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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 18, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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♪♪ arthel: vice president kamala harris visiting walter reed hospital earlier today just days after she met with texas democrats, some of whom have since tested positive for covid. the white house says it's just a routine appointment while the vice president's office says she was not in close contact long enough with those texas lawmakers to require quarantine. welcome to a brand new hour of "fox news live," i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn. the white house says president biden did not meet with any of
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those texas democrats, so there's no concern there. that delegation of lawmakers though facing criticism for the now-infamous plane photo where they were seen wearing no masks despite cdc guidelines saying mask wearing is required. the surgeon general defended the mask guidelines also pushing for choice over a widespread mandate. >> even though your risk of getting sick and especially seriously ill or transmitting the virus to someone else if you're fully vaccinated is low, there's some people that may decide to continue wearing masks. i don't wear my mask outdoors and when i'm with people who are fully vaccinated, but that's my personal choice based on my individual circumstances at home. eric: but the cdc i says you have got to wear a mask onboard which those legislators clearly were not. david spunt with the latest. >> reporter: hi, eric.
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also rules from the faa, that is a mandate that you have to wear a mask on a plane. while president biden is at camp david and returning to the white house later today, he did not meet with that group, but as we know, the vice president did. her office put out a statement yesterday to fox news, i want to read it in part. based upon the timeline of these positive tests, it was determined that the vice president and her staff present at the meeting were not at risk of exposure because they were not in close contact with those who tested positive and, therefore, do not need to be tested or quarantined. the vice president and her staff are fully vaccinated. she made a trip to walter reed today for a routine appointment. authorities not saying anything more about that visit, only to say that this was a routine appointment. in addition to the vice president, the group met with senator joe manchin, majority leader chuck schumer, their offices say they were not exposed, and a spokeswoman for the vice president tells us the same thing. that picture of the group on the
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plane continues to make headlines because this group was not masked and, i mentioned, this is a nonnegotiable cdc guideline and faa mandate. eric, the white house separately is on a mission to get as many people, really millions of people vaccinated as soon as possible. we have the delta variant that seems to be spreading more rapidly every day if you look at the latest cdc numbers. that is specifically why the surgeon general took to the sunday shows today including "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. >> this misinformation is hurting people's health, it's costing them their lives. and as somebody who's lost ten family members to covid-19, i can tell you that that price is just way too high. >> reporter: and these are the latest numbers from the cdc. is 61 million -- 161 million people fully vaccinated, almost 47% of the total population. president biden and his team took a shot at facebook several days ago, facebook writing back:
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it is clear that we need a whole of society approach to end this pandemic and facts, not allegations, should help inform that effort. the fact is vaccine acceptance among facebook users in the u.s. has increased. authorities, they believe there are about a dozen people, eric, that are contributing to around two-thirds of misinformation regarding vaccines online. but when you hear stories like the surgeon general, vivek murphy, who said that he lost ten family members, clearly this is personal to him, that's why he and other members of the administration want to make sure there's no vaccine misinformation out there. eric? eric: absolutely. and with the variant causing some havoc and an increase in numbers, we all have to be careful and do our part. david, thank you. arthel: -- in south florida as residents march in solidarity with the cuban people. activists are calling on the biden administration to do more after the island's communist regime cut off internet access there. charles watson is live in miami
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where protests are set to begin this hour. charles. >> reporter: hey, arthel. yeah, a little bit of action here. there's a small group of venezuelan and nicaraguan demonstrators out here at the bay of pigs monument. we're told that they came out to show their solidarity9 with the people of cuba. we just heard from a group of speakers who spoke about how they need to help the people of cuba during this time of crisis. they also brought this wreath here behind me to show their respect. and then in a few moments they will march over to versailles restaurant where, as far as i can see, there are large crowds already forming there. and this is the type of solidarity that we've seen all over florida especially here in miami. we spoke to an organizer out here who says cubans are going to need the whole world to pitch in to help during this crisis.
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>> south america, big groups, international community because this has been going on for 62 years in cuba. and as you are seen on the news, everybody's out in the streets in i cuba. for the first time i see they're not scared. they're out in the streets fighting. their facing -- they're facing guns and oppression which they have always felt, and right now is a new chance and, hopefully, a new spirit will come to change cuba. >> reporter: and in the meantime, the cuban government pushing back against these opposition protests with a rally of its own in havana on saturday. raul castro and thousands of other cubans attended a state-organized rally to show their support for the cuban government, the cuban revolution and to denounce the u.s. trade embargo. the cuban president saying of the u.s. we continue to denounce once more the blockade, the
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aggression and the terror. finish so it seems like the cuban government not backing down from these protests, but cuban-americans and other folks here in miami will continue on, again, as they are large crowds are forming for yet another day of protests. arthel? arthel: all right. charles watson live in miami, thank you. eric? eric: arthel, lawmakers continue to criticize the biden administration over its response to the growing migrant surge at the southern border. you know, customs and border protection reports a record number of encounters in june, and the total for the fiscal year already tops, get this, a million. meantime, the president reportedly plans to repeal more of those trump era immigration policies like title 42. that's in force to keep migrants out based on a coronavirus threat to public health. jonathan serrie live in la joya, texas, on the border with more on the doings there. hey, jonathan. >> reporter: hi, eric. in fact, it is the anticipation
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of more lenient policies under the biden administration that is driving many of these migrants to come over the southwest land border. in many locations they can simply walk around incomplete sections of the border wall, and when they come in, many families and children are so confident they'll be able to stay in the country, they actually seek out border patrol agents to turn themselves in voluntarily. while these family groups of migrants are peaceful, texas authorities say they still contribute indirectly to a criminal element. >> there's a reality that people need to come to grips with, and that is almost everyone who comes across the border does so having to work with cartels and traffickers. almost everyone across the border is going to have a price extracted from them. >> reporter: the large family groups also distract officers from smaller groups, usually young men, who try to stay under
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the radar. state troopers with the texas department of public safety pulled over a vehicle carrying two mexican nationals, one guatemalan and four hondurans. >> they crossed and they made it to houston x. then houston is a sanctuary city, so they could have went with somebody else and then paid money, cash for the vehicle and they went and got registered under -- >> reporter: the border patrol is investigating the death of a mexican national who fell from a border wall in brownsville, texas. in addition to the injuries he sustained falling to the grounding from that wall, he tested positive for covid-19. he underwent emergency surgery at a nearby hospital but, unfortunately, did not survive is. eric? eric: people are desperate. jonathan serrie, thank you. arthel? arthel: well, eric, it was anything -- yeah, it was anything but a typical baseball game when the san diego padres beat the washington nationals
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today 10-4. it was the conclusion of the game suspended last night when a shooting outside nationals park wounded three people and sent players and fans inside scram isinging for safety -- scrambling for safety. mark meredith has that story. >> reporter: saturday's shooting happened right outside nationals park on the street a adjacent to the ballpark, but fans inside could hear those gun shots, many of them knowing instantly something wasn't right. they even ducked for cover unsure of where those shots were coming from. >> everybody ran into a spot and then, like, i just hugged my wife and just laid on the ground with her, and we just laid there. >> what happened? [laughter] >> i mean, we were just watching baseball game, and, you know, now we can't get an uber, we can't -- like, what happened? >> reporter: it all happened around 9:30. that was sixth inning of the
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game. police say the shooting involved people in two different cars, again, outside the stadium. two men believed to have been involved showed up a short time later at the hospital with gunshot wounds and one woman who was attending the game was also shot. she was found by police as they were investigating outside the stadium. we're told she's going to be okay. d.c. police say they've stepped up security around the ballpark, but for many fans who were at the game, this shooting will not be easy to forget. even the nats manager says the shooting is having an impact on him and his team. >> it's a bit crazy, we all know that. we all want to feel safe. i can tell you that inside this ball park i feel safer than ever. i really do. we care about each other, and we don't want anybody getting hurt. so, like i said, for me yesterday, i tried to protect as many people as possible. >> reporter: d.c. police say they stepped up security around the ballpark just to be safe after last night's shooting, but
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this is far from the only tragedy this committee is dealing with. on friday night a 6-year-old girl was shot and killed, five others also hurt in a shooting not too far from this ballpark. arthel? arthel: it's too much. mark meredith in washington, thank you. eric? ♪ eric: fox news alert on the death toll in europe, the catastrophic flooding there in western europe. the numbers have now topped 180 people. that number, sadly, increasing after those devastating, overwhelming floods there. rescue teams are trying to race against the clock. the search for any survivors. trey yingst is now live with much more. man, some of those scenes of the flood waters going down those quaint towns is just unbelievable. >> reporter: eric, that's exactly right. good afternoon. the search for survivors continues today after those floods ripped through western europe. the death toll now at more than 180 with dozens more missing. destruction stretching for miles in germany, the netherlands and
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belgium. those who survived jumped into action to help combing through the rubble. >> the moments we saw the first pictures, we realized that the people here would need a lot of help because all this you can see in the background would be gone in one day. >> reporter: rescue workers had to carry out thousands of missions trying to save people from being washed away in what analysts are calling a once in a generation event. german chancellor angela merkel surveyed the damage today saying it will take months to clean up. >> it's terrifying. i would say there is no word in the german language to describe this devastation. however, what i have witnessed and what is incredibly comforting is how people are sticking together, how they're helping each other. the solidarity among people. >> reporter: merkel also used this opportunity to address the issue of climate change saying the world needs to hurry up and address a serious environmental issue. eric? eric: trey, thank you.
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arthel? if. arthel: well, trey and eric, coronavirus cases are on the rise here in the u.s. and in tokyo's olympic village. are we in for another surge? that's up next. ♪ it's grilled cheese time. ♪ ♪ yeah, it's time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ because it's time. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪♪ lisa here, has had many jobs. she's worked in retail during the holidays. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job
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eric: well, new coronavirus cases in tokyo's olympic village reported just days before the 2020 games begin. two south african soccer players tested positive for covid and are in isolation. this as more than 31,000 athletes -- 11,000 athletes are are set to arrive in japanning this week. an american tennis star has tested covid positive and has been forced to withdraw from the games, that is heartbreaking, disappointing. alex hogan live in our newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: hi, eric. the olympic committee has run 40,000 covid-19 tests, 55 of which came back positive since the beginning of the month, but these are the first athletes inside the olympic if village to contract the virus. two south african soccer players and a rugby coach are the latest to test positive. the individuals are isolating, the olympic committee says it's taking this seriously.
1:19 pm
>> one case means immediate action to identify who was in contact with this person so that these people can then be also tested. so in other words, one case is not simply in a spread sheet, it's action. >> reporter: athletes are tested every day at tokyo 20, mingling is limited, mask wearing is mandatory, but that's not all. athletes were can asked to isolate for two weeks and provide two negative covid tests before arriving in japan. the south african chief medical officer responding, the timing suggests that the pcr in these individuals was done during the incubation period of the infection which is how they could be negative in south africa and then positive in japan. 200 people took to the streets today to protest the global event. tokyo is currently under a state of emergency because of covid-19, and for the 29th straight day cases were higher
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than seven days prior. and now another athlete has tested positive, tennis star coco golf who just announced the disappointing news on twitter saying it has always been a dream of hers to represent team usa at the olympics. eric: that is so unfortunate. arthel: it really is. well, the highly transmissable delta variant is rapidly spreading in the u.s. public health officials are warning of another surge. the seven-day moving average of new covid cases has more than doubled so far this month according to the cdc. the agency's data also shows the delta variant is responsible for more than half of new cases, that surge prompted los angeles county to renew its indoor mask mandate starting today regardless of vaccine is -- vaccine status. >> we can see that in the last few days we're up to almost 1900
1:21 pm
cases and over 460 individuals that are now in our icu units. this is very disturbing and, of course, as responsible elected officials we have to do something. arthel: let's bring in now dr. frieda fisher, good to have you with us. so why is the delta that variant so contagious and causing these breakthrough infections in and for those of us who are fully vaccinated, what more can we to protect ourselves from this delta variant? >> hello, it's good to be back. and, yes, this delta variant is so much better at transmitting because viruses do what viruses are supposed to do, and that is to mutate, to get smarter, to be able to infect us, the humans, the hosts. and so what the delta variant has done is it has taken advantage of the circumstance which is finding people who are maskless and who are
1:22 pm
unvaccinated, and that allows it to replicate. viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate. so because we kept on moving around and spreading the covid-19, it's allowed it to get smarter, and now we have the delta variant which is, indeed, at least 50% more transmissable than the alpha variant and believed it's more deadly. arthel: wow. so if you've been fully vaccinated, what can we do? >> if you have been fully vaccinated then, thankfully, you are largely protected. now, there has been some studies from the israeli data that shows you may have a 64% chance of being infected with the delta variant, however, you have a 93% chance of not being hospitalized and not dying. and thus far the data is showing us that our vaccinations are protective, they are protective, and they're keeping us from dying from delta. so if you're vaccinated, you're in pretty great position even
1:23 pm
with the delta variant. arthel: okay. i do want to take a look at the proportion of breakthrough covid cases in the u.s. of the almost -- we've got as david spunt just reported, almost 160 million people who have been fully vaccinated, almost 5500 breakthrough cases were reported. that's 5500. so that's a small fraction of those breakthrough cases. but meanwhile, i did read where a virologist at la jolla institute for immunology in california said that the vaccines are not designed to protect against infection, but to defend the body against symptoms of the disease. now, i thought the vaccines protect us from infection. do i have that wrong? if. >> it's a small point, but it's a very important point, arthel. so, yes, there are breakthrough infections and then there are breakthrough diseases. and actually, when these vaccinations protect us, specifically the messenger rna
1:24 pm
pfizer and moderna if, we tested people who had disease meaning that they were symptomatic. that's how we fested. that's how -- tested. that's how we knew we had 94 and 95% effectiveness from people getting sick with disease. we did not test for people being infected, and by definition a breakthrough infection is if you have a laboratory confirmation of a covid-19 positive test even with no symptoms. but fortunately, some asymptomatic people we're worried about are the people who are getting sick and, again, these messenger rna vaccines were originally found to be 95%fective against getting disease, not infection. arthel: got it. thank you for clarifying that. so getting the disease, not infection. could you just answer this quickly, if you've already had covid, do your natural antibodies protect you from the delta variant? >> we do believe you have some protection with natural immunity if you've been infected. however, studies show you that your protection with getting the
1:25 pm
covid-19 vaccination will give you a far more robust protection. and so we don't have any guarantees about the natural immunity, but we do know that with the vaccinations it's much better. so we actually recommend that everyone, even if you'ved had the covid-19 infection, you should get vaccinated, and we have many cases of people who have had natural immunity and then they've also gotten sick with covid-19 again. and so everyone should get vaccinated in order to protect us and to stop these surges which, of course, we're surging in all 50 states. hospitalizations up, we've got to stop it. arthel: yeah, we do. i've got another quick 40 seconds here. los angeles county has reinstated the mask mandate while you're indoors even if you are fully vaccinated, other cities considering or slowly reimposing some of these restrictions. so how can they do this without completely shutting down businesses and communities? >> you know, that's really, really frustrating, arthel,
1:26 pm
because those of us who have been vaccinated, we were really excited. the problem is that with the honor system, everyone was not honorable. and so you had people who were unvaccinated not wearing masks which got us into this position. they're doing the right thing because their cases are surging, and even though it may seem like somewhat of a punishment for those vaccinateed this is, i do believe, the proper thing to do in order to halt this pandemic from going right back to where we started. and if people don't start listening and wearing masks and getting vaccinated, we may have to go back to sheltering in place. i encourage people to get vaccinated and certainly, certainly wear masks if you are unvaccinated especially. arthel: we will leave it there. dr. fisher, always good to have you. we will see you again. eric: have you heard about this? 3 attempted kidnapping plot by the iranian government that was supposed to take place here in the united states.
1:27 pm
the target, they say, a new york-based journalist, a critic of the regime. we'll take a look at how far iran would go to silence those who oppose it. ♪ ♪ ne wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still.
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don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ arthel: here's a look at some headlines we're following. dueling protests over transgender rights in los angeles turned violent yesterday as police fired rubber bullets into the crowd from earlier this month. it showed a customer who was upset that a transgender woman was allowed into the women's area of the business. police say they made several dozen arrests. a chemical leak at a water park outside houston sent 26 people to the hospital yesterday. county officials say the leak caused some breathing issues and skin irritation. the park is closed while officials investigate. and haiti's first lady returns to the island for the first time since she was injured
1:32 pm
in an attack that killed her husband. she was rushed to a miami hospital after she was shot during the assassination. she is expected to atented his funeral -- attend his funeral in haiti later week. >> the whole goal of the government in iran to actually someone here to take photos of me, following me, scaring me, kidnap me is to stop me from what i have been doing. what i did is not a crimement i am -- crime. i am a journalist. i am an activist. what i do, i give voice to voiceless people. eric: she has been outspoken for democracy and liberty in iran, speaking out against the regime. that was new york-based journalist masih alinejad after the justice department charged four iranian agents and a california woman for their alleged role in a plot to kidnap
1:33 pm
her, a plot they say was to grab her on the streets of new york, grab -- put her on a speed poet to venezuela -- boat to venezuela and then fly her to iran. the editor-in-chief of the foreign desk is joining us now, she's reported extensively on iran through the years and herself was the victim of an iranian-based cyber attack earlier this year. lisa, good to see you. first, what did they try to do to you? >> well, over the years they have of tried to threaten me, they have followed me, they have hacked my web site, my e-mails. recently they took over many of my e-mail accounts, they actually were able to download photos from my computer, personal photos. they sent pictures of me in my bathing suit to my husband and said these haven't been leaked yet but, dot, dot, dot, you know, threatening me.
1:34 pm
that's their goal. as matthew said in the video, their goal is to silence are us, to intimidate us. and the message here is, look, we knew that they were doing this. we knew that this is -- this is their achilles heel, when we expose them and their heinous crimes. but what we should pay attention to, what this really underscores is that they are here on u.s. soil, and they're not afraid to do this to american citizens. it's also a made us fearful of other iranians. when you meet an iranian here, you don't know if they're a friend or spie. you don't know if you can click on the link that they sent you when they're trying to give you a tip or a story i would like to report on. it's created a lot of -- well, in my personal life a lot of fear, and it's made my job much harder to do. eric: is it going to stop you? >> no, it's not because with, you know, i also get dozens of
1:35 pm
e-mails daily saying thank you for being our voice, thank you for telling our stories. i'm an american-born citizen. if i can't use my freedoms here, my love of this country here and what it affords me and why my parents moved to this country when they were teenagers to give their future progeny these freedoms, then there's no difference between that and me being born in tehran and having to cover my hair, not being able to speak out the way that i have. maybe that's why i became a journalist, to tell the stories of people of that region. eric: and you have been doing so waive -- bravely. it's chilling what they were going to do, grab her on the streets of new york, and they apparently were looking for a speedboat, take her down to venezuela and fly her to tehran maybe for a show trial. >> yeah. eric: what does this do to the climate? does it -- of course it's
1:36 pm
chilling, but it also in a sense gives people extra resolve to expose exactly what that regime is like. >> well, yes. there's so much evidence, right, eric? where should we start? and what will it take for the white house, this biden administration, to understand what we're saying? this is no longer a partisan issue. but when this administration campaigned on getting back into the iran nuclear deal at a time when this regime has become increasingly brazen, look, in 2005 under the obama administration we got into the iran nuclear deal. it wasn't a good deal by any means, but at that time you had a regime that at least pretended, at least had the facade of being moderate, of wanting to make certain changes. now you have a completely rogue regime saying we don't want to deal with you guys until we get our new president who's extremely, extremely audiocassettish in office. -- hawkish. we are announcing that we are enriching uranium to 60%, we're going on with our support of terrorism in the region.
1:37 pm
remember, they pour money into yemen, syria, iraq, his bra -- hezbollah, hamas, the list goes on and on and human rights abuses daily. and now look at them trying to reach their tentacles into the united states and reach for american citizens. and we know that they've had american hostages before. the question begs what will it take to really get this message through to the biden administration who came out and said this kidnapping plot will not stop us from going forward? the second thing i'd like to underscore here that most people aren't talking about is the role of venezuela here. we think of iran as the enemy that's very far away, they're not going to reach us. perhaps we're nervous about them reaching israel that they have sworn to do, but we have a mini tehran right at our southern border in venezuela. they were so confident to get this woman to venezuela to fly her from caracas to tehran. now imagine that we have iranian operatives -- again, we've underscored this many times --
1:38 pm
who let this new scenario be a wake-up call that we have iranian operatives also at south america in brazil, argentina, in bolivia and, of course, in venezuela where they feel the most comfortable with their operatives. so this is a huge wake-up call. and, again, if we want to connect the dots, why are we at the negotiating table with the sworn enemy? eric: finally, the fact that the administration they were able to get this case, also involving an iranian-american woman, a 46-year-old woman in california who was charged with helping facilitate some of the finances, what would you say to the attorney general of the united states, directly to the president of the united states and to the american people watching right now about the iranian threat? right here, right now, here in our home? >> yeah, great question. i would say wake up. you know, put our partisan politics aside and look at the facts. this woman looks like your average woman who's about to go
1:39 pm
get her nails done was involved in the money laundering aspect of this deal living in los angeles where there's a huge iranian ex-pat community. makes us think as to how many people they have in their network here in the united states working against american citizens who are doing journalism work or activism work or think tank work, that are targeting them. and i would say, you know, to the american people, look, i'm not here because i am iranian. i'm not here because i'm an enemy of the iranian people. just the opposite. we're working for the iranian people and the people who are freedom loving and want a better future. this regime is not a regime to work with, this is not a regime to appease, and they should make an example of out of this woman to not evade the sanctions, and we have to have a much tougher stance against the iranian regime for a better middle east, for world peace to stop the terrorism and to, you know, american citizens are now involved. so i think we have to take a much more serious stance against
1:40 pm
this. eric: and this on the anniversary of the bombing of the jewish center in buenos aires that killed 85 people. that said to be blood shed on purpose by the iranian hands. lisa, thank you for your bravery and courage, thank you for speaking out and thank you -- >> thank you so much for having me, eric. eric: -- for doing what you do and all those who try to expose the iranian regime. arthel? arthel: thank you. we're going to switch gears now to houston preparing to honor a hometown hero who is spending his summer giving back to the community that raised him. we're going to catch up with rap legend trey the truth about his latest volunteer work including a new business venture that is offering job opportunities to those with disabilities. ♪ ♪
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rapper and activist trey the truth. he's beloved for his many contributions to the city with houston celebrates with its annual trey day this year being extended to four days. when we last spoke to trey, he had just accepted the changemerrick award at the 2021 -- change maker award at the 2021 awards. billboard awards. wait to talk about how the homemade ice cream franchise is a special ice cream shop. tell us about it. >> yes. brother roger, he came across howdy homemade. it actually originated in dallas from tom landis. what it does is he actually franchised it. it employs special needs young adults, you know, a lot of special needs when they get out of high school or when they go to college or anything, they
1:46 pm
don't really have the opportunity. so my son has special needs, and nico, we took a strong love to the special needs community. so now we have an ice cream shop that are going to employ special needs young adults and give them an opportunity to work and -- arkansas exactly. they have so much to contribute. i mean, i've got two of my friends coming to mind, won't say their last names, you all know who they are. you know, someone does want to inquire, should they go to howdy homemade, is that what they do, yes or no. >> or follow me on social media on instagram. i always post links where people can be a part of that. and speaking of that, we actually took a few of the workers from howdy homemade last week, we surprised the inmates in harris county jail. so we took ice cream and delivered it to over $20,000 worth of ice cream to the county
1:47 pm
jail. arthel: how did you hook that up? >> i mean, i'm trae -- [laughter] when it comes to houston, anything i can't get done in houston. arthel: don't you know who i am? [laughter] all right. >> it was way to give back. so, you know, i'm in my mode of giving back, they never really try and stop me. everybody's a all for it. that's why trae days is about to be so exciting. arthel: it's actually this thursday, july 22nd, but you're going to have events throughout the weekend as well. tell us about your lineup. >> so thursday's going to be real big. thursday is actually trae day, and that's the grand opening of our ice cream shop. and arthel, i don't know if you to know, i have my actual own flavor -- arthel: i do. i wrote it down. say it again, trae's funnel cake and cinnamon whirl? are you going to send me some?
1:48 pm
>> i'm going to arrange that. i will arrange that. so we have that thursday. it's a place called flip and fun. it's a trampoline park/bumper car/laser tag, took over that whole facility. so all the kids in the city get to come on thursday for free. that friday i'm giving out ten scholarships with james harden for kids going to college that needs assistance and needs the help. we're doing habitat for humanity doing a community garden, and then i'm going to bring out a lot of kids and especially, i don't know if you know, i just partnered up with the crew which is the little league youth football team in the city there, kids from all over that have pure talent but they didn't have the platform and a push to get it across the world. so now embracing them. and when we partner with them, i'm bringing them in the community, so we'll be doing the big event saturday. i took over the whole stadium,
1:49 pm
there's going to be trae's family fun day/car show. i'm meeting with my brother, mr. rogers. i bring animals they've never seen before like kangaroos, giraffes, camels. in houston it's hot right now, but we're going to bring snow. entertainers, movies, i mean, movie stars, athletes from all across the country come out. carnival rides and, i mean, it's just going to be an amazing day. and then that sunday we're doing the celebrity dog barking team trae. and then we're going to have a comedy festival which there's a lot of surprise guests coming. we have monty and a lot of people that i don't even want to tell. it's going to be a surprise -- arthel: yeah, exactly. >> crazy four days. arthel: well, it sounds great. i wish i could come down there for that.
1:50 pm
i'll have to make it next year, for sure. i heard you say the animals, i'm not going to ask you how you arrange that, because you're trae, you do what you want to do -- [laughter] but i just want to make sure, i know you'll keep the animals safe. i know you will. >> definitely. arthel: keep it up, trae. i love that you are about giving back and nourishing, you know, the young people. so that's very important. so, all right -- >> definitely. and this year, i was going to say, not to cut you off, this year's going to be real, real amazing, man, because our whole city shut down after covid, so this is going to be the first family fun day event and first family car show. so every child in the city and surrounding areas is invited out. and they get to come out for free. you know, the main goal is for them to come get their free school supplies and prepare for school. and after they're responsible to get that, they can have fun the rest of the day. arthel: all right. got it. i gotta run, i'm going to hit the clock, but i appreciate you.
1:51 pm
thankfor coming on and thanks fl that you do. good luck and continued success, trae tha truth. see you soon. take care, we'll be right back. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles.
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eric: day two of the turning point usa student action summit featuring
1:55 pm
some big republican names trying to address the concerns of young people in the party. hillary vaughn is live in tampa with the very latest. hi, hillary. >> reporter: hi, eric. there are thousands of young adults here at the turning point conference, and behind me donald trump jr. is speaking right now to a lot of them. this is exactly the graphic the white house has been trying to target and to convince to get vaccinated. we've talked to a lot of young people who really want the government out of their health decisions and are not fans of the vaccine mandate on campus. i talked to south carolina congressman madison hawthorne who says it should be a conversation between the there and patient, not the white house and voters. >> i'm starting to think that the federal government is trying to come into your lives and make medical decisions for you, i think that's something that we should reject as the american people. because the federal government should not be involved. >> reporter: there are a lot of social media users here, in
1:56 pm
fact, they were asked if at any point they had been in facebook or twitter jail, and about half of the room raised their hand. the white house really has been trying to influence social media to try to combat vaccine misinformation on the platform, but we've talked to a lot of people here, eric, who tell us they are concerned with the federal government having an influence over a private company like facebook and the way theyed moderate content on their platform. eric. eric: all right, hillary, thanks so much. arthel? arthel: that does it for us, shaun -- eric: you're going to get that ice cream from trae tha truth. arthel: it's national ice cream day, so what is that, trae cinnamon whirl and funnel cake. there you go. thank you so much for joining us. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need.
1:57 pm
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>> hello i am currently along with leo terrell, nicole saphier and joe concha, welcome to "the big sunday show" here is what's on tap tonight, joe. >> a meltdown over misinformation, president biden surgeon general saying as a government job to control it. >> nicole. >> california becomes the first state to hand out free gas to people but at what


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