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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that's it for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. in its never ending campaign to put america last and cement her image as a racist oppressive nation, the bind administration invited the united nations human rights council to judge whether america is a racist nation. this was secretary of state tony
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blinken justifying his actions. >> for the united states to be a credible force for human rights around the world, we have to face the realities of racism and hatred here at home. we can't sweep them under the rug or pretend they don't exist. we have to face them openly and honestly. even if that's ugly and painful. that's how we live up to our values. judge jeanine: blinken urged all european union members to join in this effort. he added that the invitations of the united nations on contemporary forms of racism and minority issues was a first step in a plan to step a standing invitation to human rights
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experts. you invite people from the u.n. who head the united states to come here on our soil to judge us? without concern for their bias, their hatred, their prejudice and outright opposition and ability to a democracy to judge us? never in history has this ever happened. you invite china has has one million uighurs in concentration camps. ventilator -- venezuela who tortures her own citizens. and in russia, where people just disappear. who do you work for? you invite our enemies to come to the united states and investigate whether there are human rights issues and report
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back to the world? are you stupid or crazy. you "people with dirty land to judge the most freedom-loving nation in the world. and you invite them to address america's systemic racism against africans and people of african descent in the context of law enforcement? doesn't your department of justice do that? why are you looking to corrupt foreign governments to judge if we are racist. why don't you write the report now. we know the narrative you want to cement is. you want the united nations to support your 1619 project. will they be going into police department around the country demanding statistics and information?
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will they be doing interviews? do the police have the right to refuse to answer questions by members of foreign countries? who will receive the information to determine whether there is evidence to support their conclusion. a jury trial convicted derek chauvin murder. what about the federal government monitoring several police departments around the country for you. that not enough? you need communist china's approval. you are not doing anything but creating division nationally and internationally. speaking of cuba, why aren't you taking measure protecting the rights of the downtrodden and making sure no one suffers from bias. why aren't you supporting the cuban people 90 miles from our
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shore. why isn't our secretary majorkas say. cuba is supported by black lives matter. why would you let people from the southern border in but not the cubans? could it be cubans are republicans and would turn florida solid red? you invite the united nations with its own history of corruption to come here and judge us. the united nations which has 100 resolutions condemning the state of israel? the one democracy in the middle east. they failed to stop the massacre of 8 thousand men and boys by bosnias forces. and sex abuse scandaled by u.n.
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peacekeepers. cash was funneled to kim judge-il. >> the u.s. is asking the united nations, a cesspool of political bias to investigate us on human rights? we look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now. judge jeanine: it was the u.n. world health organization that lied to us about the 2020 pandemic. it goes beyond identifying the united states as a racist nation and cementing the democrat narrative. they will recommend reparations.
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this week the commissioner for human rights urged a wide range of reparations to fully fund the wide range of reparation measures to address slavery, colonial rule and discrimination. it will go beyond identifying the united states as a racist nation. the drum beat has begun and reparations are next. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter. here with reaction to my open and much more. senator lindsey graham from the great state of south carolina who joins me now. good evening, senator graham. you heard my open. what do you think? >> not one dollar for reparations. the state department is out of control. they lost their mind to have russia, china and cuba judge
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america. to anybody who is going to be met by the u.n. asking for information, i would have i you not to give it. if things like this are going to lead to a republican wipeout in 2022 of the democratic biden administration in the house and senate. moments like this remind us why president trump was a good president. judge jeanine: if you remember obama started with an apology tour. and biden is starting with -- let's put a bull's-eye on america. a lot is going on in america. i understand you played golf with president trump and had dish with him the last few days. and i know congressman kevin mccarthy joined him for a male or two. what's happening with the president? >> his golf games incredible.
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he's busting his driver. i'm not joke. but the president is worried about our country. he's mad as hell about what blinken is doing, having the u.n. judge america. it breaks his heart that the border is so broken and inflation is so rampant. the president is all in in helping kevin take back the house. you here is what i can tell you about president trump. he's heartbroken about what's going none our country and the world at large. he thinks he can fix it and he told me he has unfinished business. i will be shocked if he doesn't run for president in 2024. judge jeanine: that's pretty
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clear. he's clearly thinking about 2024. more than thinking. do you think he's all in. >> i think he's all in to make sure we take back the house and senate and stop this craziness. spending like drunken sailors. inflation going through the roof. the border is completely lost. the bottom line is the president is very upset by what he has seen. he thinks he has a plan to fix it. it worked before, it will work again. and he told me there is unfinished business in terms of what he would like to do as president for the nation. when you look at trump's four years compared to biden's six months. i like our chances could win the house and flat in 2022 and take back the white house in 2024. joe biden's administration is
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out of control. every day that passes we appreciate trump's policies more and more. judge jeanine: that certainly is some breaking news, and it's the most we have heard in a long time in terms of the president and what he's thinking for 2024. he's also going out and making speeches. he's supporting candidates, and indicating he's not supporting other candidates. he's a force on the campaign trail as well. >> it's his nomination. we have a lot of talented people in the republican party. but if president trump runs in 2024, he will be the nominee. his policies are standing the test of time. the border is in free-fall. the president has a hell of a story to tell about what he did
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for this country. and more importantly what he can do. this is the party of donald trump. if you think other eye you are in for a rude awakening. i think he will lead to us victory in 2022. and i will be shocked after trending two days with him if he doesn't run for president. he believes he has up finished business as path of the united states. and i agree with it. judge jeanine: senator lindsey graham, thank you for being with us and sharing that breaking news information. next, my exclusive sit-down with caitlyniener on patriotism -- with caitlyn jenner what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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yeap * this week -- judge jeanine: this week i sat down with caitlyn jenner on why she is running for california governor and much more. the moment you crossed the finish line in 1976 for that decathlon. some fan ran across the finish
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line on the track and gave you a flag. and you waved that flag proudly and that became an iconic moment not just then but throughout history and the olympics. how do you compare today to then. >> boy, has that changed. >> that was 1976, our country's bicentennial. i have seen the deterioration of our flag, our love of country. i still love our country. we have issues, but i'm a patriot. my grandfather fought in world war i. ply dad stormed the beaches of normandy. to find for our freedoms. and i always had that in my heart. patriotism. i love this country.
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i was proud to put that flag up. but i have seen it go down when the hammer thrower disrespected our flag. and that bothers me. judge jeanine: let's talk about gwen berry. she hot it was all about her. she said they played the national even them when they knew she didn't like it. the united states was her ticket to those olympics. they were the trials. should she be allowed to go forward when she indicated she pretty much rejected the flag and "the national anthem"? >> that's a tough question. i like individual freedoms. i think they need to protect individual freedoms. i think people like that who are going to disrespect our flags to
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make a political statement and maybe get more hits on social media technically have a right to d. but we also have the right to deserve the consequences out of their actions. judge jeanine: are there enough consequences. >> in so many cases no. in some cases they become big stars like commercial for nike. the woke world we are living in right now -- honestly i don't know how we move forward. we have to move forward and be strong with love of country being a patriot. and that could me is so important. wouldn't this be a perfect situation if she goes to the international olympics. that doesn't allow any kind of political statement.
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should she be allowed to compete in that? >> no, she should not be allowed to make a political statement at the games on the stand at any point. just stand there and be proud of what you accomplished. >> i want to go back to that iconic moment. it was a great day for you and a great day for america. here is a quote from one of the articles. she beat the soviets in the olympics and inspired a nation. how do you channel that to this race you won in california? >> i respect you being politically correct and and you said she beat russians. but he won the games. chris won the games. he was a good person. the night after the games were over with. the next morning i walked into the bathroom. the gold medal sitting on the
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counter. full lengths mirror. throw the medal on and looked into the mirror and i thought oh, my god did i just do? did i build this character up so big that i'm stuck with him for the rest of my life. i knew from the time i was a little kid. but from the 50s and 60s there wasn't a name for it. you just kept your mouth shut. i said i am stwuk this character for the rest of my life. fortunately -- they have been with me my whole life. it isn't oh, god one day i'm trans. it's part of you like being left handled or right-handed. judge jeanine: the move to recall newsom was huge. eating in the restaurants, going out. and all that. but now it seems his numbers,
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the approval rating is just over 50%. does the voter have a short memory? >> of course, everybody has a short memory and our job is to try to keep the pressure on this. the decline of california has only accelerated under this rule. gavin newsom is only interested in himself, upon interested in keeping his position. he's not interested in the people. he hasn't done one thing for the people. every time he turns around he's doing it for special interests. we have to keep the pressure on him and reminds people. you know i feel like the people who get him out of office are the parents, the mothers and kids. he has done such a terrible job in shutting our schools down for the last year. we can't let him forget it. i call it the recall rebate.
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he will send money, taxpayers money in the state of california. their money out -- back out to distribute it for votes, basically. judge jeanine: still ahead, a lot more of my interview with caitlyn jenner. what she thinks needs to be done in california. and will she support donald trump if he runs
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[♪♪♪] ashley: welcome to fox news live, i'm ashley strohmier. frightening moments outside national stadium in washington, d.c. at least three people were shot in a game against the san diego padres. fans scrambling for the exits, some stayed under their seats. police say there is an active investigation, but no ongoing threat at this time. four people were hurt in shootings in portland, oregon. the mayor says the rash of shootings is a pandemic. last year he called for defunding police after national
9:28 pm
outrage and protests. the department has lost 125 sworn officers in the past year. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." in the second part of my "justice" exclusive with caitlyn jenner. we discussed crime in california, trump's possible run for president. and more. >> california has a very shy crime rate. it exemplified for me last week now where the thugs go into neiman marcus in the middle of the day, not undercover of darkness or in the middle of the night and take what they want temperature 10 of them leave and
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get away. 70 walgreens closed down. businesses are shortening their hours. there is no one to protect the inventory be the employees or the customers. >> san francisco made it easy for them to steal. bottom line. that cannot happen. it's a crime to steal. judge jeanine: it has been. on a state level we have to continue to enforce that. we have to get tough on crime. we have seen over the last few years how not just in california, but all across the country how politicians are enforcing one law, and ignoring the next one. you know? that cannot be. we have to follow the law. judge jeanine: it's about the d.a.s. it's about george gascon in l.a.
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county. it's about the state threshold. how do you get the individual d.a. to enforce the law? you can't. >> i was in orange county talking to the d.a. and he was filling me in on how george soros has been funding lawyers. judge jeanine: progressive d.a.s. and he's giving them as much money as necessity want. because he figures he has to change this country from the bottom up. he wants to destroy this country. those type of judges and das, we have into form the people not to have these people. they are destroying our judicial system. right now if you are on parole, and you miss your parole hearing, you do anything wrong, we have to have a tracking
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system, finds those people, put them back in jail. judge jeanine: what we are seeing are more and more people from a 12-year-old to an 80-year-old woman who he think it was -- single digit maybe 8-year-old shooting people coming into their homes and attacking their families. so it is something that i think requires most people to be ready to defend themselves. you are a second amendment supporter. >> i'm a gun owner. i go to the gun range. i make sure i know what i'm doing. i have had people on my property. although i had my gun available, i never used it. i wasn't really threatened. just used. would i use it? if i was threatened or anybody in my home was, of course i would. i would have to see our lives
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are at stake. we have to take law enforcement seriously. that's such a big issue in california. i'm the poster child for change. you kind of got that. we have to change. this is about leadership. okay? i'm a leader. i have always been a leader. gavin newsom is not a leader. he's a politician. that's what he's in for. keep his power. keep his money, and meet up with his friends at the french laundry. he's not a leader. you have got to be hands on on the ground with the police department being a leader, leading people, not only the police department, but also in a message to californians about what's going on when it comes to crime. and that takes leadership. >> should donald trump run in
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2024? >> that's his decision. if i was governor of california i would support him. judge jeanine: what if you weren't? >> i still would support him. i don't like what's happening in this country right now. we always try to put everybody in a box. you are white, you are black, you are a republican, you must think this or that. and that's not me. okay? i'm an inclusive republican because i have conservative economic values. if you are less tax, less regulation and pro business environment, it works every time throughout history. ronald reagan it worked, donald trump for the first three years rocked it. it always works. but on the social side i'm not like a lot of republicans.
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i'm an inclusive republican. i am in it for the people. i think the number one thing the republican party needs to do is change the image. democrats have taken hostages. this question for years. and we need to change the image of what the republican party is. we are inclusive tole all people. >> let's talk about the image. california is an extremely progressive state. >> as blue as they get. judge jeanine: you are a transwoman. how do you think that impacts the voter? >> i agree that is an issue. i'm not running as a transactiontivist. i just -- as a trans-activist. i just happen to be trans. the transthing is fine. but some people are not going to
9:35 pm
get it. i have never ever been in a better place in my life than i am right now. maybe at this time in my life 65 years old, living my life authentically, and trying to make -- having a platform and trying to make a continues in the most marginalized group in the world. they do not have borders. take this marginalized humanity and have a platform to try to make it better. i feel like now is the time to do something with that. and to me it's an advantage -- me personally, running for governor, it's an advantage. i am at piece in my heart. i get up in the morning and just
9:36 pm
be myself all day. i have always liked and loved helping people. you know? and i don't think i can help in a better way in the 8 of california than run for governor. and trying to make a difference. judge jeanine: caitlyniener. >> love you, judge. judge jeanine: just ahead. a big win for britney spears' battle for freedom. what could be the beginning of the end of her conservatorship. jesse watters is here to react next.
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the conspiracy between her court-appointed lawyer and the rich lawyers representing the father. britney paid both teams of lawyers and they dragged this conservatorship out for two decades. she is paying people to keep her in her straightjacket. she can't get out of it and is an unsophisticated woman. the father is getting a quarter million to run her affairs. her legal team that she is paying to represent the dad build her $1.5 million for five months. it's a ridiculous racket she is involved in and i feel bad for her. >> i think a lot of america who
9:43 pm
understands this feels bad whrir for her. but -- feels badly for her. but someone as smart, driven, disciplined. has the precision to do what she does. i include the judge in the group. this judge appoint another trust company to be a -- be a co-conservator. this is crazy stuff. this needs a federal prosecutor to investigate. and you now know hot new lawyer is. jesse: a guy on i think the board of the beverly hills bar association. he's a top litigator in los angeles. won all kinds of awards. he won a $14 million judgment.
9:44 pm
he represented sean penn. he doesn't need the money. the court appointed lawyer needed the money. he he used to be a federal prosecutionor. -- federal prosecutor. she is not incapacitated. anybody who can deliver a performance like that night after night in front of people in las vegas deserves to have her freedom. judge jeanine: noise question about that. but i want to talk about your new book. "how i saved the world." can you tell me how you saved the world? i think you made number one on "new york times"? >> i did. i saved myself, judge. you know i needed saving. and that's the point. liberals are so unhappy with
9:45 pm
themselves that they try to interfere with everybody else. there is a vacuum in their lives. they turn that hate and mobilize it against the rest of the country. that's what they have done to the society. and we can't put up with it anymore. i observe how angry they are. what they have done to this country is a shame. critical race theory, open borders. you have got to act like a parent and tell these people, knock it off. judge jeanine: may i include myself by saying thank you for saving the world. great to have you on. take care and kudos on the book. who is the latest celebrity to bow to china? tomi lahren and leo terrell join me next.
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>> if you thought hollywood couldn't stoop any lower, jackie coman just said he wants to be a member. i am stumbling because i can't wait to get to you guys on this. to mirks, i will start with you. what do you think of this? >> i think alexandria ocasio-cortez just found her favorite actor. i have to give jackie chan credit. at least he's being transparent about this. i wish the self-proclaimed socialists would come forward and say how much they respect the communist regime and all their control. i have a feeling that though he
9:51 pm
voices support for a communist regime, i that won't get him canceled in hollywood. it's a sign of the times. judge jeanine: he made hundreds of millions of in america. now he wants to be a member of the chinese party. >> we made him a superstar in america. those rush hour movies, one, two, and three, he became a superstar. what can he do to revague rate his career? he identifies himself as a lover of china. i agree with tomi that he's
9:52 pm
transparent. but that money was what drove le bron james and john cena. judge jeanine: hunter biden is going to be selling his artwork if you can call it that. i guess this summer. a source familiar with the sales arrangement says the new york gallery owner who is showing hbg hunter biden's painting will have the ability to reject offers. but he says neither hunter biden nor the white house, nobody will have any idea who is buying the paintings. do you think that will be the case, that the new york gallery
9:53 pm
owner will not tell hunter who gave him the half million dollars for his artwork so-called? >> i think we know that's not the truth. but what is amazing to me is that this guy is not hiding in a hole somewhere. after the laptop, the fact that he's so brazen going out there and selling his artwork. it goes to show the democrats are lameless. they don't care what the appearance of this is. they don't care at all. now he's selling so-called paintings. this guy really, i have got to give him credit for his hustle, but it's disgraceful. judge jeanine: leo, what do you think? >> hunter biden is a washington, d.c. conman. if his last name was not biden
9:54 pm
he would be under a freeway or halfway house. judge jeanine: he would be in jail. >> i agree. because his name is biden he's allowed to be immune from prosecution. he's allowed to make money, millions of dollars he's not qualified to make. and he gets a pass on all of this misconduct. don't ever talk about the trump family ever again, democrats because you have public enemy number one in hunter biden. judge jeanine: the amazing part of this is, he will make a fortune. we won't know who bought the painting but i somehow doubt the bidens won't.
9:55 pm
louie fried gave hunter a contribution. will i see you in florida? leo, are you going to be there this time. >> no, but tell your two lovely dogs i miss them. send some more pictures. judge jeanine: next, an exciting announcement you will not want to miss. stay right here.
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free using the code sas. you can catch more of me at jeanine. ♪♪ dan: welcome to "unfiltered", it's a world that's a complicated place. this is complicated. why can't the democrats condemn this? [inaudible]


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