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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 19, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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ashley: it is monday, july 19th. america's crime crisis reaches president biden's doorstep with a manhunt underway for the suspects who opened fire outside of a nationals game and this morning the police union has a message for the politicians. todd: the white house defending its team effort with big tech to flag covid misinformation online as a new round of restrictions threaten to derail reopening efforts. we're live in washington. ashley: collin moore makes an incredible debut appearance at the british open. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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todd: i don't know talking about golf, but watching that young man over the weekend, his game looks so balanced. i think he could be poised for an amazing career ahead of him. he won two majors in his first eight tries. he's 24 years old of. there are players who play their entire career and don't win two majors. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm todd piro. ashley: i'm ashley strohmier. d.c. police offering a $10,000 reward in the manhunt for suspects in saturday's shooting outside of a nationals game. todd: look at that, that terrifying incident comes as cities across the country are seeing a surge of violence. marianne rafferity joins us live from la. >> reporter: a manhunt is underway for suspects who opened fire on each other during a washington nationals game,
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sending terrified fans ducking for cover. >> everybody ran into a spot and then like -- i just hugged my wife and just laid on the ground with her. what happened? i mean, we're just watching a baseball game. >> reporter: police releasing these images of one of the suspect's car, it's a gray or silver sedan, also offering a $10,000 reward. the nationals manager reassuring fans. >> it can get crazy. we all know that. we all want to feel safe. i can tell you that inside the ballpark, i feel safer than ever. i really do. we care about each other. we don't want anybody getting hurt. i tried to protect as many people as possible. >> reporter: the shooting at the game happening just one day after 6-year-old naya courtney was shot and killed in southeast d.c. a $60,000 reward being offered
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in that case. the washington, d.c. police union summing up the mood among law enforcement in the city, tweeting, quote, welcome to washington, d.c. where violent crime permeates everything. it is a tragedy that elected officials won't let us do our jobs. and in chicago, at least 55 shot including six children who were hurt in a drive-by shooting at a party. a witness to that shooting stunned by the increase in violence. >> and just to think something as simple as a gathering leads to someone getting hurt and i just hate to hear that over and over again that our young people are getting shot, continuously. >> reporter: and in the san francisco bay area, where burglaries are up 52% from last year, the mayor will announce today how the city's going to deal with the uptick in crime announcing a community and policing deployment plan. ashley, todd. todd: marianne, thank you. ashley: now to a fox news alert. at least two children are
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missing after a house fire and multiple people were shot. this includes an a emt and fire captain in arizona. police say while authorities were responding to a burning home, a gunman opened fire on an ambulance nearby. one emt was shot in the head and is in critical condition. a second emt is stable. the gunman is accused of then shooting at firefighters and neighbors at the house fire. one neighbor was killed. a firefighter was hit in the arm and the suspected gunman is in critical condition. it was after being shot by a police officer. a charred body was found inside the burning home. authorities are looking for the two or even three children who live there. terrible, terrible tough. todd: four minutes after the hour now. today, president biden will update the u.s. on our covid economic recovery but more restrictions could be looming as delta variant cases surge. ashley: griff jenkins joins us live with more as the surgeon general is defending these new mask mandates. good morning, griff. >> reporter: he is indeed, ashley and todd. good morning.
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it's masks back on in la county where cases of the delta variant are spiking in more areas. local officials were defending the decision in la. watch. >> it's not punishment. it's prevention. we still have 4 million people out of 10 million that haven't been vaccinated. >> reporter: the la mask mandate departs from current cdc guidelines that says vaccinated people do not need to mask up indoors but former surgeon general jeer recommend adams disa-- jerome adams disagrees. he tweeted over the weekend last year tony fauci and i famously prematurely and wrongly advised against masks. i felt it was the best call at the time but now regret it. i'm worried the cdc also made a similarly premature misinterpreted yet still harmful call on masking in the face of the delta variant. this as administration takes aim at facebook and social media over misinformation. current surgeon general vivek
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murthy saying efforts to combat it have failed. >> i acknowledge that they're taking some steps and i appreciate that, but i'm also very clearly saying it is not enough. it's hurting people and i think it's got to stop. >> reporter: meanwhile, senator ted cruz slamming the white house's coordination with facebook. >> everything we thought about the biden administration, about their willingness to trample on free speech, to trample on the constitution, to use government power to silence you, everything we feared they might do, they they are doing and worse. >> reporter: and remember the door-to-door campaign? well, in mecklenburg county, north carolina, that knock at the door may come with a needle. officials have kicked off a doses to door vaccination program with health professionals on standby to administer shots to residents who have not been vaccinated. ashley, todd. todd: it will be fascinating to see if that spreads to other towns and cities across the
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country. griff, thanks. ashley: republican congressman's byron don aldz dos plans to call on facebook to testify. >> the president of the united states has forgotten what the first amendment stands for. it means the government, no elected official, whether the president or myself, has the ability to abridge speech. you can't put pressure on private companies to have them do your bidding for you. it's outrageous. they need to answer about this one. ashley: he wants to hear what ability they have in their decisions. todd: a key ally is concerned about volatility in afghanistan growing. a retired general is slamming joe biden's hasty troop pullout from afghanistan. >> the situation on the ground has become increasingly dire with each passing week. todd: president biden has given a deadline of august 31st for
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removal of all u.s. troops from the area. coming up at the end of this hour, we are talking to the father of a 15-year-old girl who was killed in a terror attack in jerusalem. he says jordan has been harboring the terrorists behind the attack and he's going to share his message for president biden ahead of today's white house meeting with king abdullah. ashley: anti-government protests continue across cuba over of the weekend as cuban leaders rally supporters in havana and demonstrations are ramping up here in the u.s. 100 florida boaters including many cuban exiles are set to sail to the country's coastline today but the u.s. coast guard and department of home of land security warn that it's illegal to enter cuban territory without a permit. >> the purpose is just to stay in the international waters and, again, let the cuban people know that we're also fighting for their freedom. ashley: anyone who is caught breaking the law could face a $25,000 per day fine and up to
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10 years in prison. and here is mark levin on how the biden agenda benefits our enemies more than the american people. >> i'm laughing because joe biden is destroying this country from within and i don't have to raise a finger. he is a human pandemic. he's done more damage to this country in six months than communist china could ever do to us. and he is a grave threat and his administration is a grave threat. they're a threat to our civil liberties and free speech. he wants to be bigger than fdr, wants to be bigger than -- how about you pay attention to what's going on in this country, joe. how about you pay attention to what your policies are doing to this country. joe biden is giving and wants to give tens of billions of dollars to the iranian regime. we have an insane administration that is pushing these radical, marxist agenda movements, you can there's more hate for the republican party than he does for the regime in cuba. todd: switching gears entirely,
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collin morikala rallying to win the british open. >> for three in a row to take charge of this championship. in his very first open. todd: they get mad when you call it the british open. they like when you just call it the open. he held off jordan spieth, he becomes the first player to win two debuts after he took over the pga championship title 11 months ago. i watched a little bit of him this weekend. he's such a balanced golfer. you hear how one guy can drive it, one guy can putt it. he's good at every aspect of the game. he's winning and that's what's counts. ashley: eggs young enough where -- he's young enough to where he can always get better. we just told you about the manhunt in d.c. after saturday's shooting at the nationals game. our next guest was actually there when a night at the ballpark turned into an absolute
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nightmare. she is going to walk us through her terrifying experience. todd: larry elder threw his hat in the ring for the california recall election. his name was left off and we'll have details coming up. ♪ i've got it all on the line. ♪ for a piece of the promised land. ♪ what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing,
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todd: welcome back. 14 minutes after the hour. now chaos in our nation's capitol over the weekend as three people were injured in a shooting outside the washington nails nationals game. ashley: this comes one day after a 6-year-old was shot and killed in yet another d.c. shooting. alaina rodriguez who attended the washington national game on saturday when the shooting happened joins us now. thanks for being with us. >> no problem. good morning. ashley: good morning to you. i'm just trying to wrap my head around this. i couldn't imagine sitting at a baseball game, having a beer,
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and a brat, and all of a sudden you see people running out. what were your thoughts? did you know that there were gunshots when you heard them or were you confused at first. >> i had just gotten up to use the bathroom and my friend was beside me and i was like what was that, and he's like those are gunshots. he was former military. he was like those are gunshot, everybody down, get down. we got down and somebody at the top of the section yelled that's a shooter, t shooter, we're like where. nobody knew where. when you're down in the section, you can't know if this is going on inside or outside. no one knew. todd: to that point, when you hear something outside, especially in a stadium, you don't know the direction from where it's coming. did you have any sense as to where in that big circular stadium the sound was coming from? >> no. we didn't know if it was outside like i said or inside. but you could tell it was close. we looked down to the cop that was on the field. he was looking up and he didn't
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know. we saw him lock a gate. and we saw the commotion. we were on the third base side, under the area where the shooting was outside, now that we know. but everybody started splinting towards -- sprinting towards the center field area, so we were like is the shooter going that way, what is going on, what is the chaos. i guess it was all the cops. we don't know, that were going that way. ashley: how long with you guys essentially hunkered down, sheltered in place or really just in the stadium after that happened? >> i would say we stayed just in that area of the seating area for probably about two minutes. that's when the players from the pan trace came and -- padres came and opened the gates and sent us into the dugout. overall, five to 10 minutes solid before chaos was -- i wouldn't say undone. they made an announcement in the stadium and they were like the action is outside of the stadium. todd: based upon your
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experience, are our stadiums in general throughout the country prepared if god forbid something worse than this happens some day? >> you know, i would like to say yes, there is the security process of going you through with metal detectors and such but after seeing this, i don't know. there isn't ever a real process for an active shooter anywhere. but i don't know. ashley: alaina, thanks so much for sharing your story with us and we're really glad that everything turned out for the best for you with this situation. >> thank you. thank you very much, i appreciate it. todd: you prepare but there's really no preparation, when it happens, i mean it is sort of just inestimate that takes over-instinct that takes over. ashley: a texas state representative is firing back at state democrats who fled. todd: he suggests it's all a political gameic.
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♪ this summer on your tv, tablet, or any screen ♪ ♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ todd: austria quickly becoming a hot spot for the havana syndrome as more and more diplomats are reporting unexplained health incidents with more than 20 u.s. officials there reporting cases of a mysterious syndrome. fox news contributor and former cia station chief dan hoffman joined us earlier to discuss what steps the biden administration should take. >> going forward, they need to find and fix and then disrupt these attacks before they cause harm on our people. that means mobilizing the state department, the department of he defense, the intelligence community as well as our own state and local and federal law enforcement. todd: the syndrome first emerged in the cuban capital back in 2016. texas state troopers are struggling to patrol the del-rio sector of the border as floods
2:22 am
of migrants illegally cross every day. >> in texas alone, in this fiscal year already we have already set a new all-time record for the number of people who have been apprehended coming across the border. just the scale of this in terms of the stress on public resources, school, medical, all these other things, this is going to greatly impact communities. todd: republican governors across the country sending reinforcements to help with patrols, this as officials say distress calls for migrant rescues are up a whopping 81%. ashley. ashley: thanks, todd. five of the texas democrats who fled the state to block the passage of a pair of election security bills have now tested positive for covid-19. my next guest isn't brig ' buyit and wants to see proof of the positive tests. joining us live is republican chair of the committee is bringo
2:23 am
kaye. the first question i have for you, the democrats, the flew off on this adventure, on this private plane about a week ago. when do they they have to come back, if ever, to get this work done? i said it once, i'll say it again. this seems like a huge waste of time for the taxpayers of texas. >> yeah, ashley. it is a giant waste of time. i call what they're saying about covid being more of a gimmick. look, our rules here in the texas legislature allow for people to have contracted covid, they can come to the gallery, they can be in hearings virtually. we just need them present back inside the state or in the capitol and i think they use it as an excuse to shirk their duties to their constituents and the people of texas. why else would they have talked about it, other than to use it as a delay. the main thing they're lying about is the legislation here in texas, they say they're running from, they're not running from
2:24 am
legislation. they're just using this as a gimmick to try and pressure the senate and congress to pass hr1, a federal takeover of our elections. in fact, i think it's about something even bigger, i think it's about redistricting, calling attention to that. they know, many of those who -- i stood in press conferences, they told me personally a few months ago that they didn't think this was voter suppression. now here they are. ashley: so many of the five lawmakers who have tested positive for covid have been vaccinated. that word many is important there. but i also want to read the texas democrats' response to this. it says this is a sober reminder that he covid is still with us and though vaccinations offer tremendous protection, we still must take necessary precautions. our caucus will follow all recommendations from public health experts as we continue to work. after i read that statement about the covid positive response and vaccinations being
2:25 am
-- have a less likely chance of getting this and suffering from severe illness but harris, vp harris was also -- she had a meeting with them, yet her team says the vice president, her staff are fully vaccinated, she will not be quarantining. what is your response to this? >> you get it exactly. she's not going to quarantine. she's not falling for the gimmick. had republicans done this around a republican president, they would say we're trying to kill the president. now the mainstream media is being hypocritical about what the democrats have done. for pete's sake, supposedly under federal law they're supposed to wear masks on private charters. i wasn't aware of this. i never advocating for masking. i've been against it the entire time. shows the hypocrisy of the whole thing. it's clearly a distraction, another excuse to not come back to texas. eventually they will have to return. i think the people of texas are
2:26 am
getting irritated, and finally we'll be able to pass this big. ashley: good luck getting them back into the state. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. god bless. ashley: todd. todd: ashley, time now, 25 minutes after the hour. thousands of students are in tampa for the turning point usa action summit and so is our friend, pete hegseth. we're going to check in with him after the break. do not go anywhere. ♪ limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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ashley: a fox news alert, the biden administration reportedly transferring its first detainee out of guantanamo bay this morning. the new york times reports president biden is picking up where his former boss, president obama, left off, reducing the prison population to 39. todd: here to weigh in, "fox & friends weekend" co-host, pete hegseth.
2:30 am
you were stationed in guantanamo bay for a long time. i imagine you're not pleased with this news this morning. >> no, but it's a long time coming and to be expected. when i was there, there were over 600 he detainees, now there's less than 40 of. it was a great idea for the right reasons to prosecute these terrorists after 9/11 in a place where they wouldn't get caught up in a constitutional maze. instead, that's what it became. ultimately, ever since it was caught up in the courts and we haven't been able to prosecute these guys. they've lost intelligence value. now it's a waiting game. so we knew obama wanted to do it prematurely. no surprise that biden is doing it as well. i think you'll see more of this and if countries will take these people. ashley: and i want to get to this as far as big tech and the white house. i know you have some pretty strong thoughts on this. surgeon general vivek murthy defending the white house's move to team up with big tech to flag
2:31 am
covid-19 misinformation. so pete, i'm going to hand it to you from there. >> it is one of the most -- last week was one of the most dangerous weeks i've ever observed from a white house podium. the way in which they openly admitted that big tech was working with the white house, taking the guidance or demands of the white house and censoring and limiting what people can say on facebook and the white house said on other platforms as well. and the most dangerous word i believe in the american lexicon is the one they use right now which is misinformation. it's impossible to define. it's so ambiguous. what was misinformation six months ago is now commonly understood. who gets to decide what misinformation is. what about when it becomes a campaign and someone is running on a different view of covid than the conventional which is come in the white house? can they speak? can they they have a facebook? it's scary. and they set it out loud because
2:32 am
they think in the guise of safety and health, they're the deciders. we've got to fight back. and these platforms can't be allowed to be the de facto arm of the white house which they are. which is what the trump lawsuit alleges and they said it out loud this week. todd: whether you voted for biden or not, i don't think anybody envisioned we would be where we are six months ago. i think this is absolutely stunning and the attacks on the constitution are stark. some people are rooting for those attacks on the constitution. meantime, want to get you while you're there. you're at turning point usa student action summit, you'll be speaking later this afternoon. can you preview the speech. i know we want people to go to fox nation but can you give us a little taste? >> it's usually the basics, todd, with a couple good stories in the middle of it. i mean, we are in a moment where the basics are important. faith, family, freedom, fighting for the things we believe in. a recognition that you can't separate the declaration of independence from the constitution, that things like
2:33 am
the first and second amendment and the tenth amendment which i got criticism for last time i spoke are things that are central to who we are as americans and our constitutional he republic so i'll probably hit on some of those themes. i do have a piece -- i have 45 seconds of tape, because i talked to some of the folks that are here, asked them what motivates them, why are they they here, what's it like to be a conservative on campus. here's what they said. >> what's it like to be on a college campus as a conservative in america right now. >> as a turning point representative and conservative on campus, when we table we get cops called on us. >> you have to watch what you say at different times. >> why do you want to be involved with turning point. >> i always believe the fight to get america back to the way it was starts at the campus. you have to fight what professors are teaching. >> groups like turning point gives us hope and gives us strength and basicker -- bravery to speak out and be who we are.
2:34 am
>> no one is going to stand up for freedom unless we do. >> what are you most fired up about. >> censorship,. >> i'm united nations. >> critical -- immigration. >> critical race theory. >> what names are at the top of your mind. >> donald trump. >> ron de santis. >> how about you. >> i probably have to agree. >> so a lot of cultural issues, censorship, critical race theory, second amendment, first amendment, you hear it from these folks. ought to be a big day today, guys. in truth, five minutes before the speech i write out a few things and make it up as we go along. todd: i'm just excited that you made your flight. i watched the drama all day yesterday. it was impressive, the sitting exercise. you can watch the turning point summit there, stream it on fox nation and you can get a fremont of fox nation -- free month of fox nation with the code sas.
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ashley: and conservative radio host larry elder is disputing the official list of candidates running in california's recall election. he told steve hilton on the next revolution that he should be on the ticket and doesn't know why state officials are leaving him off. listen. >> i dotted every i, crossed every t, signed every piece of paper, turned everything in on time. if there's a problem, i will see you in court. i'm going to be on the certified ballot. ashley: 41 candidates are currently listed on the ballot to dethrone governor gavin newsom in the september election. todd: a south virginia pta officials ousted for comments she made in a tirade against parents who owe pose critical race -- oppose critical race theory. >> they're anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-live and let live people, let them die. todd: a parent who heard
2:36 am
michelle lee's comment joined us earlier, calling out those applauding her comments. listen. >> i stood behind michelle lee as she said those words and i was shocked. so many disturbing parts of our society coming together and applauding hate. i mean, this is something that we have to stop. todd: while she announced her resignation after her comments, the fair knacks county naacp -- fairfax counselity naacp defended. ashley: socialism solved racism in cuba, that bold claim by 1619 project writer nicole hanna jones sparking outrage. take a listen for yourself. >> in places that are truly at least biracial countries, cuba actually has the least inequality and that's largely due to socialism which i'm sure no one wants to hear. ashley: prior to making the
2:37 am
cram back in 2019 -- claim back in 2019, she did admit she's not an international affairs expert but the controversial claim resurfaced as cubans cry out for freedom from their communist government. todd: i think the line of her not being an international affairs expert is pretty apparent. giving democrats a piece of their own medicine, that's what senator lindsey graham wants to do. >> we may learn something from our democratic friends in texas when it comes to avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package. todd: hear more from the south carolina senator next. ashley: plus asian carp get a new name. the reason for the change and how people are reacting. ♪
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ashley: a fox news alert, extreme heat is expected to hamper efforts to battle several raging wildfires in the west. the tamarack blaze torched more than 23,000 acres, leading to major evacuations. todd: there's also the threat of lightning which could spark new fires. senior meteorologist janice dean here with our fox weather forecast. every year this seems to happen because you have a lot of brush that's dry, the lightning comes and we get in the situation we're in. >> and we have extreme to exceptional drought and the wildfire season started early. it will be an ongoing threat for a number of weeks. we have red flag warnings, meaning conditions are favorable for the starting and spreading of wildfires, from california to the northwest. forecast highs not good. high 90s, 100-degree temperatures. that gets up towards the northwest where of course they had historic heat and that's going to continue not only today but tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of relief along the coast but interior sections are still very warm.
2:42 am
there's your drought monitor, extreme to ex exception nail drought -- exceptional drought. it will take a lot of moisture to deal with this. it's monsoon season, so that's going to be ongoing and a good thing because we're getting moisture and a bad a thing because that's going to cause the potential for flash flooding. we saw that last week. we have a frontal boundary situated across the southeast and southern plains, that's going to bring showers and thunderstorms for this region throughout the week. todd: you don't normally associate the dakotas, montana, idaho, wyoming with wildfires. >> yes, getting into those areas. we'll keep you up-to-date. todd: republican senator lindsey graham says he is considering taking a page out of the texas democrats' playbook and leaving d.c. in order to block president biden's $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. >> i would leave before i would let that happen. so to my republican colleagues, we may learn something from our democratic friends in texas when it comes to avoiding a
2:43 am
$3.5 trillion tax and spend package. leave town. todd: democrats are looking to pass the bill through reconciliation bypassing the need for republican support and shielding the funds from a filibuster. ashley: and to something a bit fishy, w50eu8dlife agencies give asian carp a new name after the title is deemed offensive to the asian community. the fish are you now called invasive carp, to reflect the disruptive nature on midwest habitats. the director of the office telling the ap, quote, we wanted to move away from any term that cast asian people and culture in a negative light but many mock the rebranding as an exercise in political correctness. todd: i did a little research. turns out the fish were upset with the name and they they asked for the change. ashley: coming up, new york city parents are fed up with those mask mandates. todd: the call to end the mask requirement in schools even has
2:44 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ baaam. internet that keeps you ahead of the game. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. yeah, well mine's always got my back. okay chill, 'cuz mine's so fast, no one can catch me.
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2:48 am
why do you say they should not be wearing masks in school? >> i don't think any kid should have to wear a mask to school. masks were a temporary measure. they have long outlived their welcome or necessity. they are not proven to work. they were intended to protect unvaccinated people and now in our schools all of our teachers have ample opportunity to get vaccinated and kids are not at risk so i don't see any reason for us to further stilt their development and cover their is faces against a virus that does not harm them. todd: allison, you have 7-year-old twins. same question to you. why do you say your twins should not be wearing masks in school. >> like natalia was saying, i'm having a hard time understanding the fact that kids have sacrificed almost a year and-a-half of their childhood, two years of their school normalcy and now to continue
2:49 am
wearing masks to protect who? where is the science that the governor and the mayor are following? because we know the risk of covid transmission declines in kids under age 12, even without being vaccinated. they pose very little risk to others and are low risk themselves. so i know -- i'd love to hear what science and how the mayor -- how the governor are coming up with these mandates for our children. todd: natalia, let us look at the numbers from the cdc. again, these are covid-19 cases in children below 18 years of age and you see it right there on your screen. let's focus on the death had numbers, ages 0 to 4, 165, ages 13 to 17, 326. i'm going to play devil's advocate here. you think of your kid, the worst thing in the world is potentially losing a child. how worried are you that your children, the 7 and 11-year-old could both get the virus and sadly potentially succumb to the virus? >> i think there are significant
2:50 am
concerns for children with pre-existing conditions. i am fortunate and my kids are fairly healthy. i think the average child has incredible odds of surviving and even building a natural immunity to the virus. i think the greater concern has always been transmission to high risk or unvaccinated people. and now in new york city we are i think at 60 -- over 60% vaccination status, so everyone who wants a vaccine can get it. we're going to yankee stadium and unmasked amongst thousands of people. it seems like it's one rule for adults and another one for children. children can't vote. children don't have unions. no one's advocating for them. so here we are. we're speaking up for the children, the children deserve to be unmasked. they are not at risk. they they are not masked in other places around the country and around the world and it's time to follow the science. todd: allison, 15 seconds to
2:51 am
you. what is your message to the mayor? >> yeah, i'd like for the mayor to explain what the science is, like natalia said. we want to follow the science. why is new york the only -- one of the only states in the country and the world that's not following the science, that's not continuing to see where the numbers are. you just listed our statistics and they're very low, thankfully. and where is the science that they're following? todd: natalia and allison, school is about to start, six, seven weeks away i guess. keep us posted on your fight. thank you very much. >> thank you. todd: ashley. ashley: time right now, 5:51 on the east coast. a father of a 15-year-old girl who was killed in a terror you attack in jerusalem says jordan has been harboring the terrorists behind the attack. up next, he shares his family's message for president biden ahead of today's white house meeting with king abdullah.
2:52 am
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you love rich, delicious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. todd: welcome back: just 16 years old when she was killed in a terror attack in jerusalem. ashley: two decades later harr whering the terrorist behind that attack and asking for justice for his daughter. he joints us with his message for president biden ahead of today's white house meeting with king abdullah. first off, arnold, thank you so
2:56 am
much for being with us. i'm so sorry that this even happened and that you are still waiting for justice for your daughter. >> i appreciate hearing that thank you. ashley: what is your message for the biden administration and has your family been in contact with him at all with your wants for justice and needs for justice for your daughter? >> we have been in touch with the white house in the way that we have been in touch with previous white houses and state departments and diplomats and politicians. the message has never really changed. no one on the american government side is saying the woman is isn't. not even the jordanians. all they are saying is, yes, she is the most wanted fugitive in the world but, you know, life is complicated. we need the jordanians. we have heard that for too long and watched too much damage get done along the way. it's time for justice to be done and without any further excuses. todd: we have a picture of the killer up on the screen. what should every american know
2:57 am
about that killer. >> the few things first big celebrity? jordan. she had her own tv show there for five years. celebrated newspaper columnist and frequent appearances on tv. she is a monster. this is a woman who smiled into the cameras when saying how many people she killed. and, quickly volunteered it was all about children. she placed a bomb inside a pizzeria and she boasted about it right up until today. jillian: and i want to go back just a few steps. i want to talk about this treaty. and you also said that it's timely because we need jordan. do you think this is political, the reason you can't get justice for your daughter? >> i don't know if it's smart for me to say that let me just say it's not about the justice. it's about something else. the treaty was signed in 195 between the father of the present king and khalid. it was always clear to us that the arguments against the treaty actually not that true.
2:58 am
several months ago we sued the government and the foia freedom of information act and we now have the papers that show that the king's father threatened -- said that god will punish people who will not honor this treaty. it's so black and whited. what we need is courageous statement between excuse me for using the word, politicians for say this just cannot be. judgment needs to be served. todd: here is a statement for role in 2001 hamas terrorist attack in jerusalem. the united states continues to seek her extradition and will continue to work to ensure she faces justice. arnold, are you confident this killer will one day face justice for killing your daughter? >> i'm as confident as you would be confident if had you heard the same thing year after year from the people who walked by those positions time to shake off the political rhetoric and
2:59 am
say have i done justice today or am i encouraging more terrorism and murder by keeping this woman safe, toxic and free? ashley: what do you think is going to come out of this meeting with king abdullah and president biden today or what's your hope. >> that they will stand up at the end of the meeting and decide that tamimi will be on the 4:00 flight to washington. i'm not so naive to think it's work as simple from that we need more people to be aware of this outrageous situation that's gone on for years. todd: i cannot imagine going through what you are going through for any relative much less your daughter. and this hasn't been a day, a week, a month, this has been 20 years, 20 years. arnold, i cannot imagine what you are going through. our prayers are with you and hopefully clearer heads prevail and get you the justice that
3:00 am
malki deserves. >> thank you very much. ashley: good luck to you. todd: imagine being that father. imagine being in that. ashley: makes me sick to my stomach. i cannot even think about it. todd: with that we appreciate you joining us. download the fox news app. open the camera and scan the qr code on your screen and dvr it recall every morning. ashley: "fox & friends" begins right now. >> president biden blames misinformation on social media for some americans of refusal to get vaccinated. >> it's not the president's business who has and has not been vaccinated. the president is not my daddy. i got one. it ain't joe biden. >> open fire outside of a nationals game. >> the suit happening one day after 6-year-old my a courtney was shot and killed. the d.c. police tragedy won't let us do our job. >> five texas lawmakers tested positive for coronavirus.


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