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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  July 18, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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competition. >> seven hours, seven kids in an airport, it sounds like a movie. >> yeah. and then canceled. [laughter] >> as you're boarding. >> don't miss our continuing coverage of turning point summit through fox nation. you can watch the first month free. it's outstanding to watch. i'll see you there tomorrow. go to church, everybody. have a great sunday. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. welcome to sunday morning futures, i'm maria bartiromo. today, facing off on corruption and come anything's, senator ted cruz, the son of a cuban immigrant on why the biden administration is slamming the door on cubans begging for freedom while keeping the southern border wide open for one million migrants traveling through mexico so far this year. plus, biden family ethics, jen psaki claims this administration is the most ethical in history. then why won't they tell us who
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is ponying up half a million bucks for hunter biden's new-found hobby, art. investigative journalist peter schweizer is here on the he'd e. then, is it economic policy or a shakedown? south carolina senator lindsey graham on the infrastructure plan and whether it's tied to another wildly expense i've tax and spend blowout with the democrats' new scheme to throw an amnesty component in there as well. plus, joe biden's attack on facebook. >> what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. i mean, they're really -- look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they're killing people. maria: yes, the finger pointing has begun as president trump's
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lawsuit looms over censorship. fox host mark levin on the threat of marxism racing through the country, is it coming from the chinese communist party and do progressives understand who they are getting in bed with. all that right here, right now, on sunday morning futures. ♪ >> former national intelligence folks who said that what he's accusing me of is a russian plan. they have said that this has all the -- four -- five former heads of the cia, both parties, say what he is saying is a bunch of garbage. nobody believes it except his and his good friend rudy giuliani you. >> you mean the laptop is now another russia, russia, russia hoax? >> that's exactly what -- >> this is where he's going. the laptop is russia, russia, russia. >> gentlemen, i want to say on
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the issue you of race. >> you have to be kidding me. maria: that was joe biden at the final presidential debate back in october, dismissing stories about son hunter biden's laptop as russian disinformation, a narrative former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe he debunked on "mornings with maria" on fox business. >> let me be clear, the intelligence community doesn't believe that because there's no intelligence that supports that and we have shared no intelligence with chairman schiff or any other member of congress that hunter biden's laptop is part of some russian disinformation campaign. it's simply not true. maria: joining me right now is investigative journalist, peter schweizer, who has been exposing joe biden's china ties for years. peter, thanks very much for being here this morning. you have that laptop in your possession. you've been mining through it. set the record straight. is this hunter biden's laptop? >> yeah, it's no doubt it's hunter biden's laptop and really
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what we did, maria, when we obtained the files from the laptop is we compared it to existing information that was wy know is accurate. for example, the senate committee released hunter biden's secret service travel records that shows where you traveled overseas with secret service protection. we took that information and correlated it with the hunter biden e-mails. when the hunter biden e-mail's say he's in dubai or going to beijing, is that reflected in the secret service travel records, 100% they correspond. we then took the e-mails from one of his business partners that went to jail, he gave us access to g-mail accounts. we're going through the g-mail account. he corresponded with hunter on a regular basis, they were copied on a lot of e-mails together. do those e-mails match up? 100%. i could go on and on. the wire transfers that the treasury department released. the bottom line is the
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information lines up completely, 100% and it is fundamentally dishonest to insist that the labtop is not accurate. i think that could be done and i think that's why hunter biden himself is not even claiming that the laptop is not his. maria: so peter, right now hunter is getting ready to sell art. he told us that this is his new job. he is a first time artist. no training of course. the pieces are being priced between 75,000 and half a million dollars apiece. you call this scheme genius. why? >> well, it's genius because in a very corrupt way because what was the criticism of hunter's previous money-making schemes? when he went to work for burisma, the energy company, the criticism was he was getting a million dollars a year, he had had no background in ukraine energy regulation, no background in energy. well, art is different than the business world.
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it's entirely subjective. so if somebody's prepared to spend half a million dollars for a piece of art works can question it. in that sense it's very junius. but -- genius. but this opens the gateway to massive corruption. the art owner, the art partner that he has that's going to be marketing his art has been very clear that he's going to market these things overseas, he's been wanting to break into the chinese art market for years and the senate in 2019 issued a report talking about how the art world is rife with money laundering and corruption involving foreign oligarchs because it's hard to trace. it's a massively troublesome problem and their explanations simply don't carry any weight. maria: well, the white house is saying that in an effort to be, quote, unquote, transparent, they are not going to tell anybody who is ponying up half a million dollars to buy hunter
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biden's art. what's to stop a chinese company or an iranian company, a chinese company tied to the chinese military and the communist party to pay half a million dollars for art and then say wink, wink, take this company off the black list, further my efforts here and there, i just bought your art for half a million bucks. >> let me underline and underscore what you said, that's absolutely correct. there's nothing that stops them from doing that. the white house's proposed ethics solution, i put that in he quotation marks, is the exact opposite of what's called for here. their solution of transparency is to actually hide who is engaged in the transaction. it's ludicrous. look, i have been critical of bill and hillary clinton and their foreign deals over the years. you have to give them credit. when hillary clinton was in the senate and later was secretary of state, bill clinton was
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collecting a lot of speaking fees from foreign entities, they disclosed those and to their credit they disclosed those. in this case, i don't think hunter biden should be doing this to begin with. but if he's going to do it, they need to disclose and have an independent party verify who is actually paying him for this artwork. maria: it's very concerning, particularly with the partnership that this administration and the democrats have with social media and pretty much the media broadly speaking because you're not seeing any of this and ordinarily you would expect that the media would really scrutinize this. they're not doing it because they don't want to. it's absolutely outrageous. they have been censoring things like treatments for covid, they censored hunter biden's deals right before the election. the twitter, banning the new york post. your assessment of what's happening in the media. and the inability for the
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american people to truly understand what's taking place. >> well, so maria, let's go back to 2017 and the trump tower meeting where trump family members met with some people from russia that they had never met before, met with them for about 20 minutes. time magazine ran a cover called caught red handed and it was about that 20-minute meeting. so weigh that 20 minute meeting and the widespread coverage it got everywhere, not just time magazine, with what we know objectively, nobody's disputing as it relates to the bidens. aside from the art deals, you've got the fact that hunter biden, while his dad was vice president, was securing multimillion dollar deals in china with ccp connected businessmen, in russia with russian oligarchs. that apparently doesn't warrant really any coverage from the media. so a 20 minute meeting in trump tower which in my mind should
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have been covered as a news event but they blew it up as this massive thing, and you weigh that on balance with what we know about the long and lucrative nature of the biden family's deals with china, and yet they he blow that off as if it's not important. it is truly orwelian. that's not a word i use a lot but it's orwelian. maria: meanwhile, here's jen psaki explaining this away as the white house press briefing recently. watch this. >> let me say first that we have the highest ethical standards of any administration in history. number of ethics officials have conveyed that. and we're proud of that. we have also staffed up at an unprecedented pace and this is the most diverse administration in american history. so we certainly expect that everyone will abide by those high ethic standards, that applies in how we operate, it also applies in how hiring is done.
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maria: peter, no words. what is your reaction to what she just said, the most ethical administration in world history as we put up this graphic here of the hunter biden business deals across the world, $5 million from the chinese oil company, cefc, created a billion dollar investment fund, bhr with state owned bank of china, received wire transfer from the wife of the former mayor of moscow. the list goes on and on. your reaction to jen sack hey as we look at -- jen psaki as we look at this list. >> saying you're the most ethical doesn't make it true. here's the problem when it comes to the biden family, they have lied and i don't use that word loosely, they have lied consistently about hunter biden's dealings. so i don't give a lot of credence to what they they say. the question is what are they actually going to do. initially, when we first reported on hunter biden in january 2018, they said it wasn't true, he didn't have foreign deals. then they admitted he had
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foreign deals but they said he never talked about it to his dad. then evidence came out that he did talk to his dad about it. then they shifted to the fact, well, his father never met with any of his business partners. then evidence was shown that that was the case. and on and on and on. the point is, they consistently lied and you can't simply take them at their word and that's why i think, again, the mistakes that the medias making, that's what they've done and they need to stop doing it. maria: i know the top federal prosecutor in delaware decided to pause a criminal investigation of hunter biden months before the 2020 election to prevent the public from learning about this according to a new report. my question to you is has the fbi interviewed hunter biden under oath? >> my understanding is that i don't know under oath, but my understanding is that they have had conversations or have had discussions. i don't have inside knowledge of where the investigation is.
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but, look, here's the thing that i think frustrates people to this larger issue. when it came to the trump administration, there were all kinds of leaks. there was all kinds of announcements that were made at politically let's say awkward times. the notion that you're going to freeze a criminal investigation because you're afr might influence a political campaign only when it comes to one side of the political aisle speaks to the disparate nature of the criminal justice system we have and there's a different set of rules for different people, not only depending where you are socially but you apparently where you are on the political spectrum and that is a huge problem that's undermining the faith in our criminal justice system. maria: yeah. peter, i know you are working on a new book. i want to talk to you about china the next time we meet. it's good to have you this morning. thanks very much for all your reporting, peter. thank you. peter schweizer joining us there. when we come back, senator ted cruz is here on the white house's admission that it is in
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surgeon general's office, we're flagging problematic posts through facebook that spreads disinformation. we're working with doctors and medical professionals to connected medical experts who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost trusted content. maria: this comes just one month after anthony fauci's e-mails showed he was plotting with mark zuckerberg on a so-called information hub to censor key information about the origins of covid-19 and the treatments for covid, something texas senator ted cruz told us suggested collusion and could set up facebook for damages. >> these latest breakthroughs have real consequence because it now is clear that facebook was operating at the direction of and in the direct benefit of the federal government and operating as the government censor utilizing their monopoly position to censor on behalf of
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the government. maria: senator ted cruz joins me now with reaction to the white house's brazen censorship admission. a thank you for being here. was this collusion. >> it was undoubtedly collusion. it's good to see you this morning, maria. since the interview you aired a minute ago where i laid out the fauci e-mails really showed how big tech was in bed with the biden administration, with the government censoring on behalf of the government, there have been two significant developments. number one, donald trump filed a class action lawsuit against big tech, against facebook and twist. twitter and big tech, based on the theory you and i discussed, that they were engaged in censorship that is unconstitutional, that is contrary to the first amendment and the theory behind president trump's lawsuit is exactly the theory you and i discussed. now, the challenge his lawsuit faces is the following. the first amendment applies only
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to government action. the first words of the first amendment are congress shall make no law and so it applies to the federal government, it has since been incorporated and applied against the state government and so the argument that a lot of the talking heads put out immediately after president trump filed his lawsuit is they said, well, facebook is not the government. twitter is not the government so this lawsuit will get thrown out. well, the supreme court has long recognized a line of cases that when government uses a private company as a tool, as an arm to implement a government policy, and in this instance when government explicitly asks a private monopoly censor the following speech that we disagree with, that that private company can be treated as a state actor and i've got to say, watching jen psaki this week, it is amazing. i kind of wonder if jen psaki is on the payroll of donald trump because her press conference strengthened president trump's
7:21 am
lawsuit against big tech. it makes clear that everything we thought about the biden administration, about their willingness to trample on free speech, to trample on the constitution, to use government power to silence you, everything we feared they might do, they are doing and worse and i think president trump's lawsuit got much, much stronger this week. maria: yeah. i mean, we're going to talk with mark levin coming up in the program and a he said psaki's admission makes donald trump's lawsuit a slam dunk and she should be a defendant, she should testify in that suit. >> let me give you an example to understand it. image i'm if the biden administration went to a private paramilitary organization and said we're going to ask you to knock down people's doors and take their guns. and we're going to ask you to do this explicitly and then we're also going to pass a law to immunize you so if the private
7:22 am
organization kicks down your front door, takes your firearms, we're going to give you immunity from civil liability. nobody in their right mind would argue that private organization behaving essentially as stormtroopers, trying to confiscate guns, nobody would argue that that's not state action, that that doesn't violate the second amendment. what the biden administration is doing with facebook, twitter and google is the same thing. they're going to monopolies and saying you are our tool to censor views we disagree with and by the way, what's ludicrous, is they've been censoring views that we now know are true. maria: exactly. >> for months they were censoring where the virus originated. maria: hold that thought, senator. we've got a whole list of them. we want to talk more about this and other subjects when we come right back. talking with senator ted cruz. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back. we are back with texas senator ted cruz. senator, we were just going through all of the censorship that we have been seeing. it's really disturbing to me that facebook and all these other social media companies are censoring information that's actually true. they really are letting down the american people right before the election, censoring the hunter biden story, banning the new york post from twitter and then going on to censor early treatments of covid. we had on senator ron johnson and dr. pierre corey who went through things like ivermectin which was off patent, nobody was making any money on it because it's off patent but it actually could have been a very important treatment for early days of covid. they took all of those posts down, they wouldn't allow you to talk about hydroxychloroquine. this is not just censorship for
7:27 am
politics. they're actually letting the american people down in so many ways. why? is this the communist party influence? >> well, listen, you're exactly right, that the censorship has been over and over again, silencing things that are true. they banned, for example, any arguments that the coronavirus originated in a chinese government lab in wuhan, china. it now appears the overwhelming weight of the evidence suggests that's in fact where it originated, in a chinese government lab. you mentioned the new york post. as you know, i do a pod cost every week called verdict with ted cruz. i just filmed the podcast about an hour ago where i sat down with the editor of the editorial page of the new york post and we talked about their story in the fall of 2020 about hunter biden's laptop. they broke that story and big tech silenced it, took it down, and we now know that story was true. you covered it at the top of your show, how that story was true. and i've got to tell you the new
7:28 am
york posted tore y'all page he'd -- post editorial page editor told me when he tried to direct message the story to other people, people were asking what's the story, big tech would block his direct messages because they wanted to silence a story. the only justification for silencing the story is that it hurt joe biden and helped donald trump and big tech was behaving as the partisan enforcers to try to skew an election and they did in fact skew an election and they're continuing now to censor information if it disagrees with the official government line. i got to say, it's the same thing you see happening in a communist country like china and a communist country like cuba where if there are facts that are contrary to the government or though docks-car or docksy, -- orthodoxy, they prevent you from sharing the facts. they're doing the same thing in the united states. it's a frightening threat not
7:29 am
just for free speech but for the ability for the american people to learn the truth on a host of issues. maria: i want to get to cuba. i know you've witnessed the effects of the communist regime firsthand with your father and aunt. first on china. joe biden says he's the one leader that knows xi jinping best on the world stage and that xi jinping truly believes he's going to acquire america and overtake america within 15 years. i mean, they're following our political debates. they're piling on. do the progressives understand the dangerous situation they're putting this country in, that the ccp has goals, they're belt and road initiative, their civil military fusion. they want to overtake the united states. is the biden administration enabling is with all of this censorship? >> unfortunately, they are. and one of the sad realities today is the democratic party is structurally pro-china.
7:30 am
the democratic party today is funded by -- their biggest funders are big tech and big tech is in bed with the chinese communists. among the biggest funders of the democratic party are the giant corporations and many of the giant corporations, the fortune 50 and fortune 100 are in bed with the chinese communists and you look at the biden administration, just six months into it, joe biden named as his un ambassador an individual who last year gave a paid speech for a confucius institute. paid for by the chinese communist government, praising the chinese communist government, just a couple months in the biden administration reversed the state department policy and they now ban taiwan, any taiwanese official from displaying a taiwanese military uniform or flag on u.s. government property. why? because it offends the communist government overlords in china. and i've got to tell you, we really saw just how pro-china
7:31 am
today's democrats are in the senate foreign relations committee where we were debating joe biden's green new deal executive order. i introduced an amendment that said you can't bilek trick cars from the region in china where the uyghurs are being held in concentration camps, are being tortured and murdered, you can't bilek trick cars that were -- buy electric cars that were made with chinese slave labor and every senate democrat on the committee voted no because they're much more committed to the radical environmental agenda than they are to not funding slave labor from the chinese communist government. maria: unbelievable. you've got a lot of people behind you. i know you're speaking at the turning point usa summit this afternoon. we'll be covering it on fox nation. we look forward to the comments. real quick on your colleagues in texas blowing off their work, getting on a flight so they
7:32 am
don't give the republicans a quorum with their new voting laws in texas. now we understand some of them have covid. real quick on that. >> listen, what they're doing is a political stunt. i think it is sad just how much today's democratic party has decided that voter fraud is integral to helping them try to win elections. this political stunt is going to fail. it is -- there is clear legal authority under the texas constitution to arrest legislators who flee the state, trying to defeat a quorum. the governor rightly said he'll call special session after special session. these guys will come back to texas, they're get arrested, put on the floor of the legislature and i believe the legislature will do its job and pass common sense election integrity laws. maria: senator, thank you so much. senator ted cruz. we'll be right back. r farmers p, guaranteed replacement cost, your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something.
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>> there's not going to be a single republican if the house or senate who is going to vote for it. they're going to be left to try to get every democrat in the senate, they'll need every one and they can only afford to lose four in the house to get this passed which is a massive tax increase, including raising the death tax. everyone will end up paying more if they do this so it's going to be along, hot summer for them. maria: the summer just got hotter. that was senator john barrasso on this program last month on president biden's plan to tie a bipartisan infrastructure
7:37 am
agreement to a pie in the sky tax and spending blowout. does he have the support of all senate democrats. south carolina senator lindsey graham is with us. he voted against that. he joins me now. senator, great to see you. thanks very much for being here this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: so are we -- where are we at this point, senator? are these two bills tied, the $1 trillion, less than $1 trillion infrastructure plan and the 3.5 trillion spend and tax plan? >> no. i would support a $950 billion infrastructure plan for roads, bridges and ports. president trump had a $1.5 trillion plan. it's got to be paid for. i'm in the bipartisan group. we're having a hard time paying for the $958 billion because we're not going to raise taxes. but everybody's trying really hard. as the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package he
7:38 am
designed to pass without a single republican vote, joe manchin has said that has to be paid for. and the only way you can do that is through a massive tax increase. and the reconciliation package is not infrastructure. it's big government, a liberal wish list, paid family leave, all kind of new social programs unrelated to infrastructure. so we'll see if they can get democratic support. but before republicans beat up on the democrats in texas for leaving texas too much, if for some reason they pass reconciliation, budget resolution to bring that bill to the floor of the united states senate, the $3.5 trillion bill, you've got have a quorum to pass a bill in the t senate, i would leave before i would let that happen. so to my republican colleagues, we may learn something from our democratic friends in texas when it comes to avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spend package. leave town. maria: wow. so you just see them leave and
7:39 am
you're saying fine, they were effective in not of giving the republicans a occur rum, you'll -- quorum, you'll do the same thing on a $3.5 trillion tax and spend. >> vice president harris, you i expect you to pat us on the back. hell yeah, i would leave. i would use everything in my toolbox. it's got nothing to do with infrastructure. it's a tax and spend dream of the socialist left. if it takes me not showing up to stop that, i will do it because if we pass that bill, you're going to have inflation through the roof and if they put legalizing illegal immigrants in that bill, you're going to have a complete run on the border. it will be throwing jet fuel on a fire, called illegal immigration. it would lead to an invasion of illegal immigrants if we put amnesty in the $3.5 trillion bill so i would do anything i
7:40 am
could to stop that. maria: this is where we are. this is what it has come to. i mean, you all have a responsibility. >> yeah, yeah. maria: to do the work and yet there's so much hatred and upset. tell me about that amnesty element. because now they're just trying to throw whatever they can including the kitchen sink into the $3.5 trillion bill. they they want to actually make illegals legal as part of this. is that even a legal thing to do? i thought a reconciliation budget package must include federal money related items. can they put amnesty in here? >> i don't think so. but they're going to try. because they don't want to work with us. in 2013, i was part of a bipartisan group that passed a comprehensive immigration bill and we spent $40 billion to secure the border. schumer and durbin voted for a $40 billion border security bill that built walls, did away with catch and release. to my democratic colleagues, if you want to provide legal status
7:41 am
for the daca population, i will work with you. i want you to finish the wall which needs to be finished. and end catch and release for the asylum seekers which will shut off a wave of illegal immigration and i will vote for daca legalization. the reason they're not working with us is that the party of reasonable border security, securing the border on the democratic side, is dead and buried and replaced by the party of open borders, aoc and elizabeth warren will not allow the democratic party to do what they were doing a few years ago when it comes to border security. if you voted for joe biden, thinking he would be a moderate voice and would of lead us to a centrist agenda, you've got to be sorely disappointed because there's nothing moderate about the biden administration. maria: well, we have extraordinary new numbers. now we understand that already 1 million people have been apprehended this year at the southern border.
7:42 am
you've been to the border. let's talk about this because look at these numbers that we have. in june, 188,000 people crossing the border, taking the total number to 1.1 million encounters, apprehensions so far this year. 188,000 in june on top of 180,000 in may, senator. this does not include the got-aways. we know there are tens of thousands of others who have been seen on surveillance video and they've entered the country, they've come and gone into the interior of the country. we don't know what their intentions are. >> we don't know what their intentions are, we don't know how many of them there are. i know this, if you start legalizing people without first securing the border, you will incentivize more illegal immigration. we've never in the past legalized one person until you first secured the border. if they put amnesty in the reconciliation package, then the numbers you're talking about are going to double by the end of the year. and they're also talking about
7:43 am
eliminating the ability to deport people who came here illegally based on covid concerns and you title 42. if you put amnesty in the reconciliation package and you do away with title 42, there's no defenses left and you'll have an a invasion of legal immigrants in this country like you've never seen before. maria: real quick before you go, president biden continues to call all of these voting bills jim crow. i believe it's now 16 states that have come up with new voting bills, new voting laws, trying to clean up what they saw in 2020. why does he keep spewing out misinformation? >> he's trying to change the subject because he can't talk about his policies. his policies are failing at the border, rampant inflation, you can't walk out in the streets without worrying about getting shot or your child kidnapped, radical islam is on the rise. he can't talk about policy because he's failed on the policy front so he's trying to make all of us racist as republicans. i've known joe biden for 20, 25
7:44 am
years. i've never seen this joe biden. this is demry -- demagoguery. it's offensive to me. what he's saying is a lie. he's trying to change the subject to try to talk about anything but his failed presidency. we're coming back in 2022 and i hope to god president trump runs in 2024. maria: good to see you this morning. thanks very much. senator lindsey graham joining us. stay with us. we'll be right back with mark levin.
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>> my lord, if i get elected president of the united states with my position on healthcare, my position on he global warming, my position on foreign policy, my he position on the middle class, this will come down as one of the most progressive administrations in american history. maria: oh, yes, that was then
7:48 am
candidate joe biden in february of 2020 revealing his intention to become the most progressive president in in u.s. history. he is well on his way, ruling by executive order, majority in both chambers, ramming through the most radical and expensive agenda this country has ever seen, all without a single republican vote. that's called unity. mark levin's new book examines how to protect our democrat say from government overreach. he's also the host of life, lib effort and levin -- life, liberty and levin. we are all viewers. thank you very much for being here this morning. your reaction to the agenda as you see. >> my reaction to the agenda is that joe biden and his merry group of supporters there in the white house are destroying this country. if i'm communist china and i'm communist north korea and i'm communist cuba and i'm communist venezuela, if i'm the regime in iran, all of our enemies, i'm
7:49 am
sitting back and i'm laughing because joe biden is destroying this country from within and i don't have to raise a finger. he is a human pandemic. he's done more damage to this country in six months than communist china could can ever do to us. he is a grave threat and his administration is a grave threat. they're a threat to our civil liberties and free speech, a threat to our economic system, they're a threat to our sovereignty. open border. this man hasn't traveled to the southern border to see what his policies are doing because he doesn't give a damn, knows what they're doing. the push for critical race theory and all the other things i talk about in american marxism, i heard lindsey graham say i've known joe biden a long time, this is a different joe biden. maybe he should talk to clarence thomas and some of the other people who were abused and badly mistreated when he was on the t senate judiciary committee, how he lied about them, how he smeared them. it's a career of lying and play
7:50 am
plagarism. he was never a moderate. right now, he's in legacy mode. he met with liberal historians, he wants to be bigger than fdr. how about you pay attention to what's going on in this country, joe. how about you pay attention to what your policies are doing to this country. we have inflation shooting through the roof. as i was watching your show earlier, $3.5 trillion in human infrastructure. human infrastructure. we call that socialism and then with 1 phone 2 trillion in -- 1.2 trillion in infrastructure. they want to spend $10.7 trillion on top of the 2 trillion they already spent and 2.3 trillion before that. they're going to destroy this economic system for our kids and our grandkids. they're destroying our classrooms with the damn executive orders and the nea and aft. they're destroying the border. we know why they're doing its.
7:51 am
they're importing what they hope will be democrats while excluding the cubans because they think they'll be republicans. what else do they want to do, maria? they're attacking our constitutional system in the senate. the courts. the filibuster rule. and the senate itself. maria: unbelievable. i want to talk more about this. i want to take a break, then i want to get into your book and i want to see if you think it's the ccp or progressives. back in a minute with mark levin. flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association
7:52 am
walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at
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maria: we are back with fox news host, mark levin, the author of the new book, a must read, american marxism, examines the fight against socialist ideologies. a couple examples of what you said happened this week.
7:55 am
biden agreed to lift on sanctions on iran, as iranians tried to kidnap a journalist in new york, no comment on that. they eased sanctions on venezuela. look at that economy. we've got video of the taliban executing afghan soldiers who fought for us in the u.s. and we abandoned them and yet mayorkas is saying to cubans, don't come here. what's the motivation for all of this? >> first of all, joe biden is worse than nevil chamberlain. he said peace in our time. chamberlain didn't give billions of dollars to the third reich. joe biden wants to give tens of billions of dollars to the iranian regime which has as its purpose to wipe out the jews and wipe out its neighbors. it's insanity. we have an insane administration that is pushing these radical,
7:56 am
marxist agenda movements. you can see there's more hate to the republican party than for the regime in cuba and what's the motivation. i'll tell you the motivation. decade after decade of indoctrination on the college campuses, the front think tanks that are -- some of them are funded by the chinese. some of them are just leftist. they're having the run of the place, having the run of the add medicine vacation. they're secreting themselves into the departments and into the various offices. you know what my attitude is, maria. i don't care why. they need to be defeated. they need be crushed or we're going to lose this country. maria: he keeps spewing out lies about the voting bills. real quick, 20 seconds. what is he talking about that he's got the constitutional right and it's jim crow. 16 states have come up with new laws for a reason. >> there's a reason he's not specific and the media aren't
7:57 am
specific because none of these proposals are jim crow and yet joe biden would know about jim crow since early in the senate career he was buddies with segregationists and separateists. maria: it's great to see you. we'll see you tonight on fox. haveid a great weekend, everybo. a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq-100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq a lot of snacks are packed with air but not planters nuts. our dry roasted peanuts have an incredible ratio of size to substance a delicious, salty, crunchy ratio. planters. a nut above.
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