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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  July 17, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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free right now you think the code fa x. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss our show and catch more of me online. thanks for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way and i will see you next saturday night. and tuesday in tampa. ♪♪ dan: welcome to "unfiltered", it's a world that's a complicated place. this is complicated. why can't the democrats condemn this? [inaudible]
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[inaudible] i want the democrats call them out? communist thugs in cuba, how hard is this? you see what i just saw. i what they do it? i can't they speak with a unified voice? why did it take days to use the word communism? they support socialist and despise freedom. yes, i said it because it's right. like the way, you think it can't happen here? think the key army nurse appeasers wouldn't let this happen here? the exact same that happened to totalitarianism in cuba is happening here now. he said that's a total exaggeration, is it really? are you sure? these are real headlines, we didn't make these up, it's not
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the onion here. here's a story from july 12. cuba darkens and internet. is a story from june 11 about the united states. youtube removes video from ron johnson for covid-19 miss information. what the different? here's some more. ap july 12 meticulous internet cut off, the goat to taxi to suppress, npr october 15, 2020 here in the united states. twitter and facebook with a new york post story on biden's son. you need more? you're going to destroy a country and swell up step country. communist knew this a long time ago, check out these headlines. june 21. high inflation exacerbates crisis in cuba. here's cnn july 13.
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the crisis keeps soaring, inflation rockets to a 13 year high. this last one, in case you are really not convinced that this couldn't happen here. here's july 13. faced with rare protests, cuba curbs social media. here's a new york post july 15. white house viking facebook to censor over covered misinformation. folks, the democrats are hypocrites, they can't condemn socialism and communism because they are socialist communism sympathizers. they are not only hypocrites on that, they are hypocrites on immigration, to. you have democrat begging for illegal immigrants to come to the united states from mexico and central america but when it comes to actual freedom fighters and refugees from cuba, let me
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be clear. i'm against illegal immigration under all circumstances but you have actual refugees from cuba and all of a sudden the democrats find religion on immigration? check out dhs secretary mayorkas'. >> allow me to be clear. if you take to the sea, you will not come to the united states. the time is never right to attempt migration by c. to those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth taking. again, i repeat, do not risk your life attempting to enter the united states illegally. you will not come to the united states. dan: again, unlike the left, i object to illegal immigration but we do have a refugee process, fascinating you can walk across the southern border here and just say i'm here, get a portfolio and government benefits but escape the tyranny of communism in cuba and
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mayorkas' and the biden ministration, don't you dare come here. speaking of hypocrisy, check out this headline from the washington post. the family of alejandra mayorkas, had dhs fled the nazis in cuba before arriving in the united states. i with the democrats want to keep cubans out? do you think it may possibly has a little bit to do with this? most human it cuban-american voters who speak cars of socialism happened to identify as that's right, republicans in 2020. 58% of them, only 38% democrat. and, we open up this segment condemning the democrats because i can't speak out against the evils, absolute evils of communism. not only is black lives matter group not speaking out against communism, they are speaking out against us. here's their statement, this is real. this is not a joke.
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this is from black lives matter, the people of cuba are being punished by the u.s. government because the country is maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination, u.s. leaders are trying to crush this revolution for decades. hard to believe. the media has become sympathizers, too. remember this disgrace since castro died? check this out. >> it's been a success in the sense that cuba has one of the highest literacy rate in the world. >> as a socialist, he dramatically improved healthcare and literacy. >> positive, education and healthcare for all, racial integrations. >> even castro's critics praised his advances in healthcare and education. >> he was the original revolutionary, the man people called the great revolutionary. >> he would be a figure you look up too and say god is great. dan: finally commonsense from an actual human understand the ground. listen to this.
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>> not only is this a cuba thing, it's a world thing. it's not about policy and bottom line, it's about taking action. losing their lives for something we wake up every day and appreciate which is freedom. dan: freedom and liberty, you are born with it. i use every vehicle i have to make sure freedom fighters around the world their voices are heard. bernie me now, a cuban immigrant who has direct expense with what's happening there. jorge, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. >> i heard some of your opening statements, i love it, man. dan: thank you. where the first person i thought of to speak about this topic because you've been so passionate fighting for freedom. he always they have family attachment to cuba, how does it make you feel personally having seen the horrors and heard about
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it from your family? politicians in the u.s. and some celebrities blaming the u.s. and not cuban communist party for the disastrous going on there now? >> divide and conquer at all costs. they are trying to mislead people and it nobody's fault the communist party, fidel castro and anyone who thinks just one dictator gets all, you have a big problem. he said earlier 58% of cubans are republican because we know that, we know that system doesn't work. communism doesn't work, you can have one in charge of everything, too much power for any one man showing time and time again. the media is not condemning what's going on in cuba, thinks a pathetic toward it. people are being beaten to death and shot, blood splatter all over their own house and nothing is happening it's crazy like you
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said, there coming, they want to keep this worldwide event assignment as possible and massacre as many people as possible, 61 years in the making. i think it's time the u.s. gets behind it and get real results. dan: you have been a fighter, ufc fighter, youth literally bent a fighter your life, you've been outspoken here about freedom and liberty. some of the most passionate fighters for freedom and liberty are in fact cuban refugees because i saw it on the ground, people like your family who saw the horrors of this up close and personal. you heard about it from your father and know what's going on there. it's not a coincidence they vote for the party that supports freedom and liberty here, is it? >> no coincidence at all. my father and his about 14 or 15 my aunt from guantánamo bay, they have a minefield set up so
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you can't get there, they have it filled with mines and when crossing, it shows you somebody willing to risk their life, lost part of her body. what happened to my dad is one of millions of stories, people chasing freedom so it's mind blowing people still think communism and socialism works on any level, it blows my mind. dan: when you seek politicians like bernie sanders who are multimillionaires in the u.s. and benefiting from the freedom here, when you see him speaking about the benefits of socialism around the world knowing what you know about the horrors, how does it make you feel? that's got to get under your skin. >> not just the politicians but celebrities as well. i think kaepernick is one of the most people i despise because he's always preaching about it, why people live there? why you want to change this
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great nation making these of dollars no matter religion flaw or whatever you are in or these politicians that think it's so good, go to a socialist country. there is no hot showers or food, there's only like redlines. you might wait two or three days and then take we ran out of food and with got to go to the next town four hours away on a bus maybe to get that so anybody who has lived through this, they know what's up, it's only them trying to pollute our brains to take more freedom from us. dan: i can't thank you enough for speaking out. you've been a fighter your entire life. your voice matter, we appreciate you joining us. >> let me just say, keep coming
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with the facts, brother. people need to hear this. the statements you are saying before i came on, right on it. amazing. more people need to hear these numbers. people are not getting help in america is heading in the same direction. we are right up there with them, social media being censored, freedom is being taken away by little and using corona to read more and more on our freedoms. talking about taking up the second amendment, there's something that coming our way, either a war or the same type of ruling in cuba and venezuela. dan: i see the warning signs, too. thank you for joining us, appreciate. take care. people in los angeles -- have to wear masks inside again. it is not science? >> if they are vaccinated not wearing a mask, they are safe. dan: unless covered rules don't
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make any sense. coming up next. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". tonight l.a. county is re- imposing indoor must mandate regardless of vaccination status where is the science here? here's a cdc director two months
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ago. >> we are asking people to be honest with themselves. if they are vaccinated not write a mask, they are safe. if they are not vaccinated not wearing a mask, they are not safe. dan: training have to discuss, how coronavirus hysteria took over our government. thank you for joining me, appreciate. >> thanks, man. dan: this focus on so-called misinformation by the government by the biden administration admitted misinformation seems bizarre because they can't even get their own message straight. what i don't understand, maybe you can explain being an expert on this topic, is it the vaccine works, why do you suggest the vaccine isn't working by demanding people put a mask on again in l.a. county clerks it doesn't make sense. >> unfortunately now there's evidence in bring in israel and
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most of europe the vaccines have limited efficacy and we are seeing a ton of breakthrough crisis but i want to come back to your misinformation part because friday night twitter blocked me for 12 hours from posting. i've been one of the loudest voices questioning on coronavirus for the last 18 months and amazon came at me last year end back down but i think we are at a particularly hairless moment right now because i can't help but think twitter is under direct pressure from the biden administration which is actively and aggressively trying to get social media platforms to silence voices they don't like. i have what i call a sub step, a platform i control that's an independent newsletter but twitter is a very important platform for debate and discussion breaking news and the fact that they are apparently under direct pressure from the administration, deeply troubling. dan: just to kind of go on what
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you said, if that is true there are regular crisis cases and i know you've studied the data than twitter and social media should be putting that information out there, that's the information in the public interest, wouldn't you think? >> absolutely. i am very careful. if i'm not out there talking about 5g or any of this nonsense, i'm talking about data out of the uk, israel and european countries, our own hospital systems and same look, it doesn't like the vaccines work for anywhere near as long as other vaccines. we are already seeing so many cases and that's why there's discussion of booster shot. there's an annual vaccine for the flu but the flu vaccine is not very effective and doesn't have nearly the side effects of the coronavirus side vaccines do but the idea of a vaccine after your initial booster dose should
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raise red flags for people and that's all i'm trying to say. the fact that twitter has blocked me for 12 hours, i think we are in danger now. dan: i'm concerned because of conflicting messages from the government contribute to this never ending your campaign. people don't even know where they can get information and the delta. they spent latest scare tactic, yes, it's dangerous but look at the cases in january, 251,000 cases of coronavirus in cases now in july, 24000, the numbers are not even comparable get we still have ongoing. campaigns. >> you are correct. cases make up. the uk, cases are almost as high as they were in january even though britain is the most vaccinated country in the world. the vaccines do not appear to work very well against the delta variant or just collapsing after a few months but we need to
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learn to live with the virus, that's what flat basically fencing, faxing or no faxing, we have to learn to live with this, it's not that dangerous to almost everybody who's not extremely world or morbidly obese, are not saying it can't kill some people but we need to understand the risks and as a society we have overreacted to this. dan: that's right. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks, man. dan: texas democrats run to washington d.c. to avoid floating on in the lecture warm spell. happy democrats claim it's anything like the civil rights movement i take on a democrat about the wild political theater coming up next. [cheering]
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singh. >> singh. [cheering] [cheering]
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san diego padres stopped so people could leave the park from acquittances safe except of gunfire cause people to panic and fleet the stadium from authorities say it's an active investigation but there is no ongoing threat at this time. no word yet on the condition of the victim. at least 170 people are dead and doesn't missing, after a deadly and catastrophic flooding across western europe, some of the worst flooding in the region and decades. brushing away people's homes and businesses in minutes. crews are desperately searching for survivors, electricity and gas and communication lines have been destroyed. now back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. ♪♪ dan: welcome back to "unfiltered". texas democrats in washington d.c. in order to try to kill an
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election bill passed by the state senate. the bill does not stress burning despite out of democrat mouse joe biden continues to deliver hyperbolic her properly despite claiming he is not. >> the 21st century jim crow assault is real. the assault on free and fair elections is such a threat literally. i've said it before, we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. not hyperbole. dan: joining me now, former chairwoman the democratic party, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. dan: ir, isn't it greatness to suggest black voters can't figure out there social security number to get a drivers license? >> let me tell you what's racist, i'm a fourth-generation texan and i grew up with stories
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of my parents telling me their parents were not able to vote in texas because they were black and my parents grew up k-12 in the jim crow, meaning they had to be forced to attend black only scores and play on the got the right to vote in 1965. i went to college in texas at prairie view a&m where white recovered white republican infrastructure around the black college perpetually prevented students from trying to emphasize their right to vote so what's racist about texas has been historic efforts of white leaders in power to restrict the vote for minorities throughout the state and now we are seeing this continue in the 21st century and its disheartening. dan: i noticed you avoided my question so i'll ask again, why is it racist to have black voters, why can't black voters produce ideas but white voters can? >> let me tell you what's racist about this bill, the republicans
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are trying to force voter suppression tactics down the throats of texans because they are afraid of the demographics. we know houston went for biden in 2022, 2020. we don't even fort worth went for biden and san antonio and republicans the state legislature are afraid of the changing demographics of the state and more people of color and power so what they are doing is trying to restrict the right to vote especially in large majority democrat districts in the largest demographic areas so what racist is this bill seeking to rollback voting rights for people who have expressed their intent to have more voting rights. dan: again i appreciate you coming on but you avoided my question twice. i'll give it one more shot. why can't black americans figure out how to start get a drivers license or figure out there last
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four digits of their social. >> i think that is really insulting for you to think they can't figure it out. dan: no, i'm asking -- are not agreeing with that, we are not doing that here no, you can get away with on other stations but that's not what i'm doing. >> i don't understand what you are doing. dan: i'm asking you because i believe not racist to ask a black voters to produce a drivers license because just like white voters and hispanic voters, black voters can get a drivers license. it the democrat party arguing otherwise. don't try to flip the script. >> this is really stupid. dan: you can't answer the question. >> is the stupidest question i've ever heard. dan, come on. you know black voters like white voters across the united states have drivers licenses but i also know. dan: you just made my.
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>> black voters tend to not drive at the same rate as white voters so there's a higher percentage of african-americans who do not have drivers licenses and that's why we always seek to actually have additional forms of voting id able to be presented at the voting polls and the other thing, they allow guns, gun owners to present their guns and cars to vote and get they won't allow students to prevent from accusing their student id card so you've got a problem in texas, the problem with texas is historically it's been racist and continues to this day. dan: you just basically credited the entire democrat argument against -- you understand that right? you make the republican.? >> i don't know how i made any report. dan: we appreciate you doing that. >> let me tell you something.
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dan: black voters are perfectly capable of getting a drivers license and social security's. >> i told you dan, i told you black voters have a higher percentage of non- drivers and that means . dan: social security numbers? do they have a social security number? >> absolutely. dan: so you know they can put the last four digits of their social and or are you suggesting they don't know that either? >> let me tell you in texas and in georgia. >> i think you've done that. >> donald trump life about the 2020 election and now they are trying to push through the lies based on a lie trying to push through basically voter suppression tactics to try to justify their facts but they don't actually want to compete for minority. dan: i gave you an opportunity and you can't do it.
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all you can do is bring up donald trump. thanks, maia, appreciate your time. >> take care. dan: if there was a 12 step program in totalitarianism, as you can see, we will break down joe biden's shocking declaration about disinformation, coming up next. don't miss it.
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welcome back to "unfiltered". i've been wanting for years the erosion of our constitutional rights have threats to our privacy right now. there is a 12 step program of totalitarianism, we are at 11. check this out. >> what your message to platforms like facebook? >> they are killing people. , the only pandemic we have is for the unvaccinated they are killing people. dan: misinformation? who's coming people? you mean the misinformation from the left? what about the hundred biden laptop story they told us was a mistake, he was real. what about the lab leak hypothesis? they said it was a high lab. what about the collision helps? jumping back down our throats for five years? you remember this, right? member where this started?
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check this out. >> i believe strongly that facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything people say online, i think general private companies probably shouldn't be, especially part from companies should be in the position of doing that. dan: how did we get from a society where both sides of the aisle have political disagreements but agree on free speech mark think we are not going to be the arbiter's of truth to where we are now. just as out. >> we are fighting problematic posts suspect misinformation working with doctors and professionals to connect medical experts who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost the content so we help kat trusted content author. >> general advisories are reserved for urgent public health threat without the threats have often been related
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to what we eat, drink and smoke. today we live in a world where misinformation poses imminent threat to our nation's health. dan: just to be clear, the united states government is flagging and tracking social media post? asked their words, not mine under the guise of misinformation. in case you thought was some kind of flip over time, they didn't really mean it, you would be wrong because they double down the other day, check this out. >> for how long has the administration been on people's facebook profile, looking for vaccines disinformation? >> that's a loaded and inaccurate question. our biggest concern and i think it should be your biggest concern, the number of people who are dying around the country because they are getting misinformation leading them to not take the vaccine young people, old people, kids, children, a lot of members are impacted by misinformation.
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>> the concern for a lot of people on facebook is now "big brother" watching. >> they are more concerned about that been people dying because of a pandemic or misinformation is traveling on social media platforms? feels unlikely to me. dan: she never answers the question because she can't, she doesn't want to admit the biden administration publicly stated their flagging and tracking people on facebook. this is the u.s. government. it's not the local ice cream stand. by the way, it's not just facebook and social media they are pressuring and monitoring and flagging and tracking, these are real words they use, it text, too. if you doubt me, look at this political article that caused controversy this week. groups are also planning to engage fact checkers more aggressively and work with sms carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines i sent over social media texts. again, that is political.
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that's a right-leaning outlet so they tried to explain it away. the biden ally biden administration and explanation is even worse than the original statement. has an examiner article, the headline is terrible, totally wrong. biden is secretly policing cortex, both parties have been previously and it goes on to describe right here. the new process communication officials take text about vaccines by volunteers and forward them to aggregator companies that either work with this companies that work with them. the official way. they are telling you they are not policing your text while simultaneously claiming their policing cortex and pressuring bandwidth to get rid of your text. what next? your e-mails? your phone calls next i get it,
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sometimes you laugh it off and stuff, we are all busy paris, he told us that about social media monitoring and now they are admitting in the white house. listen, we are either a country that respects granted by god or we are not. it's a hard line. freedoms given by god, not by government and that's a how i'm willing to die on. next, on "unfiltered", hotcakes from my friend, stay with us. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". stories from the week you may have missed. here to break them down is my man, fox and friends we can cohost the great pete had expected. welcome to the show for the first time. what a great honor to have you. >> huge fan of the show, you're locking it. thanks for having me. >> you know for feeling is mutual. with every thing going on in new york city, crime, ever present threat of terrorism, he got the budget collapsing, people acting skipping from new york, the democrats found the real problem. he tweeted out it fitfully.
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after years and families of donations to organizations, hospitals and lgbtq rights, the decision to approve chick-fil-a concession at rest stops concerning to say the least. dan: your thoughts on this outrage? >> i think is, if new york want to eat that chicken then met new york parties. parties is great, i love their breakfast but it's obscene, it's absurd for all the problems you laid out but it's completely indicative of lack of priority. it's not just new york, notre dame tried to do the same thing. if you're in private business, they don't want you to have your own private beliefs you held elsewhere. shouldn't we be allowed to in this country? workplace are conservative state effectively saying i don't want to watch the nfl if you do the national anthem or nike if you're going to be all woke on me. it could go both ways, they will
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never stop but it's not going to work, you know why? chick-fil-a is amazing and people want to eat it. they talk about disrespect, i've never been more respected than waiting in line at chick-fil-a, black, white, gay, straight, you want to fast? dan: you article to the drive through, there's like 700 cars in the drive through and ten minutes later, you're out of there and by the way, what kind of a loser do you have to be to be sitting at home triaging your needs in life, hierarchy of needs and number one is, i've got to fight against chick-fil-a? zero. >> forced me to go through the chick-fil-a drive-through, that's one big thing that dismissed here, nobody is making you go to chick-fil-a, just don't go. dan: the white house wants the dreaded air quotes from attractive messengers to knock on your door and tell you about the progress.
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apparently nobody knows, it's only all over the internet so they had this popstar come to the white house and she said this. ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: olivia. let me be candid, that is a killer song, the hook is amazing but she said she's on the bathroom floor crying, i think she's 18. she's making a ton of money, super talented but i am reasonably confident she is not the trusted messenger that's going to knock on your door because i saw under prime time
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show this week you get excitement the people knocking on the door are democrat community activists. >> democrat community activists in swing state going door-to-door asking for private health information. what might we do with that later on? you never know and where is the money coming from? you know we are paying for it. i've got no problem with the white house in the sink, she doesn't know anything more than you and i do about covered for the efficacy of the vaccines, she knows a lot about fashion i would presume, a song called driver's license, she probably has hers, that's good but i start -- she'll probably convince people to get the vaccine for better or for worse in that age group. i just hope parents are stepping in and by the way, some schools are mandating and pushing this, i am cool with that as long as it's not mandated and parents get the ultimate say. they are begging kids at this time. i wonder if you will make a song
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thinking president trump for the vaccine. that would be cool. dan: don't hold your breath on that one. you are a broadcast veteran, i am new to this, i'm digging so far but i'm learning the rules and one of the rules, never eat on tv but check this video out, you and i apparently did not get the memo. check this out. [laughter] >> the seasons in your mistakes. [laughter] >> 1000 heals. >> are you going to come back? [laughter] >> a different labor to it. >> it's really good. [laughter] >> i love this guy. dan: you and i must have missed
7:53 pm
the memo, i guess we are not broadcast professionals we make ourselves to be up to be. >> the amateur movie, you just have to tell your cohost i'm not talking, you are talking and you know this, you've done fox and friends, you know what you do at the doors, surrender dignity completely and once that's all gone, then you can do whatever you want what you do in your natural habitat which is eat red meat i could do a segment like that on this show anytime. dan: one time on fox and friends during the break, i was like please make this segment go away is literally -- because if you ever happens. believe me, i prayed that night. i am not using your name in vain, make this go away. thank you for joining us. >> i didn't see that coming, thank you, stan. dan: i'm here with the week coming up next. don't miss it.
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welcome back to "unfiltered". one of my favorite segment here of the week where we recognize the country full of zeros tried to give them the publicity they deserve. he lived behind camera here but they deserve it a lot more than i do. this is already camera footage showing tennessee police officer, corporal running straight into the house by to save the life of the disabled woman. as a police officer and i had a house burned down, a troubling expense. these guys are always run into a problem, not away from it. the real heroes. listen to what he gave, he's a veteran as well. i'm surprised you know the respondent, the goal was to get everybody out and we did it.
7:59 pm
i would depend on all the officers to do fessing. i'm proud. canceled in the u.s. a dropping monday on fox nation, here's a clip. >> the internet makes me feel sentimental about an old time off. they had to put their shoes on, go out, get their hands dirty can't deal with other people. now you say in your underwear on your couch and with your phone and have a lynching there. dan: canceled in the usa on fox nation. i promise you the interviews are eye-opening and you can watch on turning.available right on fox five vaccination code sas.
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you can't get enough of me here on social media. facebook and instagram candles at "unfiltered" on fox "unfiltered" on fox. give us a follow-up. would appreciate it doesn't for us when "unfiltered" with me, dan bongino. thank you for tuning in, who was you back here next saturday night 10:00 p.m. thanks a lot. you next time on , liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the democrats' lost cause. that's the subject of tonight's "watters words." ronald reagan won texas by 30 points, and 40 years later trump won by single digits. trump beat


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