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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 19, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it is unbearable. always gate to have you here. thank you sara. >> you are welcome, steve. steve: thank you for watching, do joining you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. todd: it is monday, july 19. the white house of he defending its team effort with big tech to flag covid misinformation online as a new round of covid restrictions threaten to derail reopening efforts. jillian: maker's crime crisis reaches president biden's doorstep with a manhunt underway for the suspects who opened fire outside a nations game. todd: plus, billionaire jeff bezos gearing up for his launch into space and he will sit down with fox news before blasting
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off. "fox & friends first" kicking off your week, starting your monday right now. ♪ a sky full of stars. ♪ jillian: pretty look at new york city right now. todd: how are you? jillian: it's monday. my friday, i think. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm ashley strohmier, in for jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro. today, president biden will update the u.s. on the covid economic recovery but more restrictions could be looming as delta variant cases surge. ashley: griff jenkins joins us with more. >> reporter: it's masks back on in la county, and more areas could follow where cases of the delta variant are spiking. la county's board of
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supervisor's chair defended the decision. >> it's not punishment, it's prevention. we have 4 million people out of 10 million that haven't been vaccinated. >> reporter: former u.s. surgeon general jerome adams is speaking out in favor of masks now, calling on the cdc to reverse course, tweeting this. last year, tony fauci and i famously prematurely and wrongly advised against masks. i felt it was the best call at the time. now i regret it. i'm worried the cdc made a similarly premature, misinterpreted, harmful call on masking in the face of the delta variant, as the administration takes aim at facebook and social media for a rise in cases. vivek murthy says efforts to combat covid misinformation have failed. >> i'm clearly saying it is not
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enough, it's hurting people and i think it's got to stop. >> reporter: republicans are blasting the administration's coordination with facebook. >> everything we thought about the biden administration, about their willingness to trample on free speech, to trample on the constitution, to use government power to silence you, everything we feared they might do, they are doing and worse. >> reporter: and in mecklenburg, north carolina, the charlotte area, the knock on the door might be a shot waiting for you. officials there have kicked off a doses to door vaccination program with health professionals on standby to administer shots to residents who haven't been vaccinated. todd: griff jenkins kicking us off on a monday. thank you. ashley: republican congressman byron donalds plans to call on facebook to testify before congress. take a listen. >> the president of the united states forgot what the first amendment of the united states
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actually means and stands for. it means that the government, no elected official has the ability to abridge speech. you can't put pressure on private companies to have them do your bidding for you. it's outrageous. they they need to answer congress about this one. ashley: he wants to question facebook on the role the federal government has in their content and monitoring decisions. todd: two more democrats who fled texas to avoid voting on republican backed voting bills tested positive for covid-19, that brings the total to five members testing positive since arriving in washington. it appears vice president kamala harris will not be quarantining, despite meeting with the group of lawmakers. she had a routine checkup yesterday, the white house says the vice president didn't have close contact with the infected lawmakers. it's unclear if she has any symptoms. ashley: fox news alert, at least two children are missing after a house fire and multiple people shot. this includes an emt and fire captain in arizona. police say while authorities were responding to a burning
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home, a gunman opened fire on an ambulance nearby. one emt shot in the head, is in critical condition. a second second emt is stable. the gunman is accused of shooting at firefighters and neighbors at the house fire. one neighbor was killed. the suspected gunman is in critical condition after being shot by a police officer. a charred body was found inside the burning home. authorities are looking for two or three children who lived there. todd: d.c. police offering a $10,000 reward in the manhunt for suspects in saturday's shooting outside a nationals game. ashley: this comes as cities across the country are seeing a surge of violence. marianne rafferity joins us with more. >> reporter: a manhunt is underway for the suspect who opened fire on each other during a washington nationals game, sending terrified fans ducking
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for cover. >> everybody ran into a spot and then like i just hugged my wife and just laid on the ground with her. what happened? i mean, we're just watching a baseball game. >> reporter: police releasing these images of one of the suspect's car, a gray or silver sedan, also offering a $10,000 reward. the nationals gm reassuring fans. >> it can get crazy, we all know that. we all want to feel safe. i can tell you that inside the ballpark, i feel safer than ever. i really do. we care about each other. we don't want anybody getting hurt. i tried to protect as many people as possible. >> reporter: the shooting at the game happening just one day after 6-year-old naya courtney was shot and killed in southeast
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d.c., a $60,000 reward being offered in that case. the washington, d.c. police union summing up the mood among law enforcement in the city, tweeting, quote, welcome to washington, d.c. where violent crime permeates everything. it is a tragedy that elected officials won't let us do our jobs. in chicago, at least 47 shot including six children who were hurt in a drive-by shooting at a party. a witness to that shotting stunned by the increase in violence. >> and just to think something as simple as a gathering leads to someone getting hurt and i just hate to hear that over and over of again that our young people are getting shot continuously. >> reporter: in the san francisco bay area where burglaries are up 52% from last year, the mayor is going to announce today how the city will deal with the uptick in crime, announcing a community policing and deployment plan. ashley, todd. ashley: marianne thank you. todd: anti-government protests
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continuing across cuba over the weekend as cuban leaders rally supporters in havana and demonstrations are ramping up here in the u.s. as well. 100 florida boaters including many cuban exiles set to sail to the country's koas line to -- coastline today. it is illegal to enter cuban territory without a permit. >> the purpose is to stay in international waters and let the cuban people we're also fighting for their freedom. todd: anyone caught breaking the law could face a $25,000 per day fine and up to 10 years in prison. congresswoman nicole malliotakis is the daughter of a cuban immigrant, here's her response to alexandria ocasio-cortez who partly blamed the u.s. embargo for the occurrence in cuba. >> there are two classes in cuba, one is the ruling class,
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run by the communists and then there is everyone else who live in squallor, don't have access to food or medicine, they don't have access to basic necessities, certainly not because of the embargo. cuba does business with nearly every country in the world. for six decades they remained a communist regime. alexandria ocasio-cortez is nothing more than a communist sympathizer who wants to bring socialism to the united states of america and i'm sure she sympathizes with the regime in cuba. the reality is, is that they use everything that they get when they do business with other countries for the regime, they use it to reward the people in the ruling class. it never gets to the people. todd: last week, congresswoman ocasio-cortez released a video calling the embargo absurdly cruel for targeting latin americas -- latin americans and latinos. ashley: jeff bezos is one day away from joining richard branson as the latest
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billionaire to blast into space. he they will leave west texas on the new shepherd rocket at 9:00 a.m. eastern standard time. todd: tune into fox news later today when bezos sits down withl cavuto to talk about his flight into the final frontier. ashley: las vegas following los angeles, sort of, reimposing the mask mandate for casino employees regardless of vaccine status. coming unwe talk with a california business owner and las vegas council woman. todd: a bold claim made by the 1619 founder who once say cuba was among the, quote, most equal countries because of communism, that's coming up when "fox & friends first" continues on a monday. ♪ i'll get on my knees and pray.
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>> if you are vaccinated you no longer have to wear a mask. >> if they've been vaccinated you a cording to public health guidance they don't need to wear a mask. >> if you are vaccinated, you have a very high degree of protection and therefore you do not need to wear a mask. ashley: despite previous guidance, las vegas follows los angeles' need as the next city to flip-flop on masks with some cass knows reimposing mask mandates for employees, vaccinated or not. here to he react is las vegas councilwoman michelle fiori. thanks for being with us this morning, michelle. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: here we are, back to mixed messaging as you heard from the three in the opening sound bite. how much does this slow down progress that has been made? >> i think it's going to he slow
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down progress and i think it's not going to be good for business. right now, we have a shortage of staff and right now our unemployment is 7.6% and usually nationwide it should be at a high of 6%. we have folks that are not going to enjoy wanting to put a mask back on and i think they're not going to want to go back to work right now. it's really tough to find let's say a dishwasher for a restaurant. they're looking at $20 an hour right now because of the shortage. ashley: and then also it's split pretty much fief of fief right down the -- 50/50 right down the middle as far as people who are willing to he show up to work and wear a mask and those who say i'm not going to do this. how bad is this going to hurt business? if you don't have enough people showing up for work, the businesses can't stay open. >> it's going to be tough. a couple weeks ago i was at a little restaurant inside the paris hotel.
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they have 100 positions opened right now. we are looking at getting our rehabilitating offenders back to work on the second chance program because we are staff shortage here. when we have our casino industry looking at mandating masks, you are correct, ashley, 50/50. 50% are saying okay, we'll do it. the other 50% have learned to live okay on unemployment. ashley: i want to pull the full screen up. this is the seven day moving average, july 12th, 502 cases, that's give or take 400 more cases than it was about a month ago. do you think that with those cases, that's just cases that they've seen a rise in, that's from the nevada health district, as of friday, do you think that's necessary for these mask mandates to be reimposed or do you think they're overstepping
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here? >> i think what they're trying to do is they're using prevention, prevention is the key word right now, they're looking at preventing cases from going up. at the same time, our comeback is bigger than we anticipated, so it's going to be rough. i think, again, we need to be responsible adults and especially we've been told if we were vaccinated we wouldn't have to wear masks. that's a really big thing. i made a few calls yesterday, asking how individuals are feeling about it and i got a 50/50. some said, well, you've got to do what you've got to do and the other ones said no, i'm not going to go back to work. ashley: michelle, thank you for being with us and your take on this and good luck to you. >> thank you. todd: ashley, time now, 17 minutes after the hour. coming up, a virginia pta leader out of a job this morning for saying this about parents who oppose critical race theory.
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>> let them die. [cheers and applause] todd: seems a bit harsh, doesn't it. two parents from that school district join us next with their response.
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texas state troopers are struggling to patrol the del-rio sector of the border, this as migrants cross every single day. >> in texas alone, in this fiscal year already, we have already set a new all-time record for the number of people who have been apprehended coming across the border. just the scale of this in terms of the stress on public resources, schools, medical, all these other things, this is going to greatly impact communities. ashley: republican governors across the country are sending reinforcements to help with patrols, this as officials say distress calls for migrant rescues are up 81%. todd. todd: ashley, thank you. a top virginia pta official ousted for comments she made in a tirade against parents who oppose critical race theory. watch. >> anti-history, let them die.
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todd: the pta just two days later announcing michelle lee's resignation from those comments, wishing death to those who oppose her. how frightening is it that someone that would utter that vile is allowed anywhere near anything involving our kids. >> it's disturbing. i stood behind michelle lee as she said those words and i was just shocked. and even more disturbing were the applause that came afterwards. there were people in the community, there was a former ptsa president, there were members of the fairfax democrats, somebody from the fairfax human rights commission if you can believe that, just so many disturbing parts of our society coming together and
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applauding hate. this is something that we have to stop and that's what we're trying to do as parents. we are marching millions you across the country as you know, going to school boards. that's what we have to do to stand up against the divisive rhetoric that's trickling down into the schools. .todd: you answered one of my questions, who were the people that were clapping that opponents of crt could die, your answer mind boggling. isn't this the latest example of the parents being attacked for standing up for their kids and fighting crt. >> yes. i'm very troubled by these comments by virginia pta of official and the corruption that the pta, virginia pta runs wide and deep and they have put a target on any parent whose opinion differs from theirs. they call parents like me anti-education and anti-teacher, simply for having a different opinion and for standing up for my child's rights.
1:25 am
it's very frightening. i feel pretty unsafe out there. todd: what should education be? they're calling you anti-education. what is your view of education? does it involve oh, i don't know math, science, english? >> that's right. you know, we stood up for higher academic standards for my child last year when the fairfax school board removed the standardized admissions test. this has come down from the virginia department of education, down to the local officials. how about for letting children be challenged by the rigor -- rigorous curriculum, not this kind of battle against us. todd: understood. the pta leader is also the fairfax county naacp vice president. here's their statement defending michelle lee, the fairfax county naacp is aware of the false narrative in the media.
1:26 am
we stand firmly by our first vice president. we respect and appreciate opinions different than ours but urge civil conversations. what false narrative are you talking about? you were there, you heard it and saw it. what false narrative? >> that's why i shared the video as it was. i didn't change anything in it. those words that everybody has heard is exactly as it was said. i'll tell you something, this what is a modern american hero looks like today. she is a regular mom and what she has done over the past year is gone before the school board and testified and stand up against this kind of divisiveness and now here she is with you, 4:00 you in the morning, waking up early to be able to share the message because across america we have to stand up against this kind of divisiveness. we both came from india. we are mothers of color. and yet the naacp doesn't
1:27 am
represent us because they want to pursue an agenda and that's what we all have to stand up against. we have to stand for the american dream that we all believe in. the american dream that includes everyone. todd: perfectly said so we'll leave it right there. thank you very much for being with us and thank you for what you're doing in this fight. ashley. >> thank you. ashley: thanks, todd. time right now, 4:27 on the east coast. vienna has become ground zero for havana syndrome. that's a mysterious illness plaguing u.s. diplomats overseas. former cia station chief dan hoffman joins us next with what we know about it and what the white house should be doing about it. plus, wildlife agencies are deeming the name asian carp offensive. that story straight ahead. ♪ what's my name. ♪ oh, nana.
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ashley: austria quicking becoming a hot spot for the havana syndrome as more diplomats report unexplained health incidents with more than 20 u.s. officials reporting cases of the mysterious syndrome. joining me to discuss, fox news contributor and former cia station chief, dan hoffman. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. ashley: do we know enough about the syndrome to suspect potential foul play? >> well, we know enough to know that roughly 130 people have been afflicted by this syndrome. it's been the first cases were detected way back in late 2016 in havana, cuba. my friend and former colleague was targeted in a moscow hotel room and it forced him to retire early in 2018. so i think we know a lot about the forensics, the science.
1:32 am
the national academy of sciences concluded this is an electric pulse frequency, a microwave attack against our people. what is left for us to determine is who is conducting these attacks to attribute them and then determine why the attacks occurred in vienna, in moscow, in china and reportedly as close as the ellipse near the white house. ashley: for anyone who doesn't know the symptoms are headaches, dizziness and symptoms consistent with a concussion. i want to read a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs on the reports of this syndrome. we take these reports very seriously and in line with our role as host state, we are working with the u.s. authorities on jointly getting to the bottom of this. the safety of diplomats posted to vienna and their families is the utmost importance to us. so my next he question with this, in your professional opinion, what does the biden administration need to be doing about this? >> yeah, so first i'll leave it
1:33 am
to the legal scholars to determine whether this is considered an act of war against our people. we're talking about our colleagues, brave patriots serving overseas being afflicted with traumatic brain injury. what the biden administration needs to do is be seized with this as a key issue going forward, had they need to find and fix and disrupt these attacks before they they cause harm on our people. that means mobilizing the state department, the department of defense, intelligence community as well as our own state and local and federal law enforcement so we can again he detect these threats before they happen and then bring justice to those who are harming or seeking to harm our people. it's causing great morale difficulties in morale for our people and obviously we have a moral and ethical responsibility to do something about this. ashley: okay. so you mentioned that this was first really detected in late
1:34 am
2016. should it be concerning to people that there's not really been much movement on this as far as figuring out who is doing it and who is behind it? >> yeah, i think in the initial stages there were many who doubted whether the attacks in fact were taking place and i don't think that there was enough attention paid to the forensics, to the science, to the medical details about what those who have been targeted, what they were suffering from and we started way too late. this is something that we needed to have done years ago and we're kind of playing catch-up. i'm not sure we're going to be able to attribute any of the past attacks to a state actor like russia, for example, which is highly suspected of being responsible given vladimir putin's past of being in the kgb. going forward, we need to be able to again detect any future
1:35 am
attacks and stop them and do all the work that we can to prove who was responsible and then take action. this is going to be a major policy challenge for the biden administration if they do you attribute these attacks to a state actor like russia. ashley: really quickly, 10 seconds or so, this last question, why vienna and why now? >> vienna's always been a hot spot for diplomatic and espionage activity and it's quite possible the perpetrators of these attacks are seeking to cause harm to our mission in austria. but it's not to say it's not happening in other place as well. and that's the concern for us. ashley: scary stuff. dan hoffman, thanks for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks. ashley: todd. todd: ashley, author of secret empire, peter schweisser, calling out hunter biden as he prepares to sell his paintings to anonymous buyers with price
1:36 am
tag as high as $500,000. >> this opens the gateway to massive corruption. the senate in 2019 issued a report talking about how the art world is rife with money laundering and corruption involving foreign oligarchs because it's so hard to trace so it's a massively troublesome problem. todd: he argues the white house's solution for transparency is to, quote, hide who is engaged in the transactions. the art will go on display in a new york city gallery this fall. i know we're looking forward to him coming to the big apple. no, we're not. progressives pushing for supreme court justice steven breyer to retire. they fear if republicans win back the white house and senate they could have a good chance of increasing the court's conservative majority. >> when you look at the courts, you have to be concerned about the makeup. he makes his own decision about if he's going to retire but if he's going to retire, it should
1:37 am
be sooner rather than later. todd: justice breyer has not made a decision about retirement. he turns 83 next month. britney spears' younger sister, jamie lynn, deleting a prayer for peace after the popeye consistent called her out. this happened on saturday. britney blasting her for performing her songs, jamie lynn responding with, quote, may the peace of the lord be with you and your spirit. the actress later updated the caption, just showing the emojis. britney shared a new video overnight, dancing to billie eilish's song, bad guy, with the caption, may the lord wrap your [bleep] up in joy today. in the 8:00 a.m. hour, nancy grace weighs in on britney's next step in the fight for freedom. ashley: to something a bit fish each,way. wildlife agencies give theasian.
1:38 am
they're now called invasive carp to reflect their disruptive nature on midwest habitat. todd: the ap was told, we wanted to move away from any terms that cast asian culture and people in a negative light. many mock the fish rebranding as an exercise in political correctness. my question for you, i want you to research this after the show, did the fish themselves complain. ashley: i would bet not. you i don't know. todd: if they're complaining, i understand. maybe change the name. if not, maybe not. live and let live. ashley: a bold claim from the founder of the 1619 project who once said cuba was among the most equal countries because of socialism. those past comments now coming back to haunt her. todd: plus, we're days away from the tokyo olympics and a tennis star is the latest sidelined over a positive covid test. more on the concerns that the
1:39 am
pandemic could send the games into chaos. ♪ so just dance, dance, dance. ♪ all those things i shouldn't do but just dance, dance, dance. ♪ ain't nobody leaving soon, so keep dancing. ♪ i can't stop the feeling. ♪ so just dance, dance, dance. ♪ i can't stop the feeling. ♪
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ashley: welcome back. u.s. tennis player cocoa goff is the latest star athlete to drop out of the olympics after testing positive for covid. todd: christina coleman has the details. >> reporter: just days ahead of the tokyo olympics opening ceremony, a handful of athletes that tested positive for covid-19, cocoa goff announcing sunday she has dropped out of the summer games after contracting the virus. the 17-year-old tennis star tweeting in part, quote, it has always been a dream of mine to represent the usa at the
1:43 am
olympics and i hope there will be many more chances for me to make this come true in the future. in addition to goff, two soccer players and a video analyst from south africa tested positive in tokyo and are you now in isolation. the soccer players became the first athletes to test positive while staying at the olympic village which was set up in hopes of keeping athletes and staff in you bubble. despite the covid cases, olympic officials are determined to have the games go on as planned. >> all the concerns of the people were immediately isolated and in this way they do not pose any risk to other participants or the japanese population. >> reporter: another complicating factor, the sweltering heat. tokyo is expected to be one of the hottest olympics on record with temperatures averaging 90 degrees fahrenheit. organizers are urging athletes
1:44 am
and staff to stay hydrated at all times while complying with the mask mandate. christina coleman, fox news. todd: socialism solved racism in cuba, question mark, that bold claim by 1619 writer nicole hanna jones sparking outrage. take a listen. >> in these places, biracial countries, cuba has the least inequality. todd: prior to making the claim, hannah jones did admit she's not a an international affairs expert. this comes as cubans cry out for freedom from their communist government. she ignores the inequality that socialism breeds between the ruling class and nearly everyone else in the country. that's why it's important to fight back against things like the 1619 project, like crt, because they're not rooted in democracy. ashley: i think saying
1:45 am
something like that, it's tone deaf. it doesn't seem like she really knows what's going on because surely no one could think that about a place like cuba. todd: she's missing the moment as well. i mean, there's a moment happening and to your point, she's missing it. ashley: exactly. not only that, but for the host to give that smirk at the end is just -- it's a huge slap in the face to the people of cuba. todd: i make this point all the time. is there racism? yes. do we need to do something about it? yes. the best way to do something about it is not about teaching 1619 or crt in schools. it's to give more resources so kids are better in math had and science. still ahead, the effort to flag covid misinformation online. >> it's not enough that we're still seeing proliferation of misinformation online. ashley: cara frederick says the relationship raises first amendment questions. she joins us next.
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ashley: republican senator lindsey graham considers taking a page out of the texas democrats' playbook and leaving d.c. to block president biden's $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. >> i would leave before i would let that happen. so to my republican colleagues, we may learn something from our democratic friends in texas when it comes to avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package, leave town. ashley: democrats are looking to pass the bill through reconciliation bypassing the need for republican support and then shielding its funds from a filibuster. and president biden's nominee to head the land management bureau
1:50 am
is facing increased scrutiny. it's over her ties to a 1989 tree spiking plot. republicans are accusing tracee tone manning of lying about key details around her involvement. tree spiking is when activists hammer metal rods so trees can't be removed. she said she was not a target of a criminal investigation and she did not have advanced knowledge of the 1989 scheme. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is among gop lawmakers calling on biden to pull her nomination. todd. todd: ashley, u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy doubling down on the criticism of social media platform, specifically how social media companies are handling information about covid-19. >> i acknowledge they're taking steps and i appreciate that but i'm clearly saying it's not enough. it's hurting people. i think it's got to stop. todd: joining me to discuss senior research fellow for the
1:51 am
technology policy at the heritage foundation, cara frederick. cara, great to see you, as always. look, this is a weird situation. the bed fellows on this are confusing. i feel like this is getting very complicated. you're great at breaking things down for us, so here we go. is facebook doing enough or are they doing too much? >> todd, well, i think you know where i stand on this issue. facebook is doing too much. and at this point, the cat's out of the bag as others have said, they they are saying the quiet part outloud. this is the biden administration. they're saying that, you know, hey, we are attempting to circumvent the constitution, we're attempting to evade the first amendment by outsourcing our censorship, our desired censorship to private companies and this is not tenable. you know who else thinks it's not tenable? the supreme court. friend of the show, vivek swamy he reminds us in norwood, versus harrison, the supreme court says this is not allowed. you cannot allow a private
1:52 am
entity or private citizen in that case, so what facebook represents, to do the government's bidding for it. you cannot promote what the government cannot do constitutionally. given the surgeon general's comments, given jen psaki's comments from last week, this is what it looks like they're attempting to do. todd: you mentioned saying the quiet part outloud. they're not just saying it out loud, they're yelling it and asking facebook and other social media companies to do more. i find that fascinating. along those lines, we keep hearing talk of a bipartisan push to break up big tech. is big government under democrats going to destroy its relationship with big tech. >> the closer and closer that these democrats and the biden administration get to big tech, the more i get worried. we've already seen instances of actual agents of the state, in this case the state of california, inducing big tech like twitter to respond to their he desire for censorship. there's a lawsuit winding its
1:53 am
way through the courts right now, o'hanley versus padilla. this is happening, jen psaki admitting it's happening, it's increasing the relationship between big tech and big government and none of that is a good thing, it's never to the benefit of the people when they they join forces and consolidate control over information, over the dissemination and access to information. it augers ill for the people of the united states. todd: easy question here, the existential question of our times, what is the proper balance here? >> that is a good question. i mean, we have seen a lot of energy on the hill behind focused reform of section 230, that means curtailing the expanded immunity and the freedom from liability that that initial 1996 legislation conferred upon them and the courts expanded over the years. anti-trust legislation. we have to make sure we use the right tools. we don't necessarily want to grandize more power towards the
1:54 am
federal government and allow them hopefully when a republican gets in in the next few years to wield the tools against private businesses enmasse. we have to left alternative platforms proliferate, like odyssey, rumble, other platforms that have freedom of expression in mind. we have to let the free market be an actual free market and work as intended, allow room for those alternatives to he grow and flourish, let conservatives choose. todd: what consequences could censoring have beyond big tech? >> well, the fact that the definition of misinformation and censorship is already changing, is always changing. as i said on the program before, at facebook we were constantly building an airplane in mid-flight. we don't want people to be subject to the whims of concentration of people at the top of the big tech companies whatsoever. we want these companies to stand up for freedom of expression.
1:55 am
so far, that's not happening. it's going to be worse if this continues. todd: nobody analyze these issues quite like cara frederick. you're awesome at this stuff. thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks, todd. ashley: coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," we're talking to the father of a 15-year-old girl who was killed in a terror attack in jerusalem. he says jordan has been harboring the terrorists behind that attack. his family's message for president biden ahead of today's white house meeting with king abdullah. plus -- >> groups like turning point really give us hope and it gives out strength and basickery to -- bravery to speak out and be who we are. todd: we have highlights from turning point usa student action summit. we check in live from tampa when "fox & friends first" on your monday rolls along. ♪
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ashley: it is monday, july 19th. america's crime crisis reaches president biden's doorstep with a manhunt underway for the suspects who opened fire outside of a nationals game and this morning the police union has a message for the politicians. todd: the white house defending its team effort with big tech to flag covid misinformation online as a new round of restrictions threaten to derail reopening efforts. we're live in washington. ashley: collin moore makes an incredible debut appearance at the british open. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪


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