fox nation, if you don't know, is streaming all the speeches live from the turning point summit through tuesday. get a free month of fox nation with the code sas. ainsley: and a free subscription if you are military for year. steve: 6:04 on this monday. the white house is not backing down for blaming big tech for covid misinformation and killing people. ainsley: comes as the attorney general defending new mask rules. brian: here we go again. griff jenkins joins us live with the latest. hey, griff. >> brain, ainsley and steve, you are right. masks back on in l.a. county
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indoors and until further notice. and it's where cases of that delta variant are speak spiking as well as masks back on in casinos in vegas for employees. and the watch is more areas kind teed follow as surgeon general vivek murthy defended. >> it's very reasonable for counties to take more mitigation measures like the mask rules that coming thought l.a. i anticipate that will happen in other parts of the country, too. griff: these mask mandates depart from current cdc guidelines that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks. jerome adams says he and dr. fauci were wrong against masks tweeting this: quote, i felt it was the best call at the time. but now regret it now is he calling on the cdc to reverse its course. meanwhile the administration is taking harder aim at facebook over covid misinformation.
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murthy reiterating president biden's rhetoric that the tech giant is, quote: killing people. saying efforts to combat it have failed. >> i acknowledge that they are taking some steps and i appreciate that. but, i'm also very clearly saying it is not enough. it's hurting people and i think it's got to stop. griff: and then there is this: in mecklenburg county, north carolina, that's a area that knock at the door might come with a needle. officials there kicked off a doses to door administration program with health officials on stand by to administer shots to residents that have not been vaccinated. steve: griff, how would that work? knock on the door give you a shot? shouldn't they be checking in their medical history? somebody might forget? they might make a mistake. it doesn't seem very safe. griff: appears the local health officials and volunteers have decided to extend their canvas effort. they started they say back in may. this time they will have that health official standing by with
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a shot in case you need to get it. ainsley: are they doctors or nurses? griff: describing the program as health officials. i assume that's a doctor or a nurse. although i would have to travel down there to find out. steve: have you ever done this before? griff, thank you very much. brian: all right. i think it's back to the future as now we are hearing in las vegas and los angeles counties time to wear a mask. jerome adams comes down wear a mask. we remember vividly saying masks don't work. then he told us the only reason he told us not to wear a mask because we didn't have enough. and dr. fauci said the same thing. the problem is that is it's inaccurate. not to the point. when you stop telling people the truth or acknowledging when you said things that were wrong, like dr. fauci always does, that's when people get distrustful. when people like mitt romney come out and say it's moronic to have any questions about the vaccine. people get a little ticked off when they're put down. and then when you don't bring up the fact that there can be after-effects of it and you hear especially with kids with swelling of the heart and we
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have had people on here. that's not misinformation that i want facebook to i can that down. that actually happens sometimes. and when people don't acknowledge that in power, that makes the average american who cherishes freedom say i will make my own decision, thank you. steve: well, here's the thing. and one of the cdc officials said yesterday, lack, the pandemic right now is really just with people who have not been vaccinated. brian: thank you. steve: 99% of the people who died have not been vaccinated. what they are trying to do is make sure that all of the people who have not been vaccinated get vaccinated. unfortunately, and this is one of the reasons apparently that joe biden and the administration came out last week, the administration very frustrated. they have not been able to get facebook to get rid of some of the disinformation. the disinformation is online. the vaccine is killing lots and lots of people. or it changes your d.n.a. or their little microchips. none of that is true. ainsley: right.
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so that's why you have in washington this continuous message, misinformation, misinformation. and the surgeon general, i didn't know this. he said that he lost 10 people in his family from covid-19 and he says facebook is not doing enough. but then when you ask facebook, they say we have followed all the 8 plans. all the 8 recommendations that they gave us. we have listened to them and we have done our jobs. 58% of the folks that are getting -- that are getting -- that have covid now, that are not vaccinated, 58% of them have the delta variant. that's the one that's so condition teenage just and spreading throughout the country. brian: not more dangerous. said if you had covid last year. not protected from this evidence year the flu changes? brian: who said that? steve: the cdc. brian: have not proven that the antibodies disappear when they get in t cells that people who have the natural immunity not even better protected than those with the vaccine. steve: still have the natural
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immunity to the first covid. this is the fourth version. this is the delta version. that's the worry. all the people that have not gotten vaccinated and some people have a reason they can't get vaccinated. i have a friend who when gets the flu shot is paralyzed for a week or two. that kind of person does not get it people who are pregnant reluctant to get it before the baby comes. so there are people. but everybody else, if you have the chance, get the shot. brian: but if you don't. steve: save your life. brian: make your own decision, it's available to everyone. we are not doctors. you could say we got it i'm not going to go and there say i'm going to give other medical advice if you have flat feet wear arches might make more of a bounce in your step. but a couple of things. people are making their own decisions and stop with the mask mandates because we don't need a mask if we have been vaccinated unless you are not telling us the truth again. if you wonder why people are questioning what you are saying because you are doing double talk to people. ainsley: they asked some of our reporters, hillary vaughn was at
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the turning point event. she was asking these students what do you think social media really determine your decisions. they said we like to read it all and do our own research. steve: look into it. ainsley: don't, what do they say you shouldn't intervene with my free speech. brian: here is byron donalds a rising star on the republican side. is he rip roaring upset as he spoke to hillary vaughn about what is going on with facebook. first, we hear they are in cahoots with the administration. then the administration calling out facebook for not doing enough. he wants to hear from them. listen. >> do you think that facebook should have to sit in front of congress and explain what role the federal government has had in their content moderation decision? >> absolutely. i'm actually going to call for it you can't put pressure on private companies to have them too your bidding for you. it's outrageous they need to come and answer the congress about this one. it's not the president's business who has been vaccinated and not vac sin nayed. not your job what you are supposed to do.
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your job is president in chief. it's not joe biden. you are not my daddy. i have got one. leave people alone. there is going to be a pushback simply because people don't want to be told what to do. provide the information and let them consult for the people they want to consult with. everything will work out the way it's supposed. to say. steve: all this started on thursday when jen psaki said the administration was flagging problematic posts that spreads disinformation to facebook and then saying hey, these people are a problem, get rid of them. that's how we wound up where we are. brian: the dad of a 17-year-old who said. ainsley: soccer player? brian: soccer player three weeks ago if that post is up, will it be taken down because he had a negative reaction to the virus. not the virus, excuse me, to the vaccine. about that work against somebody getting the vaccine? perhaps. but is that going to be taken down because they don't like that message? that's gray area which makes me think back off. let us make our open decisions. a lot of things about certainty
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of aliens living amongst us. i want to believe that doesn't mean i believe that. ainsley: some conspiracy theories online. byron donalds the man you just heard from there is his picture. republican in florida, is coming up at 8:00. steve: excellence. ainsley: coming up. senseless violence unfolds around our nation's capitol. newest victim 6-year-old little girl. the biggest call to curb crime next. steve: more of those democrats from texas sidelined covid-19 after jetting out of their state. texas republican candidate alan west is going to join us to react. you can't make it up, folks. ♪ i want to put on my boogie boogie shots. at's on the horizo? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group.
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show me the olympics. ♪ "bugler's dream" begins playing ♪
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>> multiple people shot. there is a search for two missing children who lived in the burning home. police say the gunman opened fire on ambulance shooting two emts. the gunman then shot at firefighters and neighbors battling the house fire. one neighbor hit in the arm. suspected gunman in critical condition after being shot by a police officer. the charred body was also found inside of the burning home. to another fox news alert. extreme heat is expected to hamper efforts to battle several waging wildfires in the west this includes the tamarack blaze it has torched more than 23,000 acres leading to major evacuations alongs california, nevada border. there is also a threat of lightning which could spark new fires. cocoa becomes the latest athlete to tropic out of the athletes after testing positive for covid. the 17-year-old star tweeted in part it has always been a dream
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of mine to represent the u.s.a. at the olympics. i hope there will be many more chances to make this come true in the future. >> the game's kick off friday. jeff bezos a day away to join branson as the latest billionaire to blast off in space. the blue origin crew will have -- leave west texas on new shepard rocket at 9:00 a.m. eastern standard time. tune in to fox later today when bezos sits down with neil cavuto on coast to coast and "your world" to talk about his flight into the final frontier and guys, those your headlines. pretty exciting stuff there. steve: oldest plus to ever blast into space. wally is 82 years old and 18-year-old kid as well. going to have the ride of a lifetime. brian: fully automated. nothing for anybody to do. go up and enjoy the ride and come back down. ainsley: how long stay up there. brian: weightless for three minutes and 60 miles above the earth. the other branson was 52 miles above the earth.
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steve: so it's going to be later today. you will see it right here on fox. ainsley: meanwhile the protests are continuing down in florida. standing in solidarity for the folks on the island of cuba. you have protests now or do we call these protests peaceful just in solidarity. we have them in miami and orlando and jacksonville and tampa. waving cuban flags and american flags. just letting them know we support you. steve: well, see, that's a protest rally here in the united states yesterday in havana, actually, they had tens of thousands of people big rally on sunday in havana. those were people supporting communism. and, of course, we heard from the president of cuba. he blamed the united states for the uprising last week where we saw about 5,000 people in the streets of havana blame the united states for the embargo and said all the information spread by darn social media. two stories in a row, facebook,
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facebook, facebook. brian: used to be easy communism bad, democracy good now in a sense where democracy and capitalism is being taken to task around this country. and communism, i guess is kind of good if you are nicole hanna jones. she went out of her way, even though she said in the past that she is not international relations expert in 2019, remember, the author of the 161 project which is part of the curriculum in so many schools across the country, sadly, said this the most equal multiracial country in our hemisphere would be cuba. cuba last the least inequality between black and white people any place in the hemisphere. most of the caribbean hard to count. the white population loot of countries run by black folks. in places that are truly at least biracial countries cuba has the least inequality largely due to socialism which i'm sure no one wants to hear. true. we would like to hear from you because we would love to know exactly what you are about.
3:22 am
exactly what about is black lives matter based on, that is marxism. which i think should be an easy decision tore the average americans to decide what you are going to be in on marxism usually something you hear about but don't subscribe. to say in america we are giving it a second look which is scary. ainsley: down in jacksonville a reporter interviewed some of them and one said he was arrested 9 times by the age of 15 just for looking suspicious. saw. his relatives being taken and imprisoned. another person says there has been a 62-year regime. we need freedom. another lady what my country needed is the same thing i came looking for, freedom. one more, my grandson was taken by the cuban police on saturday. he was beat on the streets and hit with rocks. steve: you know. brian: sounds great, doesn't it? steve: no kidding. which flies in the face of what the leader of the 1619 project said. joe biden has got a problem. because, you know, he -- for the longest time, he did not come
3:23 am
out and say communism is a terrible thing. but, eventually he said we stand with the people. brian: he had to read it did you notice it? he had to read the comments about condemning communism. steve: that's joe biden. that's the way he wants to make sure he gets everything exactly right. he has a progressive super left wing that actually likes a lot of what cuba does. you know, aoc, in particular, got called out yesterday by a congresswoman from new york, nicole malliotakis and referred to the congresswoman from new york as a communist sympathizer. listen to this. >> what's cruel is the way that the communist regime treats its people. there are two classes in cuba. one is the ruling class run by the communist. and then there is everyone else who live in squaller. they tonight have access to food. they don't have access to medicine. they don't have access to the basic necessities and it's certainly not because of the
3:24 am
embargo. cuba does business with nearly every country in the world. for six decades they remained a communist regime. alexandria ocasio-cortez is nothing more than a communist sympathizer who wants to bring socialism to the united states of america and i'm sure she sympathizes with the regime in cuba. but the relates is that they use everything that they get when they do business with other countries for the regime. they use it to reward the people in the ruling class. it never gets to the people. brian: it's basically assumed their secret police is more lethal and pervasive in cuba than even the soviet union hay day when pressure november was in power. that's what's hang. i know we are in a tough position. what do you do? keep in mind, china, venezuela and russia are not going to sit back. they will make sure that cuba stays communists. we can sit on the slindz and say let cuba live by it own devices they are not because we are not. we watched in venezuela. we let the cubans, iranians and
3:25 am
the chinese and the russians prop that up horrible bus driver maduro, repressing his people and destroy that nation. are we going to do the same thing again? rare window of opportunity. it seems like joe biden it is going to read its notes and not do a thing. meanwhile d.c. police offering a $10,000 reward in the manhunt for suspect since saturday's shooting outside of nationals came. steve: the terrifying incident happened one day after 6-year-old my a courtney was fatally shot in washington, d.c. her mother still hospitalized as $60,000 reward has been offered in that case as well. ainsley: how beautiful she is. naya's grieving grandmother her name is andrea courtney. and she lived with the family. she joins us now. good morning to you, andrea. >> good morning. ainsley: we're so sorry for your loss. i have a child about the same age. i look at her picture and she is such beautiful child. about to go first grade. tell us what happened on friday. it was friday night, right? >> yes. >> ainsley: could you tell us what
3:26 am
happened, please? >> i can't exactly say because i wasn't there. i got a phone call from my daughter telling me that she had been shot. her and her daughter. i asked her was-at this -- tell me okay. i made a phone call to a family member to take me there to her. when i got there, she was gone. they both were gone already. ainsley: how is your daughter doing now? she is in the icu. >> she is [inaudible] steve yeah. so your daughter is still in the hospital. four others in addition to naya
3:27 am
were hit. courtney, what is going on in washington, d.c.? you would think that our nation's capital would be a safer place than it has become. >> i'm afraid to be out now. because they have no regard for anyone i don't feel safe for me or my family 'she didn't deserve this she did nothing to anyone. steve: courtney, do you feel as if the police or, andrea, do you feel that the police can do a good job keeping this town safe?
3:28 am
>> from what i was told, the police was there and they did not do anything at the moment i feel like they didn't have any resolve or they they didn't care that the police was present. that he they -- i know they seen them and any still didn't care they were there. they were bold enough to do it while the police was present and i feel like it do that. why not get out of the vehicle and walk up on the person that you are trying to hit up stead of shooting through a crowd with children in it.
3:29 am
they could have done that and you should have been there. brian: are you says that the police shot into a crowd with children in it. >> no. what i'm saying is the suspect the suspect or suspects, whoever did the shooting, they were bold enough to shoot while the police was present, i should have gotten out of the car, walk on your target and shoot the person that you were trying to get instead of shooting at innocent people. if you were that bold. ainsley: andrea, final question, tell us about your granddaughter. what was she like? i read that she got her hair braided last week because she wanted to be your twin. >> she was amazing. she was beautiful she was
3:30 am
loving. she touched so many people. she brightened up the room. she wasn't shy at all. she loved to sing, she loved to dance. she loved to do tiktok. she loved playing with her sister and cousins. she loved her family, her friends. she was looking forward to going to first grade. she called me mamma i'm going to the big school now i say yeah, because you are a big girl. steve: andrea, we know this has been a very tough story for you to tell. we thank you very much for
3:31 am
joining us today to tell us what did happen. just know there are people all across the country who you have never met and will have never met are praying for your family. ainsley: that's right. hopefully we will catch these men who took all of that away from you or these women, whoever they're. there is a 6 o. $0,000 reward. god bless you. steve: that's right. >> thank you guys. i want to say i hope and pray that they turn themselves. in that they find it in their heart to do so. knowing what they did. i pray that when they close their eyes at night, they see her face when they wake up, they see her face. and find it in their heart to turn themselves in. i'm praying for that i'm praying for justice for my granddaughter. steve: justice. it's all about justice. all right. andrea, thank you very much.
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pack provided. then you see in other pictures, cases of miller lite. do they look like they are suffering? >> well, of course not. they are not suffering. it's good to be with you brian down here in kerrville, texas. the thing i flernd military service if you did in the report for duty you were put down it w. awol. charged with dereliction of duty and combat when you abandon your post you were treated high treason and of course also called a deserter. the thing that is so incredible about this here are individuals that maybe they would not have this issue with covid if they
3:37 am
were here doing their job but they are being hailed as heroes but, yet, they are undermining our representative democracy here in texas. may own state texas state representative was on one of those three private jets that landed up there when you think about the fact that they are in d.c. asking for the filibuster to be removed yet they are obstructing our legislative process here in texas and furthermore state representatives going and asking for the federal government to usurp and overtake and take away the state's ability and power by the constitution to conduct elections? this is absolutely abhorrent. brian: what is governor act to do? i know you are running against him for the republican nomination. what could he do that he is not he seems at this point hopeless. >> i would never say i'm run aing against governor abbott. i'm running for the great state of texas. and if i were governor and this antic that is very petulant ache was taken. as soon as those mans had landed in washington, d.c. i would have declared those
3:38 am
seats vacant and call for special elections. and if they want to stay in washington, d.c. and be part of the sanctuary of stupidity up there, they can stay there first and foremost, we would make sure that the $221 per diem that they get from the texas taxpayers that will be stopped. that will be cut off. brian: what do you think about senator graham who came out and said i think before we sign off on the 3.5 trillion on simply party line vote, i'm going to leave just like texas is. the democrats in texas left. maybe i will be hailed as a his or her like they're. what do you think of the republicans left? >> if the republicans left this could be front page on every single mainstream news outlet and newspaper. they would be den graded. that's part of the hypocrisy. when you abandon your duty and part of the representative of the people and walk away from your job. you are not a hero. you are a coward. brian: got it law tenant colonel allen west. head of the g.o.p. in texas and
3:39 am
now wants to be the next governor of texas. thanks so much, colonel. >> my pleasure, take care, brian. brian: you got it coming up straight ahead, democrat could be looking to seize on the latest rise in covid-19 cases and exten unemployment benefits? are you kidding? are they treating the pandemic like the 2k3weu69 that keeps on giving? host of making money on fox business, charles payne will join us live to examine ♪ money, money, money ♪ michael cohen ♪ money ♪
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steve: those in yellow on your map right there. have moved to stop extended unemployment benefits to get people back to work. but, now, as the delta variant spreads, some economists say the incentives may need to continue. one arguing, quote: it's certainly possible we could have another round ever economic contraction in certain areas if there is an outbreak. and the unemployment system will
3:44 am
be there for people the way it's been over the past year. host of making money on fox business charles payne. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we have been hearing how there is a gigantic number of jobs unfilled right now some people are sitting on their couch, waiting for the unemployment to run out. the so-called plus up. the federal supplement of 300 bucks per week. it's supposed to run out next month some time. now they are talking about extending it maybe permanently? >> they have been talking about this since we implemented it last year. there have been certain forces in washington, d.c. that wanted to get this done, steve. you know, of the idea that the delta variant is starting to, you know, grow and obviously highly transmissible. this is latest excuse for doing it you know powerful forces elected officials in our congress and our senate who believe we should have a system of free money that we should
3:45 am
have universal basic income. that we should provide these kind of things that the government can print unlimited amounts of money and take care of the needs of people and so, you know, whenever something like this flairs up is their chance to get from and say hey, let's do it again. what are we dealing with right now in the number one issue in this country right now, 87% of americans are afraid of inflation. part of this inflation story is the trillions of dollars that have been pumped into society. imagine this, if you are working because, and, you know, you had a buddy, let's say you had a leash leisure job. want to keep working. they go out and spend this money they get from the government. essentially from taxpayers, you know, there is a lot of people on pressure not to work that's your conundrum. we have the greatest job market in the history of america, yet, we have the most people quitting in the history of america. we have got the greatest work opportunity being met workers struck and defactor workers
3:46 am
strike. and the reason you can have a workers strike because they're being paid not to work. it's really creating a huge problem for everyone. steve: no kidding. my favorite restaurant, an italian restaurant, they cannot find adults to take the jobs so all the hostesses are 14 and 15 years old. if they continue this unemployment thing that will it be the high school full employment act of 2021. don't bother going to high school. just go work. charles,. >> i commend the kids in high school for at least taking those jobs. steve: absolutely. builds character and makes money. coming up wednesday, you are going to be working, you are doing a town hall trying to get people in the military into the workforce. >> absolutely. we're helping vote get into the workforce. also help get into the market. i'm getting flooded with questions about people who want to invest. people who want to start businesses. people who want jobs that are not beneath them. they have served this country. they have incredible skills.
3:47 am
they want to be able to lead the military and be rewarded for those things. we are really going to talk to people on how they can get this done and how we can make major inroads. steve: i didn't realize you were going to answer stock questions. what about bitcoin is, that a buy? kidding. >> not yet, not yet. soon. steve: if you are a veteran with a question for charles, email it to invested in you at charles, thank you very much. we're going to be watching you this afternoon at 2:00. >> thank you very much. steve: yes, sir, thank you. meanwhile, here in the studio, it's always 72 degrees. outside, let's check in with janice dean for the fox day ahead and it looks not too bad. >> it's beautiful. it's a beautiful day here in new york city. i don't know if the studio is 72. i always think it's like 6 56789s feels really cold. take a look at the maps here across the nation. the temperatures in the 70s across the east coast. you can see it's 64 in cleveland. 70 in minneapolis and the heat returns to the west. let's take a look at the radar.
3:48 am
we have showers and thunderstorms across portions of the southeast as well as the southwest. monsoonal moisture for much of the workweek. they need the moisture, obviously. but too much of a good thing is going to bring flash flooding and you can see heavy rainfall across the southeast. wildfire danger again today for parts of the northwest and california. we have heat advisories also in effect where it's going to feel well over 90 to 100 degrees. so, you know, there's your forecast. we will watch those showers and thunderstorms across the southeast coast. looks really nice here in new york city. so, enjoy it maybe lunch. back to you, steve. steve: sounds good. janice: you got it. steve: coming up as cubans cry out for freedom from the communist regime. we will talk to someone who fled in search of a better life and found it here in the united states. the barstools fund raised more than 40 million bucks for small businesses. dave portnoy is joining us live help make sure the businesses saved from closing can keep their doors open for good
3:49 am
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ainsley: demonstration ramp up in south florida as it residents come together that show of
3:53 am
solidarity for the cuban people. this, as cuban leaders, also rallied supporters in havana over the weekend. joining us now is miami young republicans director at large barbara, her parents fled cuba to escape the hardships of socialism. good morning, barbara. >> hello, good morning. ainsley: thanks for coming on. tell us your parents' story. >> my parent came here from cuba 20-plus years ago in the year 1996. my mom was a doctor in cuba. she won the lottery visa from a patient who put her name in because she was so grateful that my mom saved her. she won the lottery visa. came here. my father would be put in jail for protesting the communist regime. the castro regime and they came in the year 1996 without knowing without ever have experienced human rights, without known what it is to be, you know, here in america and the freedoms that they brought and they came here so my brother and i would have a
3:54 am
better life. >> if country does send splice or money to cuba. does that money get distributed to the folks of cuba or does the regime keep it. >> no. and that's one of the biggest things i advocate for not going back to cuba. i have went to cuba once in my life to meet my oldest brother and grandma. every person that travels to country doesn't go to the cuban people it goes to the regime. that's why against touring in cuba. ainsley: do you have relatives in cuba. >> i have a couple relatives from my mom's side. my main family is here thank god. ainsley: are you able to taco to them. >> no and especially not in these times. they are cutting off the internet so we are not in contact. you are seeing the horrific videos that protesters are putting out. that's one of the things that ron desantis, our florida governor champ i don't understand trying to get internet to the cuban people so we can stay in contact and see what's going on on the island as the protests keep ramping up. ainsley: what has to be done there in cuba to change?
3:55 am
do you think the regime will be overturned? >> i believe, you know, we have never anything like this before. my parents were still in cuba and that's was what they said. something similar to what's going on now to where people stood up to the regime. but i think that if we keep the momentum going, if they know they have support here in the united states. our student community not here in tampa miami-dade and florida as a whole. that's something that wine expire them to keep going. and, again, the biggest thing is we don't need food or water. they need support. they need to know that we're backing them over here and that we want a free cuba. ainsley: do they know that? are they getting the word in cuba that so many are supporting them? >> >> for the most part, yes. until they cut the internet. that's something that the castro regime is do well is cut information from the people of cuba so they don't know what's going on here. i think it's amazing despite being kept in the dark they're still throughout fighting. after covid, the reason all of that is going on not because of
3:56 am
covid and the lack of displays. it's because they are tired of the communist dictatorship that has taken away economic opportunities for them that has, you know, they freedom of speech under how many rights. and they are fired of it they are not fearful of the government anymore. and they are sticking up for themselves. ainsley: i'm glad your parents made it over safely. you have our support. thanks, barbara. >> thank you. ainsley: a pta leader in virginia is voted from the group parents opposed to critical race theory. >> let them die. [cheers and applause] ainsley: let them die. what parents in the district are saying right after the break. ♪ ♪ there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild.
3:57 am
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against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. became brian two more democrats fled texas to block vote on election reform have now tested positive for covid-19. >> they are being hailed as hero would not have this issue with covid if they were here door doing their job. steve blocking white house big tech covid misinformation and killing people. >> it's outrageous. the president is not my daddy. i got one. it isn't joe biden. ainsley: senseless valence unfolds around the nation's capital youngest victim 6 years old. >> i want justice for my granddaughter. she doesn't deserve this.
4:01 am
ta leader out of be a jo for saying this against critical race theory. >> let them die. [cheers and applause] >> so many coming together and applauding hate. this is something that we have to stop. >> response after is he not included on the list of candidates who qualify for california's governor recall. >> we today every i and crossed every t. if there is a problem i will see you in court. i intend to be in this election. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from florida, it's right along the west coast you are looking at clearwater beach where currently it is 80. they are going up for a day-time i high of 85. only 20% chance of rain. going to be a beautiful day down there. the reason we have selected that particular view is because just about 33 miles directly east of
4:02 am
that sits pete hegseth. just go right across the bridge and there is pete in tampa. pete: i can see the water from right here. ainsley: my friend who lives there she lives in eden actually they just moved to something harbor. she said that the red tide is pushing all these fish onto the beach. have you seen any of that, pete? brian: really? pete: i haven't been to the beach yet. i haven't seen it i have only been here a couple hours. brian: you managed to go to the one place where you actually feel old, right? pete: i do. it's true. it's true. and, you know, truth be told, most of the time when i'm approached, they say can i get a photo of my mom really loves you. [laughter] steve: where are you. tell folks where you are. pete: thank you. i'm at the turning point u.s.a. student action summit where, you are right, i would be considered a senior here. young people here in high school or mostly in college and they are here to get ache i have at o
4:03 am
goat motivated to hear from are leaders and go back to campuses moat voted. feel under siege on today's modern college campus where they are marginalized for being conservatives. free speech is entirely sketched. to the here from the main stage and from the other events at tucker point. which is why fox nation is streaming the entire thing. if you can't be here in tampa, florida, shame on you. but you can do second best thing and that's watch it streaming live on fox nation as well as a show that kayleigh mcenany and i will be hosting at 1:15 today called all access live where we will play clips the highlights and speeches but also talk to great folks. i believe, jesse watters will be showing up on our set some time today. also an old man here at the student action summit. it's motivating. it really is, guys. all the stories that we cover of what's going on in our country to see young people so engaged gives you hope. and that's one of my big
4:04 am
takeaways so far. brian: charlie kirk done with the organization is unbelievable. the emotion and the passion that they have is incredible. and makes you think that the next generation not saying turning their back on the republican party. pete, is it true? cailee was saying most of the clips and highlights going to be from your speech. is that true? >> that will be tomorrow's show, brian. my speech is at 4:00. so tomorrow about over 50% of it will be my speech replayed. ainsley: go to dinner at 5:00 and get the special since you are a seen year. there you go. pete: i'm going to try. ainsley: ains i hope you get a nap in there. owe said the student were you present 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning until you had go to work. pete: that's how they operate. going to an event you maximize it. so that's what the kids are doing. steve: you sleep when you can all right, pete, thank you very
4:05 am
much. ainsley: we look forward to the students coming up. steve: fox nation, if you haven't already heard streaming speeches live from the summit. use promo code sas as you see right there. talk a little bit about this. you know knows fugitive texas lawmakers they didn't want to take a tough vote. they knew they were going to lose. they hopped a couple private vets. we have seen the images there. no masks. well now, the latest number is five of them. five of them have tested positive for coronavirus. they have not released the names of all five. a couple of them have released their names though. they have been in washington. as you can see right there. they are out and about, they are meeting with congressional democrats to press the we the people act. and, you know, unfortunately, they did meet person to person with the vice president kamala harris. and so, yesterday, out of nowhere. of course, the administration says they are not concerned. out of nowhere she went to
4:06 am
walter reed for a routine doctor's visit. ainsley: on a sunday. steve: what doctor's visit is routine on sunday. i talked to one of my doctor's probably just went for a routine regeneron infusion, he joked. but, nonetheless, take if they were republican? ainsley: the media is not covering this story. the "new york post" there is an op-ed the headline says covid hypocrisy. media silent from kamala harris' meeting with infected texas democrat. goes on to say imagine if three republican lawmakers. steve: now five. ainsley: flying maskless on a private jet rather than voting on a bill they didn't like caught covid and met with republican vice president who refused to be tested for the virus. the media would lose their mind. reckless lawmakers subverting democracy, spreading the delta variant and an administration trying to hide the truth. of course, you don't need to imagine the scenario.
4:07 am
three texas lawmakers, now five, did fleet state, did come down with covid, did meat with the vice president kamala harris and she refuses to get tested. because there are ds next to their names there is barely an outright. >> absolutely true. look how the sunday shows handled it. they mentioned it but didn't mention the covid diagnosis. abc, cbs and nbc all missed it. oops, i'm sure someone is going to be scolded today in the postmortem. i will add this keep in mind, democrats are trying to make it seem as though the republicans trying to steal every election in the future setting the table for what they are now going to get set for. james clyburn brought this up. putting voting infrastructure in their $3.5 trillion proposal that they are going to do on reconciliation, simple party line vote. if they can show joe manchin and kyrsten sinema go along with it. putting voting infrastructure in there. it's a long shot. jam that down america's throats. why are they protesting?
4:08 am
because of the texas said we are done with the pandemic. having drive threw voting doesn't make sense. having nonstop 24 voting has never been done outside of the pandemic. mailing everybody absentee votes without a request is not something we ever did before. go back to the way it was and have voter i.d. that's why they left. lieutenant colonel allen west says i know exactly what we should do. fire them all. listen here are individuals that maybe would not have these issues with code if they would have done their job. hailed as heroes but beyond mining our representative democracy near texas. if the republicans left this would be front page on every single mainstream media outlet, newspaper. and they would be denigrated and disparaged. that's part of the hypocrisy. when you abandon your duties. when you are a representative of the people arched you walk away from your job. you are not a hero. you are a coward. steve: so what are the fugitives
4:09 am
going to be doing today? today they are going to start with a five-day conference in washington, d.c. pushing for federal voting bills to pass. ainsley: greg abbott said we will continue to call special session after special session after special session. they have to come back and vote on this. lindsey graham said we are about to vote on infrastructure. $3.5 trillion plan. he says maybe republicans should do the same thing. listen to this. >> so, to my republican colleagues, we may learn something from our democratic friends in texas when it documents avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package leave town. >> you just see them leave and you are saying fine. they were effective in not giving the republican as quorum you will do the same thing on a $3.5 trillion tax and spend. >> hey, vice president harris, if you think these people are heroes well then i expect to you show up and pat us on the back. hell yeah i would leave. i will use everything lawfully
4:10 am
in my toolbox to prevent rampant inflation. a $3.5 trillion infrastructure package. steve: well, he said that before it was revealed that she went -- after she met with the fox news channellive lawmakers she went to walter reed for the routine sunday afternoon doctor visit. by the way, all those lawmakers in d.c. who are going to do a five day conference now on voting rights and things like that. they are going to all appear virtually from their hotel because, as we have now discovered, perhaps that jetting from austin to our nation's capitol was a super spreader event. brian: how could they hailed as heros if you are not going to a wedding or friend's wedding because this you didn't like your friend and didn't want to get married. you don't leave town and miss these crucial events in your life in order to run away from routine election rules that were there prior to the pandemic. and, number two, is when you are running from doing something
4:11 am
heroic, you don't usually bring cases of miller lite and fly on planes without masks on when all of us in america and i think around the world, cannot get on a plane and fly without it. >> well, because, if you are from texas. if you are proudly from texas. take a texas beer. ainsley: there is the beer. wants to add to the infrastructure plan. she is trying to find ways to add incentives for states to expand voting access. naught in the infrastructure bill. steve: i can't be the parliamentarian allowing that you never know, things are crazy in d.c. ainsley: looking for ways to make it happen. steve: we do know something is going to happen in california. there is going to be a recall election for gavin newsom, the current democratic governor of the great state. although because his attorney missed a deadline, he will appear on the recall ballot but his name will be -- will not have a d next to it it's interesting. other the weekend, they released
4:12 am
the list. they thought it was going to be about 100 names. 41 candidates made the cut to run for governor. 21 are republicans. there is one radio talk show host that is missing. ainsley: larry elder his name on the list. the list submitted by the secretary of state. and he said, this spokesperson said we filled out all of the documents correctly. we don't understand why our name. steve: wes up with that. >> why my name is not on the list. listen to this. >> this arrogant, incompetent, elitist man has got to go. crossed every i. dotted every t. signed every piece of paper turned it in on time. i intend to be in this election i will be on the certified ballot. brian: he would be a strong candidate. talked about his background. meager beginnings, dad worked his way up and becomes dominant radio personality. it's a shame. i wonder what's going to happen.
4:13 am
the one person who actually did recall election and won it is former governor arnold schwarz born in austria, became a background very same larr background to steve. went on to to win mr. owe olympic i can't. brian: eareery, a lot of people can't separate the two. steve you did a better job losing your accent. the former governor talking about this recall. >> this is easily winnable but the only thing is it's up to the candidates. several candidates out there that are very good. i myself don't get involved in the recall election because i think what is important to me is the all work together and move forward together and create a better business environment in california because our business environment in california sucks. and the reality of it is that businesses leaving the state. because of that, i think we can do better than that. steve: it is winnable. larry elder spokesperson say
4:14 am
they do expect him to be on the finalist that is going to be issued next week. because they did everything by the book. ainsley: on the ballot it will say should gavin newsom be recommend. if everyone votes no. he stays governor. if it's yes the person with the most votes you could get 25% will be the new governor of california. steve: stay tuned for that meanwhile, moving on. 7:4 here in the east. we showed you last week the extraordinary video of a board member for the naacp, also a top executive with the pta and federal employee a woman by the name of michelle leith standing outside of a school board heating in fairfax county. some people are incensed about the teaching of critical race theory. well, there she is right there in the center. and let to what she -- it appears she is talking about the parents who are concerned with what their students are being
4:15 am
taught. listen: [cheers and applause] ainsley: she says the comments were not aimed at them. she didn't want people. steve: didn't want people to die. she he wanted the ideals to die. she was asked to resign. this is the statement she said. she said it had nothing to do with crt. to my knowledge cr. >> it is not being taught in the public schools there or any other public school in the country. i will certainly admit it was ineloquently stated and with a
4:16 am
pause for applause. the timing was off but let them die was referring to the ideals that show a disregard and lack of support for our teachers who have -- who have a truly difficult job to do even without the pandemic. steve: that's right. so she was asked to resign from the pta. she has resigned. however, the naacp where she is also a board member said they stand with her the video was taken by azra who has a child who graduated. she had this observation about the let them die comment. >> i'm very troubled by these comments by virginia pta official, it the corruption that the virginia pta runs wide and deep and they have put a target on any parent whose opinion defers from their. >> it was disturbing. i stood behind her as she said
4:17 am
those words. i was shocked and what was even more disturbing was the applause that came afterwards. something that we have to stop and that's what we are trying to do as parents. we have millions across the country as you know going to school boards because that's what we have to do to stand up against this kind of divisive rhetoric. brian: wonder what this has to do with the governor's race. a lot of republicans are optimistic they can win that governor's race. and with stuff like this. with an issue as hot as this, it could resonate with a lot of suburban moms and dads. >> those two ladies on "fox & friends first" early yermt both of indian dissent. women of color they said. they are teaching their kids about their cultures and their background but she said we are against critical race theory. steve: all right. keeping you up to date. meanwhile, 7:17 here in the east. and ashley astronomer is joining us. this first story is the most troubling story i have heard in a week. >> it really is and i was going to say almost the same thing,
4:18 am
steve. going to start with this disturbing report. a hacker is stealing the identities from those who were killed in the condo clasp in surfside, florida. the criminal getting named. asked to check loved ones. authorities have not released which victims have been targeted. gunman opening fire on a truck in a bought of road rage. suspect shot several fliewndz that truck. the driver barreled through several lawns. police say the truck and a home hit with bullets but no injuries were reported thankfully. the suspect was arrested and charged with attempted murder. and appears to respond to britney calling her out for performing her song, posting quote, may the peace of the lord be with you and your spirit. overnight britney shared a new video dancing to billie llweleyn ledge's song bad guy. with the caption may the lord wrap your mean [bleep] in joy
4:19 am
today. coming up in the 8:00 a.m. hour. nancy grace weighs in in britney's next step for fight for freedom. and collin rallies to win the open championship. >> three in a row to take charge of this championship and very first open. [applause] >> holding off jordan spieth for second major title. he is the first player to win two different major championship debuts. the 24-year-old took home the pga championship title last year. >> a little -- >> can't believe what those hackers are doing. are can you believe that? steve: it's terrible. steve: how do banks let that happen? ainsley: i don't know. 7:19 on the east coast. coming up, america's crime crisis reaches president biden's doorstep with a manhunt underway with the suspect who opened fire outside of a nationals game and
4:20 am
this morning the police union has a message for the politicians. brian: yep. the white house meanwhile raining war on big tech with the crack down on the alleged misinformation means for you. ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back.
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4:24 am
♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ ♪ steve: well, look at that my goodness, chaos in our nation's capitol over the weekend saturday night three people injured in a shooting outside the washington nationals game. that incident happening just one day after a 6-year-old girl was fatally shot in another d.c. shooting where her mother and
4:25 am
four others were also shot. the washington, d.c. police union summing up the mood among the law enforcement in the city tweeting it's a tragedy that elected officials won't let us do our job. washington, d.c. police union treasurer joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. thanks for having me. steve: you bet. why won't politicians let you do your job? >> that's a good question. for the past 18 months the d.c. council in particular has been introducing and passing anti-law enforcement bills that have been hamstringing our members to do jobs appropriately. i don't know if we have enough time like i said to get through every bill. what doing hurting recruitment and retention and our ability to keep our citizens safe. steve: sure. we had the grandmother on of that little 6-year-old who has shot down on the streets just walking home the other day on friday. and the grandmother had this message for the people who
4:26 am
killed her grand daughter. listen. >> i don't feel safe for me or my family she didn't deserve this. she dog d. nothing to nip. i pray that when they close their eyes at night. >> they see her face. when they wake up, they see her face. and find it in their hearts to turn themselves in. i'm fray praying for that i'm praying for justice for my granddaughter. steve: she is praying for justice for her granddaughter. and you are interested in justice as well but your hands are tied. >> yeah. that's correct. you know, i can't sympathize enough for her family and tragedy and it hurts my heart. i think every good person's heart to hear that message. i can guarantee you why we do have a lot of restrictions going on right now that our homicide
4:27 am
unit is top notch. i put them against any police department in the world and i'm sure our homicide unit is working around the clock and hopefully we will be able to bring these horrible human beings to justice. steve: sure. but then, ma are inos you look at what happened in nationals saturday night. one of the kid lived in neighborhood. freaked out. apparently toyota pulled over. there was a shooting, van leaving, got shot. that's one of the dugouts where the players are. but the spectators actually dove into the dugouts and you had a bunch of the players leave the field. one up into the stands to get their family members to try to protect them. it is so embarrassing that in our nation's capital, a city, a district just 10 miles by 10 miles, they cannot keep the people safe because of how you are hamstrung. >> yeah. unfortunately, shows how brazen the criminal element has become.
4:28 am
we do have a police presence at those games. every game there is significant police presence. but, like we are seeing and like we saw in almost every day they are the good guys council has painted them the police are bad and they can do whatever they want. even when we make these amazing cases which our officers detectives and sergeants do every day. they go up to the to the courthouse, either the united states attorney's office fails to prosecute and even when they attempt toe prosecute. the judges don't want to hold them accountable. steve: absolutely. i personally know that has happened. thank you very much and good luck to you and the men and women of the law enforcement team. >> thank you, sir. it's my pleasure. steve: all right. 7:28 now. coming up, the white house slashing out at big tech doubling down after president biden blames social media for covid misinformation and for killing people. and while the administration wants to claim down on the web, our next guest says that plan
4:29 am
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♪ brian: try to follow this the war of words between the white house and facebook continues as the biden administration doubles down on criticism suddenly of the big tech giant. >> covid misinformation. what's your mess stooge platforms like facebook. >> they are killing people. >> information is hurting people's health. costing people's lives. taken positive steps i have acknowledged that what i have already said very clearly to them privately and very publicly is that it's not enough. brian: here to react is biotech entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book woke inc. vivek ramaswamy. thank you for joining us. one or two days to that statement they are killing people. they admit they are coordinating with facebook on a messaging campaign. what are we to believe. >> look, they are using different tools to get private companies to do what the government wants them to do. like i said before, brian,
4:34 am
private companies are free to do whatever they want. not free to do what they want when they are doing the bidding of big government. what government is doing right now juicing a combination of threats against these companies. that is effectively what you heard from president biden. they are the regulator of these companies so those threats mean something. also those companies are now willfully coordinating with the government to do the same thing. under the supreme court standard if a private company is either willfully coordinating with the government or the government is threatening those companies to do the same thing. or if the government provides immunity like section 230 to prevent private companies from being sued for doing what the government wants them to do. that means it's just state action in disguise. here you have all three elements and if it is state action in disguise, the constitution still applies. the first amendment, therefore, applies to these companies. brian: vivek, here's the problem. what is the truth? is it masks? good or bad? it changed? where is the origin of the virus in the wuhan lab? conventional wisdom according to the biden administration you vilified if you are brought that up a year ago. what is the truth when it comes to services?
4:35 am
i mean, hasn't the biden administration learned anything that they don't know everything about this? >> you hit the nail on the head. the right answer is hue middle not only acknowledging what we know but what we don't know. the right answer to misinformation, brian, it's not less speech, it is more speech. every dictator through human history has had his or her execute for why it is that they need to censor speech. the road only ends in the same place. the right answer is actually free debate. open debate in the marketplace of ideas. where the best ideas can win. that's a lesson we have learned time and again. now, president biden today, the mantra is that social media is different. well, guess what? this time has always been different. people said the same thing with the telephone. people said the same thing with radio. people said the same thing with the guteenberg printing press. it's not that different and precisely what president biden said is different, we need to remember our first principles of free speech. one of the principles that define our country.
4:36 am
brian: ' order vaccinated against covid-19. president biden's goal 70% july 4th vivek, all you do is tell people when you read things online find out the source of where they are coming from. so we do this every single day to do our jobs. do the same thing. is it fox news? is it another network? where did they find it? who is quoted in it and then you make your decision. that's called the way most americans live their lives. they think we're all morons. >> absolutely. and actually, the irony, brian, they are actually undermining public trust in science by trying to engineer the conversation. that's why people don't believe what they hear anymore because they know it's already been engineered free-thinking people are actually able to make their own judgment in the free marketplace of ideas. that's what we have lost.
4:37 am
brian: look forward to your book woke inc. always good to talk to you. >> good to see you. brian: i will be hosting "fox news primetime" all week amongst the guest we know tom cotton, mark meadows and ufc president dano white. he will not need hair. he will be makeup but he will be live. turning point u.s.a. action summit underway. so why are young conservatives -- what are young conservatives saying about the future of the movement? pete hegseth also young and live in tampa. he tells us after the break. ♪ ♪
4:38 am
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4:41 am
fox news alert two children missing after a attack. todd.
4:42 am
todd: while tblorts responding to a burning home gunman opened fire on ambulance nearby. one emt shot in the head is in critical condition right now. a second emt in stable condition. the gunman is accused at shooting at firefighters and neighbors. one neighbor was killed and firefighter shot in the arm. suspected gunman in critical condition after being shot by a police officer. >> this is sad day. really horrific incident. and, you know, our heart go to families that are obviously concerned about their loved ones associated with the more serious injury. >> tucson mayor also reacting tweeting i ask our entire tucson community joining me in thinking about and the victims of the fire and shooting by silver lake park including first responders from amr and the tucson fire department this was senseless act of violence. a charred body was found inside that burning home.
4:43 am
two or three children who live there steve, ainsley and brian back to you. steve: terrible, thanks, todd. ainsley: earlier today the biden administration announcing the transfer the first detainee out of guantanamo bay. the move picking up where barack obama left off and reduces the prison population to 39 now. steve: well, once upon a time pete hegseth was stationed at gitmo. weighs one of the guards with the national guard. he joins us now. pete, joe biden has made it no secret. he would like to close gitmo. they are down to 39. they sent this guy to morocco. what's next. pete: what's next? they probably continue this we know it's an extension of what barack obama wants it to do. but, you know, when i was there in 04-05. there were nearly 600 detainees. now less than 40. it's a prison without a mission at this point. you are not getting any actionable intelligence. ultimately, these guys are not -- there was no process. it got mucked up very, very
4:44 am
early when left wing lawyers and other protections came in. you weren't getting intelligence. you weren't bringing new people. in they weren't being released back and detained properly in the countries they came from. and as a result. it's just going to continue to intrindle whereas it could have been a great place to expeditiously interrogate try and, you know, execute because we are in a war. if people we are fighting a war against it never became that so you, ultimately. it's fading away and try to push people out as much as they can. >> they admitted to their crimes. mohammed took pride. i want to die. lawyered up. administration changes and now a brand new courtroom over there. nobody uses it. pete: brand new courtroom was there in 2004, 2005 when i was there, brian. it's been ready to go the whole time. the left wingers wanted to give constitutional protections to the terrorists and ultimately the process moved on and on and now it's almost of no value.
4:45 am
it's a pursing home. brian: some of the information they did give helped us kill onel it. pete: early on. brian: now they don't know the new generation. what about your speech this afternoon charliely kirk's place over there. pete: great lineup of folks this afternoon. watch them all at fox nation. i'm speaking around 4:00. they say for 20 minutes. we will see if i can keep it going that long. no, i'm just kidding. i could talk forever just like you guys. steve: we have noticed. pete: we will keep it snappy. the fun part here though really is talking to the young folks. we did have a chance yesterday to talk to a few of them about the conservative movement. you are right. charlie kirk has created something very special here at turning point at the student action summit. we ares in a unique moment coming out of the trump years in now the biden administration. how were conservatives feeling especially on college campuses? here is what a few of them said. >> what's it like to be on a college campus as a conservative in america right now? >> as a turning point representative and a conservative on campus, when we
4:46 am
table we get called on this. >> it's definitely hard because you have to watch what you say at different times. >> it's hard to be openly conservative. pete: what is it about turning point that get you motivated. why do you want to get involved. >> i believe the fight getting america back the way it was starts on the campus. because you have to fight what professors are teaching. >> turns point gives us hope and brave troy speak out who we are. >> no one else is going to stand up for freedom unless we do? >> when you look at the issues that are in our country today whatry you fired up about. >> abortion. >> critical race theory. >> when you look at the it leadership what names are top of your mind. >> obviously donald trump, love ted cruz. >> ron desantis. >> how about you. >> i have to agree. >> there you go two for governor desantis. pete: students are in the belly of the beast. it's only gotten worse in higher education. we know that cover it all the
4:47 am
time. cultural issues. abortion, censorship, critical race theory, top of mind. but they are excited to be amongst fellow conservatives where they don't have to feel like they are in the closet. steve: all right. well, pete, not wearing a necktie right now. he wore one yesterday for the interviews. appropriately enough. can you see all of the information stuff. pete: still wearing what i was wearing for the show. steve: of course. because you were traveling. want to see it all turning point summit through tuesday. get a free month of fox nation with the promo code sas. ainsley: i wonder if love connections there students could meet other students that share their same political beliefs. brian: pete, could you pursue that story? pete: let me find out. yeah, i think i can get answers on that. ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. hey j.d. >> beautiful day in new york city. take a look at the temperatures across the map. this is taylor by the way, tenth birthday. hi taylor from louisiana. across the northeast, we have got temperatures 72 here in new york. 6 in minneapolis.
4:48 am
74 in memphis and see the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the southeast. monsoonal temperatures in there. they need it but a lot of it is going to cause potential for flooding. advise showers and thunderstorms across portions of the gulf coast and southeast as well. taylor, where did you go come over here real quick. say hi. >> here she is. come over here. got to go. thanks for coming, guys. all right, back inside, steve, ainsley and brian. brian: keeping their distance. brian: all right. good. coming up straight ahead. big city leaders reversing course and mandating masks again. i'm not kidding. what does it mean for the already hurting restaurant industry when asked bar rescue's own jon taffer after the break. ♪ ♪ without frequent heartburn waking her up.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: health officials in las vegas now advising to mask up indoors including grocery stores, malls and casinos, this as people in los angeles county must mask up inside even if they're fully vaccinated, so
4:53 am
what does this mean for businesses trying to get back to normalcy? our next guest has his own restaurant opening up in vegas, bar rescue host jon taffer joins us now. hey, jon. >> good to see you. ainsley: this affects you and so many of your friends. >> first of all, i can't believe we're still talking about this now almost a year and a half later. there's a whole distressing element to it. there's a fatigue, obviously, upon the industry that's very powerful. what runs the nation is not forcing restaurants to do it, but i was in mount rushmore last week on vacation, and, of course, it's a national monument. there are signs when you enter that says if you're not vaccinated, mask up. if you are, you don't have to. there were a couple of thousand people there. i didn't see one person wearing a mask. so people are not following these recommendations anymore. i think they've left it behind.
4:54 am
but clearly, statistically there were people at mount rushmore who weren't vaccinated that, obviously, were ignoring this rule. so the problem, i think, is going to be public response. i think people are over it, ainsley. and is we talked even a year ago that we were concerned it would take a long time for demand to come back. well, las vegas is packed. there's a huge pent-up demand. we're seeing it across restaurants across the nation. we're busy from a revenue standpoint. i'm not sure the public is going to buy into it this time. ainsley, if i canned add one more -- can add one more point. back before the election when this was the, quote, trump vaccine, kamala harris and a bunch of democrats played a very active role in discrediting it. now that it's the biden vaccine, they're weighing and they're absorbing the results of what they did when they discredited it early on. my point is this: if we didn't discredit this process from the
4:55 am
beginning, the public would probably be far more accepting about it. we've got a problem. america's not ready to get vaccinated, and it should, and americans aren't ready to mask up again, so i'm not quite sure where this lands, ainsley. ainsley: you're absolutely right. we feel like we have freedom again, we can actually see people's mouths when they move and they talk, so do you think these workers -- a lot of these workers might have had covid, and they might have been vaccinated. do you think they're going to go along with this, and will it hurt the bottom line? are some people going to say is, look, i'm not going to go to the casinos if they're going to make me wear a mask? i'm just not going to spend my money in these restaurants. >> i think that's a real reality. we look at gaming, for example, which drives las vegas, the longer you sit, the more you play, the more money we make. you're not going to sit as long when you're uncomfortable wearing a mask. so it has a profound impact on gaming, it has a profound impact
4:56 am
on bars when people stay for longer periods of time. and i agree with you completely, i think the public is over this, and they're having a hard time looking back at this point. ainsley: i know. no one's throwing away their masks. mine are clean and in a cabinet in my kitchen, because i'm just worried we're going to have to pull them back out again. what's the name of your new restaurant? >> taffer's tavern. ainsley: thank you, jon. congressman byron donalds joins us at the top of the hour, and still to come, dave portnoy and nancy grace. ♪ everything, everything will be all right ♪♪ so, you have diabetes, here are some easy rules. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love.
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5:00 am
♪ >> the white house is not back down on blaming big tech for covid misinformation and killing people. >> every dictator through human history has his or her excuse for why they need to censor speech. ainsley: violence around our nation's capital, the youngest victim a 6-year-old little girl. >> the washington, d.c. police union tweeting it is a tragedy that elected officials won't let are us do our jobs. >> criminals are brazen. finish. >> two more democrats who fled texas to block a vote on gop
5:01 am
election reform have now tested positive for covid-19. >> they're being hailed as heroes, but they would not have this issue with covid if they were doing their job. >> the biden administration reportedly transporting its first detainee out of guantanamo. >> interrogate, it never became that. >> usa! usa! >> we believe in lifting people up, not locking people down. florida chooses freedom over fauciism. [cheers and applause] ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun, i'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up ♪♪ ainsley: good morning to you, tampa. it's 79 degrees there. the high of 89. it's going to be cloudy, it's going to rain a little bit this afternoon. ybor city's there. brian: there's so many new yorkers in tampa when the yankees play the rays.
5:02 am
steve: and they've got so many winning teams, that's why they call id champa. did you see that tom brady played with an mcl tear all last year? he is now 71 years old. [laughter] steve: well, the reason we showed you tampa is because pete hegseth is live at the turning point usa student is summit in champa. pete: brian, i agree with you, a 40-year-old guy and a bum knee -- brian: i know, it's unbelievable. ainsley: why didn't we know about that? did he keep it quiet? brian: yeah, by the way, the nfl's not happy about. pete, do you have any injuries right now? pete: my lower back's a little sore, i don't know why, but i think i can push through it. brian: okay. put that on the injury report from now on, okay? pete: i will, i will. and, ainsley, i did some intrepid reporting for you and found a love connection here at turning point.
5:03 am
ainsley: we need to meet him. pete: i don't have him on set, but brandon and victoria met at turning point in december of 2020, got married a few weeks ago -- steve: back from their honeymoon. ainsley: politics the whole honeymoon? pete: it sure was a turning point for them, so you might find more than just conservative politics, maybe love here. steve: right. brian: and the only tension in the relationship would be primary season. [laughter] after that no problem. that's the only -- pete: it's all in the primary. excited to be here, it just opened up at the turning point usa event. i'll be speaking at 4:00 later, you can catch it all on fox nation, and kayleigh mcenany and i hosting all access live at 1:a 15 on fox nation. it'll give you hope, that's all i'll say. hope for our country that the young people are truly awake and motivated to do something about it. you will not be disappointed. steve: terrific.
5:04 am
and if you don't have it, sign up today, use the promo code sas right there and get a free month. thank you very much, pete. brian: and pete was not happy that kayleigh was in front in that picture and he's in the back. we're going to follow that story as it goes. [laughter] we'll see how the cohosts go -- a. ainsley: you're protecting what your thought might be. brian: we'll find out if the rumors are true. ainsley: 8:04 here on the east coast. the white house is not blacking down on blaming big tech for covid misinformation. brian: it comes as the surgeon general is defending new mask rules. steve: griff jenkins joins us live with the newest information where the administration is saying big tech is killing beam. >> reporter: that's -- killing . >> reporter: that's right. it's back to the mask indoors and indefinitely where cases of the delta variant are spiking. in vegas employees in casinos again being required to mask up and more areas, we're learning,
5:05 am
may follow as the nation's top doctor defends the decisions. >> where there are low numbers of vaccinated people or where cases are rising, it's very reasonable for counties to take more mitigation measures like the mask rules that you see coming out in l.a. and i anticipate that will happen in other parts of the country too. >> reporter: these mandates are a departure from current cdc guidelines that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors. meanwhile, the surgeon general also doubling down on president biden's rhetoric, steve, that facebook is, quote, killing people. he's saying that as well and saying that their efforts to combat misinformation is, quote, not enough, adding it has to stop this after dr. fauci over the weekend took a hard shot at the tech giants. >> if we had the kind of false information that's being spread now, if we had that back decades ago, i would be certain that we'd still have polio in this
5:06 am
country. >> reporter: and check this out, in mecklenburg county, north carolina, they're knocking at the door with a needle. , health officials kicking off this program. you can see on the flyer there a van that has health professionals able to administer shots to residents who have not been vaccinated. i guess it's kind of like the neighborhood ice cream truck, but you get a shot instead of a popsicle. steve, ainsley, brian? [laughter] brian: so now they're going to start with the mask mandate. you know it's going to come to new york, every liberal city near you. every though you got the shot, even though you can prove you're vaccinated even if they ask. now the vaccine must not be effective was they want you to wear a mask everywhere. there might be somebody immuno-compromised around you, so so you should alter your lifestyle especially if you're 6 or 7 years old. puppet a mask on, fantastic --
5:07 am
put a pa mask on. steve: we were just talking to jon taffer, he said, look, he was out in mount rushmore, nobody was wearing a mask. remember, the rule is if you've been vaccinated, you don't need to wear the mask. but if you have not been vaccinated, you need to wear a mask. ainsley: in l.a. county everybody -- [inaudible conversations] steve: and so there are a lot of people who see, hey, i don't have to wear a mask because that person -- brian: but, listen, if you didn't get a vaccination, that's your choice. but if you did like i did and they did and maybe you did, then you should not wear a mask. and if you did and you want to go cliff diving this weekend, you don't have to check with me. it seems a little dangerous, but i'm not going to judge you. if you put yourself in danger, if you feel this is not something for you, don't do it. but don't affect my life are. steve: 99% of the people who are
5:08 am
dying from covid are unvaccinated. brian: that's their choice. steve: they don't want to die, so the administration and the government is saying need the mask mandate to protect the unvaccinated. brian: that's not their job. it's not their job to protect anybody. ainsley: well, they're pushing get vaccinated on social media, save other people's lives, and they're upset with facebook because they say there's a lot of misinformation out there. they have their top, what, top top 10, top 12 list of people -- right. there's antivaxers out there, and they don't agree with it. that's why florida gop congress byron donalds wants the experts from facebook to come in and meet with congress. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. good to be with you. ainsley: tell us more about that. what do you want to ask the executives at facebook? >> oh, it's very clear. i want to ask them what has the white house told them, when did they tell them, how frequently
5:09 am
has the white house been in contact with them, and the other social media company we can get in. the white house seems to have forgotten the fist amendment. it's not -- first amendment. frankly, the constitution clearly says they should never, ever, ever have that job. it's not a part of their perch. but because of the pandemic, they think they have the ability to take all powers everywhere. you guys were talking about these door to door programs. that's not the government's role. the government's role is to provide information in situations like this. if the white house wants to tweet out or put out on social media what they think needs to happen with vaccinations and public protocol, that's their business. do that. don't put pressure on private companies in order to have them remove information, remove posts. that is actually going against the first amendment. it's using private companies to do your dirty work for you. and they need to tell the congress what they've been doing and how much pressure the white house has been exerting on them. steve: sure. congressman, you know, it seems
5:10 am
like every poll that is taken about joe biden and how he's handling everything, he always finishes first with how he's handle the pandemic. but when you look at how badly they missed the administration target of trying to get 70% of the country with at least one jab by the fourth of july, they missed that. and so now, you know, the administration is blaming republicans, they're blaming trump, they're blaming facebook. facebook was not going to stand for it. they said, look, just because joe biden missed his 70% target, don't blame us. 85% of the people on facebook actually have gotten the jab or are going to get the jab. >> that's exactly right. listen, here's the problem. leftists always -- doesn't mean it's everybody else's fault. stop pressuring everybody. stop throwing it in people's faces. people typically have a revolt when somebody tells them what to do. just provide the information,
5:11 am
step back and let adults manage their own lives. this is a free country. n people are going to do what they want to do. listen, i'm 42 years old. i had covid-19. i'm not getting vaccinated because i don't want to. it has nothing to do with what the surgeon general says, that is my own decision as a free-thinking human being. i don't want to do it. i don't want the shot. millions of americans are like that. leave us alone. brian: congressman, guess what? you shouldn't have to get the shot. they don't even bring up natural immunity. you have natural immunity. they should give you an antibody test, and that should be as common as a covid-19 test, but for some reason they don't want to do it. so if people want to not get vaccinated and if they end up hospitalized, these are their decisions. since when are we getting involved in their decisions, and why do i have to pay the price for their decision not to get vaccinated? why do i have to wear a mask? >> exactly, you shouldn't have to. i think it's important for the mesh people to -- american
5:12 am
people to understand, this is actually the road to serfdom. when you allow a government entity to begin to take on more and more power and step outside of what they are authorized to do, then they have these bright ideas that they're the ones that get to shape reality for everybody else. this is a real problem for them because they could have just stopped and say we recommend people to get vaccinated, please look into the vaccine. there are plenty, they're available. but they've gone way past that. they're now putting pressure on social media companies to censor speech in our country. that is not the job of the president of the united states -- brian: and here comes the oppression again. here comes the mask mandate in las vegas and los angeles, and you just watch these other democratic states. we have a lot more to discuss. ainsley: yeah, congressman, let's talk about cuba because you live down in florida, and you've probably seen a lot of these rallies and people standing, demonstrations standing in solidarity with family members or folks down in cuba. recent talk, a podcast that was
5:13 am
recorded back in 2019 was recently released, and this is nicole hannah jones, the writer of the 1619 project. she's also a professor at howard university, and she says the most equal, multiracial country in our hemisphere, it would be cuba. it has the least inequality between black and white people anywhere in the hemisphere. i mean, the caribbean is hard to count because the white population in a lot of those countries is very, very small. a lot of those countries are run by black folks, but in race plas that are truly at least biracial countries, cuba has the least inequality, and that's largely due to socialism which i'm sure no one wants to hear. what's your reaction? >> first of all, outrage but not surprised. this is the problem with the left. marching if relate thatcher -- marching represent thatcher, god rest her soul, said it best,
5:14 am
they'd rather the poor be poorer. the reason why there's so much equality in cuba is because nobody has anything. that's not a society i want. that's not a society anybody wants. brian: by the way, congratulations on her showing her true colors. she's a socialist who sees a lot of merit in communism. thanks. >> absolutely right. it's ridiculous. this is the rationale, the ideology of the left. when you do that, folks, nobody has anything. except for the government, of course. nobody else has anything. we're all equal then. great, that sounds awesome. [laughter] steve: yeah. of course there have been rallies in support of the cuen ban people -- cuban people. you know, they want to be free. they hate communism. they would love the kind of freedom we have. in fact, you spoke at turning point in tampa over the weekend as did governor desantis, and we have a little clip where he welcomed folks to a particular
5:15 am
place that you won't find anywhere else. listen to this. >> let me just give you a personal welcome to the free state of florida. [cheers and applause] we believe in lifting people up, not locking people down. [cheers and applause] we believe in protecting the rights of kids to get an in-person education, the right of people to earn a living and the right of people to maintain their businesses. florida chooses freedom over fauciism. we back the blue in florida, and as a result, people leave some of these places where hay don't have any support -- they don't have any support. welcome them because we understand the important job they do upholding the rule of law in our country. steve: and, congressman, the above went through a whole bunch of issues, all things very popular with those young conservative voices who are there in tampa this week.
5:16 am
>> listen, governor desantis is proving every day that he's america's governor. he's the best in the country. he's absolutely right. here in florida we are a free state. we are the liberty state. that's where everybody flocked to during the covid-19 lockdowns all over the country. they came here. some of them stayed. increasing real estate prices in the state of florida. but he's hitting all the high notes, and he's absolutely right. we want to make sure people are empowered. we're not going to lock people down. we want them to use their brains, protect themselves and protect their loved ones. it's not that hard. this is simple stuff. and young people are getting it, it is resonating with them. this is the biggest turning point they've ever had, and it's only going to go bigger from here. brian: byron, thanks so much. appreciate you joining us and look forward to talking to you again. ainsley: thank you. >> anytime. ainsley: ashley has some headlines for us. >> reporter: the biden administration transfers a
5:17 am
detainee out of guantanamo bay for the first time, the moroccan prisoner was sent back home after being cleared by a review board in 2016. he remained in guantanamo for the duration of the trump presidency. cleveland's former mayor is returning to politics. he wants to save his hometown from rising crime and mismanagement. >> and the people -- fine. are you willing to risk the destruction of your entire career in order to stand on principle? >> reporter: the newest episode of tucker carlson is available on fox nation today at 4 p.m. and developing now, a u.s. athlete is being treated for
5:18 am
covid-19 are less than 24 hours after u.s. tennis player coco gauff tested positive. and -- >> hello, everyone. hello. it's my cowz s&p sin charlotte. >> reporter: the peppa pig effect has kids speaking in british accents. no word on whether they are asking for fish and chips at snack time. [laughter] those are your headlines. steve: i happen to know personally that one young person in this family has been impacted. [laughter] ainsley: so my daughter calls our backyard the garden. and now i'm starting to call it a garden. i was going to pick some flowers from the garden to put inside the house, which we did together on saturday morning. she calls it a garden because that's what they call it, i
5:19 am
guess, in the u.k. steve: when your daughter says we must check the schedule. ainsley: and she loves jumping in puddles with her rain boots on. bye brian really? i think it's time to put documentaries back on your schedule. a. ainsley: i know. now we're watching pbs kids. brian's one of our amazing staffers here on the morning show, he told me just let your kids watch tv because it's all educational. now we're into clifford the big red dog. that's a good one. brian: curious george, we could talk about that -- ainsley: she likes that too. brian: the magnet was magical. small business owners getting help from the barstool fund, dave portnoy will join us coming up as his efforts reach a new milestone. steve: but first, britney spears says the conservatorship has killed her dreams in a fiery message direct canned at her critics and her sister.
5:20 am
nancy grace on the pop star's fight for freedom, next. ♪ ♪ the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime.
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♪♪ want a piece of me ♪♪ ainsley: britney if spears' fight for freedom heating up. her younger sister jamie lynn deleting a prayer for peace after the singer lashed out at her. my so-called support system hurt me deeply. this conservatorship killed my dreams. nancy grace has covered the
5:25 am
story on crime stories, and she joins us now. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. thank you for inviting me. a lot of people are making much ado about a very recent post britney spears made of her dancing to a billie eilish song called "bad man." yes, she may be sending a message, but it's very much like reading the tea leaves. i don't know what that message is, but i can tell you this, we'll find out in september when they all go back to court. there's a lot of competing interests that are going down in that courtroom. it will be a major legal battle. ainsley: what will happen in that courtroom? she has this new attorney, and i know that he wants the dad out. if. >> yeah. now, here's the catch, do they just want the father, jamie spears, out or do they want to end the conservatorship totally? now, she got a really good and aggressive lawyer, mat
5:26 am
rossengart. he's going to go to war. two choices. the father -- jamie spears -- can do it the easy way. the two of them can get together and negotiate his exit plan, or he could do it the hard way where this lawyer goes to war. the loser will be the father. but, again, do they want to owned the conserve or to haveship or just remove the father, because let me tell you something, to remove a conservatorship, very hard to do and very rare because normally the people under conservatorship can't speak for themselves unlike britney. and listen to what she said to the court. highly, highly probative. her ability to explain what she wants, she's very articulate. she does not need to be in a conservatorship. but to get out of it, she's going to have to submit to a evaluation, a mental evaluation.
5:27 am
this judge isn't going to just let go of the reins without being sure she can take care of herself. britney spears does not want that evaluation. ainsley: what's the future for her? she's talked about maybe wanting to have another baby and get married. do you think she'll go on the road again and tour? >> now wait a minute, wait a minute. i'm a lawyer not a planned participant if hood -- [laughter] if i were going to read the tea leave, i would say she is going to try to have another baby. she's still got time with this new boyfriend. i think once her dad is removed, and he will be removed -- mark my words on it, ainsley -- she will take to the stage again. it's like a bird's got to fly and a fish has got to swim, this girl's got to perform. she will take the stage and the dad is going to be out, but i predict there will still be a conservatorship in place. ainsley: she'll have sold out shows. >> you know it. ainsley: catch nancy's crime stories on fox nation. check it out.
5:28 am
coming up, some of those texas democrats on the run, they have gotten covid-19 after fleeing the lone star state to avoid a crucial vote. podcast host rob smith is going to be join us next as the media praises the so-called freedom fighters. ♪ -- i still believe, still believe. ♪ when i'm not with you, i lose my mind. ♪ give me a sign -- ♪ hit me, baby, one more time ♪♪ or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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♪ ainsley: okay. we're back with some quick headlines. this just in, the biden administration is blaming -- for the hack of a microsoft e-mail server back in march. the u.k. and our nato allies also joining in on the formal accusation against china. the coalition revealed a range of other cyber threats from beijing including contracting criminal hackers to extort companies for millions. and jeff bezos is just a day away from joining richard branson as the latest billionaire to blast off in space. >> this is the first one with human beings. are you a tad anxious? >> neil, i'm not. i am excited but not anxious. we'll see how i feel, you know,
5:33 am
when i'm strapped into my seat, you know, but we're ready. the vehicle's ready, this team is amazing. i feel very good about it, and i think my fellow crew mates feel good about it too. >> reporter: tune in to fox later today when bezos sits down with neil cavuto to talk about his flight into the final frontier. and those are your headlines. back to you. steve: thanks, ashley. two more democrats to block a vote op on republican election reform have tested positive for covid. now there are five of the finaltives with covid -- fugitives with covid-positive test. the media accused of covid hypocrisy for its silence as we learn vice president harris will not be tested nor quarantined despite meeting with them. rob smith joins us now from tampa. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: well, in this' all problematic -- that's all
5:34 am
problematic. they say she won't be tested or quarantined, but yesterday out of nowhere kamala harris, on a sunday,went to walter reed medical center for a routine doctor visit. there are no routine doctor visits on sunday. >> yeah. you know, this is really interesting that if this was a republican, like, if this entire thing was flipped around, we would hear nothing more than about this from the mainstream media. they would ask kamala harris about her covid status, they would say what are you doing, all of this other stuff. but because it's kamala harris, they will let this pass i by. it's actually crazy, and you're breaking a little news to me because i did not know that she visited walter reed yesterday. i did know that shed had exposure to these democrats, but i did not know that she visited walter reed. so there is a story here. unfortunately, we have a mainstream media that is not curious enough to ask any
5:35 am
questions of democrats, because these are the people that they want to support, you know? steve: and speaking of coverage on the network sunday morning shows, not one of them, not abc, cbs or nbc talked about it for one second. i think we've got a graphic of that. nonetheless, the other thing, rob -- there it is right there. so she apparently had her routine doctor vicinity, a doctor friend of mine said she probably just got a routine regeneron infusion, he joked. but, of course, nobody knows what happened. so that means, essentially, the image of those texas lawmakers who were on the lam flying to d.c. in that private jet with no masks on -- which flies in the face of the cdc guidelines -- that essentially could be a super-spreader event right there. why isn't anybody talking about that in the mainstream media? >> because they're democrats, okay? like i said, the main stream media, their function right now is to protect democrats, is to
5:36 am
protect the left. they're treating these types of democrats that basically pulled this publicity stunt, that acted like spoiled children and ran away from work and are trying to act like they're some sort of civil rights freedom fighters, so they're treating these folks as if they're heroes, and they're not. they're spoiled, petulant children, but the mainstream media does not want to ask these questions because if you do, you get answers that the american public deserves to know. those answers may just hurt democrats. the mainstream media doesn't want to do that. steve: let's see if kamala harris appears in public around other people or maybe she's just on office duty. listen, 11:40 this morning there in tampa you've got a big speech before the kids at the turning point, don't you in. >> yeah, i do. so i'm here in the beautiful state of florida, gotta love tampa. you know, i moved to the area about 15 months ago. i'm going to be taking the main stage at about 11:40 this
5:37 am
morning just pushing a message of positivity to the kids and pushing a message that conservatives have to take back the culture. that's what i'll be talking about. steve: all right. and if folks would like to watch him, go to fox nation. if you don't have it yet, sign up, get a free month of fox nation with the promo code sas. rob, thank you very much. have a great speech. >> all right, thanks a lot. steve you bet. all right. it is exactly 23 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, terrifying moments in our nation's capital with three people shot outside the nationals game on saturday as you can see right there where they're running for their lives, and then a 6-year-old is killed in a drive-by shooting. former new york city police officer dan bongino reacts as the child's grandmother speaks out op on "fox & friends." i pray that when they close their eyes at night, they see her face. i'm praying for justice for my granddaughter.
5:38 am
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♪♪ >> i don't feel safe. for me or my family. she didn't deserve this. she did nothing to anyone. i pray that when they close their eyes at night, they see her face. when they wake up, they see her face. find it in their heart to turn themselves in. i'm praying for that. i'm praying for justice for my granddaughter. ainsley: that's a heartbroken grandmother speaking out after her 6-year-old granddaughter was fatally shot in d.c. this weekend. steve: this just the day before a terrifying shooting outside z the nationals' game on saturday night. the police union now pointing to lawmakers for their lack of support. brian: host of unfiltered and former police officer dan
5:43 am
bongino joins us now. 57 shot in chicago, we can add that to it, and the pad a race letting -- padres letting everyone into their dugout, what are your thoughts? >> first, listen, watching that here, i can see this on the return, what is this, afghanistan? i mean, that's washington d.c. watch, i mean, you saw what i saw. you looked at the imagery which has gone viral on social media, what country do we live in? steve they're running for their lives. >> yeah, exactly. the most disturbing part about this story about the crime wave now encompassing large portions of liberal cities in america, and other places as well, sometimes you enact a policy in the government, and you're unsure of the ramifications whatever it may be. a tax cut, printing money, you're not sure, you find out later, you do research. what happened after the tax cut. what's disturbing about this and these crime policies and policing policies in these liberal cities is we knew what would happen. in other words, we tried this
5:44 am
before. let's get weak on crime, let's let criminals out, let's attack the police and not empower them to do their jobs. guys, we tried that. we tried it. there was a massive crime wave throughout the country in the '80s. you had the crack wars in the '90s. i was there. i saw it. no one's going to lecture me on what happened with police departments, i was there. i also saw the renaissance in policing when rudy giuliani got into office and implemented different policies and said we're going to start now enforcing the law. today's the day, no more, not today, not tomorrow. we're going to clean this city up, and look what happened. so you have to ask yourself a common sense question. if they knew the results would be body bags in their streets, what does that say about the people in charge of liberal cities? i mean, that's a serious question. they knew this would happen and they did it anyway.
5:45 am
ainsley: dan, i know you've been canceled, you have a show on fox nation called canceled in the usa. gilbert gottfried opened up about the cancel culture with you. let's take a look. >> when i hear about another person getting in trouble now, i always think, oh, thank god them and not me. because i, i've been through it a few times. the internet makes me feel sentimental about old time lynch mobs. at least lynch mobs, they had to put their shoes on, go out, get their hands dirty and deal with other people. now you sit in your underwear on your couch and you, you're there with your phone, and you're making a little -- you have a lynching there. ainsley: dan? >> yeah. yeah, that's one of really quite a few stories in this series that i promise you, your jaw's going to drop. some of these you may not have even heard of, these people who have been canceled. one of them posting an all lives
5:46 am
matter, you know, sign on his door. so it's really disturbing. hey, one more thing too on my podcast, don't miss my radio show on fox nation, folks. i promise you by the end of the day one of the biggest stories in america will be this what is pegasus, this surveillance platform. huge, huge story. watch fox nation today, my radio show. don't miss it. steve: we'll be looking for that. canceled in the usa available now on fox nation with one episode dropping each day. check it out. you don't have fox nation, use the promo code today sas, and you get a month for free. ainsley: thank you, dan. let's check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice: hey, good morning. i want to introduce you to charlie from south carolina? >> north carolina. janice: and what's the weather in new york right now? >> cloudy. janice: you did great! awesome. let's take a look at the rest of the country. amazing, charlie.
5:47 am
temperature is 72 here in new york city. cloudy skies. 68 across kansas city and we've got 70s across the gulf coast. showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast and the southeast, we could see the potential for showers as well over the southwest which could cause some flash flooding. want to say hi to everybody at home. wave right now. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. >> hi, steve and brian. janice: ainsley too. a new kid caster. brian: coming up straight ahead, dave portnoy a raises more than $40 million to help small businesses during the pandemic. the barstool sports founder joins us next. steve: but first, let's check in with somebody who's been on a bar tool or two -- [laughter] bill: good morning. nice to see all three of you as we bin a fresh week here. good morning. what happened with these texas dems who are now covid-positive? how did this happen in meanwhile, more suggesting the
5:48 am
pandemic could have been a lab leak, we've got more on that. a weekend on crime, a broken record. and the very first space tourist made his mission 20 years a ago. he's going to tell us today what the world's richest man can expect at this hour tomorrow morning. so we'll see you guys ten minutes away, top of the hour. g] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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♪♪ steve: all right. you know, over the last couple months we've been telling you about how there are parents upset in fairfax county, virginia, about critical race theory being taught. well, they had a school board meeting last week outside -- inside luther jackson middle school in fairfax county. outside there was actually a rally with the participants who were against -- parents who are against crt, but there was also a counterrer-rally. a. ainsley: the lady you're about to hear from is a leader in the pta, the naacp, and she had to resign after she said this:
5:53 am
[cheers and applause]steve: yeah. so very clearly she says let them die -- ainsley: and then the crowd cheers. steve: they did. and now she's put out a statement where she said, hey, i don't know what everybody's talking about, i wasn't talking about crt. she said it had nothing at all to do with crt. to my knowledge, crt is not being taught in fairfax county schools. i will certainly admit it was ineloquently stated and the
5:54 am
timing was off. the let them die was referring to the ideals that show a disregard and lack of support for our teachers who have a truly difficult job to do even without a pandemic. to so many people who heard her though, you know, she's in the pta, and she's talking about let them die, it sounded like the parents. at the parent teacher association, that's bad for business and that's ooh why the pta said you've got to resign, and he did. ainsley: well, there were two ladies on "fox & friends" first, the second one you're going to hear from, she shot that video and it just went viral because people were so upset with what this lady was saying. these two women are against critical race theory being taught in their kids' schools. listen the these parents. >> i'm very troubled by these comments by a virginia pta official expect corruption that the pta, virginia pta runs wide and deep. they have put a target on any parent whose opinion differs
5:55 am
from theirs. >> oh, it's absolutely disturbing. i stood behind michelle as she said those words, and i was just shocked. and what was even more disturbing was the applause that came afterwards. something that we have to stop. that's what we're trying to do as parents. we have marching millions across the country, as you know, going to school boards because that's what we have to do to stand up against this kind of divisive rhetoric. brian: yeah, that's more that we'll continue to follow. meanwhile, struggling small businesses have found a helping hand to recover from the impact of pandemic from the bar stool fund. >> i'll be able to keep my doors open the next couple of months with my of staffers who have been there for many, many years. >> i was really thinking about foreclosure and what life would kind of look like. [laughter] without the restaurant. and then dave came through for us. >> to every small business out there, don't give up hope.
5:56 am
we're all suffering here. we're all together, and i'm fortunate enough to have barstool come and take care of me and my business. brian: it wasn't just his business, it's a lot of businesses. since december, barstool has given more than $41 million to over 400 small businesses over the country. founder dave portnoy joins us now. hey, dave, we've talked about this before, able to meet some businesses with you that see you for the first time. seeing those numbers, what does it mean to you? >> you know, it's been, obviously, a rewarding thing and, hopefully, we don't have to go back into it with everything that's happening. but anybody we can help, one business, two businesses, it changed their lived. not just the lives of business owners and their families, everybody around the community. it's been a super rewarding program, no doubt about it. brian: and the people believe in you that the money's going to go to the right place because so many people have been burned
5:57 am
before. you get the money and hand it to other people that need the money, and your credibility made this happen. that's got to be, that's got to be a great feeling. >> yeah. i mean, the beauty of this program was we got the money, we got it out the door quickly. there are a lot of people on our end from donations, myself if, the whole company with barstool, we're there every month so it wasn't just a one-time payment. we poke the these people every month, checked in with them. and the best part is getting the e-mails and letters from the businesses who say, hey, we don't need the money anymore. we made it through the worst part, and we want it to go to other people. actually, we've gotten a ton of those letters, and that's by far the most rewarding part. brian: absolutely. do you still look for donation status to sustain some of these businesses? >> no, we've slowed down with the donations. obviously, we'll see what happens, but this is really to get through the darkest time. summer, obviously, is good.
5:58 am
a lot of places can get going and reopen. we're not looking for more donations right now. brian: dave, i'm sure i you've seen the news, los angeles, las vegas, mask up. how soon til other cities are going to do the same thing? is this going to be déjà vu? >> learn, if you told me the first thing -- listen, if you told me the first thing was going to happen, i would have said no chance. i don't think the american people accept it, but what do i know. i really can't believe -- i mean, these businesses that we helped in the country, they're not going to -- they're still struggling. they're just in a better spot than they were. but another shutdown, masks -- what do i know? i really hope so not, but i can't believe, i won't let myself believe that's going on to be the case. brian: i hope not. they see the damage that's been done. it's unbelievable. dave, the other thing, i saw last night you were shut down
5:59 am
off twitter. what happened? >> you mean a couple weeks ago? brian: was it a couple weeks a ago you were shut down? >> yeah, yeah, no, that was a while ago. that was quick. i got back pretty quick. brian: all right. real quick then, something changed about college sports, barstool a part of it. if you want to, if you're a college student, now you can get marketing deals. what is barstool doing for these athletes? >> we're signing up a ton of d1 athletes and trying to get strength in numbers and really help them improve their social influence and how many followers you have on social media. that's currency in today's age. so we're trying to help grow the brand and help them figure out ways to get money for themselves. brian: exciting time. barstool in front of it, doing the marketing. dave portnoy, thank you so much. the
6:00 am
thanks, dave portnoy. >> thank you. brian: all right. that's what's going on. meanwhile, let's wrap things up. ainsley: you're going to be 7:00 tonight, right? if. brian: yes, on on the you'll be on -- you'll be on the five, i'll be on at seven all week. steve: and go to, promo cold sas and -- code, sas and get a month free.


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