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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> leo, what say you? >> my turn? quickly, i have no dog in this fight, i don't even go into the four. no ocean, i'm in the pool. >> that doesn't for us, see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. for the big sunday child. fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ >> breaking news out of washington, three vaccinated the mccreight monikers from texas to make political stands on the nation's capitol testing positive for covert. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. the three representatives from the state have not been named but we do know they were on the plane of delegates live from washington d.c. over the don't voting rights law. present biden said this information about vaccines on
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social media is killing people. critics are coming from a white house assignment administration admitted involvement with the social media company to fly protocols this information. uncovered vaccines. peter doocy asked jane psaki about that yesterday. >> for how long has the administration on people's facebook profiles looking for vaccine misinformation? >> that was a loaded inaccurate question, our biggest concern here and i think it should be your biggest concern, number of people dying around the country because they are getting misinformation leading them to not take a vaccine. >> the concern for a lot of people on facebook is not now "big brother" watching you. >> they are more concerned about back then people dying across the country because of pandemic or misinformation traveling on social media?
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that feels unlikely, if you have the data to back that up, i am happy to look at it. jon: live at the white house with more on this, david. reporter: this group dominated the news cycle when they walked off the job in texas early last week. to be clear, this group did not meet with the president of the united states in person, nor did they speak to him, he's at no risk coming in contact with them. the group did meet with kamala harris a few days ago. we reached out to her office about the meeting and we know several have been exposed and tested positive for we have not heard back. the picture making the rounds is this photograph of the group from texas on the airplane, not wearing masks. it a noninitial negotiable guideline. you have to wear a mask on a plane and faa mandate. the group with heavy hitters in the democratic party here in washington in person in close contact including senate
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majority leader chuck schumer, joe manchin and vice president harris. representatives from joe manchin and schumer said they were not in contact with the positive patients. one in the delegation confirmed the positive test late this afternoon. >> all of our members and delegation are fully vaccinated and factory members who tested positive are well not showing symptoms. you had doctor fauci earlier, it important folks get vaccinated because we know the vaccine to prevent serious illness him from the new strains. >> the white house is aiming to get as many millions of americans vaccinated as possible. white house officials on the present team are doubling, even trickling down on his comment toward facebook yesterday and he was on the south lawn of the white house. >> what's your message? >> they are killing people.
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, the only pandemic we have is for those who are unvaccinated and they are killing people. reporter: the delta variance is a huge problem not just for the white house but the country as a whole. about two weeks after the president declared independence from the virus july 4, numbers are going in the wrong direction. the latest numbers from the cdc this morning show 160 million people fully vaccinated, 48.4% of the total population, not near where the biden administration wants. officials say there are about a dozen people literally, around 12 responsible for two thirds of the misinformation online called the miss information dozen. facebook is defending itself a statement writing will not be distracted by accusations which aren't supported by the facts. the practice more than 2 billion people have authoritative information of vaccines online
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which is more than any other place on the internet. 3.3 million americans have used vaccine fighter tools to find out where and have to get the vaccine, factual facebook is helping save lives. the statement was from yesterday, got something a few minutes ago called moving past the finger-pointing, facebook is saying the vaccine acceptance among facebook users and the rest has increased. these tell a different story to the one promoted by the administration meaning the white house says it's not about free speech or centering fake tech, they say it's about saving lives. jon: thank you, david. for more on breaking news, the three texas state lawmakers have not tested positive for covid, mark is a professor at nyu langone medical center and fox news contributor authoritative on this pandemic. we don't know who the lawmakers are, we don't even know if they
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are in the shot, the photo from the private plane we continue to show. we presume that they are but it disturbing that three supposedly vaccinated people come down with covid and then go to washington and meet with the top level federal officials. >> absolutely. putting the officials at risk and the number one concern here is the hypocrisy of saying pro vaccine, get a vaccine and vent having a mask mandate in place on planes planes and public transportation by cdc since january, it doesn't expire until september and here are lawmakers on the plane reportedly without masks and i'll tell you why that's important, for delta fairy it has been found to have a lot more in the early viral load is higher, the chances of transmitting even if vaccinated is real but you either get a some dramatic or mild disease as
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these three apparently have. we want to cut down on transmission and i think, i wear a mask on the plane and i'm vaccinated, the idea of saying one thing and doing something else is deeply concerned. they met with numbers of the media and congress, potentially with the vice president, all of that, these people often need to be tested now. the vaccine works. 99% of hospitalizations are not people who are vaccinated. 95% protection from the vaccine, any serious illness really, really works against serious illness but you can still spread it and that's why the mask mandate on plans is in place, they need to follow that. they can't preach one thing i do something else. jon: even if it's a private aircraft? >> i think even more the case. they may not be bound but we are not talking only about laws, we are talking about suggesting a private plane would even be more of a risk because it close quarters. if they have filters on major commercial airline, they are
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very, very exit effective and the filtration is better than private planes and high-risk on private aircraft even if it's not a legality issue. jon: i looked at the photo closely and i don't see any masks on their faces. >> absolutely and that is a problem. jon: thank you. ♪♪ jon: a show of solidarity for people of cuba with growing calls for change coming from the u.s. protesters rallied outside the cuban embassy today to demand biden at ministration take action. gloria is asking you when to condemn cuba's communist regime and suppress the antigovernment protest that erupted last sunday. charles watson is live in miami where protests are underway now. charles. reporter: there is a massive crowd out here in downtown miami. you can look at the sea of people out here waving the flag
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holding signs shouting freedom for cuba. the organizers of the event say it's a historic moment after six decades of organizers describing abuse and suffering at the expense of human citizens. folks are here believe cubans closer than ever to gaining freedom and believe it is the job of the u.s. government and the rest of the world to see that through. >> american people, people want freedom. help us keep people, come on. >> intervention, biden, now is your time. mr. trump, i would have said the same. mr. trump, intervention. reporter: the issue of freedom
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and access to essentials like food and benefit is generational. when you talk to the people out here, they are full of emotion because a lot of these folks still have a connection to cuba. they say they have families and loved ones still there who desperately want freedom and ths the message brought to the white house today, thousands from the cuban independency and calling on the biden administration to take action against cuba's communist regime. the white house is not short of advocating for u.s. military intervention however, the administration said it looking to have it can have secure reliable internet for people on the island following islandwide communication blackout after thousands of protesters took to the street. they've largely disappeared after videos online appear to show authorities silently cracking down on protesters, many of whom reportedly have
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social media followings report of the being held by cuban authorities. the cuban president has claimed unrest on the u.s. government and social media and made it clear earlier this week his government will fight for their resolution until the very end the significant of holding this rally at freedom tower is huge because this is where humans fled from the country. this time they hope cubans forget to take home. jon: chanting freedom and liberty. charles, thank you. we will have much more on this in moment with nicole. andrew rummel in the hot seat, investigators questioning him for the first time about sexual harassment claims against him. he denies any wrongdoing. alex hogan joins us with more. reporter: has been seven-month the first woman came out with
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the accusations and legal experts say it likely nearing the end of this program because what we typically see his person at the center being called on last and that is what we saw in avenue today. many of these accusers are former aides and fascia claims including kissing without consent, making unwanted advances or groping. now it's the governor's turn to talk about the serious allegations. conversation takes place today by independent investigators hired by the u.s. attorneys john our office. charlotte bennet, one of the accusers set today is a long time coming. >> he's going to have to answer questions about his contact with a number of different woman and potentially once we do not know about and he has made so many public statements he's going to be in a difficult position of
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either retracting the statements are acknowledging the statements. reporter: he denies any wrongdoing but he has apologized if he offended or made anyone uncomfortable. this is far from the only scandal currently faces, critics continue to call for him down. >> ', he's looking for a fourth term he has placed political reason in front of criminal reason. make no mistake, this is a criminal investigation. there are state and federal probes and issues related to the nursing home deaths and cover up also whether he used state resources for his book. reporter: the governor has said that he will try once again to be elected for the fourth term in the last seven, he said time and time again that all of these issues are unfounded and he will continue to serve the people who elected him. jon: thank you.
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joining us now, new york august woman, nicole malley talk is. there's plenty of talking about, i know the cuba issue particularly close to your heart but first, our top story, the three texas democrats testing positive for cobit while in d.c. i know if you are on the subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis. when you see the photo of this party plane full of democrat bullying their estate so they don't have to do their job and vote on legislation, they are off to washington to meet with high-level federal officials who don't have masks on and not three have tested positive for the coronavirus even though they were supposedly vaccinated, what you say to that behavior? >> obviously they think it's all fun and games for the people of texas electric them for a reason. that's to show up to work. you don't run from about four
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debate, hugo show up in the chamber and debate something on its merits and then take the vote. biden i didn't like a bill they proposed in albany, i would never have been there. the reality is they were elected to show up to their views on particular pieces of legislation and then take that vote and that's why they were elected. by the way, most people in this country overwhelmingly majority of people in this country want voter id. they want voter id and guess what, african-americans and hispanics are leading in that group of people who want voter id so i don't know what they are running from, they just just show up and go to work. jon: you were a new york legislature prior to being elected to congress, we just had that story about the governor of new york andrew cuomo being subjected to questioning regarding sexual harassment
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charges lodged against him. where does this go from here? >> i think his political future could well have been decided to. under oath, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens with that report. the attorney general who's also a democrat was the one who initiated that groundbreaking report related to the nursing home scandal that led to people calling for the governor's reservation including myself. the sexual harassment allegations are very serious and many overwhelmingly in revoking state legislature in the nursing home and sexual harassment scandal so it's interesting to see what the report says. what i will say is i believe we are going to elect the next governor of the state of new york, i think the governor is outdoing his welcome here for a fourth term. just like his father. his father ran for a fourth term came in as somebody who had
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little name recognition and the money and he is welcome. jon: many are very concerned about censorship big social media companies and tech giants. you say you have fallen victim to that, he put out a tweet today and you say facebook blocked your video of a cuban being beaten by crazy versus labeled it sensitive content, let's see how sensitive the un is one of its human rights council members. ironic in and of itself. cuba, human rights account. >> that shows you what the un human rights council is, the most egregious violators sitting on back counsel. china, russia, venezuela, cuba and i agree with gloria, united nations to intervene but they
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are going to have the greatest players on the human rights council, how can we trust them to do the right thing? the video i posted was of an individual being beaten by multiple regime forces and you have black lives matter from an organization here who claims to kick out police brutality and nothing to say. they only have praised to say toward the cuban regime that doesn't to the own people, they are shooting at people, abducting people who are simply just going to the street and say they want freedom united nations should play a major role in every democracy around the world, united states of america leading the way to joining forces and pushing the regime to allow the demonstrations to continue and make sure internet is allowing the islands to communicate with each other in the figures to be shown around the world and stand with them pushing for freedom. jon: in your field, has the biden as ministration and forceful enough?
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>> absolutely not, they have not been forceful enough. it took them a few days to admit that this was due to communism which in itself was something i think will plot, they finally acknowledged that they need to work with countries, are allies around the world in particular those like brazil and mexico that are neighboring countries to put pressure on the regime and that's an opportunity for us as the leader of the free world to help liberate people who have suffered including my family who reside in cuba and they are suffering tremendously. there is no food, no access to medicine from basic necessities, they are craving freedom we should do everything we can as a leader of the free world to give it to them. jon: thank you. >> thank you. jon: for migrant prices of the poor is not going away and the numbers are getting more alarming. take you fast to the border for a look next.
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>> i am live on the texas border where you can see behind me another wave of migrants have come in. live report after the break. ♪♪
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texas governor greg abbott holding a border security
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briefing earlier today with florida governor ron presenters. the leaders work together to take on the immigration surge at our southern border meanwhile, we are learning agent encounter 190,000 migrants of the border in june. that brings the total of encounters to more than one filling in the fiscal year of 2021 with three months left to go jonathan is live on the border in la jolla, texas. reporter: the unofficial tally increasing as more encounters like these going on as we speak. behind me takes place. year-to-date already higher than all of 2019 expected to approach the all-time record high of 1.6 million water in congress back in the year 2000. reporter: driving the surge is anticipation of the end of title 42. the public health policy in both last year to rapidly expel on authorized border rosters to prevent the spread of covid-19.
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>> it's interesting even the rumor title 42 going away which has been occurring the last four to five weeks, it's already caused an uptick of what was already a big uptick before illegal pricing, several migrants told us they paid course 12,000 dollars to bring a family of three into the u.s. the family groups turned themselves in involuntarily border patrol agents are busy processing them, criminals often try to sneak in and other locations. drugs and other illegal activity for bringing spread throughout the rest of the country during a visit with florida's governor texas governor greg abbott said allstate need to become part of the solution. >> the best place to interdict criminal activity is not in florida or iowa, it's here on the border. this is where the people are coming across and where we can make the biggest impact.
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reporter: in 2000, 90% of migrants coming over the southwest border were mexican nationals easy to return them to their home country but now we are seeing violence from other countries in central america, caribbean and even eastern europe which makes deporting them difficult from a logistical standpoint. what ' is affected by political and legal efforts to repeal the work of previous administrations. most notably the biden administration has halted construction of the border wall under president trump and federal judge in texas has new applications to doctor a program to prevent the deportation of migrants who came into the u.s. illegally when they were children. that's likely to face legal challenges from immigrant rights advocates meanwhile the state of texas is looking into building it own border wall. jon: live on the southern border, jonathan, thank you. critical race theory in schools
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is angering a lot of parents across the country. the head of fight for schools, his take on the efforts to stop critical race theory instruction next. ♪♪
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i am jon scott and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, here's a look our kat throws. a naval ship named after former congressman and civil rights leader, john lewis on the one year anniversary of his death. john lewis was christened this morning in san diego for the first of to be named for civil rights leaders. today marks 25 years twa flight 800 suddenly exploded in the skies over new york's long island. private memorial being held for the family for the to 30 people on board who died. federal investigators set an
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electrical short in a center wing fuel tank caused the explosion. they could not determine where the spark came from. extreme weather fueling wild fathers and working from of the largest is a bootleg fire covering more than 400 square miles bigger than new york city only about 20% contained as of now, 2000 people have evacuated. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, code on your screen and go to fox [cheering] shame on you! jon: the battle over whether to teach critical race theory in our schools reaching a states like virginia. kat virginia pta leader who said let them die regarding parents, opposing agree to resign. let's bring in ian, the director of the fight for schools act
3:33 pm
also a parent to county students. your school district has always been regarded as one of the finest in the country, what happened? >> i think what you're seeing the past two years as a drift away from the essential elements of education, math, science, reading, meritocracy and refocusing on things like social justice, critical race theory and construct, teacher training that teach the teachers that if the job of the educator to implicate morals in children and the job of the parent to respect that, these are some of the things we've been seeing public schools the past two years but as you talk the, fairfax county as well several places in virginia. jon: you call it race-based communism critical race theory, what you mean by that? >> ultimately what they are trying to do is using terms like
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equity because they want to get everybody to the same place so they want to eliminate individualism, different students with different skill sets to end up in different places based on their talent, what they want to do is create a system where get rid of advanced math until 11th grade where students are going to be in the same math class and not have the opportunity to track along with their skills and progress and take advanced geometry or algebra because because they think math success in math has implicit biases so they are using these concepts to bring everybody down to the same place and that's really not how we should construct our education system. jon: you are into this to take on critical race theory in your local school system, your site has gone national with your fight for schools act. there is a bill in texas that would ban critical race theory, other states are looking at
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pursuing the same kind of attempt. where does this go from here? >> what i really think is important is one of the bills the north carolina house of representatives passed, they passed two bills. one was to ban critical race theory and obviously that is very divisive but the other bill i think the state should look to isabel requiring all teaching materials in teacher training materials to be posted online by the end of the school year. let's get transparency, you've got education industrial complex saying we are not doing critical race theory, we see a bunch of things that indicate it's being used through teacher trainings and trickling into the classrooms, if you have nothing to hide in but let's put the materials online so parents have a view behind the curtain to see what goes on in the classroom they sent their children to and pay for with tax dollars. jon: we are a nation of equals supposed to be equality in american life but that is
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different from equity and critical race theory is all about equity. >> that's right and we looked at certainly some of the presentations where the public schools by the equity collaborative in their intro to vertical race theory, what they say is meritocracy mcquesten liberalism and equal opportunity for all perpetuate systemic racism so in a nutshell, critical race theory in education seeks to do is say this whole idea of level the playing field and set people compete based on their skill, that doesn't work so what we have to do is have policies that puts everybody in the same place and requires everybody to finish at the exact same finish line and got us not how we are structured in american society, our goal is to give everybody equal opportunity and let them succeed according to their own skill we want in your own school
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district you've seen gifted and talented programs, that kind of thing, wholesale realignment in the way they are run because of equity. >> that's right and we have a school for gifted students they can apply and get them, what they have done is change the admissions program and got rid of certain tests and metric requirements to allow for the best of the best to get in and they are trying to change it based on a quota system and ultimately what they did was change requirements and use admissions go up for caucasian students and fan down for asian students and they were the ones who made up some of the vast majority of the population of the academy and really you are just punishing high performance students are trying to jerryrigged the system to get equal outcome. jon: what if a student of color is one of those high-performing students?
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jon: >> that's exactly right and you look at the numbers and you see a certain percentage of students who are african-american or hispanic american into high-performance programs, if you are taking these schools and making them less of a merit based and more just general school, who are you harming? your harming everybody, it doesn't matter what race or ethnicity, what matters are the people who are high-performing no longer have the opportunity to advance according to their skill set so when you talk about things like getting rid of advanced math, doesn't just hurt white or asian students, it hurts black and hispanic and every student putting the work in caucusing at studying and advancing based on their own goals and hard work. jon: the pack is called right for schools, ian, thank you. >> thanks for having me. jon: are spike in covid cases prompting los angeles county to renew indoor mast mandate starting later tonight regardless of a person's
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vaccination status. the public health department reports sevenfold increase in cases since june 15 reopening. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. reporter: we are just hours away from the mast mandate going into effect starting 11:59 p.m. but there's still a lot of pushback on this. getting a lot of witticism. l.a. county there's more than 1000 new covid cases a day for the past seven days and nearly 2000 yesterday. less than 1% of the county's population is hospitalized with the illness and fatalities are still down dramatically compared to the peak of the pandemic. minutes ago i like how to put out a release on the search and cases same it due to the presence of the more infectious delta variance and mingling of unmasked individuals and vaccination status is unknown. >> everything is on the table if
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things continue to get worse which is why we want to take action now given that we are at this level of transmission. next level is high transmission and that's not where we want to be. reporter: many critics question whether the mast mandate is backed by science that does not align with cdc guidance, vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask. that's one reason l.a. county sheriff said his department will not be enforcing the mandate. i spoke with a number of residents from west los angeles today and they tell me they are fine with the mandate and help prevent another full out lockdown. >> we do not want to be confined to just eating outside or whatever. we want to be able to get back to our normal life as soon as possible so we have to do what we need to to make that possible. reporter: in the meantime, l.a.
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county business owners where the mandate will make it even tougher to get employees back to work with confusing and constantly changing covid guidelines. >> people don't believe they are not going to get shut down again and they don't want to give up the benefit because they don't know what's going to happen and i think this furthers back problem and create confusion in the confusion is what leads to the inability to forecast do business cleanly. reporter: seven counties in the san francisco bay area and berkeley are recommending, not mandating but recommending people wear masks endorsed regardless of their vaccination status. los angeles issued similar accommodations before the mandate came down and as of now, on known how long the mast mandate will be in place. jon: thank you. a major ruling on daca, the justice department plans to appeal. the federal report ruling
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dividing washington, next. ♪♪
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here now some other headlines
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from around the globe. in germany, more than 150 people died catastrophic flooding. rescuers working around the clock, devastation left behind by receding watters. more than 1000 people still missing. in spain, wildfire burning international part, roughly two hours from barcelona forcing hundred people to evacuate. firefighters have been working to put out the flames. in syria, the government shelley a village in the northwestern region killing at least people despite cease-fire deal put in place last year. prize has grown in recent weeks, government troops closer to restoring control. as a look at some stories from around the globe. a federal judge in texas ordering the biden administration to end daca applications after ruling obama era program illegal. doctor prevent thousands of immigrants brought here illegally as children prompting being departed. mark meredith explained.
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reporter: this program has been controversial since inception in 2012. now a federal judge in texas set it's illegal and the government can no longer accept applications from so-called dreamers. doc was created by president obama through executive order, the program allows some undocumented immigrants to be protected from deportation. texas was among the students block the measure and state attorney general tweeted his reaction sink advocates right to stop at present we just decided he didn't like federal law and came up with his own immigration law. we sued him frightfully so for violating federal law and we want the president biden already promises to keep fighting for survival. the justice department work through the decision goes on to say yesterday's federal court ruling is deeply disappointing. the. reporter: not affect current daca recipient about the decision nevertheless relegates hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to an uncertain future. the latest really is sending shockwaves on capitol hill where
3:49 pm
lawmakers are urging front passenger probably has a immigration reform. bob menendez is among those speaking out and says not a surprise, just a painful reminder we need to stop relying on temporary immigration. president biden says he's going to renew his call on congress to act with urgency on this and while the judge's ruling does block new applications from being decided on, the government will be allowed to process rules for a nap. experts are warning that this could all change again based on future rulings. jon: mark, thank you. hitting the road again, world blessing wesley leading in front of live fans. details on wwe getting back to normal next. ♪♪
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here are the two battling to the line and allyson felix... simone manuel's above her trying to fight on, and above simone... getting an opportunity to show her stuff. nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ world wrestling entertainment is back on the road for the first time in more than a year. wwe superstar headed to texas for a lone star snapback class i. more than 10000 fans attended the event houston.
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explaining everyone seems happy wrestlers in real life again. reporter: fireworks in a frenzy of fans. [cheering] the first time in almost a year end a half, debbie debbie snacked on back with the crowd. >> that's what's missing. the fans. reporter: super fans and mine holding their belt with a surprise. [cheering] >> this is what we do. [cheering] >> houston. reporter: the superstars started, to to be in a rink with more than 11000 fans around the road. >> we create moments and memories with our fans. now we can do it again. >> you get to sit in front of
3:55 pm
the people doing what you do, as you get immediate feedback and that's what we're going to get back. >> it's not good enough the fence put a smile on our face. >> everyone knows operate wrestlers -- of course i need one, two. >> i have somebody in mind, i was going to go later. >> they are great because they get into the premises. >> i can't get in those promises. >> open, is coming out and then people can form their own opinion. >> you are embracing it, that's what i love to see. >> we've got to start right here. blacktop, live in houston, texas. jon: at least for now, with our fox affiliate in houston.
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debbie debbie. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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illinois army reserve meant returning home after serving nearly a year as military police officer our base in cuba and two young kids a surprise friday as a summer camps, sgt. christopher revealed 8-year-old gemma and
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4-year-old son, colton. the sgt. brother lake county sheriff. great news. that's how fox report on this saturday the 17th of july 2021. i am jon scott, thanks for watching. we'll see you again. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> thank you for being here. this show and several future shows, i'm going to take you on a journey so i hope you stick with us. this is not typically done on television, that the nature of this program. in a few days, my b


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