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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  July 18, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello i am currently along with leo terrell, nicole saphier and joe concha, welcome to "the big sunday show" here is what's on tap tonight, joe. >> a meltdown over misinformation, president biden surgeon general saying as a government job to control it. >> nicole. >> california becomes the first state to hand out free gas to people but at what cost.
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>> leo. >> you been flying the american flag as a symbol of freedom as a protest the government the college students in america do not like it you do not want to miss the shocking reaction. >> the washington national and san diego padres finished last night's game after shooting outside of national park stalled the game and sent fans running. >> we ask that you remain inside the stadium at this time. three people were shot outside of the stadium during the sixth inning that led to chaos and confusion in the fans some people jumping for cover in the dugout, the nationals manager getting emotional when asked about earlier today. >> i love the city the city is my home. it can get crazy, we all know
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that and we all want to feel safe, i tell you inside of this ballpark i feel safer than ever. >> the shooting outside of nats park happened 24 hours and another one that killed the 6-year-old girl the d.c. police union tweeting about the violence saying welcome to washington, d.c. were violent crime permeates everything it is a tragedy that our elected officials will not let us do our job. leo, what you make of the situation d.c. police say they cannot do their job and chaos from a shooting unfold on live tv. leo: let me be very clear with all due respect to the washington manager i believe the police union i am not stupid i remember what happened the december riots in rand paul and his wife when they were walking away from the white house, that the democratic city let's not play games there's been total
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chaos in the democratic cities, washington, chicago, l.a. was happening as this democratic mayors do not provide the law enforcement backup, the leadership to support the police the police union is absolutely spot on those people should have been frightened and afraid and what's happening is crickets when it comes to law enforcement support is the d from the police party, also known as democratic party that manager may tear up but those are crocodile tears i believe the police union. carley: i think what he was showing was support for his city after an awful situation unfolded and i'm sure it was an emotional moment for him as it is for all of us and doctor saphier leo makes a great point when he talks about crickets when it comes to supporting police because the washington, d.c. council defunded the police by $15 million last year and i think that's part of the problem but the greater issue is
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demoralizing police officers, police officer morale is so low in this country because they know every single thing that they do will get picked apart and scrutinized their the ones that are being treated like criminals as the real criminals are being led out on bail reform, what do you think is going to happen. nicole: data from the gun archives shows a multi-victim shooting spike and 2020 is not a coincidence that it coincided with covid lockdown cindy from police movement. use all the social media post, police officers were afraid to go out all the sudden we can get new applications for police officers and they were retiring at rapid pace, what happened when you job insecurity, social isolation and decrease access to mental health services and social services you will see a rise in gun violence and that's exactly what happened. to put an end to this is about getting jobs back, getting people access to mental health
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care system and getting the police forces support that they need is not just about money it's about morale showing them how much we appreciate them, the fact that they get out there every single day and put their lives on the line that they leave their families every day to go and protect their communities we have to show them that we respect them and we need them if we don't do that as a community we will continue to see a rise in violence. carley: talk about defend the police department i think that we should be funding them even more and all cops deserve a raise they should make much more money than they do right now i was thinking about the 7-year-old girl who died while sitting on a car in a mcdonald's parking lot i'm sure she was waiting to get food and excited and now she is dead or the one month old baby that was shot in the head or the college student had his life ahead of him he was coming back from internship on the city train and he gets shot and killed by a stray bullet i
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just wonder i think there should be an anti-defend the police movement from the protest that happens in this country and maybe that's what needs to happen to change his whole thing. >> refund the police. joe: hate what you said a 7-year-old at mcdonald's i was 7-year-old we went to mcdonald's and their eyes light up what toy are we going to get with our food are not thinking my life is about in sitting here i hear those things and as a parent is mortifying and a shooting at a baseball stadium, vincent once said baseball stadiums are like cathedrals and ultimate escape from reality i covered it at matt's park a couple of years ago and is a dangerous city and it's a last thing that you think of when you're walking in their somehow people are going to get shot and you talk about defunded the police look at all the cities including washington that you mentioned the have defunded the police and the exact thread
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happening all over the cities, new york, atlanta, minneapolis, portland, san francisco, los angeles, those are the major ones they've cut police and see a skyrocketing crime while resignation and obviously retirements are exhilarating we have to pair police officers more not just because we appreciate them but entice people to go into a profession where many in one party and some of the media came as horrible people that aren't serving the community and this has to stop. carley: the reason that this started was because of the narrative that there is systemic racism within police departments across the country, 488 people have been shot and killed by police so far this year 150 are white, 83 are black, 13 unarmed what is your reaction to those sister sticks. >> those prove a point that i've been saying on fox news ever
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since i been a contributor there is no systemic racism in this country, this is not 1950 the voting rights act the fair housing act is over but the democrats play the race card every day and enjoys me nuts and is still permeates because people believe it they believe the costs are inherently racist, that is a lot i have a sister who served 16 years with l.a. county sheriff it is a lot when you have people of color in these departments but the lies continue in democrats given a+ for playing the race card. carley: doctor saphier i was talking about or propylene's protest counterprotest that could happen maybe it won't happen on the street although i do think that would be a great idea but it could happen individual cities across the country or new york city reseller eric adams with the primary for mayor and he ran on a anti-crime platform. nicole: you saw what happened
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you saw the blue line going across the entire country in the town that i live in we had a blue line painted in front of her police department, that got twisted around and anybody who supports the blue lives matter you are automatically against a lot of other movements we have to stop fighting because all it is doing is killing innocent people as we see who have to come together as communities and unfortunately all lives matter slow glynn even that in itself has been blowing up but shouldn't really be all lives matter, police lives matter, the innocent children that are dying by the stray bullets their lives matter, we need to come together and do everything we can to save their lives. >> is a dangerous and misguided movement we see the direct result of what happened last year playing out in front of our eyes in a violent way right now. coming up on "the big sunday
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>> bringing people together to take action in addressing this information in investing in research to help us understand more about the flow and how to control it and were out there trying to get the word out, the truth and what it tells us about the vaccine is about a social media company this is about the health of americans in reality is that misinformation is still spreading like wildfire in her country aided and abetted by technology platforms.
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joe: the u.s. government is try to put control in place people in france are protesting the government involvement, more than 100,000 people hitting the streets across france to demonstrate against the new requirements for vaccine and vaccine passports, lots to unpack, let me go to you first nicole, where you come down on vaccine passports? nicole: i have never really supported vaccine passports the thought of them i don't like that doesn't mean i don't support vaccine mandates in certain situations, i'm a healthcare worker and i'm used to it at this point healthcare facilities, colleges, it's not new for these places to require certain vaccines to not only protect the person there, but i don't agree with the vaccine passports while traveling especially not what france is wanting to do a vaccine passports to go into a café,
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shopping mall it's a bit too much some areas in the united states and you have active then you do covid-19 cases, should we start having people get tested before that before they walk into a restaurant how far will we go with this, we have the flu, rsp, pneumonia, a lot of things but we never done this before the main goal is to get transmission under control so we can get back to her level of normalcy where you have enough of the population with level of immunity vaccine induced, naturally induced from prior infection but we continue to go one it is not about vaccine passports and mask rain but we have to come together as a nation, with that we can be proud of the fact that we have 70% of our population vaccinated as opposed to france who is 44% they're not near herd immunity and so many different situations. joe: why are they only at 44%, that's a low number only because
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there's not enough vaccine or a lot more vaccine hesitancy or anti-vax sentiment? >> there's been a lot of reason why france and other countries are below one they had a pause with astrazeneca that was first available vaccine for them and then there's hesitancy coming out of that because of the side effects, complacency that a lot of people coming out the first dose of mrna but not returning for the second dose and it's a summer people are going on holidays, that's a people want to do and unfortunately they did not get the vaccine first, there's a lot of reasons but that's what the government should focus on and increasing access and making it easier for people to get vaccinated rather than the mandate that will push people farther away from getting them. joe: i always say i'm going on holiday as opposed to vacation it makes me feel like i can be with the cool kids. joe: leo, got to go to you now, of course, of course, my wife
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may have worked with your husband at one point i know about the healthcare facilities and vaccine passports, leo, as far as the legal aspect around this i have a feeling some people may have a problem, a big issue with vaccine passports in terms of getting access to certain places to the point that we may see lawsuits coming as well. leo: the first thing that popped in my head is 88 american disability act, also accommodation there may be a variety of reasons, medical reasons i will not try to supplant doctor nicole but there's a lot of medical reasons or can be used legally in a court of law the one sign said all is wrong, i agree certain entities like hospitals, public university but when you get to the private sector it is right for variation in different types of fact patterns i think you'll see a lot of loss or if the government tries to impose a universal mandate you cannot do
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it because it is a tremendous amount, plus we have a civil rights act the fourth amendment, a right to have choices and that's was simply right now. nicole: even in the healthcare sector there are legitimate medical reasons to not get certain vaccinations, there has to be a choice and it has to be legitimate it cannot be one-size-fits-all, i agree with you. leo: yay. joe: let's go to dr. fauci in terms of what he thinks about false information being out there and what diseases we would still have as a result of social media was around 100 years ago. >> if we had the pushback for vaccines the way that we see uncertain media, i don't think it would've been possible at all to not only eradicate smallpox,
2:20 pm
we would probably still have smallpox and probably still have polio in this country if we had the kind of false information that is being spread now if we had that decades ago i would be certain that we would still have polio in this country. joe: on dr. fauci, this is a gentleman who is vaccinated in december, fully vaccinated and he was going in public places the public hearings not just one but two masks on, he created as much vaccine hesitancy as anybody because he was saying through his actions, not his words that even though i'm vaccinated i better make sure i mascot because i'm not entirely sure that was a perception made by some people, carly taken away. carley: i think he's making it seem like nobody is getting the vaccine when there is a large portion of the market population has gotten the vaccine, we should be very proud of that and
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a lot of people who have it is because they have natural immunity which means a large portion of the majority of the american population is currently immune to this disease which is great news. it's not the governments job to control what people say on social media as a governments job to distributive vaccine, encourage people to get it and get out of the way we went from 14 days to slow the spread to potentially having mask mandates, government controlling what businesses can and can't do and controlling what they can and can't say on social media potentially in perpetuity that is not the way that they should go is the way it started but were a year end half out and it's completely unnecessary but as a power grab the democrats have very quickly gotten very used to. joe: the president saying on facebook is killing people and maybe the president should've
2:22 pm
thought about not wearing masks for months after he was vaccinated including on zoom calls with world leaders that was a virtue singling, straight ahead california craziness the state will now give away cash to certain residents but what is the cost of handing out free money, we discussed when "the big sunday show" comes back. ♪ subway®... has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad. like the new deli-style oven-roasted turkey. and new hickory-smoked bacon. it's the eat fresh refresh™ at subway®. there's so much new we don't even have time for this guy! but i'm tom brady! oh, and there's smashed avocado too!
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and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l carley: welcome back to "the big sunday show" california is to be the first state to guarantee income in place state lawmakers are approving the 35 million other program which will handout payments from 500 to $1000 per month, while california is handing out money to residents for doing nothing that shows
2:27 pm
fewer people are filing for unemployment and states the cut the enhanced benefits, 24 states and stop offering the benefits experience a 33% drop compared to the 4% decline seen as states that didn't withdraw from the program, i'm going to go with you on this one the universal basic income plan is getting increasingly popular, what's different about the guaranteed income like other government assistant where they have restrictions on how the money can be spent the guaranteed income philosophy giving money without restrictions that will help reduce poverty by decreasing stress, what are your thoughts on that is before it decentralizes people to actually work. i see in new jersey a friend of mine texted me yesterday and said i'm seeing in restaurants owners actually having to wait and bus tables because they cannot fill jobs, you were in the northern part of new jersey,
2:28 pm
have you seen more help-wanted signs in your life then you seen the summer you have businesses that can fill these positions because people are being paid to sit home and watch captain kangaroo and not work in the money has to come from somewhere you cannot just keep printing and it's coming people like us in our getting taxed at the y zoo and were not seeing benefits or giving money to other people, i remember the green new deal, 2019 when it was introduced in economic security for all who are unable and unwilling to work, imagine that i don't have to work and i get paid, what a country strictly socialism, i don't like to use hyperbole but that's what it is. nicole: i have two local friends who owned restaurants in the struggling to get people to come and work so i have seen this firsthand, leo, joe makes a good point, you went to law school and i went to medical school the
2:29 pm
one thing that does not come from guaranteed income are the skill set for people to go out and get a job and climbed the ladder, what do you think universal income will do, will the push people toward getting an appointment or push them away from that. leo: let me think about that, away from it, let me be very clear joe is wrong about new jersey i live in the worst state in the union, california it is horrible here, last year i thought about leaving the state of california it is horrific, guaranteed income does what joe biden says joe biden said a job with dignity, respect you give someone guarantee income, they will not work they will not have the incentive to enjoy the fruits of the great country the question that i learned why is this being done. we have the worst governor in the state being recalled he's
2:30 pm
handing out free money all day, every day and he's trying to save his job, the guaranteed income creates a larger welfare state in california, it's a bad idea and does not motivate anyone to work as you see in the survey, were one of the states that continue to give employment benefits, we want people dependent on the government that the last thing the free society would want dependency on the government, it's horrible, you have no claims of the worst date, we have the worst state in california. nicole: it's called the dirty jersey for a reason. i will say one thing that i did see in this bill that i actually liked it's based on a pilot program where there trying to help children who are graduating from foster programs are aging out, remind you that was
2:31 pm
privately funded so it was given by private donors, not taxpayer dollars. they want to prioritize those who are graduating from foster care but it does not stop there, it continues on. carley: i'm glad you brought that up i'm not totally opposed to the california plan $35 million which is a relatively small pool of money when you consider how large california is in this money is allocated towards pregnant women and kids that are leaving the foster care system and i think those people, especially the foster care kids they might need legitimate help because they don't have mom or dad there to help them out. i think this plan would be perfect if they gave the pool of money to these people if they can prove they're going to school or trying to get a job. there should be a string attached to this, the goal should always be to get people
2:32 pm
off of government assistance. i think safety nets are fine but only for a limited period of time and if you're an able-bodied person you should not be taking that money be. nicole: money going toward skill building is not a bad idea. i agree. coming up on "the big sunday show" cubans are protesting the government of flying the american flag as a symbol of freedom. american college kids do not like it. we discussed this shocking video coming up next. >> to think it represents freedom? >> no, i don't. i think it beats a clock at the end of the day. ♪
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♪ ♪. joe: welcome back to "the big sunday show" the american flag was unmistakable symbol of freedom and patriotism and that may still be the case for the majority of oppressed cuban citizens, old glory is seen very differently these days through the eyes of many young americans. >> the person that comes to mind with the market flag. >> representing people but
2:38 pm
there's not a union amongst all of us. >> the symbol of hurt. >> if i had american flag associated with american identity i was associated with a lot of bigotry and racism. >> you think it represents freedom. >> no. leo: ahead of the olympic games there is a tenth dichotomy brewing between an athletes right to protest and showing proper respect to the market flag but top athletes are telling olympians should respect the flag in protest elsewhere, let me go to you doctor nicole you're very successful doctor i want to know given individuals who believe the flag does not represent liberty and freedom is there a better country out there in the world, if so, just name it, i'm not aware of it. >> that song toby keith red, white and blue is a perfect song from producers i get goosebumps every time you hear that song because every time i look at the market flag i am so proud to live in this country, i became a
2:39 pm
single mom when i was in high school and now i'm a physician and i did not skip a beat, do know why that happened because of the country and live in and i was able to take certain opportunities and able to continue on to work and go to school and even being a female and hearing him i owe that to my family and the country was born into because had i been anywhere else i would had a very different life and when i see people who completely disrespected country, disrespect the flag and say things like that i find it disgusting and i think they need to be educated, there is a history that a lot of us are not proud of but when you look at the fundamental basis of how our country was made that is freedom, all about freedom and everyone who lives here is able to practice the religion that they want and the culture they believe in and that's what freedom is ask anyone in any country they don't get to do the same thing.
2:40 pm
leo: i heard your story and i got emotional i feel the same way it's a very personal story you disclose disclosed and i love the fog is much as you is a great story olympian bradley ellison who appeared on "fox & friends" had a comment regarding using the flag in the olympics way to protest, here's what he had to say. >> when it comes to the olympics, this is truly one of the most of political pieces of sports that we have i wish there was a way to say with they had to say and use our voices and not alienate more than 50% of america by disrespecting our flag wearing that flag is an honor and worry the usa is an honor and i'd have to say most of the people are definitely in that vote, the same vote that i'm in with wanting that.
2:41 pm
leo: currently that me ask you this given the anticipated olympics coming up in the next two weeks is there a safe bet or obvious situation where people will use their platform if there successful in protest in a derogatory way towards a flag in america? nicole: i pray that it does not happen, it is not the place on an international stage to be representing your country and disrespected it by protesting during the national anthem. it may happen and if it does the best tactic is to ignore it, it's very difficult to do on a news network, it's our job to deliver the most pressing issue of the day but outrage also fuels the protest fire, i think one of the best ways to handle it, may be assumed that it could happen so were not so surprised when it does and during the hold when barry sheila all the
2:42 pm
attention covering her face with a t-shirt and the person who won the gold medal during the other big trial wrote five records, there's other things to talk about other than the people who protest, i hope it does not happen but it might, we will have to wait and see. leo: the american students talking about the flag doesn't mean respect or liberty they play a different position that the cuban-americans were hoping the american flag as far as former patriotism, liberty, who is right and who is wrong. joe: the not spoiled brats they may encounter hell to get to this country or have relatives backing cuba under an oppressive regime they haven't lived a pampered life their whole lives another in campus talk about how horrible their market flag is coming to look at the american media they have not helped we talked about this a couple weeks ago on "fox & friends" first where there was a new york times
2:43 pm
columnist who went out to long island and found it disturbing, her words there were so many market flags, that is horrible and also on july 4 independence day said that the american flag have become a divisive symbol, san francisco school board voted earlier to remove any schools that had george washington's name or abraham lincoln's name off their schools because that together with the revolutionary war and the civil war freed to slaves, parents pushed back and they rescinded that vote let me share quick stature, this is horrifying 70% of millennial said they would vote for a socialist candidate that's according to you, 90% support black lives matter, 2020 gallup poll one third of adult support abolishing the police easily the highest video age group and 81% of jens the believe that major changes should be made to police department, that is because this is what they're being taught in schools and now college campuses
2:44 pm
and you will see a lot more videos where you'd like who are these kids. leo: well said panel, great discussion, britney spears unleashed the pop princess tears into her family, her critics and conservatorship, that is next. ♪ you drive me crazy ♪ ♪ i just can't see ♪ ♪ i'm so excited ♪ ♪ i'm into deep ♪ ♪ oh, 0, crazy ♪ ♪ but it feels all right ♪ ♪ e you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪. joe: welcome back to "the big sunday show" renew spears fighter conservatorship, say that five times in court, she's using social media to have her voice heard britney slamming her dad saying i'm not going to be performing on any stages anytime soon with my dad handling what i wear, say, do or think, sound like my 7-year-old britney called out her sister jamie lynn who shown support for this anger throughout her court battle the popstar posting i don't like that my sister showed up at an award show and perform my song to remixes, my so-called support system hurt me deeply, this
2:49 pm
conservatorship killed by dreams, all i have is hope and hope is only thing in this world that is very hard to kill yet people still try, carly i have to go to you on this one first. tell me what happened the worst case scenario it ends and then what? carley: worst case scenario would be the conservator for britney that she stays in the conservatorship because she's been trying to get out i think most people feel like her dad is keeping her in the conservatorship to make money off of her and her sister and her mom have sat idly by and not defended her whatsoever i'm not saying that's the reality of the situation but that's what it looks like from the outside looking in. britney spears is in full mode and speaking out on social media
2:50 pm
she said she wants her dad in jail and i wonder she can prove conservatorship, she did tell a judge she was put on lithium against her will and forced to have an iud which is a form of birth control, if she can actually prove those things what will legally happen to her father and i think the bottom line, most conservatorships are for people who are severely incapacitated and desperately spears and her team have pointed out time and time again she made millions of dollars while in conservatorship so even if she wants to blow her money on something totally ridiculous it's her money to blow, not her father's. joe: she's 39 years old if you want to feel old completely at this point, leo amico to you in terms of what is next for britney in her case, considering she's going to get her own lawyers does that change in any way. leo: it does because hopefully
2:51 pm
there is an attorney client relationship but i want to focus on the judge in this case the judge has been presiding over this manner for a long time, over ten years, it seems impossible for britney to be mishandled or abused if the judge is basically watching the misconduct of not only her dad but the previous attorney, i'll tell you right now based on the anger that she's venting, she needs a group around her, circle people she can trust and britney if you are listening i suggest carly, doctor nicole, joe and leo terrell, you need a new team and were here to help you. carley: will take her out to brunch and have a good time. joe: nicole i think upside did it again is your college anthem, here's the thing what is her fascination with britney spears
2:52 pm
and why do we care about the story so much. nicole: i don't know the we that were talking about right now. [laughter] i'll be honest i take things from a little bit a different perspective i understand the pop culture everyone free britney's perch but when i hear terms like being forced to take lithium enforced birth control, that is a very deep, dark issue that tells me that were getting to a dark mental health illness and i think it's fun to say certain things and talk about free britney and let her perform and do all these things and there's very serious underlying mental health illness going on and while it needs to make sure it can't just be one person making these decisions for her she certainly does need a team and the fact that her mother and sister are not jumping up and defending her and condemning her father says there might be a lot
2:53 pm
more to the story that the documentaries are not covering on social media and i think that she should not be manipulated and she should not be taken advantage especially for has to do with money and when it comes to making sure she is safe and those around her this is a serious issue and i hope she has a team around her that supports her and do what's right for her. joe: 13 years have not defended her and probably will not anytime soon. great discussion everybody the great bulk up how did marky mark wahlberg go from this to this in a matter of weeks the actor opening up about his 11000-calorie diet, straight ahead, stick around. ♪ everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing
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join the fight at ♪ ♪. carley: welcome back to "the big sunday show" show business all glitz and glamour until you're forced to eat 11000 calories a day actor mark wahlberg did this for a role in his new movie, here's how he described the weight packing experience. >> fortunately i had to consume for two week 7000 calories another two weeks 11000 calories it's such a physical, hard physical thing to do losing
2:58 pm
weight you tough it out and you just don't eat and exercise and even when you're full i would wake up after a meal and have another meal eating every three hours it was not fun. carley: doctor sapphire how do you feel about the 11000 calories a day diet. nicole: that's disgusting and terrible for your health but mark wahlberg can do nothing wrong in my eyes, i love him he is all about fitness he open if fitness facility and he has a beautiful wife and family fat, thin, i don't care. carley: given the pictures that we showed, what do you think? nicole: i'm looking at doctor nicole 11000 calories i'm trying to stay slim and fit for fox news and beyond "the big sunday show", 11000 calories is too much for me. nicole: the show can be big but you don't want to be big. leo: i want to fit into this box. carley: i was thinking this can
2:59 pm
be a fun thing but producer collins said he try d3 thousand calories a day and it's physically impossible to do and he's a strapping young man, this sounds like a pretty big challenge before this is four times 3000 basically you have to do this every day, that makes it even harder i interviewed russell crowe last year and one thing i wanted to talk to him about was the weight gain and loss from movie to movie he gained 50 pounds from the insider which is the great movies from all time al frappuccino and he had to lose all that back 40 pounds for gladiator before gaining 70 pounds for master and commander, how do you do it and how does your body not go haywire. carley: doctor sapphire, answer the question, really quickly. nicole: those rabbit fluctuations can be bad for their health thankfully they have a huge team of nutritionists and doing under doctor supervision. i don't recommend anybody else
3:00 pm
doing that, maintain a healthy weight. carley: i know christian bale has done that as well, pack on the pounds and then drop it for roles luckily they're getting paid millions and millions of dollars to do it. that does it for us, the "fox report" with jon scott start right now. ♪. jon: the white house is plain dumb concerns after three texas state lawmakers have tested positive for coronavirus. the administrations is the vice president and key lawmakers are not at risk after high-profile meetings with some of the runaway democrats. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: vice president harris met with some of the covid positive lawmakers last week but the lawmakers say they were not close contact so she will not be


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